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  1. Headstall

    Blind Justice

    Very rhythmic, northie. I fell into the chant immediately in my head. It tells a story, and makes me think, so kudos to you. Was I wrong to think there was hope at the end? Cheers, my friend... Gary....
  2. Headstall

    Happy Birthday, Cia!

    Happy Birthday, Cia!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  3. Headstall

    Two Summer Sonnets

    Hey,Parker. Nice to see some more offerings from you. You never disappoint. While I love them both, Current, and its 'flow,' was compelling. I could see much beneath the surface of this one. Absolutely superb, my friend... cheers... Gary....
  4. Happy Birthday, Sweet Caz!! Sorry I was late, but you know I love you. :heart:  :wizard: 

    1. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      And I love you too, my friend, thank you :hug: 

  5. Hi Gary, congrats on Toronto, Canada, being no 8 on the list of 'most livable' cities in the world, just ahead of Copenhagen as no 9. :)  https://www.bbc.com/news/business-45174600

    (Two other Canadian cities, Calgary and Vancouver,  were higher on the list, but none of your stories take place there.)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Headstall


      Thanks, Tim! That's so cool. It really is a great city. And Calgary did play a part in Cards on the Table. Agnes and Carson lived in Chestermere, a highly touted town just outside of Calgary. :) 

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Oh, that's right, I forgot about that. But they're moving to Toronto, of course. :yes:

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      :( I missed the 144444 moment - you get too many likes. :lol: 

  6. Headstall

    Story Review: Losing Kevin

    Great review, jp. It makes me want to read this, and I will.
  7. Headstall

    Getting ready to walk in the Brighton Pride Parade

    It's official now, Caz. You're the shortest in your family. Lovely family.
  8. Headstall

    Destiny Begets Destiny

    Thank you, James. I'm so glad you liked this story, and want to see it continue. Yes, there is much more I can tell about this shifter community, and at some point I would like to. This book was a solid year and a half of my life, so I have to be prepared for that commitment again. I intend to try. Not soon, but eventually. In the meantime, I appreciate your support greatly. I would appreciate if you could find your way clear to write a review for this story... essentially what you wrote here would be fine if you wanted to copy it into the 'Review' section. Also, it would be great if you could follow me on my author's page... here is the link, and you just click 'follow' under my banner... you would then be updated on any new work of mine... https://www.gayauthors.org/author/headstall/ ... if the link doesn't work, you can find me under Signature Authors on the drop down menu. Cheers, my friend... and again, thank you... Gary....
  9. Headstall

    Circle Upon Circle Upon Circle

    Yay! Thanks, buddy. This chapter was a watershed one for me... and the readers... and for Kellar... and for Morningstar. Kellar is where he belongs... those years in foster care are well behind him now. He knows his parents... he can see and hear his mother, and that makes me happy. It was a terribly sad chapter to write, though. I'm so pleased you found it suspenseful. I'd worked awfully hard to get to this point... and I admit there was a feeling of relief that I'd managed to keep everything under wraps. Thank you for taking this journey... I am exceedingly proud of this story. Cheers, Ezz... Gary....
  10. Headstall

    A Team In All Things

    Thank you, Ezz. You are very kind. Hugh and Connor's story actually wasn't going to happen until Book 2, but I wasn't sure there would be a second book, so I included it in this one. I'm really glad I did. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment... cheers... Gary....
  11. Headstall

    Chapter 44 A Time of Rebirth

    LOL... me too, Ezz! At the time I was so excited to finally post this chapter. I absolutely love Miss Sybil, so giving her back her mate was just wonderful. I'm pleased you liked it. Thanks, buddy... much more to come... cheers... Gary....
  12. Headstall

    Chapter 37 Many Happy Returns

    Nothing wrong with that. I'm happy they can make you happy, buddy.
  13. Headstall

    Chapter 37 Many Happy Returns

    Someday... maybe someday....
  14. Headstall

    Chapter 37 Many Happy Returns

    Like I said before... good luck getting past Tobyn, buddy. And hell yeah, they're real... they still live in my head with their lives unfolding in so many interesting ways. Thanks, Ezz! Cheers... Gary....
  15. Headstall

    Chapter 35 The Winds of Change

    He really has redeemed himself, hasn't he? He's not that arrogant bastard we met in Chapter one... not anymore. Sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom in order to move forward. He owed Kellar a lot for this chance, and now he has repaid in spades. I'm pleased he's your hero now... he's mine too... and I'm sure, Adelin's... once she calms down. Thanks, buddy... your comment is much appreciated. Cheers... Gary....

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