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    Chapter 2 - Us against the world

    A sexy smart built marine!!
  2. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 2 - Us against the world

    Subconsciously Dane is already his 😂😂
  3. Chapter 2 - Us against the world November 20th, 2013 I stared around my room, the same one that I’d left last week, but somehow it didn’t feel the same. I’d thought I’d never see this space again, but here I was standing in it feeling like an intruder. Did I belong here without Mark and Jane? I wasn’t sure I wanted to be here without them. At least I think that was what the aching pit in my stomach was telling me. Putting my bag down on the bed I rummaged through it till I was able to dig out the frame I’d taken from the desk. Gently I placed it back where it had been and stared at the two smiling faces looking back at me, my own face in the photo not as pleased. Somehow they’d seen through my surly nature, somehow they’d known I needed them. A knock on the open door drew my attention away from the photo as Dane walked in. In the last few days I hadn’t seen him much. He’d told me he needed to get some paperwork together and figure things out with his commanding officer. I hadn’t minded staying in the center a few more days, it had given me time to think about what Dane was really offering. Was he doing this out of a sense of obligation to his parents? He was quiet as he walked into the bedroom, his tall body moving with more finesse than I thought was physically possible for a man his size. Dane was every bit of six feet three inches and he was covered in a bulk of muscles that made me want to keep my distance, for now. I didn’t know him nor did I trust him. Just because he was Mark and Jane’s son didn’t mean I could trust him. “I know you don’t trust me. I don’t blame you, Ty.” He grabbed for the desk chair and sat down, possibly to make himself smaller in my presence. “I...I really don’t know what I’m doing, to be honest. Mom and dad’s funeral is planned for tomorrow and…” Dane trailed off his voice weary and worn. It was as if he didn’t know what else to say. “Can I help….with the funeral?” I wanted to help. I wanted to do one last thing for Mark and Jane, but I didn’t know what I could do. I was thirteen and reliant on other people and I hated it. Dane shook his head. “Most of it has been taken care of, they had it all handled by their lawyer.” His foot tapped on the ground restlessly. “I know I’m not my dad or my mom, but I want us to be a family.” Dane’s eyes caught the picture on the desk, the one I’d just put back. He grabbed it and held it, looking at the three of us on my adoption day. “I don’t want you to think because you’re adopted that we aren’t family.” He looked up at me, his grey eyes searching before he said, “What do you want, Ty?” What did I want? I wanted more time! I wanted them to not be dead! I wanted all of this to be one big nightmare and I woke up to mom’s pancakes and dad’s reluctant smile as he ate a grapefruit because he had to lay off the sweets. I wanted to have them for Christmas, and my birthday and every other holiday I never got with them. I wanted to hear mom laugh again, and Mark to tell me another stupid euphemism for life. I wanted…I wanted— A sob I hadn’t known I’d been holding in exploded from me as I leaned forward over my legs and tried to hold in the gut-wrenching pain starting to tear me apart. I’d loved them. I’d only had them six fucking months, but I loved them, so much, and now they were gone. Another sob escaped me as I clutched my abdomen with all my strength trying to keep all the frayed pieces from coming undone. “I want them back, it’s not fucking fair! They were all I had!” I shouted through the pain, not talking to Dane, not talking to anyone, because no one could make it better. No mortal being could ease the anger and sadness tearing me up inside. “No one will love me like they did.” Absorbed in my pain I didn’t feel him at first, but suddenly like a solid weight bringing me back to my body, he anchored me in my drowning waves of emotion. Strong arms settled around my body, engulfing me tentatively at first and then with more confidence when my own arms scrambled to clutch at the only person able to share my pain with me. His arms were strong and heavy, easily grounding me to him as I let everything inside pour out of me. I wouldn’t admit to my weak moment afterward, but in that moment I was thankful that he gave me an excuse to cry in his arms. I was stronger than this, I had had to be my entire life for as long as I could remember. I’d lived through abuse, starvation, homelessness, and other things, but none of it compared to the chasm in my heart. I’d never loved anyone before, and no one had ever loved me before. Not till them. Dane’s arms tightened around me as he let me cry into his shoulder silently. “Losing them is hard for me, one of the hardest things in my life so far, but I can’t imagine losing them without having the time I’d had with them. I’m sorry, Ty. I’m sorry you didn’t get the time you deserved with them.” His voice was deep, guttural as if he was keeping his own pain inside. He didn’t owe me an apology. He had lost his parents too, but to hear him affirm how I felt and to admit I had a right to mourn them made me hug him tighter. December 25th, 2013 It was Christmas. There wasn’t a tree, but that wasn’t something I would miss. I’d never had a tree before unless you counted the one foster home I’d been in. Which I didn’t, because it hadn’t been my christmas tree, I’d had no part in putting it up or even taking it down. There sure as hell hadn’t been anything underneath it for me. Christmas has always been a holiday I never fully understood and I guess maybe it was something I secretly hoped to experience one day. Today wasn’t going to be that day. Laying in bed, I wondered if I could just stay in my room the entire day. I didn’t want to watch tv and I didn’t want to bother Dane. Not that it was possible to bother Dane, the man had the patience of a saint. I’d learned in the last month that my new guardian was a quiet man, he was the type to listen and nod maybe say a few things but that was primarily it. Although he hadn’t been aloof with me, he was more outgoing in our conversations than with other people but not so much that I felt special, he just had to say certain things to me because he was now my parent. He reminded me a lot of Mark, but with fewer words of wisdom, which wasn’t surprising since he was only twenty-five. Sighing I rolled onto my side and stared at the picture across the room on my desk. Jane and Mark’s smiling faces beamed at me as if they were still alive. I swallowed the hard lump in my chest and turned over again, unwilling to open myself up to the wound that wouldn’t heal. In the last month, I still had the burning ache in my heart constantly throbbing and I wondered when I would stop feeling like the world was out to destroy me. Dane helped a lot. It had been easy to lean on him, maybe because we shared our pain, but I think part of it was just Dane. He was unlike anyone I’d ever met and that made him different in a way I found comforting. After the funeral, he’d said less to me than before as if he was retreating into himself, but he was a constant presence that I hadn’t realized I needed. He didn’t say much most of the time, but he would do things I hadn’t expected. After they’d died, I’d figured that morning breakfasts wouldn’t happen anymore. I’d been shocked to find the day after the funeral Dane had cooked him and me pancakes and eggs. He hadn’t said anything, and neither had I, but I’d been appreciative that he’d done in, and I’d been appreciative every day after that he did it. A knock on my door made me roll over again to face the door as I called out, “come in” to Dane. He opened the door, smiling, but the joy didn’t reach his grey eyes. “Merry Christmas,” he said. “Merry Christmas,” I said with less enthusiasm. It wasn’t something I’d said many times before in my life and it felt like a lie on my tongue. It wasn’t merry, I wasn’t merry. Dane snorted a humorless laugh coming out of him. “It’s not I know, but I’d like to pretend just for today that it is. Come downstairs I want to give you something.” He turned and walked out of my room without another word leaving me wondering what he was talking about. Had he gotten me a gift? I hadn’t gotten him anything, I hadn’t thought about it and it wasn’t like I had any money. Ashamed I looked at my sketchpad as and idea came to mind. I dressed quickly in a pair of jeans and a plain blue t-shirt before heading downstairs my largest sketchpad in my arms. Rounding the corner into the bright lavish living room I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it gleaming against the furthest wall. A Christmas tree with yellow lights twinkled in the corner of the bright room as if calling to me to come closer to it. It wasn’t big, maybe only three feet tall, but as I walked closer to it I couldn’t help but think it was the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen. Gently I touched the tips of the ferns branches, letting the texture of the real pine trail against my fingertips. Dane chuckled, breaking my trance. He stood leaning against the kitchen island, his smile a little lighter than it had been before. “I know it’s not much, but it was the best I could find in the middle of the night on Christmas eve.” He rubbed his hand over his head a sheepish expression on his angular face. “What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree, right?” What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? I thought. I looked at the small spruce again, happy to explore it. I was grateful that he’d gotten it. I’d seen so many movies of families decorating their Christmas tree as they bonded over the stringing of the lights. I’d wanted that, and seeing this stupid cute little tree I felt a niggle of hope that maybe it wasn’t impossible to have that even though Mark and Jane were gone. I had Dane now. “There are no ornaments, I’m not sure where mom and dad have all the christmas stuff stashed, but there is something on the tree for you. I was going to give it to you sooner but I held off until today.” He said it quickly as if he was afraid I would be upset with anything he’d just said. Looking closing at the tree I saw a silver necklace hanging from one of the branches. I pulled it off and realized it was ball chain with a single dog tag hanging from it. It was engraved with their names and on the other side it read ‘No one loved is ever lost’ I read it again and again until my eyes began to blur and the burning in my clogged throat made it hard to breathe. “T-thank you.” I rasped unable to speak more with the lump in my throat. Dane walked closer till he was standing near the tree with me, looking down at the necklace I clutched in my hand. “They loved you, Ty. This is so you never doubt that.” I nodded unable to say anything to him. I didn’t know what to think or say as so much pain and appreciation filled me that I felt I could come apart into a million pieces. “I-I didn’t get you anything, I didn’t think— ” I croaked out as I held out the sketchpad to him without any explanation. “I want you to have this.” Dane’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he took the large sketchpad. He looked at the nondescript cover before opening it to the first page where the only drawing was. Steel grey eyes widened as he looked at me and then back at the portrait. “Y-you drew this?” I nodded. “It’s not my best. I wasn’t finished, I can make a better one but I wanted you to have something today. I—” “Ty this is amazing,” he said as his face pinched into the same painful expression I’d seen before. I could identify this that pain, and I knew - as he looked at their faces that I’d drawn smiling up at him - it was a pain formed out of longing. This may not be the Christmas I’d seen on TV, but it was in some ways better because it was with Dane. Eight Months Later August 23rd, 2014 “Ty let’s go!” Dane shouted as I rushed to shove my sketchbook into my backpack. I wouldn’t normally complain about him, but damn the man was punctual as fuck. If I was even running a minute behind he started to tick like a damn timer. “I’m coming!” I shouted back as I shoved my pens in along with my pencils. Today was my first day of highschool. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but in the last few months I’d grown exponentially and I wasn’t the same scrawny kid I’d been at thirteen. I wasn’t a hulking monster like Dane, but I was just shy of six feet now and I towered over most kids my age. Being black and tall was like a beacon to high schoolers no doubt, but I doubted it could be worse than the group homes I’d been in. “Ty come on we’re gonna be late!” I smirked as I slung my backpack on. Dane actually sounded anxious at this point. The man really hated to not be on time. Maybe it was the military man in him, but mostly I think it was inherently Dane, and although it may be annoying in most circumstances, it was nice to have someone so reliable in my life. Bounding down the stairs two steps at a time I caught up to Dane at the front door. His face was drawn into a frown and his arms were crossed as he kept looking at his watch. “Damn it Ty, you’re going be late.” He groused as he ushered me out the door and towards his black jeep wrangler. “Wait I want to get a picture of you!” He said suddenly pulling out his phone. “Come on, D. Why do you need a photo?” I whined petulantly. “It’s your first day of highschool, I need to get a photo, it’s something mom and dad would have wanted.” He said as he snapped a quick shot of me standing next to the jeep making a funny face at him. “You’re such a little shit, get in we’re already late.” I got in the jeep and strapped on my seatbelt the cool morning august air blowing in through the open top. I loved this car, and I hoped that I could save up enough by the time I was in college I could afford my own. Subconsciously I rubbed at the dogtag resting against my chest thinking about my adopted parents. I wished they could have been with me today to see me start highschool, the idea caused a dull ache in my chest. It was not the lancing pain I’d felt in the beginning, as the time passed so did some of the pain, but I still wished they could have been there. If I had a choice though I wouldn’t change anything, I wouldn’t change having Dane be such an integral part of my everyday life. As my time with him started to overshadow the time I’d had with my parents I can’t help but just be happy to have him, because I loved Dane more than anyone in my life. “You thinking about them?” He asked as he drove towards Eastview High. “Yeah, I was just wishing they could be here today.” “They are here, right here.” Dane’s hand reached out and covered the spot over my chest where my heart beat rapidly under his hand. “I know, but sometimes that’s not enough, you know?” I said even as a strange flutter in my gut made me squirm as Dane moved his hand back to the steering wheel. “Yeah I know, I usually wish they were around for the stupidest things,” he chuckled slightly before saying, “the other day I was wishing dad was around so he could spew some of his fancy quotes about life. I really needed one of them for that last exam.” I nodded, because I knew what he meant about Marks life quotes, they were usually goofy but still inspiring. Dane had been working hard to finish up his PHD in engineering, so between work and school he was always awake it seemed. I worried sometimes that he was overdoing it but he always told me that it wasn’t that bad. Add in everything he did for me and to keep our house running I didn’t know how he ever slept. “I can help more around the house.” I said hoping maybe that would take some of the stress off of his plate. “Ty that’s not what I meant, you already do everything around the house. I just… sometimes I doubt myself. It’s human nature, it’s nothing to do with you or the house.” Or being a single parent…. Is what he hadn’t added in. Because Dane was essentially a single parent with a teenage kid at the age of twenty-five. “I just want to help wherever I can.” “Don’t worry so much Ty, focus on school, find some friends. I want you to be a teenager and enjoy the perks of being your age.” As he said that he pulled into the highschool drop off the front crowded with milling teens getting ready to start the day — we weren’t even late. “I have you, I don’t need a bunch of fake friends,” and I didn’t want them either. I’d grown up in foster homes and group homes, giving me enough exposure to empty relationships between other kids my age. After awhile I’d realized it was easier to be alone than always disappointed. Dane sighed as he put the jeep in park, his steel eyes burning a hole into the side of my head. “Ty I need you to try ok? I know you think having me in your life is enough but you need friends to do stuff with and—” “I don’t need them, having you to do stuff with is fine. You always go with me when I ask.” I said interrupting what he was going to say. Dane grabbed the back of my neck with a strong callused hand, squeezing gently like he always did when he was reassuring me. “I know you don’t trust them, but give someone a chance. Not everyone in the world is an asshole.” He released my neck but not before giving me a final squeeze. “Now get out of my car I’m going to be late.” Snorting out a response I got out of the car and shut the door behind me. Regardless of what Dane had said I didn’t believe any of it. People were asshole majority of the time, he just didn’t want to admit it to me. “I’ll see you later today, text me if you need anything,” Dane said right before he drove off leaving me standing at the front of the high school with all the other teenagers. If I was lucky I wouldn’t get too much homework today and I could start looking into the art clubs available here. “Wow who was that?” “I don’t know but he was hot as fuck!” “I’d let him fuck the hell out of me” Frowning I looked behind me at a group of girls, possibly seniors, staring off after Dane’s jeep as they gossiped loudy. Did they say it so loud on purpose? Something ugly rolled in my gut and I had to swallow the monster wanting to claw its way out of me. “Hey you! Do you know that guy?” The one brunette petite girl with an upturned nose and a faceful of makeup called out to me. The monster wiggled free as I said, “Yeah that’s my dad, he’s a marine and he doesn’t fuck underage hoes like you.” With that I walked off into the school, their nasty snarls echoing behind me but my angry monster was more than satisfied.
  4. Sleep is for mortals--- does anyone have the cure for that particular ailment??  

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    Chapter 1 - Accidents Happen

    😫It will be better!!! The sadness will stop!
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    Chapter 1 - Accidents Happen

    Chapter 1 - Accidents happen You probably won’t want to hear my story. A lot of people have given me shit for a long time about me and Dane, and to be honest I think it just freaks them out. It’s nothing as nefarious as what they think is going on in their heads. ‘Oh, that poor little black boy must have been sexually abused’ blah blah blah. Dane would say “Ignore them TyTy.” but I still want them to say that to my face so I can knock their mother fucking teeth in. Granted some of what they say is true, I’ve had my fair share of abuse in my life, but that was before I ever met Dane and he would never have added to it. He saved me, from myself, from the system, I love him and I don’t care what anyone says — Love is so much more complex than that, it’s multidimensional. November 13th, 2013 “What do you mean they’re dead?” I stared up at the uniformed officer standing in the front doorway. It was late, maybe midnight and he’d woken me from my spot of the couch where I’d fallen asleep. “I’m sorry. It seems they were in a car accident on the way home. Do you have anyone we can call?” The officer asked with as much compassion as he could seem to muster up. How many times had he had to do this — Tell someone that their entire life was about to change? “N-no I. They adopted me...it’s only been six months ago. Their other son Dane…. I haven’t met him yet, he’s still deployed but he’s coming home this week.” Dead? How could they possibly be dead? Jane and Mark Huntsman had been my one moment of hope when they’d petitioned to adopted a struggling youth of thirteen. I’d been living at the youth center, my last round of foster homes hadn’t worked out for various reasons. I’d been in the system since I was eight and I’d had my fair share of hardships before becoming an orphan. I hadn’t realized I’d wanted or needed a family until I’d met them for the first time. “You’ll have to come with me then to the station.” The officer said before he said something into his radio that I didn’t catch. They were dead. The family that had wanted to give me a second chance was already gone. At thirteen years old I’d never thought I’d be lucky enough to be adopted and brought into someone's home, but now it was like the whole thing had been a cruel trick. It had been too perfect…. they had been too perfect. “Can I get some things?” My voice sounded far away as everything started to sink in. Where would I go? Would I have another foster family? Was I supposed to forget them? “Only a few things. I’ll wait for you by the car.” The officer said lightly as he turned back towards his patrol car. So I went to my room upstairs at the top of the Victorian house that had only been my home for six short months. Would I ever get to see it again? No, I couldn’t let the pain creep in. I’d let it ruin me before and if I let it in now I would never recover. I’d never had much to lose in my life but this was a lot to lose. A black thirteen-year-old orphan from the streets taken in by an affluent white family was already not something that happened often, but now I was back to being alone. I wouldn’t have Jane’s homemade meals or Mark’s steady presence. I’d never had a family before them and now they were… I grabbed a bag and shoved my newest clothes into it. If this was the last time I was in my room I wanted to get everything I needed. Clothes were a necessity that I would need if I went back into the system. Shoving into the back quickly I packed it tight before zipping it up and looking around the room and seeing how many memories I’d made in only six months. Out of all of the things, only one item caught my eye. A picture frame sat on my bedside table with a picture of me, Jane, and Mark smiling at the camera the day they’d officially adopted me. Reaching out I touched the frame with a shaking hand as I take in that moment again. “Ty, it’s so good to see you again.” Jane gives me a warm hug, her small body wrapping around me in a motherly hug. I think about pulling away, but I hold still and for once I accept the affection she is offering me. After a few seconds, she pulled back and smiled brightly at me, her auburn hair shining in the morning sunlight. “We know this is a big change for you and we hope you’re as excited as we are.” She gushed with her excitement, her cheeks pink and her eyes sparkling. “It’s good to meet you again, Ty.” Mark put his hand out, a grin spreading his face as he took my hand in his and gave it a firm shake. Was this real? These people couldn’t be for real. That’s what I thought as they looked at me with open acceptance. “Would you like me to take a photo?” Sherrilyn my social service agent of the month asked as she watched us with a disinterested smile. It was obvious this was of little concern to the woman who most likely had hundreds of cases she had to attend to. Sherrilyn was a good representation of the world I belonged to. She was hardened by the system, only she was hardened by the endlessness of the cycle it created. It was so rare for kids like me to be adopted and when it did happen we doubted the authenticity of their choices. “Yes, that would be perfect. What do you think Ty?” Jane said happily as she looked at me. I nod but I don’t say anything else. A part of me wants to believe they aren’t full of shit, but it’s hard for me to hope for something like that. Jane, Mark and I all huddle up for the photo while Sherrilyn takes our photo in front of the youth center, my new parents smiling while I look on with a confused face. I hold the frame with shaking hands as I stare down at their faces, so happy to have me join their small family. I hadn’t believed in them then, but it hadn’t taken them long to convince me of their altruistic nature. Jane and Mark had only been able to have one biological child and they’d put all their time into raising Dane, but when he left for the military they’d wanted to raise another child. Unlike most couples they didn’t look for babies or younger children, hell they didn’t even close off their search for the just the same race. I’d asked them once “Why me?” and Mark had said “Why not you Ty? You deserve a family.” It was that simple for them. I’d deserved a family, and they wanted to give me a new life. Sucking in a pained breath I opened my backpack and shoved the frame inside. It might have been only a year, but I wouldn’t forget them. Slinging my bag over my shoulder I didn’t linger any longer as I walked out of my room. Walking back downstairs I walked outside to the waiting patrol car where the officer sat in the driver seat talking on his radio. “Tyler Green. Right? Sit in the back.” He said pointing to the empty seat behind him. Grinding my teeth I hiked my back higher on my shoulder. “Ty Huntsman. I don’t go by Tyler Green anymore.” I would never go by that name again. I got in the backseat not waiting for the cops reaction. He didn’t say anything as he pulled out of the driveway my family's home faded away in the background. As it disappeared I couldn’t help but feel all my hope disappear with it. November 14th, 2013 I slept at the youth center. My social service worker, Karren, had gotten me from the police station early that morning. She’d spewed some bullshit about family being contacted and that the Huntsman didn’t have any other extended family that they could find outside Dane. I wasn’t surprised to hear that. I’d known that Jane and Mark had no other family, that’s why I knew I would be back in foster care, again. Six months had been too short, I wanted to fucking scream at the injustice of the whole situation. I’d loved them— no that wasn’t right— I still loved them even though they were dead they had been the only parents I’d ever had in my life. All I had to prove they’d existed was a bad photo in my backpack. “Tough shit. Did they bring your black ass back?” Marcus cackled from his seat at the table where he was pretending to be productive. I sat at the same table not really sure what else to do. It was the middle of the day at the youth center and I’d somehow ended up in the rec room with my sketchbook staring at the blank piece of paper for hours. Schools were out for summer so it wasn’t like I could go there and forget about everything, not that I wanted to or could. So I sat at the youth center with Marcus who I’d met in the past. He was a teenager around my age who I’d learned - when I was last here - had been in the system since he was five and bounced around to more foster homes than racquetball in play. There was an air of anger that always permeated off of him, not that it was unusual to find bitter kids in places like this. Marcus though, he took it to the next level, he always seemed to be more than just angry. The kid could be downright evil and it was common knowledge to avoid him. Today though, I wasn’t in the mood for his bullshit. “No. Unlike you, people can actually love me.” I snarled. “You fucking N—” “Marcus, I think you can find something else to do.” Candace, the youth coordinator said sharply as she walked into the room. She was a small latino woman in her mid-forties and round in all the wrong places. Even with her odd shape, she’d always been kind albeit awkward and I had to admit I was glad she’d shown up when she had. I wasn’t against fighting to prove I wasn’t a weak ass, but I really didn’t have it in me at the moment. “See you later faggot.” He growled before he grabbed his bookbag and walked out of the room. Candace watched him go before her shoulders relaxed and she looked at me again her brown eyes concerned. “That boy,” she muttered under her breath. “I’m sorry Tyler, about the Huntsman’s.” There seems to be true sympathy in her voice. “I know their adoption was...unexpected for you but….uh welcome.” My blood burned as I looked at the woman. She wasn’t well put together with her black hair in a messy bun and her shirt that had the centers logo had stains on it. It was almost glaringly obvious she wasn’t equipped for this conversation, but I couldn’t find it in myself to care. “My parents. They were my parents.” I snapped. Sorry about the ‘Huntsman’s’ she says, like they were nothing but acquaintances to me. She grimaces and I can see she doesn’t really understand her faux pas. “Y-you’re right I’m sorry. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, we haven’t heard anything yet but I’m sure everything will be ok.” God, she was terrible at this. How had she ever gotten a job working with kids like me? Shit, I wasn’t even one of the hard ones to deal with. “Candace just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about this.” “I know you’re upset Tyler but you don’t have to be rude. I know you must be feeling lonely—” “My name is Ty. I don’t go by Tyler, my parents are in the process of changing my name.” No, they were in the process because now they were dead, Jane and Mark were dead. I was Tyler Green again. Would they even let me keep their name? Panic and pain snagged my heart in a thorny maze as I sat there staring down at my blank sketch pad. “Right, Ty ok I can remember that. The Huntsman’s— I mean your parent's lawyer is going to come by at some point. He said he had something to go over with you.” “Why bother? He’s just going to tell me I’m an orphan again.” I didn’t look up at her. “I don’t want to talk to their lawyer.” Obviously, there wasn’t much to be said. I was a thirteen-year-old black boy who a white couple had taken pity on, no one cared. They didn’t care that I’d lost the only parents I’d ever had, or that I’d loved them. No, I should be used to being an orphan, I’d been one for so long and besides my life had been shit before DCF took me. “I really think you should talk to him.” She insisted. “I told you I don’t want to talk to him.” I snapped. Didn’t she get it? Candace frown deepened and she pulled at some of the hair that had fallen from her messy bun. “Alright. I’ll call him back and tell him not to come… if that’s what you want, but what if he needs to tell you about your new guardians? I’m sure the Huntsman have someone they appointed to take—” “They don’t have any other family,” I paused and rubbed my hand over the blank paper in front of me. Blank like the opportunities I felt I didn’t have. “Only their son Dane.” Candace brightened. “Oh! Well, that’s a possibility maybe he was appointed in their will to be your guardian.” I was really getting tired of this conversation. Everything she said was like a dagger of hope digging into a hopeless wound. “I don’t think their twenty-five-year-old military son is going to be my new dad, Candace,” I added her name with as much sarcasm as possible. Really I couldn’t sound more bitter if you poured lemonade on me. “Oh… I hadn’t realized he was so young. I-I’m just saying that maybe you should see their lawyer just in case.” “Fine.” I’d say anything at this point for her to leave me alone. “Ok, good.” Candace nodded her head before awkwardly looking around and then leaving the empty rec room without another word. Shoulders sagging I looked down again at the empty sketch pad and couldn’t help but feel as empty as the paper I was looking at. November 15th, 2013 The next day I couldn’t bring myself to sit in the rec room again. Obviously, I wasn’t looking forward to Marcus big fucking mouth and I didn’t want to be there when my parent's lawyer finally showed up, so I went to the park. There wasn’t a ton of people there throughout the day and I took enough food and water to sit there and just people watch. I saw parents help their toddlers go up and down the slides and older kids play games. It was all very innocent, but it was painful to watch. I’d grown used to not expecting those things before I was adopted, but afterward, I’d started to soak up those privileges. My mothers' hugs when she was happy, my father's steady advice when I needed it — all things I wouldn’t have anymore. “Mind if I sit here?” A stranger's deep voice asked from above as they cast a large shadow over my spot. I shrugged but didn’t look up at him. “Public bench,” so he could obviously sit there. “Yeah doesn’t mean I’m welcome.” The stranger sat down next to me and even without looking up I could realize he was a really big man. Peeking a glance I saw a massive white man sitting next to me wearing simple jeans and a white henley t-shirt. I didn’t catch his face, but I didn’t have to admit he was a massive younger man who could very easily kick my ass. I scooted closer to the edge of the bench away from the stranger. Maybe I shouldn’t have let this man sitting beside me. “Don’t worry I just needed to sit down,” the stranger paused and let out a long-winded sigh. “I’ve had a really bad couple of days.” His deep voice shook a little and he leaned forward to rest his arms on his legs. I more than understood how that felt. Bad couple of days had been my living hell since their death. I was alone in the world again, and more overwhelmed by it then I had ever been in the past. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been alone, but I’d never known what it was like to have someone love me until them. I wouldn’t cry I told myself, but at night I wouldn’t admit to the wet puddles on my pillowcase come morning. My pain leaked out of me no matter how much I wanted to deny its existence, no matter how much I fought to feel nothing. So yeah, I could understand a bad couple of days as he put it. “Yeah, me too Mr.” “Yeah, you looked like you had.” He leaned back against the bench, but I still didn’t look up at him. I felt safe staring down at the ground from my side of the bench. “Want to talk about it? I’d like to hear about it.” I snorted, “you some kind of therapist from the youth center? Cause if you are I really don’t want to talk to you.” I sneered and went to get up and walk away. “Hold up. I’m not I just wanted to talk.” He hurried to say but didn’t touch me, which I was grateful for. Relaxing back on the bench I nodded mutely. Maybe I was being a little too sensitive with the stranger. What could it hurt to tell someone what had happened? It wasn’t like this outsider would really care, but maybe it would release some of the pain inside of me if I could vomit the words up just once. They died. They are gone. I’m alone. Again. “My parents died two days ago…” I blurted it out quickly so I wouldn’t chicken out. The moment the words came out I didn’t feel the relief I thought I would, like someone purging their stomach after a terrible stomach ache I thought for sure that some of the agonies would subside when it left me, but it didn’t. No, the pain became a living breathing thing that I couldn’t ignore. They were gone. They weren’t coming back. I was alone, again. “They adopted me, but they loved me I know they did and now they are gone. Fuck, I’m all alone again and I thought… I thought I would have them forever, but like any fucking thing good they didn’t last.” Fuck but I couldn’t stop all of it was coming out of me in painful waves as I kept talking. Warmth ghosted down my cheeks as tears spilled down and off my chin in a slow river. “I lost my parents too,” he said, his deep voice soft and filled with pain that rivaled my own. “I thought it would be me they would have to bury, but life throws curve balls is what my dad would always say.” Mark had said that to me as well. I’d been having a problem with the kids at school and I’d asked the girl Carla Knight out to the school dance only for her to reject me publicly in front of the entire class. Life throws curve balls, but they aren’t always bad ones sometimes those curves bring the most amazing things into your life that wouldn’t be there is the ball went straight. “My dad said that too.” “Yeah when he’d say that I’d get angry sometimes, but I know he was right. Just like when I heard they were gone I thought I was alone too, but then I remembered I wasn’t.” There was an inflection in his tone, but I couldn’t understand what he meant and I probably wasn’t supposed to. He was lucky that he had someone, that he wasn’t alone like me. I would give whatever I had left to say the same. Not that I had much left to give. I hadn’t had much in life to barter with and somehow I’d been lucky enough to have had Jane and Mark in my life. “I wish I wasn’t alone,” I whispered as I looked down at my shoes. They were converse black and white like I’d always wanted. It had been the first thing that they had gotten me and it had been an unbelievable kindness that they probably hadn’t understood. It meant a lot to me but was so simple to them. “I don’t want you to be alone either Ty.” My head shot up and I looked at the man sitting beside me and realized it was one I’d seen before in photos throughout the Huntsmans house. It was a powerful face with a square jaw and bright blue eyes, even with the dark circles under them and the tired complexion he reminded me of Jane and Mark. “Dane?” He nodded a slight smirk lifted the corner of his mouth. “Me in the flesh. Never wanted to meet you this way though.” He shrugged uncomfortably as if he was barely holding his own pain in. Shocked I just stared at the man. Why was he here? Dane had been in the military on active leave since I was adopted so I hadn’t been able to meet Dane. Why did he even bother to come see me? It wasn’t like I was part of his family anymore, I was just another orphan and his mom and dad were dead. “I-I don’t understand. Why are you here?” Was he going to try and break the news to me? I already knew I wouldn’t go back to my adopted life. Did he really find it necessary to come tell me I was an orphan again? “To take you home.” Dane’s voice was firm as if it should be obvious why he was here. “Home?” What the hell was he talking about? “Yeah home. You’re family, I’m not going to abandon you. We’re all each other has now." “Family?” Was he being serious? This couldn’t be true. “What are you saying?” Dane’s eyes shuttered as he looked out into the park with the families going about their day. “I’m saying that I’m going to be your guardian Ty.” My guardian? “You’re going to adopt me?” “Technically yes.” “Why?” I didn’t understand why a 23-year-old army man would even consider adopting me. “You’re my family that’s why, and you meant a lot to my parents. We are all each other has now.” “What about…” everything, I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to chase this one chance I had away. “We’re family Ty. I know that it’s a lot to take in but I promise that I’ll make everything work out.” He said it with his strong grey eyes staring unwaveringly into my own. With his steely gaze focused on me, I realized he wasn’t lying to me. I wasn’t going to be alone after all.
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    My Multidimensional Love

    Adopted and then left unexpectedly alone after a tragic accident killed Ty's new wonderful parents only six months after becoming part of their family. The loss is devastating and as his hopes shatter Ty begins to accept that he will never be able to have a family -- after all who wants a thirteen-year-old black boy from the streets? A shard of hope slices through his despair when Dane, his adopted parent's son, returns from the military because of his parent's death.
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    Little Ms. Who

  9. #TeamLardChest or #TeamLarry?

    -Slothin It 

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    Chapter 8 - Slow Battles

    #TeamLarry or #TeamNoExtinction 😂😂
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    Chapter 8 - Slow Battles

    Chapter 8 - Slow battles There are moments in your life when you think ‘I’m over people, I’m over life, I’m over everything’ and you start to formulate a plan to climb up into a tree and just live as a sloth forever. At least that was what I was leaning towards as I was stared at the very pissed off, very naked she-wolf in my supposed mate's bed. I was starting to realize it might be easier just to live a sloth life. “I’m…. …...Walker’s…… …...mate….. ……..Who…….. …….are……. …….you?” It was humiliating to talk as slow as I was, but after yesterday and today I physically couldn’t get the words out without stuttering violently and I refused to stutter in front of this she-wolf. “Had he lied to me? Was everything some big plot to get in my pants? Why would he do all of that when he’d already had sex with me? And last night he hadn’t wanted to have sex at all.” My mind raced a thousand miles a minutes, jumping from thought to thought as I tried to untangle this in my brain. No, that wasn’t what I was doing. I was trying to make up a good explanation for her to be in his house naked and waiting for him. The woman sneered in contempt as she listened to me talk. “You’re a fucking sloth, why the hell would the last Alpha wolf want you as a mate? You’re delusional.” She got off the bed with a sensual grace that made my belly cramp with jealousy. I would never be so nimble and graceful. I stood my ground as her green eyes looked me over. “You must be one of his flings from the club. Did you think you were his mate just because you got in his bed?” She snorted derisively, “I bet you thought you were going to be the only one in his life. What an idiot.” “The last alpha wolf? What does that mean? Was what she’s saying true? Had Walker played me?” I thought back to everything, waking up in bed with Walker, making love with him, him rescuing me from the mingle and taking me here. Every single moment had been him reaffirming our mating, that he wanted me, but was it all just a ploy? Was it all just some game to him? “Did you lie to me?” I thought, hoping that he could hear my question. Pain lanced through my chest as I started to wonder if it had all be some big joke to the wolf. “I can see from the look on your face that it’s starting to sink in. Obviously, a man like that isn’t going to want a slow ass sloth. On top of that, your kind is super gross. Now get the fuck out of my mate's house.” She said as she went to get back into the large bed. Anger and humiliation made me vibrate and I had the distinct urge to hiss at the bitch. “No,” I said defiantly. “I would not leave. This was my fucking mate's house. Walker was my fucking mate and she could get her dumb twat out of my bed! This was my fucking habitat! Walker was mine!” The she-wolf froze, her tone body stiffening on the bed. “Excuse me? What did you say sloth?” She growled, baring her pretty white teeth at me. I straightened my shoulders refusing to back down to this tramp. Maybe she was the one who was delusional. “I…. …...said….. …….no…… ….bitch!” “Hope that was slow enough for her to understand.” Her nostrils flared as she got off the bed again, her muscle bunching tight along her legs. “You have ten seconds to get out or I’m going to make you regret it.” Her voice was less human now and more wolf as she became angrier. I did hiss at her then, baring my already forming fangs. “You’ll….. ….regret….. …..it!” “When I claw your bitch eyes out!” I thought as my body began to vibrate with anger. My mind was telling me to get away from her as fast as physically possible, but my heart and instincts were unwilling to let this Heffer make a claim on my wolf. Walker was mine, and not even Medusa herself was going to make me stand down. Of course, I didn’t expect her to rush me. One minute she was next to the bed and the next the bitch was using her wolf reflexes to tackle me to the wood floor. I was, of course, unable to move fast enough to get away from her, but a sloth was not defenseless and I did have some advantages in my human form, like pulling the fuck out of her bitch ass hair! I clamped my hand into her long blonde waves and locked on like a sloth holding onto a tree during sleep, just short of a crowbar wouldn’t pry me off. She screeched and scratched my side as we rolled around on the floor, my one hand latched onto her hair while the other one pushed at her stupid face giving her the worst pig nose possible. “I hope you can smell is Walker all over me hag!” I thought as I hissed and she growled, both of us biting, scratching, pulling and tearing at each other on the bedroom floor. “Walker’s mine you stupid bastard!” She barked out from behind my hand that was pushing her face up into her hairline. “No….. …...he’s…… ……mine!” I hissed as her hand grabbed my hair and her other hand pushed into my face. We were locked together pushing and pulling at this point till my scalp felt like it was disconnecting from my head. “Get…. …….your….. ….nasty….. …..tits…… ...off…. …..me!” The she-wolf growled and rolled us again till we were tangled in a mess of limbs on our sides. “Walker loves my tits, you only wish you had a set like mine!” I hiss at her flashing my fangs that had started to form. “He… ..l-loves...m-my…. ..ass… ...way...m-more….t-tthaann… ….your…. ...stupid… ..fat...pockets!” She screeched and I hollered as we continued to scratch, bite, insult, pull, and tear into each other on the floor. “Holy fucking shit!” I heard. It took me a few moments to realize what I'd heard hadn't been the bitch I was tangled with. That was right before cold water was dumped onto me and my evil nemesis. I spluttered in shock releasing her as I tried to get the water out of my eyes and off my face. When I was able to see I wasn’t surprised to see she was doing the same thing, her makeup now running black lines down her scratched flush cheeks. “Good I’d let marks on the bitch.” I thought with some really sick glee. It wasn’t until I looked up that I realized it was Walker who’d dumped the water on us. He was standing there with a confused and slightly angry expression as he held an empty bucket in one hand. Without saying anything he dropped the bucket and picked me up off the floor in one seamless movement. He sat me on the bed, wet clothes and all as his hand trailed over my face and jaw. “Jesus Christ Larry, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t think you’d be in a bitch fight. Are you alright?” I shook my head, looking at the silent woman still on the floor and back at Walker. “Who is she? Are you mated to her?” I thought as I looked up into his eyes not sure what to expect. Walker growled deep in his throat the sound not the soothing rumble I was used to. This sound was angrier and it was ferocious enough I felt a small fissure of fear tingle through my body. In the short time I’d known him he had always had an easy manner about him, but that moment his face was set into angry lines as he looked down at me. “Did she hurt you?” His hands skimmed up to the back of my head. “He hadn’t answered my question. Why hadn’t he answered me?” I vibrated with adrenaline as I grabbed one of his arms. This time I spoke out loud so that there could be no doubt that he heard me. “I-iss… s-shee...y-yyourr….m-mmmmattee?” I stuttered horribly, vomiting the vile question out. Walker’s yellow eyes softened, but I saw something else in them, something I swore I could feel reflecting in my own chest. “It’s complicated little one. I was going to tell you, but yesterday was not a good time.” He leaned down and nuzzled my throat while cradling my head between his large hands. “She’s your mate, I’m just what? What am I? A mistake? Or was I a game to you!” Tears stung my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as the pain made my chest ache so deeply I mewled from it. This was worse than losing the jobs because I was a sloth, or my parents disappoint because I was different. This felt like I wasn’t even good enough to have the one thing that could make me happy. Walker rumbled deep in his chest, attempting to soothe me with his calming sounds. “No Larry, calm down please little one. This is nothing like that. She’s my mate through pack obligation. My relationship with her is nothing past breeding a new generation, that's it.” He kissed my tear-drenched cheeks gently. “You are my soulmate. I know you don’t trust me yet, but I promise everything will be ok.” I whimpered. I couldn’t help the broken sound that came out of me. Today had been too much and now this. “I’d just wanted to be safe. She was here, I just needed to feel safe and I shouldn’t have come to your house, but I wanted to be close to you, but I didn’t want to bother you at work. She said you slept with people at the club that I was just a trick and that you were the last alpha - What does that mean? Why was she waiting for you naked in your bed!” My mind whirled with so many thoughts I didn’t know what was meant for Walker or what he even understood from them it all. He didn’t have a chance to answer as the female wolf growled from behind him, finally speaking up. He looked at the she-wolf who was staring at us with a mixture of anger and confusion. “Don’t growl at me Rain, I’m not in the mood.” He commented, a dangerous note in his voice. Green eyes shifted to look at me but Walker's resounding growl made her eyes race back to him. “It is the first of the month.” She looked at me quickly again before saying, “I was waiting for you when he came in claiming to be your mate.” “The first of the month? Waiting for you?” That didn’t sound like what I and Walker had, hell it didn’t sound any different than my parents when my mother was in— Realization dawned in a anger bursting moment. “Oh fuck no! You are not heat fucking her! No!” I squirmed against him, his body holding me close so I could escape. “You’re my mate!” More tears started to sting my eyes as I struggled in vain to get away. “Even sloths are only with their mate, we don’t share! You said wolves were faithful to only one mate!” “Calm down Larry, please.” He nuzzled my jawline, nipping gently when I struggled. Once he pulled away his eyes went back to the she-wolf who stood tense a few feet away. “Rain, you need to leave.” The woman, Rain, sucked in a sharp breath of air. “I’m almost in heat, and you are my mate,” she said as she looked at me again with burning emerald eyes. “Regardless of who he is, you agreed to our mating.” Walker growled again causing Rain to deflate as she stepped back a step. “I had no intention of finding my soulmate. I cannot, I will not hurt him that way.” No intention of finding his soulmate. I cringed at his words. Had finding me been such an inconvenience to him? Did he regret finding me? The she-wolf seemed to gain back some courage as she pushed out her ample chest. Her stupid chest fat wasn’t even that attractive. “What about hurting me?” She asked. “You mated with me knowing it was an oath. And what about the pack? Ours is the last one, our people could go extinct if you don’t produce an heir.” She snapped, pain evident in her words. Rain didn’t stop there as her wild green eyes landed on me. “Why haven’t you marked him? If he’s your soul mate you would have marked him by now. I wouldn’t have second guessed his claim if you had.” Rain continued her anger only growing as she pressed for more. “Mark me?” What were they talking about? My confusion only grew along with my worry as Walkers face pinched into a tight angry expression. “You need to leave. I’m telling you as your alpha, Rain.” She got up from the floor, her wild blonde hair hiding her scratched up face as she walked towards the stairs - completely nude. She stopped her hand on the banister as she spoke, “that sloth will be the death of our species.” She didn’t say anything else as she walked down the stairs. A few seconds later the front door slammed shut leaving me and Walker alone in the large cabin. “I need to leave, I shouldn’t have come here. Why would I think a wolf would want to be with a sloth. But, he had made her leave. He’d said I was his mate.” Back and forth I went in my head as I kept trying to convince myself I needed to get out before he shattered my heart. He was already breaking it and now I knew he would have to go back to that female. If what she said was true, there was no way he could let his species go extinct just because of me. “I know you are confused and hurt right now, but I swear I wasn’t trying to hide her from you. I just didn’t think yesterday was the best time.” He leaned forward and kissed my jaw trying to reassure me. “Who is she? What was she talking about marking me and you being the last alpha.” I couldn’t look at him as I asked the question. Walker sighed and sat down on the bed beside me. He sat close so that our bodies were touching at every point physically possible. “Her name is Raina and she’s my mate.” I stiffened beside him unable to control the myriad of emotions surging through me. “So she wasn’t lying.” I wanted to cry - no I wanted to break down and just throw something against a wall, but all I did was sit there on the bed, not moving like every stupid sloth would do. “Let me finish, Slothie,” he said as he wrapped his arm around me and threaded his fingers gently into my hair. He massaged my tender scalp as he spoke. “I’m the last alpha wolf and my pack is the last of all the wolves. There was a time when we would have litters of sometimes twelve or so pups, but somewhere along the way, there were fewer and fewer births until there wasn’t many left living. Only alpha males can breed with females, omega and beta wolves cannot reproduce in the same way, so every generation is trying to have as many alphas as possible to keep our people from completely going extinct. My father was one of the few alpha wolves in his generation and I was his only heir. The pack clings to the hope that by mating and breeding with Rain I will be able to produce at least one more alpha to help continue our species. As their alpha I thought it was my duty to give that to them even though I had no faith that it would work, but at the time it didn’t cost me anything to keep trying,” he paused, his yellow eyes searching out mine before he said, “It’s different now that I met you.” Was it different though? If he didn’t produce an heir his people would cease to exist, and what about his mating to the she-wolf? “Does this mean you’ll have to keep having sex with her until you produce an alpha heir?” I asked the questions but I didn’t want to really know. Walker snorted. “Baby I couldn’t get hard enough for her to even get my cock inside of her. The only thing that makes me hard now is you.” He licked a possessive swipe over the column of my neck that caused me to shiver with excitement. “The only thing I want is to be buried deep inside you, my knot locking us together as I fill you up.” Walker rumbled as his large hand moved over my belly and down lower to my hardening dick. I mewled and tried to push towards his hand. “What about her chest lard? She said he’d loved them, I don’t have those.” I thought more to myself than to my wolf. Walker stopped touching me to look me in the eye “Chest lard? I…. are you talking about breasts?” Walker asked a small chuckle coming out of him as he tried to hold in the rest of his reaction, but still, a snort of laughter escaped him. I frowned. “Yes her stupid breasts, it’s not fucking funny!” He rumbled as he leaned over me nipping at the length of my neck. “Her tits aren’t that interesting. You know what the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen is?” He asked as he picked me up wet clothes and all and tossed me further up the bed. Squeaking I didn’t try to escape as my wolf crawled over me his yellow eyes hot as he watched me. I gasped as his teeth nipped at the sensitive skin around my throat down to my collarbone. “W-what? What is the sexiest thing?” I thought as I leaned towards his teasing mouth. Walker smiled against my skin as he trailed his lips back up to my ear his hot breath tickling the soft skin. “You when you're coming on my dick,” he said in a rough whisper. I whimpered my cock starting to pulse in my pants. I needed him to show me, and remind me how good it had been last time. “Did you know that sloths also come in slow motion? I’ve never seen or felt an orgasm last so long. You ass milked my cock for ten solid minutes.” Panting, my body started to heat to an almost unbearable level. My mind clouded, the only thing I wanted was him inside me, his hands all over me. I wanted him to fuck me till I smelled like him and no one could doubt who he was to me. Liquid leaked out of my ass, adding to the moisture in my already wet pants. “I didn’t know that. Why don't you show me again.”
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    Chapter 6 - Let's take the fast lane

    Larry def isn't compliant and meek that's what has gotten him into so much trouble as a sloth, to begin with. He's determined to find his place in the world and Walker is going to help him do that for sure, but they will have some obstacles to overcome.
  13. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 7 - How slow do you go?

    Chapter 7 - How slow do you go? “Larry…………. ………….did—” “No,” I said cutting Bob off - again. Ever since Walker had dropped me off that morning at work I’d been hounded by the older sloth one booth over. I knew what he wanted to talk about. Every sloth knew what had happened at the mingle and they wanted details about the sloth who was newly mated to a wolf. Granted I could understand their curiosity but I made it a rule to only endure my families slow speak. “..........you………. ……………..really—” “No!” I said again, trying to stop Bob. It didn’t help that I was grumpy. I’d left my lover - again - to go somewhere I did not want to be. Work was the last place I wanted to go Monday morning, but alas responsibilities call and I needed to pay my bills. It would have been heaven to stay in bed with my wolf all day and let him fuck me and then watch Spanish bull soaps all day long. Instead, I came here. After our talk on the couch, Walker had told me he’d make me dinner and it had been an amazing salad with mangos in it. Which my wolf had followed up with “you said you loved mangos, so I googled some recipes.” I’d pretty much melted at that point. After that, we’d gone to bed together, but we hadn’t had sex to my horror. I’d wanted him to knot me again so bad I’d practically clung to him like a tree branch through a bad storm, but Walker had been insistent. He told me that he didn’t want to hurt me and one knotting was more than enough for my virgin body. He had followed that up with sucking my cock so good I’d literally passed out. I still felt pretty bad about that. “Get back to work, Larry.” I thought as I stared at my computer screen. From the corner of my eye I could see Bob peeking from behind his cubicle wall, his brown eyes curious. I refused to acknowledge the nosey sloth. Instead, I stared at my computer screen determined to get some work done, but finding myself instead, searching for anything and everything about wolves that I could find out. There was a lot that I needed to find out about my new mate and I wouldn’t be able to get any work done until I found it. I skimmed over a few sites learning character traits and species habitats all pretty common knowledge. Wolves were by nature more aggressive because of their predatory nature of course. They were pack animals (which I knew) and they live primarily on a diet of meat. What caught my eye were the species highlights, the same ones that would be listed on a driver's license. It stated that wolves needed their pack to feel less stressed when scared, they were territorial, allergic to cake— “seriously?" I read that again. Wolves were allergic to cake. “Well ok then.” I kept reading. “Uhm.” A cough behind me startled me enough to make me fall forward on my keyboard clicking across the keys gracelessly before I spun my chair around to face my boss. Hoobert was a scrawny man with a hairy face and big black eyes that seem to peer into your soul. I didn’t see him often, but when I did I always got the heebee jeebies. Owls had that effect on a lot of animals apparently. “Larry, I need you in my office, now.” He said, his eyes darting to the computer screen behind me and back to my face. “Probably better if you didn’t look up certain things on your computer during work hours.” He hooted irritably before turning and walking back towards his office, but not before his head did a one-eighty and watched me for a few more seconds as he retreated. A shiver of revulsion raced up my spine and I turned back to my computer only to squawk in surprise. There were wolf penises all over my computer with large knots extended at the base in massive high definition. Being a sloth I couldn’t get the pages closed fast enough, as I clicked ever so slowly on the damn mouse. “Oh god, why won’t the browser close! No! NO! The computer froze.” I banged my head on the keyboard as the video on the page ‘All about wolf Knotting’ began to play on the speakers on my desktop. A masculine voice said through the office ‘When wolves mate the base of their penis will swell and a knot will form—’ “Oh god shoot me now.” I thought as I got out of my chair and wheelied to my bosses office my cheeks burning and my hair hanging in my face to hide it as much as possible. Just as I opened Hoobert’s office door the video on my computer said ‘Once the knot forms at the base of the penis the male wolf will push it inside his mate past the barrier muscles to lock himself in place and release his semen to begin impregnating them.’ I shut the door, cutting off the rest of the informative video. Hoobert’s large eyes narrowed to thin slits on his owlish face as I sat down across from him. I could feel the heat on my face as I looked the owl dead in the eyes, this was by far the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me. “I’m…. …….sorry….. ……….about……. ……..that.” My apology was drawn out, but thankfully after Walker's experiment in his car I’d been able to talk normal again a few hours later. I wasn’t going to risk losing my voice though so I made sure to stretch my words out longer than I normally would. Hoobert nodded his head slowly. “Well although this most current situation is... unexpected, I’ve brought you into my office to speak about some other things that have come to light.” “Other things?” I tried to think if there was anything I’d missed or had possibly done wrong. I came up with nothing after a few minutes of pondering. I always made sure to file all of my reports and get my work done. Besides not talking to other sloths while I was here I didn’t do anything different than anyone else. “I….. …….don’t……. ……..understand.” Hoobert cocked his head to the side, back and forth much like he would in his owl form. “Well Mr. Leisure, I do find myself in the position to inform you that you have made some grave errors and we will not be able to keep you employed here starting right now. You will be able to collect your things before leaving the premises.” “W-what! W-wwhat… a-arreee...y-yyouu ….s-sssayyingggg… I-I I—” I sucked in a breath trying to stop the horrible stutter as I tried to get the words. “I don’t understand! Why is this happening? I know I’ve never done anything wrong!” I opened my mouth only to have Hoobert hold up his hand to silence me. “Please, Mr. Leisure I do not need to wait and hear more. Your work performance has been deemed subpar and thus I am terminating you. Please remove your stuff and leave the premises.” He hooted sharply. I didn’t understand. Why was he doing this? I hadn’t done anything wrong and he wasn’t even telling what I’d done wrong. Damn it, he wouldn’t even let me speak! Not that I could at this point, my voice seemed to be stuck in my throat as my mind raced along with my pulse. I was being fired - again. I was a failure, I couldn’t even keep my job at a sloth workplace doing sloth things, how would I keep a job anywhere else? A shiver raced through my body as I stood slowly and walked numbly back towards the office door. A loud hoot from Hoobert made me stop, my hand resting on the door handle. “Unplug your computer before you leave. No one wants to see that disgusting display,” his voice dripped with disdain as he spoke. What he said burned deep inside me, lighting up something I didn’t know existed in me. Anger unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my entire life churned in my gut as I turned around slowly and faced the owlish man. “Y-you….. …w-wishh…. ….y-your….. ….cock….. …..was…. ……that….. …..big….. you..... …...s-scrawny…..a-asss…… twat!” I hissed going as far as to bare my teeth at the ugly man before I turned back around and opened the door, leaving him gaping as I left. I wheelied to my cubical on shaky legs, my heart beating frantically in my chest. I was still angry but more than that I was scared and upset. I needed this job, I couldn’t depend on my parents, not with how they wanted to constrain me. I didn’t want to be a burden on Walker, I wouldn’t be a burden on him. Back at my desk, the video had stopped playing and the images of cocks with knots was still on the screen. A part of me wanted to unplug the computer and leave quietly, but another part of me one that didn’t want to be walked on or looked over anymore wanted to make a statement. So that’s exactly what I did. I nodded to Bob as I skated away from my desk carrying my small box, Bob’s eyes tracking me as I left. It wasn’t until I was at the elevators that I heard the sound of the video I started blaring out. “Fuck me harder alpha! Give me your knot! Harder alpha! Cum all over me!” I smirked at the loud chirps and hisses from the sloths and other employees as I got on the elevator. They wouldn’t be turning it off anytime soon since I’d unplugged the mouse and keyboard. Hoobert would have more than enough time to see how ‘disgusting’ a wolf's cock was as it was plunging in and out of a willing asshole. “He wishes he had a cock as beautiful as Walkers, the bastard.” I thought as I pressed the elevator button for the bottom floor. I didn’t know where to go for a while. I knew I should probably go home and be in a habitat that was familiar and comfortable to me, but that wasn’t where I wanted to go. My home would feel familiar, but it would bring comfort. “I need a drink, no I need twenty drinks.” I thought sadly as I dashed at the errant tear that escaped. What had I done to deserve to get fired? I always followed the rules and even got my work done ahead of time. Why had he suddenly fired me if it wasn’t the browser images? I walked down the street using my skating shoes to glide along the pavement. I didn’t look at people avoiding their glances as they stared at me. It wasn’t rare for people to watch me skate down the road. It was rare for a sloth to do anything but move dramatically slow down the sidewalk, and with my wheelies I wasn’t being normal - I wasn’t normal to my own kind or any other species. With the heaviness inside of me, I made up my mind and took out my phone to call and uber. It didn’t take long for the car to arrive. Thankfully I could enter my destination on the app so the driver didn’t need to ask me where I was going. I didn’t bother to try talking to the older mouse, she seemed more than happy to drive her car and listen to her music without being bothered. It took twenty minutes to reach Walker’s house. I paid the driver on the app and got out of her car hearing her gasps as she looked at the beautiful house. Pride filled my chest and I said to her as I was getting out “That’s…… …….my…… ……...mates.” “If your mate is as sexy as that house you’re one lucky bastard.” The girl squeaked in a very tiny high pitched voice before winking and driving off. I smiled and took in the house. I was a lucky bastard, but was it weird that I was coming here without talking to Walker? I’d only known him for a little under two days, but when I thought about comfort and safety I thought about the cabin and being in Walker's arms. I didn’t want to bother him at work though, even though he had said that I should if I needed him. A text pinged with an incoming text. I unlocked my phone to see a text from my brother Paul. “I hope you’re happy. I told you not to piss Craig off, he is a sloth with a lot of power and your little spectacle yesterday cost you your job. I wish you’d listen to me for once!” I read the text message again, and again. “Craig was why I was fired? Fucking Craig!” I fumed, vibrating with the need to strangle the other sloth. How was it possible for him to even do such a thing? Who was that sloth? I texted my brother back. “How can he do that?” I texted. I didn’t bother waiting for his response. Even with text suggesting words it took sloths a long time to text back and to be honest I need a little while to calm down. Today was turning out to be one of the biggest shit shows. I hissed as I shoved my phone back into my pocket and slowly climbed the steps to the massive front door of the cabin. The door was locked by a code so I entered the combination that Walker had given me the other day. Inside I walked towards the couch that was facing the massive window where the beautiful view was calling me, but then I remembered I could go up to Walker's bed. The view was just as visible from the second story where the massive windows extended and the sheets would still smell like me and my wolf. Warmth filled my chest and I went to the large spiral staircase and walked up to the massive loft where the comfortable bed was calling me. I hoped that I hadn’t bothered Walker with my thoughts today. I could only imagine how annoying and distracting it would be to always hear someone in your head all the time. Hell, I knew better than anyone how it felt to keep hearing thoughts in your head that no one could hear, although not from another person. It took me a long few minutes to climb the stairs up to the bedroom. For once though I didn’t mind. I needed the time to sort out the complete crazy mess my life had turned into, and where I was going to start looking for a new job. I’d have to be careful until I found one, it wasn’t like I had cash to burn as a newly unemployed twenty-one-year-old sloth. Cresting the stairs my belly warmed as I imagined curling up in the soft white sheets of Walker’s bed. A good nap there would help calm me down and then I could start to look over sloth qualified jobs that I could get. “Everything will be fine.” I thought. That was until I saw the naked female stretched out over Walker’s bed, her green eyes just opening from sleep as she looked at me. She didn’t move to cover her naked skin as she narrowed her eyes at me, her beautiful face becoming disgruntled. “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my mate's house?” The she-wolf growled.
  14. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 6 - Let's take the fast lane

    well they've only known each other for about 24 hours not including being asleep. Next chapter will start some plot points
  15. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 6 - Let's take the fast lane

    Chapter 6 - Let’s take the fast lane Speed and pleasure. That’s all I could focus on as Walker gave my cock another tug that caused my balls to climb up between my legs. “How could anything this amazing exist in the world. Did sex always feel this amazing?” Somehow I doubted it. It had to do with this man and how he made me feel. How had I gone to a club and stumbled across my soul mate? Gasping desperately I thrust into his hand as he started up a languid rhythm stroking my dick. “It’s only this way between us. Nothing in my life has ever felt as good as being with you.” Walker growled as he kept his eyes on the road and his hand on me. I mewled as the rough vibrations of the engine coursed through me while he touched me. I needed more though, I wanted to be skin to skin with him, have him inside of me again as he pushed his knot deep into my body. Walker growled as my pheromones filled the car till it was the only thing that we could breathe in. “Damn baby you’re going to drive me insane.” He stroked my cock more firmly bringing me closer to the edge I craved to go over. “Please please please!” I begged as I tried to lift my hips fast enough to find release. “I will baby, but you have to ask me out loud,” Walker said as he slowed his hand back down, denying me the one thing I needed so desperately. “Say it out loud?” I thought as a niggle of fear formed in my belly. I’d tried to speak back at the restaurant but I’d been unable to get anything out. What if I couldn’t speak anymore? What if I had lost my voice again like I had when I was a teenager? “Calm down baby, just one word. Try for me.” He said in a soothing voice. I mewled pathetically. I wanted him to finish, to bring me over the edge and let me come all over hand. I also wanted to please him so I opened my mouth and tried to speak. At first nothing came out but after a few seconds of waiting my voice started to slowly leak out in single syllables. “P….l….e….a…..s…..e.” It was slow and I hated it and how stupid I sounded in front of this beautiful man who spoke to me so perfectly, but it was the best I could do. “I knew you would for me.” Walker rumbled deep, encouragingly as his hand started to jack me enthusiastically. I howled as lightning raced down my spine and my balls pulled up tight as the second most powerful orgasm of my life shattered me in the front seat of his car. My seed pulsed into his had as I clutched the leather seat through the aftershocks trying to piece together a single coherent thought. Walker stroked me a few more times till the sensation became uncomfortable and I gasped. He removed his hand just as the car begins to slow down and turn onto a separate road somewhere deep within the forest outside of town. These lands were extremely private and I gaped as I caught sight of the massive redwood trees that towered above us with massive heights. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.” I thought, in awe of the massive trees surrounding us. Walker chuckled and I noticed him shift in his seat the bulge in his jeans indicating he was still in need of relief. I reach towards his pants, albeit slowly, but he stopped my hand gently inner linking our fingers. “I didn’t do that to get off. I wanted it to be about you.” I scowled. “About me? I don’t understand.” I thought completely confused. Granted I had a lot to be confused about when it came to the last twenty-four hours. I’d gone from being a lonely pariah sloth to being courted by the most handsome predator I’d ever seen. “Well it’s more than courting, he can read my mind, wait is he listening right now? Are you listening right now?” Walker kept his eyes on the road, his face serious and he remained silent, for a second I wondered if he hadn’t actually heard my thoughts for once - until I saw the corner of his mouth twitch and he couldn’t hold back his smile. “I can hear most of your thoughts, but it’s fun to keep you guessing, and I wanted to make you feel special that’s what I meant about making it about you. Just chalk it up as a wolf thing, my kind is very dotting.” “You’re evil you know that,” I said as I glared at him. I couldn’t deny the warmth in my belly as I stared at him and the rough sensations of the car soothed my relaxed body. He’d somehow known what I’d needed when I hadn’t even known. How was that even possible? We’d just met and somehow my body and mind-melded with him as if he was an extension of my soul. “Like he really is my mate.” “Oh baby I’m your mate I knew the moment I saw you,” Walker said without even a hint of doubt. “I’m a sloth, doesn’t that bother you? It bothers a lot of people.” It more than bothered a lot of people. Sloths were so secluded from other people, we did everything in our own time, we definitely didn’t follow social norms. Why would Walker be happy being stuck with me for the rest of his life? Why would he be happy being stuck in slow motion? “Larry there is nothing wrong with you being a sloth, it’s not a disability. Although after meeting your mother and brother I’m wondering if they are mentally disabled.” He said as he slowed the car and finally stopped a few yards ahead. “My family thinks being a sloth is all we are, there’s no room for anything else. That and no time, literally.” I thought morosely before I looked out the car and saw the house. It wasn’t a house, it was a log mansion. I stared in complete shock at the beautiful structure surrounded by the massive trees it was made from. “Do you like it?” He asked softly, a bit of hesitation in his tone. “Is that your house?” I looked through the windshield to get a better look at the amazing structure. It was big with large redwood longs making up the framework of the house, but unlike ordinary cabins it had massive windows that went all the way up to its peaked roof, making the house almost completely open to see the scenery around it. “This is amazing.” “Yes, it’s my house and yours now.” “Mine?!” I turned to look at him with a shocked expression just as Walker got out of the car. He came around to my side of the car, not giving me enough time to open the door myself - which I didn’t mind - I saw it as a kind gesture. Opening my door he leaned over me in the car so he could slant his mouth over mine without warning kissing me deeply. I moaned as his tongue tangled with mine making all of the blood in my head race back down south. Just as suddenly as he started he stopped, his yellow eyes burning with his barely contained hunger. “You are my mate, Larry. Do you know what that means?” He skimmed a possessive hand over my belly before nipping gently at my throat. “I don’t think it’s the same for sloths as it is for wolves,” I said as I arched my neck to give him more access to my throat, unaware of any meaning it would have to a wolf. Walker growled as he licked possessively over the column of my neck marking me with his scent. “Let’s go inside and talk.” “What about my cloth—” I gasped as Walker scooped me up into his large arms and held me against his chest. “Oh I should not like this so much,” I thought as I curled my face into his neck and took in his scent. Whatever this is I didn’t want it to stop. He walked us up to the large house taking the stairs up to the massive front door. Inside it was beyond my wildest dreams of what a house would look like. The ceilings were high and you could see all the way up to the second floor. Wood beams made up all the walls and where there were massive windows in the front of the house there was the same in the back of the house. I gasped as I saw that on the other side of the house was a drop, the house was built into the side of a ledge looking out on the forest below and the mountains in the distance, the same side facing the sunset. The sun was just starting to sink between the far mountains highlighting the miles and miles of redwood trees below. “That is the most amazing sight I’ve ever seen.” “It is beautiful isn’t it,” Walker said as he walked us over to the large leather couch that faced the massive windows. He laid down on the comfy sofa and kept me sprawled out naked on his chest. “I had it built when I came across this place on a run one day. When I saw that view I wanted to see it every day. I feel most comfortable when I’m here.” “Is that a wolf thing too?” I asked as I watched the sunset. “No,” Walker chuckled, “that’s just me. Tell me about sloth matings, I want to know how they are different from wolves.” “Well, my parents are mated. They live together in the same house, but they have to separate sides of the house. They only uh...mate….when they are trying to have kids. They don’t socialize outside of mating that I know of, but that’s pretty common among sloth matings.” Yeah, my parents mating was the perfect example of what sloth relationships were like. My mother wore the pants for sure, my father only speaking every so often and answering those dreadful mating calls when my mother was…. “Eww...ewww I do not want to think of that.” Walker rumbled and his hand ran down my spine and over my bare ass, palming the globes with his large hand. “That’s not what I was expecting. Wolf matings are nothing like that little one.” I moaned as his hand explored my ass, massaging the muscles with his strong hand. “I’d kinda figured that it wasn’t, no way my father would come to rescue my mother from a sloth mingle or talk telepathically to each other,” I said as I looked into his golden eyes. I could get lost in those eyes. How was it possible to feel like I did after such a short amount of time, this couldn’t be real. “No I think talking the way we do is unique to us and I’m damn happy we can, but wolf matings are different even when they aren’t soulmates.” “Different how?” Curiosity formed as all kinds of ideas formed in my head. Did they share each other with their packs? I know wolves were pack animals and there were all kinds of things that they could do that I wouldn’t know about. “We bond for lifelike sloths, but we are possessive and intimate with our mates. We do anything for one another, and the alpha mate will do anything to protect his mate. When I call you my mate I mean that I would die to protect you and I’ll do everything I can to make you happy.” I stared at Walker with wide eyes as everything he was saying started to sink in. Somehow I’d went to a club on my birthday and ended up mated to a wolf. I was mated to a wolf. He wanted me forever, me a sloth who couldn’t keep up with him or run with him as a wolf. Hell I probably couldn’t even walk fast enough to keep up with him with my wheelies! What if he regretted this? I would be gutted. Already I felt like my life would be duller without him in it and I’d only had him for less than a day. What would I do if he was tired of me after a few years? I’d already failed at so much in my life - what if I failed at being what he wanted? Panic made my heart race and my body freeze in place as I became started to become upset. “Calm down baby, you’re thoughts are going to fast. Why are you afraid?” He rubbed his hand down my back soothingly as he rumbled deep in his chest. I was starting to associate the sound with comfort and protection. God but I was in slothie heaven with him, but how could I ever amount to enough? “I’m a sloth! How is that going to workout for you? I’m slow, no matter how much I don’t want to be I am. What are you going to do? Carry me everywhere? What about our families? I hate the expectations my family has of me but I don’t want to lose them. What if you don’t want me one day? What if it’s too much for—” Walker covered my lips with his finger even though I wasn’t physically talking. It did the trick and my mind blanked for a second as I tried to look down at the finger placed over my mouth. “Larry, you’re my soul mate. From the moment I saw you I knew I’d found the other half of me. You don’t understand now, but you will.” He removed his finger to cup my cheek his eyes unwavering as he held my gaze. “I promise you my little slothie that you’ll never doubt me.” I wanted to believe him so much. What could it hurt to let myself trust something for once in my life. So what if I hadn’t made it at non-sloth jobs, or that I wasn’t normal. For once I was going to make something work, I’d be damned if I let being a sloth get in the way of being with Walker.

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