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  1. Pretty Ms. Reckless!

    I am. I wanted to finish for the alpha series first and then finish these stories
  2. Totally agree with you there Dey tried a couple of Times but Ira was set on his Daisy sunshine fantasy 😂😂😂
  3. Two alpha males one alpha female one omega male. Sorry I was exhausted last night
  4. I don’t think anyone is so lucky 😂😂😂
  5. Im SO EXCITED to write about them. You guys are going to love their personalities and the relationship between Skoll and Hati will be a plot builder (no not insestual). All four of them are strange because of being born in their luperci forms which will be touched on more in the next chapter. Maybe a little jealous interaction from Azya about the pups since she is one of Zoras pups with Naga and Zora is gonna be a little more Doting on these four 😂
  6. Haha! You found the hidden reference. Two squirrel tails for you 🐿🐿
  7. Chapter 3 - This is all his fault - thankfully I imagined the moment I went into labor would be like this heavenly moment of happiness. The great mother would give some divine sign that I was ready to bring my pups into the world and there would be a lot of bright sunlight streaming on me and I would be surrounded in daisies — I have no idea where that little scene had come from but I guess it was my hopeful build up of the event. I could have given up the daisies, hell I could have given up the sunlight for bright moonlight, but no instead I was surrounded by my pack some unidentified fluids spewing out of my rear end like a waterfall, my dick hard, and a pain unlike anything I’ve ever experienced twisting my organs into pretzels. Question was would I die from my embarrassment or the pain first? I was leaning towards embar— “HOLY COW CUNTS!!! What is that!!!” I howled as I gripped my belly. “Breath my little one.” Zora said firmly as he held me up, thankfully keeping me from falling in the muddy mess beneath us. “You’re having contractions.” Heza approached quickly touching my belly with her nose before shifting in a fluid motion so that she was in her luperci form. “W-UGHHH w-what are contractions.” I grunted as another painful cramp made me lean into my alpha. “Seriously? You fucking females didn’t even tell him what to expect?” Svara barked with an incredulous laugh. “Unbelievable.” “C-can we focus!” Growling I squirmed as my alpha helped me turn to walk towards our den. Thank you mother it wasn’t to far away. If it was any further I would make him carry me. Why hadn’t they said anything about how painful this would be! Painful and sexually frustrated. I was still so aroused and excited even as the pain pulsed through me in consistent waves. I wanted my alpha to touch me all over, but I would rip his dick off if he came anywhere near me with it right now. This was absolute he— “UGHHHHH CROW COCKS!! ZORA I need to lay down!” “Calm Ira the den is not far.” Zora sounded strong and steady as ever, unfazed. I would give him unfazed! “You lay me down right now or mother help me I will—” “Alpha is right Ira you must keep calm and control your breathing.” Heza said behind me as she followed quickly in step with Zora as we walked into our den and towards our bedding. “Breath deep and steady.” “I CAN’T!” My dick was so hard and the pain was so bad! What was wrong with me. Between the two sensations I felt like my body was ripping itself apart with pain and pleasure at the sametime. Another hard wave pulsed through me causing a deep gut clenching pain cramping my muscles in the worst way. “Moose farts what’s wrong with my dick?” Mother I can’t believe I said that but I was scared it was broken, alone with my weird mutant body. “Lay him down alpha me and Uma can help deliver the pups.” Heza knelt beside me as Zora helped me down onto the furs as gently as possible. “Do not worry Ira, your body is acting naturally.” Was she serious? “D-UGHHH Bloody fungus frog feet that hurrrtttssss.” I hissed and squirmed on the furs to escape another wave of pain. “D-do you see my...well?” I nodded uncoordinatedly towards my erection. Why wasn’t it going away? Heza nodded as Uma knelt beside her in her luperci form as well, other pack females followed in their second forms. I saw Koda walk into the den along with Alloy, and realized this wouldn’t be something I would live down. How was this supposed to be a daisy dream? This was the outline of eternal hell. “Do not worry Ira. Your body is using sexual urges to open the right passageways inside for the pups to be birthed, once the first one moves down it will go away. Chesti, get water.” The luperci spoke quickly to another wolf beside who dashed off to get what she requested. Alpha knelt down beside me in his second form, which I could only figure was to conserve space in the den that was beginning to fill with a lot of the packs females. Regardless of what form he was in, his earthy scent made my body vibrate with need and— “FURRY STRIPE SISTER BANDITS THAT HURTS!” My howl of pain echoed around the large den. If this was what happened every time I had to give birth I am not doing this again. I don’t care how much I want to sit on my alpha and hump his happy leg I am not doing this ever again. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. “NO!” I bucked away as Heza the crazy bitch touched at my most private of areas. “Don’t touch me there!” Did that come out more of a whine or a command? “She and the others will need to help you during the birth. Do not fight them, Ira.” My alpha rubbed my belly trying to sooth me. The way he said it made me think he wasn’t asking me either and in my current state that didn’t really bode well with my mood. “WELL how about you let her shove her hand up your gopher hole and dig around for some turnips?” My fangs clicked as I snapped them together with the end of my retort. Zora’s black eyes widened before a wide grip grew across his face. “Would you wish for her to touch me where only you have ever touched?” He was baiting me the bastard, but I was in too much pain as another body seizing cramp made me arch off the furs and moan low in my throat. Mother, how long was this going to go on? “By the looks of your opening you have some time before you’ll need to start pushing.” Heza said while gazing down between my legs. “Pushing? They don’t just f-fall out?” I bit out in between a strong contraction - I guess that’s what these were - and a not to strong one. “Pushing sounds like work.” Koda said as he lay down in his four form at my head his green eyes sparkling with humor. The bastard would never let me live this down. Heza and the others females went silent and I had to look at them over my swollen belly to see their confused faces. “Ira do you know anything about giving birth?” “No! I didn’t know I could get pregnant before this and it wasn’t like any wolf here wanted to talk to me about what was going to happen.” Granted I’m not sure the wolves of the pack really knew how I would give birth or if it would be anything like what a normal she wolf would do. The luperci female got a sheepish look on her face as she cast her eyes away. “That’s a good point. Well you’ll get contractions for an hour maybe or more and they will get worse as the pups move closer to the birth canal. Like I said before your body is using your arousal to open up your other passages inside and blocking off the others just like it does for you when you tie with your alpha. After the first pup is in the birth canal you will no longer need the…” she waved her hand at my very proud dick standing tall between us. “After that you’ll need to start pushing to help the pups get out.” I took that all in like a coat full of dirt — Unwanted but unavoidable in a messy situation. I apparently had a mutant body with more than one passageway in my ass, one leads to puppy making gold and the other is…. well you get the idea. “Y-your ughhhhh s-serious?” That actually explained a lot. “She isn’t lying,” Sorra said as she settled in beside Heza. “The day all the males got….excited, that was your body changing to accommodate the pups. Although it was stronger than any omegas we’ve seen in past, but we’ve never seen it happen around wolves so it could have been a normal reaction for them.” “There is much we need to still speak about after the pups are born.” My alpha said to the females. I bit back a very sour retort as another contraction rolled through me. It was as if my body was trying to squeeze my insides together every time it happened along with my sending the most pleasurable and frustrating urges to my groin and ass. I wanted my alpha to tie with me so bad, but I also wanted to choke him till he could breathe. This was all his fault! If he hadn’t got me pregnant I wouldn’t be in this situation! From now on I was going to be the one mounting him. I looked at my mate beside me, his face still stuck in the happy grin as he looked down on me writhing in the worst pain/pleasure ever of my life….because of him. “Alpha you better stop smiling right now.” I growled as another contraction made me grab onto Zora’s arm. He barked as my claws bit into his arm. “I take it back I don’t want pups!” Zora tensed under my iron grip as I squirmed with each painful surge through my body, the pleasure being chased away way too quickly. I didn’t mind the erection, I would keep it if I got to keep some pleasure during this horrendous pain. Heza and the other females chuckled. “Don’t worry alpha that is normal. He will change his mind when they are cuddled around him in a few hours.” I moaned long and low as more pain kept coming and going. “No more I’ll give up squirrels, I won’t eat another one for the rest of my life!” I wouldn’t I swear to mother I wouldn’t eat another one if they made it stop. “Yeah right. Ira that’s such a moose pie sized lie!” Koda laughed beside me. I moaned again. He was right I was lying. So that went on for hours. I thought ok I could handle this, It wasn’t so bad, but no the fucking contractions got worse….and worse. I got to the point where I had to put my feet flat on the ground to have some relief. I didn’t even care when Heza and the others started touching my ass again because I couldn’t feel it anymore. I was panting and heaving like a dying cow and they were all tense with excitement to see the pups. “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” I screamed for the fourth time in the last minute as I clenched my jaw tight against another bone shaking contraction. Mother, was this what all beings went through when they gave birth? I would never underestimate the true value of female/omega strength again, but I still hated my alpha a lot for putting me here. “I know little one, I figure you will hate me until you are no longer in labor.” Zora pressed his face against the side of mine in an unwelcome apology for my pain. Sorra grabbed my legs pushing them further apart as Heza touched my hole again checking ‘how spread open I was’ as she had put it. I don’t fucking care, just get them out. I’d lost my erection a while ago just like they’d said I would, which they’d said the first pup was at least in position to start moving. None of it made sense, I couldn’t think straight through all the pain. “You should start pushing soon Ira. The first pup is getting close. Alpha would you like to see your pups born?” Heza asked as she looked up from between my spread legs. My hand gripped onto his arm tighter as I held him in place.“NO! He will not watch!” That would be the last straw, there was no way in mothers green nature I was letting my alpha watch something stretch my ass wi— “GIANT CUNT FACED OWL BABIES, THAT HURTTSSS!!!” “Time to start pushing!” Sorra said joyfully, “remember take deep breaths.” “He might have to do that in between curses.” Koda laughed hysterically beside me. Zora rumbled soothingly as he pressed his forehead against mine. “Labor reveals a side of you I’ve never seen.” His soothing sounds turned to soft chuckles as he kissed softly at my muzzle. “My omega commands me to stay where I am so I must obey.” Zora nipped at my cheek playful, his excitement bubbling up with his playfulness. Of course he was excited! I was excited for this to be over— “OVARIES ARE OVERRATED!!!” I couldn’t hold it in as I bared down on the huge pressure and pain moving through my insides. Was it physically possible to explode? I seriously think I was going to just blow up into a million pieces. “Push!” Heza barked while the other females helped keep my legs open. Oh I was fucking pushing alright, if I pushed any harder I’d shit my brain out… actually, I think it was a huge possibility I might actually not have a brain by the end of this labor. “Hairy horse shit what are these pups made of!?” Push, breath, push, breath, push, breath, push, breath. Pain was an understatement, I was squeezing the largest thing out of me physically possible through a very not so large area. Zora rumbled happily as I bared down again pushing with as much force as I could muster. Happy? HAPPY? “THIS is your f-fault!” I groaned and pushed again, howling as I felt my pups moving down lower stretching me wide as they went. “My happiness is not for your pain, Ira. Soon you will hold our pups and it will be worth everything.” Zora stroked my side as I pushed through another contraction. “I HOPE you have to….UGHHH….. Take a…. MOOSE SIZED— SHIT I’M GONNA SPLIT OPEN!” They were holding my legs open wide enough, surely that would help my body to crack wide open. Please pups, just come out I just want to take a nap and start forgiving you for making me hate my alpha for the past however many hours I’ve been doing this. This was worse than the time I’d been run over by the mama moose when I was younger and she stampeded over my adolescent - but still huge - body for a solid couple of minutes. Granted I’d deserved it after trying to ride her baby, Koda had dared me and I’d wanted to prove a point. I’d been a walking broken bruise for weeks with hoof prints in some awkward places. This was SO much much worse than mama moose. Now I knew what mama moose was protecting, she didn’t want to have to do this again to make another one! OH MOTHER, was this karma? What if it was for killing that deer with my face? “I’m s-sorry mama moose I won’t ride your baby cafe ever again!” I was sobbing at this point. Can you blame me? “You’re not even making sense mutant, just keep pushing so it will be over faster.” Koda said beside me licking my shoulder for comfort. “I see the head!” Heza said as her hands dipped deep into my—- “RABID RAT FECES they aren’t gonna fit, I can’t do it!!!” There was absolutely no way I could push ahead out of my— “Easy little one, you must continue, breath and push. I love you my omega.” Zora rubbed as he pets my side his face close to mine. “S-she has her hands… I changed my mind. I want you to do it I don’t want her to.” Something in me needed him to do it, even if it fried my brain for anyone to help pull pups out of my body. It had to be him between my legs helping me bring them into the world, it had to. Zora pulled away, his black eyes sharp with desire, but not to tie, the desire to do exactly what I needed him to do. He wanted to be the one to help our pups from my body. Heza and the others heard my request and moved aside so that they could help keep my legs open and instruct my alpha but not crowd him. He stood quickly and moved into the space Heza and the others had been in before and sat down gazing down at what I could only imagine was an absolute disaster area. It felt like a fucking disaster down there. I couldn’t think to hard about it before I had to push again and my alphas hands dipped inside to help move my pups head past my opening. Gasps and happy murmurs erupted around us as I gave another strong push and felt some of the pressure release as my first pup came into the world with a soft mewling cry. I wanted to see so badly I tried to get my elbows under me with little success until a heavy body pushed under my back. Alloy in his large wolf form I realized laid behind me, propping me up enough to see my alpha holding our pup against his chest. Its black fur was stark in contrast to its sires tan skin, but even wet and curled up I could tell how amazingly beautiful my first born was with their small luperci body. I wanted to hold— “UGH GURGLING GOOSE GAS HOW MANY MORE!!!” How many were there? “Hold him.” Zora said to someone as his hands went back down to help spread me open. “That is good my mate, keep pushing little one.” His words were a balm to my pain, but not to my fiery need to hold my son. Keep pushing and I could hold all my pups soon. “P-Pushing! P-pushinnnngggg out a fat puppy.” I growled through my efforts. There is a large possibility that I was going a little insane from exhaustion and pain. Zora’s hands sank into me briefly only to help another pup as I pushed it out the rest of the way and into his grasping fingers. A happy rumble rose from him as he cradled the second born much like the first this one’s coat an ash colored just like their sires. My pups cried made me mewl in discontent as the urges to hold them started to physically burn inside of me. Alpha licked his child's head gently between the ears before passing the tiny luperci body over to Sorra’s waiting arms. Just keep pushing, pushing, just keep— “SNEAKY FOX COCK, RAT TITTIES MILK, UUGHHHH, COUGAR CRAP FEST!” I pushed as I stretched with another one of my pups. Mother, but why did it have to take so long, couldn’t she be kind and make it go be faster? “MUTANT MOUSE MEAT,” Push, Ira keep pushing only who knows how many more to go. I love my pups, I love them so much I just hope there isn’t too many more. “LOTS OF FUCKING COCKS AND PINECONES, SQUIRREL BRAINSSS.” “I think he’s getting delirious.” “N-nope we used to do this for hours as p-pups trying to out cuss the other. It’s a good distraction.” Koda barely got as he laughed at my random expletives. Moose farts, but I didn’t care I just needed to get through pushing. “That is it my love do not stop I will help you.” Zora familiar fingers touched my stretched hole and helped the third pup as it too was pushed out like its sibling. Panting I tried to watch the display of affection my mate gave our third pup, but another contraction forced me to close my eyes and push again. You can do this! You are big and strong and ugly, and more than capable of getting through this. That was my pep talk, I didn’t really have much left in me for a longer more prolific one. “Z-zora.” I moaned as I leaned back into Alloys solid four form, unable to support my own weight anymore as I pushed for what had to be the millionth time. I put as much energy as I had in me to help another pup out towards my alpha. It was my last bit of strength I felt the soft touch of my mates hands and the wonderful relief of my pup leaving my body. I heard the mewls of the last born, and somehow I don’t have a clue how I knew, that was my last born. I’d had four pups, four beautiful…..”Ima t-taka napp n-now.” I slurred before I did exactly what I said and passed— “Ira wake little one.” No, I was so comfortable and warm. I think I even had a dream about hunting something and I didn’t even kill it on accident for once. “Just a little longer alpha.” Moaning I curled into the furs and my alphas warmth at my back. I just wanted to sleep for a few more days… maybe years. Zora’s large hand ran down my side helping my fall back into the amazing dream about a deer and a hunt, I wonder if I was leading the— “Oh!” I gasped in shock as something latched onto my chest sucking with a fierce vengeance. Nothing wakes you up as quickly as an unknown creature sucking on your chest like a leech. Except it wasn’t a leech. My eyes peeled open and I saw curled up in front of me was four small pups all luperci and all mine. My heart galloped a painful race in my chest as I stared down at my babies for the first time, one still latched on to my chest as it drank its fill. I’d actually done it. Mother green nature, I’d actually given birth. “They are perfect just like you,” Zora said from behind me his hand still petting up and down my side. “The black one is alpha male according to Svara. The ash coat is also alpha male, the dark grey is female alpha and the white one, he is omega male like you. I cannot pretend to understand much about the luperci, but I do believe they know somehow what the pups are from birth.” I pet the closest small body, the black one latched onto me who was enjoying his meal with more enthusiasm than was probably necessary. He was black like me but alpha like his sire and I couldn’t wait to know what color his eyes would be when they opened. I pulled them all close to me letting their small get warm next to mine. I had given birth. That was still somehow a lot to take in. These little messes of fur and cuteness were mine and my alphas. “How long was I asleep?” Moose farts, did I pass out for days? I was already proving to be a pretty shitty dama it seemed. “Only for a few hours. The females said it was normal and to let you recover before waking you.” Zora nipped at my ear gently, lovingly. “Do you wish to name them now?” Name them? My stomach fluttered with anxiety and nerves. I’d never once had such a life altering responsibility. What if i picked a horrible name for one of them and they hated me forever for it? Parenting was going to be an adjustment it seemed. “I-I’m not sure. Do you have names in mind?” “I did have a few. I waited for your approval.” “What are they?” Any names would be perfect, nothing could marr the beauty of my pups. Then again I was terrible at naming anything. Once I’d had a pet stick and I named it - no, take a guess - if you said stick then you are also not allowed to name my pups, but year it was stick. Zora sat up she could lean over me and stroke his pups with tenderness and love. “While you slept Svara told me a tale of the luperci, about their deity Fenrir. The god was a might wolf, bigger than even Alloy. She mentioned how strong their deity is and how much Fenrir reminds her of you. The god had two children Skoll and Hati, one was black and one was white. I believe these two names perfect for our black and white pups.” “Skoll,” I touched the black one firmly attached to me as he filled his belly with warm milk. “I think that name is perfect, alpha.” I stroked my hand over my sleeping white pup who curled his delicate body into mine his little arms tucked under his chin he was the perfect picture of beautiful. “And I think Hati is perfect for our omega pup.” Perfect for the Snow White omega pup curled close to his alpha sibling. I touched my other alpha male pup who was curled tightly around his sister as they slept soundly together. My heart ached happily as I watched them. How had my dama given me up? How had he not felt the all-consuming love I had for my pups after only a few seconds of staring at their faces. “This one, our girl, I want to name her Edda after my adopted dama and our other alpha male with the ash coat I want to name him Vana.” “They are beautiful names little one.” “They are aren’t they,” I sighed happily as I licked a loving trail across each of them, noting how clean they were as I did. Heza and the others had helped a lot during my labor, but I was still reluctant to forget how badly they’d hurt me. Speaking of which. “I’m sorry alpha for what I said. I don’t hate you. Thank you for giving me this.” Zora growled low and deep in his chest. “It was you who gave me a gift little one.” He chuckled suddenly as he leaned close to my ear. “You said some color phrases I’d love to hear again.”
  8. Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    Yes! Along with how omegas can conceive and other things.
  9. Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    I feel like you are excited about the puppies 😂😂
  10. Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    The hornyness will be explained 😊
  11. Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    I can feel your excitement!!!!! You will be so happy with the next chapter I think 😁😁
  12. Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    Well it’s not the end yet 😁😁😁
  13. Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful “What in pork tit is going on?” I stared at all the luperci females standing around staring at their alpha. In total I counted seventeen of them, all female and all long-standing members of the pack. Sorra, Heza, Ikrity, Nel, Uma, the list just kept growing - I knew each and everyone of these females from the pack. These she-wolves must have lived among these wolves for years and not once had anyone suspected they were different. Then again was that any different than Zora? “Did you know?” Alloy asked as he approached with Koda walking gingerly beside him. Alpha shook his head, “No, but there is one who did.” His red eyes traveled across the clearing. I followed his gaze to where Svara stood to talk to Naga, their conversation obviously intense by how tense they were. Was it safe to say that I shouldn’t trust what came out of anyone's mouth ever again after this? It was becoming more and more obvious that there wasn’t a single wolf that was capable of not lying. Well, that wasn’t true, maybe Naga was believable she was the only one that had told me from the beginning I was an ugly unwanted monster who needed to get the fuck out. Yay, I was lucky enough to only trust the most bitter vengeful bitch in the pack. “She called for them during battle,” Koda added. “Why would they not shift?” Koda spoke up while leaning heavily on his mate's side, Alloys massive four form holding Koda’s body up easily. I could understand why they would want to hide, but now it made their rejection so much harder to bare. They had known what I was from the beginning and they’d treated me no different than the rest of the pack. Ugh, that was a nasty bitter meal to swallow. I wanted to gag from nausea that climbed up my throat. It was easier taking my birth packs rejection just because it was out of fear. Had these females shunned me out of fear as well? Even knowing that I was alone and oblivious to what I was? What about Zora? Had they left him completely clueless? Had they known he was an alpha luperci the entire time? “Koda’s right Svara is the one that called them out, I remember—” Right before I was knocked over the back of the head. Zora nodded, his eyes no longer a shade of red but the deep black I loved so much. I could see the pain etched on his face, the pain he tried to hide by straightening his body. I wanted this night to be over. Never in my entire life did I think I would have to endure something as bloody and terrifying as what I’d just experienced, but I had and I wanted to put it behind me. I wasn’t some blood-crazed beast, I just wanted to live a simple life having pups for my mate and digging dens and occasionally scaring a deer to death with my face. I wanted to go back to being a freak of nature, not part of a group of secretive backstabbing vindictive sociopaths. Being an anomaly had been fine. Svara must have felt us watching her because she stopped listening to Naga and looked in our direction with knowing yellow eyes. She had to know what this was about. “I can explain,” Sorra spoke up quickly as many of the females came closer to their alpha, their eyes imploring and some openly ashamed. “I have many questions.” Zora looked at her and then at the rest of the faces he was so familiar with but unfamiliar within their current form. “Guess the shits up the creek,” Svara walked up to us, Naga on her heels. The female luperci was covered in blood, numerous lacerations bleed freely all over her body, but she seemed to ignore it. “I might have told a few white lies.” White lies? White lies? Are you kidding me! “White lies imply that they are small not seventeen female luperci nobody knew about.” I hissed feeling agitated in my current state. I’d almost been killed multiple times in the past hour, my alpha had been fighting for his life, we all have and she wanted to say she’d only told a small lie. “Pregnant bitch, I didn’t tell you because it wasn’t my right to reveal them. That female who left that night told me to not tell anyone about them, but that I could tell you she was a luperci. She said you’d understand.” Svara shrugged nonchalantly. Dey had told this female all of this, but she hadn’t told me? “I don’t know what any of this means! I barely know what I fucking am! I would be so porking happy if someone could just tell the squirrel skinning truth for once!” I might have shouted a little louder than I intended to. Can you blame me? My alpha looked like he been chewed and spit out, pack members were dead, I had almost been taken as a plaything, and a third of the pack was apparently luperci and had still shunned me the entire fucking time! And to make it all worse, Lathos wasn’t done with us. He would return with more luperci and most likely Hexis and then where would we be? It was the panic and anxiety making me so irritable but I could help that I needed an outlet. “Y-you you all fucking suck pig shit! Every last one of you, you’re s-so secretive and blind to what an amazing life we have here and you’re all t-to - UGH - self-absorbed to see it! I would do anything for this fucking pack, for my alpha and you let me think I was alone this whole time! Even worse you rejected me just as much as the other wolves in this pack when I came here! F-Fuck! Fuck all of you!” Tears stung my eyes as I looked at the pack members staring back at me with wide eyes. The luperci females looked away, some wearing their guilt openly as they avoided my eyes. The wolves of the pack looked contrite as they also took in everything I’d said. Zora rumbled soothingly as he pressed his muzzle into the side of my head licking a firm path over my cheek. “Everything will be fine, Ira. Be calm little one.” He looked at the pack members around him taking longer to look at the luperci females he hadn’t known about. “Ira is right. There can be no more secrets among us. Not if we are going to survive. For now, we tend to our wounds,” Zora looked out towards the one lone body that lay in the clearing unmoving, “and mourn our dead. Then there will be answers.” Everyone nodded mutely, even Svara kept her usually big mouth shut. Somehow I didn’t think it was possible to get all the answers we wanted, and after everything, I couldn’t help the bitter anger coil in my gut like a poisonous snake. Bryin had been the only wolf killed during the battle. Not to say many wolves didn’t have serious injuries, but they would all survive. Bryin had been an older beta and loved among the pack members so his death had been a hard loss for everyone. Just like Comira, his body was put in a fire as the pack watched the blaze burn the last remains of the wolf away. I howled with the others letting out song fill the morning air as we said goodbye to another pack member. I poured my heart and soul into my howl, letting the sorrow, anger, confusion, anxiety and fear exit my body in the loud ugly noise. That was how we spent the remaining day, mourning and healing each other. I lay curled up against my mate stroking his fur as he slept in his four form. After the mourning, everyone had settled around the dying fire to sleep till our bodies were pressed together in a massive huddle. My own sleep had been fit full and less rest and more racing thoughts and crazy dreams. The females had shifted back to their four forms soon after the battle. I was relieved when they shifted back. Seeing them like me and knowing how they’d treated me when I first came to this pack was a sharp stick digging into a healing wound. How could I forgive them for that? “Everything will be alright little one.” Zora murmured from beside me, licking a soothing path across my belly. A whine built up in my chest and escaped me unconsciously. “Why did you all lie to me? I’ve only ever wanted to be accepted and yet the wolves who would understand me the most treated me like I wasn’t welcome.” My voice was only a whisper, but with so many so close I could imagine they might hear me too. Good, I wanted them to know how much they’d hurt me. “My reasons were my own, I cannot say what their reasons were for them.” He shifted towards my face so his muzzle was pressed against mine. “I did not wish to hurt you, but fear can make any creature do strange things. Looking back now I am certain I feared your reaction.” His black eyes shifted to look at the pack members laying around us and I looked at them too. Some were awake and watching us with tentative gazes, while others still lay curled up against others fast asleep. “Perhaps,” Zora continued, “fear made them do something strange as well.” “Feared my reaction?” I focused on the first part of what he’d said because I really didn’t want to think about why the females had done what they’d done. “Yes. I have spent my entire life believing what I am is something to be feared and even when I saw you I believed maybe you would fear that part of me too.” Zora stood quickly and shook his coat out before shifting in one fluid move into his luperci form. Now many of the wolves were awake watching us their ears perked forward as they waited for their alpha to speak. “Fear is illogical,” he brushed his hand over the side of my face and along my ears. “Forgiveness takes much more thought, and accepting that errors have been made.” I looked at the others around me as they woke. Koda, Sallo and Alloy who lay only a few feet away, and Svara, Naga, Vod, Geb, and everyone I knew likd family watched us with expecting eyes. “Maybe now is a good time to explain alpha.” Sorra said softly from her spot among the other luperci females. They had banded together segregated from the other wolves. “Yes, there are a lot of questions to be answered.” Zora looked at me and nodded. These were my questions to ask. My mate was giving me the ability to ask the questions I needed to ask. Sitting up I gathered my thoughts as I looked at the group of luperci sitting together, all seventeen of them looking back at me as they waited. “Why? Why did you hide here? Why did you treat me like the others? Why didn’t you tell me I wasn’t alone? Why didn’t Dey?” Mother the questions just spewed out like a sick ducks ass. I might have been holding that in since yesterday. “We were afraid,” Ikrity spoke up. She was a dark grey wolf- no luperci- she was a dark grey luperci who I hadn’t spoken to much since I’d been here. Like the others, she had kept her distance from since the beginning. “It wasn’t just you, but everything we ran away from. Besides, Dey said you would not understand if we told you because you didn’t know anything about what you were. It was better to leave you in the dark.” “Dey didn’t want me to know? You all listen to Dey?” Pain lanced through me as doubt clouded my head. The one wolf I had thought was willingly my friend was the one keeping everyone from telling me what I really was? “I don’t understand.” Heza shook her head, “we listened to her as our elder. She had helped a lot of luperci escape and we—” “Escape?” Zora cut her off with sharp black eyes. “She was part of the same effort Svara is involved in?” “She was, that’s how we all ended up here. She never told us how she became involved in the escape from Hexis, but we knew it had to do with her brother Vey and her last pack. Dey never talked about what happened after Hexis took her and Vey to the kingdom.” Heza looked to the others for confirmation that what she said was unanimous. My heart pounded in my chest painfully. Dey had said she’s watched them kill Vey, that she had run and never been caught by Lathos and Hexis. “She lied to me…” A whine built in my chest as the pain of her betrayal really settled in. My eyes burned as my throat constricted tight around my words. “I needed you to help me, all of you! I didn’t know what I was!” Choking on my angry words I took a deep painful breath. Bezz, a brown luperci female spoke up a defensive set to her shoulders. “We thought they would come for you and we did not want to draw their attention to us. With Zora also being a foundling we did not want to risk him finding out what are kind was really like. You cannot imagine the haven this place is for us, to find an alpha luperci who is kind and fair. It terrified us to disturb the balance we had here. So many of us have fought and ran so far to find this peace. We gave up any right to our luperci form for the chance to live better lives.” Wolves among the pack murmured loudly as they looked at the females with hurt glances and some distrusting. Those who have spent years with these females must feel an amount of betrayal I couldn’t even begin to understand. Their mates? Their friends? How do they feel faced with the knowledge that they probably would have never known. At least I had been like Zora, his secret had burned me and made me doubt him, but I could understand him in some ways because I was luperci too. The wolves among the pack wouldn’t have that, they would only feel hurt and lied to by family they thought loved and trusted them. A derisive snort sounded from behind me hushing some of the pack members. I turned to see Svara standing in her luperci form unashamed as she stared down at the females in their four forms. “It wasn’t my right to reveal you, but I can say you haven’t given up shit.” Svara pointed at me with a taloned tipped finger her yellow eyes blazing. “There is more to escaping the kingdom than just finding a better life for your selfish asses. Luperci like him, like you, are the fucking future and unless we start to stand up against Hexis and his shit you will be nothing but cowards. Treating the omega like he was a freak of nature makes you no better than Hexis and the alphas that follow him.” She growled. “You want to sacrifice something, you don’t hide, you fucking help save our people.” Silence echoed around us. Sheba a simple grey luperci broke away from the group her ears pinned to her head her eyes downcast as she spoke. “I know many of you are angry and confused. I cannot speak for the others but I am sorry for the pain I’ve caused.” She turned her imploring green eyes onto her mate Kuba. He was a strong pack member who often went on the hunt with alpha. He returned her gaze with a steady stare that had anger and pain mixed into it. Many of the female luperci had mates among the pack who were as oblivious as the rest to their secret. Sheba looked away from her mate and back at alpha. “I came to the pack when I was only sixteen winters and I was terrified that I would have to go back to the kingdom. I was nothing but a slave stuck in my second or four form, bending to the alphas and watching the cruelty my omega dama and siblings had to endure — that I had to endure. When I was given a chance to escape I took it and ran as fast as possible and never looked back, and when Dey brought me to this pack I didn’t think I would find a home much safer. She told me about Zora a young new alpha luperci who would be the future of our kind, and I believed her. Dey told me I was not the first females she’d brought to the pack and I wouldn’t be the last. She set rules that I wasn’t able to shift in the pack and that I had to live like a normal two form shifter like in the kingdom, only this time I was not a slave. She told me I was not allowed to speak to Zora about anything regarding the luperci that he did not know about them in many contexts. Dey did it to keep us from being segregated in our new pack, so they would accept us.” Sheba begged with her eyes for Zora to understand, then her gaze darted to me. “Ira, I didn’t want to ignore you, but I was terrified you would change everything, bring the kingdom down on us and turn our alpha into another bloodthirsty beast… if you left then we wouldn’t have to worry.” Leaning into my mate I took in his earthy scent and warm body as I held onto him. Mother what I would give to forget about all of this and just ride him until we both passed out. That sounded so much better than being a luperci and dealing with all the problems that apparently were attached to it. I was almost to the point I’d rather push my pups out of my gopher hole then hear anything else they had to say. “If your faith in me as your alpha was so brittle you never should have stayed,” Zora said lowly. “You believed I was not the same, but then assumed Ira would make me change. I can accept why you’ve hidden what you are from the pack, but shunning an omega because of your fear makes you no better than those you run from.” My alpha held a possessive hand over my heart, caging me to his chest. His words and his tight hold were better than all the dead squirrels in the world - Paws down. “Your alpha here has a point. Besides they weren’t here for just Ira. Lathos has been hunting for missing luperci to bring them back to the kingdom. They might have started looking for the females and omegas I’ve hidden but looks like they found you sorry bastards instead.” Svara chuckled morbidly in the way that made the hair on the back of my neck raise. “What about Dey?” Naga said standing up next to Svara with a good amount of distance between them. Svara shifted a little closer for Naga to shuffle away a few inches. “What about her?” Heza looked confused, her blue eyes squinted. Naga growled at Svara when she tried to get closer to her for the second time stopping the luperci in her tracks. I got the impression it wasn’t because Svara actually feared the she-wolf but that she was courting her. Good fucking luck trying to kiss that prickly poisonous cactus. “Dey spoke to the alpha mate more than any wolf. If she is a luperci and told you all to keep away then why didn’t she?” Naga finished, looking between the seventeen luperci. My ears perked forward. That’s right - damn I hate admitting Naga had a good point but - Dey had been the one to talk to me the most and she hadn’t shunned me and she’d even told me about Vey. Why would she do that when she had such strict rules to the lupercis brought into the pack? The females looked at each other talking softly obviously not aware of the answer. Had Dey really been leaving the pack every so many years to help females escape from the so-called Kingdom of Hexis and his alphas? What had happened to her when she and Vey were taken to the Kingdom all those years ago? How hoofing old was Dey? Sorra yipped breaking away from the huddle. “She had originally said the best thing would be to ignore Ira until he moved on, but after a few weeks passed she changed and begin to speak to him. I had approached her on it and asked her what had changed and she said that she couldn’t find it in herself to ignore an omega so much like Vey.” She had said I was like him to me so many times. My kindness, which I wasn’t sure she had a good eye for kindness, and my innocence, which I was losing quickly thanks to my perverted alpha. Still, all that had to mean something, she couldn’t have just lied to me about everything for nothing. Easily she could have just continued ignoring me, but she hadn’t. Zora ran his large muzzle over my head and ears, scent marking me in a comforting gesture. Mother, I was so lucky to have found him, more than lucky. “Regardless of what brought you here, your secrets have damaged the trust your pack members have for you, just like my own have. Rebuilding those bonds and becoming stronger is our only choice. Our enemy will come back and we will not be able to fight divided as we are now.” His words echoed around the clearing as he held me tight. In the face of all the danger, pain, and anxiety I’d faced in the last day I still couldn’t help the exciting thrill that raced down my spine and into my groin. I shifted back and forth on my feet as I tried to think of something other than my alphas hands on my belly, his hot breath on my ears— nope I was hard, absolutely. Pack members seriously inspired gazes dropped down low as they watched my— NO What the heck is wrong with me. Zora rumbled amused as his hand reached down to cover my very enthusiastic— A swift kick to my made me moan in the not pleasurable way. Hot liquid slid down my legs in a rush puddling under my feet in a familiar play of events. “NO! I did not just pee myself again!” Growling in frustration I tried to waddle away from the mess, but my alpha held me still. “Ira stop I do not think—” “That is not piss,” Svara said with a bark of laughter. Not pee? Another sharp kick to my gut made me groan loudly. It hurt a lot worse than what I was used to, when had my pups become so flipping violent? “Oh, alpha, the alpha mates water has broke.”
  14. Chapter 1 - Fight bitches!

    It crazy mean what you’ll do to fit in 😞 those mean girls
  15. Chapter 1 - Fight bitches!

    I do love giving you guys more questions 😂😂😈😈

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