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    Reading (favourite book: To Kill a Mockingbird); jigsaw & sudoku puzzles; walking outside challenging myself to walk farther than before; listening to the sounds of nature(city or cottage country).

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  1. A GAME! # 2

    True. The person below me prefers winter sports over summer sports.
  2. Never Have I Ever

    Me neither. They are quite enjoyable. Never have I ever had a job working outside.
  3. Geography

    Tampa, Florida
  4. 5 Letters

    FOLKS Fragrant odours left Kelly smiling. FRAGR
  5. Never Have I Ever

    I personally never shaved my head, but when I had surgery, somebody else did... Never have I ever been deep sea fishing.
  6. Geography

    Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
  7. Linked Words

    size queen
  8. 5 Letters

    SOMET Should office managers expec total... COMPL(iance)

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