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  1. Chapter 39

    I enjoy this story...so very much!!! You give credence to their feelings that make them come to life in today's reality, you make them sexy, sensual, and sensible!! I for one enjoy them having an opinion and being able to have and exciting life!! Your story in just that...YOURS...originated by you, told by you in your own unique way...and we LOVE it!! One of my favorite families on the site...thank you for sharing!!!
  2. Chapter 16

    Love this exciting chapter!! Excellent how Yoshi handled Lady Tinya, she's lucky he left her alive...I still don't trust her and her disrespectful ways! Midori and Yoshi together will be a formidable force for all who seek to oppose their love...Almira will have to fall in line or risk losing her son and heir!!! Great writing, soooo looking forward to the next chapter!!!
  3. Chapter 27 - Ian

    Very nice....now to see what type of car Paddy gets, because you know grandparents get to do whatever their hearts desire...he'll get exactly what they told them not to get... after all he is their first grand!! So Paddy has family...brother, cousin, ???, I just hope he's not being abused, cause Will might have to exercise his "kick-ass" rights...again!!! Can't wait for more, more, more!!
  4. Don't Give Up On Me

    Oh wow....Cat 5 TB(tissue box), definitely!!! Mason-Jared...10 on the scale of Love!! Evi, Ink, and Bella singing and dancing to "We Are Family"!!!! Last but not least..Kasey in da house...batting a thousand on CUTENESS!!!
  5. The Accident

    You write beautifully...very thoughtful, most provocative in the sense that you provoke us into serious thought about how we can be better communicators in our relationships...because let's face it, communication in any 'ships, be it partnerships, friendships, or "loveships", is the KEY to everything remaining stable, honest and loving!
  6. Home

    Awesome...my favorite quote "Potty dinta wanna come in"...if this lil guy ever hooks up with Benny...the adults all can consider themselves 'one and DONE'..it's a wrap.."who rule the world...KIDS"!!
  7. Looking Out for You

    Oh geezzzzzzzzzzz...going to have to agree wholeheartedly with BlindAmbition about the 'mugshots'...Maybe we should start contributing to the "KaNaEvi" bail fund, for the times we know that Kaleb, Nan, and Levi will be within shouting distances of each other!! I'm depending on 'Canny' to keep those 3 in check..or barefoot!
  8. Helping Hand

    What a fabulous warm-fuzzy chapter!!! Thanks for this...it lifts the spirit from all the evil and mayhem going on nowdays.. Though there may be a few bumps to come, these kids have hit the Lotto of Love, with this wonderful family!
  9. Broken

    So glad you're feeling better! We missed you and want you healthy and happy...always!! Just to let you know...between "Canny" and Kasey, we're always either laughing out loud or grinning like idiots... Can't wait to find out whats going on with the school kids...can we spell A D O P T I O N!!! Update: 11 outta 10 !!
  10. Chapter 26 - Adam

    The holidays were wonderful, thank you.. Hope yours was also, and that the New Year is treating you like you deserve...FABULOUSSSSSSSS!!
  11. Chapter 26 - Adam

    Just love it!!! Just when I was about to start shaking with "withdrawal" pains...my guys are back!!!! It's so nice to understand a bit more about Stephen...awesome chapter (nothing new, just your usual greatness at work)!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!
  12. Chapter 7

    Love it!!! Koji is intriguing and Andre is falling, falling, falling... Thanks for the very nice update!
  13. Chapter 20

    One of my favorites stories...this was truly a "LOVE" story!!! Thank you...you write beautifully!!
  14. Time Changes Everything~Epilogue

    Excellent epilogue!!! Covered all our favorite bases...love, fun, family time, sorrow (with lots of tears), and updates on all the family dynamics...BASES LOADED, HOME RUN!! ...Ahmmm...I'll take Jared/Mason for $200 please!!
  15. Wedding Bells Ring

    Love the chapter...reminds me of "Perfect"!!

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