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  1. Friday the 14th -- and we're all still here :*)

    1. Mikiesboy
    2. ancientrichard


      It's Saturday 14th in the sunny English Midlands, but we are here too :-)

    3. Dmrman


      Hey Maxxy .... It all detoured..... the 14th  came without incodent !!!!!:2thumbs: How are you ?

  2. A Short Story in one chapter.

    What a beautifully written vision! I really enjoyed it. Your sense of character-voice is excellent -- very convincing. I still remember my adolescent moment of sexual realization. And your right; being gay or bisexual is NOT easy. But t it can be fascinating -- like having a secret superpower. Thanks for posting William. Great job!
  3. Hey, It's Me!

    Looken HOT!
  4. Happy Birthday Houdinii! 

  5. Chapter 80 Making A Splash!

    I'm personaly very happy that you're extending the story. It has been great! Like all wonderful stories, I'm ambivalent -- wanting to know how it ends on one hand, but NOT really wanting it to be over on the other. I'm really going to miss these characters! Screw the safety net Dodger -- you're doing great!
  6. Happy Birthday MrM

    Happy Birthday MrM ! ! !
  7. Happy Birthday @MrM :2thumbs:

    1. MrM


      Thank You! :kiss:



  8. Chapter 80 Making A Splash!

    I think Daniel is going to need some serious therapy before this story is over! Nice plot-turns in a his chapter. As always, I can't wait to see what happens next. BTW, I totally agree with @Wesley8890 about Don. I just can't express it as well as he did.
  9. It's been a GREAT vacation -- but it's always GREAT to come home!

  10. Happy Birthday @Defiance19. Hope it's a GREAT one.

    1. Defiance19


      Thank you Maxx. 


  11. Okay ... I already know that I'm taking a contrary stand here, but I feel bad for Daniel. He has a lot to deal with, and of course he's going to need a little time to process everything. He probably feels like he's pretty much on his own about now! But I'm sure he'll make a healthy adjustment -- probably much sooner more maturely than Don. Great chapter Dodger.
  12. These are really good @Wesley8890. I hope you don't mind if I borrow them
  13. The "Rail and Train" show was okay -- not amazing! Almost all the food was deep fried -- cut me a break! But it was great to climb aboard and around ancient steam engines and rail cars. And the weather outside was perfect today. So ... Life is mostly good! Glad I gave it a shot! 

    1. Mikiesboy


      sounds fun anyway!!! 

    2. mogwhy


      trains are so cool! glad you enjoyed it!i was glad to get to actually take a long trip on one.

  14. Going to a "Rail and Train" festival in a couple of hours! My first one. Try something new every day!

    1. BHopper2


      Have fun!

    2. SolarMaxx


      Thanks @BHopper2. Not sure what to expect, but they have a bunch of antique trains, artworks and lots of food! And it's mostly all outside. How bad could it be? :P

  15. Food

    I wish I could cook!

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