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  1. Epilogue

    Eprologue sounds like some medication to treat constipation. "Feeling stopped up? Try eprologue."
  2. Epilogue

    It had been a month since Dean and Kao officially took their place as the Beta Pair. Their new home was a homey three bed, two bath house with a huge backyard that sat on the shore of a nice sized lake. It was about an hour from the camp. Close enough to get to and from each day, but far enough away to where they didn't have to be part of the hustle and bustle that always seemed to happen there. Both had jobs which more than paid for the gas, house, and all the little things. Kao was hired as a guidance counselor for the nearby high school, as well as teaching foreign languages. He loved being with the kids, helping them through the dangerous and often emotional hell that was high school. His role also had him serving as the staff member for the Friends Across Boundaries group, the school's gay/straight alliance club. His stance was there was no boundary too large to overcome. Had most of the students known their advisor was a hawk three nights out of the month who was mated to a straight man, they might have believed him a bit more. As it was, Kao was a very welcome addition to the faculty, young as he was. Dean worked at several companies around the state. He, once again, was the Heavy. He was the head of many of the review boards for Jon's companies, having had ten years of experience in saying "You're fired." Since he did not work directly with any one company, he could only judge each case based on the reports given. He often tossed the faceless spreadsheets into the trash and met with each company to find out what they felt was needed for the company to prosper. Often he agreed. Every so often, he told the higher-ups to fuck off and did as he felt was right based on performance and not preference. They had their duties as Betas as well. Jon often included them in conference calls for any reason from a small pack dispute to deciding who left the toilet seat down last night and made a mess. A normal phone call was able to be ignored should the two be busy, which they often were after seven at night. A Skype call was official, usually preceded by as much warning as possible via text to let them know how official. One such call came in at 2 am. Dean growled at the phone since there was no text to warn him. "Sorry to wake you, guys, but we have a problem. You need to get to the camp. Now."
  3. Home to Roost

    Dean and Kao were more than ready to get out of the car by the time they pulled up to the house. It was everything they had heard about and more. It screamed 'country home' with every aspect. The decor, the picket fence, the smell of fresh bread just come out of the oven, big and burly lumberjack chopping wood in the back. Kao was grinning. "What's so funny, Kao?" asked Dean. "You're used to giants." Kao watched as Jessup Whitebear stopped his chopping and looked over with a raised hand. Brigit Whitebear came out drying her hands on a towel and the biggest smile lit her lovely face. "Well, well. Looks like a couple of lovebirds have come to roost for a bit. Dean, Kao, welcome to the Lone Wolf." She came over and gave them big hugs...only made bigger because she stood even taller than Dean. "What brings you this way?" She was already ushering them into the Wolf and into the kitchen where she dished up a few slices of cherry pie. "We're on our way to Montana and our official place in the pack, but had to make a bit of a detour and come see you and the place a mountain was born." Kao could not deny the look of loving pride Brigit had in her eyes. He knew both parents were so proud of their son who was not only mated, but a prominent Hunter for Homestead. "Also to bring tidings. Tiffany sends her love." "You stopped off in Salt Lake?" Her face lost some of the smile. "Have they found their lost ones yet?" "Not yet, but SLCP and Homestead are now allied to locate them and several others." Dean had no qualms about stuffing his face with the pie. It was, by far, the best cherry pie he had ever tasted. "With Colton on the trail, they'll be found one way or another. Which means your not-so-little mountain will be going along." "Then they'll be found. Only better pair are Quint and Dylan. So, how long are you boys staying?" "The night, maybe two. We have some wiggle room since we left with two days of free time." Kao was savoring the bites of pie since homemade was not a normal word for him. "Good. Been too quiet around here lately. After you've rested a bit, Dean, Jess could use a hand raising a few beams for a small addition. We're building a sauna out back." "No problem, Brigit." They both knew that the Lone Wolf never charged their guests money. All they asked for was a bit of help around the place. Kitchen dishes, wood chopped, maybe run for groceries. Anything that helped out around the Wolf or the small town near it. After a drink of water and some small talk, Dean went out back with Jessup and Kao stayed with Brig. "I see you two completed the mating," she said with a smile. "Yeah. With everything finally settled enough, we...or rather he, decided we were ready. This is kind of our mating-honeymoon trip." "Then you and I are going to make a big dinner to celebrate. And thank you for stopping in and sharing it with us." She gave a big mama bear hug to the lad, and they got to work on the meal. It would be one after which their mates would have to roll out of the room having eaten so much. "So, tell me everything you can about yourself. Then I can give you all the dirt on Zeke as I know he's going to tease you." Kao laughed. "I knew I was going to like you a lot." He proceeded to tell her about him. He covered the main things everyone would be privy to, his birth and training to be a Mediator, his schooling. Mostly, he talked of the stresses of growing up how he had. She listened while he told her far more than even Dean probably knew. Things only a mother could be told. How he hated his brother, how his brother would push him around, often physically. Kao spoke of how much he missed his mother, but of how Phuong had been there as sister and mother. He wiped away a tear but a smile was on his face. "She really is amazing. It's no wonder it falls to her to be the next Wind Master. Kai would've been a very poor choice. I would never have been able to keep the flock together. I'm too nice, too submissive. Phuong...she's strong in both mind and soul. She will lead the Flock into a more current era while honoring the past." Brig only nodded. "I can't wait to meet her." With a gentle one-armed hug, careful to keep her dough covered hand off him, Brigit pulled him closer. "I believe you wouldn't have done so bad. You may not have the strength of presence your father has or the depth of feeling of your mother, but you are Kao. To try to be them is only going to destroy the you that you are meant to be. To learn from them, and to strive to be the best person you can, is how you choose to live. I can see it in you, Alpha Davenport sees it, and I know that hunky shirtless man out there sees it." They both looked at their shirtless men. A more stunning pair would be difficult to find. "You, Kao, will be a good Beta for Homestead, and an even better mate for Dean." She tightened her hug a bit. "And if you ever need some mothering, you know where I am. From here on out, you are one of my boys as much as Quint and Zeke." "Yes, ma'am," said Kao with a sniffle. "Now...Zeke." After that, it was all gossip and embarrassing stories about her strapping son. His first word, which was "pizza", his first love, which was his childhood sweetheart Ian who used to ride on his back during full moon nights. "That still surprises me. Humans who know about Lycans." "It works out surprisingly well. Why, there is a she-wolf married to her human man two doors down. Never turned him, never felt the lack, and they have four children. Three boy pups and a beautiful little girl." The way she said it told Kao the girl was human. She chuckled. "The boys, triplets, miss Zeke an awful lot. He was a big brother to them. They're fourteen now, just had their first changes, and they worry too much about their strength when playing football with their dad." "I bet. Do they limit themselves in sports?" "All three love football and soccer, but they're all on the swim team. No big advantage to being a Lycan in that sport save for maybe endurance. They have their fun." Dean and Jessup were putting up the 'few' beams for the new sauna. Chat flowed easily between them. "That's a fine young man you have there," Jessup said. "Yes, he is," said Dean with a bit of a blush. "Still find it amazing to be with a man, being a straight man?" "You have no idea," chortled Dean. "Oh, I do. Save for Brig, I'm not a ladies man." "So it runs in the family." Dean was truly surprised. Jessup, big, burly, mountain man, lumberjack of a man was gay. "It does. My uncle is, I am, my son, my other uncle's girl. All the firstborns in my family swing both ways or play for the same team." Dean nodded. It was something to prove it had a genetic component. "Means nothing when you smell your mate though," he said with surety. Jessup chuckled. "Shocked all the family, me especially. A lot of bad feelings when I had to break up with my boy...for his cousin." Jessup's face was tinged pink. Dean couldn't help but laugh. That was a bad way to break up. "Is he okay with it now?" "Mostly. He's married to a lawyer down in Texas. Good man, better for him than I ever could be. He still calls me whenever he has issues. I guess I'm still That Friend." His tone was mixed, as was his scent. He still loved him as a friend, but there were probably some subjects he didn't want to know about. "That's tough. I'm just glad my lady love took it well. She and Kao are going to be good friends, which makes it easier for me." Jessup's grunt was eloquent. "I still love her, but it's not meant to be. So, does Zeke know about you?" "When he came out, I told him I knew he would be and why. Point of advice: if you ever have a gay son or lesbian daughter, never take them to 'check out' the area's scene." Dean died laughing, almost dropping the hammer on his foot. He could just imagine chatty Zeke pointing out the hot guys, commenting on their butts or other body parts, dissecting their attributes, and Jessup hanging his head in shame and embarrassment. Dinner was being brought to the table while Dean and Jessup took their showers. The heavenly aromas filled the house, and when the men, dressed in simple clothes, walked into the dining room to see a gourmet meal, their jaws dropped. The side table was covered in food. The center of the table had a scrumptious arrangement of Vietnamese foods from bamboo shoots and a chicken stew to spring rolls and moc, which was a meatball dish. Also, a chicken pho was served beside a dish Dean had never seen but wanted to try lots of. There was also a delicious mix of comfort foods. Shepard's Pie, meatloaf, and so many desserts the two men would be sick...and loving it. When they entered, both Kao and Brig gave a small bow. "Dinner is served, my mate," said Kao with such love in his eyes. "Have a seat, my heart," said Brig whose smile was warm and inviting. After sitting, Dean just looked at it. "Okay...I'm going out on a limb here. This wouldn't be a mating feast for us, would it? In a semi-traditional Vietnamese style?" He looked at Kao who nodded. "The two of you should open a restaurant. All this in three hours?" "When Kao told me you were newly mated, and I realized you hadn't really had a ceremony for it, I wanted to celebrate," Brigit said, with a firm nod from Jess. "Tuck in...before Jess eats it all." Dish after dish was served together. Sweet and savory. All of it lovingly made by Kao and Brigit. After only a few bites, Jessup paid Kao one of the highest compliments. "Brig, my dearest...get his recipes." Kao flushed at the praise. He could cook, mostly to the tastes of his heritage, but few had ever asked to get the recipes. In fact, Jessup was the first. "You like it that much? I know Dean does, he hasn't stopped shoveling." Kao's snarky comment tried to hide his obvious pleasure. "Kao, Jessup has only asked for one other cook's recipes, and that was my mother's trout bake. He's the pickiest eater I have met." The large man nodded in agreement. "Oh, he'll eat it, but if he gets seconds, he likes it." She beamed a smile at her mate. She had cooked a lot of his favorites just in case he hadn't liked it. Since he finished what the others hadn't eaten, it was safe to say Jessup loved it. * * * The days at the Wolf were wonderful for them. Simple work, simple living, wonderful family times. Kao had taken to calling their hostess "Mama Brig" which delighted her to no end. Dean let himself be adopted as an honorary brother to Jessup since he was only a handful of years younger than both and would not be a son. The triplets had come over to be introduced. "When you see Big Bro, tell him to come back. We need someone we can tackle and not worry about killing." Dean nodded. "Why not play with Jess?" "We want to have a chance of winning. We just bounce off him if we try to tackle him." "Try the tic-tackle." When they looked clueless, Dean demonstrated. He launched himself at Jessup who placed one foot back to brace himself. Dean was no gangly teen. When Dean impacted, he began tickling Jessup whose face lit up in shock and he began to squirm as Dean bore him to the ground. "Flag on the play!" Jessup called out and tried to catch Dean's faster hands. He couldn't, so he just tossed Dean bodily fifteen feet away. Dean landed on his feet as if touching down after a flight. The triplets took his place, much to Jessup's torture and Brig's delight. Kao leaned into her asking, "Ever miss not having more?" She smiled, and looked down at her midsection, and then looked at Kao. "No..." She nodded. He gave her a big hug and whispered, "Have you told him yet?" With the roaring laughter and noise from the playing, no one could hear the two talking. "I wasn't sure until yesterday. I'm hoping for a girl this time." Her small smile said she would love either, but she wanted a daughter. Kao hugged her again. After tearful farewells, they were back on the road to Montana. Pat had sent the address and it took another full day of driving, but they got to the camp as the sun was setting. The entire pack, or at least those who could make it on such short notice, was lining the country road leading to the camp with Jon, Pat, and Dylan standing there with the biggest grins on their faces. Alan and Travis stood to one side with Heather, Dylan's fiancee. Dean had been told there would be a small ceremony as Travis stepped down as Acting Beta and they took up the mantle. It started as soon as they got out of the car and halted in front of Mr. Andrews. "Travis Andrews, Acting Beta for the Homestead Pack, you are hereby relieved of your duties as Beta. Homestead thanks you for your years of service and guidance as you move on to take your place among the Council of Lycans for the northern packs of the USA." Dean had to say it, for whatever reason. Kao didn't tell him why. "It has been an honor and privilege to serve, Beta Whitmore-Saechao. You are to carry on in my place alongside your mate. To guide and advise the Alpha, to lead the pack in his stead, and to mediate disputes between members of this and other packs should you be called upon. Do you, Kao Whitmore-Saechao, and you, Dean Whitmore-Saechao, take up this mantle of authority?" "We do," they said together. Travis turned to Jon with the biggest smile on his face and a tear in his eye. "Alpha, I stand down as your Beta in the full knowledge that these two men will serve you as well or better than I. Do you accept my resignation and their promotion?" "I do accept." Jon's part was easy. At least his words. He pulled Travis into a fierce embrace. "We will all miss you, Travis. You will always have a home with us. Now go give those stuffy council asshats a good shakeup." Travis laughed and stepped back. Jon stepped forward. "Homestead pack, your Betas have come home to roost." A collective cheer went up as the mates were embraced and welcomed. Home to roost, indeed.
  4. A New Step

    With nothing else pressing, and with Dean finally off the hook as far as his former job, the duo left for the drive north. The moving truck would be heading out in two days, which gave the boys some wiggle room for sightseeing and being alone with each other. Planning the route was only made difficult by having to set a travel plan with all the packlands they would go through. Most of them were small and didn't care if the duo stuck to the highway. One even invited them to have a meal with the Alpha pair and their Betas. Kao had gotten the call for that one when they were just leaving Nevada and crossing into Utah. He answered, saying "Kao Whitmore-Saechao," which brought a HUGE grin to Dean's face. "Beta Whitmore-Saechao, this is Beta Levi Hawkins of the Salt Lake Pack." The voice was light, sweet, and Kao knew instantly that a "Good Mormon Boy" was on the other side of the line. How this would go was beyond Kao. "How has the drive been so far?" "Beta Hawkins, the drive has been superb. No rain, no traffic, no construction." Kao kept his tone light, but he felt a bit wary. He had met two kinds of Mormons at BYU: The Live and Let Live and the Other Type. "Wonderful. Alpha Perkins has asked me to invite you and your mate to join us for a meal when you come through Salt Lake City. To put your fears at ease, you will not be persecuted for being gay. Neither the Alpha nor Beta pairs will tolerate such bigotry. If I may be so informal, my little brother is finding it very hard to transition from male to female since we don't respond to human hormone treatments." There was a soft chuckle. "I have to catch myself to remember pronouns. HER name is Melody." Kao was open-mouthed with surprise but quickly recovered. "Please, let's be informal. I had enough of the Elder this and Elder that when I went to BYU. I can't imagine trying to transition as a Lycan." Kao grinned at Dean's amazed look. "But sure. Dean and I would love to share a meal with you and your Alphas. We should be near there around 8 pm. Is that too late? We could have breakfast before we head out in the morning." Since the Beta had contacted them to say they were sharing a meal, it was safe to say they would have full permissions to spend the night. "Since Alpha Mate Tiffany doesn't get off work until six, I think that would be great. I will warn you that Alpha Perkins will be trying to talk shop. We've been trying to get alliance talks with Homestead for a few months, but Acting Beta Andrews advised against anything until you guys were ready to move. Solidarity in the hierarchy and all." Levi's tone was understanding and a bit frustrated. There was something going on that made it to where Salt Lake needed access to Homestead lands or resources. "While I cannot give a guarantee on an agreement, I know Dean and I will make time to listen to Alpha Perkins. This way we can bring direct information to Alpha Davenport on the needs of Salt Lake." There was a slight exhale on the other end. It told Kao he had said the right thing. "Thanks, Kao. Really, it will mean the world to us if we can at least negotiate a non-hostility treaty. But I will leave that part to Alpha Perkins. I will text you the address and we'll see you around 8 pm." "Perfect. See you then, Levi." Dean glanced over with a serious expression on his face as Kao hung up. "That does not sound good at all." "I know. My first impression is they need access to our territory or something we have, and it's vital. Something personal, I'm guessing, by the tone Levi used." Kao sat back and looked down at the phone when the text came in. "How big is the Salt Lake Pack?" Dean asked as he switched lanes, flipped off the slow driver, and went the actual speed limit. "Big enough to be a threat to most of the small packs in the area combined. Maybe on par with Homestead or Cali Sands." That was a sizable pack. "So pretty much, if they want a non-hostility treaty, they face the threat of violence from some other power. What could threaten them?" "Any other pack. Cali Sands is too far to be a problem, the local packs to small unless they joined up to take down Salt Lake." Kao thought for a moment. "The Adobe Pueblo would be a problem if they were not already allied with Salt Lake." "Would the ECP be a problem?" Dean asked. He had heard enough problems coming out of that pack. "Only just. They don't share borders, but if Alpha McLeod decided to expand rapidly, he could absorb or eliminate any pack between ECP and Salt Lake." Dean nodded. "Too much work for Angus." His brow creased in thought. "What's north? Into Canada?" "Small packs, but not much else. Why?" "Something the Little Dude told me about a hiking trip into Canada. I think Homestead expanded to cover the border and beyond." Kao nodded. "They did recently bring in a small pack of six without an alpha. They held a large territory for such a small group. About the size of Rhode Island." That was large enough for a pack of two hundred. Dean pressed the call button on his steering wheel. "Hey, Uncle Dean." "Little Dude, your dad or Pat free to talk shop?" "They're dealing with an issue in North Dakota. Papa Travis and Grandpa are here though." "Can you get them both?" Dean had a germ of an idea. He heard Dylan bellow for them and in a moment he heard Travis and Alan come into the office. "Travis, Alan, it's Dean." "Problems on the road?" asked Alan. "Not with our drive. We're passing through Salt Lake tonight..." Dean began Travis cut him off. "Remus is going to be talking about the treaty." It was not a question. "Got it in one. Now, with a safe buffer between his pack and anything large enough to threaten it without warning, why would he need a bare minimum of a non-hostility treaty with us?" "He's going north. Some of his people have gone missing, as have some of a few from smaller packs near ours. Which is why Jon and Pat are in North Dakota talking with a few trackers and Gene. If Salt Lake makes a bold move north, it could leave his pack at half strength and open to threats, or it could lead to fighting with the packs up in Canada, which consist mostly of Solaris and other solitary types." It made sense to Dean and Kao now. "So he wants either a few of Homestead to guard his lands, join so he doesn't have to send more troops, or not try for a sneak attack while he's away and we can hammer and anvil him." Dean could see why time was a factor here. They could already be dead, but Salt Lake was holding onto hope. Faith is such a fickle thing at the best of times. "Exactly," said Alan. "As Acting Alpha, I authorize you to make a decision concerning Salt Lake. Jon trusts the pair of you, shifty blighters that you are," there was an obvious joking tone in his voice, "and you've grasped the situation quickly. In other words, it's your call and the Alpha Pair and Designates will support your decision." "First really big task and you need a scapegoat. Gotcha." Kao got a chuckle from the other side of the line. "We'll touch base with you if anything seems questionable." Dean cut the line after some small talk and they continued their drive, stopping off for fuel and some travel junk food. So many new smells, so many new faces, and more than one were Lycan. It wasn't so much the Lycans that bothered Dean as it was the general...niceness. So many smiles, waves, held doors, polite children... When had he crossed over into the Twilight Zone? He was used to big cities, rudeness, callow disregard, apathy. This was all new territory, and he was nervous because none of it was fake. "Yes, they really are this nice," Kao said to his mate with a grin. "It's not natural. Humans are selfish and myopic. Do I smell as nervous as I feel?" Kao just laughed and nodded. "Hope no one finds it offensive." "One look at your license plates and all is understood." Kao's grin was huge. Dean's custom frame around the plates read "HORN BROKEN – WATCH FOR FINGER" which was all anyone needed to know. "Wonder if any of the locals are calling about 'new people' in the area," Dean mused. "Yes," came a soft reply from behind, and Dean jumped, his pupils contracting to pinpoints, "those in charge have been told." The speaker was tall...very tall...and lean like a swimmer, with long jet black hair, tawny skin, and merry green eyes. Lycan, but a type Dean did not know very well. There was something very feminine about this undeniably beautiful young man. "You must be Dean and Kao. I'm Melody." "Levi's sister," Dean said with a grin. Those two words won a huge grin from Melody and an honest flush of pleasure scent. "Not used to that reaction, or lack thereof, are you?" She shook her head. "I'm from California. You're not the first trans I have met." When she took Dean's offered hand, he bent over to give it a courtly kiss. Kao could not smother his giggle at Melody's scarlet blush. He felt no threat or jealousy as he had seen Dean do the same with many other women. It was just an old custom he found to his liking. The ladies were not opposed, either. "I...uh...have been asked to lead you through security at the estate." Melody cleared her throat to try and sound official, but there was no hiding that giddiness. No one did that hand kiss thing to her, so it was a very unexpected pleasure. "Lead on then," said Kao with a smile. An hour later they were pulling into the drive of a stately Victorian home. Security had been no problem. Even without Melody there, they would have found it welcoming as the guards had photos of them in the guard house. Waiting on the steps were two small families. "Welcome to Salt Lake City, Betas Whitmore-Saechao. I am Alpha Remus Perkins." Remus was a Southern born-and-bred gentleman right out of Gone with the Wind. Although that era would not have had black gentry. "My mate Tiffany," he said with a twinkling smile to the very tall and stunning blonde, "and our two pests, Sarah and Rogan." The two children, Sarah being the elder, were a beautiful combination of their mixed parents. Caramel skin, light eyes, statuesque even in the gangliness of youth. "And my beta, Levi, to whom you spoke earlier." There were handshakes all around, with a big welcoming hug for Melody from everyone. Yup, no bigotry here. Very refreshing, but slightly more understandable with the mixed marriage. As they were walking into the house so Dean and Kao could wash the travel dirt off themselves, Kao overheard Sarah's whisper to Melody. "He is fiiiiine." Which made Melody chuckle. "Which one?" "Yes," was Sarah's remark. The interior of the house was tastefully done and Dean did not feel like he was in a museum. It felt lived in and cherished. It was a home, not a showpiece. "Did you know we are fiiiiine?" asked Kao, putting the same amount of I's in the word as Sarah had. They were washing their hands and faces with the provided towels and sinks. "Let me guess: another teenie-bopper crush," Dean grinned. Not the first time. "I think I'm only a few years younger than Alpha Perkins." "Two years," said Kao with a grin. He knew quite a bit about the various packs across the US. "I so do not need a teen girl crush. I'm old enough to be her dad." It was still flattering. "What's twenty years?" Kao asked with a laugh, ducking as Dean tossed the towel toward him. Their own age difference was not a factor, but this was pushing it. "It's twenty-five...as in twenty-five to life." That got a chuckle from just outside the open door of the bathroom. Alpha Mate Tiffany Perkins stood there with an open grin on her face. "Don't worry about her. She crushes on every gay guy she meets. That way her dad won't realize one of them MIGHT be straight and get 'The Talk' from him." Dean laughed. "I'd be doing the same. Save my daughter from guys like me." That got a humorously raised brow. "Hey, I'll admit, until a few years ago my biggest sin was fornication. Never lied about it, never will. Next would be pride, but when you look this good..." He struck an absolutely fake pose. Both knew he was just playing the fool, but it was his reaction to this situation that Kao was noting. Dean was not worried and would handle business when it came. Until then, be relaxed. Tiffany looked at Kao with a smirk. "He always like this?" The phrasing and lack of poise told both Dean and Kao that Tiffany was not brought up Mormon. Something about it struck something within Dean. She seemed familiar...something in her smirk. "Usually, but I've almost got him potty trained." "Yup, only missed twice last week." That sent Tiffany into a fit of laughter and Kao into a fit of blushing. Dean pulled Kao in for a smooch, not feeling the least bit self-conscious or wary. Relax, dude, we won't get tarred and re-feathered here. Kao got the message and shook off the first reaction of shock and caution. Tiffany caught it. "Beta Whitmore-Saechao, I speak now as Alpha Mate of the Salt Lake City Pack. I will not suffer any to be persecuted or mistreated due to matters of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or former and current pack relations. You are free to express your love for your mate any way you deem fit without fear. Should anyone in this pack act differently, notify me and I shall remind them of my edict as Alpha Mate." Her phrasing told them both she was responsible for the open nature of the pack. Perhaps Alpha Perkins was more ambivalent or less opinionated and supported his mate's passion for the subject. "I thank you for your words, Alpha Mate Perkins. It is difficult to act so openly when it has ever been my way to hide it." She took his hand with a soft smile. "You are mated to a strong-willed and charismatic man. You are Beta to one of the largest packs in the Americas. My advice to you is to go forward with your head up and proud. Not only do you represent your pack, you represent your mate. Both hold you in very high esteem." Kao bowed his head with a smile of his own. It would take a long time to get used to being treated as if he mattered. Dean looked at Tiffany and nodded. "Your sister is Brigit Whitebear," he said so certainly. Tiffany nodded. "Half sister. Same father...and mothers." It made sense to Dean now. Strong opinion about same-sex couples, her mothers brought in a surrogate to have kids, one for each mother if not more. "So, when you get back to Homestead, tell that mountain of a nephew of mine that Tonny Tiffy sends her love." "The Klondike bear is your nephew? I am so sorry," Kao said with such false sincerity that she laughed and gave him a hug. "You'll fit right in with Homestead. Come, follow me or you'll get lost." After a wonderful and delightful supper, the adults went to the back porch to talk. Dean's banter, which had the entire family laughing, was gone now. It was time to talk treaties. "We have been given full permission and authorization to open treaty negotiations on behalf of Homestead. Please, tell us what is so important?" Remus nodded. "No dallying with you. I like that. Bluntly, we have lost a few members of our pack who went on Missions into Canada. We are planning on sending some scouts north overland, which will take us right through Homestead. If it comes to violence, which we all hope not, it could spill over onto Homestead's people or lands. We may also come under fire from a few rogue groups around the fringes of the area." Kao nodded. "We thought as much on our way here. Who have you lost?" Beta Hawkins spoke up. "My little brother Jordan and Creston Miller, who went with him on his mission." Personal indeed. "What is it you would like in a treaty with Homestead?" Dean asked. Alpha Perkins took over. "If nothing else, an agreement that we can have safe passage to and from during this recovery." Kao noted that Remus said recovery. He wanted this to be non-violent. "If forces oppose us, we will not be held responsible for damage done to Homestead and its peoples. This is all we ask." Dean and Kao just looked at each other. "Homestead offers its support with manpower, resources necessary, and even assistance with keeping your territory safe during the recovery. Any force that wishes to enter Homestead will be met with our own forces." Dean was having to stop himself from smiling at the hopeful looks in their eyes. "Some of which are a certain mountain and his mate." A grateful smile broke out on Tiffany's face. Kao took up the discussion. "In addition, Homestead will grant open passage for any and all members of Salt Lake City Pack who wish to travel through or to its lands with the understanding that SLCP will extend the same to Homestead and its peoples." Dean nodded. "I know Jon...Alpha Davenport will let people come and go so long as they're not douche bags, but this is a formality." He thought of something. "We also would like to offer a sort of exchange program of sorts. Cross training for our forces. We have tracking specialists and I am sure many of our younger members could benefit from your members' specialties. This one is my idea, but I know it works. I worked briefly with Cali Sands under Beta D'Arlene and learned quite a bit from her." Remus was momentarily speechless. "Honestly...I don't know what to say. Your extension of this much...it means a lot to us. We're a peaceful pack, and it kills me to think of our boys lost somewhere. Thank you. I do have to ask...are you sure Alpha Davenport will ratify this treaty?" "The only thing Jon may not is the exchange thing, but I can make him see reason. I can guilt him like no other." Dean's conspiratorial whisper expelled a lot of tensions. "So, we can draw up the document, fax it over to Jon. You'll probably get Alan, his pop, but Homestead has a lot of Alphas." Remus shook his head. "Lead by council...yet it works for them. Levi will get everything typed out so we can sign and send it off to the Lycan Council for records." When Kao and Dean were brought out of sleep by Dean's cell blaring "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," which is Jon's ringtone, they were somewhat surprised. "Dude, it's 4 am. The hell do you want?" He put it on speaker. "I'm just getting home after forty-one hours awake, so waaah." Jon's tone was tired but playful. "I want to tell you I am so proud of the two of you. The SLCP treaty is perfect. Who added the exchange program?" "Dean did, blame him," said Kao through a yawn. He snuggled deeper against Dean's side. "It's awesome." "Then I thought of it," teased Kao, making both men chuckle. "Any changes while we're still here?" "Nope. Anything else will be handled as needed. You guy get an hour or more sleep, then get on the road. I miss ya." They could hear it in his voice. He did miss his best bud and his new bud. "Gotcha. Now go to bed. Beta's orders," said Dean with a grin. He hung up on Jon knowing the other would be laughing and telling his husband what an asshole he had for a Beta. Still, it meant a lot to both that Jon had called just to say he was proud. After a hearty breakfast, and some farewells with much thanks, the duo were back on the road and head for home. Where home was, neither knew because Pat had handled it all. The house, the area, getting both jobs within and without the Pack. All of it. Obviously, the movers knew where to go, but neither Dean nor Kao thought to ask about the place, and being this close, they would let Pat surprise them.
  5. Chapter 19

    I will say...I have a few ideas for a second story, and this was my WRITER'S WAY of making an easy connection back to the first book. That is if I even write another.
  6. Chapter 2

    Justice's reaction is my own. I had a huge crush on a college friend, but I couldn't say anything. He confided in me that he liked another friend of ours, and I was the supportive friend even while wishing I had his heart. In that, it is very real
  7. Trial Part 2

    With Jon and Pat being the focus, you wouldn't see the stigma against same sex. The biggest thing would be the continuity of the Pack. CHILDREN, essentially, is what it comes down to. Same sex couples can't produce an "heir" which had been a thing for any monarchy or like society. I chose to bring it out now simply because Dean is, for all intents and purposes, heterosexual, and he would be facing it head on.
  8. For Life

    wait...you've read both book one and two and caught up in TWO DAYS??? Also, glad you like it
  9. For Life

    This one was delayed since I had to move my husband to my state. Also...little admitted fact is I have trouble writing any sort of sex scene. This one was a bit harder because I wanted to be a bit more than my normal scene.
  10. For Life

    Kao came back from graduation with Dean. It had been a whirlwind being in one state for the day and then flying back to California on the same night. The best part of the day for Dean was getting to see Kao again. While they had to keep it PG, it was still so wonderful to be reunited with the man he loved. To hold him, to smell him. He had missed him so much. The PG rating lasted until they got onto the chopper, and then Dean had pulled Kao into his lap and began to kiss him soundly. Over the scent of their mates, the scent of desire, was a cloud of happiness that came from the pilot. The same pilot that Kao had flown with the last time. The duo ran into the house and all but stripped before the door had shut fully. "Dean...god I have missed you." Kao was in his arms again in a second with a passionate kiss. Their lips pressed together tightly until Kao opened to allow Dean entry, which the man took full advantage of. The taste of Dean, the taste of his mate, exploded on his tongue and filled Kao's mind. All of it made him harder than he had ever been, and all of it tasted, smelled, felt like home. Dean carried his mate to the bedroom, bypassing the boxes that would be loaded onto the moving truck in a week, and laid him gently on the bed. He gazed into the dark eyes of his mate, his love, and just fell in love all over again. Soft caresses of finger tips on skin, near silent gasps as the sensations tingled up and down both bodies. The raging fire of the moment before was dampened and replaced with a slower burning one that would build towards a far more gratifying climax. That didn't stop Dean from asking Kao a question. "Have we waited long enough?" "Oh god, yes." Kao's simple statement was enough for Dean. "I...do have a few concerns." Dean nodded. "I've never been with anyone before. I heard through the grapevine that you've had some experience with men." "Just ask," said Dean with a patient smile. "Can you just utterly fuck my brains out tonight? That has always been the way I wanted to lose my virginity." Dean's pulse shot up, and the amount of pheromones he was giving off made Kao's stomach clench. "No foreplay?" "I...I want you to take full command tonight." Kao blushed furiously. Dean took him gently in his arms and kissed him lovingly. "If I am in charge tonight, then I need to know that I have full consent to do as I please, but I also need to set up a safe-word if it gets to be too much." "I'll use the phrase 'hi mom,' which should be enough to kill the mood." Kao's eyes were a bit playful, but it would work. It was one of those phrases that was ingrained in a man's survival instincts. "Okay. That will be the only thing that will get me to stop. Remember that. I might do things you're not ready for, and I need you to understand when enough is enough." Kao nodded his understanding. "When you're ready, just let me know." Dean went to the bathroom to give his mate a moment to gather his thoughts and possibly call it off. He wanted to make sure he had full consent to do as he pleased. While Dean was not one for power exchange on a regular basis, he knew that some things had to be done to ensure both parties were safe and loved. Dean went back into the room and found Kao on his side, fully naked, and gazing at him with so much desire that he had no need for a verbal confirmation. He crossed the space between them and pushed Kao onto his back. "You are to keep your hands behind your head. If you move them without consent, then tonight will be over and will not happen again for a week. Is that understood?" Dean's voice was soft but firm. Kao swallowed heavily and nodded, placing his hands behind his head. The effect on Dean was noticeable as he got harder. The combination of scent and sight, Kao's arousing smell mixed with the very obvious physical signs, had Dean questioning how much he could draw this out. The soft, downy hair in his underarms, the sleek and taut body tapering down to his erect cock, the wonderfully shaped legs; all of it given freely to Dean. Dean traced his finger along the sole of Kao's foot, making him jump a bit. They shared a grin, Kao knowing Dean planned on making this a night to remember. His finger glided up the younger man's calf and back down, Dean testing every inch for any spot that made Kao gasp. There was a small spot behind the knee that made his lover's breath catch. Dean mirrored the touch on the other leg, filing away each spot for future use. He lifted Kao's leg and kissed his way from ankle to the spot, nibbling and making Kao squirm and whimper. A sudden scent made Dean look up to Kao's erection. A thin line of pre-cum had oozed out of the throbbing shaft. Nibbling again made another dollop dribble out. Dean couldn't help but feel pleased. His mate was enjoying this. Dean went up the thighs, finding that Kao's entire inner thigh was one big erogenous zone. Tickling, teasing, licking, nibbling, and even biting...Kao loved it all, and soon his tummy was covered in pre-cum. It was getting harder for Dean to do this. He needed his mate in the most possessive way he had ever experienced. He needed to claim him, to mark him, to show to everyone that Kao belonged to Dean. His tongue slid up past Kao's throbbing dick and lapped at the puddle of juices. The taste sent a surge down Dean's body and triggered an immediate reaction. His own cock sent a thick stream of pre-cum shooting out and covering Kao's hip, the first one Dean ever had as he normally didn't pre-cum until the last few moments. "Holy fuck, you taste amazing," Dean panted out, trying to calm himself from just pouncing on Kao. His tongue lapped up all of the juices, reveling in the taste and having to use more of his self-control than ever just so he would not cum and would not just take Kao. His need to claim his mate was only marginally behind his need to make this night, Kao's first, something both would remember forever. Dean kissed and licked up Kao's abs, tasting and testing for spots that made his mate squirm. The quiver under his palm and the quick gasps and panting coming from his mate let Dean know he was doing something right. When Dean got to Kao's perky nipple, Kao's back arched as he cried out his orgasm. It was explosive, sending ropes of cum all over Kao's chest and Dean's shoulder. This new scent, the most potent one to ever fill Dean's senses, pushed Dean to the edge and over. Dean couldn't help but moan while sucking hard on Kao's nipple, and he spilled his seed onto Kao's thigh. The duo just panted and positioned themselves to kiss through the euphoric feeling. "Just...holy fucking wow-ee-wow-wow," exclaimed Kao, making Dean laugh. "Gods, that was something." His chest was heaving as he tried to catch his breath, a glorious smile on his face. "And we're not through yet." Dean's voice was husky, filled with lust even after that powerful release. As lusty as his voice was, his eyes held only love for Kao. "How...how many times can you do this?" "Three is my record before needing a break." Dean's grin was insufferable, and Kao knew he was in for quite the night. Dean placed a few more tender kisses on those lips he was coming to love more and more. Gently, he kissed his way along Kao's chin and jaw to that soft spot at the ear, getting a groan and gasp from his mate. "I like that place very much," said Kao breathily. "Do you now?" asked Dean, his voice low and rumbling against the tender flesh. Kao nodded while shivers went down his spine. "Good." Dean moved faster than Kao had ever seen, flipping Kao over onto his stomach even while keeping the teasing going. Dean sat back, gazing at the perfection of his mate. The subtle definition of the muscles of his shoulders and back which tapered down to those sexy dimples just above his oh-so-perky rump. "You, my mate, have a very sexy ass. I wonder what it is going to taste like." The only response Kao was able to give was to giggle while gasping. Dean's fingers traced up from Kao's heels, the hands kneading the tight muscles of the legs. The soft groan that he heard said he was massaging just right. The muscles loosened and relaxed, which is what Dean wanted. He wanted to give Kao his fantasy: to be utterly fucked. Yet he knew Kao needed to be relaxed. Leaning over, Dean pulled out a bottle of massage oil and began to work his fingers all over Kao's back, legs, and glutes. Try as he might, Dean could not keep it clinical and stayed rock hard the entire time. When Dean straddled Kao's hips, the younger man's rump raised almost by reflex. "Dean...please." Dean leaned forward, massaging Kao's shoulders as he whispered, "Soon, my love," and then really dug his fingers into the muscles. As much as Kao wanted it, Dean felt bad he was going to do this so...rough. Not that Kao wouldn't heal quickly, he would, but Dean did not like to cause pain. Still, his mate wanted it, and Dean would do whatever he could to get Kao anything he asked for. Dean's massaging led him down toward that delicious bum where he spent time teasing the hole with his thumbs while his fingers rubbed the rest. Kao was writhing and whimpering, begging Dean to take him, to claim him, to mate him. Dean had to keep one thought in the forefront of his mind. He had to make sure Kao was more than ready for when Dean claimed him. He knew that once he started fucking his mate, he would not be able to stop easily. He was riding that edge of thought and lustful, animalistic urges. Not even Dean knew when he would tip over and give Kao everything he had...and what would happen if he did? Carefully, Dean stretched out atop Kao. His arms slid under Kao's to wrap him in a hug while Dean's hard dick nestled between those wondrous mounds. "This is your last chance to stop me, Kao. Once I start, I don't know if I will be able to stop myself." Without hesitation, Kao whispered, "Take me." With little adjustment, Dean shoved fully into his mate. That moment, that one second as both Dean and Kao cried out in fulfillment, Dean felt it. Everything snapped into place. His animal and thoughts were one beast. He pulled out and slammed in harder and faster than he ever did with any other partner, urged on by Kao's cries for more. The cries didn't come from Kao's lips, they came from deeper inside. It was a place Dean could feel his mate. He could feel how much Kao loved him, how the fire of passion had been ignited fully and would never go out. Dean knew Kao wanted this as surely as Kao sensed all of Dean's worry he was going too fast or too hard. I won't break, Dean. Make me yours. Never hold back. Kao's words came through loud and clear. Are you sure? Dean felt a resounding yes. Dean pulled out, flipped Kao over, lifted his legs, and drove back in. He could hear Kao begging verbally and mentally. Both sets of eyes were glowing golden as their mating bond was forming stronger and stronger. Dean looked deep into the eyes of the only person he would ever love this deeply, this fully. He could see so much in those eyes. All the worries, all the fears, all the reservations, and he could see them all drifting away to be replaced with a serene acknowledgement of how right this was. That look turned Dean on more than the rest, and he could feel the pressure building quickly. When this orgasm hit, he buried his cock all the way in Kao and flooded him with his seed and his mating scent. It ripped Dean apart and put him back together with bits of Kao thrown in for completion. He wasn't done. The mating was not complete, at least not in Dean's eyes. To Kao's surprise, Dean pulled out and let his legs down gently before he straddled Kao's hips and lowering himself down on his mate's perfect cock. Dean didn't even bat an eyelash at the pain because Kao's pleasure filled him and washed away any other concerns. He gave himself fully over to Kao like he had never given himself to anyone else. "Dean! Fuck that is...damn..." Kao was thrusting upward now, sensing what Dean wanted. He knew Dean wanted Kao to have just as much claim on him, and he knew he had also taken Dean's virgin hole. "Tight...so hot...gonna cum." "Claim me, Kao. I am yours forever." Kao's orgasm was mighty, pouring out from him and into Dean. Much to both of their surprise, Dean began to cum again, his seed gushing out and going everywhere as he rode his mate's cock through their joined orgasm. It had been perfect for both. Dean pulled off gingerly, hissing a bit at the pain, and lay beside his mate. Their hearts beat as one, racing with the rush of mating and the most complete they had ever felt. Tender kisses followed while Dean caressed Kao's cheek. "Now I know why," Dean said softly. "Why what?" Kao asked, exhausted. "Why your dad has so little in him. If I lost you, I wouldn't be able to move on. My life would be so empty without you. I would rather die than have to live as an empty shell." Dean knew how much will power the Wind Master must have to live after his mate and wife died. "It fills me with more respect and sorrow for my father...and explains so much. Now...why the hell did you ride me like a cowboy?" The curious look on his face belied the mischief in his mind. Dean chuckled. "Hey, you said I was in charge. I wanted to feel what it was like to have a dick in my butt." Kao swatted at his arm and laughed. "It felt right. Complete. I felt it had to be done to complete our mating. And you know what, my little Vietnamese hottie?" Dean leaned close to his ear. "I fucking loved it." Kao giggled. "Yeah, we'll need to wash the ceiling, the headboard, the mirror over there, and all the bedding. You got them all." As Dean looked around, he saw Kao was right. "How the hell did I get it on the ceiling?" That sent both men into fits of laughter which bubbled up as giggles and chuckles as they cleaned up the mess, showered, and put on clean sheets on the bed. It was still a bit early in the night, barely ten o'clock, so they pulled on their shorts and walked down to the beach to cuddle in the sand. The moon was casting its waning light on the surface of the waves. The gentle shushing of the surf was breaking on the beach. A few distant lights on the waters showed where boats and other vessels were going about their business. A tickling breeze played with their hair as they entwined their fingers. Never had there been a more perfect night. Which meant something had to go wrong. "Don't you two look all cozy," came a familiar voice from behind. Dean and Kao looked over to see Goldie, Sarge, and Alice walking from the house's side walk. They were dressed formally. "Well, since we just completed the mating, we're a happy pair." Dean flushed a bit at what Kao said, but he didn't deny it. "So, what brings you out here dressed like that?" "Lars Olsen is coming into town in a half hour. Tried calling your phone, Dean, but I now see why you didn't answer." Her grin was huge. "I would like both of you to be with us as representatives of Homestead. Phuong will be there as the Flock's rep." Dean stood and pulled Kao to his feet. "We would be honored, Alpha Kirkland, to witness the joining of your two packs. It will also be a personal honor to meet the man who humbles himself for the welfare of his people." "Give us a moment to get fancied up. Alice, is Alpha Olsen a good man?" Kao asked. "Almost as good as you," she replied. "Low standards," Kao said with a grin toward Goldie. Half an hour later, Dean and Kao were standing beside Phuong Saechao. She had been ecstatic to know her little brother was now mated. "You two are so damn CUTE!" Dean leaned over to Kao and loudly whispered, "She's not going to go all J-Pop fan-girl squeal on us, is she?" "She might," Kao replied solemnly. Both ducked as she swatted their heads. "Tell me again why I let you live past puberty?" she asked Kao in mock rage. "I make good sushi." "Point," she conceded and they laughed. "I am so happy. I know Father will be as happy as he can be." Dean asked a question both he and Kao were wanting the answer to. Kao was simply too polite to ask. "So...what happened to Kai?" Phuong just shook her head. "The Wind Master, in his wisdom, has banished the rogue known as Kai from the Flock. He will never again be able to take shelter in her skies." Dean and Kao stood in awe. "Then that makes you..." Phuong nodded gravely. "The next Wind Master. The first female Wind Master in five hundred years." She didn't seem too pleased about it either, yet she would take her place with honor and dignity. "Father...is stepping down as Wind Master in a year or so." That was also a bit unusual. "He realizes you would...win? Lose?" Dean didn't know what would happen. Phuong had youth and speed, not to mention magic, but was she an Alpha? "He knows it is best to step down. All three of his sons are gone from the Flock. One to death, one to exile, and one to take his place as Beta beside his mate. It is now up to me to carry on the line of succession before he gets challenged and someone takes the Flock from the Saechao family." "He's passing his power to you." Kao's utter shock was concealed behind a mask of composure, but Dean could feel it ringing in his head. Sensing his confusion, Kao inwardly said, It's literal. He will give her his status and power as Wind Master, and then he will die. That was one way to join his mate and ensure his Flock's continuity. Dean bowed to Phuong. "If it is appropriate, I request that Beta Saechao and I be allowed to attend." Phuong returned the bow. "All family is to attend, and as his son's mate, you would be expected to attend." When she looked up again, Dean saw anger in her eyes. "And if anyone so much as sneers at you, I will rip their throats out." "I knew I liked you," said Dean with a grin. "So, Sister Phuong, when we get married, you wanna be the Maid of Honor?" She just rolled her eyes, suppressing a grin. She liked this man. He was exactly what her brother needed. All three heard the vehicles coming up the drive and corrected their posture. Goldie was just descending the stairs from her house with Alice and Mirabelle at her side. Sarge, for once, was nowhere to be seen. Six SUV's pulled into the circle. None of them were new or shiny. These were working vehicles, and in Dean's opinion, he liked these new people. They came as they were. Simple folk, regular people. No pomp, no fanfare, just honesty. One by one the doors all opened to reveal what was the entire Little Valley Pack...all twenty-nine people. The only way Dean knew which one was Alpha Olsen was his feel. He felt powerful, like all Alphas, but he was not what Dean expected. Lars Olsen was ruggedly handsome with a solid build and slightly thinning waist length blonde hair. He would go unnoticed in a crowd because he was just that...normal. Average height and build, he was nothing like nearly every other Lycan Dean had met, and yet he would complement Goldie's petite stature without towering over her. The suit he wore, which smelled of mothballs, was a bit dated, but it was obvious he was not one for preening. He stepped forward and bowed over Goldie's hand. "Alpha Kirkland, may I present the Little Valley Pack." His voice was surprisingly deep, and filled with power. Jon and Travis didn't sound this commanding. "The Cali Sands Pack welcomes you all into her borders. Homes, jobs, and everything you need have been arranged to facilitate the joining of our two packs. I would like to introduce my Beta, Mirabelle D'Arlene, and my daughter Alice. To my right are the representatives from the Rogue Valley Flock, who share our northern border, and Homestead Pack from the north. Both are strong allies with Cali Sands and are here to witness the joining of our Packs. Weather Racer Saechao Phuong of the RVF and the Beta Pair from Homestead, Kao Saechao and Dean Whitmore." If Alpha Olsen was shocked at a male pair, he didn't show it in any way. "I am honored to meet you. I have heard many good things about Rogue Valley and Homestead. I have also heard that I owe a special thanks to two people here. Most importantly," he said and turned a sweet grin to Alice, "to you, Little Cowgirl." Alice grinned and came over for a hug, which he returned. "I am happy to find that I am acceptable to you as a mate to your mother." Alice tilted her head back a bit and looked up at him. "It was either you, a good man, or a lecherous bastard. Not much of a choice, really." Mirabelle turned all sorts of red but Lars and Goldie just laughed. "Such honesty. Keep that quality, Alice." He turned to Dean with an outstretched hand. "I owe you much, Beta Whitmore. Both for ensuring my Pack's safety and for reminding a wonderful woman what strength she has." Dean shook his hand. "It took me all of two minutes to see you and your Pack would be the best for both parties. Since Alice liked you and hated him...no brainer." Lars grinned. "Another honest person. Alpha Davenport must be a brave man to have his Beta be so blunt." "Eh. He's dealt with it for fifteen years or so. Welcome to the area, Alpha Olsen." Attention was turned to the two Alphas as they joined hands. Mirabelle took their hands in hers. "As Beta and as former Alpha Mate to the Cali Sands Pack, I ask you, Alpha Olsen, do you find Alpha Kirkland to be a suitable mate, knowing that she will take in your pack and care for them as they join Cali Sands?" "I find Alpha Kirkland to be more than suitable, and I know she will care for Little Valley as I step down as their Alpha." This was merely ceremonial. It had all been arranged prior to this meeting. "Do you, Alpha Kirkland, find Alpha Olsen to be a suitable mate and do you pledge to care for his people as you would your own?" Goldie smiled. "I do pledge to care for our newest pack-mates as I care for the rest of Cali Sands, and I find Alpha Olsen to be a suitable co-Alpha, not simply my mate." Her words stunned all in attendance, especially Lars. Alice stepped up and put her hand on their joined ones. "And I find Alpha Olsen to be a good man to be my new Daddy." Mirabelle recovered quickly. "Do you, our allied representatives, witness the joining of these two packs and the new co-Alpha Pair?" Phuong stepped forward. "We do so witness and approve of this joining." Her words were formal, but her scent was very happy. The scents of all three representatives said they felt this was a good match. Mirabelle smiled. "Welcome to the family, Lars. You hurt my daughter, I'll bust your chops." Her face was stern, her voice serious, her eyes playful. "Yes, Ma'am," Lars replied. "Goldie, are you sure you want me as co-Alpha? I can be a bit traditional at times." "Good. I tend to stray from tradition most of the time, so we'll work together to further our family with a balance of new ideas and time honored tradition. Now, everyone inside. Food has been set out in welcome." The newest members of the pack just blinked and then did as their new Alpha ordered. "You three are more than welcome to stay..." she began as she turned to Dean, Kao, and Phuong. "We'd love to, but we have family business to discuss. Namely what evil tortures I will put my new brother through if he hurts my Little Bird." Phuong batted her lashes prettily. Goldie nodded and went to take Lars' hand only to find Alice was up on his shoulders. The sight was such a wonderful one as Alice's bio-father had been an anonymous donor. Now she had a dad. Together, with Mirabelle just a fraction behind, they went into the sizable house as a family.
  11. Not Acting Beta

    I have been toying with the idea. I don't know if I'll go paper or eBook style, but I have been considering it. Also...You followed me on Lit too? I have fans. *squeee* It still boggles my mind that I have people who read my stuff from all over the world. Part of me feels like all my readers are from Big City USA
  12. Not Acting Beta

    The only thing I worry about with this is if anyone at BYU Idaho happens to have names close to this. LOL. Any similarities is purely coincidence.
  13. Not Acting Beta

    I will be traveling for a bit over a week, so I shouldn't have anything posted until after the 25th. Unless I can get something in before the 15th at 5 am. LOL
  14. Not Acting Beta

    Kao missed Dean already, and he had just got on the chopper to head back to school. He knew that to have fallen so hard so fast meant it had to be a mating bond. There could be no other explanation behind it all. He would have to spend the next couple months away from the man he absolutely adored, but it was necessary. He had a job to do, and graduating from college was part of that job. Then he would be back with Dean, and they would be heading to Montana for their place as the Beta Pair. Kao was pulled out of his reverie by the pilot's voice. "You okay, Beta Saechao?" Since that was Kao's title, the Canis Lupus pilot used it out of respect. The question's phrasing and tone told Kao he was genuinely worried. "Do you have a mate, Captain?" Kao asked as an answer. "Not yet, Sir. I do have a girl I'm seeing, so I might one day." His smile was evident in his voice. "I miss my mate already." Gods, how he missed him. Not even gone a half an hour, and he missed him like he would miss his heart were it gone. "He misses you just as much." Kao gave a small smile. "It's the truth. I just got a message over the radio saying to tell you 'Dean loves you and will talk to you tonight,'" said the pilot with a wide grin. Kao blushed a bit and ducked his head to hide his smile. * * * Back to the grindstone, Kao thought as he went back to school Monday. He had all of his assignments forwarded to him so he could do them while he was dealing with legal matters. He had easily finished all but the oral report in Interpersonal Communications which had been due last Friday. He would be giving the report today. It felt so odd, yet so free, to be back here without a constant escort around. He could talk to people without feeling like every word was going to be sent back to Kai. He could eat lunch with people and not have Mr. Michaels watching every move. One of Kao's classmates commented on it. "Where's tall, dark, and obnoxious?" the young lady asked. "Thankfully, no longer around," Kao replied with a grin. "What was with him anyway?" She turned more toward Kao. The posture said she wanted to talk to him and have an actual conversation. "My family is...how do I put this?" "Loaded and so rich they hire goons to watch over you?" she added helpfully. Kao snickered as he nodded. "To put bluntly, yes. While dealing with some legal issues last week, it was decided I would be safe here without the need of supervision." Taking a chance and feeling wonderful being able to do it, he said, "I am, apparently, able to wipe my own ass without supervision." "Nice. Welcome to Adulting 101," she quipped with a grin and turned around as the teacher called the class to order. When Kao was between German and French classes, he was studying the notes to make up a quiz he had missed. He had fifteen minutes to study, thirty minutes to take it, and ten minutes to get to French. He was well into his notes when he heard a voice. "Bonjour, Monsieur Saechao. Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui?" (Hello, Mr. Saechao. How are you today?) Kao looked up to see one of the young ladies from his French class. Kelsey by name, she was one of the loveliest ladies he had seen; with perfect hair, skin, teeth, and style of clothing: geek chic without being too modest or too slutty. Simply put, she had class. Asking how a person was doing after greeting them was simply good etiquette. "Bonjour, Mlle Simpson. Je suis bien. Et vous?" (Good morning, Miss Simpson. I am well. And you?) He gave her a smile, happy for once to be able to do that and not feel like he was sending signals. "Très bien. Je vois que vous êtes en train d'étudier pour le quiz." (Very good. I see you are studying for the quiz.) While her use of French was formal, it was nice to be able to get some conversational French practice before the quiz. "Oui. Il n'y a pas besoin d'être si formel, Kelsey. Nous avons cours ensemble pendant deux ans." (Yes. There's no need to be so formal, Kelsey. We've had class together for two years.) With a smile, Kao let her know she didn't have to be so formal. "OK OK. Sheesh, je t'ai aidé à étudier puisqu'il s'agit d'un discours formel." (OK OK. Sheesh, I was helping you to study since this is a formal speech.) Her grin when she switched to something less formal was bright. "Merci. Alors, qu'est-ce qui t'apporte? Nous n'avons pas de cours pour une autre heure." (Thanks. So what brings you by? We don't have class for an hour.) Kao still had a bit of trouble being informal as he thought mostly in English and tried to phrase it thus. Some slang and phrases didn't translate well. "J'ai entendu que vous étiez de retour et que vous vouliez vous demander quelque chose." (I heard you were back and wanted to ask you something.) Kao gestured to the seat next to him, curious what she wanted to ask him. "Voulez-vous sortir avec moi vendredi?" (Do you want to go out with me Friday?) Kao blinked a few times. "Okay, switching back to English so I don't mess this up," she laughed at that, "are you asking me out as a friend or with something more in mind? I ask because I have a fiancé ." There was a slight scent of disappointment, but she waved it away. "Friends, of course. I heard you got rid of your shadow, so I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out with some friends. A few of them are from French class, so we can all practice." Kao smiled broadly. She had been interested in something more personal, but had the class to change it simply to let him know she honored his relationship. Classy and subtle. Were Kao interested in women, and single, he would have agreed to something more personal with her. "Madame, je serais ravi. Alors, quand et où?" (Madam, I would be delight. So, when and where?) Letting her know he would like to go brought a bigger smile to her face. "Awesome. It will be at the campus quad from 4 pm to 10 pm." Kelsey gave him a one-arm hug. "You let that fiancée know she is one lucky lady." Kao grinned. "I will. See you in class." As she was walking away, Kao just shook his head. Guess I don't come off as gay, he thought. He ended up getting a 99% on the quiz, which he was very happy about. The professor, Madame Spinosi, was more than pleased with his score as she knew French was one of his lesser studied classes. "You're doing wonderfully, Kao. If you continue to score as well, you will pass with no problems." "Thank you, Madame Spinosi." And he was thankful. He was using a pass/fail format for French and German. Pretty cut and dry, really. Since he was expected to pass Vietnamese without trying, and German was fairly easy with how the sentence structure was so similar to English, the only classes he worried about for languages were Mandarin and French. * * * Kao was walking to his room after his late classes one evening when he smelled something...off. He quickened his step a bit and all but ran when the scent of another Lycan was coming closer to him. A scent that was not friendly. He didn't look back at the Lunais following him, but he didn't scent the two in front of him that he literally ran into. Kao fell to the ground with a thud. "Why you running, little bird?" asked one of the Lunais in front of him. Great...Lycan bullies. Kao guessed Mr. Michaels' presence had kept them at bay. "Perhaps it is the scent of hostility, the unfair odds, or the fact that I'm half your size. One of those might be the reason." Quickly getting up, Kao was backed up against the wall. "You won't need to worry about that." He brushed off Kao's sweater as if he were worried about his well-being. "If you provide us with monetary reason to stay civil. I hear you can afford to be very generous." Extortion. Fun. Kao looked for a way out without resorting to violence, paying, or using the "My father will hear about this" line that every rich brat used. "This wouldn't be some sort of shake up, would it?" came a resonant voice with a heavy Aussie accent. The guys looked toward the voice. "This ain't your business, old man. Just keep walking." He smelled a bit afraid of the speaker though. Kao could see the man's silhouette against the light in the quad. He was a big man. "I believe I will make it my business. Three to one odds, not very sporting. I will ask you boys to respectfully move away from the young man." He had stopped about ten paces away. The leader bobbed his head for the other two to take care of the older man while he kept Kao in line. "So it's like that. Very well. I hope you have good medical coverage." The two goons rushed the man, their speed more than any human could compensate for, yet the man merely grabbed them by their shirts and tossed them close to forty feet over his shoulder like. It looked as easy as a man throwing a dart at a board. The two landed with pained yelps and stayed down for the moment. "Fucking useless," growled the leader. "Bring it on, old man." Kao took the opportunity to back away from the fight, but he kept close enough should the other two rejoin the fight. He might not be able to change forms with the new moon, but he could still give some decent hits. "You have no manners, boy. I guess this old man will have to teach you a few." He stared into the bully's eyes, and Kao watched as the Lunais bully started to shake with fear. "You wolves think you're the top of the food chain." The Aussie moved faster than even Kao could see and gripped the bully by the throat, hoisting him off the ground. "Silly pup, what good is it being a wolf when your opponent is a lion?" The man's eyes glowed a bright golden in the dim light. "So...So...Solaris," the bully stuttered out in fear. "From now on, you will leave Mr. Saechao alone. Do I make myself clear?" His voice was deeper, a voice of Command only given to the Alpha class of Lycans. The bully nodded as he pissed himself. The lion launched the young man at his friends like a fast ball. Was that a sonic boom Kao heard, or just the sound of a few bones breaking as they impacted? The three got up and limped away. Kao shook his head. "Did Jon send you, Sir?" It would not surprise him at all if his new Alpha sent some sort of covert guardian for his new Beta. This was overkill though. The huge man laughed as he put his arm across Kao's shoulders. "You don't have to call me sir, Kao. You can call me Alan. Jon didn't send me. I just happen to be adjunct faculty for the opera workshop this semester, which puts me right where I need to be." "Uh huh, and I'm a kiwi." Jon had somehow arranged for his own dad to be Kao's guard. "So, if I can't call you Sir, can I call you Papa Pussy Cat? I mean, you treat my mate like a son..." Kao's grin was insufferable. Alan just laughed and steered Kao towards his dorm. "You're going to be a treat to work with, Kao, but don't push your luck." Once out of any sort of earshot, Alan sobered a bit. "If you need me, Kao, use a few supersonic calls. I will hear them and come running. You're Pack now, which means you're family." Kao choked up a bit at hearing that. "Thanks, Alan." * * * "So...do you know if they were nomads or did they belong to the Sawtooth Pack?" Dean asked Kao in his conference call with Jon. The open attack on a pack beta would not be good for the Sawtooth Pack. "Having met Alpha Conners, I doubt he would ever allow that to happen. He's nearly as bad as Father when it comes to honor and respect. Alpha, can you run the file I sent over? I don't have a secure connection to access the Council Archives." Jon nodded and punched in a few numbers. "Unfortunately for Jack, one of them was his son. With Pop being there, and confirming the identities, it will be settled by a Council Beta so there will be no blood spilled." Jon's eyes flashed. To dispel some of the tension, Jon grinned and said, "Don't call me Alpha." "Yes, Alpha," Kao responded. Dean just shook his head at his mate. "So...how did you swing getting your Dad into the school?" "I didn't. Travis did. He let Jack Conners know Pop had been hired and made it very clear he wasn't there representing Homestead in any way." Kao was impressed. Having someone so powerful in your territory was a very volatile situation. Alpha Conners would have to worry about secret recruitment, a power grab, destabilization of the pack, even covert black ops. Yet, one thing Alpha Conners knew was Travis was an honest and forthright man. If he said something, he meant it. Alan also had a very noble reputation, and as one of the strongest living Solaris, he was treated as an Alpha even though Solaris did not have them like their lunar cousins. "I would like to be present for the meeting. It will be handled via conference call, right Jon?" "Yes. Since the attackers were driven off without causing major injury, the face to face meeting doesn't need to be held. Dean, I would like you to be on the call, but you won't be called on to say anything. It's just for procedural purposes. Also...it wouldn't hurt to show both of my Betas, and you being pretty well built might discourage anyone from doing something stupid." Jon's smile was a bit evil, but both just rolled their eyes. "Will do, bro." That call happened an hour later. Kao had met Alpha Conners when he first came to BYU Idaho. He was tall and a bit on the wiry side with closely cropped peppered hair, deep brown eyes, and a permanent crease between his bushy brows. Not a pleasant look at all. Sitting next to him were the three young men who had tried to get money out of Kao. Also in another small window were Jon, Dean, Alan, and some representative from the Lycan Council. "We are having this meeting to mediate the assault against Beta Kao Saechao of Homestead Pack by Alpha Designate Bryan Conners, Lyton Hall, and Walter Unger. I have the statements from all parties, it is my job to find a peaceful solution between these two neighboring packs. With us are Alphas Jonathan Davenport and Jack Conners, Representative Alan Davenport, Beta Pair Dean Whitmore and Kao Saechao, and the aforementioned young men who have entered a plea of guilty. As the target of this attack, what punishment would your Pack accept, Alpha Davenport?" The Council Rep was obviously used to this sort of thing. "In this matter, I defer to Beta Saechao. He acknowledges he sustained no injury." Jon gestured to Kao. "Thank you, Alpha. I am of two minds in regards to acceptable punishment. Since the gentlemen were trying to get money out of me, I am led to believe they have little solvency. I must ask you, Alpha Conners, if the young men lack income, allowance, or other monetary sources." Kao's tone was business, but he already knew how he wanted them punished. "I cannot speak personally for Mr. Hall or Mr. Unger, but my son receives an allowance of $40,000 per year." Kao had to hide his gasp. "Unless he has spent it frivolously, it should be more than enough to last the time even with rent, tuition, and all other necessities of life." "Mr. Hall, do you have any income?" Kao asked. One of them shook his head. "No, Sir. My living expenses are paid for, but I receive little pocket cash from my family. Any pocket cash I have to earn." Kao nodded. Honestly, not the worst way to teach finances. "Mr. Unger?" There was a very distinct look of smoldering anger in his face. "I have a job that pays di...minimum wage, but it's only part time. I stay with Lyton, so rent and utilities are covered." His voice was civil if a bit heated. "I got in on scholarship, so tuition and school necessities are taken care of." "Thank you, gentlemen. I find it amusing that one who has more money than I ask me for some," Kao said evenly. Before Alpha Conners could stop him, his son retorted, "How much do you make a year from your Daddy?" The Alpha shot him a warning look. "As I got in on scholarship as well, I need not worry too much about expenses. The money I earn comes from tutoring in languages and as an aide for the ESL classes, which amount to about $8000 a year. Neither my esteemed father nor my mate provide any money for me." "Some mate," Bryan muttered. "If you continue to behave like this, Bryan, I will ask you to leave and will accept any punishment Beta Saechao gives on your behalf." Alpha Conners was not happy. Bryan nodded his head and looked down. "Please continue, Beta Saechao." "Thank you, Alpha Conners. While it is not a punishment to Mr. Unger per se, it may very well affect him. I would ask that Mr. Conners be denied his allowance," at that Bryan's head shot up, "along with Mr. Hall's living expenses. The three must obtain gainful employment for one year before any other aid is given. Mr. Unger has a job, so his task is only slightly easier." "You are fucking whacked out of your..." Bryan began but stifled the rest when his father's warning growl came rumbling out. "With said employment, they must secure appropriate housing and have a budget plan drawn up for each month to be submitted to Alpha Conners for his approval. Your housing is paid up until July, correct Mr. Hall?" The young man nodded. "That gives you a few months to obtain steady and gainful employment until your lease is up. I suggest that you start looking instead of shaking down other students." Kao's punishment was accepted by both Lyton and Walter. "Might I ask what is to be done if said employment is not found?" The Council Rep asked. "A loan may be obtained from their families with a 15% annual interest based off the original loan requested," Kao stated simply. It wouldn't leave them homeless, but it would make them try harder so as to avoid debt. "You sniveling fa..." Bryan was cut off by his father's backhand. No one said a word. "Get out," Alpha Conners growled. All three young men made a quick exit. "I must have done something wrong when raising him." "May I speak?" Dean asked. When he got the go ahead, he said, "I very much doubt you spoiled him too much. While that is a nice allowance, I assume he must maintain good marks in school." That got a nod from Jack Conners. "Sir, I doubt your parenting is faulty. I see you did your best to give him a sense of right and wrong, of honor and discipline, yet his own choices led us to be here. Do not take the burden of guilt for his actions. To do so says you are, and always will be, his keeper." "Just say what you mean, Beta Whitmore," the Sawtooth Pack Alpha said. "You son's an arrogant shit, and if I'd been there when he tried to attack my mate, I would have done more than toss him around. His piss-poor attitude could use some serious adjusting. I would give him a minimum of eight years in the Armed Services. If he can make it out of that, he will have learned respect, duty, and honor. Let the rotten little fuck see what real work is." Jon and Alan were trying to maintain a straight face, but Jack was grinning. "And if he ever calls or implies my mate is a faggot, I will rip off his balls. I hope you have other children, because his brand of stupid will be chlorinated out of the gene pool. End rant." The Council Rep was appalled by what he heard. Jack laughed. "Thanks, Beta Whitmore. I needed that. Jon, your Beta is a true diplomat. Never give the type permission to speak freely." He wiped away a tear. "Betas Saechao and Whitmore, I accept both of your punishments on behalf of the members of my pack. I will also impress upon my son the consequences should he so insult your mate. Does this fulfill your needs, Alpha Davenport?" "It does. I have the utmost faith in my Betas, although the bigger one gets mouthy." Jon's grin was wide. "Councilman Rothke, thank you for your time in mediation. Would you like a copy of the minutes sent to you for Council Records?" "No thank you, Alpha Davenport. If there is nothing else, I will bid you gentlemen a good evening." He hung up when nothing was said. When he was gone, Jack sighed. "With him gone, we can relax a bit. Kao, I am so sorry about them, and I thank you for a fair punishment. I would have come up with something far worse." "Sir, the most that happened to me is I got a bit scared. Those three, though...Alan might have scared them enough to need to change their pants." Kao grinned at the Solaris. "I don't like violence, but it is often the only thing people such as those boys understand. They should feel lucky it was me and not my grandson. That is one person who will utterly destroy a bully and he's bigger than I am." There was no levity in his tone. "Then I shall impress upon all three how lucky they were. A few broken bones will heal after a shift. Dean, right?" Dean nodded. "I believe I got a memo from Goldie Kirkland about you." Dean tried not to smile. "Did you really slam that man onto the table?" From then on it was a far more relaxed call. The rest of Kao's time was uneventful and mundane, for which he was very grateful. He graduated magnum cum laude. Now...Homestead.
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