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  1. Akronmo

    Chapter 6

    I started reading this ages ago, and then quit. Child abuse sickens me. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter to many. So, after reading these few chapters again, and deciding to forge ahead, I posted this on FB -- "I'm reading a serial novel about child abuse. It's hard to keep reading. I almost quit every time a new chapter is released. And then I realize that my fucking country is guilty of child abuse. I guess this is what Catholics feel like." Thanks for the anger, I guess.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to read Eric's story. I'm very pleased you are enjoying it.  :)

  3. Akronmo

    Dec Chapter 15

    Fascinating. I want to live there. More on personal relationships, please? I'd like to know how the kid is doing.
  4. I see you've been reading and liking 'Unbeaten' today. Glad to know you enjoyed the read.

  5. Akronmo

    Chapter 9

    I'm 66, and life has been too damned long for too damned long, but I stick around after a failed attempt to get out. In1979 my 9 year old daughter died--that was the worst, but I've a litany of personal tragedies. I'm tempted to list them just to vent, but as you know we all, most of us, have broken hearts. Anyway, I played the song; shared it on Facebook even though I have an unfortunate reaction to country music. Thanks for the music, the shared emotions, and an addictive story.
  6. Thanks for the likes on Summer! It's always a pleasure to know new readers are discovering my stories!

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      ooops, I meant Autumn! Senility is setting in, I think. :P

  7. I'm glad to see you are liking my first story!

  8. I'm happy you like my Cardmaker story too. :2thumbs:

    If you have left any comments, I apologize if I don't find and reply to them at once, but for some reason I don't get notifications about comments.

  9. Hi there! I'm happy to see you liking my work! 

    1. Akronmo


      Pleased that you noticed! I tend to binge read. And I love underdogs prevailing--though it's not a necessity! Thank you for saying 'Hello.'


  10. Akronmo

    HMS Valiant

    Caroline is a loose cannon--as ready to hurt George as to aid. If I were Geo. I would, on the surface, reconcile. And since disgracing her publicly would harm the children in that era, I suggest a voyage for Caroline wherein she succumbs to illness.

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