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  1. I must say that after reading all three of these stories, I feel that I am reading one of the better out of all I have read here on Gay Authors. Please continue with your fine writing, it is well written and a joy to read.
  2. Chapter 45

    Ok I must say that that this is a great story, this is my first post but I have read every chapter to this point and have not read one this good in quite some time. please continue bringing it all to life, thanks
  3. Thanks for reading and giving a thumbs up to the last chapter of Russia My Home.  I hope you enjoy the continued adventures of Vlad and friends in Life Goes On

  4. Destiny Begets Destiny

    Well if you can not see it for yourself in all of these posts, I will repeat " Please keep going, we want to see more".
  5. Just want to thank you for reading just about everything I've posted on GA. Thanks so much!!



  6. Chapter 2: Kai

    Great start, looking forward to more.
  7. Chapter 28: My last night

    Well, you have me confused and hooked all at the same time. Looking forward to the next book.
  8. Chapter 18: Why does it hurt?

    Ok, I am enjoying the story so far, but I have to say, if what Adam is looking for is normal! There is no such a thing. Looking forward to the next chapter
  9. Chapter 50

    Wolf, you have a great gift in you and I am sure you are full of new adventures for Ethan and Aiden, follow your heart and keep it going. Thank you

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