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  1. Puppilull

    Chapter 35

    I can only agree with the rest. Very surprising.
  2. Puppilull

    Chapter 36

    Captain has a plan! Better to keep moving than feel bad for letting Kohen get drugged like that. Captain must be kicking himself mentally.
  3. Puppilull

    Hard truths

    It breaks my heart to hear how he's managed to make you feel so terrible, and all because you trusted him as a friend! If anyone is to be ashamed, it's him. I doubt anything he says could sway our opinion of you. We all make mistakes, big and small ones, so none of us should judge. Not a lot of comfort, I know, but I'm sure the people in here will turn a deaf ear to any poisonous words he tries to spread.
  4. Happy birthday!

    1. VVesley


      Thank you so much!


    It is late, but it is still your BD in this time zone. Thanks for all that you do. So let me add to the many you have received and...


    Wish  you

    :wizard:  :wizard:  :music:  Puppilull  :music:  :wizard:  :wizard:

    A Very Happy Birthday!!!







    This first one is just plain cute!


    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a ball! - YouTube


    This one for a bit of humour.


    +happy birthday moose - YouTube





    I hope you had a great day




    1. Puppilull


      Thank you! I love the songs. And who wouldn't want a moose cake?!? Excellent!

  6. 5EC4B0D9-937E-453C-BE83-1FCDC885CD6C.thumb.jpeg.f0300ac2445ae090a452727669aedf60.jpeg


    Hipp Hipp Hurra ! Grattis  ! Happy Birthday ! I hope you had a great day 🍓🍦🍷🎂🍫

    1. Puppilull


      Väldigt bra! Such a lovely evening here!

  7. 🦉A bit late, but I hope you're having a great birthday!  🦉

    1. Puppilull


      It's good so far. Sitting outside in the setting sun, listening to the blackbirds. And a glass rose... 

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Puppi... Hope it’s the best yet!!  I trust you got the owlgram... 😉


    1. Puppilull


      I got an owl pic and several tiny owls from my youngest daughter. So owl quota filled. ;)


  9. Happy Birthday Puppi! :wizard:



    1. Puppilull


      Owl candle... Perfect!

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Awesome. You always find the best birthday presents, @Reader1810

  10. Grattis på födelsedagen!  Hope you have a great day!  :wizard:

    1. Puppilull


      Thanks! I'll do my best!


    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark


      https://satwcomic.com/nordic-cuisine :rofl:

    2. Puppilull


      Thank you! I doubt I'll jump out of cakes, but I may eat some... ;)


  12. Have a wonderful Birthday!   And eat lots of cake!

    1. MacGreg


      Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday, puppi! 

    2. Puppilull


      Thanks! I'll try to celebrate in style!

  13. Puppilull

    Chapter 7

    I really enjoy seeing Prism grow before our eyes. I hope he gets to see Grim soon...
  14. Puppilull

    Chapter 24

    I feel for all three of Luca, Eamon and Adrian. Seems like Adrian isn't into sharing, and neither is Eamon. So a choice must be made. But what a choice! I'm curious if Ysabel will get the demon under control at all from now on? Or is she lost to the world as semi-sane?

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