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  1. Chapter 23

    Hoo rah! That was perfect!
  2. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Way to go, spread! I think I caught most by surprise... maybe. I'm pleased you liked the chapter... thanks so much for being engaged and letting me know you thought this wonderful... see you Monday... cheers... Gary....
  3. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Brilliant? Wordmaster? Aw shucks. Thanks for that, my friend. Yes, we are are learning more about the family. You are so right about how we each have a choice in how we handle adversity. It was a blow to Preston, but it had nothing to do with Drake or Callie. In a way, we are seeing a perfect storm as a family secret was exposed only to Preston, the parents marriage breaks down, and Drake comes out. There was guilt, anger, and vulnerability all mixed up at the same time, and Drake was the one who took the brunt of it all... somehow the forgotten child. I would say once the dust settled, Preston milked his parents' guilt for all he could... kids do that. I still wouldn't rule out therapy... you're right... it would be a good thing for Preston, and his parent's as well. At the very least, they need improved communication now, and no more excusing bigoted or hateful behavior. I hope readers find meeting Richard interesting. he does have his own story to tell. And as far as Jimmy's dating women . Thanks for the wonderful comment, FanLit! Yes, it's darn near Monday. Cheers... Gary....
  4. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    I agree, but that's the thing about Drake... he feels deeply. You're right that they never had a great 'brother' relationship. Like Dot said, they never were close, and they did clash as kids. I would put most of that on Preston, though, from what we know of him. From what we know of Drake, I think he had some issues with his own self worth as he grappled with being gay. He really could have used acceptance and visible support from his entire family... he only really felt that from Callie and Rachel. I wonder if he blamed himself for the family breakdown... in his eyes, it all fell apart after he came out. Yeah, we can walk away, and Drake kind of did, but it's another thing to not care. Thanks, Israfil for letting me know your thoughts... see you Monday... cheers... Gary....
  5. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Oh, I love all the speculation, especially because we haven't even met him yet.
  6. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    So, I fooled you. No, it shouldn't be insurmountable, but the reality is, it is to Drake. Once bitten, twice shy... but so much more when it has to do with our hearts. That is exactly what Preston's parents have been. Enablers. They thought everything was fine, because they wanted to believe it, I suspect. Drake was too complacent. He should have stood up and called bullshit on the family... but the bottom line is they shirked their duties as parents. Preston is a ass who was allowed to become a bigger ass. Let's hope Jimmy's candor served as a true wakeup call to Dot... it sure seems like it. Thanks, buddy... I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and your support... cheers... Gary....
  7. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    My sense of Preston is that he always thought himself as above the other two because he was the eldest. My older brother kept trying that attitude with me. So, to find out he wasn't a biological offspring of his father, in his mind, threatened his perceived position in the family. The fact is, he was a jerk, and he then became a bigger jerk. Bigotry is something I don't get... never have. I no longer waste my time trying to make sense of it. While I can understand the impact of what Preston learned as a young adult, in a difficult way, I can't excuse him for the kind of person he is. We are in agreement, bud. You're exactly right about Drake. He should listen to Jimmy. If the man says he's gay, he should trust in that because we all know he trusts the man himself. Unfortunately, the pain that comes from lost or destroyed love is the most potent kind. Sometimes, the effects can last a lifetime, and Drake sees too many similarities... whether they are really there or not. Thanks for the great comment, deville... I love hearing all these thoughts from readers... cheers... Gary....
  8. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Parenting is difficult, but it needs doing. You can't take time off from it... when there is a family crisis, you can't hide your head in the sand or just worry about your own drama. It appears that is what happened here. I harken back to an earlier chapter where Jimmy said his parents never stopped being parents. Drake's parents did, possibly out of shame, and the damage was done... and perpetuated. Yes, Preston suffered, but taking it out on his siblings shows a huge character flaw. Things can be complicated for a person at the best of times. Being gay has its own challenges that are unique. Sometimes we fight what our brain tells us, and sometimes the baggage of it all, confuses us. Jimmy and Drake really should continue to talk, but right now, the odds look somewhat bleak. There is some labeling going on here that is getting in the way for both men. Thanks, Bob, for the thoughtful review. We'll see if I can turn this raw 'meat' into a palatable casserole. Cheers, my friend... Gary....
  9. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    You'll get answers... but not quite yet. I can tell that . Whatever happened, it messed Drake up pretty good.
  10. Love, Simon- A Coming Out Movie

    I'm in. The Buzzfeed link was awesome... thanks!
  11. Good Gay Theme Movies

    I agree about God's Own Country, drought. It is a superb movie. There wasn't a weak moment in the acting, especially from the main lead. He was outstanding. I loved the pacing and the way the story unfolded. That lamb scene was so incredible in both the visual and the effect it had. One of my all time favorites for sure. Yes, there are some Brokeback parallels , but who cares.
  12. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    LOL to 'Cards on the Table.' We can't let our past bog us down. In a way, both brothers are doing that. I get Drake, and his fears, but I don't agree with them... I feel he is judging Jimmy too harshly because of Richard. It would be nice if he was taken at face value, but others' fears cannot be dismissed. I don't get Preston. He's an adult now. He's proving to be, as Jimmy says, a mental midget who, possibly, has not managed to come to grips with his parentage. I don't care what his problem is... he's a bigot, and I never understand that kind of person. The scene at the pool was hard for me to write... I do feel both sides... I know what it is to be judged wrongly... that frustration... and I know what it is to be badly hurt by an ex. There is a dynamic between these two that is far from static... we just don't know know where it is headed. Thanks, glennish! Love your comment, and I'm pleased you liked the chapter. Cheers... Gary....
  13. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    I agree, Dave. Jimmy stands tall in his perfection. We can see that Drake knows that, but he has this internal battle going on, thanks to pain from the past. While Drake listened to his mother's shocking confession, Jimmy, close to his side, kept him grounded. It's what Jimmy does. I don't excuse Preston. He is small and petty, and he pales in comparison to a brother who has done nothing to him. I wish Drake had been more confrontational... I would have been, but this all started with the breakdown of his family, while he was coming to grips with being gay. The fact Drake stopped swimming because he didn't want anyone to think he was perving on them in the dressing room, shows where he was at that time. The fact is, it can be really hard to be gay. Yes, Drake needs to learn what we already now... no risk... no reward. Finding someone who deserves our love is not an easy task... and Jimmy deserves to be loved. Thanks for commenting, and for reading and supporting this story, Dave... cheers... Gary....
  14. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Honestly, Mike, I don't know many families that aren't dysfunctional. Seriously. Just like individuals, families evolve. Some break apart while others get stronger. Some are so damaged they can't fully heal, and that continues the cycle. I have learned to accept my family for what it is/was... and I try my best to mitigate any damage I've caused myself as I've evolved. Drake's family started off on a sour note... an affair and a secret that reared it's ugly head long after the fact. Drake's parents have to own that. Hindsight gives us wisdom, but it often comes too late. It sounds like Drake looked to Richard as a savior in a difficult time. It's hard when our white knights turn grey... Thanks for commenting, and for your support, buddy... be well... cheers... Gary....
  15. Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Yeah, maybe a teeny tiny little weeny bit of empathy, but no more than that. I think it's sad that Preston is so insecure and petty. He puts Cathy and his kids in an terrible position... and his son is old enough to know something is wrong... that his uncle is reserved when his dad's around... will that end in him resenting his father? The cycle will perpetuate if Preston keeps it up. That's a given. The wedding is coming. Thanks, Empress! So pleased you are enjoying the story... cheers... Gary....

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