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  1. But they look so innocent!
  2. Donovan definitely has plausible deniability for this one. He said “we’re over” and “goodbye” more than once. So it was for sure a breakup. Doesn’t mean it won’t cause multiple complications if he and Shane ever get back to that point.
  3. Ohhh, it’s like Friends all over again. Though these two were on a definite breakup and not just a break, so I don’t think of it as outright cheating.
  4. I’m not overly distraught by this turn of events so much as perplexed. I’m a guy who’s had hookups before that meant nothing for both parties. It’s possible to emotionally separate sex from anything else. If that’s the case here, than what was really the point? So @Mrsgnomie I’m on the fence about this. Either it’s meaningless sex, and therefore this is just a filler chapter, or it’s a pretty dumb mistake, that makes all four of them look like stupid kids. But then again, Shane has looked like a stupid kid for much of this story as well.
  5. spikey582

    Chapter 11

    Oh I forgot to say... i totally called it!!! Both on someone psychically attacking D, as well as it being tied to some type of drug that he was consuming, Yep, I called it. Spikey was right!!!! *ahem* Great, exciting chapter adi!
  6. spikey582

    Chapter 11

    Really glad to see this posted adi! I’d heard a bit about your struggles, and I’m truly hoping that you are doing better now. Thanks for this chapter.
  7. spikey582


    Okay, I think the discussion for this chapter has been great. I like pretty much everyone’s comments. I get the “fag” comment now, and it makes sense that it was really an inside joke between the DAKS making fun of an insanely idiotic and ignorant thing his father said. I don’t think using the reference among the friends in and of itself makes Shane an asshole. Was it the appropriate response in this particular conversation? Probably not, especially considering that the “wrong” set of ears did hear, and took it the worst way possible, and really the only way he could have taken it. So I get it, okay, misunderstanding. There was still other huge issues with that whole situation and Sweetlion addressed those all really well. I think Donovan’s reasoning for why he wouldn’t just take Shane back is really the crux of the issue, not to mention that’s basically what I’ve been saying for two chapters. That all being said, the end of this chapter was hard to read, and I hope some resolution is found for both these guys. I felt sympathy for both of them, and despite all their individual flaws they both deserve to be happy. I’ll refrain from making any further comments till we get to read the sober conversation.
  8. spikey582

    Chapter 25

    I had a very strong inkling that it was indeed going to be someone else that actually committed the crime. As I indicated in a previous comment. It was just way to sloppy for an experienced police office to make such a boneheaded move and leave a murder weapon and bloody clothes lying around his own house. Granted, I’m assuming he’s been to at least one crime scene in his life. With the murder trial behind them, I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out in the end.
  9. spikey582

    Family Reunion

    This is at least part of why I want to see what Shane has to say. I want to see it resolved, for me, the reader. Sometimes things like this go unsaid and unresolved in stories, and if they are particularly good stories, I’ll remember those dangling threads for years and they’ll always bother me. That being said, I don’t hate Shane, and there’s moments in the story when I liked him. But at the end of the day, this pattern of behavior is not going to change even if Donovan were to give him yet another chance. Shane has issues and those aren’t going away overnight. Also, by all appearances, further illustrated by his behavior even in this chapter, the guy isn’t ready. Could he eventually be ready for more? Yes, but right now I’m not seeing the incentive for Donovan to stick it out beyond physical attraction and good sex.
  10. spikey582

    Family Reunion

    Just reread this and realized that I forgot to say, I honestly did not see the Kels thing coming at all. I was half expecting him to be this "Davis" character, but actually to be Shane, wow. I enjoyed that twist quite a bit. Also, this was a well-written chapter and I really enjoyed it.
  11. spikey582

    Family Reunion

    I don't get it with Shane. Okay, so his father is a homophobic asshole. It appears that he still had plenty of opportunity to hear other points-of-view from within his family. There's a point when you might start questioning everything your father thinks. I mean I don' t fundamentally disagree with everything my parents taught me, nor do I share all the same viewpoints. It's part of growing up and becoming an adult. Shane's way past that point. Thirty five going on fifteen indeed. I would like to hear his explanation, but I still don't think Donovan has any reason to spend anymore time with any part of the DAKS at this point in time. He still wants Shane, for whatever reason, and that's just more pathetic to me than anything. Donovan has self-esteem issues too it seems to me. Both Donovan and Shane have some growing to do. Though I will say @Mrsgnomie that I'm willing to keep an open mind on these characters and hope that you can change my mind. Though I think, it would need to be in a sufficient enough amount of time to have passed to feel more organic.
  12. spikey582

    Chapter 21

    I will say, that seems way too convenient that he left the murder weapon right there so easy to find. Even one of the sloppiest murderers I’ve ever heard of had the presence of mind to dump his clothes and the murder weapons away from his house. As a cop, even a state trooper he ought to know better. I’m kinda wondering if he is, in fact, being set up.
  13. spikey582

    Chapter 18

    I think I can read between the lines as far as where Kyle is heading career wise, and I’ve already voiced my opinion on the matter. It doesn’t matter as the story is already written. I will say, I have and now do know several lawyers that are in fact happily married and extremely close with their kids. Yes being a lawyer is busy and can have heavy demands, and yet, just as with most jobs it’s about balance and prioritizing. Kyle need not choose one over the other. Oh well.
  14. spikey582

    Trash Talking and Walking

    I’ve actually been thinking this over and I’m more in the camp of not really being surprised by what happened here. Shane was exactly like this from the beginning. He probably is acting under some kind of pressure here, and feels like he’s supposed to say this crap, and, as he did before, he rationalized it in his own head. But, just as before, it will be yet more hollow excuses for bad behavior. There’s clearly some back story behind his reaction to morning sex, and again instead of behaving like an adult and communicating in a way that expresses his difficulty he shuts Donovan down and acts like a jerk. Did Donovan misread the “need to talk” statement? Possibly. However, that bullshit at the table? He didn’t misread that at all. I can’t imagine a context in which that suddenly becomes okay or just a joke or whatever. The reaction of the entire table on seeing Donovan speaks for itself. Shane’s reaction is hard to figure. Perhaps his anger wasn’t toward Donovan, but toward Davis and whatever “forced” him to say what he did. Even if all this has some other explanation, who cares? Just because there’s another explanation for what happened, it still happened. Even if Shane has problems to work through, doesn’t make it Donovan’s problem. Shane isn’t ready to be in the kind of relationship Donovan wants. Even if he needs counseling for a traumatic experience, Shane’s personality is still garbage. Perhaps in time he can get past some of this stuff, but why should Donovan wait? What makes Shane worth Donovan’s time at this point?
  15. spikey582

    Chapter 15

    I’m not sure how valid my opinion on this will be but... Kyle worked hard to get through law school, by all appearances he seems to be a very good prosecutor, his extra skill set of investigation is an added bonus. He seems to have a knack for that, and he definitely seems to enjoy what he does. It’s unfortunate that his career is so far away from his family, but... I would really hate to see him turn his back on all that to move back to his rural roots and run the family apple orchard. That would truly seem like a waste of all he’s done and a waste of his talents. I still can’t get behind just forgiving and forgetting and making it all Kyle’s fault cause he left. Just reading how Jacob trivializes what he did, oh I made a mistake but look how I was wronged. I’m not an expert on addiction, but I know addicts have a tendency to hurt so many people with their actions while they use. Getting blackout drunk and sleeping with your boyfriend’s father definitely qualifies as one of those things that Jacob should have been trying to make amends for, assuming he practiced a 12-step program. But no, instead he turns it all back on Kyle and portrays himself as the victim, and then further wrongs Kyle with that statement about him being worse than his father. It’s unfortunate, but I care not for the excuses, and Jacob has done little to truly endear me to his perspective.

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