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    I love Mathematics!!! :D
    Reading: nearly anything! :D
    Music: Alternative/Rock and more besides! :D
    Others: Eh... as long as I see a shirtless guy :P

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  1. looking for story recomendations(details inside)

    Oh, if you decide to get Premium, I highly recommend Jake by C James. The title character is the textbook definition of a bad boy.
  2. Nathan Chen is back, baby! :D 

    1. Headstall


      It was a stunning performance after what happened in the short! Brilliant!

    2. mogwhy


      absolutely brilliant!:wub:

  3. looking for story recomendations(details inside)

    And The Assassin. Orange, you can also try Sasha Distan's Born Wolf Hell, try any of Sasha's stories, even if they aren't exactly what you are looking for. They are that good.
  4. Clueless Camping by Timothy M

    OMG Tim, I just found out about Denmark's singer for this year's Eurovision! He's a modern day Viking.
  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Spikey! :heart::hug: 

    1. spikey582


      Happy V-Day to you too Drewbear! :kiss:

    2. Headstall


      Happy Valentine's Day, spikey!! :hug: 

    3. spikey582


      And to you Gary!  For a couple more hours yet. :glomp:

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, Page! :heart: I hope you, Morgan, Mickey, and Remy had a wonderful day! :kiss: 

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Happy Valentine's Day, Drew! :hug::kiss: And yeah, we did! :) Mickey and Remy make a cute couple. :gikkle:

  7. Since it's Valentine's Day, I set this as my profile pic:


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      @spikey582 It's one actually. :gikkle:

      @Page Scrawler Uhm... no comment. :P 

      @Reader1810 Happy Valentine's Day, Reader! :heart:

      @dughlas Happy Valentine's Day, Dugh! :heart: 

    3. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      I absolutely love it, Drew! Wherever did you find it?

    4. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      @Parker Owens I found it while browsing on Google Images. Anyways, thanks Parker, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  8. Last Post Wins #44

  9. Hey Emi, I just heard about your mom. :hug: You and your family are in my thoughts. :kiss: 

    1. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Thanks Drewbear. :heart::hug::kiss:

  10. My family got me watching Jane the Virgin, and three episodes in, I'm hooked.

    1. SolarMaxx


      Hmmmm, where would I find that one Drew? 

    2. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      Hey Maxx! :hug: You can find the show on Netflix. :) You can also watch it on TV by going to The CW channel.

    3. SolarMaxx


      Thanks bud, I’ll definitely check it out. Love Netflix!  :hug:


  11. Good News Thread

    After ten years, a dog is reunited with her owner.
  12. Make us laugh!

  13. Last Post Wins #44

    <quietly steals back the for Tsar Steve>

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