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  1. oat327

    Chapter 1

    Glad you’re liking it! I’m excited for people to see Kevin without Becker’s distortion. He’s always fascinated me as a character, and it’s fun to take him further. Carver’s been an interesting character to write for this one, because he's obnoxious but was very much intended as a one-off character who was a foil to Becker… still figuring out how to write him without completely turning off everyone, but hopefully he'll get his redemption too.
  2. 1) I’ve actually never been to White Flint either, despite living in DC for nearly a decade, but the whole Lord & Taylor saga was covered in the news here for a while. (I think it’s still ongoing.) The Beckers’ hometown of Hamlet, Maryland, is fictional but it’d be roughly somewhere between Potomac and Bethesda—so White Flint Mall would have been in 2007 the local mall. 2) New York’s funny. I make that trip fairly often, and I’ve always been struck by the chaos of the area around Penn Station—especially when you’re coming off a 3.5-hour train after a full day of work and it’s past dinnertime and you’re in kind of an irritable mood anyway. Becker’s of course younger, so this would probably be his first time coming up to the city alone. 3/4/7) I actually was scared I was signaling the breakup too hard because I felt like it was the natural end of Kevin’s arc that began with the New York chapter. Kevin, who grew up so poor, got talked into taking the internship by Becker and finally got a taste of what it was like to essentially be rich: working in finance in New York with a boyfriend who comes from a prominent family… and he realized how hollow it all was. Kevin realized how much more comfortable he was being himself… busking with his trumpet, living in Harlem, surrounded by artistic and idealistic people, and being openly gay. Rather than being a straight finance bro from family money, which is what he pretended to be. I think he realized Becker was going to keep insisting Kevin be someone he’s not. 5) Carver was fun to write in this chapter—his criticism of Becker was harsh but it wasn’t completely wrong. I’d imagine Becker sticks with preppy—probably stumbling over to Vineyard Vines at some point. 6) I think David Becker’s the kind of guy who gets off on public adulation—like, he loved being a professional athlete and when that career ended, he found he loved being a politician for the same reasons. And, like you said, he had the charm to really excel with it and, now that he’s involved, is thinking about the dynasty. But so is his wife: I always pictured Catherine as the real brains behind the operation. It hasn’t been really addressed in the story—and it’s not really relevant, because it’s not their story—but I feel they function very much as a team.
  3. Yeah, I think Kevin gets Becker better than anyone—he sees how much Becker compartmentalizes himself. (Because Kevin does this too, in a different way.) I definitely agree with the identity: I always saw it as Peter being the person he felt obligated to be; Adam the person he wanted to be; Becker the person he actually is. It’s fun as the walls progressively come down.
  4. Oh yeah, that I could definitely see. You're good at these! There's no description of Becker in "Best Four Years" (because it's from his point of view) but there's one in "Against the World"--and that fits him to a T. And yeah, Justine's uncomfortable with him going by Adam because she's known him as Peter his whole life. So far, she's the only one that's been exposed to it first-hand, so she's had the most visible reaction, but slowly the walls are breaking down, so we'll see more of this. It's been mentioned but not really explored yet, but there's meaning in the name Adam too; Becker's named after his maternal grandfather Peter and his paternal grandfather Adam. We get to meet the rest of the extended Becker clan at some point too.
  5. oat327

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 9

    Becker’s plenty insecure, but he can bend a guy over a desk with the best of them. And I wouldn’t describe either exchanging mutual blowjobs or some flirtatious sexting as dominant/submissive relationships—Becker’s the instigator and very much the one in control in both situations.
  6. oat327

    Chapter 1

    It's going to be fun doing their relationship from the other side, and digging a bit deeper into Kevin, because I always found him to be such an interesting character. Hopefully it sheds a little more light on what went wrong in their relationship--they were a great couple in a lot of ways, but Becker also tended to put Kevin on a pedestal. I think Kevin's take is going to round everything out a bit more.
  7. oat327

    Chapter 1

    Oh jeez, you're right. I know about a million future Carvers. He's going to be even more tedious when he's losing his youth, isn't he. It's kind of funny to think about how this story is set just over 10 years ago. In 2018, Kevin would be about 31, Becker about 30. Hopefully with their shit together? Glad you're liking Kevin's point of view... It's interesting to revisit some very old Becker chapters (like the scene where they met--I wrote that maybe 3 or 4 years ago at this point) and reuse the same dialogue but through a different lens. Not every scene between them is going to be pulled from "Best Four Years"--Kevin remembers some very different moments than Becker does--but it'll get more interesting once their relationship heats up. (Which should be soon; this whole story will only be about 10-12 chapters, whereas their relationship took nearly double that to develop in "Best Four Years.")
  8. Creating a place to discuss my latest story, "Against the World." AGAINST THE WORLD Kevin Malley has everything he ever wanted... ...if only he could get his mind off three very different men from the past. A spinoff of "The Best Four Years of Adam Becker."
  9. Glad you’re enjoying it (and glad someone jumped ahead with my little mid-story summary, because I was so afraid the 300,000 words would alienate people from joining in.) Becker’s definitely a frustrating character. Largely because *he’s* the one forcing himself to stay in the closet… his family, fraternity, friends—all of them would completely accept him. And he knows that. Of course, it’s a slightly different time; this story is currently in late 2007—a year before California, of all places, voted to ban gay marriage—but I wanted this to be someone whose struggle is completely in their head. And his refusal to take action has, in a lot of ways, cost him his relationship… which is another tough pill to swallow. But anyway, glad you’re liking it—new chapter should be (fairly) soon!
  10. oat327

    Chapter 1

    Glad you’re enjoying it. They’re both interesting, albeit different, characters. I think the most telling line in this chapter about their relationship was Kevin realizing that Becker, for lack of a better phrase, has such first world problems. Kevin’s had a tough life—this isn’t going to be an especially happy story—but, in the present action of the story in Paris, he’s at least in a good place.
  11. oat327

    Chapter 1

    I generally don’t like spinning off characters—I think the Becker story works specifically because everything is so filtered through him—but I started thinking about doing it during the Thanksgiving chapter. And then, after Kevin and Becker’s breakup, I thought we needed Kevin’s side of the story too. So hopefully it fills him out a bit more.
  12. oat327

    Chapter 1

    Yeah, it’s been fun to explore Kevin a little bit, because we’ve only seen him through Becker’s eyes. This story jumps around a lot (these are the three main storylines, but it’ll bounce around beyond that), so Becker is definitely still a big part… hoping it gives a different take on their relationship.
  13. oat327

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 9

    First of all, thanks to everyone for commenting. Second of all, not to keep commenting repeatedly on my own story, but... I have news! The spin-off of "The Best Four Years of Adam Becker," featuring Kevin Malley's semester in Paris, is officially posted. It's called "Against the World," and I hope you'll take a look! (And give it comments, so it doesn't look so sad and unloved.)
  14. oat327

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 9

    Carver goes down as the most hated character I’ve ever written, officially. I was writing the first chapter of the Kevin spin-off, and Carver is featured pretty prominently… and I have to say, damn, he’s obnoxious to write in larger doses. So, I'd like to officially apologize for inflicting that kid on the world.
  15. oat327

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 9

    Thanks! Some of the first things I wrote for this story were the breakup scenes—I had no idea the rest of the story or any of the characters, but I was going through a bad breakup (5 years ago—crazy to think) and wanted to try to capture something. They were heavily edited to fit the story, obviously, but I think the rawness is there. This is hard for Becker. He’s gotten his heart broken for the first time, and that’s awful. I love the little scene with Luke though, because of the softness. It’s not in my outline for this story—I actually completely forgot about Luke until I rereading the Christmas chapter from last year and remembered that they had a little (very subtle) flirtation—but you’re right: it was an easy and quiet coming out. Which is a very huge step for Becker, considering what ended his relationship with Kevin. More coming very soon. (Including the Kevin spin-off, which was just posted!)

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