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  1. Chapter 12

    Thank you so much for another great chapter! I really appreciate the way you add little positive twists when your stories seem to be at their very darkest, to give a taste of hope when the characters are at their wits end and hopeless. You are extremely talented in telling your stories and bringing the emotions through realistically. I find myself laughing, angry, crying and overjoyed in a single chapter. Keep up the great work your doing!! 😃
  2. Great story! This chapter shows how quickly people in positions of authority ca and will create a policy that will protect the masses at the expense of a few, even with little to no data to support their position. This is a very troubling point in this story. I don’t know anything about zombies, however, I work closely with teenagers everyday and no two of them are the same. I’m looking forward to the next chapter to find out how Jake, Alex and Preston deal with this! I have very high hopes for Jake and Alex!
  3. Chapter 19

    I really enjoyed this chapter! You’ve given Joey a celebration of his 18th birthday with those members of his “family” by choice who have supported and cared for him. This has allowed the overwhelming darkness to clear. You’ve brought hope and love to a young man who’d given up, you also brought hope to all of those people who are supporting Joey, Allen and Gene. I’d still like to see Mrs. Allbright lower the boom on her evil husband allowing the entire family to live in the house through their college years. I’m anxiously awaiting your next chapter. Thank you Ron for such a wonderful story, I have to admit that it was very hard getting through those early chapters with all of the depression and angst and mistreatment presented, I’m glad that I’ve stuck with you through it all. THANK YOU!
  4. Chapter 16

    I still have high hopes for this group of disparate people who are building a family by choice which is typically stronger than related people. I’m happy for Allen and Joey that they seem to be doing well together, I’m also happy and encouraged that Allen is wise enough to reign in Joey’s youthful exuberance. It’s good that the father is out of town, however, since Star’s father is his business partner and her brother will cause Gene’s father to return to deal with the crisis. Gene is discovering what it’s like to be tormented by his peers, and is experiencing the wheel of life coming back around to make those who torture and abuse suffer the same fate.
  5. Chapter 15

    I’m sad for Joey, Allen and Gene. Joey can’t catch a break, Allen’s fragility will be exacerbated by Gene’s apparent sexual identity crisis and his horrible treatment of his older brother for so many years. Gene’s sexuality betrayal will cause many issues for the brothers, I’m guessing that their mother will kick Dad to the curb if he treats Gene the same way that he’s treated Allen. I hope that you can find a way to let Joey suffer less as a result of the outing of Gene. He and Allen can really use a little peace in their lives. I have high hopes for them!
  6. Epilogue

    I’m so thrilled that someone finally created a story about a real life couple who just happen to be same sex! It’s refreshing to read about all of the “normal” mundane daily experiences of real people. They weren’t super rich, they weren’t living in poverty, rather they were just living the daily life of the middle class, with all of its ups and downs. Thank you for sharing the daily grind of life for this unique couple who mirror so many of us in our daily lives with our husbands, lovers and friends. Great story!! I look forward to future stories from you😃
  7. A Close-knit Family

    Bill, Thank you for this latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the Currie family and the Castawya hotel. I have truly enjoyed every chapter, and like the others hope you scan find some future books in this series. Thank you for the breadth of your work! I have truly been honored to read each and every story you have written. Take a little break and I hope to see more of this storyline. A short on the weddings of all of these longtime couples would be very welcome!!
  8. Chapter 7

    I'm very happy with the story so far, I especially like that the connection between the twins is renewed, please give us a chapter similar to this one that gives Trent and Devon some hope that their relationship will continue and gives them a hot loving memory to hang onto.
  9. Chapter 6

    Great story! I love how you're uniting unlikely mates together, the twins and Malfoy together is a nice touch. Keep the story coming😃
  10. Chapter 5

    Great new story, thank you!
  11. My Daniel

    Into each life comes sunshine and eternal love, eventually there comes sorrow and loss. Experiencing the first gives you the strength and courage to face the second through remembrance of that all encompassing love you shared. Have faith that you will be reunited in the next plane. Know also, that we your loyal readers support and love you both through the stories you have shared and will continue to share of that incredibly special person named Daniel. My deepest and most profound sympathies for your loss. Faith is the only key to the next life, you received that key from Daniel in that pure Love that you both shared. Find joy in continuing to share these special stories of your life and love together.
  12. Interesting Times

    Thank you for bringing this story back and for continuing the care and detail you put into each chapter. Your ability to bring the characters emotions out for us to experience is masterful and enjoyable. Thank you Bill W. for creating these stories for all of us to enjoy!
  13. Chapter 52

    I am still amazed at the depth and detail you put into your storytelling, not to mention the ease at which you bring the emotional realism to your characters. Great story! Thank you for allowing us to share in your talent!!
  14. Chapter 15

    Great story, you've managed to equate the emotional stresses and turmoil admirably, the latest stunt by the grandparents is a twist I hadn't considered. Great plot twist! You really need to find a way to help poor peter get some relief. He's pretty frazzled and I'd hate to see the relationship deteriorate further. I'm patiently awaiting the next chapter. Thank you for a very well told story so far....
  15. Chapter 4

    This was a truly inspired story, told with humor, and feelings that were correct for each situation. Thank you. I've been truly entertained and educated at the same time!

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