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  1. Not to mention Gone From Daylight, Jesse 101, A Class By Himself, etc, etc. my Comsie.
  2. . . . .oh my!
  3. That f'king gorgeous!!!! BITE ME! BITE ME! BE MY SIRE, Comsie!!
  4. Krakens are actually friendlier than people think:
  5. Out of Chicago, Comsie. I wonder if they read something of yours. "And we climb all around You stare into my eyes And watch me drown inside You whisper to me softly as I lie . . ." In Your Room by. . . . Airiel
  6. See! It's not just because I'm drunk and stoned all the time that I see this stuff! It really happens!!!! I hooked mine to my Imgur account which seems to work pretty good for here.
  7. What a remarkable project, Cynus! I think I'll listen to the rest of it on Spotify!
  8. So, I went back and read a cute little spinoff story Comicality did called Kiss of an Angel which has perhaps the cutest character he's ever created. He is the little sweetheart called Ariel who is madly in love with Tyler, the Blonde Bombshell, who also happens to be in love with 'his angel' Ariel. Being bored and needing something new to listen to while I worked today I came up with yet another soundtrack inspired by this story. Comsie seems to be doing that to me lately. Anyway, here is one of the more beautiful love songs from the track listing. I'll post the playlist later if there is any interest. The song is a good sample of the dreamlike gee-whiz-sigh quality of this listing. This is "Dream About Me" by The Depreciation Guild:
  9. When dealing with a person with bi or unipolar Depression it sometimes helps to remember that the monster you are dealing with is not the person themselves but the disease. The disease masks the person behind it and puts them in a mental cage. It sometimes takes a great effort and sacrifice to love that person when the 'Beast' is upon them, but such love is a true love. I lived with a unipolar depressive for most of my life and in the end it was uncontrolled. She sometimes acted like she hated me, but I knew it was not her speaking but the pain. I helps to know this, but know also that you have to have support yourself or the 'Beast' can take you too. Depression can be somewhat contagious so keep an eye on yourself too and be sure you have friends supporting you as you support your ill friend.
  10. Nevermind
  11. My signature image has suddenly disappeared and has been replaced with a ?
  12. All Hail the Amazing C Benus!!!!
  13. Brian has been known to do that to people and their things.
  14. Quite possibly. I know a couple that would just love to suck his, erm, blood?
  15. Speaking of Cheesecake or maybe Beefcake. Brian Chesney says he misses you. He also wishes you, Valkyrie, the Happiest and Sexiest of Birthdays!