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  1. LitLover

    Remembering Dennis 191

    I know it hurts, but he was fortunate to have you in his life, even for a short time.
  2. LitLover

    Chapter 1 Flight or Fight

    This was a wonderful story that I really needed right now. I think a lot of people can relate to Paul. No one wants to become the worst of the relationships they’ve seen. Everyone has doubts now and then, the key is to keep communication open. I think Paul has finally realized that, while Chris has realized how important it is to really listen to your partner. Good life lessons for everyone really. Great story, Gary!
  3. LitLover

    Chapter 9

    It took a lot for Liam to walk away from Alek so I think he’s also scared to admit to himself he’s not over him. Thank you for your comments and support, Hig
  4. LitLover

    Chapter 8

    Alek is dealing with the consequences of hurting someone people care about. Bryce might be fun loving, but he is a fierce friend, and he feels like he needs to protect Liam. I felt badly for Alek too, but the reaction from Liam’s group is something that felt natural. Thank you for your comment and support, Hig
  5. LitLover

    Chapter 7

    I think Liam does have more thinking to do, but he’s getting there
  6. LitLover

    Chapter 6

    I’ve noticed that myself... some people feel like they’re cheating even if the relationship is over. The heart sometimes doesn’t care about the decisions the brain makes
  7. LitLover

    Chapter 2

    Alek is in a tough spot. I think it’s nice he has someone else who understands this wasn’t an easy situation for him. Thank you for your comments and support, Hig
  8. LitLover


    I’m glad the story has you intrigued. I look forward to hearing what you think of the rest of the story
  9. LitLover


    Thank you, Hig I appreciate your comments and support
  10. LitLover

    Chapter 25

    As Corey said, they may have only been ‘dating’ for five months, but they’ve known each other most of their lives. This just felt... natural. Thank you for your comments and support, Hig :hug:
  11. LitLover

    Life Happenings

    No comment, just a and all of my support.
  12. LitLover

    Chapter 6

    I think you’re right, Pierre’s forgiveness and closure allowed Corey to start to look at and deal with his own feeling in the subject of Jason. Thank you for another great comment and your support, Hig
  13. LitLover

    Chapter 5

    No, Zach didn’t go far. As for whether he’ll be gone permanently? 🤐
  14. LitLover

    Chapter 3

    Haha I’m glad you like the line. I’m pretty sure it will be interesting when they bump into each other lol
  15. LitLover

    Chapter 2

    The story will switch POVs each chapter Don’t worry; the reunion is coming very soon.

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