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  1. spikey582

    Discovery 11

    When I was reading the plaintiff findings, it seemed like the most ridiculous thing ever. The switch worked, but uhhh the chain of custody was broken, and perhaps some grand conspiracy is afoot, therefore the defendant is at fault, give us money! That’s the case they’re making? It’s becoming more and more obvious this is a parasitic law firm trying to profit off of the death of a young man, and they don’t give a damn about their client. Rush is right though, unproven allegations don’t hold up in court. Couldn’t the defense get the whole thing dismissed? So, the actual murder doesn’t appear to be targeting random gay people, but is connected to personal relationships with the two victims. Suspicious “friend” and “boyfriend” I’m looking at you, still. Is it possible that Steve was, in fact, a “pussy hound”.and somebody planted those things in his home and placed the personal add and evidence on him? For whatever reason. Or perhaps he goes both ways? Bisexuality does exist after all.
  2. spikey582

    Chapter 39

    I’ll be honest, I’m not going to be super pleased if this crap with Stevie ends up ending Billy & Brandon again. But I’ll reiterate that Brandon has seemed kinda weird ever since they were caught by Billy’s mom. Brandon is still very much in the closet, though I can’t imagine for much longer with Jimmy lurking.
  3. spikey582

    Discovery 10

    Wow the end of this chapter pissed me the hell off. So nice for the GSA to be full of assholes who ostracize one of their own. Well, Clay need to just tell Rush and Ben the whole thing is a waste of time instead of lying to them.
  4. spikey582


    No naming names... *cough* Timothy *cough*
  5. spikey582


    Hey I wasn’t referring to Wesley specifically in that statement. There’s been a ton of stories on this site, that were so good, and they’ll never get endings.
  6. spikey582


    Well the flip side of this is stories that never finish. I’ve actually lost track of the number of stories I was super interested in and anxiously awaiting an update that have just been seeingly abandoned. So I’m glad we’re getting resolution on stories. Though I’m right there with you, I hate to see good stories with regular updates end. And this one feels like it’s just getting started.
  7. spikey582

    Story Review: Blood of the Neko

    This was a great review Lit. I think this was my preferred Neko story as well, because I just loved seeing how far Kayden's character progressed from the first one. Both stories are some of my favorites, and among the first that I ever read here on GA. You know, I always thought there was room for a sequel...
  8. spikey582

    Key to My Heart

    Been really enjoying this story. It has been cool to see how Trick has opened up and become more confident.
  9. spikey582

    Chapter 1

    This was always a hard one, I think I actually remember the sequel better. Scott’s character is very complex.
  10. spikey582

    TC3 - Chapter 1: Meet Jeremy

    I’m not going to lie, I saw the plane crash coming. Especially with the parents leaving all of Jeremy’s legal documents including medical power-of-attorney when they were just leaving for a week. I got a sense of permanence about the whole arrangement. Combine that with a plane flight over the Atlantic, and well...
  11. spikey582

    Discovery 9

    So I’d say I was right to be suspicious when I noticed the same first responders in the previous chapters. Twyla, I think, is discovering the evidence that the heater was tampered with and the safety device disabled. Who are Strangeland & Freemen really? Also, how is any of this connected to the gay men being murdered? How does this tie back to the suspicious actions of Jake’s “friend” and his “boyfriend” exactly? This is making me crazy!
  12. spikey582

    Chapter 38

    I think what really bothered me about this chapter is that, this right here is what I feel Billy is missing with Brandon. I think Billy & Sam’s relationship is great for the most part. Though this is the first time I’ve seen them bringing up their sexual past in a long time. I think it’s been pretty well established that Sam is straight. He was thinking with his dick here, and it has caused weirdness between them that’ll probably never be resolved. But getting back to my point, do we see Billy turning to Brandon to talk stuff out like this? Their relationship seems not to be evolving much, and with Brandon still being committed to Stevie like he is, they’re going to have yet more issues.
  13. spikey582

    Story Review: How The Light Gets In

    I read the first part of the story years ago now. I never did start on the second part because that dreaded “in-process” status chased me away. There’s quite a few such stories here on GA, where an author never finished for whatever reason.
  14. spikey582

    Do Cats Eat Bats?

    So that revelation at the end, makes me desire even more for poor Carter to get his own body back and get with Aron. Alex seems extremely toxic and I still don’t get their relationship. I will say Carter’s self-denial is something I can’t really relate to. It took me almost my entire teen years to finally figure out what I liked, but I was always aware of the attraction. Carter is so far in the closet his jealousy manifested itself as homophobia. Is there a reason Carter is so out of touch like this? Also, this story isn’t classified as a mystery or anything, but I definitely got a hint of something nefarious going on when they were hit by the truck. What the heck really happened to Carter? Did Alex push him?
  15. spikey582

    Chapter 25

    So, should Declan be saying something about the shed incident? It almost seems like an instinct kicking in that he maybe should say something. But, he’s right that he’s still way too new to be getting involved like that. But we all know Bailey will say nothing about it and perhaps cut later to release the emotion. Hopefully Declan’s presence will alleviate that. More soon please!

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