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  1. drpaladin

    Chapter 9

    Jack's fire defense worked and worked well. This thing did as they had expected and tried an early hours attack. Unless you burned most of it up, I doubt fire will kill it. It doesn't seem likely to stop trying to kill them. At least it knows better than to try that move again. They really need some type of perimeter alarm to give them a warning something is too close
  2. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    I've never had any, but I did know they make it. I've tried some of the other freeze dried meals here and there and they are pretty good. Freeze dried ice cream just seems wrong though. I looked around and saw a company tried marketing powdered soda and a beer concentrate so backpackers wouldn't need to carry extra weight. They had an easy way to add fizz. It is now defunct. I'm sure they ran into all types of regulations with the beer part since they deal with alcohol by volume.
  3. drpaladin

    Chapter 49

    They are on their way and seemingly impossible to track thanks to Fresca's decoy drones. Did she also have some on board her ship to play tricks or perhaps there wasn't time to outfit it? The Captain is concerned. Kohen has learned to read him well. Despite the success of their strike and Kohen's exceptional performance, Kohen hasn't lost a little of his self deprecation and doubt. He thinks the Captain is stronger than he is. The place they are heading for to hopefully rendezvous with Fresca makes me curious. It seems like there has been some knowledge all was not well with the central authority for this place and these back channels to exist. The brief play time at the end was long overdue and a needed release for both of them.
  4. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    No. He didn't get lucky and he's still mad about it.
  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    I have the feeling they're a long way from a BassPro Shop. This made me think about fountain drink machines, which led to CO2 cylinders, which led to oxygen cylinders. You probably have never seen what happens when the top of an oxygen cylinder is sheared off. Those things become missiles. I remember one falling in a store room. It went through a wall and straight through a guy on the other side leaving a not at all funny round cartoonish hole in him. Get up from that Mr Zombie. Another thought popped into my head. If the Change happened overnight, why is this guy wearing a suit?
  6. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    No. You've put us in a place with no cows, no ice cream, and I just realized Coke would probably be flat by now. Now that's just awful.
  7. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    Perhaps that's what they are hoping in the back of their minds. They've left them all where they are.
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    Julienne fries. It has to make julienne fries as a side benefit.
  9. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    It must be really awesome. I'll try one out and let you know.
  10. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    I wasn't talking about Bhopper2 being the treat either.
  11. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    Here zombie zombie zombie. Come get the nice treat I have for you.
  12. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    That's military grade stuff too. The same thing in RDX and HMX. Oh, the things I could show them how to do!
  13. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    Good point about a zombie killing the animals in frustration. It would be devastating to watch too. You see people go with their worst urges in natural disasters, at least some do. Where you and I might try to help people or direct traffic, others loot.
  14. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    I wonder if the zombie could tell the difference between a real human and a mannikin, if the mannikin were rigged to move, perhaps in a rocker.
  15. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    It occurred to me that we've seen no dogs or cats in any of these excursions. There must be some since other animals were unaffected. They may not be around the towns anymore due to the lack of food.

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