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  1. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Walker didn’t actually know for certain that he would get pregnant only that instinctually he felt like he was. Since they’ve only been together a short amount of time it wasn’t anything Walker thought went past his own inner fantasy
  2. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Oh no why? He’s happy he gets to keep his mate and they will continue wolves (sorta) together. It’s the honeymoon moment as they say.
  3. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies I blinked slowly looking between the doctor and my mate who were waiting for my reaction. Were they serious? Oh, no they were actually being serious. “Are you saying….that you impregnated me with wolf pups?” In my head I sounded calm and collected, but I there was an internal storm brewing and it was only a matter of time before I exploded. Walker grinned widely his yellow eyes sparking with a heat that I knew was pride. “It would seem I did baby.” “Oh……………. …………..fascinating…………. …………….you………………. ……………..speak…………… …………….telepathically………… ……………...to—“ “Stop...talking.” I said as quickly as I was physically capable of. Dr. Dick’s eyes widened very slowly until they were huge saucers taking over his entire face. “You……………….. ………..speak…………….. ………..at………………… …………..an…………….. ………….accelerated……….. ………….rate!........................ …………...It………………. …………..must……………. …………...be…………….. …………...due………….. …………...to………………. …………….the……………. ………….Sloppies—“ “Sloppies? What the hell is going on here? Why aren’t you surprised about all of this? Did you know!!” My eyes were like lasers burning into my wolf mates brain as he avoided looking at me, instead his eyes stayed focused on my belly where he was still rubbing gentle circles. “Walker…” “Well….I had an small hope that you might be...your scent changed after the first knotting and well you smelled like…” He trailed off not saying the next part. “I smelled like what?” Oh he was dead, he was so dead I was going to...I don’t know but I was going to do something like smother him in his sleep with my sloth body! Or poke holes in everything with my claws. “You smelled like a breeding she-wolf, but with with your sloth scent added to it.” He rumbled deep in his chest as he leaned forward to nuzzle my throat and notably Taking a deep breathe. “A breeding she-wolf!” I was going to smother him and poke holes in all his shit! He just referred to me as not only a woman, but a pregnant wolf woman! “Sloppies…….. ……….might………. ………...be—“ “DO...NOT...CALL...MY….BABIES….SLOPPIES….ONE...MORE...TIME” I shouted in quick succession not a single stutter as I did. There was no way in hell they were going to call my kids Sloppies, it sounded like eternal sloppy joe Tuesday. “I have to agree that Sloppies isn’t going to work. What about Sluppies?” Walker said with a sexy grin, ignoring Dr. Dicks slow spluttering in the background. “When were you going to tell me?” Was he going to just let me think I was dying from a gut tumor as I got bigger? “What if I didn’t want children?” My irritation and maybe a little bit of fear was fueling me at this point. How was this even possible? I was a sloth, he was a wolf, and even bigger I was a man! Granted I was nowhere near as masculine as Walker, but I still didn’t have any ovaries… or I hadn’t had any. Did this mean I was a woman now? “You don’t want children?” Walker’s voice was almost timid, not the confident man I’d come to know in the last few weeks. His eyes were averted staring at my stomach as if he didn’t want to look at me directly. Anxiety knotted my gut up until I thought my supposed babies might be cramped inside my twisted organs. This was insane, my life was insane and I felt the urge to panic starting to set in as my habitat became overwhelming. I wanted a tree with thick leaves for protection and height to get away from all the people around me. I needed… I needed…. “Easy baby I can feel you panicking. Everything is ok,” Walker grabbed my face between his hands forcing me to look into his yellow eyes that he was no longer averting. “Breathe, little one.” “I’m…. ….pregnant,” I said it out loud and my heart skipped a beat. “I’m… …..pregnant,” holy shit I was having babies and I didn’t even know what they were! Would they be sloth? Or would they be wolf? Would they be both?! Each breath I took became more exaggerated as the intense panic started to overwhelm me. The hospital room smelled to sterile and I couldn’t find any way to stave off the anxiety attack I was slowly falling into. As a sloth an anxiety attack was like falling from an airplane - you knew you were going to finally hit the bottom, but you’d have to fall the entire way down knowing it was going to happen. “Should…………. ………..sedate………….. ………...him—“ I heard Dr. Dick say, his voice level and hinting no doubt to the nurses who could move at reasonable speeds. “I want your babies….” I thought desperately, but it caused another surge of panic as I thought about how I’d take care of them if they were normal speed, how I’d carry them. Walker rumbled soothingly while pulling me into his arms and tucking my head under his strong chin. “I can feel your fear. It will be ok, don’t worry everything's meant to be, we are made for each other and so will our children.” He soothed as a nurse injected something inside the IV beside me. “He’ll be asleep soon, Alpha.” She said softly her gold eyes down casted to the floor, her brown hair shadowing her face as she kept her posture demur. Was she a pack member I thought randomly as my mind started to fog, the smell of my mate over powering the burning sterile scent of the hospital. My heart slowed and so did my breathing as I became jello in Walkers arms. “Sleep little one, we’ll be home when you wake up,” he murmured into my hair as I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep wishing I was already home. My eyes peeled open, gritty and stuck together as if I’d been sleeping way longer than I normally would. It was light out, probably morning by the looks of the stream of light pouring in through the window in Walker’s bedroom— Wait what? I really opened my eyes and looked around the room. Nothing had changed but I’d expected to wake up in the hospital again. How had I gotten here? How long was I out for? “Walker….?” I called out to the empty room. “I’m here, baby.” He called out as he walked into the bedroom bare chested and in his boxers a glass of water in his hand. “How are you feeling?” He walked over to the bed and set the glass of water down on the bedside table before sitting down next to me. “I’m really pregnant?” I wanted to address that first, because that was a lot to take in after such a short amount of time together and… lets not forget that I’m still a man. Walker smiled gently before nodding. “Yeah, you are, and the doctors believe you’re gestating at a wolf's rate.” His voice rose with excited energy as his yellow eyes sparkled. “Does that mean I’m making these babies super fast?” Of all the things that I could do super fast of course that would be the one thing. Walker chuckled yellow eyes filling with humor and happiness. “Yes for a soth you are, they will be born in four months. Would you like to know how many?” He rubbed a large hand over my abdomen bringing more warmth to the surface with each gentle rotation. He already knew how many? My poor heart started to race again and for once I think even my ADHD wasn’t fast enough for all of this. I wasn’t ready. What if I fucked up? What if my body didn’t make them right? What if— “H-how many?” I forced myself to ask, because I knew Walker could hear my inner struggle. Walker smiled even wider as he pressed his nose into my throat, rumbling deeply. It was soothing to feel the vibrations and his power against my skin and his teeth as they nipped gently at my sensitive skin. “Ten,” he growled proudly. I tensed. I didn’t hear that right, I couldn’t have heard that right. “Did you just say ten?” No. Nope, no, no, no, I had to be wrong, that wasn’t possible. “Like five plus five?” I felt my eye twitch a little, and it was noticeable as it slowly jerked as my brain started to melt in my head. Walker chuckled and leaned back to look at me. “Yes baby, ten. The doctors told me that they are trying to figure out how you’re carrying but that it has something to do with our bond most likely.” His yellow eyes flashed with a mix of excitement and something I couldn’t identify. “I know it is our bond, just like I knew when I knotted you the first time that your body was trying to breed.” “You knew you were going to get me pregnant!” I hissed hand already reaching up to grab something very sensitive. I was going to pull on whatever I got my hands on first and hopefully it was his mutant sexy penis. Walker chuckled at my sad attempt and quickly rolled on top of me while grabbing my arms and holding me down on the bed. I narrowed my eyes but didn’t even attempt to struggle, as a sloth it would be laughable to even try. “Calm down, Slothie. Everything will be ok and our pups will be the most beautiful thing to ever grace the world.” He followed his sentimental words with a soft kiss against my slack lips. Moaning softly I opened my mouth to welcome his tongue in as he branded me, taking but giving me just as much as I kissed him back. “I bet—” he said as he pulled back, “they’ll have beautiful blue eyes just like—” A loud knock on the door downstairs interrupted his imaginings. “Alpha!” Someone called out from downstairs, having apparently opened the door on their own. “W-whose that?” I shivered, the tone in the intruders voice sounded confrontational in the least and angry at best. Walker frowned as he pulled away but rumbled reassuringly as he rubbed my slightly swollen belly. “Oh my god… my belly is swollen! How am I already showing? I’m really going to have babies in two months! This is not slow! WHY IS THIS NOT SLOW.” “Calm down little one, it’s just my beta Rogan,” He said gently as he stood up to no doubt head off his pack member in the living room. “Alpha we need to talk!” The man called out from much closer, already climbing the stairs if I had to guess, and I was pretty good at guessing where people were in a room since I had so much practice waiting on my family. “You need to get out of my den,” Walker growled to his beta as he appeared at the top of the staircase. Rogan was big, like Walker, but he was rougher around the edges with a thick beard and long hair tied up in a topknot on his head. He looked similar to Walker in a lot of ways, the same straight nose and strong jawline. Were they related somehow? “Rogan this is not a good time,” Walker said sternly. Rogan shook his head, frustration clearly lining his face as he looked over Walkers shoulder to me laying in the bed. “No this needs to be said. Raina told the pack you’ve dissolved your mating with her for a sloth? What about the heir? We need another alpha to produce the next line, Walker. You know that. Why are you doing this to your people?” The wolf's voice was desperate and pinched, his green eyes narrowed as they looked at me then back at his alpha. Walker growled again this time much deeper than before as he stepped closer to the other man. “I have taken a life mate. Larry is a sloth and what I do with my life has nothing to do with the pack. I have tried countless times to breed an heir and nothing has come of it, but now—” He looked over his shoulder at me, yellow eyes softening as he looked down at my belly before meeting my eyes. “Countless times...seriously?” Here I was only just having my virginity taken and he was talking about how many she wolves he’d fucked to produce an heir. A little hiss escaped me as I thought about Raina again and her stupid fat chest laying on my mates bed expecting to get— “Breathe Larry, breathe in and out before you start planning a murder.” “But now what? We still need an heir. We are the last of our kind—” “Not entirely,” Walker puffed out his chest and I sensed a air of pride exuding from him as he faced his beta. “My mate is pregnant.” I watched as Rogan looked at me and then at Walker again, his green eyes confused as he kept looking back and forth between the two of us. “I’m sure that’s exactly what he meant when he said heirs— a pack of alpha sloth/wolves.” Even in my mind my voice had a dry quality to it that was laced with extreme sarcasm. Walker snorted out a laugh and shook his head, gold eyes sparkling. “Didn’t we agree we’d call them Sluppies?” Rogan’s eyes widened and his head comically whipped back and forth faster than was healthy between me and my alpha before he settled on Walker. “Holy fucking cow shit, you’re serious? You mated a sloth and are having—” “Sluppies…”I said quickly, much quicker than I’d normally be able to say. I chalked it up to my complete distaste of the word Sloppies and I wanted to make sure no one called them that at any point. Rogan looked a little pale as he looked at me again, his green eyes wide with shock. “How is that possible?” He stuttered. “Wouldn’t I like to know.”
  4. I miss my laptop on a soul deep level. 😫😞😢

  5. Pmsingtiger

    Weird question...

    So me and my friend (who is a gay man) spend a lot of time renaming vaginas in a funny way. I want to know how you refer to a woman’s lady parts in a funny way. I say Va-who-ha what do you say? 😂 Oh side note Cubans call it a Papaya
  6. Pmsingtiger

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    I’m a Gold star gay then....by definition 😏 My own doesn’t count....my husband says I got to keep that one 💁🏼‍♀️
  7. Pmsingtiger

    Should there be only "Gay" places?

    No because then I can’t technically come hang out ☹️ Also because I believe equality comes with not segregating yourself into use only groups. To be equal we must all coexist together and learn about each other.
  8. Larry loves your profile picture ❤️

    One day there will be sloth equality and they will have their own emoji 

    #SlothEmoji #SlothEquality 😂

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      Yay I found a wolf 🐺

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      Still fighting for sloth equality. So sad 

    4. Wesley8890


      Yes, one day we will be equals!!!!

  9. Pmsingtiger

    My Multidimensional Love

    Thank you so much! I definitely wanted to write a story that could so how love can be comlex and not always clean cut and defined. By many peoples point of view Dane is wrong to love Ty the way he does because of his role in Ty’s life adopted or not. For Ty he would seem to have emotional dependabilities that shouldn’t be fed into but fixed but if Dane makes him happy then why fix the way he feels? I feel like love has to fit into so many social parameters to be accepted.
  10. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 14 - Tangled up

    Chapter 14 - Tangled up September 8th, 2017 “Tell me what you want,baby,” he asked as he brushed his lips across my burning skin. What did I tell him? I wanted everything, I wanted him to touch me everywhere and I wanted to lose myself in his scent and taste. I’d wanted him for so long to just be mine I’d take anything he would give me. “Touch me, like you really want to.” My voice croaked as I stretched out naked on the bed giving him complete access to my body. Dane growled deep, his grey eyes flashing as he skimmed a hand over my bare chest and down my stomach towards my straining cock. Fuck if he’d just touch me again. If he’d just let me— “Tell me what you really want,” his hand hovered over my thick erection bobbing wantonly over my abdomen begging for his touch. I swallowed the thick lump in my throat as I thought about how close he was, I wanted him to touch me, that’s what I wanted wasn’t it? Moaning irritably I canted my hips up towards his hand trying to feel the rough texture of his palm against my tender flesh, but his hand never touched me staying just out of reach. “Please, Dane, fucking touch me.” My cock burned it was so hard. He didn’t touch me, he leaned forward instead brushing his lips across my ear as he said, “Not till you tell me what you really want.” What I really want. I wanted to own him. I wanted him to be mine and only mine. “I want to—” “Ty, wake up, man.” I groaned, irritated that I was being roused. I didn’t want to fucking wake up. My dream had just gotten good. I could still feel the tendrils of it in my mind, Dane laying over me and— no it was gone I was awake. I cracked my eyes open remembering where I was when I saw the classroom and all the kids and one pissed off teacher looking at me with odd expressions. “Ty, since you are so comfortable sleeping in my class you’ll be happy to hear you can attend detention after school today.” Mrs. Pionet hissed in her thick accent. I could barely understand the woman, but the words detention made my skin crawl. I’d never had detention, never. That was a stain on my otherwise perfect school record, and something I didn’t want to have to explain to Dane. The bell rang and everyone started getting up out of their seats. Mark, the boy who sat beside me gave me a strange glance. “What are you looking at?” I grumbled. Mark shrugged, “you were making some strange noises man, I’d check before you stand up…” He trailed off while nodding knowingly down at my lap. “Yeah, thanks,” I muttered not putting much into the response. If anyone didn’t like my hard on they could stop looking at it. More than likely it would just bring a gaggle of girls from every corner of the school trying to sit on it. That alone made whatever last bit of an erection I had deflate. I stood up grabbing my open history book and shoved it into my backpack before shouldering it on my right side. The last student walked out of the classroom as I approached Mrs. Pionet’s desk. She was an irish woman, it was obvious from her thick gaelic accent and her rotund body and bright red hair tinted with grey. “Ma'am I’m sorry for falling asleep, it won’t happen again,” I said even as I wondered how I was going to start falling asleep at night from now on. Since my deal with Dane back in May I’d only been able to sleep with him Friday through Sunday night, every other night I lay in my own bed staring at the ceiling — One more month and I’d have to go to his grave, I wasn’t looking forward to revisiting that wound. The older woman sighed as she looked up at me, her brown eyes crinkling at the sides. “Ty, is everything alright? Your grades are fine, but you have seen tried this last few weeks.” “Yeah it’s nothing, just a lot of studying and prepping for SAT’s,” that and worrying that Dane will change his mind before the ten months is up, maybe grow feelings for that girl Sissy. “Ok, but don’t over tax yourself, and no detention, but stay away in my class from now on, understood?” Her voice held a hard edge to it that said she expected no argument from me. I nodded. “Yes, Ma’am.” I didn’t wait for her to dismiss me before walking out of the classroom and into the busy hallway. History was the last class of the day so I headed for the exit towards the front of campus. That dream hadn’t been the first one, and more often than not I when I slept beside Dane I woke up plastered to his back rubbing my erection into his ass. He never lashed out or even got angry about it, but I know he felt some sort of exasperation. The last time I’d woken up in the middle of the night thrusting my hips against him, my arm draped around his waist as I held him flush to my body. I don’t think he knew I was awake towards the end but I’d heard his groan and that had been enough to make me come in my sweatpants. The dreams were happening more often now and everytime I had them I either woke up hard or covered in my own jizz. It was something I was going to have to live with until I turned eighteen, but when I did I was going to sink so deep into— My phone dinged as I got into my truck pulling me out of my sex craved Dane fantasy. It was frome Dane: “Going to be working late, eat without me. Love you.” I read it again, the added Love you at the end set my heart racing at an uncontrolled rate. Dane loved me, I knew that without even a little doubt, but he didn’t normally say it at any point. There were a lot of ways to love someone and I’d always known Dane loved me as his kid, but I wanted him to love me as his partner and his lover. I wasn’t a thirteen year old orphan anymore, I wasn’t a boy, and to see those two words felt like he was giving me a hint of what was to come, because the text read like lovers not like an adult to a kid. An idea sparked in my head. I read the text again and smiled, a happy rumble coming out of me without warning. I didn’t text back, instead I put my phone down in the center console and put the truck in gear as I drove out of the school parking lot towards downtown Colorado Springs. I drove into the city to one of Dane’s favorite sub stops. We’d come here before Seth had died, and he’d told me how much he loved the fresh baked bread they had here. It wasn’t far from the base so I figured I’d pick him up some dinner and bring it to him. I got his favorite and made sure they gave me the best bread, paid and made my way over to the base. I didn’t come to Dane’s work often, a total of three times in the last five years. Each time had just been to pick something off on one of Dane’s days off, nothing extreme. As I drove up to the guard tower it started to sink in that I might not be able to see Dane, I didn’t have any sort of clearance to get into the base. “Shit,” I muttered as I stopped next to the camo dressed man scowling in common military fashion. Rolling my window down I nodded to the man who could only be a few years older than me. He looked fresh out of high school with some of his baby fat still on his cheeks. “Hey man, I was coming to bring my dad some dinner…” I trailed off not sure what else to say, obviously this was going to be strange when I told him who my dad was. Huge black boy says he’s Dane Huntsman’s son…. “Name and driver's license,” he said curtly. “Ty Huntsman,” god I hated the military, sounded like they were all robots or douche bags. Well some of them weren’t, Rus and Wes were pretty awesome. The man “Brady” it said on his uniform, went back into the tower to make a call. It took a few minutes but the man came back out with a bored expression before handing over my licence. “He will meet you in bay 4. Park there and wait inside.” He pointed to the building up ahead marked with a giant ass 4. Alright then, I drove through the gate once it opened and parked my truck outside the brown building. Getting out I took the bag with Dane’s food and walked inside to the cool A/C of the lobby. Surprisingly the lobby was empty except for some chairs, there wasn’t anyone else around that I could see. The walls were decorated with pictures of various soldiers over the years and the lighting was something out of a movie in the 1970’s but otherwise it was just an empty ass room. Seth would have said the room lacked any personality at all and I’d have to agree with him that this place could kill any good mood pretty easily. I sighed, thinking about Seth. It would be a year next month, one whole year without him smiling at me and making me laugh. Only Seth was able to do that, not even Dane was able to make me let go like he had been able to. Dr. Corbin had insist that we talk about Seth more and how his death affected me, but I still didn’t want to talk about it. I don’t think I’d ever want to talk about it. In a way I’d forgiven Seth for not telling me about the cancer, but I couldn’t let go of the painful burn every time I thought about how we’d left things. A part of me liked to pretend it had never happened, because it was easier than admitting it had and I would never see him again. “Well if it isn’t Huntsman’s boy. What are you doing here?” I spun around away from the framed photos I’d been inspecting to see the little man from the barbeque who’d done nothing but antagonize Dane every chance he got. I ground my teeth together keeping in the acidic words burning inside my throat from coming out. I wanted to tell this man to drop dead, no, I’d rather beat the shit out of him, but that wasn’t an option. This was Dane’s job, and it was the U.S military they wouldn’t take any shit from me and anything I did would have consequences for Dane. “Hey, didn’t see you there,” short piece of shit. McLain’s face reddened slightly but otherwise seemed unaffected by my veiled insult. “Come to bring your Sergent Huntsman some dinner?” He nodded towards the bag I was holding. I didn’t miss the way his voice changed when he said Dane’s name, the underlining hint of contempt. “Yeah, said he’s working late.” What was this man's problem? What the hell had happened between him and Dane that produced such a level of contempt? McLain snorted derisively, “I’m sure the kiss ass is, he’s got to make up for not deploying somehow.” He took a step forward crowding me into the wall as he did. I was bigger, there was no doubt about it, but I wouldn’t hurt Dane’s career by doing anything and this man knew it. That was the only reason I let him back me up until I was stopped by the wall where the pictures hung. “You’re a fucking asshole,” I growled, hands clenching tightly at my side, the bag crinkling loudly in the deadly silent room. McLain didn’t stop till he was close enough to press me back into the wall, my body shaking with the rage I wanted to release. He was short, but the man made up for some of it with bulk and a huge ego that swelled his head to great proportions. I could see it in his ugly eyes as they looked up at me with contempt. “You actually think you’re worth something don’t you boy? Like you aren’t some piece of hood trash that some white people took pity on. I know what you are,” He growled, face red with anger that I couldn’t understand. “Huntsman uses you as a pathetic excuse to keep his ass from being deployed sending others in his place. You’re just his meal ticket to stay in the states. You’re just another useless ni—“ “I’d advise you to move Staff Sergeant or I will move you myself.” Dane, I looked pass McLain to where he stood only a few feet away, his body tense and his eyes dark with rage. I’d seen that look before, with Abbott, and a few other times. McLain stiffened and for a second I saw the hatred burning on his face before it was morphed into a shit eating grin. He spun on his heels to face Dane, smiling as if he knew he’d found a weakness he could exploit. “Staff Sergeant Huntsman, I was just telling your boy here he could have a promising career in the military. We’ll have to wait till he turns eighteen to find out.” He started to walk off passing Dane without even looking at him. “McLain,” Dane said, his voice deep and his grey eyes fixed on me as he spoke to the man behind him. “Next time you threaten my boy will be the last time.” McLains shoulders stiffened but he didn’t turn around before he walked off not saying a word in response. Once he was out of sight Dane approached me laying a gentle hand over my drumming heart. “You alright?” I nodded, my lips pressed into a tight line as I tried to breath through my nose. Anger and rage boiling inside burning my veins. “I should have punch that fucker,” I bit out, shaking physically as the adrenaline pulsed through me. “I didn’t want….you’re career—“ I bit out. “It’s alright,” he pulled my head down forcing my forehead against his, centering me. He was here and it didn’t matter what that asshole had said, nothing mattered as long as we were together like this. Dane held me there for a few seconds letting the emotions course through me until they were no longer burning me apart from the inside. “What did he say to you?” Dane asked pulling away to look me in the eyes. I growled, just thinking about what that fucker had said made me want to hit a wall. “That you keep me so you won’t be deployed...that I’m a useless n—“ “No you aren’t, and no I’m not,” Dane said cutting me off before I could say the word. I hadn’t heard that word since I was thirteen, other than in songs and music, the kids at school didn’t even use that one, granted at my school I was a huge minority and not a lot of kids had the courage to say that to my face. Dane growled and slammed his hand suddenly on the wall beside my head. I didn’t flinch, I ran my hand down his outstretched arm, the tense muscles jumping under my fingertips. “I can handle him, Dane. Assholes like him ain’t shit.” I’ve had worse, but I wouldn’t bring that up. Dane didn’t need to know how bad I’d had it in the past, although he had an idea. “Assholes like him are unpredictable. Stay away from him, if he comes near you again don’t confront him” he said as he grabbed the back of my neck with a strong grip. “Do you understand me, Ty?” I nodded. “Ok, I won’t.” For him I wouldn’t, but I still wanted to know why. “Good,” He stepped back but my hand stayed on his arm ancorching him to me. “Now let me see what you got me for dinner.” September 29th 2017 I moaned painfully as my dick rubbed against his ass. It was as if I was constantly stuck in this hell, being turned on to the point of pain but unable to release. It was like this in every dream, sweat and sweet words as I prayed he’d touch me. “Dane please,” I groaned as I rubbed against his strong ass again. “Wake up, Ty,” Dane said as his strong hand brushed against my bare side jolting me out of the vivid dream. “F-fuck,” I muttered my dick straining painfully my hips still rocking against his ass even as he turned over. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t—“ “I know, it’s ok,” Dane said quickly rubbing a soothing hand over my hip to ease the panic building up inside of me. Every time I woke up like this I was expecting him to tell me to leave, that I’d have to sleep in my own room again. I couldn’t bare it if he took away the three nights I got every week. It was the only time I could be close to him, touch him freely and let the barriers fall down as I relaxed. “I’m not doing this to punish you, Ty.” He whispered even as I shook holding back the need that was trying to tear me apart from the inside. “I know,” but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like one. That I had to wait for him till I was eighteen didn’t bother me, I’d wait for him indefinitely, but my body wanted him now and the dreams only made it that much harder. “My dick—“ is really starting to hurt, and my balls, but I didn’t say that. I was stronger than this, I could wait. “I’m going to go take a shower, go back to bed,” I started to get up but he grabbed my hip, his fingers digging into my dark flesh stark in contrast even in the dark bedroom. “Dane?” I looked into his eyes searching for what he wanted me to do. “Touch yourself,” he commanded. “Don’t look away from me while you do, understand.” His voice was even deeper and I couldn’t help the low moan that escaped me. I shook my head my breathing escalating into a desperate panting as I pulled my erection out of my boxers and fisted it in my hand. The hard grip was enough to make me shake with relief but it was the unwavering eye contact with Dane that made me leak uncontrollably into my palm as I started jacking myself. “D-Dane—“ I growled, the warm flood of excitement and need turning into a burning desire. Dane’s eyes never left mine, his breathing increased matching my own as I chased after the relief this would give me. I shivered when I felt his hand still gripping my hip trail down to my ass just barely touching me but urging me to move my hips into my tight fist. “You’re imaging it’s me, like you always do. I can see it in your eyes,” he rumbled. I nodded, “Always, cause your mine,” I growled my balls tightening painfully as electricity raced down my spine making my body tense as my orgasm ripped through me almost violently. Groaning long and low I came in my hand as Dane’s hand clenched down on my ass cheek grounding me through each pulse. I lay there panting and sweating trying to come down from the immense pleasure when I felt the bed dip and Dane get up. My heart jackknifed as my eyes shot open, not even aware when I’d closed them. “Dane?” “I’ll be right back,” he went into the bathroom and a few seconds later the sound of the sink running and then turning off before he came back out holding a damp rag. “Take your boxers off.” I didn’t question him as I slid the black cotton boxers down wiping my hand on them as I did. Once they were off I tossed them towards the dirty hamper and laid back down watching as Dane handed me the damp cloth. I took it wishing that he’d been the one to clean me, but I wasn’t going to ask for more than what I’d gotten tonight. There was still a level of shock running through me that he’d ask me to stay, that he’d let me, but I had no doubt this wouldn’t be a common occurrence. I still had six more months to go. I wiped myself down quickly making sure not to miss anything before I tossed the rag in the same direction as my boxers. Dane got back into bed laying on his side facing me and all my naked glory. I wanted to touch him, trail my hands over his sides like I knew he loved, but I kept my hands to myself. I turned on my side and got under the blanket, the waves of adrenaline wearing off leaving a level of exhaustion I hadn’t known I’d been fighting. My eyes drift shut the sight of Dane’s grey eyes watching me lulling me into sleep and his familiar voice. “And you’re mine,” he said before I fell asleep.
  11. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    Yassss Larry will birth the first generation of Swolfs
  12. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    No humans everyone has an animal. And yes they need a wolf doctor
  13. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    Dr. Dick knows.....he’s seen a thing or two
  14. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    😍😍😍 couldn’t do it without the support
  15. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    Ughhhh they are going to be so cute.....maybe some extra long claws for climbing 🧐

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