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  1. Chapter 13

    Wow, I have loved this story since the first chapter. Like I have mentioned previously tim, I think this is some of your best writing, and I've been enjoying your work for a long time. This was so powerful, and as you know, a lot of it has hit close to home for me. Thank you for sharing this with us, you get to be part of that elite group of writers who brings tears to spikey's eyes. Loved this ending.
  2. Reputation count

    Sometimes it can surprise you when an author leaves the site and you don’t even realize it. I was going back through some of my older comments a couple weeks ago and I’ve left comments on stories that have since been removed from the site, but the comment will still show up under the list of everything I’ve ever posted on the site.
  3. New Kid In School

    Well this is a relic of old school internet gay fiction Dodger. This is one of the first stories ever written by Comsie way back in 1998. So these kids are still in high school 20 years after all their peers graduated. There is a bit of added fun to go back and read chapters written in the early 2000s and see extremely outdated references.
  4. Pillar of Eternity on Xbox One

    I bought this for my Mac (yes this game actually plays on a Mac ). I guess it was too old school for me because I had the hardest time getting into it. I played like maybe 3 hours into the game and then just never started it up again.
  5. So every game in the Dark Souls universe counts here, I think. Though I guess I do care about the setting, but with the story, I basically have no idea what's going on at any given moment. Especially with Bloodborne, which was the first game I played that was by the same company with a very Dark Souls feel. There's all kinds of story to be told, but it's never actually said outright in the game. You basically have to read all the little notes left everywhere, read the descriptions of the items you pick up, that kind of thing. And then even then, there's a lot of blanks to be filled in with your own imagination. Or you can just play through the game killing stuff and not read any of it, or even care. I do that most of the time, though I pay a tiny bit of attention to the story. But it's almost entirely secondary.
  6. I'm less annoyed by Sue than I was, but otherwise nothing has really changed despite whatever arguments occurred. Sue stood up to Don on one thing, and as long as Robbie is back in the closet and Nathan "just a friend" then he can visit. Then he comes home and Daniel is nowhere to be found. I'm not expecting the conflict to magically solve itself. But the problem (as I repetitively say) is Robbie is still a freaking outsider in that house. Don has no interest in even getting to know him. That much is obvious from the response about Daniel's room. Moreover, things have now been said and done that can't be unsaid or undone. Robbie basically can't trust anything Don says, and he's also lost trust for Sue to a lesser extent. They're supposed to be adopting Robbie, yet he can't really count on them. With the exception of Amy, and now Nicola, it doesn't feel like anyone else there thinks of him as part of their family. I also think Robbie should be pushing back, and again, perhaps staying there won't be what's best for him.
  7. Chapter 9

    "I'm pregnant." Uh okay... But are you still a bigoted bitch? This is one of those moments when I have no clue where things are headed. I'm going to assume the marathon training will go forward. But otherwise I'm totally clueless. The situation with Harry seems kind of strange. I understood the temptation when things were so strained. But now that Louis and Don have their intimacy back. I mean it's not like Louis wouldn't find him attractive, but would he really be all that drawn to him anymore? You're definitely leaving me wondering where you're headed next tim.
  8. The Cabin

    There's a lot I'd like to comment on, and probably a few things that should have been addressed in that three-way conversation with Billy and his parents that was kind of glossed over. But for the most part they came to a surprising understanding. I actually expected much more hostility from his mother than he's actually received. That actually really surprised me last chapter, how she just seemed to take Billy's sexuality in stride. She didn't really seem to be in denial, as she acknowledged his relationship with Brett as common fact. With how homophobic she seemed much earlier in the story, I never expected this conversation to go as well as it ended up being. I guess this at least explains a little bit of how someone like George, who is rather accepting of "different" being married to her in the first place. I was also very surprised to see that Joey was afraid of Billy. I never thought it would go that way. I wonder what Jack said to him to inspire that kind of fear. Interesting. I guess that's all to be revealed in the next segment. Okay, so the last bit, everything at the cabin was wonderful. You touched me with the interaction between Brett and the boys. Also, you've given us more of a glimpse of Billy finally coming out of his shell. Both of the boys have gained some maturity and I think we're finally seeing that they may actually be good for each other after all. That last bit hit so close to home for me Jeff. Seriously. I had an experience very like that with my own father, who also died much younger than he should have, and there was a point where I was Billy looking at "the old man" and trying to figure out how that happened. It's like a punch to the gut. You recognize how much you appreciate what they've done for you, and how much you looked up to them, and suddenly you're the stronger one. You're all grown up and it happened when you weren't even looking. Thanks for posting this Jeff. I'll look forward to the next part.
  9. Yep, I'm...

    You're such a cutie Drewbear
  10. Gay Authors Officially 15 Years Old on 9/13

    It really weirds me out to realize how long it took me to discover GA. I've been reading gay online fiction since I was in high school, and I visited so many different websites over the years (most of which are now long gone). Granted most of that time I read more erotic stuff with no plot, but still. I stumbled across Comicality's writing sometime in 2004, but I was never a regular reader of his stuff. Though ultimately it was Comicality's writing that brought me to this site at the end of 2014. Then in early 2015 I stopped lurking and joined the community. I've binged a ton of the completed stories on here, most especially that first year. I've made some friends, and truly found someplace I can be myself. I've had an outlet for my dormant writer gene, where I can read and occasionally critique writing, though I've yet to try my hand at writing my own stuff again. All in all I've found a community I enjoy being a part of, and hope to stick around to see my own milestones.
  11. Hunting Season

    I think it's quite disheartening seeing extremists, be they whack job racists, or whack job communists coming out of the woodwork and inciting violence like we've been seeing these past 6 months. So this was quite a situation for CJ to find himself. What I think I like the most about him is that he's complex. Nothing in real life is black and white, and a lot of people feel like CJ does on many issues.
  12. Hunting Season

    Sorry it took me a couple days to read this, it's great as usual. Also, at last you finally revealed what kind of gun Lola is. I'm probably one of your only readers that actually cares. I'm taking credit for CJ ending up with a Sig.
  13. Party

    Wow that was quite intense on those railroad tracks there for a minute. No lie Parker, this was but a tease of the futures of all the characters involved. Though interestingly enough, both you and SD already gave us glimpses of the future for what comes later for these guys. So we do know what's in store for them down the road. Thanks for finishing and sharing this. I loved it.
  14. GA's Newest Promising Author: Parker Owens

    Woo Hoo!!! So excited for you Parker. You are so deserving of this buddy!
  15. Chapter 22

    I guess I understand the motivation, and yes Kyle was just as disgusting as I figured. That all being said, I can't really get behind what Shaun did. He's dangerous to himself and others. He has rage issues, and people aren't safe around him. He already has fantasies of cutting up Jesse. The guy is mentally unhinged and very disturbing. I've actually had an experience like Jesse and Gretchen, talking to a murderer mere hours after he horribly butchered 3 people. It's chilling and you never forget it. I think this is where I'll get off this journey. If I'm supposed to be happy about someone like Shaun being free to roam around and do that again, maybe even to Jesse or Brian, if properly triggered, I can't possibly get behind that. Shaun is just as disgusting as Kyle in his own way, and way too much like his father for the good of anyone around him.

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