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  1. Hi Angel... Just missing you and wanted to say Hope all is well, you are missed...!!!:hug::hug::heart:

  2. Miss you, Beautiful! :hug: 

    1. Dmrman


      Hope you're Fine Angel Miss you...!!!:hug::heart:

  3. Chapter 73

    I think Otis has more heart and decency than he lets on. He took a huge risk to her Boy out of that horrible situation and in the process, spent his own funds to free Missy, something unheard of in those times. He didn’t have to do any of that. He could have turned a blind eye, but he didn’t. A very well written, and intense story.
  4. Forbidden

    I admire your bravery for tackling such a delicate topic. You wrote this well and allowed us into their hearts in a short amount of time. The ending was sad, but they knew the consequences of their love. Even today few would understand, but they died without regret for following their hearts.
  5. Bless, Me Father

    Damn, you made me cry. My heart breaks for these two men. They barely got a taste of what it meant to love freely before it was taken away. I wonder too what they will do now that they’re in each other’s orbits again. There is no choice they can make where someone won’t be hurt.
  6. Pyeongchang 2018

    You did a fantastic job with the theme, Dodger. You had me reading with nervous anticipation from the start. The story could have so easily gone either direction. Very well done.
  7. Sweetest perfection

    Hahaha loved it! This was so much fun to read. A very creative take on the theme, Puppi
  8. Off Limits

    Based on what I’ve read from you so far I think they’re in good hands
  9. Where do I go from here?

    A wonderfully done short, Tim. I don’t know the books this is based on, but you’ve intrigued me. I hope Laryn finds his happiness with his uncles there to support him. I’d love to hear more about Laryn’s life as he moves away from the familiar and starts his adventure
  10. Off Limits

    Your description of Rob’s feelings, lust, affection and discomfort, was very well done. I could practically feel his racing heart and sweaty palms. I would love to read more about these two men and see if they ever get past Rob’s sense of honour and propriety. Excellent work, Def
  11. Verboten

    This was a great take on forbidden love. I agree with Puppi, salt and pepper hair should come with some patient, but I guess unrequited love needs it’s answers. It says a lot about Professor Hammond’s respect and affection for his student that he doesn’t take the offered, easy road, but wants his student to succeed and not give up on his dream. Well done, Val
  12. How do you conquer your fear?

    I have mild anxiety, but I find it’s actually gotten better as I’ve gotten older. I’m not sure why. Like @Caz Pedroso I sing or hum when I’m alone and I feel uncomfortable, but I do it to songs on my phone. I find just hearing the music makes me feel less alone in the dark. My biggest fear is heights. I’ve gotten to the point that I can get on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel, but ladders or walking over a log across a stream still make me freeze up. Strange, I know. I don't think there is any one answer for combatting fear. Just the like we are all unique so are our fears and coping mechanisms. The point is that we try, whether it’s by medication, distracting ourselves or trying to face what scares us.
  13. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    It's a good thing too, or we may not all be here today answering this questions and trying to prioritize which story to read next
  14. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    Like you, I came to GA by following an author from another site (Rob Colton). Why did I stay? I stayed because there were so many great stories to read and I enjoyed the more direct interaction with the authors, which made this site pretty unique to others I've visited. It took me a long time to have the courage to post a review/comment on a story and I remember feeling like I had a fangirl moment when both @aditus and @Sasha Distan responded to a comment I'd made on their stories.

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