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  1. Vampire Smuggling

    Yes, the comments on this one are so deep! Ha ha ha. The theories kill me, since most of them are close to the real deal.
  2. Vampire Smuggling

    Actually, it's the Lust series that's underrated, which we did our best to complete even through some chaotic events happening with our lives. The only comment on the final chapter of Lust and Chastity to this day is yours. We're still a bit depressed about it, actually . But, the boys in KiAO will eventually get their proper wrapped up ending, same with Cuddlefish.
  3. Vampire Smuggling

    Completed stories are in green (like the first in the Lust and Chastity series). We are close to the end of Kidnap, it's part hard work digging up stats (the babies have descriptive charts longer than my arm), part melancholy (we don't want to say goodbye to our first compilation of boys, even though we already have side crossovers with them and cuddlefish characters), and lack of enthusiasm at the moment since we're obsessed with January these boys. ...and possibly lack of feedback like @Timothy M. said up there.
  4. Vampire Smuggling

    Shhhh. We'll get to that later.
  5. Vampire Smuggling

    You guys are too much...spoiler below. Also, Tatiana was relaying the message to all Omegas that the Goddess simply felt that a strange new connection was made (when our boys bonded with January). But, since there are so many Omegas running around making bonds as well, she can't pinpoint which one of them it is. And Tatiana does know about Mat. Once a new mate is found, Omegas generally report it to the temple and the other mates report it to their jobs (they get a week off per mate usually, to have them begin to gel to their mate 'pack').
  6. Vampire Smuggling

    Yes. January needed to have seen the place first. Also, making a portal big enough for a car to go through would draw unwanted attention even in the vamp side of town. Looks like you just coined the group name! The sensual six. That's perfect, ha ha. Don't be surprised if you see that as a chapter title later on.
  7. Vampire Smuggling

    If you think this group is colorful and imagination fodder, you should check out our Lust and Chasity boys. That world is equally as fun. We definitely have to do a crossover.
  8. That's it, I'm Coming!

    Yes, this one was a bit odd, but full of sweetness. I compiled a little too much into this one upload...for example, the side story about Calum dressing up as a girl to thwart Cean's proposals should have been posted separately, as well as the letters-through-the ages. But, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about them! My two other complete stories are: He's a Bastard (which is quite humorous) and Tuesday Staff Meetings.
  9. Vampire Smuggling

    Pax is the alpha . Let's see... Pax and Mateo are alpha in the sense of their werewolves natures. But, if we're talking leadership qualities, then I would say that Pax and January are the alphas, Mateo and mate 5 are the betas, Elias and mate 6 are the omegas. January is the oldest, so they go to him for guidance...but even Jany concedes to Pax's final decisions. Therefore, Pax is still the alpha (he doesn't even realize how respected he is). And yes, they are all gems to January...Emerald, Garnet, Topaz, etc.
  10. Vampire Smuggling

    We are going to try to keep rolling until we finish this one.
  11. Vampire Smuggling

    Well, we're currently working on chapter 12, so I think it's safe to say that there is much more to come.
  12. Vampire Smuggling

    We do and we don't, some of the boys go, others stay behind. They might all get to see her in the future, though. And yes, Eli can be very feisty.
  13. January

    January's 500 or so years old, he's definitely disposed to sex with all kinds of species. Though this story centers around the wolves, vamps, and humans around this particular town, there are other species that we haven't mentioned yet in other areas of their particular world. And once again you are teaching me new things...let's see...found it!
  14. January

    I would say that the average vampire wouldn't have affected them all that much. January, however, is something else. We're glad you've been enjoying the story so far.
  15. January

    I love that everyone has favorites! Later on, when we see them all, I want to see what the favorite combinations are.

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