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  1. Reader1810

    Clean desk!

    I really like the desk between the bookcases - very nice looking.
  2. Happy Birthday Cole!! :wizard:

  3. Dugh, that is awesome! You are so lucky to see this in person.
  4. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    Yes, yes I did, and yes, it does.
  5. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    Just had a thought. Would something bad happen if something happened to Sanctuary? Is there some kind of balance because Sanctuary exists? So many questions and thoughts and theories are running through my brain. Need a distraction. Perhaps tim has a poem just lying around waiting for air time... No? Oh wells, brain running amok it will have to be.
  6. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    Yes, and how and why they came to be part of sanctuary. Or, is it Sanctuary because of them? As in, is it their sanctuary and they need humans - certain trusty ones, of course - to be keepers of Sanctuary?
  7. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    I like the older models because of the boxey look they have over the curved edges of today.
  8. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    Getting back to the story, I wonder what Finn's mom will think of him wanting to take over Sanctuary. Before Sam arrived on the scene - you know, to remind Finn of his promise - what were Finn's feelings toward this home? It seems as if he moved very far away - hence the plane ride to get there, and a multi hour drive - to distance himself from the place. Bad memories of his dad's suicide perhaps?
  9. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    @mollyhousemouse This chapter has you thinking of gummy worms, but not me. I've loved Jeep Cherokees for what seems like forever. Course, I would never get one, because it would be like driving a tank if I was at the wheel. PS. Apologies up front for the extra large image - I just like it is all...
  10. Reader1810

    Going Home

    Oh, okay... There goes the dream. ^sigh^
  11. Reader1810

    Going Home

    Finn getting so flustered around Christian surprised me a bit. It was a good surprise, though because it showed what a good guy he really is - the party he had at his place had me thinking he was a player. I have a feeling that Sam has “insider knowledge type wisdom” regarding Finn’s future. He’s not being a naive romantic when he talks about Finn and Christian marrying. Hmm...what does he know? PS: I like that it was a Jeep that Finn rented for their journey. We know he’s taller than Christian, but just how tall - and broad - is he? Excellent chapter, tim. The story is moving along at a nice pace with just enough plot points and other bits to lead the reader to the next chapter - be that for real or imaginings in one’s mind what is to come next.
  12. Happy Birthday Myr! :wizard:




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