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  1. Chapter 21

    Jezebel is a backstabber and viper. She is being shoved where she can cause the least mischief much to her distress. It is the fate of the known untrustworthy. Ysabel would have given the same generalship to Luca for a totally different reason. She doubts his ability in battle because he is an unknown quantity. You have to admire Alex's value of loyalty and trust. He knows he can trust Luca absolutely and for Alex it is priceless. Alex masterfully engineered a trade embargo on his foes at no cost to himself. This will be quite a surprise. It is difficult to see an immediate benefit in the Hallowed Order's desire for Ysabel's death. If the goal is peace, they should be Team Alex and allies all the way.
  2. NB ND Chapter 16

    I predict the shortest court-martial on record.
  3. WSD Chapter 17

    I'm happy Grant found Emmanuel. It was strongly implied Emm was related to Ms. Green, but the nature of the relationship is never explained. I see plenty of opportunities here for some crossover interactions with characters from your other stories.
  4. NB ND Chapter 15

    A bit of switching on the island's name from Deepwater back to Deepdale. Is this sub captain suffering from the rapture of the deep?
  5. Was it you I was discussing drinking pickle juice with in Corrupt a Wish?  This made me think of that whole exchange.  lol



    1. drpaladin


      LOL  Yes, it was me. I'm not sure I'm up for a pickle juice slush though.

    2. Reader1810


      Val, did a search and found the convo. It starts on page 27, post 13. Looks like you started it... :P 

      Pickle juice :puke:

  6. Stalker 101

    Few people are aware how much information is accessible about them once you have just a thread or two to follow. Getting phone numbers and addresses is relatively easy as you've seen. You can achieve it with far less than you shared. There are real lions, tigers, and bears out there in cyberspace disguised as the most innocent people. I'm sorry you had to learn this the hard way.
  7. Chapter 15

    Max had cryptically implied to Grim about releasing him soon and now it has come to pass. Now Max and Grim have the core of a skilled fighting force and with Dogo and Madame Godani involved, potentially more support and heightened information capabilities. Now Max will need to wait for a chapter along with the rest of us to discover the strange esteem Grim holds with the Elroks.
  8. NB ND Chapter 13

    A typically ambitious plan for the new island. It will be interesting to see if any curves are ahead for these plans.
  9. NB ND Chapter 12

    Huon named the island after his farm. I was expecting Wagner Devonport.
  10. Chapter 14

    Kirra's sword told him. Th only misgiving I have with a Styx and Max romance is the possibility the connection they feel is a brotherly one.
  11. NB ND Chapter 11

    The island will need a name. It averages higher than most of the Marshall Islands, but they are low lying.
  12. NB ND Chapter 10

    I'm at a loss as to why assistance would be refused.
  13. WSD Chapter 16

    I missed that one. How about the results being checked by the DAFT? lol
  14. WSD Chapter 16

    Regardless of the results, there was stupidity on both sides in the bodyguard situation. You don't blithely ignore commands and the guards used force rather than simple blocking tactics. MISC (miscellaneous) is a hilarious acronymn.
  15. Chapter 22

    Oh, Captain. I don't think 'Kohen is good' is the only feeling you are experiencing. Kohen The Protector sounds like the title of an adventure movie. Now Kohen and Lakshou are at the forefront of this secret investigation. How can they be sure Kohen isn't a primary target? He has been the most protected and now present at two 'accidents.'

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