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  1. ReaderPaul

    Musings About Tv Ads

    I have seen at least one commercial where the husband and wife-- obviously very well-heeled-- gave each other a car for Christmas-- The same model and same color!
  2. ReaderPaul

    Prompt 589 Who is singing that?

    This is great, Tim. When do we get more of the story?
  3. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 23 Cakes and caring

    One of the best chapters yet in this story, and I have enjoyed every one of the chapters!
  4. ReaderPaul

    Cadet Cruise

    James, Please consider posting more of these. The Cadet Cruise shorts you started as a writing exercise are very good, you have, what-- ten or twelve more?
  5. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 24

    Oh, this reminded me of my own wedding. Fortunately we had friends who helped us plan things; we weren't ones for a lot of falderal. (Look it up on dictionary dot com if necessary.) The fussing Betty and Gabriella are doing reminds me of some of our friends.... Good going with the humor in this chapter and the previous one.
  6. ReaderPaul

    The Last Grumpy Unicorn

    Great story! Please continue writing this.
  7. ReaderPaul


    James, I'm very glad you continued this story. Thank you.
  8. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 23

    Sounds like it's time for Amir to ask Devon and Colin for advice on proposing? I hope, R. Eric, that you give us a glimpse of the Wentworth Manor staff when Betty and Gabriella tell them multiple weddings are coming on the same day!
  9. ReaderPaul

    The Wedding

    Good end to this story, @R. Eric although I have to admit I will miss it. Looking forward to the others you already have going, and maybe, Cinderfella 3?
  10. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 1

    Geron, so far this is my favorite of the Charmed stories. I just recently read the entire series in order, and want to lobby for seeing more of Marty's sister, Parker. She is a fascinating character. Also, this story takes place in New York. Part of your stories "The Odd, Onward Door" and "Never A Door Lost" take place in New York. By chance, do Derry and Cally go to the same school as Jesse, Marty, Nick, Brian, and David? Or had you thought of that possibility? Please keep up the great writing!
  11. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 26

    Very glad to see this chapter. If it would work better for you, R. Eric, to do two to four chapters of a story at one time, go for it! we will adapt. I am still lobbying for another chapter of your story, "The Luckiest Man in the World." Great story. (But actually, I am enjoying ALL of your stories.) Please continue the great writing!
  12. ReaderPaul

    OBC Chapter 9

    @quokka -- I remember when you posted this story originally. It seems to me you have added bits here and there, and also added more dialogue, That makes the story more interesting and fun to read.
  13. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 12

    What Mike said to Chet about his childhood reminded me of the following from an author friend about kids: “High school…kids: They are sweet, caring, cruel, fearful, boastful, insecure, sexual, down to earth beings all wrapped into one package often. Most of them have more sense and compassion than many adults give them credit for. It’s true that they need guidance and boundaries because their brains aren’t completely formed. However, after meeting the parents of some of the worst of the lot, I have seen that the kids are doing a better job of raising themselves than I could have imagined!” ~ The author known as David Lee This story, @R. Eric, is really a good one. Thank you for returning to the story. Chet is a great kid.
  14. ReaderPaul

    Author header on story list

    @Timothy M. as a reader, the quickest way I have found to access a particular Author's stories, is to go to the Authors tab, then select "All Authors" (unless I know a particular Authors is a Classic or Signature or Promising Author) and click the appropriate listing. Then I remember that the Authors are listed in Alphanumeric order, and try to guess where the particular Author is in the 66 or so pages of Author names. Works well for me. If the Author has posted in the last few 8 or so postings, you can just click on the Author's name in the stories listing and shortcut from there. Tim, I agree with you on the following: "Would it be possible to have both number of story / chapter comments and number of story reviews shown ? It's not urgent of course, and sorry if I missed an earlier topic on this." Chapter comments do seem to count as reviews for numeric tabulation of a story. That is mildly confusing to me. @Myr Is there a way of separating actual Reviews and chapter comments I'm missing?
  15. ReaderPaul

    Inspirational Quotes

    “Heroes have a rough time because they stand up when they ought not to, they speak when they ought not to; they always have to go that extra mile.” ~ George Foreman

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