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  1. Peril at the Embassy

    Interesting turn of events. I expect Cameron won't be fooled for long, though... maybe not for more than a few seconds. Cheers... Gary....
  2. Sobriety - Day 7

    Jake is finally looking beneath the surface. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and with regards to Eddie, maybe Jake was. Often, when we push someone away, we are afraid... for them or us. Was Jake afraid? He said their breakup began his spiral... did he see it as a foregone conclusion because of his mother... his predisposition? I can't wait to hear what Eddie has to say, and where it will leave Jake. Fascinating, Cole. And real. Cheers... Gary....
  3. Happy Birthday, Robert!! :wizard:  I hope you have a wonderful day! 

  4. Chapter 1

    You have me again. Like the others, I'm hooked, and my protective instincts are at full bore. I will echo the chorus... more please, Cia
  5. Chapter 1

    I actually do have a continuation story in my head... maybe we'll see them around Christmas
  6. Chapter 1

    Hey, moggy! Thanks for this . I actually made myself cold when I wrote that box scene. Brrrrrr... I'm really happy with how the story turned out, and Clint and Rory still live in my head. Cheers, my friend... Gary....
  7. October Garden

    This is metaphorically wonderful, Parker. Will our gardens be renewed another year... will the blight incurred by life, be lessened by a new season... is there still life in our roots? There is an uncertainty expressed here, one I feel more often as each year passes. This one spoke to me... well beyond the familiar garden... cheers, my friend... Gary....
  8. Cider Press

    Sorry, I'm late, but I couldn't access this when first posted... tried a couple of times. Loved the double entendre of this. So beautifully conveyed, Parker. Loved it! Cheers... Gary....
  9. Chapter 1

    Thanks, ObicanDecko! This is one of three stories I wrote for the Rewind Anthology... the others being Finding Refuge and Stepping Through the Mirror. I'm so pleased you liked it. I can tell you I felt pretty damn cold while I was writing the box scene. I very much appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know what you thought. There is more to their story in my head. Cheers... hope to hear from you again... Gary....
  10. October Classic Author Feature: Working It Out by Don H

    I can't stress enough how much I loved this story, as well as the two books that follow. It's a series you can read again and again, and I have. It is wonderfully written, and very fulfilling for the reader. There are ups and there are downs, and everything in between. Read it! You will not be disappointed.
  11. Weekly Wrap Up (Oct 8 - Oct 14)

    From what I know of you, I don't see that as possible
  12. Destiny Begets Destiny

    OMG... I love this! Such a great way to tell me how Morningstar made you feel, buddy. Thank you so much. Yes, there was a light in my eyes, because of all the generous support I was given. This has been a journey filled with both love for my characters and satisfaction they did as they were told... mostly. I would like nothing better than to keep going, and if the earth mother deems it so, I will have no choice... I believe in prophecies, and I will accept my destiny, just as Kellar has. Cheers, my friend... thank you for your support... Gary
  13. Happy Birthday, my friend!! Wishing you a fantastic day! :wizard: 

    1. Cynus


      Thank you! It's been great so far.

  14. Weekly Wrap Up (Oct 8 - Oct 14)

    Have a great time, Renee, and thank you for featuring Morningstar: The Malaise this past week. Also, thank you to @Wicked Witch for the wonderful review, Thanks too to those who commented.

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