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  2. Yes. Well said. When dealing with peoples' feelings, a tightrope is often involved. I didn't want to be guilty of that which I was lamenting, and that is a word that doesn't belong to me... its connotations have a depth I don't pretend to fully understand. I only understand its ugliness... not its full effects. Cheers....
  3. I must confess... this question and answer has been on my mind since I read it... Do you believe people are inherently selfish or was that just Adam’s take for his blog? Yes, I truly do. I’ve had many discussions about this with people and every time I don’t get it why they don’t feel the same way about it. I challenge them to show me a situation in which someone isn’t inherently selfish, only to counter it by explaining what the selfish part was. It always works, unconditionally, unless it has something to do with having children. I haven’t been able to explain why people do certain things for children even when it doesn’t make them necessarily happier or something, so I guess that’s the exception to the rule. I haven't reached conclusions, per se, but I have some opinions and I do see your point, Stannie. And yes, I especially see how having children affects our inherent selfishness. Having children changes everything. I might put forth we transfer the basis for our selfishness so it covers our children... substitutes if you will. Great food for thought.
  4. Your comment strikes home, phoenix, and in a published book, I would not censor. I was really torn. I must confess there was another censor you can't see. I struggled, and only after I posted did I make that other change... I decided to err on the side of caution... I would never want to offend anyone on site... there are many who aren't strangers... but still I am torn by my choice... it felt like it lost some power when I did so. I make these decisions, never certain they are the right ones. Thank you for your honest comment... I'm afraid I have to agree, yet still, I will leave it as is... Cheers... Gary....
  5. Outside of Honor Thy Father, about my biological father, I think you're right about the anger. I can't add to your comment... it's right on the money, and I'm horrified that we are still such petty, misguided, and small-minded creatures. Enlightened is a rare concept indeed. Cheers, my friend... Gary....
  6. Thank you for your kind words on Fractures, Parker. It is a deeply personal poem, and the sadness... the melancholy you felt... was very real. Judgement is harsh and angry... we should be better than this, and I worry that as a now-global society, we can't get our act together, and we are regressing. Wallop is such a great word... add mighty, and I'm humbled... much appreciation for your comment, my friend... cheers... Gary....
  7. Thank you, Albert. I'm pleased you think so Cheers... Gary....
  8. Lyrical Laments Chapter 3 Fractures Where once I saw beauty Ugliness stands in stark relief Where once I felt warmth A chill has pushed it away I rub swollen eyes But the picture remains unchanged Brutal reality Slaps like a switch On my most vulnerable organ And fractures spread As if through ruptured glass Ugliness Once seen Can never be unseen Judgement If you don’t like it Move If you have a problem Go back where you came from Keep that stuff Behind closed doors We don’t want your kind here We don’t respect your beliefs Your religion Your orientation Your funny clothes Your ways It’s disgusting Your freaky difference Marriage isn’t meant for you Sinners You don’t fit here Speak English for God’s sake Take that stupid thing off your head And stop dressing so weird Men don’t lay with men Women don’t lay with women We must protect our race Our children Our moral fiber If you’re not like us You don’t fit in You’re fat You’re ugly You’re stupid You’re old You’re wrong Gimp Faggot Slut Troll Dyke Retard Trash Pervert N_____ Sound familiar? Look in the mirror Shame on you who preach hatred Intolerance Shame on you who preach exclusion Superiority Shame on you who want it all your way Shame on you Who would rebuke your fellow man Shame on you Who think you have that right To judge others Shame on you Who lay blame at the wrong feet Your lack of compassion Has nothing to do with God You distort scripture You mock humanity And it offends me
  9. Very interesting interview. I found myself intrigued with Stannie and his answers as much as I want to know about this 'Adam' character and his story. I would suggest, with regards to writing in English, he expresses himself quite well here. I found the answers compelling. I haven't had time to read the story, but it has become a goal of mine after reading this. Thanks and cheers... Gary....
  10. I was told having Premium is why I don't see ads... is that right, Cia?
  11. Damn it! I knew it. Please let Gibson be all right. Kyp will never forgive himself for not going straight back to their dorm. This was a rough one, Cia, and yeah, I still don't like Brandon. Cheers... Gary....
  12. It's that old Shakespearean saying from Hamlet (bastardized) ... methinks thou doth protest too much... this guy just thinks he wants something he probably doesn't... the right guy has come along, and he knows it... still he presents a feeble argument even as he prepares to be fitted for his wedding suit... I agree with you... variety can be had with that one person, but it's not enough for some. I've been through those wars he speaks of, and I've seen much... I know what's right for me, and you do too... it's a different strokes thing, and this guy appears to be joining the ranks. This poem was meant to be fun. Bartenders see it all, and hear it all, and that was this guy's last gasp. . I love how you consider everything you read, CG... I do the same. Yes, never give up on sharing you life with that special one... I will seek again, and I wish the same for you, my dearest friend xoxoxo... cheers... Gary....
  13. Great point, B. Alek tried to have it all, and he was selfish. I don't think he had the guts to face what he was doing... he chose to keep them on a narrow pathway... and you're right... now he's faced it, and the guilt is constantly on display. He's lucky Liam didn't stop loving him, and is the kind of man who can forgive. Lots can't.
  14. I just loved this one, Lux! Yay to Bobby for taking John's hand and coming out like he did. That would have had a hell of an impact on those kids. And yay to Connor. I hope Daniel can forgive him... that took a lot of courage. I love how much John cares, especially after his last entry, where we found out what a battle he had with the darker hunger of his power. He's a hero... he just doesn't know it... wonderful job, my friend... cheers... Gary....