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  1. What Is It About Weddings? Weddings were always eventful for Parker and me beyond what we were there for. And it was usually due to seeing those family members that we generally did not see at any other time. When Ginny and Bill got married, Bill introduced us to his gay nephew and his boyfriend. We all became good friends. They provided a kind of touchpoint for our same-sex relationship status, so we didn’t feel isolated in our suburban home. We’d all go to the beach, a concert, an all-ages club, or even just the movies. It was cool to go as a group to see the newest gay-themed movie at the art cinema or the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. When Parker and I had no plans, we did have a lot of sex to fill the void (excuse the pun). But we couldn’t stay locked in the house having incredibly satisfying sex all the time. While it was fun to live like gay porn stars, we needed to explore other interests, too. Unfortunately, after two years and many fun summer afternoons, Kevin and Vince split up. I guess it’s almost inevitable with first relationships. We considered Kevin and Vince our contemporaries (even though we were slightly older), but they didn’t have a wealth of experiences with other guys. Yes, Parker was my first gay relationship, but he wasn’t my first relationship. And I was not Parker’s first. It definitely helps to have had some exposure to what’s out there to know what it is you want. Bad past relationships help foster better choices for new ones. It seemed that Kevin was a bit of a control freak, but Vince was very meek. Were they a mismatched couple? Maybe. Yet sometimes a meek person needs a partner with a stronger personality to help get things done. After their split, I felt bad because we kind of drifted apart. I’d sometimes see Kevin at a big family event, and we’d talk and promise to keep in touch, but that never happened. I think Kevin felt he needed a boyfriend before he could hang out with us like the old days. But then when he finally got a boyfriend, he’d forget to get back in touch. In retrospect, we probably could have preserved the relationship if we had communicated better. But we didn’t think that way when we were in our 20s. We did run into Vince the following year at the Pride parade. Parker and I and Vince all happened to be spectating from the same plot of land. Parker saw him first and said, “Vince is that you?” “Oh, my God! Parker! And Matt!” he called out and we had a big group hug. “Guys, this is my boyfriend Corey,” he added. We did the introductions and the handshakes. “So how long have you been together?” Parker asked. “Let’s see…” Vince counted on his fingers, “six—almost seven—months!” We all made an effort not to remind ourselves that we knew each other through Kevin, but it still hung in the air like a thick fog. We exchanged information and promised to keep in touch. That was going to be tough because we were always going to be related to Kevin (through marriage). The song “There’s always something there to remind me” ran through my head. The next contact we had from Vince was a card that following Christmas. He was still with Corey and they had moved to San Francisco. Parker said, “San Francisco? How cliché. ‘We’re gay so why don’t we move to San Francisco!’” “Yup, earthquake city. No thanks. Plus there are too many gays there! Ha ha!” I joked. “Yeah, there goes the neighborhood! Ha ha!” Parker added. That was the last we heard from Vince…until Facebook became ubiquitous and he found us. He had broken up with Corey, who discovered drugs, and he sent us a picture of him with Kim his Asian partner. Kim was cute and they looked good together. Parker quipped, “When one guy is Asian, who’s the top?” He mimicked a nerdy straight person asking the question. I burst out laughing and then Parker joined in. Regardless, we have been in contact with Vince through online means ever since. It seemed less awkward to remain in contact once or twice a year via the virtual world than actually meeting in person. We’d see Kevin maybe once a year when Bill hosted a cookout or something, but we’d never mention that we were in contact with Vince. We felt they were both friends of ours even if they weren’t together anymore. Separate but equal. My sister, Melissa, had long ago grown out of her emo phase and she got into fitness. She was suddenly all about aerobics and pilates and spinning and cross training. She eventually went to fitness instructor training and started teaching classes. I remembered all of the loose-fitting clothing from her emo days, and the next time I saw her, she was in skin-tight workout clothes with a rocking body. Her appearance was so markedly different that she hardly looked like the same person. I thought it was a vast improvement. Then the improbable happened at our wedding. Beginning at the reception, which was just an easy buffet affair at a function hall, I noticed Parker’s brother, Nick, talking to my sister. I figured it was nice that the two families were getting acquainted. When Parker and I returned from our honeymoon, we were informed that Nick and Missy had started dating. Nick was two years older than me and my sister was two years younger than me, so I guess the ages worked out even though I hadn’t even considered that before. In a scenario pulled from the pages of truth is stranger than fiction, not even a whole year later Nick and Missy announced they were engaged. What the—? Nick was already my brother-in-law through my marriage to Parker. Now Nick would also be my brother-in-law through his marriage to my sister. Is there a term for this? Is this like a brother-in-law squared? They did get married when Nick was 32 and my sister was 28. This paved the way for the practice of our two families spending Christmas day together at my parents’ house…Ginny and Bill included. During the first Christmas get together after their wedding, I was talking privately with Nick. “I was surprised when I heard Missy and you were dating,” I began. “Yeah, it’s strange how it all came about. I was talking to your sister at your wedding for a good while before she said she was the groom’s sister,” he explained. “I asked her how that could be because I was the groom’s brother. That was certainly an unusual start.” “Hah, that is funny. The other funny part is I thought my sister was going lesbian, so when I heard she was dating a guy, I was surprised,” I told him. “Yeah, she told me up front that she was ‘a little bisexual’ when we started dating. I told her I didn’t mind,” Nick replied. “Really?” “Yeah, I thought that could work out to my benefit. Girl, girl, guy…that’s like a straight guy’s dream.” “Huh, what do you mean?” I asked puzzled. “Picture this: I can go out to a strip club with my wife. Missy is hot. The girls at the club are hot and many are at least bi curious. She can chat up the girls and see who might be willing to have a little fun at our place. Now I can go to bed with my hot wife and a stripper-quality companion. That, my friend, is a win-win situation for everyone.” “That would be a really cool story if my sister wasn’t in it.” “Yeah, but your sister is my wife.” “I know.” “Don’t forget, my brother is your…uh, husband.” And then I thought about all of the sexual dalliances that I’d had with his brother. “So I guess that makes us even then,” I stated. “Damn straight,” Nick replied. q
  2. Game On!

    Game On! Ginny and Bill eventually had a marriage ceremony. It was a small, intimate affair since they both had already been married. I guess the second time around, people don’t make a big deal of it. So they had a ceremony and a reception with mostly close family and friends. Bill went out of his way to introduce us to his nephew Kevin and Kevin’s boyfriend Vince. Kevin had just graduated college and Vince was in his final year. It was eerily familiar. Needless to say, we got on like old friends, and a long-term friendship developed between us. Kevin was gregarious, outgoing, friendly, and a smooth operator like a politician. He was kind of good looking, though not really my type. But in general, people always liked him and that was one big reason for our enduring friendship. Vince was thin, with short dark hair, glasses, but sort of cute. I found that anyone who talked to him for just a few minutes could probably figure out his sexual orientation. He wasn’t flamboyant, but he did give off the gay vibe. I wasn’t sure if I found Vince attractive or not. If I was single and the opportunity presented itself, would I sleep with him. I dunno, maybe? When we were in the men’s room fixing our hair, I whispered to Parker, “Do you find Vince attractive? I can’t decide.” He checked for legs under the stalls, then straightened back up and said, “Hmm, maybe a little. But I think they are really good together. I bet Vince is amazing in bed though.” “What makes you think that?” I questioned. “He’s with Kevin. Enough said?” he replied. I guess what he was saying was that Kevin could probably work a room better than anyone, and he could probably get a hook up very easily. So there’s gotta be a reason why he stuck with Vince. “He’s probably a stallion between the sheets!” Parker added. We both cracked up laughing because Vince was so low key, it was difficult to envision him as a wild man in bed. But you never know what happens behind closed doors. Though Ginny and Bill could get married with relative ease, things were different for Parker and me. Obviously, going in to a city hall and signing the request form for a domestic partnership was not the same as a marriage ceremony, so there would be no “wedding” per se. However, we were engaged and had a legal domestic partnership, so in our minds we were married. We just had to accept the fact that we wouldn’t be recognized legally as a married couple. So we signed forms and paid a nominal fee to declare our domestic partnership on Parker’s 24th birthday in 2003. The requirements for domestic partnership were as follows: You and your partner must reside together in a relationship of mutual support Both applicants must be 18 years of age or older Neither party can be married or part of an existing domestic partnership You cannot be related to you partner This record will be public information, just like a marriage record. As you can see, there is no mention or requirement that the applicants be of a specific sex, so it’s available to anyone who meets the criteria, fills out the paperwork, and pays the fee. A week later we received a certificate in the mail that confirmed our domestic partnership. And that was that, or so we thought. In that same year, a court case named Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, where several same-sex couples were suing for the right to legally marry, was making its way through the court system in our state. After hearing the case, the Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Department of Public Health. The plaintiffs appealed the decision directly to the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), which heard arguments on March 4, 2003. After more than six months of hearing the evidence, the SJC unexpectedly reversed the decision of the lower court and decided that “the denial of marriage licenses to same-sex couples was sex discrimination and is therefore unconstitutional” in our state. Suddenly it was game on. This whipped up a firestorm of controversy between all sorts of organizations. GLAAD was battling the Catholic Church, the Supreme Judicial Court was battling George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, the Governor of Massachusetts. Suits were filed by opponents of the decision asking federal courts to overrule the decision. Other suits were filed by the ACLU. When the dust settled, it was a stalemate. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts decided that the prohibition of same-sex marriage denied rights granted by the Massachusetts Constitution and was therefore unconstitutional, but the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed by the US Federal Government prevented the federal government from recognizing marriages of same-sex couples. This was getting very confusing. Same-sex married couples would be recognized in the state but not in the country. How was that possible? Parker and I were certainly in no hurry to be Guinea pigs in this battlefield. Three years later, after some 10,000 same sex couples were wed in the state of Massachusetts, I asked Parker if he was ready to formally tie the knot. We talked to all the parents involved. We told them that we didn’t want to make a huge production out of this and just wanted it to be quick and easy. As far as Parker and I were concerned, we were already married and we didn’t need a piece of paper to prove it. But to gain the benefits afforded to all married couples in the state, we realized we had to get married legally. We set the date for June 2006, a few months after my 29th birthday. We both liked the significance of a June wedding. We kept the guest list small just like when my mother married Bill, only relatives (sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and in-laws) and close friends. We were both raised somewhat Catholic, but we knew that same-sex marriage was not allowed in the Catholic Church. According Church doctrine, “The Church holds that same-sex unions are an unfavorable environment for children and that the legalization of such unions is harmful to society.” Harmful to society? This is the same church that has been covering up worldwide sexual abuse of minors over decades. So who is truly harmful to society here? Parker and I thought that the little nondenominational church on the college campus would be very fitting for our ceremony with a Justice of the Peace presiding. My parents were still very much active in the Catholic Church, so I wanted my parents to feel it was a ceremony they could be supportive of. They understood the situation and made the best of it. This was also the first time in years that both Parker’s mother and father would be in the same building at the same time. We tried to keep them seated apart from each other as much as possible, but since both he and Ginny were remarried by this time, it wasn’t an issue. We were married in June 2006 and went on a honeymoon—a week in Paris and a week in Amsterdam. q
  3. As Far As We Could Go

    As you could probably guess, this story is winding down. It has a beginning and thus an end, which ultimately brings it up to present day. I noticed other stories with images in them, so I figured there has to be a way. I played around trying to place an image in one of the chapters with no luck.
  4. As Far As We Could Go

    As Far As We Could Go When Parker graduated from college in 2001, I gave him a unique graduation gift. I asked him to marry me…which actually wasn’t legally possible. Though it really wouldn’t change much of anything in our daily lives, it would certainly escalate the level of commitment, and that was good enough for me. Parker was so excited, he started to cry as he blurted out “YES!” I had been saving up for some time, and I had amassed enough cash reserves to buy him an extra special ring. The jeweler didn’t have exactly what I wanted in stock, but he offered to special order what I was looking for. When it came in, I went to look at it. When I saw it, I thought it was so amazing. I was excited to give it to him. The jeweler said, “She’s a lucky girl.” I said, “Yes she is.” Parker was never much into jewelry, but he did prefer silver-toned jewelry over gold. The promise ring I already bought him was stainless steel. Sure, not a precious metal, but it was a cool design and it wasn’t going to tarnish. So let’s just say it was more fashion oriented. For the engagement ring, I wanted platinum with a band of real emerald chips around the center of the entire ring. The emerald is Parker’s birthstone, so that was the reasoning behind it. When I presented the ring to him, Parker absolutely loved it. (He’d better because I paid a good chunk of change for it.) It was a beautiful ring and it deserved to be on Parker’s finger. Ginny had warned me not to move too fast while we were both still going to school. I was true to my word. Now that we weren’t in school anymore and had stable employment, I felt it was time to take the next step. And a real engagement was the next logical step. Now we could say fiancée for real. However, it seemed that fiancée was about as far as we could go because same-sex marriages and civil unions were not recognized in our state or in our country, so it looked like we would be fiancées for a long time to come. The previous year, only the state of Vermont had legalized civil unions between same-sex couples, but we did not live in Vermont. Things did seem to be moving in the right direction though, even though the Clinton White House had passed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996 which stated that the federal government would only recognize marriage as that between a man and a woman. So when Parker and I felt ready to finally commit, the only option for us at the time was a domestic partnership. But more on that later. I did mention that Parker had achieved stable employment. After college ended, Parker had built up enough goodwill at the record store that he was able to get a part-time position while he searched for something more permanent. He realized that switching to full time in a tiny record store in a shopping mall would be too confining in the long run. He loved CDs, vinyl, and music for enjoyment, but it wasn’t going to provide much of a career. The pay was OK for a high school or college student, but not so much for a college graduate. He did consider applying for a managerial position, but record stores were beginning to look like a dying breed, and he decided to pass. Tower Records, Virgin Records, HMV, and many smaller chains were already circling the wagons. One day when Parker was going into the city to meet Connor for his birthday, he walked by an establishment that had a Help Wanted sign in the window. He stopped to check it out and discovered it was a modeling agency. He figured models make some decent money, so maybe the agency pays comparably more than a record store. For the purposes of this story, let’s call it The Markham Agency (to protect the actual name). He stopped in and they were willing to set up a job interview for later in the week. Parker was very smart about the interview. He went out and bought some men’s fashion magazines and looked at the types of suits they were wearing. He picked out one style that he liked and went to the local discount men’s suit place and asked them if they had suits like that. He tried a few on and found one he liked. They were able to adjust the trouser hem in 24 hours, and the boy had a pretty stylish suit for the interview. Since he was in need of at least one good suit, Ginny agreed to pay for it. According to Parker, the interview went well. He was applying for the position of receptionist/greeter for both models and clients (the people who hire the models). The person presently in that position was a 30-something very pregnant woman who would be leaving the company soon to have and raise her child. Both she and the office manager met with Parker and they were initially intrigued at the idea of having a male greeting the mostly female clientele. But they had encountered an unpleasant situation in the past with a former male employee who was creating problems in the office. He treated the single models as if they were members of his private dating pool, and he had a pretty successful track record. Some of the models may have gotten the impression that dating an employee at the agency would help their career, yet anyone could plainly see the huge conflict of interest that created. Therefore, the manager admitted to Parker that they had reservations about hiring a good looking, young male employee for this position. What were his thoughts? After thanking them for labeling him “young and good looking,” Parker was able to allay their fears. “Well, that would never be a problem with me for two very good reasons. First, I’m gay…not bisexual…not questioning…not even remotely straight. I like guys and only guys. Secondly, I am in a committed, long-term relationship with my boyfriend who I hope to marry one day.” That exchange not only won him the job, it impressed upon me that he was looking toward a future for us. It was the first time I could remember that this sentiment was voiced so clearly. In the end, Parker had a full-time job that paid better than the record store, and I knew we were both on board for a future together. Now, I don’t know if all of the preceding events set the stage, but soon after Parker started working at the agency, Ginny collected us together because she “had some great news.” Bill had been hinting around about marriage for a few months. Ginny finally felt she was in a good position to say “yes.” As a result, she would be moving in with Bill, thus cutting her commute to work in half. Parker and I looked at each other speechless because we were living with her, in her house. Were we now going to be homeless? Were we going to have to find an affordable apartment, which even on our combined salaries, does not exist? “Oh, about the house,” Ginny began, “Since it’s paid for, I’m keeping it as long as you choose to live there. I’ll charge you a reasonable rent that will go toward taxes and upkeep.” I thought for a moment, “A whole house with a swimming pool to ourselves that we can afford? This was indeed some great news!” “Congratulations!” I coughed out not quite sure if it was for her or us. “Yeah, Mom. That’s great! Congratulations! And thank you,” Parker tried to sum it all up. “I feel ready for the next chapter in my life. And I know you boys are in a good place now for me to make this move. But keep in mind once I move, you will then be responsible for paying the utility bills…the electricity, phone, cable TV, water, heating oil, and all of that,” she cautioned. “If you decide to move out, the house will go up for sale.” “Yes, of course. We can certainly take care of the utilities with what we make,” I tempered her fears. “Yeah, Mom, we’re both working boys, so we will make it work!” Parker exclaimed. This was a sweet deal that wasn’t lost on either of us. There was no way we could afford to live in the town we were in, so she charged us just enough rent to cover property tax and general upkeep. Since the house was paid for and Ginny was working and making a good salary, she didn’t need to live off of our rent payments. It was nice to know that Ginny was always looking out for us. A little over a month later, Ginny moved in with Bill. She took very little out of the house, mostly just her clothes and personal items. If she needed anything in the future, she could just come by and get it. Bill’s condo was fully furnished, so there wasn’t really a need to move in a lot of stuff. Now she would have her privacy with Bill, and I would have my privacy with Parker. Sure, in the past, we had privacy when Ginny was at work or we could just retire to our room if she was home. We would just work our activities around whatever scenario was present. But now we wouldn’t have to worry about being discreet. “Please take good care of my house. If I plan to drop over, I will never do it unannounced. I will always call first,” she assured us as she prepared to leave. Suddenly, an image popped into by head of her dropping over unannounced and walking into the living room as I’m balls deep in her son. So I immediately became aware of the importance of what she was saying. “Sure Mom, that sounds great. We’ll take excellent care of the house. We’ll even clean every now and then, ha ha,” Parker joked. “Well, you’d better. I don’t want to come back to a house full of fleas, mice, and bedbugs,” she warned. “Don’t worry Ginny, we’ll divide up the cleaning chores,” I promised. “OK, I’ll hold you to that,” she said as she walked out for the final time. A minute later we heard the car pull down the driveway and drive off. One result of Ginny moving out was Parker becoming very “optional” wearing clothing around the house. And a few times, especially on warmer days when we’d be using the pool, it was not unusual for Parker to go a whole day without clothes on in the house and out in the back yard by the pool. I tried to match him as much as possible, but I got so used to seeing Parker nude that it didn’t occur to me when I was wearing clothes or not. Was I going to put a stop to it? Hell no! I enjoyed the view. To my sensibility, it was like trying to put a pair of boxers on Michelangelo’s David. Parker’s perfect body was meant to be seen, not covered up…even if it was for my eyes only. It was art. He was art. However, I was quite often unable to hide my enthusiasm for Parker’s naked beauty, which of course led to much sex. “Well…”, I began, “the first night in our own place.” “Yeah,” Parker responded looking around. “So you wanna fuck on the couch for a change?” “Um, OK.” You can clearly see he needed to twist my arm to some degree. “Don’t worry, I’m clean today,” he informed me. “Even so, we should lay down a blanket or something first.” “Agreed,” he replied disappearing from the room. A few minutes later, he barked, “Think quick!” and tossed a flannel blanket across the room that I caught in mid-flight. As I started to spread the blanket on the couch, a tube of lube came sailing through the air and landed on the couch. I turned around to look in the direction from which it came…and there was Parker as naked as the day he was born…only on this day he was…uh…ready to go…so to speak. My knees buckled slightly at the sight of him. “Parker! You’re…” “Naked?” “Yes! And…” “Hard?” “Yes, that too, but you are…stunning!” I managed to spit out. “Oh, is that why you seem stunned?” he answered. I was finding it difficult to speak. You would think that after so much time together and seeing Parker naked dozens of times that I would be somewhat jaded. Nope. Smoking hot is smoking hot and on that day smoking hot was Parker. “Well, just make sure you don’t poke your eye out with that thing!” I joked. “Oh don’t worry. I have quite a bit of experience with this equipment,” he said holding his hard cock in his left hand. “But this will never do,” Parker said pointing to the fact that I was fully clothed. He sidled up to me and began separating me from my clothes. “There we go. Well now…I see you are armed and ready for siege tactics,” he said looking down at me. “Perhaps you can use that cannon on my castle gate.” I didn’t have to look down. The tightening I felt downstairs told me all I needed to know about my state of affairs. Parker lay down on the couch. I quickly lubed my fingers and probed Parker’s joy hole with one, two, and then three fingers at the same time. His moaning was punctuated by the occasional “Oh yeah, fuck me! Please…fuck my hole!” I would never tire of the magic trick of making my long, thick tube disappear into that tight, pink hole of his. And how he’d squeak and beg for more as I repeatedly thrust it into him was a huge turn on. “Oh yeah, give me all nine inches!” Parker had a highly adept skill set in bed. Most guys instinctively pull away when they feel penetrated. It’s a learned response. If you do something that suddenly feels uncomfortable, the first thing your body tries to do is pull away from the object causing the discomfort. Parker knew enough through experience that when he felt that discomfort, instead of pulling away, he’d do the opposite. The move is, when you begin to feel discomfort due to penetration, you attempt to open up more and move toward the object or go down more on it. Also, a good bottom can gauge his partner’s orgasm and adjust his wanking to try to get the two to sync on the orgasm as much as possible. Most times the bottom boy will go off first because it’s difficult to hold back an orgasm when your prostate is being stimulated. But with some observation, practice, and communication, a simultaneous orgasm can be achieved. That day on the couch we achieved a synched orgasm. Parker was able to hold off and hold off until I was tipping. “Dude, I’m going to come!” I warned. I detonated into his ass and not even a second later he came. It was as if I was shooting my cum through him and out his cock. It was another best orgasm ever to add to the list of so many. I uncharacteristically leaned forward and licked his output off of his stomach and chest and I swallowed it. “Whoa, is that Matt licking up cum?” Parker teased me. “Guilty as charged,” I confessed. “No, I’m the guilty one. I’ve turned a straight guy into a total cum pig!” “Ha ha. No, I’m just a pig for you. Hey, that didn’t come out right,” I tried. “I know what you meant because I’m a pig for you too, Matty boy!” q
  5. An Unexpected Offer

    They do get to Paris eventually...twice in fact!
  6. An Unexpected Offer

    An Unexpected Offer I thought a college diploma would open doors to many opportunities in the working world. Not so. Unless your undergraduate degree is from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, or Princeton, you become one of the thousands of recent college graduates all looking for entry level work. The country club didn’t care if you had a degree. They were interested in you showing up on time each day and that you were a hard worker and did good work…and that you were not a jerk. Believe me, there are a lot of people out there (guys mostly) who are jerks and don’t even realize it. As a result, employees who couldn’t arrive on time, constantly complained, sat around, and were abrasive head cases were either let go or were not hired back in the future. Fortunately, I knew that if I gave them maximum effort and was pleasant, it would benefit me in the end. I didn’t expect how it would the pay off. Let me explain… My college friend Chris, who originally got me the summer job at the country club, had graduated the year before me and was hired full-time for the position of Assistant Groundskeeper while I was back at school. This benefitted me when the summer jobs became available, and Chris would automatically put me at the top of the list. Chris got lucky because the Groundskeeper, who was in his 70s, suddenly decided to retire at the end of the next season. I think it was the previous winter when we were slammed with snow that put the idea in his head that moving to a warmer climate would surely beat shoveling snow for another winter. Since Chris worked closely with the Groundskeeper, he was next in line to take over. I secretly envied him because he was simply in the right place at the right time and showed the right amount of initiative. Now he wouldn’t have to struggle to find a decent job with the rest of us. Chris had a communications degree, so his major had nothing to do with his job…maybe civil engineering or even botany would seem applicable...but communications, not so much. However, the country club job was a good-paying job and was better than just about anything a recent graduate could expect to get with a communications degree. Chris had spent a full-year and a couple of summers working and learning under the Groundskeeper, so he was primed. Of course, that didn’t help me much. I vividly recall the second day I was back at the country club for the summer. I was tasked with walking each of the 18 fairways and marking down on a map the areas that needed to be reseeded. This was an entire day on my feet and was a task that none of the other summer help was entrusted with. When I got home and Parker saw me hobbling around the house, he had me sit on the couch and he carefully removed my shoes and socks. Then for the next 30 minutes or so, he massaged my feet with hand cream. It felt incredibly good, but I told him that he wasn’t obligated to do that. He insisted, saying he loved rubbing my feet as much as I liked getting them rubbed. (Of course he did! I have nice feet!) He often knew exactly what I needed before I did. I can’t imagine anyone I’d ever dated taking pity on me and massaging my feet after a particularly hard day at work. Parker was a cut above the rest. “Hey, Matt…” “Yeah?” “Do you think I act gay?” Parker asked. “Whaddya mean? Who said that?” I asked back. “You know David—Jenny’s boyfriend with the hot ass?” “Ha ha, yeah…” I think David will forever be remembered by us as “David with the hot ass.” “Jenny revealed to him that I was gay. And he said ‘Yeah that figures.’ What do you think he meant by that?” “I don’t know. Maybe if Jenny said you were straight, he would have said that figures as well.” “But do you think I act gay?” he asked again. “Not especially. But if I didn’t know you and someone told me you were gay, it wouldn’t shock me. Maybe that’s what David was saying.” “Do I seem effeminate to you?” “Not effeminate. Maybe like…metrosexual…where you could be either straight or gay without raising any eyebrows.” “But not effeminate, right?” “Cute, yes. Effeminate, no. Remember that guy at Disney when we were getting lunch?” “Oh yeah.” “You felt bad for him because he was SO effeminate. Compared to him, you are a straight guy who loves to suck cock.” “Ha ha ha.” “But I am glad you are gay so I can have you…and you enjoy it.” “Ha ha. You’re turning me on.” “Fine, but finish with my feet first, OK?” “Right, and then you can bang me.” “Ha ha, sure…for a job well done.” Also in the news, Parker acquired a job (of sorts) for the summer. Barbara was still employed at the record shop, and one of their biggest problems over the warmer months was coverage when employees took a summer vacation (or holiday as some would say). It was incumbent upon the remaining staff to pick up the extra hours to provide coverage. This wasn’t always possible. Barbara had the idea to hire someone—Parker—to be on call for days when they needed help in covering for someone. He didn’t want to work during the school year, but he was happy to work as needed during the summer. Parker also made a momentous decision. Since I would be living at the house and Parker had his own car now, he chose to become a commuter student in his Junior and Senior years. He would no longer live on campus. He would live at home with me and his mom, and he’d drive to campus every day school was in session. This would save significantly on living expenses. In many colleges and universities, the money laid out for room and board is higher than the tuition. And it also kept us together, especially in bed at night when the tiger was out. As the summer was drawing to a close, my days working at the country club, which was only seasonal employment, would be over. I was planning on visiting some job agencies in the area when I became unemployed. There were a lot of customer service phone jobs with insurance companies in the area. They all pay crap, but better than retail or fast food positions…plus you get to sit most of the day. As I was assessing my next move during the last days at the country club, Chris found me out on the 14th fairway as he was driving around in a golf cart. He was coming by to deliver some bags of sand to add to sand traps. “Looks really good,” he pointed out. “Yeah, it took a while for the grass to come up, but once it did, it filled in nicely,” I replied. After unloading the sand bags, Chris made some small talk, “So, Matt, what plans do you have after the season?” “I suppose I’m going to look for a permanent job, why?” “Well, when I move into the Groundskeeper position next month, the Assistant Groundskeeper position will need to be filled…with someone…who has some experience…who is dependable…and is an asset to the organization,” he hinted. “You mean someone like…me?” I asked hoping I heard him right. “Well, you would be a viable candidate,” he informed me. “Is it full time, year round?” “Yup, it’s my current position.” He said that he already mentioned me to the General Manager, who was a fan of my professionalism and work ethic. He actually asked Chris if he thought I’d be interested in his old position once he moved up, which comes with a slight bump in pay. a) “Really? Wow, I definitely, um…I’ll consider it.” I told him I needed 24 hours to think about it. This position paid much more than any position I had a reasonable chance of being hired for after graduation. But I still wanted 24 hours for three reasons: I didn’t want to seem desperate, I needed to ask Ginny about living there, and I needed to inform my parents.” At dinner that night, the three of us ate together because Ginny had the day off. I waited for the right moment. “An interesting thing happened to me at work today?” “Yeah? What was that?” Parker asked. “I found out the Groundskeeper has decided to retire at the end of the summer. He is in his 70s, so it’s not like it was completely out of the blue. Chris is going to get offered that job, but then the job he has now will be open. He asked me if I was interested in the Assistant Groundskeeper position…and it pays well.” “Well, that’s great Matthew. As long as it pays well and you enjoy it, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Ginny said. “Well, there’s only one problem. I’ll need a place to live…like permanently,” I confessed. “Really? Mom, can he?” “I don’t see why not? Things have worked well so far,” Ginny decided. “Oh, wow! This is great!” Parker enthused. “Wow, thanks. I’m so grateful, Ginny. Can we just go back to the summer arrangement…but I can pay more because I’ll be working full-time,” I offered. “What do you have in mind?” “I don’t know…would $100 a week be OK?” I gestured. “Throw in cleaning the pool and cutting the lawn when it needs it…and looking after things when I’m not around…” she said looking over at Parker.” “Yeah, of course,” I said knowing no one is better at looking after Parker. “And that will include your food, too,” she added. “Oh really, th-that’s great!” I stammered not expecting such generosity. “Done!” she ruled. “ALRIGHT!” Parker cheered giving me a quick hug of victory. I was thrilled to go into work the next day and tell Chris I would accept the position. He was pleased as well. He knew that he’d have a strong ally and a hard worker as his right-hand man. He brought me in to officially meet the General Manager and announced the good news. The GM seemed delighted that I had decided to join the full-time staff. Since I had always worked until school started again, I wasn’t aware of the aspects of the job that take place every fall, winter, and spring. There were a lot of new procedures to learn, including plowing snow in the winter with the truck. Since the golf course itself is closed in the colder months, the focus of the country club turns toward functions (weddings, Xmas parties, and other special events) in the Great Hall during the rest of the year. One day I came home from work and Parker immediately met me inside the door. “Oh, you have to hear this…Barbara is getting married!” he exclaimed. “What? Are you serious?” “It must be true since I'm invited to her wedding!” he continued. “No way!” “I can’t believe it either.” “Who’s the lucky…um, victim?” “Ha ha. Some guy from Rocky Horror.” “Huh?” “She’s been performing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show every first Saturday night of the month at midnight at the art cinema over near the Holiday Inn.” “How come I didn’t hear about that?” “Probably because you don’t work at the mall anymore. You are off Barbara’s radar and you are better off for it.” “Ha ha. Oh, I see.” “Yeah, I’ve already seen it twice. She took me once before she was in it and another time when she was in it.” “What do they do?” “The movie is played on the screen and acted out by live actors in the theater at the same time.” “Any good?” “Eh, it isn’t bad. So she met this guy in the theater group that she’s now part of. The guy is 18.” “And she’s…” “Twenty.” “Oh, God no — a teenager and marriage? It has train wreck written all over it!” I squawked. “Everyone’s been trying to tell her that in a nice way. But she so wants to be married that she’s not thinking rationally,” Parker explained. “He’s what…a senior in high school? And he asked her to marry him?” I asked. “No, it’s more like she asked him…and he said ‘Yes.’ Meanwhile she’s been giving him mucho sex.” “Damn, the boy is thinking with the small head. What have the parents said?” I asked. “I don’t know, man. She claims that they are all good with it. She even bought the dress and sent out invitations!” “Holy s—!” “But remember, it’s Barbara, Queen of Train Wrecks,” Parker replied. In the days to come, it became evident that the boy hadn’t told his parents that he was getting married. He just kept going along with whatever Barbara said so he would keep getting sex. Meanwhile, Barbara was making all of the arrangements with her family. Then, with the date of nuptial bliss bearing down on them, the boy was finally forced to inform his parents. Although the boy was 18, and therefore legally an adult, his parents talked some sense into him, which I’m sure wasn’t too difficult based on the absurdity of the situation. The parents had never even met Barbara, despite the fact that their son was poking her on a regular basis. About a week later, Parker had an update. I was lying on the bed and he sat down next to me to deliver the latest news. “Finally the boy’s parents, Barbara’s parents, the boy, and Barbara had a meeting to discuss the state of affairs.” “Really? What happened?” I asked. “The wedding was called off!” he stated. “NO!” “YES!!” “Damn! So the invitations, the dress, the function room reservation, the cake, and everything else?” “Cancelled! But she was forced to keep the non-returnable dress and there were probably lost deposits for pulling out so close to the date chosen,” Parker explained. “Ugh, another train wreck,” I declared. “I feel bad for her parents.” “Oh, you wanna hear some good news?” he asked. “There’s good news?” “Remember my friend Connor?” “Of course.” “Well, he and Ryan are still together and they went to Paris for a week during the summer?” “Wow, really?” “Yeah, I guess Ryan is from a wealthy family, so they basically covered most of it,” Parker explained. “Really? Hmm, looks like I picked the wrong boy?” “Hey, watch it pal or I’ll put a muzzle on you!” Parker joked. “So it’s getting serious between them?” I asked. “Serious enough to go to Paris together, I guess. Connor is quickly becoming an expert bottom.” I visualized Ryan from the swim team screwing cute little Connor’s bottom. “So when do WE go to Paris?” he queried snapping me from my thoughts. “Huh? I didn’t know you wanted to go to Paris,” I tried. “Well, doesn’t everyone want to go to Paris at least once? You know, it is the city of lights and all.” “Start saving up now and we can go someday,” I suggested. “With what I make…or don’t make…that will take an awfully long time,” he informed me. “That can be easily changed.” “Are you suggesting I get a job?” “Only if you want to go to Paris,” I replied. “I’m not a wealthy boy like Ryan, but I could maybe pay for your airline ticket.” “So let’s go then!” “We’d need more money for food and hotels and admission to places once we get there,” I informed him. “Hmm, I need to make more money. Maybe I could do gay porn,” he said quietly as if he was actually contemplating it. “I don’t think that’s the answer,” I said. “Why? Some of those twinks make damn good money very quickly. Don’t you think I’d be good at it?” “I’d be afraid you’d be too good at it. If I hadn’t met you and I was searching for porn, and you came up on my computer screen, it would be a messy few minutes.” “Oh, so you think I should do it?” “No, of course not! Parker, although you’d have money in your pocket in the short term, the movies they make are the studio’s property forever. Something like that can follow you around for a lifetime. You’d go around in life not knowing when you were recognized…and it may be in a really embarrassing place…like in front of your relatives…or in a job interview…or a dentist’s office. Or you’d be at a restaurant and a fat creepy guy is staring at you and you wouldn’t know if it’s because of the movies or not.” “I see your point.” “And I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone else. That would be difficult, ”I imagined. “Oh well, so much for my short lived gay porn career,” he lamented. “The only porn I want you to do is at home with me.” “What about Nathan?” he joked. We had a running gag where we would often invoke the name of Nathan out of the blue because he was the only other boy we both had sex with. “Nathan?” I questioned. “I figure he’s grandfathered in because it was from before we were pre-engaged,” he posited. “OK, fine. If Nathan’s ever in the area, he’s invited too,” I declared. My mind immediately went back to the memory of having been screwed by multiple boys at the same time. That gave me an instant boner. I looked down and yup there was no hiding this one. Parker noticed me looking down and followed my stare. “Wow, someone’s horny,” he remarked. “Sorry, it has a mind of its own today.” “There’s no need to be sorry.” He went for the shorts I was wearing and he had them and my underwear off in seconds. He started playing with my hard cock. “Nice. It’s so big and hot. I love your cock!” He went down on me and in minutes he had me bucking and vibrating as I unburdened myself into his mouth. He enthusiastically took it all. He popped back up to express his satisfaction. “Ahhhh, so good.” He looked over at the clock which showed it was quarter after five. “So that’s why they call it happy hour!” If happy means satisfied, then it certainly was. x x x
  7. Started to read this by chance then got hooked like the story line you have reeled me in now just eager for new chapters

  8. College Wrap Up

    Stay tuned...
  9. College Wrap Up

    College Wrap Up I’m going to cover a lot of ground here as I close out the college experience. The following school year I was a Senior at university, which meant it would be my last. Meanwhile, Parker was only in his second year which would make him a Sophomore. Now that we were starting a new school year and we were still pre-engaged, we decided to be a little more open and come out to our closest friends. At the first floor party of the semester when most of our friends were in the same room, Parker and I dropped the dime. At first they thought we were kidding to see if we could fool them. When people think “gay,” a picture of Parker and/or me does not generally come to mind. They weren’t being insensitive, they just didn’t expect it, that’s all. With the help of Joe, Joanne, and Marlene, we were finally able to convince everyone that it wasn’t some elaborate joke. Joe suggested we prove to everyone that it was real somehow. We thought a very long passionate kiss would do the trick, so Parker and I obliged and everyone started cheering and clapping. It was actually passionate enough to give me a hard on, which I wasn’t keen to add to the revelation. It was obvious that this kiss was no joke, and everyone in that room was quickly convinced. We did ask those assembled there to keep it between us because we weren’t eager to catch shit from the stupid red neck jocks sprinkled throughout the campus. Since none of our group was enamored with the people we were talking about, the secret was not likely to travel that far. It was very sweet from that point forward. After the initial surprise wore off, we were treated as a couple amongst our friends. When people would talk to me they would include Parker whether he was there or not. If someone needed to ask Parker something but hadn’t seen him, they would ask me to pass along the message, which I always did. After a while, it was like old hat. It was as if it had been like this always. We still had to be discreet in the dorm room when having sex. Sure, people were willing to accept a same-sex couple, but we were careful not to throw our sex life in anyone’s face. Then slowly but surely, we became Matt & Parker as one entity. If someone was making plans, they’d say: “You should ask Matt & Parker if they want to go.” Now, my parents, Parker’s parents, and finally our college friends all knew that Parker and I were a couple. For the first time it started to seem real. Perhaps the energy that we used to expend hiding our relationship could now be used to help advance it. As swim season rolled around, Parker was selected as co-captain of the men’s swim team that year. He hadn’t realized it, but he was the most consistent swimmer in his Freshman year. He didn’t always come in first, but he always seemed to finish in the top four. I did notice that when he was swimming, his previously smooth, skinny body became more cut and defined. This change was achieved without much time spent at the gym. It was acquired mainly through swimming so much. It didn’t matter to me, I liked either version. He didn’t bulk up, he just became more solid and defined. Then when swimming was in the rear view mirror, his body would return to its normal smooth, skinny self. Of course, when swim season was in full swing, I became the sole bottom in our relationship, which was a bit different from the rest of the year. I must admit, bottoming to a super cut Parker was quite an adventure. I had a sore ass off and on throughout swim season. I actually had to buy one of those cushions that fits over the aluminum benches in the stands for when I went to meets. The cushion had the school logo on it, so it fit in with the proceedings and no one ever questioned it. Parker was always aggressive in bed, but that was often mitigated by the fact that he was usually on the receiving end. During swim season, I was just doing my best to support the team. I was certainly taking one…two, three, four…for the team. If that comes off as complaint, it’s not. I would have gladly bottomed for Parker forever, and he was excited that I was getting so skilled at it. After swim season, we began to go back to normal with Parker bottoming more often. It was all good. At the end of the school year, I graduated. Of course the path to my degree wasn’t without some unexpected drama. I was supposed to receive a packet with all of the graduation information and tickets and so forth. It never came to my dorm room or my parents’ house or Ginny’s house. I went to the administrative offices to inquire about it, and I was told that I needed to see the Dean of Students. I can’t even remember the Dean’s name because he was a pure ass clown. He informed me that I wasn’t to graduate because I hadn’t met the new science requirements. I now needed to have “two” science courses to graduate, which was raised from “one” while I was a student. I told him I knew about that, but my advisor, Professor Martin, made a call to the Dean’s office while I was meeting with her before my final semester. We were told that because of when I started, I was grandfathered in and the new requirement wasn’t applicable to me. My advisor was the one doing the talking, but she was told in no uncertain terms that I was grandfathered in, so I didn’t bother taking a science course in my last semester on those grounds. I could have if I needed to, but I was told it wasn’t necessary. This was NOT my fault. The Dean said in a condescending tone, “Well, whoever told you that was wrong.” He went on to say, “It is the student’s responsibility to fulfill all academic requirements before he or she would be permitted to graduate. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do,” the Dean was quick to inform me. “You have to take and pass one more science course in order to graduate.” Well, I could feel my temperature and heartbeat skyrocket, and—atypical to my usual demeanor—I lost my temper. I let out my full frustration in the Dean’s office. I was shouting that this was completely unacceptable and telling the Dean that he would be sorry and a bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember. I was fuming! I left the office to avert being arrested by campus police. I even thought about forcing them to arrest me just so I could plead my case before someone more reasonable. I went back to the dorm room and it’s a good thing Parker was not there because I was in a foul mood. I called my parents. I had one on each phone extension back at home. I managed to calm myself down enough so I wasn’t screaming at my parents, but my voice was wavering with fury. Then I heard my dad say to my mother, “Hun, isn’t Tom Benson still on the Board of Directors at the college?” “I believe he is, Jim,” she replied. “Sit tight Matthew. I’ll make some calls and let you know,” my father said before we ended the call. I lay on my bed punching the mattress on either side of me. I was so mad and frustrated that I began to cry tears of helplessness. That’s when Parker walked in. “Hey, Matt, you know the—uh oh, what’s wrong?” I picked up my pillow and put it over my face and I waved Parker off. He was silent while I screamed a couple of times into the pillow. After a few minutes, I was able to compose myself. My dad being on the case and the screaming made me feel somewhat better. I pulled the pillow off of my face and I looked over at Parker. He was staring at me with a look of concern stamped on his otherwise angelic face. He was too nervous to ask. “It’s OK Parker. I’ve calmed down.” “You sure?” he replied still not sure how to navigate through this. “I’m furious…but not at you,” I stated. He climbed onto the bed and attached himself to my side. This simple act calmed me further to near normal. This is the first time I realized I needed him. I never made an effort to change how I felt about him, it just happened. I guess needing someone is the next step after wanting someone…and I had arrived. “The Dean of Students—who is a total ASS—refuses to let me graduate on a technicality. As you can see, that does not sit well with me,” I informed him. “THAT FUCKHEAD!” he bellowed. I started laughing and then he started laughing. It was so uncharacteristic of Parker to swear, but for him to do it so enthusiastically was hilarious. The phone rang. It was my father. “Matthew, you’re in luck. I spoke with Tom Benson in detail about your situation. They have a Board meeting scheduled for tomorrow night. He said he will bring up your case and see if it can be resolved. I’ll let you know, OK?” “Yeah, that’s great! Thanks so much, Dad!” I responded full of hope. “Don’t mention it, Kiddo. You’ve worked too hard to have it messed up by some pencil pusher with half a brain. I’ll call you over the weekend.” “OK, I’ll talk to you later then. Bye.” I took a long exhale to release the remaining tension that had built up inside me. I looked over at Parker and said, “You are amazing. You know that?” He shrugged his shoulders, “What did I do?” “You don’t even realize it. That’s why you are so amazing,” I informed him. “How about I show you how amazing I can really be?” Parker said with a devilish grin. “Oh…and how do you intend to do that, young man?” I asked baiting him. He climbed on top on me and lifted up my shirt. He began licking, sucking, and nibbling on my nipples. I don’t know about other guys, but when my nipples are manipulated, I feel stimulation radiating from my nether regions. By the time Parker made his way downstairs, I was fully locked and loaded. Once he got going, he removed my shirt. Then he started kissing my stomach right across the beltline. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it up until he removed it. Skin against skin is so much better than skin against cloth. It didn’t take long for him to discover the one landmark that exposed my excitement. He began to squeeze and prod my sausage through my pants as he was sizing up what he was about to unleash. “Hey Matt what have you been feeding this thing? Remember that? Ha ha ha. That was classic!” Parker barked out. “Ha ha. Yeah. I only feed it 100% USDA Grade A rump roast.” “It looks so huge in your pants,” he commented as he fished it out. “Oh man, it looks huge out of your pants, too!” As usual it was his time to feast on my manhood while it was my time to fight off the urge to come as long as I could. It was an incredible battle of wills that would always end with a breathless climax. This time, it was his decision to suck my balls and stroke my cock simultaneously that finally got me off. The sensation grew and grew until it became too intense and I came. The first shot cleared my body, my head, and hit the headboard. I think I remember Parker making a big deal of it, but I was out of touch and in the zone. Shot #2 again cleared my body, my head, and hit the headboard a little lower than the first. Parker was cheering me on. The next shot landed on the pillow next to my head. Shots four and five hit my jaw line and throat respectively, and then I was out of ammunition. “Holy shit, Matt. That was awesome! I never saw anyone shoot like that before!” He sat silent for a few seconds with eyes wide and mouth open. “You came and hit the headboard! That’s messed up!” “Well, the headboard’s messed up for sure,” I joked. “I should leave it there as like a trophy,” Parker enthused. “I don’t think it’s something that everyone who isn’t you or me would be interested in,” I cautioned. “Like what would you tell my mother when the bed comes home and she questions the weird stain on the headboard?” “You’re right. She wouldn’t believe it!” “That’s not what I meant,” I tried. “I’d take a picture, but it wouldn’t do it justice.” He reluctantly sprang into action and cleaned up the headboard. “I’d better be careful from now on when I blow you. I wouldn’t want a concussion.” The funniest part was the next day when I got home from school. There was a big red & white target taped to the headboard. I had a good laugh at that one. As promised, I received a call from my father over the weekend regarding the ruling from the Board of Directors. “Matt, you’re in luck. The board members voted unanimously to grandfather your requirements based on what you told me. There are no surprises that you haven’t told me, right?” “No Dad, I told you exactly what happened and how it happened. Those were all the details,” I explained. “Great, then be prepared to go to the office to get your packet next week. The other party involved in this dispute will be notified on how to handle it. If you have any problems, call me back.” “Sure, great! Thanks, Dad,” I squealed my gratitude. Sweet! Knowing the office is always a mad house on Mondays, I chose to make my visit on Tuesday. I showed up at the office on Tuesday at a little before 11:00, and asked the woman at the desk for my packet. She asked me to wait a moment and she went into the back room. She returned and said, “He’ll be right with you.” After a short wait, the Dean of Students appeared from the back walking toward me with a big white envelope in his hand. “Apparently you have some very important friends,” he said as he pulled up to the counter. “As was decided, here is your graduation packet. If it were up to me, you wouldn’t have graduated. But I no longer have a say in this.” The contempt for this man welled up inside of me until it spilled out of me in one radioactive wave. “Six very well educated members of the Board that runs this university—all with Doctorate or Masters degrees—looked at all the facts and came to the same obvious decision. They voted unanimously—that’s ALL SIX of them—to permit me to graduate because the fault in this case does not lie with me but with members of the faculty who provided me with misinformation. If you support a different position, I feel sorry for you and all future students,” I proclaimed as I snatched the packet out of his hands, turned my back, and promptly walked out. As I exited through the main doors, I felt the pure thrill of victory as the sun hit my smiling face. I felt like the man who had been wrongly convicted of a crime and had the charges thrown out of court. After four long years, I would not be denied my graduation. The packet I received contained two tickets to the seating area at the graduation ceremony, which took place under a tent on the town common. I had to invite my parents to those seats because they had earned the right to sit there. Parker did attend as well, but he was perfectly happy to sit on the lawn with some of our friends. Of course there was a big graduation party back at my parents’ house, and Parker was invited. We were able to navigate the onslaught of aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, and neighbors by introducing Parker as my college roommate, which was 100% true. My parents didn’t coach me, but I knew if I introduced Parker as my boyfriend or pre-fiancée, it would have caused quite a stir. Neither I nor my parents wanted to create a hullabaloo at my graduation party, so we were all on the same page, including Parker. After graduation, I worked at the country club and golf course again in the summer. The pay rate there was better than anything else I’d be able to acquire. Since I already knew many aspects of the job and I was a hard worker, they were happy to have me back. I asked Ginny if I could live with her and Parker again for the summer…and I’d be contributing to the household expenses as expected. She said that was not a problem and reiterated that I was always welcome to stay there because I was like family. I knew Ginny would rather have me staying there than not, especially since it benefitted Parker. However, I never wanted to presume anything or pawn myself off on other people. I was raised to be respectful of other people’s property and privacy. That sense of respect is possibly why I often felt post-coital guilt when Parker and I were done making love. It subsided after some time since it was not without Parker’s participation.
  10. The Contest

    The old adage that opposites attract may work in magnets, but in relationships, likes attract every time. Sure, I believe there may be more than one right person too. Look how many people are happily remarried after their first spouse dies unexpectedly. Having said that, I also believe that some right persons are better than others. The divorce rate is also high. I think happy people sometimes wish to be happier and may see another person as the way to get there. Yet two people who may be perfect together may live in two different countries and therefore never find each other. A lot of it is luck as you said. Yet Parker tends to be lucky. If Parker had patched things up with Steven, he might have been somewhat happy for the rest of his life. Yet having found Matt, Parker realizes he's happier than he's ever been. Matt knows that Parker is the hottest boy he has ever seen, so he's happy every day. Sometimes for some people, things just work out for the best.
  11. The Contest

    The Contest Some people go through life as if they have a horseshoe up their ass (not literally). What I mean is, they are perpetually lucky, not like they win a million dollars every day, but everything always seems to turn out in their favor without much intervention. Sure, these people may go through a rough patch here and there, but they come out of it better than before. I believe it’s called a charmed life. Although he might disagree, I have always attributed this characteristic to Parker. There was a sweepstakes being held from Thanksgiving to Presidents’ Day (usually the third Monday =in February in the U.S.) at a local shopping mall. This particular mall was basically an indoor strip mall with six stores down one side, six stores down the other side, and two larger anchor stores at either end. Over the years, larger malls had moved into the area and foot traffic at this smaller mall was in a steady decline. In an attempt to attract more shoppers during the holiday season, a promotion was being sponsored by the mall. A car was parked inside the mall with an elaborate display: “Enter to win a brand new 1998 Kia Sephia. No purchase necessary.” Kia was a newer car company at that time trying to gain exposure in the U.S., and the mall was trying to attract more shoppers. I’m not sure how these things work, but my guess is that the car was being given away at no cost to the mall in exchange for the publicity the sweepstakes would generate amongst shoppers. The contest would conclude with a drawing on President’s Day, which is traditionally one of the bigger car sales days in the U.S. There are all sorts of deals available during that holiday week that are not available during the rest of the year (or at least that’s what they tell us). Aunt Helen worked part-time in one of the anchor stores in that mall that specialized in women’s and men’s clothing. In addition to her pay, she also got a 25% discount at the store (which I think was the main reason she liked working there). During the car event, every time she would go to work, she’d drop some entries in the contest bin: one entry for her, John, Jess, Ginny, and Parker. She never told anyone about the contest, she just entered “As many times as you like” as the sign suggested, never expecting to win anything. Some people are just into entering contests hoping that one day they’ll hit it big. Parker and I were at school and swimming season had just ended. Around that time, Ginny received a phone call asking for Parker Campion. She told the man that Parker was at college and offered to take a message. The man told her Parker was the grand prize winner of the Kia sweepstakes at the Westgate Mall. Ginny asked, “The What?” The man said, “Parker was picked as the grand prize winner of a brand new 1998 Kia Sephia!” Ginny said, “Yeah, right. Who is this really?” I guess the guy eventually managed to convince her that he was legit. Ginny immediately called Parker and left a message on our machine to call her back asap because she had some potentially good news. It went something like this… Parker: “Hi Mom, what’s up?” Ginny: “You know the shopping mall where Aunt Helen works?” Parker: “Yeah. The small one over on Rte. 30, right?” Ginny: “Yes. I received a call from the man overseeing a prize drawing at the mall, a Mr. Don Brewer. He said you had won the grand prize—a new car!” Parker: “But I never…” Ginny: “I know, so I immediately called Helen and it was her.” Parker: “She won a car?” Ginny: “No, she entered this sweepstakes drawing over and over for her, John, Jess, me, and you. It was free to enter, so she just dropped in a few entries each time she went into work. And your name was picked! Helen is ecstatic because she knows how much you need a car.” Parker: “Are you sure?” Ginny: “The man convinced me. I believe you won a car!” Parker dropped the phone and started whooping, jumping up and down, and punching his fist into the air. Then he grabbed me and I jumped up and down with him, although I wasn’t sure why. “Oh my God! I just won a car!” he said. “You did?” And I joined in the whooping and hollering. “Yes. Aunt Helen entered me into a drawing, and I won a new car!” “Holy shit! And you need a car, too.” “Yeah, I know!” Parker picked up the phone and his mother was still on the line. She gave him the information because he had to make the phone call to accept the grand prize himself. Parker hung up from his mother and looked at the phone number he had written down. He picked up the phone and dialed the number and put it on speaker phone. “TCG Promotions! How may I direct your call?” “Hi, my name is Parker Campion. I was told I need to speak to Mr. Brewer about a contest I won…for a car?” “Yes, please hold…” We heard a few seconds of classical piano music. “Hello, this is Don Brewer.” “Hi, Mr. Brewer, this is Parker Campion returning your call.” “Parker! I bet you’re excited to be the lucky winner of the mall sweepstakes!” “Yes, it’s for the car, right?” “Absolutely, you won a brand new Kia Sephia…the same one that was parked in the mall.” “Really? So what do I need to do?” “Well, as the rules state, we want to have a little ceremony inside the mall and the local newspaper will be there to cover the event. That’s still OK with you, right?” “Sure. And then I get to drive away in the car?” “You bet. We’ll give you the keys at the ceremony and you can drive it away as soon as we’re done with the photos. We will also provide you with the title for the car and paperwork for tax purposes. So how does this coming Saturday work for you?” the man asked. “I have school during the week, so anytime Saturday works fine for me.” “Great! How about Saturday at 1:00? We’ll need you there at noon to fill out the paperwork.” Parker looked at me knowing he’d need a ride there. I nodded “yes.” “Sure, I’ll be there at noon. Uh, where do I meet you?” “Do you know where the mall office is?” he asked. “Uh…is it near the bathrooms?” “Yes, that’s correct. Down that hall and ask for me, Don Brewer. I’ll be there.” “OK, got it. See you Saturday at noon, then?” “You’ve got it! See you sport.” “OK, bye, Mr. Brewer.” Click. When Saturday rolled around, Ginny offered to drive Parker, me, and Aunt Helen to the ceremony. Aunt Helen wanted to come because she was the one who actually dropped the winning entry into the bin. She didn’t go around publicizing it because who knows what was in the fine print about entering for other people, but she did want to see Parker’s big moment…thanks to her intervention. Ginny dropped us off at the entrance and went to park the car with Helen, while Parker and I reported to the mall office. Ginny showed up a few minutes later, and she and Parker went through signing paperwork. I waited out in the mall with Aunt Helen. “I guess ‘Congratulations’ are in order for you and Parker,” she said. “Yeah, that’s a great car, huh?” I asked. “No, for your pre-engagement.” “Oh, that seems like ages ago,” I replied. “Yes, well, I was told just the other day. I think it’s great. Gin thinks it’s great. And it doesn’t seem funny to me that you’re both boys. The two of you belong together…like peanut butter and jelly,” she reasoned. “Well, the fact that we are attracted to each other helps a lot.” “Only one question…which one goes on top, the peanut butter or the jelly?” “Ha ha, I’ll never tell.” “Just don’t, you know, move too fast. Just relax and enjoy it. Some people get so consumed with it all. It’s like they are in a big hurry to finish school, get a job, and get married right away. Then they have kids, and before you know it, they’re approaching middle age and paying for their kids’ college,” she lamented. “Well, we plan on a long engagement, and I don’t think we’ll be having kids anytime soon,” I said with a grin. “Maybe you boys have it right. You know, one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that most men have no idea what a woman wants.” “Huh?” “Let me explain. When most guys start dating a girl, the guy is always dying to show the girl his...you know. Most guys are proud of their equipment and are eager to show it off to their girlfriends. Most times, the last thing a girl is thinking about is her date’s penis. That’s the difference between the sexes. In general, I’d say that most girls think that seeing a penis is offensive.” “Are you speaking about your feelings on the subject?” “Well, not so much anymore, but it did take some getting used to.” “Well, I’ll keep that in mind if I ever find myself wanting to date a female again,” I said not sure why she was telling me this. “My whole point is that I think it’s easier for a boy to appreciate another boy’s body parts because he’s used to them already. To a girl, it’s all foreign territory. When a girl goes with a guy a few times, and then he is all gung ho to show her his block and tackle, we girls are not so enthusiastic. Sure, we’re hoping he doesn’t have a microphallus, but we’re not so eager to get familiar with it right away. I can see how the same sex thing can be more comfortable in some ways.” “So you think the ranks of gay boys are going to swell until they are in the majority?” “I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, now that it’s more acceptable, I think we’re going to see a lot more gay couples, so you two will not be in this alone.” “Well, I appreciate the sentiment,” I replied. Of course, I never expected to be speaking of boys’ penises with an adult woman before, but I suppose it wasn’t that surprising coming from Helen. If it came from Ginny, then I’d be stunned. Just then Parker and Ginny emerged from the office and came over to the bench we were sitting on. “It will be a few minutes while they set things up,” Ginny explained. Parker was told to take a seat near the car staging area no later than quarter to one. There would be a couple of speeches and then Parker would come up, shake hands with Mr. Brewer, and he’d be given the keys. Parker would get in the car and pose for pictures. Then a couple of mall security guards would push the car (with Parker in it) out the front door, and Parker would drive away. We all took seats in the three rows of folding chairs set up in front of the podium. Parker’s friend Jenny showed up with her boyfriend David to see the presentation. They sat right behind us. First the owner of the car dealership spoke for about 15 minutes. Then the mall manager spoke for another 15 minutes. Finally, Mr. Brewer spoke briefly and called Parker up. Mr. Brewer shook his hand and presented the keys to him while everyone clapped. The newspaper photographer took lots of pictures. Parker got in the car and mugged some more for the photographer. The mall security guards slowly pushed the car out the main doors while Parker steered. They got the car out on the sidewalk and Parker was told he could start the engine. Everyone clapped. Then he waved us over. And Jenny, David, and I quickly made our way to the car. The audience laughed as we jogged over. Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist taking a not so quick peek at David’s cute butt from behind as we were jogging. We all piled in the car and Parker drove off honking the horn as we all waved out the windows. It was the perfect car commercial come to life, and Parker drove us straight to...Dairy Queen. I was reminded that there is nothing like the smell of a new car as we drove over. We got our ice creams and we sat on the benches admiring Parker’s new car. “That’s so cool Parker. That’s your car!” Jenny enthused. “Yeah I know. It was a long time coming,” he said. “I was figuring I’d have a junker to start.” “You lucked out,” David said. “It’s really unbelievable. You own a brand new car,” I added. “Yup, that’s a nice looking car right there,” Parker cooed. Once we finished the treats, we packed ourselves back in Parker’s new ride and headed back to the mall to drop Jenny and David off at Jenny’s car. Then we headed over to Parker’s house. He knew Helen and his mother would be there, and he wanted to thank Helen properly. “Auntie Helen, thank you so so much! This is like a dream come true!” Parker told her when we arrived. “You know, kiddo, out of all the people who I entered in that contest, you are the one person who I know would appreciate it most. So I am very happy for you,” she explained. “Now you better take good care of that car to make it last as long as you can. Remember to get oil changes and car washes regularly,” Ginny instructed. Parker looked around. “Matt, you’ll remind me, right? I don’t know anything about car care.” “I’ll try,” I said with a laugh. We stayed at the house that night. Later on we lay in bed side by side. Parker was holding the ring on his hand against the ring on my hand and playing “footsie” with me, but with our hands. Is there a handsie? I suppose so, because that’s what we were doing. “You know what I was thinking just the other day?” he began. “What’s that?” “Well, if I had never broken it off with my old boyfriend—if I had been weak and returned just one of his phone calls—then you and me may have never been.” “That’s a good thing, right?” “It’s a great thing! But when I was going through the whole break-up, things seemed so bleak. It was just my stubborn pride that kept me from picking up the phone. What if I weakened in my resolve one day and decided to accept an apology? Do you think maybe you and me was…like…fate?” “Maybe. Life is always a learning adventure, but it’s also a crapshoot. Some people can spend decades looking for the one.” “Like with Neo in The Matrix.” “Ha ha. Uh, yeah, something like that. Some people go through an entire lifetime and incredible adversity, but never manage to find Mr. Right. So it’s not through lack of trying.” “They couldn’t find Mr. Right ‘cause I got him first!” Parker exclaimed. “Aww, you’re so sweet,” I said gently kissing him on the cheek. “But it’s true. I never would have known true love if I had tried to work things out with you know who.” “You mean, Steven?” “Yes. You even remembered his name?” “Parker, I remember everything about you…always.” “Hmm, if you weren’t my pre-fiancée, that would be creepy. Ha ha.” “Always know that I’m paying full attention to you. You are the most important person in my life.” “Oh, God, stop. You’re going to make me cry,” he said fanning himself with his hand. “Well, it’s true,” I admitted. “They say in school that students pay attention more fully when they have an interest in the subject.” “Well, I guess I’m majoring in you, then.” “And what happens when you get your degree?” he asked. “Grad school of course.” “Well, I’ve been very impressed with your course work, so you just may get in.” “Oh, I’ll get in all right. I’m counting on it.” “Me too.” Then a minute of silence passed. “Wow, I won a new car today.” “Pretty cool, huh?” I reiterated. “You know what’s even cooler?” he asked. “What’s that?” I replied He tore back the covers to reveal he was visibly aroused. Sometimes getting lucky takes many forms. a a a a
  12. Number Nine

    And I lived an entire life thinking toboggans were invented in Scandinavia.
  13. Number Nine

    Number Nine I awoke in the morning with a big yawn. In my field of view, I noticed a set of expectant blue eyes glued to me. I turned my head toward them and said, “Hi there.” “Hi, what’s up?” I heard from behind those eyes. “Not me,” I joked. “Well, that would be a first,” he shot back with a smirk. “And you are usually the cause of it,” I reminded him. “I’m not complaining. I always like when you show it off, especially in public.” “What do you mean? I don’t show it off in public.” “You don’t think so? There aren’t many places a 9-inch slab of meat can hide inside a pair of classic style jeans. Now people on campus say, Hey, there’s Parker and his friend with the big dick!” Parker declared. “They do not!” “Then how does everybody know you are huge downstairs?” he teased. “Everybody? You are full of shit!” “No actually, I am full of cum, but that’s a technicality.” “Parker, if anyone knows, it’s because you told them!” I scolded him. “Relax, I only told Marlene and Joanne that you are big downstairs. They asked how big? And I said ‘like 9 inches’. They agreed that’s big.” “Parker, I don’t have 9 inches (22.86 cm)!” I asserted. “I bet you do.” “How do you know if you’ve never measured it?” I questioned him. “Well, it’s actually quite simple,” he began. “My ex had 7 inches exactly. I know what 7 inches (17¾ cm) feels like in my throat. Yours goes down further by about 2 inches. And 7 plus 2 equals 9.” Parker had this all figured out. Maybe I did have 9 inches. I’d never measured it before, but I always figured 8 inches because 9 seemed like a lot. “OK, let’s settle this once and for all. Parker, can you go into the drawer in the nightstand next to you and take out the tape measure?” I directed. “Oooh, I like where this is going,” he said as he opened the drawer. I had one of those tailor tape measures stashed away that I found years ago and never had a use for. “This?” he asked holding the yellow ribbon of numbers. “Yeah, that’s it. Bring it here,” I suggested. “Only one problem,” he began, “you aren’t hard.” “Oh…right.” “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back…or other body part in this case!” Parker pulled back the covers and got right down to business. As always, my member was quite responsive. “Hey Parker, remember to stop and get a measurement before you finish, OK?” “Um hmm.” About five minutes later…“Parker, I’m really close…you’d better stop.” “All right,” he replied reluctantly pulling it out of his mouth. “You can have it back as soon as we measure,” I informed him. It was kind of odd because we were both kneeling down staring at my substantial boner. It stayed quite hard because all the attention was kind of turning me on. “So how do we measure?” I queried. “Well, there are a couple of ways to approach this,” he began. “Let’s see. We can just go across the top from the pubic bone…” He placed the tape measure from the pubic bone to the tip. “Hmm, that’s just over 8 and 1/2 inches. Of course, we could also measure along the bottom from where the ball sack begins to the tip. That’s how I measured my ex.” He moved the tape into position and took the reading, “Wow, 9 and 1/2 inches! Hey, if you average them together, that’s 9. See? I was right.” I couldn’t argue that. “Now, I get to finish you off!” I couldn’t argue that either. Once he was finished with his morning feeding, I asked, “So how’s your butt hole feeling today?” “Hmm, I kinda forgot about it. It feels like it's back to its normal self,” he confirmed. “Wanna see?” He turned around on all fours and spread his butt cheeks. His boy hole was happily closed up tight again. “Hey, you’re right. And what a nice bum,” I said as I ran my hands all over his mounds, squeezing where appropriate. I couldn’t resist bending down and flicking at his closed hole with my tongue. “Taste any of your cum down there?” I almost forgot what is probably beyond that pucker. It’s a good thing I didn’t go too deep. I wouldn’t have enjoyed that. “Let me go clean it out before we shower,” he said. “Or else it will spill out later when I least expect it.” He trotted off to the bathroom while I closed my eyes and awaited his return. I must have dozed off. I was awakened by a pair of lips pulling on my lips. “All done?” I asked. “Um hmm.” I rolled out of bed and we retired to the bathroom to shower using our private entrance. When we were adequately clean, we dried off, got dressed, and headed downstairs for breakfast…making sure to leave both beds unmade for visual evidence that we didn’t sleep together. My parents had told Parker that he could stay as long as he wanted. He informed us all that since the local commuter rail station also functions as an Amtrak station, he could take the train to Maine to visit his father. This would be the perfect time. He told me he could return to our local station if I would agree to drive him home, which meant we would be staying at his place for the rest of the vacation. I was happy to oblige. The difference between my home and his is that there was always someone home at my place. As we made our way downstairs, my mother called out from the kitchen. “Matthew, I’m making French toast for your father. Do you want me to make some more for you two as well?” I looked at Parker. I had no idea if he liked French toast. He shook his head “yes.” “Sure, Mom, that would be great.” “Are two slices each going to be enough because we have bacon, sausages, and hash browns as well?” she inquired. “Yeah, that should be perfect. Thanks!” I said. When we went into the den to wait, we happened upon my father who was just getting a fire going in the fireplace. “Hi, boys. Once I get this going, we can warm our chilled bones by the fire. It’s cold out, but at least it didn’t snow again!” my father informed us. It had snowed quite a bit throughout the month of December, so there was an ever-present 3- to 4-inch layer on everything outside. “So what are your plans for today?” my father queried. What plans? It was freezing outside, so our options were limited. “It’s so cold out, there’s not much we can do,” I sighed. “Well, why don’t you take the toboggan to the hill at the country club. Since it’s a four-person toboggan, you should ask Missy to go with you…that’s three…and maybe she has a friend. You can take the toboggan over in my truck.” Parker looked at me with wide eyes. I knew he was all in, so why not? Breakfast was served and, as if on cue, my sister entered the room and sat at the table. She was always kind of quiet first thing in the morning before her brain was engaged. I waited until we were nearly finished eating before I explained that we were in need of more people for tobogganing. She said, “Are you serious?” “Aw, c’mon remember how much fun it used to be when we were kids? This may be the last time we ever get to do this. I even have a spare snow suit that doesn’t fit me anymore, so it should be a perfect fit for Parker.” “C’mon, be a sport,” Parker added trying to sway her. “Well…alright.” It seemed to me that she gave in too easily. I had the distinct feeling that had Parker not been there, she wouldn’t have been interested. But we did have a lot of fun with the toboggan back when we were kids, so who knows? “One thing though... you have to bring a friend so we have four,” I added. She sighed. “I’ll see what I can do.” And that’s how it happened. It was me, my pre-fiancée, my sister, and her occasional sex partner, Sasha, riding a four-person toboggan down the big snowy hill at the golf course. On the steepest part of the hill, there was a little jump at the bottom that had developed naturally over time. After several attempts to successfully negotiate the jump proved futile, we abandoned that side of the hill and stuck with the smoother, longer-riding section. The toboggan episode proved to be a very good bonding experience for the four of us. Parker always managed to bring out the playful side of my personality, and the girls really responded to the whole atmosphere. Parker and I didn’t keep it a secret that we knew they had been intimate, and sometimes we would tease them about it. It was all in good fun as we let them know it was OK if they were lesbian because we were happy as a same-sex couple. Both girls claimed to be straight and their relationship was mostly the result of experimentation and convenience. “We are two straight girls who enjoy something a little different every now and then,” Sasha declared. “I can understand that,” I replied. “Me too,” Parker added. “But don’t you miss having a cock around.” “That’s why we reserve the right to be straight,” Missy added. “Yup, that’s the power of the penis,” Parker managed to squeeze out right before I hit him mid torso with a snowball. “Oh, now you’re going to get it!” Parker called out as he tried to make a snowball. Too late, I tackled him and I had him pinned. I was sitting on top of him and we were both laughing. I heard Missy say to her friend, “It’s a gay thing.” I don’t know, there was this occasional compulsion to invent a scenario where I could force contact with Parker without drawing suspicion. And by the same token, Parker would sometimes do it back to me…to my delight. Therefore, these bouts of wrestling or piggybacks or hugs would fill that need of touch without it looking gay. I don’t know if all same-sex couples experience this same dynamic in their relationship, but I’d suddenly feel this overwhelming urge to—for want of a better word—molest Parker. And I mean “molest” as in "to bother or tease" in a caring way, without any mistreatment or abuse. That’s when Parker tried to embarrass me by pumping his hips upward into me and grunting. “Gee, you two…get a room!” Sasha commented. I rolled off of Parker and we both lay in the snow giggling uncontrollably. After nearly three hours in the great outdoors, we felt too cold to continue, so we packed up and piled into the truck. I drove us all back to our house, and I was dreaming about that toasty fire every step of the way. Upon arrival, we all gathered in front of the fireplace to defrost. “So how was the tobogganing?” my father asked. “It was a blast!” Parker called out. We all nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it was fun…cold, but fun.” “There’s something about tobogganing that always produces happy faces. It works every time,” my father said. He was right. We were talking and laughing in front of the fire while my father was in his favorite recliner. Parker discretely slid his supporting hand over mine. The girls noticed and smiled. I was positioned in such a way that blocked my father from seeing us holding hands. After we were warmed up, Parker and I went upstairs to change clothes. “Oh, I like those jeans,” Parker cooed. “Oh yeah, I’ve had these forever,” I replied. “I don’t think they’ve grown with you because you’re displaying a big package in the front. But it is hot!” “Oh!” I said as I looked down. There was a definite something there, but I figured it was just the cut of the jeans. “Really? Is it that noticeable?” “Well, I’m probably not the best person for an objective opinion because I’m always staring at your crotch anyway. Why don’t you ask the girls for a critique,” Parker suggested. We both went downstairs and walked over to where Missy and Sasha were sitting at the table flipping through a catalogue. We both stood before them. “What?” Missy asked looking up at us. “Matt wants to know how these jeans look on him.” “Why?” “We have a discrepancy here whether they still fit or not,” Parker explained. “OK, fine, let me see,” she said removing her reading glasses. She glanced at the jeans, “Yeah, they fit.” “Wait, wait, look closely,” Parker pointed out. “Mmm, alright, let’s see,” she replied. “Spin around, let them see,” Parker directed. “They do seem a little tight in the seat,” Sasha commented. “Turn around,” Parker suggested. Sasha said, “Gee Matt what’s going on in the front. What have you been feeding that thing?” “Parker,” I replied. Missy gasped and that got us all laughing. As all vacations go, this one flew by and we were back on campus in a blink. One interesting thing that happened before we went back is that Parker came out to his dad during his visit in Maine. He said he wasn’t planning to, but his father’s religious fervor seemed to have waned over the years. Parker said that he was sitting on the porch one night just rapping with his father about life like a couple of regular guys. Parker saw the opportunity and came out to him. “You know the funny thing?” Parker remarked. “He asked me if I told my mother yet because she might not be as understanding. Ha ha.” Once school was back in session, swimming was also back in full swing for another month followed by the NCAA New England Regional Men's Swimming & Diving Championships (they just call them the Regionals) for those who qualify. Needless to say, I was once again the sole bottom in bed during this period. Parker said he wished I could fuck myself so I could see how skilled I had become. Had I gotten so good at it or did Parker just really enjoy banging my “hot ass” as he called it? It didn’t matter because I enjoyed being a total slut for a while...although technically I don’t think I would be considered a slut if all activities are with my significant other. But I felt like a slut and I enjoyed it. The NCAA Regional Championships were hosted by a college in central Vermont that year. I offered to drive a group up from our school because swimming in the Regionals is a huge honor. It was a trip of just over three hours each way and would require a two-night hotel stay. I drove with Joe, Joe’s roommate Pete, Marlene, and Joanne. Parker got special permission from his coach to stay in a hotel apart from the team. He lied and said his family was staying in town and he wanted to stay with them. This happens all the time with swimmers. They just have to get permission from the coach and fill out information so he can keep track of where all of his swimmers are. We decided to spend the extra cash and stay in a more upscale hotel than the team…mainly so Parker’s lie was not uncovered. We had three rooms for the six of us, two to a room. Parker slept with me in my room for the two nights. The rest of the time he was with his team for practices, the competition, and team events (meals, photos, etc). It’s quite an experience. The town was small, but everything was centered on the swimming competition for that weekend. They really went all out. In the end, our swim team finished 12th out of 25 teams competing. The high points were Parker placing 4th overall in the 200 meter backstroke and our A Relay team (which Parker was part of) placed 3rd overall. “Can you believe it? I placed 4th overall in the 200 and I wasn’t even planning on swimming in college!” Parker said to us after the competition. He didn’t win any medals, but the “no bottoming” moratorium was lifted and—when we got back to campus—I gave him what he deserved…and he was awarded a sore ass for two days. Sorry Parker. k k k
  14. Happy New Year (Part II)

    Well, there are more benefits to staying indoors on new year's eve.
  15. Happy New Year (Part II) Greg and Julie said their good-byes to everyone and took their leave at about 9:30. They said they had a second New Year’s Eve party to attend, so they were making the rounds. After dinner my dad, Parker, and I settled down in front of the TV. We were treated to the annual Three Stooges marathon that is shown on a local channel every New Year’s Eve. My mother, who was not a fan of the Three Stooges, had moved to the living room to knit and watch the New Year’s Eve entertainment broadcast on the other TV. Missy was with us in the den half paying attention to the TV while she painted her toe nails to match her finger nails. That’s when my father left the room briefly to use the men’s room. “You guys aren’t playing a big joke on everybody, are you?” Missy said in a hushed tone. Parker and I looked at each other. “What do you mean?” I questioned her. “Well, you just seem like two school friends rather than a couple,” she explained. Parker shrugged his shoulders and said, “How’s this?” He grabbed my collar and we kissed deeply to prove our resolve for Missy’s benefit. “Guys, guys…OK, I get it…you can like…stop now,” Missy warned. “Well, we just wanted to prove to you that this is real. We’ve been keeping things below a simmer for the parents benefit,” I explained. “Well, you could have just said that. I don’t need to see you two fornicate.” “Of course not, that’s not until later,” Parker replied. Missy sat dumbfounded as my father reentered the room. I was frozen with a smirk on my face. “I hope I didn’t miss anything,” my father said as he sat back down. “No, Jim, we were just deciding if we still had room for popcorn to go with TV time,” Parker explained. “Oh, I’m usually a big fan of popcorn…but not tonight,” my father said patting his stomach. “Yeah, that seemed to be the consensus,” Parker replied. We watched the Three Stooges shorts until about 11:15, and then we changed the channel to the Times Square live televised New Year’s Eve festivities and called my mother in. Everyone in Times Square always looked so cold…probably because they were. I could never figure what would possess people to stand out in the cold at night in the middle of winter to welcome in the new year. Maybe the rational people don’t do that…all the more reason to stay away. We were all in the den as we watched the ball drop. We cheered “happy new year,” my father opened up a bottle of champagne, and those of us under age were allowed to drink one glass. While we sipped the bubbly, we watched all of the activity in Times Square on TV for a while. Then it was time for bed. “Matt, you boys can sleep in your old bedroom. I made up both beds,” my mother suggested. It suddenly dawned on me that the bed from the guest room was currently in our dorm room back at school. I had both a double bed and a single bed in my room for a number of years. We used to have the odd cousin or friend sleeping over and the extra bed would serve a purpose. I guess my mother figured with two boys, it was just like the old days. Plus Parker was my college roommate, so we were used to sleeping in the same room, right? Of course, the fact was lost that we were an unmarried same sex couple sleeping in the same room. If Greg and Julie were staying there before they were engaged, they never would have been allowed to sleep in the same room. I was amused at the oversight. Once the teeth were brushed and our bladders were emptied, we retired to my bedroom. I walked over to my bed and sat down. Parker sat down on the spare bed. I looked at him. “Are you going to sleep way over there?” I questioned. “Isn’t that what your mother expects?” he answered. “Do you always do what’s expected of you?” I teased him. “Um, usually. What do you have in mind?” “Well, why don’t we start with you getting in that bed…but keep your clothes on,” I instructed. He shrugged his shoulders and got in the bed. “Now what?” “Move around a little, so it looks like it’s been slept in. Then get over here,” I explained. Meanwhile, I undressed completely and slipped into my bed. The vision of my nude body was not lost on Parker. “Oh, I get it now,” Parker declared as he extricated himself from the smaller bed. He was out of his clothes in seconds as if the clothes were refusing to cover up what was created to be seen. He walked over to his backpack, pulled out a tube of lube and tossed it on my bed, and then he slid into bed with me. After some rudimentary gymnastic moves, he was face down on top of me. “Fancy meeting you here!” I joked. “Have you ever had sex in this bed before?” he asked. “Sure…just not with another person.” “Hah, I bet you wanked that sausage of yours quite often in this bed.” “You have no idea. But now that’s your job, isn’t it?” “Yes, and I can do you much better than wanking.” We began making out like it was our last day on earth. It seemed to go on for hours, but in reality may have been 15 or 20 minutes. We had a really intense spit swapping session—my first—for a few of those minutes. He eventually leaned in and whispered into my left ear, “I’m so friggin’ horny!” “Well let’s put an end to that, shall we?” I whispered back. He reached under the covers and grabbed my manhood. “Wow, I can see that you’re ready to go,” he said. “As it should be. You have my full attention, young man,” I informed him. He peeled back the covers and reached for the lube. He began by greasing up my dong. “God, I love this thing!” he commented. “Me too!” I added. Parker squirted some more lube into his hand and reached around to oil up his backside. He situated his body so he was kneeling on either side of my hips. He aimed my unit against his hole and then he sat right down. I went straight up inside him like a bullet. He began riding me and I urged him to keep his moans as quiet as possible. “Like we do when we’re in our dorm room,” I said. My parents and sister were right down the hallway. He was sitting on my crotch and supporting his upper body by gripping both of my legs behind him just above my knees. His cock was thoroughly engorged as I watched it bounce up and down with his undulations. I had no choice but to reach forward and add some hand action to the list of activities. He began riding me faster and faster and my cock was sliding in and out of him with total ease. It was not difficult to figure out what that butt hole wanted. His ass was hungry and it felt like my phallus was being sucked up into him. Parker began talking dirty as I continued to wank him while he rode me. After a solid run of whispered moans, he let out a long guttural groan as his rocket let forth several spurts of his hot pearly fluid. I felt the warmth of those shots against my belly. He didn’t stop there. He leaned forward continuing to ride me hard and coaxing me. “Fuck me good! I want you to come inside me! Oh yeah, give me your load deep!” I finally let him have it all with my cock fully buried inside him. I swear I felt the Earth bump off its axis as I exploded. It was truly a release for the ages. As my eyes regained focus, I saw Parker’s disheveled face in front of me. His eyes were wild and open wide. His face was red like he just finished a workout at the gym. And his mouth was frozen open with a distant expression. He was breathing heavy and staring at me, but I don’t know if he was actually registering it yet. I was waiting for my racing heart to slow down. I lingered a few seconds. “Dude, you just gave me my fantasy fuck. That was the best ever!” Parker said as he collapsed face down on the bed. “You were totally inside me and then some. Holy shit that was hot!” “The hottest ass in the world deserves the hottest fuck in the world. The more I thrust into you, the deeper I want to go,” I tried to articulate it. “Hands down, you’re the hottest fuck I’ve ever had.” I leaned over and kissed him all over his back. He reached back and patted the top of my head as if to say “job well done.” I peeled myself off the bed and wobbled off to the bathroom. Fortunately, in my home, you can access the bathroom next door by the hall or through my room. This particular bathroom had two doors and was shared between me and my sister. I made it an obsession over the years to make sure the door to my room was locked from my side, lest someone accidentally walk in on me in a compromising position. But having an entrance from my room assured that I wasn’t forced to take to the hall to get to the bathroom. I cleaned my member off in the sink with soap and warm water. Then I took out a fresh towel and dried off. As I reentered my room, Parker passed me and entered the bathroom for a changing of the guard. He returned in a few minutes and crawled back into bed with me. “Well, we officially broke your bed in, huh?” Parker stated. “I can’t imagine why it took so long,” I mused. “Because I was never here before!” We both laughed. “Oh man, my hole won’t close,” Parker grumbled. “Whaddya mean?” I asked. “Well, take a look,” he offered. He moved to a position on the bed where he was on all fours and spread his butt cheeks. I’d seen Parker’s butt hole up close in the past, so I know how it should have appeared. When I took a look, sure enough his butt hole was decidedly open. It wasn’t a huge gaping hole, but it still wasn’t closed all the way. Parker was correct, his butt hole was ajar. “Hmm, well my suggestion is to go to sleep and hopefully it will be back to normal in the morning,” I suggested. “But what if it isn’t,” he asked nervously. “I’ve never heard of people walking around with open butt holes because they had anal the night before. Perhaps the restorative power of sleep will help your hole get back to normal.” “You think so?” he asked. “Well, it won’t hurt.” “I suppose,” he uttered as he snuggled up against me. “Good night, Matt, you’re the best.” “Good night, hot boy.” j j jj j

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