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  1. Masquerading as a proper Woman and doing some actual sewing... So not my thing!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Puppilull


      Just hemming some curtains, so very basic. Still makes me sweaty and frustrated. Hubby usually does that chore, but he was busy elsewhere today.

    3. northie


      I loathe sewing - fingers which manage to play various musical instruments, baulk at holding a needle and doing anything useful with it.  :pinch:  :X

    4. VVesley


      Oof - good luck!

  2. Stalker 101

    It angers me so that he tries to put all this on you. As if it's your problem or fault he is how he is since you tried to be his friend. You have gone above and beyond trying to be a patient ear and supportive friend. All he's done is take and take. I hope you and Jamie can stay safe.
  3. Chapter 27

    Galen... You are so messed up, poor baby. Can't figure out that unexplained absences makes Josh go nuts with worry and can't handle any strong emotions. When things get real, he bolts. Fortunately, Eddie is one person who can relate. And Josh... Open that bloody mouth and say something. Skulking around being scared and feeling guilty isn't leading anywhere. Maybe they should do a double session with the Doc? Someone has to break the deadlock. Don't be so hard on Ben. Remember we are all seeing him through Galen's eyes. He has no idea what happened.
  4. Hmm... I would have liked to hear more about their night of donkey fun, but perhaps we'll get to see flashbacks. Kohl seems prone to those.
  5. Well, I can just join in with the choir. Good to have you back to writing our boys again! I've missed them, your witty writing and this story.
  6. Chapter 14

    Oh, that's some kind of survivor skills Fasha has... But no one is truly immortal. Only a question of finding the right weapon and Kirra is already onto something. And how will Max handle Styx going all sweet on Kirra...?
  7. Chapter 6.2

    Some much needed education. Simon should be most grateful, even if it's overwhelming.
  8. Chapter 22

    So, the hunt begins. Betrayal within the crew... Not a good start for his new life. What is the deal? Could someone have realized just how useful Kohen could be?
  9. Health Crisis

    So very sad to hear that. I'll keep you and your mother in my thoughts.
  10. Chapter 13

    Max is growing up, turning into his own man. Salidar will have to let him go, or lose him forever. Difficult choice when you're the king. Grim is right about his ability being horrifying. Most gifts can be used for good or evil, though. Even if melting demons isn't a very common one, we all still have to make choices on how to conduct our lives.
  11. Chapter 12

    For an 800 yo guy, Prism is quite energetic. Still, he's in somewhat of a pickle. What will Styx do to save him? More plotting to be made.
  12. Chapter 10

    The discussion has begun and now it's only a matter of time until they find a solution. Open minds and patience are necessary for this stage. If they doubt if it's worth it, they only need to think of that dance... And they know.
  13. Denmark has a real whopper of a song for ESC this year. Vikings all over the world will unite to vote!



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Puppilull


      I have no idea why people are scared. Just a Viking. Practically a kitten with all that hair. No need for alarm... 

    3. BlindAmbition


      Did someone say Viking?

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Let's hope we get a new SATW Eurovision comic afterwards. :lol: https://satwcomic.com/the-world/Eurovision 

  14. Questions

    What a beautiful chapter! So special to see this friendship form before our eyes. The tendrils of hope of another life slowly growing. I expect Andy will learn a lot from this. It's so important to not forget our history.
  15. Betrayal

    So, now they fight... I'll be biting my nails until the next chapter. And jumping to conclusions is never a good idea... Usually doesn't lead you into the arms of a traitorous champion of your enemy, but still bad.

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