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  1. Onim

    Chapter 8 - Ember

    Wow...Pix is a thief...he just stole about a dozen or so hearts, just this morning!! Ember will not be able to hold onto old anger, he's too loving and too smart for that...he's going to have to let go and let flow...right into Brady's arms!! Geez..you give TGIF a whole new meaning for us..others wait for paychecks, we wait for "chap-checks"(chapter updates)!! Very nice one!!
  2. Onim

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    ...can it be a "lil lady"that begs??? We wear knee pads pretty well too...
  3. Onim

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    This was one of those "hella good" stories, Gary!! Loved how you brought it full circle, back to where they should have been before the "hiccup", with a rich ending...everyone won the lotto!! Ahmmm...hate to ask, but can we kinda, sorta, maybe...have an epilogue to the epilogue??? Just asking...well, more like begging!
  4. Onim

    Chapter 31 - Adam

    Great chapter!!! Feeling Paddy's pain over here and duplicating Ian's tears!! 😭 Adam and Ian will make sure that Pat knows he's loved and wanted now...and the rest of the "family" will be there to!! Hoping no one gets hurt, except the meth dealers, when this raid starts(hint, hint!!) Awesome chapter, glad to see this posted...as always!!
  5. Onim

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    Awww, my friend, the best always surrounds themselves with the "bestest"!! I've missed you guys more, for sure...but I'm trying to tone down for a lil bit.. ( I know, impossible for me) but I'm TRYING! Kinda like Brady, we keep trying and hope people will see the good in us...
  6. Onim

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    There's an old Tina Turner song that applies to you and your stories..."You're simply the BEST. ..better than all the rest..." 🎼
  7. Onim

    Chapter 11 Missing Pieces

    Recently, I've refrained from writing my silly, over-zealous reviews...sometimes i just get a little too excited I suppose. So, can I just say that like all your other stories, this was fabulously written...simply FABULOUS! Thanks for this!!
  8. Onim

    Chapter 46

  9. Onim

    Chapter 17

    Sooooooooooooo well done!! Thank you...can't wait for the last chapter...should be just as stunning!!!
  10. Onim

    Chapter 28 - Adam

    AWESOME!! Every time I think another family might be trying to take over "best family on the site"...you go and flip the light on and remind us of what family reigns supreme!! Will/Liam's homemade family of love...and now hopefully Payne and "Detective" Wade will add to this fabulous conglomerate of a family! Certainly, Paddy's new puppy scene was a 'smiling heart' scene stealer, while the kitchen scene of "forget about breakfast" had my mocha coloring trying to blush Another excellent chapter, Joh...
  11. Onim

    Chapter 1 It'll Be Fun

    Going to love this one just as much as your others...the duo of Drake and "Dean" will soon be a loving force not to be challenged!! Preston might want to watch his attitude around Jimmy! Looking forward to appreciating Mondays again...for sure!
  12. Onim

    Chapter 8

    Thoroughly worth the way...as always!!!
  13. Onim

    Chapter 5

    Very nice story...really looking forward to more!!! The police and the blue wall of silence and sometimes dishonesty...might just be at work here...just saying..
  14. Onim

    Chapter 39

    I enjoy this story...so very much!!! You give credence to their feelings that make them come to life in today's reality, you make them sexy, sensual, and sensible!! I for one enjoy them having an opinion and being able to have and exciting life!! Your story in just that...YOURS...originated by you, told by you in your own unique way...and we LOVE it!! One of my favorite families on the site...thank you for sharing!!!
  15. Onim

    Chapter 16

    Love this exciting chapter!! Excellent how Yoshi handled Lady Tinya, she's lucky he left her alive...I still don't trust her and her disrespectful ways! Midori and Yoshi together will be a formidable force for all who seek to oppose their love...Almira will have to fall in line or risk losing her son and heir!!! Great writing, soooo looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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