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  1. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 105 The Tooth Fairy

    “The Tooth Fairy!” That really is clever. Gay, straight or bi — that first breakup always hurts like hell. This passage brings back several vivid, if not painful memories. As always, it’s a beautifully descriptive and well written chapter. I always look forward to each new posting. I’m sort of relieved that Robbie is free of Nathan. Maybe he will end up with Rory! In the world of teenage sexuality, it seems almost anything is possible under the right circumstances. Who knows?
  2. SolarMaxx

    Snow Battle

    This was a particularly beautiful and sensitively written chapter. The emotional tone was just right, and very believable. Great writing! Your story has been a very happy discovery for me. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more.
  3. SolarMaxx

    The Third Wheel

    In a more perfect world, everyone should be free to make up their own mind about who they are — and who they love! Maybe someday ...
  4. SolarMaxx

    Move Along

    This is a great story, full of heart and authenticity! Really looking forward to part two.
  5. SolarMaxx

    Billy Gets His Head Examined

    Short, but kinda sweet @jkwsquirrel. I’m really liking this story. The characters are interesting and your writing is beautiful. I love the way you use just the right amount of description to shape the story — not too little or too much. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for posting.
  6. SolarMaxx


    Another absorbing and well written chapter @Aceinthehole — well worth waiting for. I love the way the bond between Adam and Artie is strengthening, and Dizzy’s character is becoming more and more likeable with each new chapter. Really looking forward to reading what happens next.
  7. SolarMaxx


    What a bold and vivid beginning. It seems that Rick is off to a traumatic start in life. I know that some people grow up in childhoods riddled with unreasonable emotional and physical distress, and I hope that Rick will be one of those fortunate souls who can somehow rise above it all and find happiness. This chapter is a great start to what seems like a very interesting story. It’s nicely written and wonderfully descriptive, and I definitely look forward to reading more. Thanks for posting this @SHDWriter.
  8. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 102 A student for a Day

    Yet another great chapter filled with fascinating twists and turns, and the intrigue of new questions to keep us guessing. It’s starting to seem, more and more, like Nathan is not quite ready to settle down just yet. Who is at 15? Apparently Robbie thinks he is — but I’m not so sure about that either! The parting kiss between he and Tom was an interesting surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t have been. I know first hand that walking a shakey tightrope between bisexual attractions can be a tough balance. Thanks, as always @Dodger for all your hard work. You’ve really cultivated a very distinguished, and well deserved audience here. And you never disappoint!
  9. SolarMaxx

    Little Hours

    What a hauntingly beautiful and melancholy piece of literature. I’ve never seen these thoughts so meaningfully expressed before. Like so many others, I’ve lost a Loved one to a slow and lingering demise. I think I permanently lost a little of my own life in the process!
  10. SolarMaxx

    PART 3-- Chapter 13

    This is a fantastic chapter — my favorite so far. I guess I can’t really add much to what has already been posted. Just really like this story!
  11. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 6

    This is really a fantastic story @craftingmom. I’ve been looking for a good story to sink into, and I’ve been binge-reading this one with fascination since yesterday. The characters are interesting, three dimensional and very believable — if not always likeable. And the plot is engaging and original. I am definitely looking forward to reading more. Thanks for all your heartfelt efforts. They are much appreciated and admired.
  12. SolarMaxx

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Dodger

    Really happy for you @Dodger. I think you’re one of the best storytellers on GA. Congrats!
  13. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 101 Back to School

    I actually didn’t think of that, but now that you’ve spelled it out, it seems very plausible.
  14. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 101 Back to School

    Well, the first day of school seemed to actually go pretty smoothly. I guess there are at least a few assholes in every school, and gays are always easy targets! I think it’s a clever move to have at least one character in the story (Rory) who appears to be gay, but is actually straight. Kind of breaks up the stereotypes. So glad that you decided to extend this story a little more Dodger. There still seem to be so many plot possibilities to explore — and of course a few loose ends to resolve. And these characters are starting to feel like old and comfortable friends. I’m appreciate, as always, all your hard work and imagination. Another terrific chapter!
  15. Really love your new profile pic Dave! 

    1. Daddydavek


      @SolarMaxx  Thanks!  It was taken this past Friday when my grandson was just one week old.  I plan to revert to my usual avatar tomorrow, but I just had to show our baby J off a bit as I am so proud.  

    2. SolarMaxx


      Babies are amazing! And that one is a definite keeper. Congrats.


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