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  1. Would have been much more enjoyable if Adam wasn't cheating on cute Codey. Now I had that always at the back of my mind. I hope this all somehow turns into a happy end for all the characters, they all deserve it so much (except for maybe Adam but I suppose he will become a better person throughout his journey, right now he is still very confused). Looking forward to the next book, great job Stannie!
  2. Somehow you make me feel sorry for every character but Adam. I really like this story but when will he stop leading people on?
  3. I am glad that Mr. Thompson is out of the picture again. That kind of relationship was really too wrong in all kinds of ways for my liking. Hoping to see the next chapter soon.
  4. I am glad that you came back to this story. It's quite interesting and I really like that you actually use French terms and dialog, it let's me test how much French I still know after two years out of school. You also put a good amount of detail into the scenery which makes the story feel more real, I like that. Only critique is that you have not yet let Hugo come to life in my mind. For example in the English lesson it would have helped to describe the shenanigans he was up to in detail. As of now, despite James' impression of Hugo, to me he still seems very distant. Anyways, keep up the good work and I hope to see the next chapter soon!
  5. This really was a beautiful chapter. Especially during the races, it was as if being there. Also longer chapter means longer joy from reading it. And I am already excited for the next chapter, which probably won't take too long since your schedule seems to be pretty reliable. Everything about this story is just great! ^.^
  6. Oh god the cake clip
  7. So after weeks of reading (yes, I was lucky enough ro only discover the story just now, so rhat any cliffhangers didn't affect me), I finally caught up with the rest. This story has acompanied me wherever I went, whenever I had spare time I pulled my mobile out to read. You might imagine how pulled in I was. When Luke lost his best friend, I lost him, too. What he had to suffer through, I suffered through, too. So yes, congrats, you made me cry. I don't understand why this had to happen, why Ryan had to be taken away from ua, and honestly, I could hardly continue reading the last chapters, my mood in real life being also down due to Ryan's death. This chapter, though not really making it okay, it made it all somewhat bearable. I am sad that this ended like this and I think that you are a great Author Riley, but I've read two excellent stories from you now, which both left me with kind of a sad emptiness inside. I don't think I will read another story from you, as part of self preservation. Anyway, I just had to get these things off my chest. I am sure that, as an author, you understand the responsibility you have and that it must have been very difficult for you to write those last chapters. I thank you for enhancing my life for the past weeks, and maybe if you plan to write happy story some day, drop me a note. Because I think that you have really understood what matters and how to capture the reader and I am sure that only more excellent stories will follow this one. Thank You.
  8. The scenes in themselves are very well written, good job there! Though the dialogues on the phone between Jake and Alex don't sound real for two people who only met ones, in a bus, not even having had a real conversation yet. Also I am very concerned, Alex broke basically every safety rule there is. He went over to some older man he doesn't know a thing about, didn't tell anybody where he's going aaaand had unprotected sex. Very poor Sex education there.
  9. Did you say this was one of your first stories? You must then be very gifted, because thia is amazing! So much emotion, this LITERALLY made me cry. I would call my parents if it wasn't 4:30 a.m. right now. Seriously, this chapter is just written so right, great job!
  10. This is one of the best chapters so far. Refreshing to read and man does Clara have a (verbal) punch! I am really looking forward to the next one!
  11. Nice chapter! It was easy and pleasant to read. But I don't think this story needs as many cliffhangers as you are putting into it. ^.^ Anyway, keep going, you are doing great!
  12. A great story so far! Though I wonder, will you include some more information on the protagonist? I don't even know his age and did you mention his name before?^^ I am excited to see where this goes, heads up!
  13. *a wild fighting scene appears* I guess those are terrorists now who for some reason decided to start an operation on a relatively well protected kid on an unscheduled trip? Seems pretty unlikely, but hey, I might aswell be wrong and it's fiction after all. Your characters are unsteady, to say the least. I like the main plot and some of the scenes (probably the one to come next I will like a lot), but your protagonists feel very unreal. In chapter 3 Kieran tries to convince Aiden to help him for the sake of all the Mentals, then in chapter 4 Kieran himself doesn't want to help Aiden stop the human experimentaion and rescue his brother because it has nothing to do with Damian. How does that make any sense? So the story feels very unrefined and barely keeps from developing plot holes due to this. I like it but I seriously suggest that you go over them a few more times before posting future chapters because those few last details that are missing in current chapters make them a lot less enjoyable. Whatever, that was just my humble opinion, take from it what you want and please continue producing such interesting content for us GA users to read.
  14. As could be expected since the last chapter, the Life Seed the humans took in order to survive, has to go back. But what then? Without the lifeseed, the humans will still die, even quicker than they are now. Maybe they could put it back to where it belongs but still take some material from it from time to time?
  15. Good chapter, though a little short *wink, wink*. There really didn't happen all that much, but as we are still kind of in the introductory stage of the story, that didn't really bother. I had a fun time reading it and I will suffer till next Thursday when the next chapter comes out. Also, am I sensing a little jealousy from Elias there? No, not of Tristan, but of the girls who get to be with him.