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  1. A Quiet Place is an interesting movie with a great premise that falls short on so many levels.  The first half of the movie is breathtaking but then it falls into the tropes of plot.  Watch it but go into without wearing fuzzy bunny slippers.

  2. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! For those with partners, tell them you love them and give them a kiss.  For those of you without, tell me you love me and give me a kiss!   

  3. Continuing the theme of rough years, we had a kitchen fire the other day...I can’t catch a break.  

    1. SolarMaxx


      I’m not even allowed in our kitchen! :P

  4. I’ve realized today that learning is nothing but shoplifting from those smarter than you...

  5. Jason Rimbaud

    Red Beans & Rice Recipe/how to

    This recipe brings back some horrible memories of my youth. We were so poor at times, we ate nothing but beans for weeks, most times without rice. I give you a mental thumb down...blech. Im sure it’s good but it’s makkng me lose my appetite. 🤮
  6. Been in the restaurant business for twenty years, never had this happen until tonight...that's right...I was punched in the face by a guest...its been a rough year 

    1. Daddydavek


      Civility is on the decline everywhere.  Sorry to hear of your incident.

  7. I wish, just once, that I could enjoy a day off without shopping.   I’d pay a lot for that to happen. 


    Though it was funny when his card didn’t work..someone forgot to refill the card. 

  8. I decided today that I will no longer attempt to dress appropriately for my age on my day off.  That is all. 

    1. Daddydavek


      Does that mean you are keeping the option of staying nude?

    2. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      Sadly I prefer lounging in sexy underware mostly.  

  9. Sweet and Sour Chicken is not pork...that is all

  10. Jason Rimbaud

    How PrEP Changed Gay Sex, Anecdotally

    The dangerous thing about prep, to this old school boy, is the misguided belief that bareback is suddenly an option. Yes I'm happy that PREP is a viable precaution to the death sentence I grew up with in the late eighties and throughout the nineties. Suddenly the waking horror I lived through and many of my friends did not is a contained threat. The I don't care about you attitude of the Regan years and the don't ask don't admit scare of the Clinton era is to my chagrin long forgotten by the I'm just discovering my path of sex in the controlled world of PREP so safe is an option where I can go bareback because at least I won't die HIV is not the only worry out there... Nor is the other STD a young gay man might contract by letting multiple humans inside so to speak. It's about the responsibility and the accountability a gay male must navigate as he approaches his sexual existence. I am an admitted promiscuous gay male that had my share and your share of risky fun with too many partners to account for. Yes I was always safe...yes the threat of HIV was always on my mind...but so was the threat of all other STD's. I never wanted to have to tell my life partner that I had herpes, or any of the other STD's out there because I was foolish with my body in a search for instant gratification. I have friends who are living with certain sexual diseases that have a hard time finding that life partner because of stupid mistakes in the past. Good for you that you don't have a life threatening disease, but yet a life long disease and one that is spread through unprotected sex still makes the search for the one harder to achieve. N Currently I am enjoying a condom free life with my partner because over our life we made smart choices in regards to sex. We can achieve the perfect Union because we were protected until we found the one that was the last one we would ever need to worry about it. dont forgo your future for a brief interlude knowing that at least you won't die for sure but run the risk of a "i have this for the rest of my life and will always pass it to the one I love" . Be safe, be smart, and don't get pressured or lulled into a false sense of security because I take a pill that assures me that at least I won't get the dreaded AIDS but I can still get a life long nuisance that could ruin my chance at finding life long happiness. My my two sense. J
  11. Jason Rimbaud

    Ask An Author 2.0 #3

    I love this feature....poetry has always been a form that draws my attention...its raw, primal, and surface that envokes all my emotions in all the right places. More of this please. J
  12. It might be late, but Happy New Year everyone!  Except for "M", you can go to hell.  Thanks.

    1. sandrewn


      Phew! I double checked, there is not a single 'M' in my real name or chosen name here at GA. So as part of the everyone else, thank you very much.  To you I send in return, a late Happy New Year wish, and hope that 2018 is a great year, both for making new friends (and possibly forgiving old enemies).



    2. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      Thus far, it has been a great year, muchly.  😎

  13. I’m at the airport waiting to go back to San Francisco.  “N” is staying another day and I’m missing him already.  I’ve got it bad.  

  14. “N” will arrive in twenty minutes.  I’m so excited.  First time in almost a year we’ve been apart for more than twelve hours.  

  15. Since I took the new job I decided to take four days and head back to my favorite place on earth...Las Vegas.  Two days alone in Vegas but “N” arrived on Monday.  It’s not as fun without him I’ll confess.  


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