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  1. Tech Tuesday - Story Reviews

    I comment a lot but haven't started on the reviewing (other than as part of the review team). I'll make an effort to remember this.
  2. I will try to realize an idea that popped in my head last night. Will be interesting to see if I can make it work...
  3. Another song from my choir! See if you can spot the looney... ;)




    1. northie


      Excellent! Loved it.  👏👏

    2. clochette



    3. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Wonderful :heart: 

  4. Chapter 11

    Guarded, aren't we...? But with all that has happened and no real time to actually get to know each other, it's no surprise. And what's up with that offer from Himura...?
  5. Chapter 4

    That was a heavy ending to this chapter. Goes to show it's a bad idea judge anyone before you know them really well. Sure, Steve still makes his own choices, but choosing right isn't so easy for some.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Photos

    That guilt must be terrible to live with. To think there could have been something done to prevent the tragedy. If there is something I've learned over the years, it's that we never really know another person fully. It's difficult for a young person to see that, though.
  8. Dragon

    Someone just made a very angry enemy...
  9. Prompt #640 – Creative – Alien

    A lot of story in a short piece. You almost owe these guys more.
  10. It was 1998... I think, lol.

  11. Given a Chance

    Eric sounds like he gave up on life from the get go. Sad to think of people not given a chance to have at least some friends. Even though I suppose he's partially to blame himself, it's still a lonely existence. Good thing he finally reached out and broke that wall between him and the world. As for unlikely friends... I think Eric would be surprised to find how seemingly completely different people in fact have much in common. Of course both sides must be listening and participating.
  12. Writing Prompts #640 & #641

    He he... It feels like I wrote a response to #640. Preemptive prompt!
  13. Mojo

    I snickered at the word brunst. No need to look that one up. Is it used an in English context? I can't remember having seen it.
  14. Chapter 2: In a Brunst

    Interesting to meet Gordon. What a triangle to live in! And all those declarations of love. Not sure I believe them... But we'll see.

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