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  3. RIP Amy "Dolly" Everett, known as the Akubra hat girl. She was a victim of online bullying.





  4. Chapter 13

    Kohen is headed down the wrong path by focusing the blame all on himself. He isn't responsible for the things he was forced to do He understands enough about being controlled. He has to shed the guilt of being an implement of death. To the aliens, he was no more than a mouse trained to run through a maze, but he is burdened by having a conscience and a kind heart. Those are admirable qualities, but he will suffer for them until he comes to terms with his past. Now we know how Lakshou's meditation works in its most effective form, Kemit's comments and distaste become more understandable. The Captain's fast dismissal of Kohen becoming L:akshou's meditation partner was both telling and amusing.
  5. Reconnect

    I doubt M had a chance to even discuss how the procedure would be handled. He likely was unaware Mother would want to do tests on him at the same time. I think the chances of the agent overestimating Connor are slim. He/they consider Connor someone they are toying with and at best a minor impediment. They believe they will win in the end. If anything, they will be overconfident in their ability to succeed. Mother said she will return them to South Dakota. If she doesn't, it confirms Connor's accusation of her being a liar. Right now the accusation is irrational, but failing to do as she said would prove dishonesty to Connor. I'm waiting to hear M's explanation of what Connor needs to know. I'm certain he isn't ready to hear it no matter how much preparation he gets. Hannah is going to be the only stable lifeline Connor can reach out to. Alien abductions, resurrection, and a struggle between two opposing alien forces is an awfully big leap without solid proof. Her first instinct will be to think Connor is mental. The only physical proof is M himself and whatever is going on with him. -They are not faced with many possibilities of a place to live and way to make a living when they land. The old trailer or mooching off Hannah seems it. Mother could be more proactive. You'd assume beings who can traverse the galaxy could manage a hacked credit/bank card or some precious metal. Connor has to be around if he is going to protect M.
  6. Reconnect

    After mulling over this chapter, I don't see how M could have prepared Connor any more than he did. Connor had realized and agreed removing the tracker was their only option. M had told him it would be soon. If he had told Connor a specific date in the future, there would have been a longer buildup of anxiety. If M hadn't told Connor he would be taken that night, Connor would have flown off the handle because M didn't tell him. Mother should have applied some type of anxiety control on Connor prior to bringing him out of his sleep. I can only attribute it to an incomplete understanding of human reactions and emotions. Connor isn't exactly normal, but even a normal human would be upset in those circumstances. Connor's reaction was largely irrational. I don't believe Greg is history. His type comes back and important steps were left undone before Connor was taken. The locks should have been changed and a restraining order should have been taken out. The best way for the agent to bring them back into his influence will be to threaten Connor's family. Returning to South Dakota might have been a knee-jerk reaction and desire for familiarity, but it is monumentally stupid. It is one of the first places the agent will look for them. Mother should have given it a flat no. M had already said they couldn't return to Florida. Why is South Dakota different? Connor will have many struggles ahead and it's not going to be fun.
  7. Reconnect

    Greg is more or less taken care of for now. Julie is getting a divorce and Nathan is going to work. It was a great deal ofwork to get them there. Now Connor and M simply disappear in the night without a word. It's a crappy way to leave, but dealing with aliens is rough. They can go anywhere on the planet and Connor chooses to go back to South Dakota. He has no imagination. I would have wanted the talk with Mother to find out what was happening and how bad it was going to be. What exactly is the end? I like the shorter chapters much better. This is still twice the length of most author's chapters, but it feels just right.
  8. Happy Birthday, dughlas

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday, dughlas!!  

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  10. Chapter 12

    Love is hate. Peace is war. White is black. Kohen has been compromised and brainwashed. These were the 'tests' he feared. It's little wonder he didn't trust he was truly free. He has been crafted into a perfect, living weapon. Are his fears correct? Can he be controlled remotely and triggered to kill? This is an interesting twist.
  11. I've plotted out a quiet New Year. I'm watching the Thin Man marathon on TCM. Martinis, mystery, and murder.  :)

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      Sounds like a very good Idea:blink::lmao: HAPPY QUIET NEW YEARS...:hug:

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      My night weI feel wonderful this morning and the fireplace is driving away the chill. With the wind chill, it is 0 F.  :)

  12. The Story

    Thank you for this wonderful story. It contained friendship, bravery, and budding romance in a perfect blend. There are many unsung heroes of countless conflicts. It has also been my experience that people would rather move on with their lives rather than revisit a turbulent past. Sometimes I've found out tidbits completely by accident about people I know or knew and they give me a new perspective on their lives.
  13. Richard Addinsell - "Scrooge" filmscore

    I agree. Alastair Sim has always been the image I see as Scrooge. It isn't Christmas if I miss seeing this version. There are parts of the 1938 version I enjoy too, but this is the best.
  14. Epilogue

    Dillon was never a pool you would want to dive into. The shiny surface concealed a shallow, rocky bottom. There are not many thoughts in his head beyond how he looks. The transgender line of thought was sparked by Felix. Dillon dismissed it at the time as a need to label everything. Is he really transgender? Who knows and who cares? He is working in a fickle industry where natural perfection is not good enough. His work is being airbrushed or digitally altered and he is only eighteen. The road ahead is littered with surgery after surgery. Andy has his perfect life. He is with someone who loves him for himself. He is making a living doing what he loves. This is as perfect an ending we were ever going to get in this story. @mastershakeme You consistently deliver unique and memorable characters. I enjoyed this story.
  15. Chapter 11

    There is no real difference in the information delivered if he had left out the part about missing brain. There are parts of our brain we can do without, but he didn't elaborate on it enough to mention it. It was a particularly cruel way to deliver the information. I attribute it to the fact the Captain is more of a soldier than a therapist or diplomat. This leads him to be blunt and rough in his speech. It was good Kohen wanted Lakshou present. You can build trust in a gentler way.

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