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  1. Defiance19

    Chapter 10

    You tell us so much, and yet you give away nothing.. Should we be worried about the hail?
  2. Defiance19

    Chapter 33: An Abject Low

    Oh AC, it’s way to early to have me crying into my coffee.. Kohl’s prayer was my undoing. If Kohl could just let Gordon take care of him, love him... Maybe this is Kohl’s ninth hour and he’ll finally emerge from darkness and see the light. Great chapter...
  3. Defiance19

    Book Club Suggestions – Crime Novels Category

    Never read any Nero Wolfe mysteries, but it sounds like something I may enjoy. When I was younger my go to was always Det. Mike Hammer (Mickey Spillane’s character) 🕵️‍♂️
  4. Happy Birthday 🎂 

    1. Cynus


      Thank you so much!

  5. Defiance19

    Our House

    Disgustingly in love, they are. Very sweet story, Cassie.
  6. Defiance19


    I think there are still rough times ahead for Daniel. I hope he can trust Michael enough to let him in and maybe realise he doesn’t have to go it alone.
  7. Defiance19


    Loz makes it impossible for me to hold on to any belief he might be 1 ounce redeemable.. My hope exactly!!
  8. Defiance19

    “My Boyfriend’s Due Back…”

    This ain't Eastenders... lol. Tommy shouldn’t feel so bad and give himself a break. So maybe he didn’t intend to break up a relationship, but it was bound to happen. Sean would have gotten careless, Bruno could have come home early.. who knows.
  9. Defiance19

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    You said it, tim.. You are human and you make mistakes. Plus you are humble in the realisation. There is a thing that says if you really think about it, you learn as much from where you went wrong as you do from when you succeed. Or something like that. You have Michael to guide you, and when you share these posts, it helps I think, to give us insight. Thank you
  10. Defiance19

    Once More with Feeling

    Well, his reaction was certainly unexpected.. Im with Parker though, in wondering where the relationship goes from there.(and not in a bad way )
  11. Defiance19

    Closing Doors

    There’s so much story within this piece. I like that we’re re left to fill it in. Well done.
  12. Defiance19

    Linked Words

    bell tower
  13. That little peck on the lips took a mental backseat when we started learning what happened to D.. No doubt if it continues, there will be plenty to say. 😌
  14. Defiance19

    Chapter 9

    Arad may be about to find out what he signed on for. Sucks to still be treated like crap even when he was invited. But, it sounds like he’s made the most of it.
  15. Defiance19

    Chapter 11

    Glad you’re feeling better Adi...This was a welcome back chapter. We all wanted to believe in D, but it was getting harder even when we suspected something was off. Hopefully, knowing what they are facing, is the way back.
  16. BREAKING....From West Kill, New York: “Reports of alarming, suspicious activity, at this year’s ‘Meet Iron Man’ community event. News crews are arriving on scene. Stay tuned.”

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