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  1. Fantasyboy69

    Heading In

    I lay there awake that night, wondering what would happen tomorrow. Zeke had said this area was secure for the night, which means he felt we should be moving on very early. It was good advice anyway, but what made him say it like that? What made Colton's Pathfinding actually work for the first time? More and more questions all led to the same damn answer. I hate magic. Love Phuong. She's awesome. When Zeke had flipped the coin, it landed on its side three times in a row, which pretty much said neither of us was topping or bottom and Quintin could forget the popcorn. We all knew how it happened, but her faux innocent act was too perfect. She also told me when I was cooking what she had done. "Thanks. I doubt Heather would be happy to hear I handed my card to Zeke." Tonight was pan-fried fish, one thing all of us loved. She tilted her head in question. "But not Quint?" I know I blushed. "He's...different. Even Heather sees it. A huge part of me knows it would never happen, but a small part kicks that part in the balls and tells it to live a little. As mostly a joke, Quint tells me once I have consummated my marriage, Dylan Season will officially open." I loved the way her eye rolls are so perfect. She had them down to an art. "Don't you worry about Zeke and Heather should you get bagged and tagged?" I shook my head more at her joke than anything. "Honestly...no. Zeke has told me to go for it." I looked over to where the two guys were cuddling with Colton laying his head on Zeke's thigh. "Heather...understands. It's the strangest thing. She'd fuck me up if I ever looked twice at a woman. She would rip off my balls, shove them down my throat, cut off my head, shove it up my ass, and then stop being nice." Phuong's grin was wide. "You know from experience." "Almost. I saw a gal on the beach wearing a totally bodacious bikini." I smacked myself in the head to get the surfer lingo out. "I pointed her out, which Heather did not like one bit. After she chewed my ass out, I told her I'd been looking because I thought Heather would look a lot better and wanted to go find out where she bought the bikini so I could buy it for her. Heather, after turning red and gaping like a fish, apologized. I told her bluntly she would know if I was checking someone out." Phuong tilted her head again. "I give off serious amounts of pheromones when I am more than passingly attracted to someone. I mean, you're hot and awesome, but Heather didn't even have to worry because she could tell you were pretty much family zoned from the get go. "Which leads me to her and Quint. She knows there are times when I get sensations and emotions that wash over from him. Especially during sex. I could be in the middle of a briefing with the Alphas and boom. Pheromone spike thanks to Zeke and Quint going at it by the lake a few miles away. So, she knows when I'm interested, and she knows I literally can't help but be curious about it with Quint." I don't know why I could talk about this with Phuong. It was all kinds of embarrassing to even talk about with Heather. "With the overflow from Quintin, I figured you would be more interested in Zeke." I shrugged. It was a very logical statement. "I'm glad I'm not. Those two would have me held down and do things porn stars balk at." She raised her brow as if letting me know she didn't buy my half-truth. "Yes, okay, I do have some interest in Zeke, but nothing sexual. I just wanna be cuddled by the teddy bear sometimes." My face turned pink. "So quasi-romantic feelings," she said with a small smile. "Meh," I grunted as I made an uncertain gesture with my hand. "More like just comfort. I feel very comfortable around the guys. More than anyone in my life, including Heather. Were I a smaller man, I would probably fall asleep on Zeke much like Quint does on occasion." "You trust him and feel safe," Phuong said. "Exactly. There are just times I want to be held, and Zeke would be the guy I would go to." I was super glad the guys were ignoring our quiet conversation in favor of some cuddle time. I didn't need their snark. "Ever done any snuggling with them?" I was beginning to wonder why she seemed so curious about this. "I have. All watching a movie. I've had Quint cuddled up under my arm with Colton under Zeke's. Had my head resting on Zeke's thigh while he played with my hair. Colton and I have fallen asleep in the same bed during a stay at the cabins, and we woke up with me as big spoon. I mean it's a total bromance situation." In spite of myself, I smiled. "The best friends I've ever had. We'd do anything for each other." I know she heard how sure I was of that statement. "So why all the questions?" "You needed to talk about it, and I have never had the chance to talk about this with anyone. The Flock is very strict about TMI." I knew she was making the understatement of the world. "When I take over as Wind Master, I want anyone feeling they can come to me with anything, including LGBTQ concerns or questions. Watching Little Bird grow up makes me wish I had the position then so he could have been more open. What he has with Dean makes me so happy." I sat up straighter and gave her a bow of my head. "The Rogue Valley Flock will be in honorable, capable, and loving hands when you become Wind Master." She returned the bow with a bright smile. "Thanks, Dylan. So, by what you aren't saying, Heather has given you permission with all three guys." Damn women and their psychic bullshit. "Yes," I grumbled. "I..." I stopped when I saw Zeke sit up quickly and dump some sand on the small fire we had going. Dinner was done enough that I didn't even grumble. He had his reasons. We all nodded when Zeke put his finger to his lips for silence. It was a few moments until I saw what made him tighten up his protections. A pair of canoes were silently floating by, but the screen of brush and foliage kept us from being seen and the wind was in our faces, so they couldn't smell us. "You're sure you felt something earlier?" asked one of the men to the one in the front of the lead canoe. "Yes. The winds came through the village and on their backs was a foreign magic and a powerful Pathfinder." The face of the man was young, but his voice sounded old. Perfectly straight black hair, tall, broad shoulders and chest, he looked like someone used to getting his way. Yup, they were searching for us. I looked at Phuong and she shook her head, holding up three fingers. So they had three shamans in the group. She also had a chagrinned look on her face. Probably feeling guilty for them sensing her magic. "Could they be with the old one? He did say some might come to free him and the missionaries." The questioner was a younger man. His voice was softer, younger sounding, but carried a power even I couldn't deny. This was one powerful shaman. His straight blonde hair looked like a horse's mane. Shaved on the sides but long on the top and back. He pulled the look off. "If they are, they will die alongside the others." Then they were out of earshot. We all sat in the sand, sharing looks. No one said a thing while I passed around the food, our minds on the small talk we just heard. No doubt in my mind they had Gene and the others. They had admitted to having the missionaries. When we finished eating, I simply said, "We leave in six hours. No watches, we're safe here. Everyone get some sleep." I had very little sleep, but I didn't need it so much. I was really feeling the coming eclipse and had been up all night thinking. I had the makings of a plan, but I needed to get some input from the guys and gal. We had barely left the cover of our camp and crossed the river to new cover when the search party from the previous night came right through our camp. We had erased all our traces with a little skunk scent and some stealth help from Quint. They searched around for a few moments and moved on. When Zeke and Phuong gave me a nod, I spoke quietly. "Okay. Here's an idea for getting in. Their territory is close enough to ours that treaty negotiations would be reason enough for us to come. The only problem would be getting out again. Phuong, can you take the younger one in a magic battle?" She looked uncertain. "He's very strong, so I might have a good chance of it. If any of the others jump in or pool their strength with him, no chance." No bullshitting, no bravado. One thing I liked about her. "Colton, can you find us a path out with help from Phuong?" "I think so. If I can get a minute to concentrate, I should be able to get us out." I gave him a look. "No, don't count on it. We're dealing with stuff I can't know and can't get through." "I...have an idea," said Phuong hesitantly. We all looked at her. "It may not work, and it may even hurt us, but I feel strongly it could work. We would just need a wolf with us." "Does it matter Lupus or Lunais?" I asked. She shook her head. "So we need to get with Gene. What's this idea?" "You asked if I could help. Well...we all can. Colton's Pathfinding following my wind using Quintin's stealth and Zeke's protection." "How do I fit in?" I had to ask. I knew this would involve magic shit again, and I was not too keen to have it put on me. "You would be covering our asses with Gene, allowing the missionaries to get out and home." She said it bluntly enough, but I had to ask one more thing. "So...no magic being cast on me? Because I know what you're talking about. A binding ceremony with one person receiving the traits of the others." She nodded, which made it better and worse. "You're right, but it would be Colton with the combined traits. No magic on you." I know I looked as relieved as I felt. "Not too keen on magic?" For an answer, I pulled down the neckline of my shirt and showed her the scar nestled in the hair in the center of my chest. "Ritual sacrifice gone wrong, thankfully. I'm no big fan." "Do you still get pains in the area?" she asked, brushing her finger over the scar. I know I shouldn't like her doing it, but it felt nice. It didn't do anything for me sexually, but I could almost feel a maternal presence from the touch. Phuong had a mommy mode. "Sometimes." Any time I shifted to furball mode it stung like crazy and itched like hell when I lost my fur. "It will continue to give you problems until the athame they used is destroyed or you have a shaman use magic." Again, no hemming or hawing. Just straight out with it. I almost pity anyone who she has to get catty with. It would be a massacre. "But I understand your reasons. If you should want it, let me know." And she dropped the subject. "Are you okay with me...with us performing a binding ceremony, Colton?" "It won't mess with us permanently, right?" he asked, a bit hesitant. "I've done it one other time with success, but it has a chance to cause damage if all involved are not willing and without reservation. As close as you boys are, I see no problem." She was right. "Which leaves you, Phuong," said Quint, "but that's why you're getting to know us all, isn't it? The more you know, the closer the bond." Her small smile was all the answer we needed. "I knew you were quick, Quint. I knew this might be a necessity, so I've been prepping us since day one. I do want to get to know you guys, but this mission's success is paramount." I grumbled, and they all rolled their eyes. We all knew I would do it, but I didn't have to be happy about it. I wouldn't be part of the binding directly, but with me and Quint sharing the synergy, it may get me, too. I knew it without Phuong having to say it. "How long does it take to do the ceremony?" "Two hours." Even she seemed annoyed that this would take so long. "But this is a last chance scenario. I doubt we'll need it if we can appeal to the younger one. He has a strong aura of compassion about him. The elder," she said with a grimace, "will be killed if he so much as glares at us wrong." Yikes, PMS moment. "Okay then. Keep your eyes open on the way inside. Landmarks, exits, hidden areas, sentry posts, and their jail. We need to get the boys and Gene out." All nodded to my words. "Questions? Comments? Anyone have to pee?" I looked at Zeke for the last one, a barely suppressed smirk on my face. He gave a huge sigh. "One time and you're branded for life." Then he went to take a piss and cover that with more skunk scent. No sense in seeming to mark territory. When he came back, he swatted my ass. "No Phuong the next coin toss," he said, and I shook my head. "You can kiss my ass, but I've seen your man tackle." I recalled a musical parody Zeke made me watch on YouTube. "Never gonna bottom, never gonna bottom." Three drag queens...and I'm badly singing a line from their song. All they did was laugh and grin. * * * Walking into the enemy village out in the open was nerve-fraying. I mean I could feel the amount of magic in the air, and Phuong was rubbing her arms in agitation. The houses were plaster and thatch and looked more to be a seasonal area rather than permanent. A communal firepit sat in the middle, and beyond it were the six waterfalls. Oh, and about forty people, all of which felt like magic. The blonde shaman stepped forward with a kind smile. He was taller than I expected, only a few inches shorter than me. Broad through the shoulders and chest, I was getting the impression that I was meeting my first herbivorous shifter. "Welcome to the Equis Camp. I am Rhava, Master Shifter for our camp." He made a gesture of an open palm to his chest and brought it out as if in greeting. "Thank you for the welcome, Master Shifter Rhava. I am Dylan Davenport, Prime Enforcer for the Homestead Pack. With me our my fellow pack mates Quintin Marshall and his mate Zeke Whitebear, Colton Matthews, and the Wind-Master-to-be of the Rogue Valley Flock, Phuong Saechao." Each nodded their head in turn. Phuong made the same gesture as Rhava. "A greeting from the winds, Rhava." Her eyes never left his, and boy, did her scent go wonky. Instant lady boner action. "The plains answers your greetings with joy, wind sister." For his part, he blushed which made his healthy tan go all shades of red from hairline to belt. If we lived through this, I think Phuong found her future mate. A cleared throat broke the spell of attraction, and Rhava gestured to the other shaman, the one with the raven hair. "This is my older brother, Rhisi, Master Hunter for the Equis Camp." "Are you with the old one and the missionaries?" His voice, posture, tone, and lack of ceremony all led to one conclusion: He didn't like us here. Good. "Rhisi, these people have come many miles. Let us show them we can be gracious hosts before you interrogate them." Rhava's face was neutral, but his eyes showed how annoyed he was with the elder brother. "Besides, the answer is yes. Obviously so. Yet they have come openly and without menace." How he knew, I could only guess magic, but I was coming to like Rhava. He had already chosen hospitality over hostility. I don't doubt he'd be dangerous if provoked, but he came with open hands instead of fists. "You are correct. We were sent as representatives of several packs to find what happened to a group of missionaries and several members of those packs. Phuong, while not part of our pack, is joined to us. Her brother is our Beta, our Second. One of the missionaries is from a pack related to Zeke. The 'old one,' as you call him, is a surrogate uncle to me. We have come to find our lost family." I knew that honesty would serve us well, but I also got a feeling that this reasoning would get us farther with Rhava than a rescue mission. "Also, with our territories so close, I would like to get a feel for truce and trade alliance." The small grin and slight sly look in Rhava's eyes told me he knew I was playing up certain angles. Not a man to ever underestimate. "Then we are of one mind. Come. I will tell you why your family has been detained." Rhava swept his arm toward the falls. "Then they are here?" I knew I sounded hopeful. I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it. "Yes. I will lead you to them." I knew I would like Rhava. By the way Phuong was staring at his butt, she did too.
  2. For the past few weeks, I have devoted most of my free time to a charity event. The event, where I was part of the entertainment, was to raise funds for the HIV food bank in my area. It has been such a wonderful time, stressful though it was. Now...back to writing.

  3. Fantasyboy69

    Chapter 4

    Dragons, in this setting, can change their plumbing for breeding purposes. They do lay eggs, and yes, Jacob could have them too. Kiven is the more nurturing and chose to carry them. I am writing a second one which will star their son, but it's not going to be posted until finished
  4. Fantasyboy69

    The Bard and the Prince

    This is one story that I come back to when I have no other projects. It is not even halfway done, so read at your own discretion.
  5. Fantasyboy69

    Chapter 23

    I have a few ideas for a sequel, but nothing concrete at the moment. Ryle gets to keep the jet, and he would be the lead pilot...and the supply master.
  6. Fantasyboy69

    Chapter 23

    I have a few ideas for a sequel, but nothing concrete at the moment. Ryle gets to keep the jet, and he would be the lead pilot...and the supply master.
  7. Fantasyboy69

    Mending the Hurt

    Big glaring mistake on my part. I make tons of them, and since I don't think I had an editor for this one, it got past me.
  8. Fantasyboy69

    Some Bad News

    It was a thirty-mile hike from the airstrip to the edge of Homestead territory. Being up here made me smile and look over at my squad. They could feel it, too. No one around for miles, clean air, clear skies. Perfect weather. I turned to Colton and nodded. He closed his eyes and looked within himself. It was always a bit cool to watch him Pathfind. His eyes would twitch behind his lids, jerky motions would make his head move as if dodging mentally around boulders and under fallen trees, nose twitches which meant he had found the 'scent' even if the trail was not smellable. "Damn, he moves fast. I know he's alive, but I can't see where he is, only where he was." Colt opened his eyes and looked confused. "That's a good thing...right?" Phuong asked. "Meh," said Colt. "I usually see the target and only a vague path. This time it's the opposite. I see his path clearly, but not where it ended." I knew it frustrated him. He'd been working really hard to get this tracking shit down, often with Gene and Papa Travis. Now it was doing something he didn't expect, and I could see he was frustrated. "No matter how much I strain, the trail ends at a river with a small fall in it. About five days northeast." "That's good," said Zeke with a smile. "We can follow that and see what we see. Much easier than your usual 'I think it's this way' stunt." Zeke's grin made Colton sock his shoulder, but I could tell he felt a bit better. "Quit picking on him, Cub. That's my job. Yours is to sexually frustrate him," said Quint with a straight face. "Oh yeah," Zeke said and took off his pack and shirt, only to put the pack back on. Everyone's eyes but mine were glued to his mountainous, hairy pecs and slightly soft furry tummy. "There, mission accomplished. Madam, do you mind?" Zeke asked in mock affront, covering his chest as if Phuong's gaze made him embarrassed. "Yup, I'm looking for a mate outside the Flock. None of the boys there look like that," she said, her own flush coloring her cheeks. "Colton, stop staring at his muscles and lead on. Do I really have to be the mature one here? If so, we're screwed." Us guys laughed and Colton started off at a good pace. "Phuong, you're probably more knowledgeable about what may make a trail disappear like that," I said. She looked at me with a perfectly neutral face. I knew it meant trouble. "There are many things that could do it, and there is only one that I fear. If it is that one, then there is little chance to see them alive again." She let a brief smile show. "Since Colton says he's alive, there is a strong chance that it's not the one I fear." "You're being cryptic, Lady Bird," said Zeke with a frown, giving her a nickname like he did with just about everyone. "Cryptic is not good." "Would you like it spelled out?" We all nodded. "Simple terms: magic. Shamanism is the one I fear. I am one shaman, and it would take either a very strong one or several shamans to mask a trail from a coyote. Either way, we'd be fucked. I'm not capable of taking on more than three moderately strong." "I kinda wish I kept my mouth shut," said Zeke, his shoulders slumping forward. "We have a long journey ahead of us," I said, and we strode onward. Why is it that most of my problems seem to stem from magic? I mean, Lycans were started via magic, the attempted sacrifice was a magic rite, and now shamans may be in the mix. Just...fuck magic. I know there is good magic, but I am sick of it popping up when things go wrong. The day's trek was long, but the countryside was beautiful. It was all new to us, so every sight and sound were intriguing, and I could tell Colton wanted to go off exploring. Honestly, I would love to do it myself, but my skin itched. I knew something was going on that I couldn't see, but I didn't know what. "Out with it, Creep," said Quintin. Damn bond. "You explain it. I can't," I grumbled. "Something has our creepy leader on edge. I'd almost say it's something Solaris related, but I'll be durned if I don't feel something too. Maybe it's just overflow." Quint just looked at me with that semi-worried expression he had when he was mentally thinking I was going up in creep factor. He knew my history as well as Dad and Pat, most of it picked out of my head even when he didn't want it. "It could be. The Summer Solstice is in nine days, and there will be a partial eclipse." I turned to Phuong, hoping she was mistaken. "Seriously?" She nodded. "Fuck. Just...fucking fuckety fuck fuck." I can be so eloquent when I'm upset. "If we don't find them by then, they will be dead, and I worry you will be, too." "Share," said Phuong. "It's a powerful time for solar Lycans like a blood moon is for lunar. I'll shift, all the way, once the sun starts to eclipse, and I won't have any human thought left. Full lion, no Dylan." I could see them go wide-eyed, and my nose told me they were suddenly scared. "It is if I remember my history lessons with Grandpa and Papa Travis, a time of magic to peak. The longest day being shrouded by night. Am I right, Phuong?" She nodded. "So...yeah. We need to find them, and then you guys need to get the hell away from me. Let's move." All of us hiked our packs up and started to jog with our guide leading the way. "Phuong, can you add more to our knowledge of the event?" "A lot more, but I can't share too much. Before you ask, it's mystic mumbo-jumbo and oaths." We nodded. We understood enough. "When Horus finally entered the great war, giving form to his own followers, he gave them also the gift of magic and bade them to go forth into the world." So the Falcon God stuck his beak in. Good to know, I thought. "There were many problems with the other Lycans, us being physically weaker, but we had various abilities given to us, weather being the most common magic. Our strongest is the ability to give our powers to another, much as my father will do to me when he steps down as Wind Master." Her brother had told us enough of what would happen that we didn't react to this. "When the Children of Horus joined a people, they would teach them of magic in an effort to protect them from Wepwawet's wolves. Only a very few could learn such foreign magic, but some did and passed it down to their children. Over time, the ability broadened, and now, some shamans have the ability to take the powers of others at rare times. Planetary alignments, eclipses, equinox and solstice, and All Hallows Eve are some of the most notable." "So, Gene and the others could have been taken for this purpose?" Zeke asked. Honestly, I love Zeke as a brother, and one reason was his total commitment to knowing everything he can. Most people think he's a busybody gossip. "Could, but the people taken would not be a benefit in such numbers. Take one or two, and you can extract their strengths." She was skating around something, but none of us pressed her since it probably would violate her oaths. "Take a lunar Lycan and get rapid healing, a solar one for immunity to silver, a coyote for his tracking ability," stated Zeke, "or a lynx for their stealth." Phuong nodded curtly. "So why, if this is the reason for their capture, assuming it is capture, would you take a Lunais, three Lupus, and four other lunar Lycans?" "For this ceremonial reason, there is no call to take them. They could have just wandered into a shaman's territory," said Phuong. I shook my head. "Maybe the boys on their mission stumbled, but Gene would have sent word about a territory and ask for permission to enter. Gene wouldn't just walk into another territory without taking precautions." "Then your guess is as good as mine," she said with a shrug. "Once we get to the site, I'll be able to feel any magic strong enough to cover the trail." "Until then, Colton, you need to let us know the moment anything changes." When we stopped that night, we set about for our assigned duties. I was cooking while Quint and Colton set up the camp. We could hear Zeke and Phuong chatting away like old friends while they set up some sort of perimeter. I can honestly say she fit right in with our group. While she had the power and wisdom to lead, she also never tried to usurp a person's place. She knew Colton was the best tracker, knew Quintin would be the best when it came to stealth, knew to listen to Zeke's natural instinct for protection, and she never once tried to take command from me. Even though I would give it up when magic came into play, and she knew that too. We worked well together because we acknowledged each other's strengths and stepped up to help with their weaknesses. Plus she was a sassy bitch, which gave Zeke someone to natter on with about all things gossip. Even Quint would wuff at him when he went too long without a breath. Zeke never took it hard or was even upset when we essentially told him to shut up. Phuong never did. She just accepted it with grace and dignity, even when she mimed shooting herself in the head when his back was turned. It would get grins from us, and I know Zeke knew she was doing it, but...she just fit in so well. The sister none of us had. With dinner out of the way, Quint and I stayed up while the others bunked down for their rest. The small fire we had going wasn't necessary for heat or light, but we let it burn down naturally after it was used for cooking. He and I sat on opposite sides of the fire with our eyes scanning for anything, our noses working to pick up any scent. You seem lost in thought, Creep, thought Quint, bringing my eyes to him briefly. Wanna talk? He knew I wouldn't talk if I didn't want to, and I knew if I felt strongly enough he would not try to pick it out of my head. I sighed softly. Grandpa has given me warnings about Solaris who are forced to shift. It ain't pretty, it ain't calm, and it ain't peaceful. You know what it's like for lunar Lycans, and I seen it's bad for some, but they keep something of their minds. I looked away. We don't. We go full beast mode. Savage. You know what Zeke is like when he's got his temper up in his fur. Quint did too. He'd seen his friendly, lovable, jolly bear go apeshit on his ex Amos. A pissed off polar bear was nothing to turn your back on. Now imagine that without any direction. Just pure rage and thirst for the kill. I could see him mentally shudder. A half-ton polar bear was a lot of fury to contain. Make it a three-quarter ton African Lion. Zeke was big, but I would be bigger. Grandpa said he was close to eighteen hundred pounds when forced to shift, and I was only slightly smaller in muscle but an inch taller. So what are you worried 'bout? Quint asked in my head. Hurting anyone. You know me, Quint. Better than anyone. You know my temper, you know my mind, my heart. Hell, you know my body better than I do. It sounds much creepier than reality, but Quint had come over one evening to work out a minor neck tension before I even realized it was there. Just showed up, turned my shoulders and neck to mush, popped my neck, and left without saying a word or explaining. My fiancée has gotten used to him just popping up, giving me a hug or a cup of coffee, before I even ask or realize I need it. I don't want anyone near me when I lose my shit. I'll be there. I was about to tell him no when he raised his brow. You won't hurt me. You can't. No matter how gone you are, I'll be safe. Quint has been the big brother I always wanted. He's smart, kind, laid back, but he'll tell me when I'm being an ass, has kicked my ass for being overly rude to someone who deserved slightly less sass than I gave them, and held me when I needed a shoulder to cry on when my nightmares get too bad. He has been right every time when it concerns me. Like I said, he knows me better than I do. But how can you know? Because it would be like chopping off your tail. You were just thinking about the time I put you on the ground for being a dick. I felt every pain I gave you. I didn't hurt my knee when I took you down. I hurt yours and I had a limp. I stared in mild shock. We can't hurt each other without feeling it. I couldn't help but chuckle. Serves you right, taking out my knee. Assface. Dick. Jerk. Bitch. Bottom whore. Enchantée, he shot back at me with his dorky Southern grin. It was a normal exchange for us, at least mentally. I couldn't help but grin. But I thought of something else. So, if you experience everything I have... Yup, I know what it felt like last Tuesday in the shower. Next time use a bit more soap, you almost rubbed it raw. He slapped his hand over his mouth to stifle the laugh when he saw my horror. Quint's face was so red from trying not to wake everyone by laughing. Don't worry, I'm kidding. I shot him an evil glare and shook my big fist at him. You used plenty of soap. "I hate you," I said aloud. He just grinned. I'm worried, I continued mentally. Not just about me. All of this is just too much. The boys from Salt Lake Pack going missing, a few members from the smaller packs near us, Gene and the guys. Why's it all happening? Quint leaned over and patted my shoulder, his calm eyes drawing out some of my stresses. When we find them, we'll have our answers. Until then, just focus on the mission. We have men to save. The rest can wait. I nodded. To think I would find my literal soulmate. I mean, I had to lead a pretty lonely life first, but once I met Dad, it has been entirely uphill. Which is fucked up because Ritual Sacrifice was uphill from where my life had been before I got adopted by Dad. Now I got brothers, a fiancée, a steady job, family, friends...I have happiness. Except for magic. That don't make me happy. We forced ourselves to move as quickly as we could without hurting ourselves. The pace Colton set was just over a forced march, and I was glad that Phuong could keep up easily. Zeke was the one who was the slowest, but bears ain't known for speed and endurance, and I wasn't much better off. Neither of us complained, but we shot Phuong some grateful looks when she said she needed a rest. How she knew we were low on energy is still a mystery. Colton and Quintin knew, but as long as we didn't say anything, they would not stop or even slow. The five-day hike took three because of our pace. It was understood that we needed to hurry, but it was my mind that I worried more about. I could feel the solstice coming. Six days. It was constantly nagging the back of my mind, slowly taking it over. When I got too stuck on stupid, Quint would nudge my brain, and I would give him a nod. When we were only a few miles from the place, Phuong stopped us. She looked around, shaking her head. "I have never felt this much power in one place." Her voice was awed and slightly afraid. "At least a dozen shaman covered their traces from this point on. I can follow the magic, but I have the biggest case of the willies." "Is there active magic going on right now?" I asked, which got a shake of her head. "How far does the trail go?" She closed her eyes, and I felt something rush past me. It was like a brisk wind swept to my left. "At least five miles," came her reply from outside her body. Outside her fucking body! The damn wind spoke for her. I watched her body twitch once and her eyes opened. "Another day's hike." Her eyes cut toward Colton. "Find the horse totem with the tails for ornament." Colton, at first, looked at her oddly, but I watched his eyes roll back and his head whipped around to the northeast. He gasped and staggered as his eyes resumed being normal. "Oh fuck that was intense!" His breath caught in his throat as he looked at Phuong. "Three hours away beside a small lake and shrouded by a bluff with six waterfalls. I see the path and the totem clearly. What did you do?" "I...had the wind show you the totem. There was no time to prepare your mind." Phuong looked very apologetic, but it had to be done. "No, I'm not mad. Thank you!" Colton grabbed her up in a big hug. "I see how to use my tracking better now. It's like I had a silky curtain in my way all the time, but the wind just blew it away." He was overjoyed. We all grinned at the biggest smile I had ever seen on him. It was a big doofy grin. "Set down the lady, Colton, and let's get going." Zeke stopped me. "No. Sorry to insist, Prime Enforcer, but we need to stay by the water tonight. It's the safest place." I was more shocked by him calling me by my rank than him stopping me. Quintin's head tilted a bit in confusion, but he nodded. I shook my head to clear the shock and nodded. "As you advise, Zeke. Let's camp for the night." It was only midday, but we set up a camp on a small sandbar next to the water, right where Zeke said. Once it was done, Zeke came over to me looking embarrassed. "Dylan, I..." I clapped him on the shoulder. "Zeke, you're a defender. You say this place is the best, I trust your call. We are a team, each with a specialty. I defer to Quint in tactics, Colton for the tracking, and you when you say it's either safe or not. It's in your blood. Solaris were not given any trait like this. We're guards. We protect our leaders. Outside of that, even Grandpa says we're nothing special." His big Zeke smile came out from behind the cloud of his darker emotions. "Thanks, Dyl. I still worry I may overstep my bounds. You're the higher rank, and I'm still new to the pack." "You do your defender thing. If it's just us out here, let me know your thoughts on our safety. If Dad was here, he might have to ignore it, but I won't." I squeezed his shoulder, and he pulled me into a huge hug. Other than Grandpa, Zeke was the only one in the pack who could lift me that easily. "Alright, you big teddy bear put me down." He did...after shaking me like a ragdoll and plopping me in the sand. We turned when we heard three identical sighs and saw three goofy grins looking at us. I knew that look. It said 'Isn't this lovely?' and all three batted their lashes. "Male bonding," Phuong said with a simpering grin. "Male bondage," said Colton, his grin turning into a sexual leer. "I'll get the popcorn and the cuffs," said Quint, tossing me a quarter. "Loser bottoms," he said as the three jokers turned away. Zeke, ever the quick one, grinned broadly. "I don't see how I lose in this. Top or bottom." I sighed dramatically. "I hate you all."
  9. I found your stories on Lit ages ago and I loved them but you vanished from there, like so many authors have and through something like nine days of sporadic googling I've found you again! I'm so happy to be able to read these stories again! I'm a re-reader... I've read the ones you had posted elsewhere something like 15+ times each and was really upset that they vanished. I'm so very glad you are still writing and I can't wait for the weekend when I've got time enough to sit down and binge read all of it again :D

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      Thanks for following me here. I left Lit after someone stole my works, and since I was here already, I stayed with this one because it is more secure, and generally a better place. You'll find a few stories here I didn't post on Lit because they're not erotica. Enjoy, and thanks for sticking with me.

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    faun In forest

    Thanks, SolarMaxx!
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    Heading Out

    They are not mates, but they are in love. If they met their mates, it would throw a huge wrench in the works, but I will say that Dyl and Heather will not, and as many authors have done before me, once they marry and consummate, they will imprint and be mated.
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    Heading Out

    C'Mon, if you've read any of my other works, the sass is real. Keeping mood too down for too long is not my style.
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    Drums of War

    Members of several packs have gone missing, and most important to Dylan Davenport, the Enforcer from Homestead, his beloved mentor, Gene. What has become of them?
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    Heading Out

    Growing up in the foster system was what gave me the ability to say 'fuck it' and just deal with it. I mean, can you imagine how it would feel to think you have a home, at last, only to be returned to the orphanage because you had a 'quirky attitude' and 'never talks.' It's like the ultimate relationship dump. "Hi, we're your new parents...NOT!" It fucking blew. Okay, so I didn't make it easy. I was quiet, but when the first parent you remember told you to never talk, especially about your problems, you tend to learn the lesson. The backhands to the face usually set the behavior in stone. And yes, I was and still am quirky. Most guys liked sports, girls or guys, or some hobby like fishing or music. I like art and Lycanthropes. Did Jimmy down the street get called a freak because he played baseball? Nope. Did little Monica next door get yelled at because she liked fairy tales with improbably happy endings? Uh uh. Did my foster brother Tyce get sent away because he liked girls and jacking off while peeping in windows? Okay, yes, they gave him five years in prison, but come on. His dad could at least understand that little 'quirk.' No one seemed to understand my obsession with anything werewolf. Team Jacob all the way. I knew they existed, the mailman in my third foster home was one I was sure of it. I dreamed of them, wrote fanfics and other stories of them, read everything I could about them. I drew them. My passion has always been bringing them out of my head and onto paper. Yet no one, it seemed, cared that I was a decent sketch artist because all they saw was werewolf this and werewolf that. That is until I met my dad. Having just had Lycans proven as real, four of them had eaten my foster family, I was thrust back into the system. I'd been with the Parkers for two years, the longest ever. Maybe they weren't the most loving, but they kept me. Until they got eaten. So, I'm being stalked, and this mondo huge Lycan – damn surfer lingo, it's more infectious than the plague – just swoops in and puts me in a tree and saves me from being dessert. He fights off the bad ones, and then a group of Lunais Lycans, the bipedal kind, not the quadruped Lupus kind, comes and captures the four that ate my family. Dad, whose name is Jon Davenport, saved my life, kept me until the court date to find where I was to go, and then adopted me. He knew about my obsession with Lycans, seemed to love my art, and gave me more love than all my other fosters combined. Pat, my dad's mate/boyfriend-now-husband, was also a really cool guy. So, there I was in a family of Lycans, the total embodiment of my dreams. Then some douche tried to sacrifice me because I was a born Solaris Lycan. Shocked my teenage ass to find out. My grandpa, Jon's own foster dad, turned out to be my bio-gramps and was also a Solaris. So all my strangeness, all the times I knew someone was a Lycan, was now explained. Takes one to know one. Because I was a Solaris going through puberty, my power could be stolen by cutting out my heart. Fun times there. Still have the scar, but I'm alive thanks to Dad, Pat, and Grandpa barging in and killing my sacrificers and thus saving my teenage ass once again. So yeah, I was used to shit happening, but it all seemed to turn out okay in the end. Not this time. Dad had gotten a call from some of the hunters for our pack, one I was glad I did not get directly. I was in the room and it was bad enough just seeing his shoulders sag and smelling him fill with sorrow. "I understand. I'll...I'll notify his next of kin." His voice was hollow sounding and a tone I had only heard once when he found out someone had died on a mission. When he hung up, Dad turned to me. "Dylan," not good if he's using my full first name, "call a meeting. I want all of our senior hunters here within the hour. No excuses." "Yes, sir," I said, using the word I rarely ever used. I got out my phone while Dad placed a call. I was sending out a pack-wide text alert which would let everyone know that a meeting was being called and when. "Tanya, it's Jon from Homestead. I'm...not doing well at all. I'm calling to let you know Gene has gone missing up in Canada, along with three of our trackers." I dropped my phone. Gene? Missing? No, he was a crafty old wolf. I wiped at my eyes and hoped he was simply off the radar again. Not with three other trackers around, I chided myself for being childish. I walked out of the room, my dad sending me a worried glance. Gene was like a surrogate uncle to me. He was kind, gentle, full of life and mischief, with a never-ending supply of stories to teach the next generations of Lycans. He was crafty, sly, deadly, and one wolf I would never want to tangle with because, as big and strong as I am, he could take me down in seconds. As I was stumbling out of the camp's office, Quint and his mate Zeke came running over. "We'll get them back," Quint said. Zeke was on the phone with no need for me to ask who was on the other line. Quint and I had this synergy thing going. We could read each other's thoughts and emotions. The closer we were, the stronger it got. Since he had been only a hundred yards away, he knew the moment I felt my heart clench and came running. "I know. When is Colton getting here?" I asked Zeke as he hung up. "Twenty minutes," said Zeke, just as worried as Quint and I. "Good. We'll need him." Colton, my surrogate brother, was the best tracker in the pack. If anyone could find Gene, it would be him. People were flocking in, canceling plans for the day because their Alpha had called an emergency meeting of the senior pack members. I, as the Prime Enforcer, had to attend, but Quintin, Zeke, and Colton were not obligated. They came out of loyalty to me and to Gene. Colton jogged over with a dorky sort of grace. One part jock and three parts gamer dweeb. Loved the guy. Blondish hair, some baby fat still in his cheeks he tried to cover with that scraggly beard, jock build. "He's alive," was what he said. I blinked. "Don't ask me how I know, I just do." "And people say I'm creepy," I shot. "You are, Creep," Quintin shot back. My Uncle Dean and his mate Kao, the Betas of the Pack, came marching over looking serious, which only made it worse. It was an hour's drive for them to get here. Kao could do the Old Stone Face routine with ease, but Uncle Dean mostly has a smile on his face. If they were both looking grim, then the shit had hit the fan. Dad, the Alpha of the Homestead Lycan Pack, stood with his posture straight, and I could smell his dark mood. "We have a situation." Not even a greeting. "Three of our trackers plus our allies from Salt Lake City Pack, Eerie Shores Pack, and East Coast Pack representatives have gone missing. They have not made their weekly reports." A general murmur that ran through the crowd. "I've placed a call to Councilman Andrews, and he will be bringing this to the attention of the Lycan Council." Hearing that made me feel a bit better. Councilman Andrews, better known as my Papa Travis, was the former Alpha of the East Coast Pack, Beta for Homestead Pack, and now a member of the Council. He respected Gene greatly. He would get things done. Dad went on. "I will be flying out to Washington DC to meet with the Council today. My Pop will be in charge. Dean and Kao will be heading to California to enlist the aid of Cali Sands and then to Oregon to see if the Rogue Valley Flock will send us a few hunters for aerial recon." Something told me Dean and Kao had some other reason to head to Cali Sands as Dad could just phone for help and Alpha Kirkland would give what aid she could. "Dylan?" "Yes, sir?" I asked, bringing my brain back to the meeting. "You will be taking your squad along Gene's trail. Be ready by tomorrow noon." His voice was neutral, but I knew he was worried. He always worried about me. He worried like I wasn't over seven feet tall and close to four hundred pounds of muscle...and love handles my fiancée loves to tweak. I nodded. I looked at Zeke, Quint, and Colton. These were my squadmates. We had been training together for almost a year. I was the heavy hitter, Zeke the defender, Quint the stealth expert, and Colton for tracking and speed. It didn't hurt that we had trained under Gene, and we knew his mind well enough. I got three nods back. It was time to go get our family back. * * * I was getting my back frame packed with the essential gear for camping and tracking. I knew we could be gone close to two weeks if all goes well. If not, who knows. Heather, my fiancée, was helping with a slight worry scent. She knew Gene as well as I did, maybe even better, as she had grown up in the same pack as him. "I worry," she said softly. "I know. Honestly, so am I. I mean, it's Gene." She knew what I meant. Gene was a constant, a steady rock of dependability. He had lived through fifty years as a Hunter with the ECP, only retiring from the ranks to take up a liaison position between Lupus and Lunais. There was nothing he couldn't handle. Until now. "Yeah. You need to watch your back. I know you'll have the guys with you, but I want my fiancé to come home so we can get married, say 'screw you' to customs older than time, and have little freakazoid babies." I looked to see her grinning. Gods, how I loved this woman. She was right. Our kids would be freaks. No telling what type of kids a Solaris Lion and a Canis Lunais would have. Hell, even if we have a girl who grows to have my height, she would be a freakazoid. I shook my head and pulled her off her feet and into my arms. Being over a foot and a half taller, it was easy. "You know I love you, right?" She threw her arms around me and kissed me. "Have since you were thirteen and I brought over Disney movies." Her voice was soft with the glow of the memories. "Yeah," I sighed with the biggest grin on my face. That seemed so long ago. Our kiss deepened, but I had to set her down lest we break the one rule she had: No sex before marriage...dammit. "I have to get going." She nodded and I picked her back up for a kiss that I hoped would tide her over until I returned. By the moan she let out, I succeeded. I trotted out to the bonfire pit to see the squad already assembled, plus one person I didn't expect to see. She was petite, lovely, and grinning at me as I came over. "Great, yet another person to block my view of the clouds." I missed this feisty gal. "Phuong, glad to have you with us." She was Kao's older sister and the future Wind Master of the Rogue Valley Flock from Oregon. She also had some scary powers that I knew would help. "Kao told me you needed aerial eyes since he and Dean were in California to check on Victoria." She had her own backpack, stocked much the same as ours, but it was a pale gray-blue. "I hope this won't be an inconvenience for the Flock," I said diplomatically. She rolled her eyes. "Hey, when my Little Bird tells me to get my feathers over here, I come flying. As it is, Father, in his wisdom, told me I should get the experience outside the skies of Oregon. He's not happy – like he ever is – but he knows that being allied with Homestead is a very good thing for the Flock. Not even considering my brother is your Beta." "You remind me of Feathers when he's feeling sassy," Zeke said with a big grin. Kao outwardly tolerated that nickname, although he secretly loved it. "Where do you think he learned it, Ru Paul's Drag Race?" she asked with a grin. "You'll fit right in," Quintin said with a shake of his head. "I do need to ask about your personal honor. Will someone be coming along to make sure us boys don't get uppity?" Even I was impressed he had thought about it. She shook her head. "When I heard I would be traveling with a mated couple, one soon to be married, and one cute-but-gay coyote, I told them to stay home. I am in no danger...but if you guys try anything, I will toss you into the air and watch you drop." And she could. Phuong Saechao was some sort of shaman and could control wind and weather magics. Tornados would be a big deterrent to anyone. "But I thank you for your consideration, Quintin Marshal. It shows the honor Homestead Pack is known for." We were known for honor? Huh. Here I thought we were known for having multiple alphas, all three Lycan types, and one of the few openly gay leaders. Quintin read my thoughts and snickered. What? Like you didn't think it too, I thought to him. By the blank look on his face, he had. Aloud I said, "Anyone else in this little hunting party? Nope? Then let's get going." We jogged over to the van that would take us to the airport and over into Canada and our northernmost border. "Division of duties. Camp location, set up, and breakdown will be Colton and Quint." They nodded. "Zeke and Phuong will set up a perimeter each night. I will cook," which made Phuong raise a brow. "He's actually a good cook," said Colton in my defense. Her smirk made us grin. "Watch will be in pairs. Colt and Zeke, me and Quint, and whoever feels up to it with Phuong." "Why not Quint and Zeke?" Phuong asked me. "They'd be fucking all night and not get any watching done," I said simply, which made her cackle with glee because they nodded. "As it is, I might have to stop Colton from sitting in Zeke's lap." "Polyamorous?" she asked Quint with a tilt of her head. "Permission," he replied simply. "Gotcha," she said with a nod. I didn't bring up the fact that Quint had permission to dally with me. I knew it was very unlikely to happen, I was a virgin and planned to stay that way until my wedding night. I was also straight as a laser beam, but even laser beams get curious. I felt my face heating up a bit as Quintin, the annoying shit that he can be, sent mental pictures of him and me naked in the lake last week. Just swimming, but he made the overtones sexual. "You...are...evil," I growled, but I wasn't upset, just embarrassed. Damn, I needed to get this done with and get home to my fiancée so we can get married. "I am?" asked Phuong, to which we all laughed. When I told her about the links we four shared, her face became sober. "I...envy that." And she would say no more on the subject.
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    I've already started the fourth book, and yes, the missing members will be dealt with.

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