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  1. Show, Don't Tell

    This is one issue I’ve had with my own sci-fi writing... not having enough detail or “telling’ the reader what this new world that only exists in my mind looks like. It’s a fine balance. Too much detail and you lose your audience, too little and you might as well be writing about 20th century earth.
  2. I just read the Forbidden Love Challenge in the GA Newsletter.  So many ideas!   I’m excited to see what other authors come up with as well. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BHopper2


      @Puppilull, Yeah, I thought of that as well.

      Though, it is an interesting prompt.

    3. LitLover


      @Puppilull LOL yes, I would have to assume so.  

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Hmm, maybe a return to Valdemar fanfic for me... :unsure: 

  3. It was 1998... I think, lol.

    Such a cutie-Pi
  4. Ten's Unit - They Really Work

    I'll have to look into getting one of these. My husband has back and hip problems so it would be great if this helped.
  5. Crave By Litlover

    Thank you Hungry birds are good for an author's soul. I do want to write more about MIc and Doug, but I really need to get the Crave sequel moving. So far i have the story outline, the prologue and chapter 1 done (rough drafts). With the writer's block I've had I'd like to get one or two more chapters written before I start posting though.
  6. The Invitation

    Thank you, D.K. I appreciate your comment and your support. I agree, Micah is a cute name, but Mic does have a reason he shortens it (I didn't have time to get in to in in this prompt)
  7. The Invitation

    Haha I’m sure Dugh would be happy to help out Thank you for your comment and support, Drew
  8. Crave By Litlover

    I hope you enjoyed it, Drew
  9. Crave By Litlover

    I`m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for getting it back to me so quickly.
  10. Crave By Litlover

    Haha maybe next time
  11. The Invitation

    Haha having fallen on a slippery sidewalk before I think I would prefer a more traditional means, although Doug would get points for originality Thank you for your comment and support, deville
  12. The Invitation

    Maybe a little bit of both? I guess it depends how loud the two characters are when I finish with the Crave sequel. Thank you for your comment and support, Northie
  13. The Invitation

    LOL Mic is a lucky guy. I guess its good he didn't have that reader after all Thank you for your comment and support, Drought
  14. The Invitation

    Thank you, Gary I might revisit these two again. There is potential there with some of the ideas I've had floating around in my head. Thank you for your comment and all of your support
  15. The Invitation

    haha I considered the ex-boyfriend angle, but this is what felt right when I started writing. Thank you for your comment and support, Tim

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