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  1. I lost my signature banner

    I noticed yesterday I lost my signature banner. I went to settings and re-saved, but it didn't work. I don't want to muck it up... is it something I can fix myself or do I need site assistance? Thanks... Gary....
  2. Big Boy Pants

    I like being a part of the anthologies, Myr. This was my sixth entry. Thanks.
  3. Did you Read and Review the Fall 2017 Anthologies?

    I read all of them, and left a comment for each one. A great bunch of stories.
  4. Chapter 9

    I wonder what the DNA tampering has done to Kohen. Was there an end purpose to it, or was it just experimentation to learn information? I would suspect it was the former, but I confess to not knowing what goes on in your mind.
  5. Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    I only like snow for the first three minutes, and then I'm over it xoxo
  6. Happy Birthday, Gary

    Thank you, John! Much appreciated... cheers... Gary....
  7. Chapter 1 Enlightenment

    Thanks, buddy! I couldn't receive a better compliment. Touching people with the written word is what I strive for. It means a lot that you think I do a good job. It's hard work, but it is rewarding work, whether it is a complicated and layered epic, or a simple short story about love and human interaction. Thanks for making my day, my friend... cheers... Gary....
  8. Slow Dance

    Love it, Parker! ... 'class jazz' and 'variations you incite'... sublime ... oh, and ... 'the dripping sink from down the hall' ... put me right there, in that doorway... cheers... Gary....
  9. Happy Birthday Comicfan

    Happy Birthday, Wayne!!!
  10. Happy Birthday, Gary

    Thanks, Victor... we miss you .... and I had a great B-day
  11. Happy Birthday, Gary

    Thanks, punkin
  12. Happy Birthday, Gary

    Thanks, jfalkon! It was!
  13. Chapter 8

    That was nice. So, it wasn't just some storeroom... the Captain gave up his office. A sweet gesture indeed.
  14. Chapter 1 Enlightenment

    Thanks, Lisa! Being gay can be complicated, and lives can be forever changed or even ruined as we try to navigate the pitfalls. I hope the day will finally come when the internal conflict isn't colored by fear. These guys are lucky... despite Caleb running away, they figured it out and made it through. Living with regret is hard, and they won't have to. They both had tough, agonizing years, but in the end, they were ready. Time can be an enemy or a friend... in this case, I think it helped. I'm really glad you liked this. It was really tempting to make this a longer story, and someday, I just might. Cheers... Gary....
  15. Ask An Author 2.0 - #2

    An excellent continuation of Ask An Author. Thanks for taking this on, Carlos. Great questions and superb answers. This remains one of my favorite features on GA! A hat tip to skinny. Miss you, buddy.

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