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    I love Mathematics!!! :D
    Reading: nearly anything! :D
    Music: Alternative/Rock and more besides! :D
    Others: Eh... as long as I see a shirtless guy :P

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  1. Drew Espinosa

    Last Post Wins #45

    Tsar Steve!
  2. Drew Espinosa


    Amarillo, TX
  3. Drew Espinosa

    Need help with my Google Drive

    Thanks jp! I actually checked an icon on my taskbar (called 'Backup and Sync from Google Drive') and I was able to fix it from there!
  4. Drew Espinosa

    Need help with my Google Drive

    Since this help is non-GA related, I'm posting this topic in the lounge. I use the free 15 GB storage for Google Drive, and I have a yearly subscription to Microsoft, so I have 1 TB storage in OneDrive. Anyways, I use both of them to save my files. The main difference between them, in terms of what I save, deal with 'certain kinds of videos' *cough cough* (what can I say, I'm a healthy young man, lol). For those kinds of videos, I save them to OneDrive, since that one has more storage available. And I never save them to Google Drive. However, recently I finally got around to updating to Windows 10 1803, and after the update had completed, Microsoft asked me if I wanted to sync my files. Even though, my files were already synced before the update, I thought it might've been turned off during and after the update, so I clicked 'yes.' Well, everything was going smoothly until today, when I received a notification telling me my Google Drive was full. That didn't make sense, I knew, from recently checking, that I had used about 6 GB. So, I went online to check, and yep... my Google Drive had used up its 15 GB worth of storage, and when I looked at my recent tab, I found out why. The sync pop-up was asking me if I wanted to sync my drives to each other! That just goes to show, I really need to read things more carefully. Anyways, because I clicked 'yes' Google Drive had been uploading files from my OneDrive, including the videos. That meant, these new files overwhelmed my remaining storage on Google Drive. So, for the past hour, I have been deleting all these new files, and I have managed to get my Google storage back to around 6 GB. So, this is where I call for help comes in: I don't know how or where to undo that sync setting. If any of you know, I'd appreciate it a lot.
  5. Happy Birthday, Myr!

  6. My thoughts are with my fellow Texans today.

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    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I was out in town today, so I didn't hear about it yet. :(It'll probably come up on the news later.... :hug::hug::hug:to Drewbear and any other Texans on GA, as well as the families of the victims.

    3. Drew Espinosa
    4. Ashi


      Cute glasses and the guy who wears them.

  7. Drew Espinosa

    Questions, Questions Questions

    Can the answer be found in the sitcom, Friends?
  8. Drew Espinosa

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but your bed is ridden by bedbugs. I wish I could be a Hogwarts student.
  9. Does a length of 20 centimeters sound more impressive than in inches?
  10. Drew Espinosa

    Word Chain

  11. Drew Espinosa

    Word Association

  12. Drew Espinosa

    Questions, Questions Questions

    Isn't the enemy of your enemy your friend?
  13. Drew Espinosa

    Last Post Wins #45

    None of your business, brother o' mine! Tsar Steve!
  14. Drew Espinosa

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Aceinthehole

    Congrats Ace!!!

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