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  1. Chapter 1

    Well Done, @Cynus. I want to see the next chapter!
  2. Chapter 6

    Yes! Some of us are actively lobbying for The Luckiest Man in the World! Very good chapter, R. Eric. But I wouldn't trust Manny and Wynona as far as I could throw them. I also think that Eric should hire a private eye to see if Manny is actually wearing that locator bracelet.
  3. Chapter 7

    Another good chapter, R. Eric. I hope Amy is one who will be also at the wedding.
  4. Introducing Sex Into Your Story

    I appreciate the thoughtful way @Comicality approached this. When I first started finding erotic stories on the Internet, I just wanted a lot of explicit sexual action. After some of that, I decided a liked a plot leading up to sexual activity better. I still enjoy a well-written scene of sex or two or ten, but in most cases a plot building up to it is helpful. Good points have also been brought up by @Myr and @BlindAmbition and @BHopper2 and @Timothy M. which especially resonated with me. It can be too easy for a story to devolve into a sex fest instead of a plot after a certain point. If the rest of the story is going to be mostly about sex, they might as well cut the story short and say, "And they screwed happily ever after" (or whatever sexual acts the author is promoting).
  5. Chapter 16

    By the way, R. Eric, great chapter. Thanks.
  6. Chapter 16

    Keep in mind that Ringo Starr is the stage name of Richard Starkey, and that Paul's full name is James Paul McCartney, so we might have to watch for a James and Richard....
  7. Inspirational Quotes

    “A wise man changes his mind; a fool never does.” ~ Spanish proverb.
  8. A quick question...

    You hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head. I have offended people by accident when we have differing life experiences, and therefore use words differently. The "Oh? Why?" question is one I have used myself. Another technique, used by a sociology professor where I went to college, is to just stare at people with a blank look as if inviting them to explain themselves. That only works when the person spewing stuff has at least a small amount of sense. I grew up in an area where there were only whites and Native Americans and one Asian. The Asian boy was badly treated by some, even though he was a great guy. My parents never talked badly of other races, and I am glad of that. I was able to become friends later with some persons of other races and cultures at a later date.
  9. The advantage of a fictional place is obvious-- no one can go there and see how the author warped the geography. A fictionalized place is more tricky. Someone might figure it out. Authors should also do their geography homework. One author not on this site invented a fictional city, then put it in a fictional location. Oops! There was a town of that name right where the city was supposed to be. However, there is a big difference when comparing a real town of 2,000 with a fictional city of 200,000 people. Several years ago, an author wrote a fictional romance featuring the area of the Midwest where I live. While she got some of the main street names right, many other details were messed up. I agree with others who say words to the effect of, "Either know a real town/village/city, or research, research, research!"
  10. ...It's Who You Know

    This story reminded me of the sometimes non-understanding a teen may have. At the same time, there was interesting interaction with the main character's father, younger brother, and best friend. Kevin feels alienated from nearly everyone close to him, or feels unable to understand and communicate with them. At first, Kevin's father seems remote and not interested in Kevin's life. Kevin's younger brother, Bobby, helps Kevin see something quite different. Kevin's best friend helps nurture the writing talent Kevin has. And Kevin's dad possibly has the biggest secret of all. These elements keep changing, with Bobby being the main spark toward understanding initially, as events spiral toward a major surprise and revelation.
  11. Chapter 1

    Ah, I remember James H. Schmitz, and Damon Knight, and Andre Norton's space travel and time travel books, and Anne McCaffrey, and Larry Niven, and ... and... and...
  12. How do you conquer your fear?

    I have learned to face my fears when needed. but I don't like it, especially dentists! That is worse than the rest put together, because they have sharp instruments they put in your mouth!
  13. How do you conquer your fear?

    Everyone has differing fears and anxieties. I have a fear of dentists and a fear of small culverts. (I nearly drowned in one at age 4.) I have a fear of driving on icy roads after having an accident years ago where I totaled my car by sliding into a culvert and then a wrecker hit my car. I agree. I only drive on icy roads in an emergency, and avoid small culverts when I can. I prepare as best I can (but still am very nervous at dentists). Sometimes we have to look for ways to go around or face our fears. It does not always get easier.
  14. Chapter 22

    Another good chapter, R. Eric.
  15. Chapter 5

    True, but more details have to be filled in to make a 90 minute to 2 and a half hour movie.... LOL. That can come later. I have confidence you will fill in the details we need as the story demands it.

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