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  1. Parker I know I tell you this a lot, but you really are talented bud.
  2. Ditto!
  3. Yay Team... Naryce? Nace? Brathan? Well that's it Lit, I'm officially shipping those two. And if it has to be in Unexpected, all the better. Did you ever think your characters in Unforgivable would take off like they have? Oh yeah, and like dugh said, I guess Liam and Alek had a good time too, or whatever.
  4. Wow, I completely forgot I left that comment. Thanks for reminding me Tim!
  5. I know Bruno is the protagonist here, but I hope whatever violence seems to be touching those around him stays away from my boys Shane & Jason. Those two have had more than enough of such "excitement." I'm definitely feeling sad for Bruno at the end here. It seems like that toxic relationship with Sammy had left a decidedly negative impression. Good stuff so far as always mitchelll!
  6. dkstories seemed to write a lot about similar themes in many of his stories. And this one, of course, reminds me of another he wrote...
  7. Hmmm, do I avoid the obvious sexual euphemism joke here? Gary, I also gotta say, since I didn't reply in your forum, really glad to hear from you. I hope you are doing better.
  8. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm pretty sure Drew, Gary, and I were the most vocal Alek supporters from the first chapter...
  9. Don't have much to say that hasn't already been said. I know you already saw my reaction to Billy's mother singing the praises of the cretin Joey. I think what pisses me off the most is her dismissal of what Billy tells her. If I'd told my parents that a kid acted all goody-two-shoes around adults but became a totally different person when they weren't around they would have believe me. I hope this bug that prevented this from showing up in the news feed doesn't affect all the future chapters, cause I don't want to miss them.
  10. I know it's just a temporary ending, but still I hate to see it be over. It seems like several stories I've been enjoying since the first of the year that had weekly postings have all one-by-one wrapped up and there's really only a couple left. This is something that I was able to look forward to every Friday, and I'm going to miss it. Well, as always, thanks Carlos for your efforts in sharing this story with us. Looking forward to the next part whenever you get back into the swing of things.
  11. Carlos I, of course, would love to see more and more CJ. However, that being said, if you ever get to the point where you decide this particular tale has run its course, I think plenty of us would settle for a really long epilogue, wherein you settle all these loose ends. Otherwise I'm gonna have to come to Florida and find you.
  12. Says the guy who included a super romantic moment between CJ and Ozzie. Just saying. I loved this chapter, and don't have a ton to comment on. One thing I will say is that it felt more like everything is being set up for future plot lines more than being an ending for Walls. I liked that because you continued to plot everything in such a realistic way. Sure, it's the end of an era with the Squad, but nevertheless, they all have their future plans to look forward to.
  13. The thing is, I gathered that Alek had already been there and done that with his parents already. This was really just the first time Liam saw it. That being said, Alek actually defending Liam and not denying him in front of his father was likely the last real affirmation Liam will need. It was an awesome scene too! Poor Nathan, he never really had a chance with Liam in the first place. But this really shouldn't come as a surprise to him. He'd been flying in the friend zone for some time. I do hope Nathan finds someone though.
  14. Nothing on Daniel really at the moment, he seems like a perfectly nice guy, but the relationship with Bailey's mom is at least a little questionable. Especially considering that her husband hasn't even been gone for that long. Far be it for me, or anyone on the outside to determine what's "too soon" on moving on from a recent loss, but still. If he was thinking objectively, as he should be, he'd realize that there's a danger she's using him to run from her grief. Considering how out of it she's been, and how oblivious and manipulative toward Bailey, Daniel would do well to step back for a moment. As Hunter had mentioned, it definitely presents conflict of interest as well. I think I'd reiterate the point that I think it's a bit of a mistake for Bailey to be staying there at the moment. He should move to campus and get some distance from this unhealthy situation. Moreover if this thing with his mom and Daniel progresses, he's not going to be able to just accept it. Not the way things are right now. Again, being away from it might be better for him. His reaction speaks for itself. Declan, now that he's paying attention, is catching on fast. This interaction between the two of them is a good thing, and it needs to continue.
  15. Anyone that has Hulkling, and Wiccan as their profile pic, gets a 100 bonus cool points in my book.

    1. spikey582


      You're the first person that's ever commented on that.  Probably the only one who recognized them.  :2thumbs:

    2. BHopper2


      That's one of Chris-Art' drawings, right?


      They are my favorite pairing in the Young Avengers.

    3. spikey582


      I'd have to go back and look to verify that. But yes, they're my favorite pairing and my favorite Young Avengers.  In all honesty I started reading those just because I wanted to see how that played out.  Especially the early Young Avengers stuff was really well written.