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  1. Chapter 2

    What a terrific story — with interesting and nicely developed characters. Perry is definitely a lot braver than I am because digital pics have a tricky way of popping up when an where they’re least expected! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for posting this chapter Hoodster.
  2. Chapter 86 All My Loving

    Alex continues to be an intriguing variable in this story, and the connection between he and Nathan is a nice twist. It almost seems like there’s some missing pieces to that puzzle! Maybe Robbie isn’t he only one holding back on the whole truth. It’s a shame that Robbie chose to dig himself in even deeper by denying his friendship with Alex. Now it’s going to be even more difficult for him to be truthful later — if he can muster the courage to do it. Sue is definitely developing into a disappointingly weak character who seems to be choosing the path of least resistance a little more every day. I see choppy waters ahead!
  3. Chapter 85 Breaking The Rules

    It’s nice to see Robbie gaining confidence, and the courage to finally be himself in front of the whole world. Not an easy choice for everyone, but a choice I deeply admire and respect. I’m not sure how Don will handle what will probably be “extreme embarrassment and humiliation” as the truth of Robbie’s sexuality circulates like lightening throughout his small community. And it will also be interesting to see Alex’s reaction — probably a predictable one — although Alex has surprised me in the past. Great chapter — fascinating story! Like many other readers here, I always appreciate your hard work and formidable story-telling gifts.
  4. A simple one

    Powerful imagery here. I had to read this several times to absorb it. I guess there have been times when I’ve felt this way about my own life. “life’s a bitch ... and then you die.” But there’s always hope — and beer!
  5. Thick night

    A little dark, but strangely erotic at the same time. Raw passions and sweet obsession — the nerve of human reality.
  6. Looking back

    WOW! This is really powerful — and beautifully expressed! You have definitely captured that special moment when desire meets reality. Hope I got that one right.
  7. Just checking in with you, Maxx. Hope all is well. 

    1. SolarMaxx


      I’m okay MacGreg — just a little depressed lately. Thanks for asking. Hope everything is good in your world.


  8. I hope you are feeling better and your ankle is making good progress.  

    1. SolarMaxx


      Thanks Dave. I still can’t run very well, but I’m back in the game at least. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I have a wicked habit of feeling sorry for myself sometimes.

  9. Feeling very depressed this morning! I’m supposed to be running the Hot Chocolate race in Chicago, but I twisted my ankle running in the park last week, and am probably sidelined for the season. Sometimes life just sucks! 

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    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Hang in there, bud. This is your chance to elicit pity and constant attention from your wife. I say milk it! :)

    3. MacGreg


      Maxx, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to run your race. Sorry you hurt your ankle. There will be other opportunities! 

    4. CassieQ


      Injuries that keep you from doing what you love definitely suck!  I've worked with a lot of athletes and it's really hard to sit by and let the body heal.  Hoping you have a speedy recovery!  :hug:  

  10. Friday the 14th -- and we're all still here :*)

    1. Mikiesboy


      morning Maxxy

    2. ancientrichard


      It's Saturday 14th in the sunny English Midlands, but we are here too :-)

    3. Dmrman


      Hey Maxxy .... It all detoured..... the 14th  came without incodent !!!!!:2thumbs: How are you ?

  11. A Short Story in one chapter.

    What a beautifully written vision! I really enjoyed it. Your sense of character-voice is excellent -- very convincing. I still remember my adolescent moment of sexual realization. And your right; being gay or bisexual is NOT easy. But t it can be fascinating -- like having a secret superpower. Thanks for posting William. Great job!
  12. Hey, It's Me!

    Looken HOT!
  13. Happy Birthday Houdinii! 

  14. Chapter 80 Making A Splash!

    I'm personaly very happy that you're extending the story. It has been great! Like all wonderful stories, I'm ambivalent -- wanting to know how it ends on one hand, but NOT really wanting it to be over on the other. I'm really going to miss these characters! Screw the safety net Dodger -- you're doing great!
  15. Happy Birthday MrM

    Happy Birthday MrM ! ! !

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