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  1. LOL! i love my kids!

    text from Daughter:

    Hey Mom. Here's the yolk of the day. Share it with your friends if you must. 


    and so here it is

    Why was the strawberry crying?



    Because it's mom was in a jam! :gikkle:


  2. From Space

    this is such a fun little story full of wonderful word pictures from the eye roll, to the traffic jam, to the Hatchimal! and of course it had to be Budweiser and Labatts! i giggled a little each time i read it! thanks for including me in the magic that is your storytelling ❤
  3. Chapter 3: Wayfarers

    now that would be an art show i'd love to wander through! LOL!
  4. Chapter 3: Wayfarers

    humor and intrigue, that drawing class oh my! colorful characters, Burton is wonderful! vivid descriptions, i love the Queen Mary took the tour back in '97 i found myself slightly disappointed when i got to the end of the chapter
  5. Yours

    truly no words smiles, joyful tears the last 8 words hit my heart ❤ ❤ ❤
  6. Tech Tuesday - Story Reviews

    i hadn't known about reviewing until recently, i'll be more cognizant of it now. i do comment quite regularly and was recently given some advice about it. an author i respect said that you shouldn't be self-conscious about comments you may want to make. they are all welcome, and remember, even if it's something similar to a comment you made on another work, a potential reader won't know or care. so i am becoming bolder in reviewing and commenting.

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