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  1. Chapter 12

    Umm Kyle would never go to the police, as Shaun said he's manipulating Jesse, and his idiot brother. Jesse needs to use some critical thinking skills. Kyle and his family are fucked up criminals that sell drugs out of their house. No way Kyle is ever drawing police attention to himself. That is all.
  2. Chapter 9

    So what's really the deal with Sam? At the very beginning of the story he and Jesse seemed very close. Now he won't believe him when he says Kyle got him beat up? I'll be honest some of these characters seem to have changed personalities from the beginning.
  3. Chapter 10

    Well finally they become aware that something is going on. Those people from way back in the prologue no doubt. Hmmm, interesting someone is trying to weaken the council by removing their strongest telepath. Might they also have other targets, such as possibly the king for instance? He's in a weakened state both physically and mentally. Someone, maybe like Noel might want to check that out. Maybe...
  4. Chapter 5

    This chapter was well written and chalked full of emotion once again tim. I really like how you've developed this conflict. How does this work? Would opening their relationship up a little bit help? I'm not usually the person to suggest that, but total monogamy doesn't necessarily work for every couple. Anyway, I am confused on one point. Didn't Don discover that he still had sensation in his penis and was capable of getting an erection just like two or three chapters ago? Has he since lost total sensation down there?
  5. Epilogue

    I've left so many comments on this story, and I'm not sure what else I can add. This was a great ending, and obviously the one I was ultimately hoping for. Both Alek and Liam have been on quite a journey, and it appears they have the mettle to last forever now.
  6. Chapter 19

    So is that a cliffhanger? Also what a mess at school. The administration need to fix that shit. Chris and Eric were acting like cliche high school bullies, in a place that has no bully culture. The Dean desperately needs to deal with this before it gets even worse.
  7. Chapter 77 Stir Crazy

    My thought is, it's some kind of drug raid, and Robbie squatted at the wrong house for too long. It's all just some kind of coincidence, but Robbie will be arrested and this is just going to get worse. I blame Robbie. I agreed with him leaving for awhile initially, but he's taken it way too far. He's being an irrational teenager though so I suppose that should be expected. No he shouldn't necessarily have gone straight back home, but he should have contacted Sue at some point and he had ample opportunity to do the right thing before he got locked up and his phone taken. I guess he'll be trying to call one of them now.
  8. Chapter 29

    Hmmm how random is that, someone breaking a window at Brandon's house. Yes it must certainly just be neighborhood kids. It certainly couldn't be a mentally unhinged person, like say for instance Jimmy LaPlane. Nah, couldn't be.
  9. The Cowardly Lion Part 2

    Well Guero leveled up a little huh. Good thing it wasn't a lightning mouse!
  10. Chapter 9

    The drink stands out again in my mind, the kool-aid Defiance mentioned. Just as soon as he started having thoughts of his affection for Noel, there was Keith with another glass of red wine. Someththing in the wine? Diarmad is all over the place, and it's starting to show through more and more. Changing living spaces isn't going to solve the problem. Remembering Luis and his gardens is great and all, but you kicked the guy that has Luis in his head to the curb so there's that. Adi, what the heck is happening? One thing is for sure, D is in trouble.
  11. The Cowardly Lion Part 1

    Drew, that is so adorable.
  12. Chapter 3

    Miriam? Who the fuck is this bitch? Okay, I'm assuming Donny's sister who was all homophobic. So I guess something obnoxious is about to go down. This chapter was the one that did it for me regarding Don. Seeing him together with Louis softened my heart toward him. They reminded me a bit of my boyfriend and me together, so that sure helped. I did get a bit of a chuckle at their initial reticence toward the house. I'm like this place has doorways made for wheelchairs and a freaking elevator. Once you have the experience of trying to get someone around a house in a wheelchair everyday you'll quickly realize pretty much everything else is secondary. That stuff becomes so ideal. Anyway, another wonderful chapter tim. Thanks as always for sharing this with us.
  13. Chapter 60 Calling Cards

    Ok I will NOT let another chapter pass without leaving a comment. I didn't go back through and reread everything, but I wanted to see what was the latest and greatest with M&K. Gary, I agree with what everyone else has said in regards to how you definitely have not lost the voice of your original power couple. Yes there was a break, but Mike and Kendall still sound like Mike and Kendall. So even though your revising, and writing at a more experienced level than you were when you started this story out, it still feels like Cards on the Table. This is a testament to your talent as a writer. Believe it. Okay so I have to say, I think you're getting me excited for them to move into Cloud Nine as well. They have so many plans and I think it's all going to be a great experience for them and their family. Mrs. B is freaking awesome. She was cracking me up from the minute she showed up on the street. Obviously, people could possibly get offended by her manner of speaking, but I thought it was funny. Her open mind and willingness to adapt to a new experience definitely show her strength as a character. I've gotta say, the picture you paint of this women of her generation sitting down to watch Queer as Folk is hilarious. She certainly took a shine to M&K, and who can blame her for not being totally enlightened regarding gay people. Her only experience with "gays" is a salacious soap opera. Also, Mike & Kendall are going to be such good parents. They're already doing an awesome job with Nate.
  14. The End of the Road

    So that was a totally fucked up way to end that chapter. Was Billy truly powerless to help Dustin this time? There's medical records of a sexual assault. Could Billy not have told George that Dustin was in eminent danger? Could he not have mentioned it to someone, or at least asked Dustin to come home with him? Called the cops? Something? I'm actually asking here. I've seen overstepping, bureaucratic CPS workers remove children from a home on MUCH less suspicion and outright evidence of abuse than what exists in Dustin's case. Couldn't Billy have done something more than watch Dustin walk back into a place he could very likely be killed and just carry on as usual?
  15. Chapter 2

    See it's very interesting cause it's all about context. For instance, if Mike were to get hurt on the job, I could never in my right mind say it was his fault for whatever happened and hold him responsible. Of course I've had first responders in my family, my dad was a paramedic, my brother is as well, so it's easier to see that side of it, despite risks of such a profession. Like I said, I can't entirely pinpoint why I'm having less sympathy for Don's character, as he didn't do anything wrong. I think the more I see of him the less I'll feel this way. Either way, I'm loving your story tim, thanks as always for sharing your talents with us.

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