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  1. spikey582

    Chapter 13 Brady

    Are Brady’s kids adopted? Cause otherwise the statement “first time ever” makes no sense.
  2. spikey582

    Story Review: The Lilydale Leopards

    Wait Timothy ranting? Never!
  3. spikey582

    Gay Thoughts, Gay Thoughts Everywhere

    Just getting caught up with this, I don’t really get the Aron/Alex relationship. You said there’s a reason, but I can’t quite fathom what it is. They seem to have hardly anything in common, and Alex clearly was a manipulative, controlling narcissist. Was Alex the first person to sleep with Aron? Did he not know any other gay guys (besides Carter)?
  4. spikey582

    It Feels All Right

    I know I keep forgetting to leave comments on this, but I’m really enjoying it tim!
  5. spikey582

    Elephant In the Room

    Wait... Adi, posting again... huzzah! Also... not getting enough sleep. That’s me.
  6. spikey582

    Another Day at the Park

    Jeff, you’ve done a great job with this story. I’ve looked forward to every chapter. Let me just say, I’m sorry to hear that you don’t plan on posting anything further here. This being you “last hurrah” at GA. I definitely think you’ve got talent, and thank you for sharing that with us.
  7. spikey582

    Another Day at the Park

    Actions speak louder than words. Eighteen years of behavior override platitudes. Her behavior toward Brett when the truth was finally unleashed says way more than her bullshit justification.
  8. spikey582


    I don’t have a ton of commentary. You certainly deserve it for all the efforts in writing this. But all I can think of is... great job with this chapter. I loved it. I missed Harley and was glad to finally see him again!
  9. spikey582

    Chapter 5

    I guess the demon apocalypse really messed up development on that nano tech. They never did perfect it, else it would have been successful in removing the poison from Prism’s blood.
  10. spikey582

    Chapter 4

    Days late on reading this, but I did catch that. I guess with the Gor being somewhat like elves, they have longer lifespans and so it’s entirely reasonable to expect that their family names would endure like this. As opposed to English names, which are basically completely different than they were 1000 years ago.
  11. spikey582

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    Gary, Gary, Gary, you did it again buddy! This was worth all the previous chapters of frustration and pain. So glad these two finally got there. I was smiling throughout. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us again!
  12. spikey582

    Featured Story: Button

    Great review! I’m not familiar with this story, so I’ll have to check it out. Also, welcome to the review team family @BlindAmbition
  13. spikey582

    Frantic Friday

    Hasn’t Rob been there less than a week? They went through all that trouble of checking Adam out and doing background checks and such and jumping through extra hoops with paternity tests and all that, just to pull him out like three days later? Also, they aren’t seeking his arrest? No kidding, as far as I can tell that “evidence” they were given is illegally obtained, and therefore is nothing they could use in a case against Adam.
  14. spikey582

    Independence Day

    I will say that just about everything in this chapter was satisfying for the most part. I enjoyed Billy's speech, though I agree with @BlindAmbition that there could have been a little more to it. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it. I also appreciated that Billy finally figured out a few things, like actually talking to at least Brett. He didn't keep it all a secret from everybody and actually confided what happened to him. However, I was extremely disappointed that he didn't learn his lesson after all and proceeded to keep the blackmail a secret from Dustin, and it turned out that Dustin already knew about it. It just bugs me that he let Hartley get away with that and rolled over and took it. It's the end of the story and Billy still hasn't progressed to a point where I have more confidence in him. Well, not entirely, but maybe this will finally teach him? Jack and Jen, everyone else has stated this clearly, but they are disgusting people. Thankfully Joey's mom is finally ending the charade. Jack is Jack, and I think he's finally been uncovered for the hypocritical asshole he's always been. Jen though, is truly disgusting. It really seems like she doesn't give a damn about her own son. I just don't get it. They kept this ridiculous lie going for Brett's entire life, while she lied and manipulated both Billy and Brett, and yet there they were doing their thing behind closed doors all that time. Why didn't they just tell the kid the truth already? What was the point of maintaining the lie for so long? Too bad George didn't tell earlier and put Billy out of his misery. Oh well, that line in the letter made me laugh though. I really loved George as a character, and I missed him a little myself. The way this chapter was written brought back so many memories of the end of my time in high school, just a few years before this was set. Though I will say, interestingly enough that while the last day did indeed feel like a waste of time, we actually had a final exam the same exact day as our graduation. It was very unusual. I'm the youngest of five kids in my family and we all graduated from that same high school two years apart. So I was aware of how it worked for all the older kids. Just two years previous, when my sister graduated, the last day of school and final exams was the day before the graduation ceremony, and there wasn't any school on commencement day. Yet for whatever reason, two years later they had changed the scheduling and such, and so we actually had our graduation ceremony the evening after the last day of school. So, it was pretty strange to take a test, and realized that it didn't even matter how well we did on it at that point, because of how the law worked, we would have already had to be told if we were going to pass or fail that class. I think I did fine on that test though. Anyway, I appreciated how you wrote this. It had me smiling, I actually held my diploma aloft like Link as well as I hopped down the stairs from the stage. I was so glad it was over as well.
  15. spikey582

    Chapter 3

    So they unleashed demons on the entire world to avoid nuclear or radiation warfare?

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