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  1. Chapter 15

    Well, I guess each of our guys has their mentor now. What will Maxthane and Grim make of this group of gladiators, if anything? What secrets and skills can Grim teach Maxthane? Will Dogo tell Max of Styx’s current disgust with him? As for Madame Godani, I have a feeling this is less about helping Styx and more about making a play for power now that Salidar is distracted elsewhere.
  2. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    About 8 years ago my mom told me she was taking a trip to the Holy Land for a vacation. I remember at the time telling her absolutely not cause it wasn't safe. All you ever hear in the news about that area is how rockets are getting fired at busses and schools daily. Silly me thinking I could forbid my mom to do something she wanted to. She went to Jordan and Egypt as well and saw a TON of stuff in the three weeks she was gone. That all being said, she hit more of the religious sites and Bronze Age landmarks like Petra and the Giza pyramids. She told me I would've enjoyed it because of my interest in history. Her trip sounded interesting, but the way you described Israel made it sound way more exciting. I may have to go one day, if I'm willing to go through all the hassle involved. Regarding Owen's sister, I had a bad feeling this was going to happen. It's way, WAY to common with many people who go into remission with certain types of cancers.
  3. Chapter 14

    Well I think I’ve read too many fantasy/sci fi stories. And seen too many movies. If conventional weapons don’t work, kill it with fire. That worked on the Thing.
  4. Chapter 14

    Well so much for getting what they came for. Sabreeza cant talk now, so how will that effect their attempts to stop Salidar? The leadership of the knights won’t believe anything they say. But, at least we know Fasha has some kind of weakness. Funny I was inwardly yelling at Kirra to burn him during their fight. Oh also, I will admit when I first started the chapter I was a little disappointed at first that Kirra was the viewpoint character. Not because I’m not enjoying Kirra’s chapters (I really am!). But simply because you left Styx on such a cliffhanger, and I was dying to find out what happened next. So I was very pleasantly surprised with how this all turned out. Also, Kirra’s kind of a badass, so maybe he can give Styx some pointers on how to get good.
  5. Chapter 3 Round Two

    Okay Gary, how do you do this so often with your stories? First Carly in Treading Water and now Preston in Exes and Ohs. A sibling that I absolutely want to see get hit by a freight train. I never got over how horrible Carly was, and I'd have no issue with Preston being the dramatic death that was totally unexpected. When I accidentally cut the breaks on his pickup truck... Also yes, as has been stated: WHAT THE HECK IS THIS INSURMOUNTABLE THING??? :ahem: That is all.
  6. Chapter 27

    About Ben, is he actually creepy or is that just Galen’s perception? I mean there’s people around who are, in fact, creepy. They make people around them uncomfortable, and sometimes it’s not surprising when you find out they did something horrible. Ben clearly makes Galen uncomfortable, but a LOT of things make Galen uncomfortable. He’s just now regaining some form of functionality, and the poor guy is prone to panic attacks. With all he’s been through it’s miraculous that he can go out for lunch with Jody. That all being said, my question remains. Is Ben actually a creep, or is this a case of Galen being a bit of an unreliable narrator? Perhaps Ben is just forward and is showing genuine interest in someone new he finds attractive? Considering that the idea of sex repulses Galen after his trauma, maybe someone just being attracted to him elicits the same reaction?
  7. Just to draw more attention to it, check out today’s Featured Story on the blog, and not just because I wrote the review :P


    We featured a great story that everyone should check out.

    1. Valkyrie


      :yes: It's a good review of a great story.  :) 

    2. Mikiesboy


      You done good spikey, my friend. It is a story worth reading!

    3. Headstall


      Great review, buddy! And great choice. :hug: 

  8. Chapter 13

    So, is Max’s parentage now in question? Is Styx possibly of Fedain lineage as well. They both felt that connection. Is Max, the magic man extraordinaire going to be learning Grim’s techniques? He seems to be a worthy successor, with similar sensibilities to Grim. That knowledge needs to be passed on somehow.
  9. The Cockney Canuck

    Sue: “That wasn’t funny Robbie.” No, no it wasn’t. Those were his second thoughts that he denied having. I’m really disappointed that Robbie didn’t seek out his options and learn what his rights were. There needed to be conditions before this proceeded. They weren’t even discussed. He has real problems and is adamant that Don isn’t his father? Well the time to discuss and resolve that was before he told the judge everything is just peachy and let’s go ahead with this adoption thing. Also, the pool thing? Yeah fuck that. Not funny. If that were me I’d have literally no problem walking out of “my” party. I’m probably just a stick in the mud though.
  10. Over The Rainbow • Part VI

    I never saw that argument coming. Honestly, the parents having a discussion like that and all deciding (less Brett) without any input from the actual individuals involved that they know what’s best? How old fashioned. Who is right here? Well, I see Cesar’s point of view. It’s about planning for unforeseen circumstances. However, they’re going to accumulate more wealth after they get married, so how much would this really benefit them even if they did get divorced? I will say, the idea of a prenup isn’t inappropriate, but trying to coerce CJ into agreeing by using his trust fund against him was messed up. Thankfully Brett was there to talk some sense into Cesar at the end.
  11. The April Fool

    I’m not really surprised by the conclusion Dustin reached. I always felt he was at the very least bisexual. I can’t imagine Em is going to be totally shocked by the news, considering their failed performance. If Dustin can deduce who Brett’s father is just by a superficial analysis, I can’t imagine Brett having any more trouble with it. He’s had a lot more time to think about it, and a lot more evidence to work with. Also, Dustin is totally right. Billy keeping this secret (and taking money for it) is a black cloud hanging over their relationship.
  12. Ask an Author 2.0 - #5

    Send me a PM to remind me and I’ll ask some spicy questions. You don’t even have to redact my name!
  13. Ask an Author 2.0 - #5

    I’m so glad you are doing these Carlos. Also, it seems like forever since we’ve heard from Hunter.
  14. Chapter 12

    And this is where I reiterate that Styx needs to get good. He needs some Prism/Fasha training. Or even some Dogo training. Following them is the right idea. But he doesn’t have the ability to take on those yahoos.
  15. Chapter 2 A United Front

    What the holy heck happened between those two??? They fit well together. They instinctively work as a team. When you find somebody that gets you like that, you hold onto that! What drove Drake away? I have a feeling this weekend is going to be the bridge that will bring them back together. I’ll just say ditto to everyone else regarding Preston. He’s quite the piece of work. Also, though she seemed genuine in trying to make amends, is Dot really that dense? I’ve gotten the perception that Drake’s visits are very few and far between, so when he shows up she acts like that. You couldn’t have dragged me back into that house. Such a good chapter Gary! I’m so excited for Mondays again.

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