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  1. Geography

    Ottawa, Ontario
  2. Geography

    Houston, TX
  3. Geography

    Littleton, CO
  4. Geography

    San Antonio, Texas
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  6. Geography

    Seville, Spain
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  9. Third Week

    another well done week, tim! the 15th is wonderful, and i adore the sing songy quality. in fact, when i read it, it was almost song-like the 16th and 17th speak right to my heart, that's one friend none of us need ever see again, and the 21st, i love when your mom visits us in your poetry thank you again for sharing with us
  10. i don't think that this is lowly at all! the way i see it is that you are putting up the door to allow spring IN it's time to throw open the heavy door that kept the cold at bay and rejoin the world like an animal coming out of hibernation
  11. hey y'all tim did some writing and it's very good! y'all should check it out
  12. The Pick-Up

    i'm always honored to read for you, that you trust me with your art means so much.

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