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  1. Defiance19


    Well, that happened.. Ultimately, it’s the right choice Kieran made.. He will miss Kennedy, but he has a bright future to look forward to, which will distract him from that for a while. Kennedy has to be the one to go after Kieran, as he’s the one still coming to terms with what exactly it is that he wants. This separation will be his undoing and the kick in the ass that he needs.🤞 Back in the cabin when the girls were getting Kieran dressed, I thought that’s what they had in mind. Baby K..
  2. Happy Birthday, deville.. Hope your day is most wonderful!! Many, many more. 🎉🤗

    1. deville


      Thank you , I really appreciate your wishes. Just finished freezing my arse off in court , the day however has been surprisingly fantastic all told . Regards D. 

  3. Defiance19

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    Meeting parents
  4. Defiance19

    Chapter One: Dreams - Part 1

    I’m so glad you’re back.. This story starts off with just the perfect intrigue..
  5. Defiance19

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Oh for the love of Buddha!😖 Kennedy, your future business partner spelt it out for you. With another K, by the way in the form of Kelly-Ann Marie!! Wake up, my man, before you let the best thing to happen to you slip away. (I think Kieran might have used some reverse psychology on him though)

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