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  1. Puppilull


    Letting Kennedy lead their relationship from here is a good move. He's the one who is feeling insecure and hesitant. He has to be the one to decide to take the next step. And Kieran will be with Len, so not out of sight completely. Playing it light... How many times isn't this a necessity?
  2. Just started a new story and for the first time in ages I have those voices inside yelling at me to type their story faster. 


    @JohnAR really is the best muse ever! And friend!

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    2. Puppilull
    3. northie


      I'm pleased for you, Puppi. Now ... are there going to be enough hours in the day for you to keep your voices happy?  ;)


    4. Puppilull


      @northie LOL I was actually calculating today how to get this done. But the good thing about having people screaming at you in your head is you can write in fits and spurts without trouble. But I'll do my best to just type as fast as I can. 

  3. Puppilull


    What great news! All the best to you and your brother!
  4. Puppilull

    Old and New

    I've enjoyed following Eric on his journey to connect with the world. It really never is too late. I look forward to the next book.
  5. Puppilull

    Bali Highs & Lows

    I'm guessing Kieran knows how scared Kennedy is of commitment, and he's taking a step back so Kennedy can choose to step forward. Very clever. Though I can't really buy that Kennedy would be so insecure about his ability to be loved. One long term relationship gone bad and he's the one hurting people?
  6. Puppilull


    Of course! Mouthwash - root of all evil! (But I agree. Mouthwash is useless.)
  7. Puppilull

    Chapter 24: The Lamp-Stick Battle

    Not sure if Assaur isn't too late for "saving" Gordon. He seems to have picked up the ability to say and do what's needed when needed. Not always a bad thing, but in a relationship it's difficult to get that true closeness. Texting Assauer while running away and being saved by Kohl...?
  8. Puppilull

    Kennedy Gay

    Good for Patric to let go of resentment in favour of a fresh new life with Joey. Sounds to me like Richmond is having a midlife crisis but not knowing how to handle it. Maybe he needs a new car...? And what has Kennedy done now? Accidentally bought a company, making Kieran management? Wouldn't Len be disappointed? 😂
  9. Puppilull


    Trying to be discreet... Futile! That kind of new passion can't be contained. It spills all over. Sort of like Kieran... And as Tim has his mouthwash, I insist on claiming there are no failures in relationships. There is no one and only. There can be several one and only right now. It doesn't mean the relationships are failed. They run their course and can be great while they last. Of course, you can be incredibly sad when you break up, especially when kids are involved, but it doesn't make you a failure. Hopefully, you grow from it.
  10. Puppilull

    Prompt #689

    Twelve months is a long time to be apart and with added danger the days pass even slower. I hope they are reunited.
  11. Puppilull

    Chapter 11.1

    Hmm... Mom? Really? Or someone magical enough to shift shapes...? Doesn't sound like a very "mom" comment to go behind the back of her caregiver.
  12. Puppilull

    Date Night

    Oh, Kieran... You really can't see what's happening? Two weeks only? Try two weeks to start a life together. And working for Leonard will put you in Kennedy's circle anyway.
  13. Sometimes, people are surprisingly ignorant of things they don't want to see. Ryan seems to have woken up now, and Darren has some serious explaining to do. They should go to the cops. But that would mean Darren telling Ryan the whole truth. But for the kids same, he should. He didn't mean to kill Christian. The threats of being exposed caused him to react in a violent way. So he won't be locked up for life.
  14. Puppilull

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    @Graeme I don't doubt for a second gay men can form emotional connections to other people, regardless of sex. I mean I do, so why shouldn't other people? It's the sex part that I was wondering about. A marriage that long would of course make anyone invest heavily from both sides in the relationship. With strong emotional responses to highly unexpected news. I read the original post as more of a casual sex thing, not very comparable to your experience.

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