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  1. The 12th Question For Imagine Magazine...

    I was pretty much a monk for most of my life. Thanks AIDS. Monastic sexuality can be quite safe if done right.
  2. 2 Below

    This just made me melt like cheese despite it being about '2 Below'. Gentle, sweet, and uncomplicated: this story feels like a warm hug and a cup of literary hot chocolat.
  3. Story

    It's near Christmas 2017 and, like all Christmas classics, this def still holds up!
  4. Song of the moment

    It's even a playlist! It has a whole bunch of songs!
  5. Just a question...

    Don't you make me fly up to Chicago in that weather and take you out to get drunk! I don't do snow!
  6. Just a question...

    I think it also has to do with the content of a particular piece you are working how long it takes. For instance, currently I'm working a chapter of Snowflake, which usually is 10k+ words, and it's a very involved chapter. I'm having to chip away at it bit by bit. Some days I can barely get down a paragraph. I'll admit lately that I've been struggling with some major distractions, but also this part of the story is a turning point so it would take a while regardless. The wise would say I should have written this all beforehand and then published in a. controlled way, but . . . then I wouldn't get any feedback, so. I feel ya, Comsie. But I think you know that and I'm afraid your detractors will never answer this plea for understanding. They love hit and run tactics. Bloody terrorists!
  7. Just a question...

    ~tsk~ I wish you wouldn't beat on yourself in a way that causes pain (notice how I phrased that?) Take comfort, if you wish, in the fact that your works have so deeply touched me that I needed to respond in kind with a story to echo Billy Chase and I've gotten my fair share of criticism about it. The main one, of course being, that it comes forth too slowly. I take that as a backhanded compliment. It's frustrating to have to wait for good Barbecue to get done, but it's so worth it when it is and done right! Rush the BBQ master and you'll end up with a burnt brisket and a very pi$$ed off cook! I know I can't set things to a schedule. I have a job. I have a sick dad. I have a community and friends that need attention. I write for fun and I write to share so I can only work within the boundaries of what is not stressful to me and where it becomes 'work'. I work hard enough, I want my writing to be that happy place I go that I can then share with others who want to go to my 'Happy Place' with me. Trust me, you don't want to go to my 'Unhappy Place'. A couple of my stories have gone there and it's NOT pretty! ```` In other news, I may be the only one, but I really empathize with poor old Jimmy. Jimmy could be my neuotic dark half where Brandon is my neurotic light half. Jimmy's plight so affected me that I even composed a playlist to 'tell' his story of desperation. ^ See? This is what Comsie's stuff makes me do!
  8. Just a question...

    That's the genius of Billy Chase! All that intelligence brought to bear on something like the complexities of relationships and, due to lack of experience, it all goes wrong! This is how teens deal! I remember! I thunk lots of great thunks and STILL got stuff wrong cause it was nothing to do with how smart a person is but how much stuff someone's gone through in their lives. Relationships are all about wisdom!
  9. Imagine Magazine Question For 12/8

    Détente I imagine is our arrangement at the moment
  10. Imagine Magazine Question For 12/8

    I'm sort of in that situation right now. There is a guy that's been working me for a couple of years now. I love him like a brother and I consider him a dear friend . . . but, he want's more. It helps me to feel desireable which is something that I never feel, but, at the same time, I just don't have those kinds of feelings for him. He knows this, but continues to try. I've given him opportunities to show me 'his stuff', but he doesn't take the bait. I wanted to see if something could grow from such an encounter, but no . . . Its tragic really. I might have to write a story to process it one day.
  11. Sure! Over on the Tiger River exhibition or the Big Cat Mesa!
  12. Well, get your sexy little butt down here and We'll make it happen! I'll probably renew my Keepers Club membership at the Zoo. That gives me a guest pass so that I can bring someone in for free. We can visit all my relatives!
  13. Chapter 33

    Hopefully Brandon can be the bigger man in all this. Too much is riding on this to eff it up now. Poor teenagers! 💙

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