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    Recited line
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    Color pop
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    Decaf 😩
  7. Soccer is on, im distracted by the man buns(no, not the gluteus ones) and laughing my $$$ off thinking about you.  Hehe

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    The Promise

    The Promise is a beautifully written short story. It bears a serious theme, yet it’s engaging and funny, and it’s impossible not to fall in love along with the characters, or fall in love with Sam. We are treated to an imaginative and creative piece, as tim takes us on an unexpected journey, opens our minds and hearts and leaves us with a wonderful message. Go on, read it and see for yourself..
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    The Story

    “....but a man driving a yellow car. What will people think?" I’d probably be (in total NYC style ) “Gahhh, that’s not a cab.. why is he driving a bloody yellow car then!” 😛 Good thing it’s Canada, hehe. Thank you, tim. I love the story of protecting the Sanctuary. The song line, ‘They took paradise and put in a parking lot.’ sprung to mind. It’s more than just that, but there are so many instances where we ruin perfectly beautiful places or spaces with no regard for habitat. Human or animal. Sometimes it may be necessary, but rarely are the displaced cared for. I think we all need to be better keepers of our Sanctuary and not worry so much about what we’d profit, but what we’d lose. Oh look, didn’t realise I’d stepped up on that box..stepping down now.. 🙈 Wonderful story, great ending.
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    Routine visit
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    Well, I dusted off my old robes. So I’m ready. Got plenty of tissues too.. Can’t say much about this chapter, ‘cept that I loved it. Loved having everyone in the same space. Not surprised that the twins are little wedding party people. I hope it doesn’t break Carlos’ heart when he finds out that Harley isn’t available. Great chapter, C... edit to add: Still unsettled about Brad.
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    Dolphin Delivery

    But, C.. that’s not even a threat... Remember your blog post? Friendships were made... Jamie likes me.. lol.
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    Dolphin Delivery

    Laugh it up you.. see if I share the private stash... 😛
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    Dolphin Delivery

    Thank you, dugh... I’ll take this as you looking out for me. 😏 🤨
  15. Happy, happy birthday, Puppi... Hope it’s the best yet!!  I trust you got the owlgram... 😉


    1. Puppilull


      I got an owl pic and several tiny owls from my youngest daughter. So owl quota filled. ;)


  16. 🍷🍷We never did get to that story....
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    Forcefully remove
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    Chapter 2

    There seems an underpinning of something, for sure. I wonder what went wrong before, that Lee hesitates now. Obviously it didn’t affect the friendship. And I love this friendship. No matter what, that foundation is strong. I am excited to see where you take us next on their journey.
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    I Wrote A Book!

    Congrats, again! I actually got a ‘What’s New at Riptide’ email, opened it up and your book was front and center. So cool!
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