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  1. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    Many, many thanks. After four years, I think Robin and I have reached a good understanding of our shared likes and dislikes in our stories. We’re going to try to wrap up some of our other stories, but I’m also eager to see what the next idea will be ( I think it’s her turn for the next whimsy...she sparked kidnap, I sparked lust, she sparked cuddlefish, and I suggested this one...yep, the next venture will be her thoughts).
  2. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    Yes, those were great moments! Quin was befuddled throughout most of the story. It was fun to see him dive headfirst into the soulmate situation and it was wonderful to see Nolan take action like that.
  3. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    We're glad you enjoyed reading it.
  4. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    We will see them again later on. We're glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    Many thanks for reading and for your thoughts!
  6. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    We're glad you've enjoyed reading about them! We'll see them again.
  7. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    Yes, considering where he was at the start of the story, it's great to see Elias being free and having all the fun he was denied up until he got the stone. We're glad you enjoyed the tale. We'll see this group again in the future.
  8. Thirdly

    The Blood Orchid

    You just started reading the story just in time. We're uploading the final chapter as I type, so I hope you find it as entertaining as we have! It's their first arc, so we will see them all again, in which we will remember what you said here about enjoying when werewolves shift for future ventures.
  9. Thirdly

    Chapter 25

  10. Thirdly

    Chapter 20

    I extend a virtual hug to you and to any other readers that have ever felt like Sifta has.
  11. Thirdly

    Chapter 17

    You are probably quite right! Loxias was the one that handled Khan, so I wouldn't be surprised if this were true.
  12. Thirdly

    Chapter 7

    We're glad you think so!
  13. Thirdly

    Chapter 4

    Yes, Caspin is viewed as a baby to his mother, despite being well into his adult years. And Etsu cares for Caspin the most. I imagine that there is at least one other family member that worries for him, but they're probably too cowardly/shy to speak up.
  14. Thirdly

    Chapter 2

    Sorry for the late response. We've both been busy and it's just been me doing the editing and posting and replies...anyway, in the case of this comment, Kaynen are certainly less species-ist(?) than Vulpans.
  15. Thirdly

    Crossing the Moon

    That's only because he tops more frequently than he bottoms since he adores his smaller mates...oh I give up. Sorry, Matty.

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