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  1. Scary

    You Don't Know Me

    This story develops one of the purest, most heartwarming romances I have eaver read on GA. I don't think the idea of someone getting another shot at life could have been implemented any better. This story will leave you with a happy, fuzzy feeling - it is definitely worth the read, and it will remain one of my all-time favorites.
  2. Scary

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    I am still rooting for Robbie and Nathan, so I don't really like how thinks are currently going. Alex is more just more exciting for Robbie at the moment because he is not his boyfriend. He shouldn't give up what he has with Nathan for that. Also, to contribute to b that little survey, I am right handed but some things I can only do properly with my left hand, like wiping my butt or wanking. So I guess I fall in neither of Robbie's categories.
  3. Scary

    Chapter 7: A Kiss

    Not much to say here, a really short chapter. Just one small pOint of critique: it sounds like joshua is speaking in English to his mother on the phone, which is highly unlikely. Since German is kind of similar to Dutch, I suppose Adam would be able to guess what it's about, but it should be presented differently then imo. Anyways, looking forward to the next chapter!
  4. Scary

    Chapter 7

    I only got around to reading this story today - and promptly spent the whole afternoon on it. I don't think the concept could have been used in a better way, the writing is just perfect. Now I need more! Especially with things finally progressing between Ky and Drake.
  5. Scary


    I would have been surprised if he hadn't met Andrew there. Stupid lies like that just call for it.
  6. Scary

    Chapter 6: Happy and scared

    I still like how realistic yet out of the ordinary this story feels. I already liked the first book, but there, A always felt like a dick because of his cheating and deceiving. Now we get a lot more insight into his motives and struggles, he becomes more human. This is what the story needed, now the only thing that's keeping it from being perfect is the slow release of new chapters. Good job, Stannie!
  7. Scary

    Chapter 5: Joshua

    I really like how realistic and yet out of the ordinary this story sounds. All those little details that Adam thinks about, which I would probably also think about in these situations, make me feel very close to the story. Most stories often omit those little details, but they are making this so enjoyable to read and believable for me. Keep this up Stannie!
  8. Scary

    Chapter 4: I am alive!

    This chapter was really enjoyable. The car exchange was kind of hilarious to read. I think you did also develop Adam's character in a positive wayo in this chapter. He became a lot more likeable to me at least. I am really looking forward to the next chapter!
  9. Scary

    Chapter 3: Flashback

    I am glad to read from you again. This is still one of the top stories for me on GA. I can also never really predict what happens next because Adam has such self-contradicting traits. And even though he acts like a d*, I still somehow like him. I am also curious to see what happens in Germany. Maybe he wll meet a cute German boy ... that he will then add to his collection of boys who's heart he broke.
  10. Scary


    Simon's sister is right, this story is very cute and heartwarming, especially with the epilogue. Definitely worth the read.
  11. Scary


  12. Scary

    Chapter 6

    Wow, this must have been the longest chapter I have ever read. But I really enjoyed it, you made it easy to dive into the story and feel and relate with Shaun. I am excited to read Jesse's perspective now. I agree with other commenters, his sudden over the top touchiness seemed a little strange, so I wanna hear about Jesse's actual feelings. Very well written so far!
  13. Scary

    Boy Valentine

    Very predictable and very sweet, just what we need from a Valentine's story! Good job, Comsi.
  14. Scary

    Chapter 10

    Actually now that you say it, that is probably what happened. I was wondering how it would all fit together.
  15. Scary

    Chapter 7

    Exciting! Also, I didn't expect this to take SUCH a dramatic turn. Can you please post the next Chapter, like, tomorrow?

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