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  1. MrM

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Least we forget 'Fag Romance'. I want you Swish Embassy, I want your Swiss Navy . . . I want your lust. Lust Lust Lust I want you Lust. I want your love and I want your tight end, you and me can write a Fag Romance . . . What?
  2. MrM

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Genital warts can be reoccurring if left untreated.
  3. MrM

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Alas, may they get genital warts.
  4. MrM

    MrM On Rodeo Drive

  5. MrM

    Me age 7

    You’re real name is Willy Wonka! Where’s my Golden Ticket?
  6. MrM

    Children Of Sunset 4

    Better tell pop to get the Marshals. That there’s what us ol’ timers like to call walkin’ death, pardoner. thanks fer talkin in the local vernacular-like
  7. MrM

    MrM On Rodeo Drive

    Hehehe. No worries, mate. I figured you were trying to copy my grimace in the picture.
  8. MrM

    MrM On Rodeo Drive

    Kiss my what?
  9. MrM


    I am one but who am I
  10. MrM


  11. The ultimate Tootsie Roll
  12. MrM

    GFD: Expiration Date

    Very ‘Tales From The Crypt’. “And let THAT be a lesson to you, my drear little dears. It never pays to cheat vampires. HEHEHEHEHEEE!”
  13. MrM

    HUGE thanks, you guys!!! XD

    Aww, yeah, Randy Shelly was adorable then. When I started my 'Brandon Smiling' project Comsie said he envisioned Brandon to look like a 15 year old Randy Shelly, hence why I chose this picture to make into his custom birthday card. He is absolutely stunning now and I don't know why he doesn't get acting rolls anymore. He's really quite a good actor! This is a more recent picture of him since he's grown up.

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