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  1. Reader1810


    So Adorable!
  2. Reader1810

    Chapter 4

    The beginning of the epic - as I knew it would be - confrontation between Kells and Maris was very powerful. What does the desire to eat one's soul look like? I can guess, but I hope I never ever see it first hand, let me tell you. *shudders* I've heard of "protectors" referred to as rottweilers, rocks, and boulders but "psychotic little ginger Chihuahua is a first, but I love it, because is shows the level of Maris's outrage perfectly. There's no mistaking how pissed off she is. I also like how there's a important connection between the confrontation and Josh's suicide attempt. I mean, would Maris have figured out in time what Josh was really saying in his text message? Seconds do sometimes count. As for poor Josh and the torment he was feeling that lead him to attempt suicide? Made me cry, that did. Thank goodness, he wasn't successful. Starry, you've left us with a bit of a cliffie as we wonder what Josh's reaction will be to seeing Kells. Will he turn away from him as he did Maris? I'm thinking he will, and it's going to be an uphill battle for Kells to get through to Josh. Better suck it up and deal with whatever comes Kells.
  3. Reader1810

    Chapter 4

    If this was a book, this chapter would be the ultimate pager turner! Wow, just wow, Starry.
  4. Reader1810


    Thanks, molly. I know I’m in good company.
  5. Reader1810


    You may be onto something there, tim.
  6. Reader1810


    Okay, so I am weird (or deranged ) because the instant I read the word beyond my mind went to this...
  7. Reader1810


    Okay, so I got my Angels crossed, but what I said about him holds true, I'd say. I'm glad you have a doc who you can trust is on your side. That's important.
  8. Reader1810


    We will always "worry" because we care about you and want only the best for you. As for purging? Go right ahead if that is what helps you. You have such a way with words, tim, always getting to the heart of the matter so clear that we can see it, too. PS: I like that you can see your Angel for what he is - a smart and wise man who knows what he's talking about. As always, tim, nicely done.
  9. Reader1810

    Happy Birthday, Renee Stevens!

    Happy Birthday Renee!!
  10. Reader1810


    Looking good, Tiger!
  11. Happy Birthday Dabeagle! :wizard:

  12. Congratulations Renee and D and welcome to the world Baby J!
  13. Reader1810

    Time approaches

    This happened so long ago I can't remember what colour the roses were, but, thankfully, they didn't turn black if you know what I mean.... 😌
  14. Reader1810

    Time approaches

    Bob, your love for the boys shines through very strongly in your desire to make things perfect for their upcoming wedding. That the yard will not be exactly as you had hoped is okay, the day will will still be beautiful and full of joy and happiness. You being there and celebrating with them is what they want, what they need, and ultimately, what they will remember forever. PS: I can say this with certainty for having been one of the main participants in organizing a backyard wedding. What the place looked like is not what I remember, it was family and friends gathered together having a great time. still feel bad about dumping a can - a small can! - of black paint in the rose bushes when I was painting the wrought iron railing. Oops....
  15. Reader1810

    Chapter 3

    Is it bad this made me laugh? And personally, I think Maris giving Kells what for would be EPIC!!

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