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  1. August Classic Author Feature: Pour Me Another by K.C.

    I've read this story twice. I don't often do that, but Pour Me Another is a wonderful read. I can't imagine anyone not finding it so... highly recommend it.
  2. Clueless Camping by Timothy M

    Cheep, Cheep, Cheep... birds are often in flocks
  3. Running For Home By Lux_Apollo

    Depends on the teasing ... I'd rather be kept in the dark than get worried
  4. Bug Report: Profile Left Hand Column

    Thanks, Cia. I checked chapter one again, and it's now 14 as you say, but I believe there was about 100 likes on that chapter before this latest upgrade. It's the same with all the other chapters... maybe it will slowly fix? Cheers... Gary....
  5. Bug Report: Profile Left Hand Column

    I hope this is the right place to post this. If it isn't I apologize. I just noticed the 'likes' number on chapters is inaccurate... for example... Chapter one of Cards on the Table... Likes 7 I checked other stories and it's the same... no biggie... just bringing it to your attention... cheers... oh , and the author followers on the author pages has reverted to our friends number as it did in the prior upgrade. I haven't noticed anything else. It all looks amazing
  6. Chapter 5 DNA

    The measured care as you wax philosophical tells me how genuine you are as a person and as a friend. This is beautiful and comforting... a declaration that comes from a big and kind heart. I know I can lean on you, my dear friend, and that is priceless during my more lost times. The weight of life is lessened by the care of others... you do that for me, and I thank you. I am doing okay. I never expected I would be enduring depression at this stage of my life, but it is one more challenge in a series... fear not... I am a survivor, and I am winning... much love... Gary xoxoxoxo
  7. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    Aww... thank you, Ruslana. I'm that you loved it. Mrs. B has turned out to be a success . I'll really try to be quicker... hope you liked the next one... cheers and much thanks... Gary....
  8. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    Thanks, deville. I love when people reread my stories. You say such nice things... Mrs. B was fun... pleased you liked her... she sure won the guys over on that walk... cheers... Gary....
  9. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    Thanks, wolf! Her reception has been wonderful, and I'm so pleased you liked her. She really was fun to write, and I think you are right... she will fit right in I appreciate the comment, buddy... hope you like the next chapter... cheers... Gary....
  10. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    You have a long way to go yet, LadyDe . Your vision is very close to mine We'll see what they come up with for the sign. I'm pleased you liked the 'chat.' I didn't screw my kids up to much either... I don't think . Nah... they're great. Michael was pretty impressive, wasn't he... and remembering the date and how many days have passed... sigh... that should get the horndog some action . Sorry for the delay in responding, my friend... your comment, as always, is wonderful... thanks and cheers... Gary....
  11. 4.2 Theme Change

    You have to click twice? I've only been clicking once... I thought that worked... it increases the number
  12. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    I live to melt your heart, Drewbear . I'm pleased you liked the talk with Nate. he is in a quandary, and those damned hormones are tough when combined with young love. Yeah, Micheal's remembrance of the date and the time passed was pretty powerful for Kendall... the man has real depth . But, we already knew that. Mrs. B is great... I feel the same way... thanks for this, buddy... as always, you rock... cheers... Gary....
  13. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    Yay! Thanks, Albert. What a wonderful thing to hear . The Lady in Black... love it... yeah, I totally understand her... and I like her. I'm pleased her reception has been good. I appreciate the comment on my attention to detail... I try... he he... cheers, dear friend... Gary....
  14. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    Thanks, Wesley! Oh... that clown avatar is creepy . So glad you love Mrs. B... it was nice to finally let her live. She was in my head forever, seems like Cheers, buddy... Gary....

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