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  1. Just a question...

    Comsie, this is going to sound lame for me to say this, but I think this just comes with the territory of being a writer. Something I've never understood, and don't personally subscribe to, is that certain people who feel they invest time into a particular piece of writing, think that because they have done this they are then owed by the author. I don't get this, I really don't understand it. This happens to professional writers all the time. It's actually worse when people actually make a purchase for said writing. They seem to be under the impression that there some sort of "unwritten contract" that says if an author starts a piece of ongoing fiction, they are under obligation to finish the series or whatever it is they are interested in. It comes up a TON for people who have read the books on which Game of Thrones was based. That writer has been writing that book series longer than you have been writing New Kid and Gone From Daylight, and yet, he's only produced 5 (?) books, and it doesn't appear that he has any plans to actually finish the series anytime soon. But people feel like he HAS to finish the series for them, because they paid for the books he's already written. Now obviously, that's total bullshit, and no writer is under ANY obligation to write anything except perhaps if they have a contract with someone paying them to write. In this case, it seems even more ridiculous, as you have been providing all of your writing for FREE online for the entirety of your writing career. Perhaps this person purchased the Billy Chase ebooks? Either way, you are providing free entertainment on the internet. You control the story and you write it YOUR way. You write what you feel like writing when you feel like it. It seems like this person wants to control what you write, and tell you how you have to write it to please them. That does not work. Like Kitt said, the only person you truly need to please here is yourself. Everybody else should just be thanking you for sharing your talents and imagination with the rest of us. So, as always, thanks for all you do Comsie.
  2. The Resurrection of Billy Roberts

    Thanks Jeff, for directing us back to that conversation. There was so much more than happened later in that chapter that completely overshadowed that casual conversation. So which will it be, tattoos or nipple piercings? I tend to think, unless somehow Billy is planning on having his shirt off in front of his mom all the time to throw it in her face, it seems like getting tattoos together would be more impactful. For some reason this chapter made me sad. I mean, this story has a tendency to do that depending on the situation. But to me, it just had so much "what might have been" about it. I guess it still can be that way for the boys, but just imagine if they'd stopped acting like jackasses years ago and actually had been there for each other. It would have been like this all the time. I second @Okiegrad 's sentiment that Billy seems to have really let himself go. The long hair just does not seem like him at all. I'm also now extremely concerned for his health as the frequent peeing, including wetting the bed. That's extremely abnormal at his age. I just really want to see Billy succeed, not as far as the valedictorian thing, that's meaningless in the long run, but I just want him to be able to finally enjoy his time with those that actually care about him and love him. He really needs to start appreciating Brett and Dustin. And he NEEDS to tell Brett about his Dad, before it causes too much more drama.
  3. Three's A Charm

    So have we seen the last of Mason? I definitely want to see more Anders, he's really cool. Besides the development of Trick and Cody's relationship, which I'm really enjoying. Edit: Oh never mind, I see @Kjamieson had the same idea as me on the Mason situation.
  4. Discovery - Chapter 4

    A detail I’m fixated on is, why would the heater have been in use? Rush asked about the weather, and the mother had no idea what it was. However, Natalie opened the windows because it was too hot in the apartment and “such a nice day outside.” Now, perhaps this is a situation where it’s cold at night necessitating the use of a heater, but warms up dramatically when the sun comes out. But if not, why would Jake have a heater turned on at all? I still don’t think he did. Somebody came in while he was asleep and put that heater in his apartment. The door was never locked. What’s even more interesting is, according to Natalie, the first thing she did when entering was discover Jake was dead, so she called 911, then immediately goes and turns off the heater and opens the windows. Why would she do this? I mean she’s discovered her otherwise perfectly healthy friend dead, for all she knows he was murdered in his sleep, why would she be messing with stuff in his apartment? Now I know people don’t always think this way, and they don’t always follow logical behaviors, especially when dealing with trauma, but still. To me it just feels like she was already aware of the danger the heater presented, and that opening the windows would make it safer for other people to be in the room. Also, according to the previous report, the investigators found her outside when they arrived at the apartment, so again why open the windows? Then of course she said something about a strange smell. Well carbon monoxide is odorless, so what was she smelling? There’s more here, but these are things that stood out to me.
  5. Four’s a Crowd

    I do have to say, that I do find it very surprising that somebody as outspokenly homophobic as Mason would have been able to keep that under wraps for the entire time it would have taken to establish a friendship with anyone. He just strikes me as the kind of person to use casual gay slurs. Just as we saw here. Plus, he clearly hasn't changed at all since his high school bully days, so how would somebody as friendly and outgoing as Anders end up being with a friend to someone like that?
  6. Roar • Part VI

    Kinda, but that’s typical though.
  7. Roar • Part VI

    You know I still think CJ wanna see CJ slip just a little. Say the wrong thing or something. He definitely need to do some stupid college kid stuff.
  8. Chapter 33

    I really felt Billy talking directly to us from some of the things he said this chapter. He was very self-aware. Billy was right to not sit and dwell on it, and also right not to say a bunch of things in anger that can’t be unsaid. However he does need to get right back into that the next day. Ignoring calls and texts can be just as damaging if done for too long. Something that occurred to me that bugs me about this is why Stevie gets a solid commitment from Brandon every week, but Billy seems to constantly struggle for them to get together. I know there’s an actual explanation for this, Brandon isn’t cheating on Billy. But he also totally screwed this up.
  9. Roar • Part VI

    Hmmm go to a historic World Series game or be part of the awful 2016 presidential campaign...
  10. Discovery - Chapter 3

    Slang... hoMo
  11. Discovery - Chapter 3

    "Both Brandon Freeman and Brenda Stangeland entered the blaze" Freeman and Strangeland? I thought they were investigators, what were they doing there? What an amazing coincidence! I can't figure out how that plays into it just yet, but there you go.
  12. Chapter 86 All My Loving

    Well, it’s redundant, but yes, Robbie is screwing this up, not telling Nathan about Alex. This was actually the perfect opportunity to do it, so of course he let it pass him by. Other than that, I basically have no use for Don or Sue at this point. Sue hasn’t improved at all from her initial bullshit throwing Robbie to Don like she did after he came out. I don’t know how custody laws work, so I’m a bit unsure what Robbie can do here. Don and Sue are his legal guardians, and since they aren’t outright abusive, I can’t really see Robbie making a case to get removed from their home. Even though I think he really doesn’t belong there, he probably has no other options right now. That being said, does he have any say in an actual adoption? The bottom line is, as I’ve said time and time again. He’s not really part of the family. He’s not been fully welcomed, and they haven’t embraced him as an actual member of the family. I don’t see that happening at all at now, because Don and Sue can’t get their shit together. Adoption seems like a joke now.
  13. Paula's Pride and Joy

    Wow Jeff, depressing much? I knew George was headed out at the end of the last chapter, but still, that sucked. About Paula and vanilla douche, yeah I’m pretty unsettled about that personally. Not because Paula decided to move on. No she shouldn’t have to be a grieving widow forever. But it seemed like she’d moved on way before George actually died. It just feels funny. But then again, that’s Billy’s perspective and he’s a bit of an idiot. Some of this is self-inflicted, he’s pushing people away. However, with how homophobic his mom is, and now trying to push pray the gay away “therapy” on him since George is conveniently gone, I think Billy’s concerns definitely still have merit. How will this kid overcome, and will Brett still be by his side at the end?
  14. Roar • Part V

    Blah blah blah politics... BUT aside from that... Fun lesson I learned as a teen (I assume to still be true since it’s been 20 years) it’s actually cheaper to rent a limo than people probably assume. My parents rented one for us to take to the airport. My dad found out it was cheaper than using one of those van services. This was in L.A. and my parents were squarely in the middle class in the income bracket. And the guy actually met us at the gate with a luggage cart on our return. Back when people could still do that. Again cheaper than a van that might have multiple people in different parts of town all riding together.
  15. Chapter 1

    Of course, that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the story, it was engaging and well written, as per usual. I especially liked the bit about porpoise milk. Love your imagination buddy.

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