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  1. Scotrik1


    Thank you so much for the quick update! I am really enjoying this story! Look forward to it all the time. And Kieran is getting dressed at the girls cabin to learn the dance for her side...He already helped Kennedy practice going over HIS part at the club practice session, and the tapes, right? Can't wait!! Scottie
  2. My track record on Birthday wishes has been terrible this year. I am glad I caught yours just in time. I noticed your 30 yr reunion comment. Next yr will be my 50th and I have not yet attended one( maybe the 60th?). Back to the point, I hope you had a really Great and Happy Birthday today and wish you many more to come. May all your days to follow be good ones.


    Best wishes


  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. 🎊🎉

    1. Scotrik1


      thank you so much! I really appreciatet it!

  5. Scotrik1

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    I can understand his reticence, my 30 year class reunion is this month, and there are still people I would choose not to associate with. Enough so that I have never attended a class reunion. It is very hard to get over being bullied like that. To the authors, great story! I really enjoy Fridays now!
  6. Scotrik1

    Chapter 7.1

    you mean there are more important things than giving us this wonderful story on Wed Briefs?!? lol Scottie
  7. :thankyou: for reading my story and leaving likes, I very much appreciate it. :yes: 

    1. Scotrik1


      I adore the story, and will be reading Imp and Angel soon as well! Thank you for sharing your writings with us!

  8. Scotrik1


    I love this whole story, from the very beginning. I somehow missed this chapter and read the next one first LOL. True love (on more than 1 front), family, adopting kids that need love...this story has everything I love reading about! And I think it is perfectly ok for Levi to spar with Nan, as long as he knows that she's the only "old lady" he can do that with. Just like Kaleb did when he was younger (and still does!). Scottie
  9. Scotrik1

    Prologue~Time Changes Everything

    And I was so excited thinking there were 2 chapters to catch up on!! Still, a very good story so far with 2 books behind you! Scottie
  10. Scotrik1


    another story that conveys so much without the words actually being said. This is just as good as "Can't A Guy Visit A Friend?" More tragic, but the story itself definitely has something to say. Thank you. Scottie
  11. Scotrik1

    Can't A Guy Visit A Friend?

    I really like this story. It puts a lot of things in persective, and makes readers really think, and want to go check on friends. Life sometimes gets in the way, and we lose track of what's important. Very well written, and I agree with the previous comments about how masterfully you showed as much of the emotions rather than just describing outright how they were feeling. Well done!! Thank you for sharing this with us. Scottie
  12. Scotrik1

    Chapter 11

    Though I love all your stories, in the beginning I wasn't sure I could deal with the physical and emotional trauma of this story. I am very glad that I stuck it out! Very interesting. If the suit had stayed on, I probably wouldn't have been able to. I'm very glad it got removed so quickly without too much in the way of side effects! Even in fictional stories, empathy can be overwhelming. I am really enjoying this story. You are very talented, and I thank you for sharing that with us! I tend not to comment much, but I had to give you kudos for this one! Scottie
  13. Scotrik1

    The Christmas Cracker

    Love the story! Though I did have to google christmas crackers and hats lol. I can only hope that my life will move in that direction someday! Merry Christmas!
  14. Scotrik1

    Chapter 9

    The downside of Wed. Briefs. Love them, but they are SO short! Lol Love the story, Cia!
  15. Scotrik1

    Discovery - Chapter 2

    @Cole Matthews, please tell me if I'm right, I think I know some of the answers to these questions. The bucket is leftover from his drunk nights, passing out in the livingroom and needing to throw up on waking. (I used to be quite the heavy drinker, long long ago). The kerosene heater, I think, ran out of kerosene, I don't think anyone turned it off. Though not long before being found, since the metal was still so warm. The windows were probably opened by first responders, thinking possible gas leak? I noticed the first thing they did was check all the kitchen appliances. I don't have any ideas yet on the girl, or if someone actually damaged the heater or whether it was just old age or damaged in moving it around or in storage for warmer months. How did I do? Love the story, by the way.

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