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  1. Chapter 10

    This better have a happy ending!!
  2. I need help finding a story I once read here, it was about a boy who was bestfriends with his maid's son. When the maid's son kisses the boy, he beats the shit outa him and leaves him bloody on the floor then runs.

    When he comes back many hours later to apologize, he finds out that the maid had quit and left the house taking her son with her, and they don't meet again.

    And something about the son becoming very rich and successful but under a different name and meeting that boy -now a man- again in a business meeting.

    I can't remember the name or author of this story but I really need to find it.

    Can anyone help?

  3. Chapter Two

    So basically , his mother didn't want anything to do with his father because she wanted to protect him from being enlisted into the military , and later killed herself because she thought that was the best way for him to have a better life. But now his father comes along and asks him to do exactly what she refused from the beginning? That's his version of a "better life"? I thought he would honor her wishes and provide for him financially like helping him finish his ivy league school without any depts or something. As you can see , I'm totally emotionally attached to your story , keep up the good work!
  4. Chapter 5a

    I love the stories that are so well written ,they make me feel exactly how the characters are feeling and live what they're living like it's my own experience. Good job on this one , please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter.
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. BadTiming


      Oh my god! Thank you so much , I didn't think anyone would post or say anything! This means the world to me!

    2. Daddydavek


      I am so glad I happened to check the birthdays today and hope your day has been truly special!

  6. I'm up to ten people knowing I'm bisexual!

    For an Egyptian Muslim , that's a BIG thing!! Yay for meeeeee!

    1. Graeme


      That's great :D Well done!

    2. mollyhousemouse


      BadTiming, I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting you.  I'm very proud of you for doing this very hard thing!

    3. BadTiming


      Thank you so much! ❤

  7. Impatient

    Loved it.
  8. Joined

    God I missed you , Sasha! Loved it as always. I couldn't help but imagine this one as a film , maybe one day!
  9. Chapter 1

    I loved it!! Please keep going.
  10. Unfinished Stories...

    Hello , all.. I was just wondering why there are so many incomplete stories here on gayauthors. I happen to stumble on a lot of good stories that sometimes go back to 2011 but they're not finished. What makes an author leave a story without completing it? Is it low interaction from the readers? Do authors think their stories are not good enough , so they leave it and start -in their opinion- a better one? What do YOU think is the reason? Cheers , Amira
  11. Spent an entire day alone in my room, naked as the day I was born , fav music playing and cigarette in hand. I highly recommend it if you need some time for your self.

  12. We finally have an openly gay celebrity here in the middle east , he's the lead singer in a Lebanese band called "Mashrou' Leila" , what makes it even better is that they make awesome music!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ron


      It was called "Fasateen"

    3. BadTiming


      Ah yes , I love that song. Fasateen means dresses in Arabic , but in the song it specifically means wedding dresses. It goes like this :

      Remember when you told me ,

      You were gonna marry me ,

      Without any money , not even a house?


      Remember how you used to love me ,

      Even though we had different religions ,

      Remember how we were?


      Remember when your mother ,

      Saw me sleeping in your bed ,

      And told me to leave you alone?


      So we decide...

    4. Ron


      ...it seemed like the final decision was to do a road trip on the back of a tow truck. ;)

      Still, I had the gist of it from the video, and the music was likable.

  13. Help needed!

    Thank you , ma'm . I love your stories , btw.
  14. Help needed!

    Yessir , I know they're tagged , just wanted your opinion on what's best to read in order to narrow down my options. Sorry! Also , I've already read the art being gay and absolutely loved it , thank you for suggesting it.
  15. I try not to let my depression control my life , but it's become very exhausting. "I" have become very exhausted.

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Hang in there! I've been where you are and somehow I've managed to get over the hum. I'm still around and still fighting. You can do the same!

    2. dughlas


      Oh dear child if i could i would sweep you up in a hug ... easily spouted platitudes don't help and without knowing you better i can't do more than to tell you that while life can be exhausting you are not alone ... we all struggle in one way or another but still we care for each other along the way.


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