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  1. Thirdly

    Kissing the Dragon

    This story reads like a professional novel off of any bookshelf at a shop. It has everything: action, mystery, drama, humor, angst, romance, memorable characters, a pet cat... The writing style itself was engaging and flowed as smoothly as melted caramel on Flan de Limón. Stop scrutinizing this review right now and get to reading! You won't regret it.
  2. Thirdly


    It just had to end on such a concerning note...but, I expected something like this when I saw that this was listed as a part of a series. I look forward to reading more. And, of course, I'm relieved that Colin and Ben found their middle ground. It's 2AM and I have no regrets! It was worth reading and is one of my top favorites all around.
  3. Thirdly

    Out Of The Frying Pan

    Oh, Kit...tsk tsk. What a waste. And we have to admit that Colin gave his 110 percent to Ben near the end there. "gonna die...can't we compromise? need you, you arrogant bastard..." though not in those words, of course.
  4. Thirdly


    First of all, this chapter was so full of drama, it was delicious. Like watching a live Latin Novela before my eyes. I swear I burst out loud with random exclamations, causing my sister to look at me like I've lost my mind. "I can't believe he showed up with his new squeeze!" "Go, Kit, go! What a good friend." "Aww, why did I just melt when he called him 'sunshine' again?" All, in Spanish, mind you...and with bits of profanity lmao. Secondly, damn it, Kit! What awful timing! Sucks so much because you could have easily been a great prospect for Colin. I was going to work on some assignments tonight, but forget that, I'm getting to the end of this story if it kills me.
  5. Thirdly

    Beneath the Surface

    Well, no one's perfect. And if you think about it, having no real attachments like that is ideal for a detective risking his life all over the place. It's just a shame they're not on the same wavelength commitment-wise.
  6. Thirdly


    It was just so damn satisfying reaching this point after all of their building tension. I do feel quite worried over Colin. He has so much that he’s kept secret from the detectives...I’m ever anxious for the other shoe to drop.
  7. Thirdly


    Damn it, Denny...who did this to you? Lemme at ‘em!
  8. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    Niles from The Nanny! What fun memories. And, many thanks!
  9. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    Yes, Viktor and Farshael made me laugh, as did Gin! We're glad you enjoyed reading CtM. Cuddlefish is slow going at the moment. Both Robin and I seem to be on the same boat of "overstuffed courses and assignments." The only time we can really write is during breaks during the day, which amount to only about a paragraph per day.
  10. Thirdly

    Featured Story: Kissing The Dragon

    I am laughing so hard right now because just reading about @Timothy M.'s reactions to the story feels like its own mini adventure in and of itself. I really have to read more of these 'featured story' blog reviews. But, for now, I'm diving headfirst into Kissing the Dragon!
  11. Thirdly

    Twelve Gays of Christmas

    For a holiday-themed adventure, I feel it was the perfect length. The writing style flowed well and was very descriptive without being too wordy; once again, a perfect amount. Not a single moment disappointed me as the events unfolded. I can't think of a single constructive thing to say that could possibly improve this particular tale any further than its current form. Truly a lovely read.
  12. Thirdly

    Close To You

    I'm seven, almost eight months late to the party (Christmas in Jul-August?), but I'm still glad I dropped by. I was looking to read something light and not too long to distract from...well, everything. Though I wouldn't necessarily call this tale "light" in the slightest, as it was quite like reading a movie or a drama-sprinkled mini-series (with some Latin soap opera flare, which is a huge compliment coming from me since I rate everything in comparison to Latin soap operas, having grown up watching so many of them)...it was a fun read from start to end and more than did the job (of distracting me). I usually leave more than one review as I'm reading, but as you can plainly see, I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting! I couldn't put the laptop down. Kept it with me even while eating. Rats. I went off on a tangent there. The point is that I really enjoyed reading this story! In fact, I'd say it was like a backwards vacation in my perspective, reading about wintery climates while suffering a monsoon-ish scorching summer heat and endless rain in Florida.
  13. Thirdly


    Yes, poor Nolan was wrapped up in awful circumstances. Yes, 'born' vampires are born, 'made' vampires are turned. If I'm not mistaken, a bit of a ritual is needed (involving hieroglyphics to invoke the gifts of Anubis?) to truly turn another person (along with blood exchange), and it must be done with sober consent. Only humans are versatile enough to be transformed into other species (vampires, werewolves, etc.). Their mortality is like a clean slate. A vampire, however, cannot turn a werewolf and vice versa. Yes, indeed. Only Eli's green is missing.
  14. Thirdly


    Oh, there is nothing wrong with the stones. They're reading everything as they're supposed to be. And yes, we'll come across the young traveler.
  15. Thirdly

    The Blood Orchid

    Ah, the research that went into figuring out what that size bed is even called...a double "grand king."

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