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  1. anniversary and beacon

    Unshakable love and caring in anniversary. That you know it and feel it makes my heart glad. In beacon, I see that love and caring returned ten-fold. These strong words show the love you have for each other. Happy almost anniversary, tim and Mike. As always, nicely done, tim, nicely done.
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    Toronto, ON
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    deleted message
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    away voicemail
  5. Geography

    Yakima, WA
  6. Christmas, This Year

    What you have planned sounds wonderful, tim. You are so right about what will make this day soecial. This year will be a good one for my family because both my brothers and their families will be here. We hadn’t expected the west coasters this year, so that’s what makes it extra special. Merry Christmas tim and Mike and to all the people in your life beyond this cyber world we inhabit.
  7. 5 Letters

    BIKES Billy is klutzy everyone says. KLUTZ

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