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  1. Chapter 22

    Justin stared at the red rectangular box, which they found behind the garage. It took him a minute to fathom the logic of a rotary dial instead of a push pad. He still clutched the receiver wanting to smash it into the device, but instead hung up. He stood in the glass window box with a retractable door and glared out at nothing in particular. Justin has never been so frustrated in all his life. He glanced around for Ethan and saw him talking to one of the mechanics. Justin couldn’t see the man’s face, but from behind he stood four feet taller than Ethan and a stocky built, no fat just solid muscle. He tried Adam’s number again, but like his cell the call never went through. He gave up and left the booth. He walked over to Ethan and the mechanic, Ethan saw Justin approaching. The mechanic turned, and Justin was able to view the normal wear and tear on his work clothes, traits of dirt, and oil stains. His hair was thick and wavy he had tied in a crooked pony tail. “Any luck,” Ethan asked. “No, the call kept breaking up, then it dropped,” said Justin. Ethan looked at the mechanic whose name was Connor. “Conner told me there were never cell phones here. They just use land lines.” “Then why can’t I call someone out of town?” Justin asked Conner. “We never had that trouble because everything we need and everyone we know is here,” Conner said as-a-matter-of-fact. “No one here has family outside of town?” asked Justin. “Not that I know of.” “What about ordering things you don’t have here?” “We have everything we need.” Justin and Ethan glanced at each other then Justin asked something different. “Do you know someone by the name of, Christopher Huge?” Conner glanced away from Justin not answering. Justin just assumed he was thinking it over. “Well hello,” said an approaching voice. Justin turned and saw a police officer walking up. He was as tall as Conner but a bit smaller in his waist. His hair was full gray that came just to his collar. He wore sunglasses and chewed on gum. “Hi sheriff,” said Conner. “Conner, how you been.” “Fine, sir.” “And your mom, is she on her feet yet?” “No, the doc said she should stay in bed for the rest of the week. But she is feeling better.” “Well, that’s good to hear. Tell her I’ll be around with some hot plates for all of you. I know you must miss her cooking.” “We do.” The sheriff glanced from Ethan then to Justin. “And who do we have here?” Conner looked at Ethan and said nothing. Ethan smiled and looked at the sheriff. “Ethan Troy,” he said, holding out his hand. The sheriff didn’t hesitate to shake. “And,” continued Ethan. “This is Justin Shi.” The sheriff looked at Justin and unknown to him scanned his eyes up and down the attractive blonde. “You work for Adam Potter, don’t you?” This shocked Justin and Ethan. The sheriff smiled. “He told me you might be coming down here to pick up some information for our lovely town.” “He did?” Justin asked. “Well, that’s why you’re here isn’t it?” “Yes, but we’ve been coming up short.” “Oh, don’t worry about that. You both come with me, and I’ll get you that information and then maybe you can enjoy our little town.” “Come with you?” asked Justin. “My truck is just over here. I can take you back to my house, grab the files and get you back to your vehicle.” “That would be great,” said Justin, thrilled that he can leave the town before dark. “See you later Conner,” said the sheriff. “Bye sheriff.” “Yeah, thanks Conner,” said Ethan, holding his hand out to shake. Conner grasped Ethan’s hand and shook, but as Ethen went to let go Conner held on feeling Ethan’s finger slip from his hand. Justin and Ethan boarded the sheriff’s SUV. Justin sat up front while Ethan climbed into the backseat. Conner watched as they took off. Another man walked up who wore the same work clothes as Conner. He was shorter, but built like Conner with black hair, and a close shaved beard. Once they were out of sight they hurried and closed the garage turning the sign to close. *********** Adam arrived at his office building finding the front door locked. He entered hoping Justin did that, so he wasn’t disturbed while working. He entered, ignoring the elevator, and headed up the steps to his office. The locked office door and the darkness inside raised Adam’s red flags. He considered turning around and driving to WillowMoss to find Justin when his cell phone ring. He retrieved it from his coat pocket and felt a weight lifted off his shoulder once he saw Justin’s name. “Thank God, Justin.” “Hey, boss.” “Where are you?” “I’m with Ethan.” “Who?” “Just a guy I know.” “Oh, all right. But weren’t you doing research for me?” “All done, I sent it to your email.” “Good. It’s just—your last phone call to me broke up and you said Moss.” “Oh, yeah, well—we were in the library’s basement.” “Okay, good work.” “No problem boss. Bye.” “Bye.” ************** Justin never heard Adam’s goodbye. The person holding his cell phone to his ear pulled it away and shut it off. The hard floor, he sat on, was cold, even with his jeans and underwear on. He had no shirt on and someone had bound his wrists behind his back. The conversation with Adam was clear in his mind, but he doesn’t remember saying anything. Words were coming out of his mouth, but he was trying to say something different to Adam. “Where are you?” Adam had asked. “Help me Adam!” Justin tried to cry out. “They have us, I think they’re going to kill us!” But another voice, that sounded like his, blocked his pleas for help. “Ahhh!” Ethan’s screams went on deaf ears, as Justin sat helpless. He tried to focus on the room he was in but all he could see was black walls with graffiti that cast an eerily glow. When he tried to read the words, his body temperature dropped, and a mind crushing headache attacked him. He tried to shut his eyes, but the words kept appearing under his lids. “Make it stop! Please!” Justin cried. A figure stepped in front of him and stooped down. Justin kept his eyes shut as fingers outlined his face. The touch sent tingles throughout his flesh causing Justin’s body to shiver. “Now don’t you worry; the stages have their faults, but in the end, they all are—necessary. In a few hours you’ll start to feel a lot better.” “Ah, fuck you,” Justin moaned through his agony. The roaming fingers moved from his face to his chest. Justin struggled through the anguish as Ethan cries continued to echo in the room. “It’s a shame, you would have made a wonderful addition to our family. But you’re too old and the treatments work better when, their young.” “What—the fuck—are you talking about,” Justin got out in gasps. “Nothing you’ll remember.” The fingers stopped touching him as Justin panted his relief. He opened his eyes to catch a glimpse of the man who stroked him, but when his eyes concentrated on the man all he could see was a moving shadow. Justin played video games, watched horror movies, even visited haunted houses, but never thought he’d see something so unnerving, so real. His mind had to be playing tricks on him as he tried to scream, but his throat seized up preventing him. He wanted to close his eyes as the figure turned to look at him with dead glowing eyes. Justin shook his head frantically as the figure came closer. The pain in his head overwhelmed him as he blacked out just as a hand reached out for him.
  2. Chapter 21

    When they reached the town, they parked in front of a book store. Exhausted from the long drive Justin and Ethan climbed out of the Rover. Justin tossed his head back, stretching his back. Ethan overextended his arms above his head doing the same. “So,” stated Justin, glancing around at the well up kept town. He noticed the buildings were in their original structures. “…this is WillowMoss?” He walked over the bookstore window and glanced at the display. “Yeah, pretty nice,” Ethan said, shutting the driver side door, and walking over to Justin. “On the surface,” Justin said, remembering Adam told him to look for anything strange. “Well, we’re here to find that out, right?” Ethan asked, staring at Justin’s reflection in the glass. Justin pulled out his cell phone. “I still don’t have a signal,” Justin said, glancing at Ethan, who removed his own cell and discovered the same thing. “That's not really unusual. Some towns just don’t want cell phones,” Ethan said. “Or internet?” Justin asked. “Come on, let’s walk around and find a phone.” “And a library, I want to jump on the research, so we can get back to the city by nightfall.” “Whatever you like.” They took off walking towards the center of town. As they walked Justin glanced at the people he saw shopping, working, and playing with their kids at the park. He remembered his mother taking him to a similar park when he was small. She took pictures of him on the slide, in the sandbox, and swinging on the jungle gym. He also remembered hanging out in the same park after hours with his friends when he was in high school. They drank beer, smoked weed, and munched energy bars whenever cravings hit. He would stumble home after 2 am and his father would give him a lecture that always ended with him getting the crap beaten out of him. His mother would patch him up after his father had fallen asleep and made him promise not to do it again, Justin did. But by the following weekend he would repeat the same bad decisions and end up at the end of his father’s fist. “This town has everything. Even a diner like the one near your job,” said Ethan. Justin nodded in agreement when one building caught his eye. “There’s the library,” Justin said. “We should also check City Hall,” suggested Ethen. “Why don’t you check City Hall and I’ll go to the library. We’ll meet at the diner in an hour,” Justin said. “Sounds like a plan,” Ethan said, grabbing Justin by the waist pulling him in for a kiss. Justin was surprised by the act but didn’t protest as their lips locked. When they parted Ethan smiled, tasting his lips. “See you soon.” Ethan took off towards City Hall, Justin crossed the street at the light to the library. ************* Adam sat and enjoyed the delectable meal set before him with Patrick’s family. Everything was fresh and imported, Adam ate everything offered to him. Drusilla introduced Adam to Patrick’s Uncle Bernardo Valdez and his twin cousins Miguel and Reyes, whose looks rivaled Patrick’s. Adam sat in the middle of Bernardo and Reyes across from Patrick next to Miguel. Drusilla and Cyprus sat at opposite ends of the table. Drusilla also mentioned that Philip and David had arrived but wanted to sleep in after a long flight. When their meal was over they all walked to the library to have their coffee. Patrick tried to walk with Adam, but his cousins took up station on both sides of his detective grabbing his arms. Drusilla took Patrick’s arm, calming him of his jealousy towards his cousins. Cyprus and Bernardo took up the rear. As they all entered the majestic library Cyprus’s Gentleman stepped to him and whispered a message in his ear. Cyprus nodded his understanding and whisper something back. Miguel and Reyes hurried Adam to a three-seater lounge with no room for Patrick, who glared at them as he sat with his mother on the couch, Bernardo walked over to a single chair near Adam who, he noticed exchanged glances at Patrick and not at his flirtatious sons. “So, Adam,” Bernardo said, “Patrick told us you are a private detective and owns your own business.” “Yes, that’s correct.” “That line of work has a high risk, does it not?” “Well, you can say that about a baker,” Adam respond, causing a chuckle from the two males beside him. “You do have a gun?” Bernardo continued, unaffected by Adam’s comment. Adam looked at Bernardo. “I do.” “My nephew doesn’t like guns.” “Uncle,” said Patrick, not expecting him to interrogate Adam. “I assure you, Patrick’s safety is my priority.” “You don’t allow him to join you when you investigate a case?” “Never.” “I see. Please forgive me for prying. I am overprotective of my love ones.” “I understand. I love your nephew and would never internally put him in harm’s way.” Adam looked at Patrick again and saw a big grin on his face as his mother squeezed his hand. “Such valiant words, Mr. Potter,” Cyprus said, standing by the window looking out. Drusilla quickly jumped in, in Adam’s defense. “Yes, they were,” she said, smiling at Adam who smiled back. Cyprus sighed at the window and turned to his guest. “How about we all have a swim in the heated pool later. To unwind before the party,” Cyprus suggested. Patrick’s cousins grinned in unisex as they both glanced at Adam. “You’ll come swim with us, won’t you Adam?” Reyes asked. Adam looked at the greens eyes that matched his brother’s and smiled. “Only if Patrick wants to,” Adam said. Patrick’s smile brightened when he saw the look on his cousins' faces. “That’s a wonderful idea Cyprus,” said Drusilla, standing, when suddenly her legs buckled, and she fell forward. Adam leaped forward, catching her. Everyone rushed to help as Cyprus hurried to his wife. “Drusilla,” he said, in a panic, taking her from Adam and picking her up into his arms. “It’s—all right Cyprus, I’m—fine,” she stammered, still feeling dizzy. “I’m putting her to bed and calling the doctor.” Patrick leaned back against Adam and watched as his father carried his mother away. “Pat, if you need to be with your mother go on, I’ll wait here.” Patrick turned to Adam thanking him with a kiss as he rushed off after his parents. Bernardo walked up to Adam and placed his hand on his shoulder. “You’re a good man Adam.” Adam turned to him and smile his thanks. “Miguel, Reyes, instead of swimming let’s go for a walk around the garden,” Bernardo said. “Why don’t you come with us, Adam,” suggested Reyes. “Adam is worried about Patrick. Let’s leave him alone for now,” Bernardo said. “Thank you, Mr. Valdez,” Adam said. “Please, call me Bernardo.” “Thank you, Bernardo.” *********** In the library, Justin kept running into road blocks researching the town’s history. They either said he had to wait for clearness or the books were locked away and the person with the key was off until tomorrow. He did manage to get some information that was in the young adult section. He gathered what he could and left, he needed to get to the diner to meet Ethan. He hurried across the street and once inside the diner he was awestruck. The servers of the diner were young, handsome males. Justin looked at the splendor before him when he saw the familiar face of Ethan waving to him from a booth by the window. “Welcome to WillowMoss Diner,” said a male with braided dark hair that draped across his shoulder, wearing a tie, a clean white shirt, with slacks. His face was smooth and fresh, his eyes sparkled a dark and light brown tone. “Hello,” said Justin, seeing the host name tag. “Shawn.” “Table for one?” Justin almost said yes when he remembered Ethan. “No, actually, my friend is waiting for me at a booth.” Justin pointed towards Ethan. Shawn turned and looked to see him smiling. Shawn smiled back, turning back to Justin. “Oh, so, you’re the friend Ethan said he was waiting for, Justin.” “Yep, that's me.” “Well, all right, follow me.” Shawn stepped from behind his podium and took the lead. Justin followed, noticing Shawn had a seductive sway in his hips as he walked. They arrived at the table that already had two menus on it. “Here we are.” Justin took a seat just across from Ethan. “Please enjoy your stay,” Shawn said just before leaving.” “Amazing,” said Justin, watching Shawn walk away. “I have to agree with you on that,” said Ethan, watching the host as well. “The others are just as amazing.” “And they’re all males?” “It seems that way.” “Why?” “Not sure, I figure I wait until you get here before I asked.” A moment later their waiter arrived. Brown wavy hair, with pucker lips, and blue eyes. He flashed both males a winning smile. “Hi, my name is Cole, and I’ll be your waiter.” He removed utensils wrapped in a paper napkin from the front pocket of his apron and placed them on both men’s right side. “Our specials for today is Shepherd’s pie. Grill Cheese with or without tomato with soup of the day, which is baked potato, and Caesar salad with soup of the day.” “Hi, Cole,” began Ethan. “I’ll have the Grill Cheese with tomato, with the soup.” “Great and to drink?” “A beer would be nice.” “Okay and for your friend?” Cole asked, turning to Justin. “The same as him, including the beer.” “Okay,” Cole said writing quickly. “Be back with your drinks.” A smile and a wink before Cole walked off. “Wow, we are going to get lucky today,” said Ethan. “We’re not here to get lucky,” Justin said, not believing the words came out of his mouth. “We’re leaving after we eat.” “What, why?” protested Ethan. “First tell me what you found at City Hall.” Ethan looked at Justin and saw the seriousness on his face. “Will, nothing. They wouldn’t let me see the archives, but they did give me brochures about the historic sights.” “The library was a bust too.” “Well, maybe we should go on some of these tours to get information.” “I have a better idea,” Justin said, stopping when he saw the waiter coming back. Cole returned with the beers and sat the two tall glasses down one in front of each of them. “I’ll be back with your food in a moment, it's almost ready,” Cole said, starting to turn to leave when Justin stopped him. “Cole, can I ask you a question?” Justin asked. Cole turned back to Justin his smile not wavering. “Yes?” “We need to find out about the town's history and we were wondering if you knew a good place to start?” “Well the library is a good place.” “Yeah, they didn’t have the information I’m looking for.” “Well, you can always go ask the sheriff.” “What’s his name?” “Sheriff Huge.” “Where is his office?” “You can find it at the edge of town going east. You can’t miss it.” “Thanks, we’ll try there.” “You’re welcome.” Cole turned and walked off. “So, we’re going to the sheriff now?” “I’m not sure, I need to call Adam first to see what he wants me to do.” “What’s the big deal?” “The big deal is I’m supposed to do only research not interview anyone,” Justin said annoyed. Ethan was catching glimpses from the other young male staff. Justin noticed and even he got winks, but something else caught his attention. “Ethan,” Justin said, but Ethan’s focus was on a young redhead male talking to an older man at a nearby table. “Ethan,” he said, in a sharp tone. Ethan reluctantly turned his attention back to Justin. “Sorry for disturbing you.” “What? Is the, I’ll never have a boyfriend, jealous?” Ethan teased, taking a long sip of his beer. Justin clinched his back teeth as he stared Ethan down. “Ethan, look around. There are no women in here. Not one.” Ethan glanced and saw mostly single men. “Well, maybe this place only caters to men. Women have places like that.” “Okay, what about this?” Justin held up his napkin showing the number 34 written in red ink up in the corner. Ethan wasn’t sure how to respond. He opened his napkin and saw the same number. “I don’t know what this is. Why don’t we ask Cole?” “Because I promised Adam I wouldn’t interview anyone. I’m only to research.” “I didn’t promise anyone.” “Ethan don’t.” Ethan smiled as he saw Cole coming to their table with their food. “Sorry for the wait, but I know you’re going to love it,” said Cole with a smile. Ethan waited until Cole placed the dishes down. “There, enjoy and if you need anything I’ll be right over there.” He pointed at the counter where two other splendor males talk to one another. “Well Cole I do have one question,” said Ethan, holding up the napkin. “What does this number mean?” Cole stared at the number almost losing his smile. “Oh, that. Well, it’s my number.” “Your number?” “Yes, are you interested?” asked Cole. Justin kicked Ethan’s foot who knew Justin wanted him to say no. “Why yes, yes, we are,” said Ethan, ignoring the blonde. “Okay, well, here.” Cole reached into his apron again and removed a white card and handed it to Ethan. “What’s this?” asked Ethan. “Where you can find me.” Cole walked away. Ethan held up the card and saw guest pass on one side and flipped it over and saw an address. He handed it to Justin. “Do you know what this is?” asked Justin. “I know you do,” smile Ethan. “Is this his side job?” “Whatever, want to go?” Justin thought it over. “No, I’m working.” “Wow, you sound like your crush.” “Shut up.” “Adam doesn’t want you Justin. But Cole and I do.” Justin considered it and took a deep sigh. Adam didn’t want him, he knew that. He just hoped Patrick would screw up where Adam wanted someone he could trust to console him in his hour of need. “Fine, we’ll check it out. But you’re paying.” “My pleasure,” Ethan said, eating his food. They finished their meals and Cole gave them their check thanking them again, but not saying anything about the invite he gave them. They left him a nice tip and went to the host to pay their bill. Shawn stood talking to a blonde-haired, broad shoulder, male fire fighter wearing his issued blue tee with logo, over-trousers and issued boots. Shawn’s smile was gone as he seemed to be in a daze. When they saw Justin and Ethan approach, Shawn’s smile returned as the fire fighter walked away. “Well, all finished?” asked Shawn. “Yes,” Justin said. “I hope you enjoyed your meals.” “We, did,” Ethan said, smiling. Shawn blush as he rang up their order and Ethan stopped Justin from paying as he pulled out his own wallet. “I got this.” “Okay, I’ll meet you outside.” “Okay,” responded Ethan. Justin left the diner and remembered he needed a phone. He turned to go back in when Ethan came out. “Hey, I forgot to ask about a phone,” Justin said. “I didn’t. Shawn said there’s a pay phone in the garage on Bakers road.” “The diner doesn’t have one?” “Nope.” “That’s weird.” “Not as weird as this.” Ethan showed Justin the receipt from the diner. In the top corner the number 2 in red ink. “Okay, I need to call Adam, now.” “Then let’s walk. Shawn said it was five blocks away.” “No, let’s get the Rover, just in case we need it.” ************* Adam returned to Patrick’s bedroom to wait for him. He continued to call Justin’s cell, but still no answer. It was driving him crazy. “Where can he be?” he said out loud. He walked over to the French door that led to a balcony over-looking an enchanting garden. The balcony was large enough to have two double lounges, a round steel table, padded chairs, with room to move around, and staircase leading down to the garden. If Drusilla’s health wasn’t the issue, he would leave Patrick a note promising him he’d return by the party. A knock came to the door. Adam wasn’t sure what to do so, he approached it and opened it. One of the twins, Miguel stood beaming at him. “Hola, Adam,” he said with his hands behind his back. “Hello, Miguel,” “I wanted to check on you.” “Why?” “I was worried about you.” “Well, shouldn’t that worry be for your aunt?” “She has my uncle and cousin to look after her. I know she is in good hands.” “So, you thought you should check in on your cousin’s boyfriend?” “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” “I’m not sure that’s a good…” Miguel didn’t give him time to finish as he slipped past him and entered the bedroom. Adam stood by the opened door not wanting to close it. The same sexual heat that radiated from Patrick seem to come from Miguel. “Was it a family trait?” he wondered. Leaving the door opened, he moved to the bedroom entrance. Miguel sat on the bench at the foot of the bed. He glanced at Adam patting at the seat beside him. “Don’t be shy Adam, come sit with me.” “I rather stand.” “Okay, suit yourself.” “Miguel, why are you really here?” “Like I said, I was worried about you.” “Well, as you can see, I’m fine.” “Yes, you are.” Adam heard the seductive tone in his voice and knew he had to shut it down. “Miguel…” but Adam’s cell ringing interrupted him. He looked at the caller ID and saw unknown. He answered anyway. “Hello?” “Adam,” Justin’s cracking voice rang in his ear. “Justin,” Adam said, relieved. “Adam, I—can—hardly…” “Damnit,” Adam said, hearing Justin’s voice dropping in and out. “Who’s Justin?” Miguel asked. Adam forgot he was in the room. “Miguel, you have to leave, this is a private call.” Adam grabbed Miguel’s hand and hurried him out of the room closing the door on the baffled male. Miguel stood staring at the door fuming. He has competed with his cousin Patrick over the attention of men. And every time they preferred Patrick. He wanted to kick his foot through the door but decided it would only hurt him more than the door. He stormed off heading for the stairs when another bedroom door opened presenting someone Miguel recognized right away. “I didn’t know you’d be here,” Miguel glowed as he’s invited inside. Adam pressed his cell close to his ear as he shoved his finger into his other ear. “Justin, where are you?” “I’m—at—Moss…” “What? Did you say Moss, where’s that?” “Adam, I can’t---any---what….” This time the call dropped. Adam tried calling him back, but the line was busy. He kept trying but kept failing. “Fuck,” he snapped. “What did he say? Moss? Could he have meant—WillowMoss? No, no, he can’t be, he can’t be there.” Again, he called but still a busy signal. He knew he had to find Justin. He found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a note to Patrick, not telling him he was looking for Justin but that there was a problem with the alarm in his building. Lying was the only way for now, with Drusilla taken to her bed. He didn’t want to upset Patrick anymore. He grabbed his coat, made sure he had his car keys and left the back way that Patrick showed him.
  3. Chapter 20

    Justin allowed Ethan to spend the night at his place. While having breakfast at the diner near his job, Justin mentioned his research about WillowMoss. They sat at the counter waiting for the check. “So, you’re going to this town?” asked Ethan. “I thought I get all the Intel off-line.” “I thought you were a researcher.” “I am.” “So, what’s the best way to getting research?” “I don’t want to drive all the way there and back.” “I’ll go with you.” “Really?” “Sure, I’ll even help. Then you can get done faster, so we can have some fun.” Ethan bumped Justin’s knee with his, giving the blue eye blonde a smirk. Justin never hung out with his liaisons. His motto was one night and move on, but with Ethan, he didn’t mind hanging out with him. “Yeah, why not. Adam never said not to go to the town.” “Then it’s a road trip. I have my brother’s car until tomorrow. I’ll set my GPS on my cell, and we can grab some snacks for the road,” Ethan said. “Sounds good.” The waitress delivered the check and before Ethan could grab it Justin snatched it up and paid the bill. A nonstop drive to WillowMoss turned out to be fun for Justin. Ethan drove the Range Rover, as they shared their likes and dislikes in movies, music, and food. Ethan talked about his parents and that he was an only child. Justin only shared he too was an only child, but nothing more about his parents. “I have a dog name Token,” said Ethan. “You have a dog, I love dogs,” Justin said, smiling. “Well, you’ll love Token, he’s a flirt.” “So, you left him home alone?” “No, my neighbor is taking care of him for me.” “You should have brought him along.” “Yeah, he loves car rides. But, I wasn’t sure you weren’t allergic.” “You worried about me.” “Is that so unbelievable?” Justin didn’t respond as he continued to smile and turned on the radio. A pop song was just ending when a second one that Justin loved came on. Ethan glanced now and then at the smiling blonde. “I’m starving, is there any more granola bars,” Ethan asked. Justin turned and checked his backpack and found one handing it to Ethan. “Last one,” said Justin. “We can share.” Ethan opened it with his teeth and broke the bar in a not so perfect half and handed the bigger piece in the wrapper back to Justin. “You gave me too much,” Justin said. Ethan shrugged it off as he chewed and kept his eyes on the road. Justin munched on his half and when he saw Ethan finished chewing he fed him more of his granola. Ethan didn’t protest as he opened his mouth allowing Justin to pop the chunk inside. They passed the sign for WillowMoss population 20 Thousand, 20 miles. “Okay we’re almost, there,” Ethan said. “Should we go over the plan again?” “We’re engaged and we’re here researching the town for a possible home,” Justin started. “Right.” Ethan gripped the steering wheel and took a deep breath. “This is exhilarating.” “Yeah, but it could be dangerous,” Justin said. “Dangerous, why?” “That’s something Adam always tells me when investigating something.” “But we’re only researching the history, right?” “And that’s all. If we see anything weird we drop everything and leave, okay.” “Okay.” Justin’s cell rang, and he checked the caller ID. “It’s Adam,” “Who’s Adam?” Ethan asked, feeling a bit jealous. “My boss,” Justin said. “Oh yeah,” Ethan said trying not to care. Justin answered on the second ring. “Hey, boss.” “Justin, how’s the research coming?” asked Adam. “I’m just diving in.” “Good there’s something else I need to tell you. Don’t…” Suddenly the call dropped. Justin checked and saw his battery at full charge. “That’s weird,” Justin said. “What?” asked Ethan. “The call dropped.” Justin tried to call Adam back, but it wouldn’t connect. “Now I can’t call out.” “Here,” Ethan pulled out his cell from his pocket and handed it to Justin. “Use mine. The password is Token.” Justin tapped in the password and tried Adam’s cell number again. “Damn, it still won’t let me call out.” “Maybe it’s a dead spot. We’ll be in the main town soon, it should work there.” “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Justin sat back and turned his attention to the tree line road. ************ “Justin, Justin? Dammit.” Adam tried to call Justin back, but his call only bounced back. “Did his cell phone die?” Adam wondered. He called the office, but only got the answering service. “Justin shouldn’t be out of range, unless…” The thought crept into his mind. “The town?” he said to himself. “He wouldn’t, unless—I didn’t tell him not to go.” Adam rushed out of the room and dashed down the long prestige hallway to the grand staircase. He tried not to run down the marble stairs, but his urgency to find Justin seem to cloud his judgment. Once Adam reached the last landing, Shilo, Drusilla Valdez lady, stepped into his path. “Mr. Potter, just in time,” she said with a smile. “Patrick and his family are waiting for you in the dining room for breakfast.” “Right, breakfast,” he said, stepping down the last step. Adam knew he couldn’t disappoint Patrick, but he needed to be sure Justin was all right. “Listen, can you tell Patrick…” but Adam’s cut short. “Adam,” Patrick said. Adam turned and watched him approach. Patrick touched Adam’s arm. “Tell me what?” “Pat, listen…” “Adam,” the angelic voice of Drusilla, echoed in the hall as she moved toward them. Patrick stepped aside as his mother embraced Adam. Adam hugged her back with full sincerity, they parted smiling at one another. “I’m so glad you made it; come, meet some of our family.” She took his arm and Adam was unable to refuse as she turned and took Patrick’s arm and walked them back to the dining room. Adam knew he had to wait and buy his time and hope Justin’s cell battery just died. ************** Yuri stopped at the massive gate to the Valdez estate and waited by the call box for the guard to check for him on the guest list. “All clear Mr. Jin.” Came back a male’s voice. “Enjoy your stay.” The gate opened, and Yuri revved his sports car up the driveway.
  4. Chapter 19

    Adam laid sound asleep next to Patrick with his arm draped over his slim waist. A swoosh sound awoken him from a deep slumber as a burst of sunlight shined in his face. He took a deep sigh, and slowly opened his eyes, blinking back sunlight shining through the once closed curtain windows. He raised his hand to shield the vivid light from his tired eyes. “Good morning, Mr. Potter,” said a female, dressed in her maid uniform. She was in her twenties, petite built, with short red hair. She walked from the now opened curtain windows in the bedroom to the private bathroom. Adam laid dumbfounded at first, as he tried to comprehend seeing someone in the room with them. He glanced around the bedroom, then at Patrick, who was still sleeping, then he noticed the sheets exposed half of their naked bodies, more of Adam’s than Patrick’s bare skin was visible. Adam jumped and pulled the sheets up covering them both arousing Patrick by his hasty action. Relieved Patrick was waking up Adam decided to hurry him along. “Pat,” he whispered, as he glanced at the bathroom she went into. Patrick blinked, stretched, and yawned before turning to Adam bewildered. “Adam,” he said as a question, squinting at him and in a normal voice. “Pat there’s a female in the bathroom.” Patrick blinked before sitting up. The sheet fell from his chest that Adam quickly covered again as he sat up resting beside him. “What did you say?” “A female is in your bathroom,” Adam whispered. “Why are you whispering?” Patrick asked, in a whisper, his loose, tousled curls halo his face. “Because I don’t want her to hear me talking.” Patrick looked at him oddly. “Does she have short red hair?” whispered Patrick. “Yes,” Adam answered. Patrick nodded his head in understanding. Turning his attention to the bathroom. “Good morning Cora,” he called out. Adam tried to cover Patrick’s mouth with his hand only to have Patrick pushed it away. “Good morning young sir,” she called back. Patrick looked at Adam and smiled, Adam sat baffled. “Cora is my room maid. She always wakes me up, gets the shower ready, and makes my bed.” “She does?” Adam asked. Patrick’s responded by shrugging his shoulder. Adam didn’t know how to take the response and ask for clarity. “Okay—but we’re naked right now.” “That never bothers her.” “It doesn’t?” “She’s seen the naked form and has an awesome girlfriend. She, seeing me naked, does nothing for her the same as the female form does nothing for me.” “She’s seen you naked before?” “Lots, so don’t be shy. I like seeing your naked body.” “Thanks, but I’m not comfortable showing it to people I don’t know.” “Oh, big baby. Cora,” Patrick called again. Before Adam could respond to Patrick’s baby remark Cora walked into the room. “Yes, young sir?” “You can leave, we’ll handle things from here. Thank you.” “As you wish young sir,” she said with a smile and a small curtsey before leaving the room. Adam seemed to relax now that they were alone. “There, happy,” said Patrick pushing the sheet off and swinging his legs off the bed. Adam grabbed Patrick around the waist and pulled him back spooning him. “I am now.” Patrick struggled with Adam. “Adam, we can’t now.” “Why not?” “We have to go down for breakfast with my family and introduce you to my uncle and cousins.” “No—I can’t—I need attention.” Patrick felt what attention Adam needed against his ass. “Well, I don’t want to refuse you.” “Then don’t.” “We’re going to have to handle this in the shower, so we’re not late for breakfast.” “Deal,” Adam said, climbing off the bed, and pulling Patrick with him to the bathroom. ************* Adam held Patrick off his feet as Patrick straddled Adam’s torso. Patrick bounces up and down while he’s pierced by Adam’s cock. He hugged Adam and moaned into his shoulder while Adam held his ass cheeks apart for deeper penetration. Patrick was incoherent as Adam worked his body for released. The shower drenched them as Patrick’s cries bounced off the walls. Adam slammed his waist upward feeling the need to release grow inside him. He kissed his lover’s cheek, shoulder, and arm as his thrusting increased then froze. His cock softened and slipped from Patrick’s body. “Fuck!” Adam snapped, confused by what happened. Adam carefully lowered his lover to his feet. Patrick said nothing as Adam grabbed the soap, washing Patrick’s body clean. Patrick joined in and washed Adam’s body both kissing now and then. “It’s all right, Adam,” said Patrick, while Adam finish rinsing his hair. Adam looked down at Patrick, whose sympathetic stare seem to shoot daggers at his pride. “You’re okay with my soft cock?” “I didn’t say that.” “Then what are you saying?” Patrick blinked away the droplets of water that dripped from his eyelids. “Adam,” Patrick sighed. “You’re stressed about the party and meeting my family. And just last night you were attacked and injured.” Adam shut off the shower ending their talk. Patrick caught on that Adam wanted to drop the subject. In silence they dried and dressed in crew pullover sweaters and slacks. Patrick checked his hair in the mirror as Adam waited in the sitting room checking his cell phone for any messages. He needed something to take his mind off his bad performance in the shower. He’s been in stressful situations and never had that problem. “Where are you Justin.” Adam said out loud while texting his assistant. “What are you doing?” Patrick asked, standing at the doorway to his bedroom. Adam turned, lowering his phone. “Oh, hey are you ready to go down?” asked Adam. “Don’t change the subject Adam.” Patrick reached for Adam’s wrist holding his cell and held it up. “Why are you worry about Justin’s whereabouts?” “I only asked him to do some research for me,” Adam said, pulling his arm away and tucking his cell in his pants pocket. “For what?” “It’s work Patrick.” “You said you were done with work for this weekend. But of course, you lied about that because you showed up here beaten up.” Adam realized things were escalating as he moved to Patrick and grabbed his shoulders. “Pat, I swear to you I am here for the party and you. The thing with Justin was something we talked about before this. I wasn’t going to be there for the weekend and he would have lost two days, so I thought I give him something to earn his pay.” Patrick’s shoulders relax under his touch. “Really?” Patrick asked. “Yes.” Adam lied, he knew Patrick would overreact. Patrick glanced away, staring at nothing then back at Adam apologetic. He never should have said anything about Adam’s performance. “Sorry,” he said, in a whisper. “I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” “It’s all right.” Adam said. “It’s just I want to make a good impression with my family. I want them to see that we are happy and in love,” Patrick said, pressing his cheek against Adam’s chest. “We are.” “Yes, but…” Adam made Patrick look at him. “Pat, do you love me?” “Yes,” Patrick said right away. “Good answer,” Adam smiled. “Because I love you too.” Adam didn’t give Patrick time to say anything else when he kissed him with purpose. When they parted Patrick’s tense demeanor relaxed in his hold. “Now, no more doubts. Let’s go downstairs and have breakfast with your family.” “All right, but not together.” “Wait, what?” “Adam, you showed up here unannounced. I need to prepare them of your arrival.” “So, I’m not getting breakfast?” “Of course. Just give me a five-minute head start.” “It’s your call.” Patrick kissed Adam’s mouth once. “Thanks.” Patrick went to the door and opened it, but turned back to Adam, who started to bring his cell back to his ear when he saw Patrick stop at the door and looked back. Adam dropped his hand. “Remember five minutes.” “Got it,” Adam smiled. Patrick flashed a smile before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. Adam didn’t hesitate dialing Justin’s cell number.
  5. Chapter 18

    If I say anything I'll be giving the story away so hang on for the next upload on Wednesday. Thanks for reading.
  6. Chapter 17

    I agree, Adam is in over his head. But Adam wants to find out who's been stalking Jamie. Thanks for your comment and hang on more's to come.
  7. Chapter 18

    Penny descended the staircase holding her coat, purse, and car keys. Chen, who just finished checking the first floor, walked up as he reached the bottom. “Good evening Miss Bell,” said Chen. “Good evening, Chen, I will be going out. I need time to myself,” Penny said. “Will you be taking your car?” “Yes.” “Can I suggest taking my brother with you?” “That would defeat time to myself Chen.” “Only, with Mr. Jen not here…” “Jamie is in bed fast asleep. I’ll be back before he wakes. He’s not an infant.” “Can I at least…” “Coffee, Chen. I’m going to get coffee and get laid. Is that what you wanted to hear?” she snapped. “My apologies Miss Bell, I didn’t mean to pry.” Penny regained her composure not meaning to snap at Chen. “It’s, all right. I’ve been under a lot of stress.” “Of course. Please have a safe night.” “I will, and Chen, I’m sorry for the outburst.” “Already forgotten.” Chen did walk her to her car and watched her drive off. Penny drove and hour and half out of town pulling into a rest stop where she parked, turned off the car’s engine, cracked a window, and lit a cigarette. The lot was empty besides three semi-trucks scattered about. Her dashboard clock read 12:30 am. She had her car pointed in the direction of the restrooms that were a few feet away. She was tired, but not from sleep, but for the incompetence she had to work with. Four attempts and all failures. She didn’t expect a blackmail text message from him asking to meet. How he got her number she had no idea. But he was her last hope to get rid of Jamie. Yuri was getting too serious with the runaway. She took a long draw on her cigarette, held in the nicotine for a few seconds, before releasing it through her nose. A white cloud circled around her head just as headlights crossed her line of vision. An SUV pulled up that read WillowMoss Sheriff Department on the door. Penny stomped out her cigarette in her ashtray. She gathered her purse from the floor of the backseat and checked for her small pistol she kept for ‘just in case’ moments. The SUV parked across from her Sedan shutting its lights off. She stepped out of her car and waited behind the opened door. The driver of the SUV climbed out, wearing his regulated uniform, gun belt, and badge. He approached Penny with a casual stride stopping just at the door she stood behind. “Well, aren’t you a pretty one,” he said. “Sheriff Huge,” she said as a question. “As I live and breathe,” he smiled.” And you are Penny Bell.” “That is correct.” “My, so formal.” “We’re not here to be friends’ sheriff.” “But we’re here for a common goal. We should, at least be acquaintances.” Penny glanced around and noticed no one around them. She wanted to get down to business not have small talk. She agreed to have a cup of coffee with him inside an eatery for mostly truckers. The place was large, so they were able to find a private booth out of ears reach. “I’m assuming, your employer informed you about me?” Sheriff Huge asked. “Yuri has his concerns,” Penny said. “So much so that he’s willing to hire a PI to investigate me?” “Yuri had nothing to do with Detective Potter’s actions, outside of body guarding your, son.” “How is Christopher?” “Underfoot.” “And we’re on the topic of our meeting.” “When are you coming to get him?” “When I feel he needs me.” “Do you know he’s sleeping with Yuri?” “I expect nothing less of him.” “I want him gone.” “Gone, as six feet under?” “I’ll do what I need to do.” “And I’ll do what I need to do to keep my son safe.” Penny never wanted to cross paths with the man Yuri describe as a sadist. But when she received an email giving details of her hiring men to harm Jamie, she had no choice but to meet with him. “What do you want?” “Yuri Jen’s intentions towards my son.” “There are none.” “But he’s fucking him.” “That’s because your, Christopher, is pushing the issue.” “I see. This upsets you?” “What’s with all the questions?” “Miss Bell, no matter how this all turns out. Yuri Jen will never share your feelings for him.” Penny stared at Sheriff Huge with loathe, and revulsion that she had for his son. “How dare you,” she said, through clinch teeth. “You know nothing of my feelings.” She grabbed her purse and rose from her seat not taking her eyes off the sheriff. He stared back with a smirk as she stormed out. Penny hurried back to her car and ran the motor while she collected her thoughts. She would have to stop her attempts on Jamie’s life for now. She didn’t need a man who had the law on his side after her. She fastened her seatbelt and pulled off getting back on the road towards home. The dashboard read one thirty. Tension rose in her shoulders as she tried to focus on the road. Head lights were in her rearview mirror as she tried to stay at the lawful speed limit. The car behind her caught up with her and as she braced it went around her without slowing or the driver looking at her. A sigh of relief washed over her as the driver speeded out of sight. Her heart pound in her chest as she considered pulling to the side of the road to collect herself. When another set of headlights came into view as if the driver just turned them on. The impact from behind was so sudden that Penny, screaming from shock, lost her grip on the stirring wheel for a second. She regained control of the car just as headlights in front of her suddenly appeared in the opposite lane. The ghost car veered into her lain clipping her front driver side fender pushing her off the road. Her tire jammed up sending her into a jack-knife, then a barrel roll, landing into a ditch. The Sedan landed on its roof, rocking to a standstill. The cloud of dirt made a path to the crash as it settled around Penny’s car that showed no sign of movement. The two vehicles were long gone. One showing a hard U-turn that followed the other vehicle away from the scene. At 2:00 am, highway patrol received an alert about a car accident. When they arrived, they found one unresponsive female. The EMTs took her by ambulance to the nearest hospital, in WillowMoss.
  8. Chapter 17

    Nineteen-year-old Cole, stripped naked, dangled a few inches off the ground, with his wrists tied above his head, connected to a meat hook. To keep himself from spinning he had to stretch his toes to touch the hay covered ground. He shivered and sweat as dirt mixed with blood smudged his skin. Whip marks crisscrossed his body. Some of the welts broke open and bled. At his feet was a slip of paper with an address on it; the same paper he passed to Adam. Three older males stood around him, two were, clean shaven, wore faded jeans, and button up tops. One held a thin leather strap, in his thirties, his black hair was longer than his companions. The one next to him was his twin brother who kept his hair short above his collar, he chewed on a toothpick while holding a bucket of ice water. The short haired one looked to the third man who stood further away from the brothers watching. In his fifties, he had short gray peppered hair and trimmed beard, solid built, and taller than the twins. He nodded his silent order towards the one with the toothpick. With a grin on his face, toothpick tossed the freezing water at the helpless teen. Cole let out a muffled cry through his gag as the frigid water embraced his skin, causing him to raise his feet and spin. The two brothers laughed at his discomfort, but the older male didn’t react. He seemed worried as he approached Cole, who was shivering from the water and cold air that circled him. He reached out, grabbing the captive male’s arm to steady the spinning teen, no older than his only son, Christopher. Cole looked at the man all the boys called father, tears streaming from his eyes. The man removed his gag, but held his finger to his lips telling him to still be quiet. Cole followed his instructions. “I’ve known you since you were a little pup,” his raspy voice, burrowed into Cole’s ears whose lower lip quivered as his tears washed down his face. Father, reached up and brushed his tears away with his thumb smudging his dirty cheeks. “I treated you fairly like the others. I showed no preference, except for Christopher. I’ve given you all the comforts that would make you happy. All I asked is that you conform. Has something changed since then?” His silence and soft nod gave Cole permission to speak. “My brother,” Cole said, in a shaky voice. “Your brother? You mean Noah? He’s thirteen, he’s not ready to join you.” “I don’t want him to.” “Why not, what we have, here, is higher than all of us. A blessing, a gift. When you joined you were over joyed?” “Because I didn’t know.” “And now that you do, you want out, or at least your brother?” “Just my brother. I’ll do whatever you want.” “But you broke my confidence by giving information to that Detective.” “Please, just let my brother leave here.” The blow to Cole’s back caused him to suck in his breath before crying out a groan. “He didn’t ask you a question,” snapped the long hair twin with the whip. He was about to strike again when Father held up his hand. He directed his attention back to Cole. “You see Cole, rules need to be followed. When they’re broken, punishment needs to be swift or all hell will break lose.” “You let Christopher leave.” Another strike from the whip tattooed the back of Cole’s thighs. But this time Father didn’t stop the mayhem as he listened to the cries from the swaying body. On the fifth strike Father raised his hand, stopping the punishment. He stepped away and whistled. A female walked into the room holding a teen’s hand. She walked him to Father. Noah looked from Father to Cole then back. Cole watched horror as Noah smiled and wrapped his arms around Father’s waist hugging him. Father hugged him back patting his back. “You see Cole, Noah is happy here. He doesn’t want to leave.” Cole held his tongue, knowing if he spoke the man will beat him again. “Noah,” asked Father, parting from him. “Where do you want to be?” “Here, with you, Father,” said the boy grinning. Noah looked to his brother and instead of being horrified he turned back to Father. “Why is Cole here?” asked Noah. Father glanced over at Coal. “Cole broke the rules,” Father said. Noah sighed then shook his head still not fazed by his brother’s situation. “Than he should be punished. We need to be a collective,” Noah said. Father smiled, rubbing Cole’s head, and looked at Cole. “You see Cole, there’s no need to worry. Noah’s perfectly fine.” Father returned Noah to the female who took his hand and led him away. Once gone Father returned his attention back to Cole. “Now, since this is your first offense, I will go easy on you. I believe a conditioning will do.” “Normal time?” asked the one twin holding the bucket. “No, Cole will need double.” Cole sobbed as they shoved his gag back into his mouth. He watched as Father walked away in the same direction as his little brother. *************** The heat in Yuri’s body burned as he thrust into Jamie. Late in the evening Jamie unable to sleep rolled over and nudged Yuri’s touchable, toned back from behind. His suiter woke up to fine the young man aroused. “Yuri, can we?” Jamie asked, naked and yearning. Yuri, also naked, stretched and turned to him. Without words, they kissed and caressed each other. From the sweet scent that rose from Jamie’s skin, reminded Yuri of Patrick, whom he bought the same fragrance when they were dating. His memories stimulated his desires as he kissed Jamie with purpose. “Let’s by past the foreplay and get to it,” said Jamie, shoving Yuri on his back then mounting him. Jamie used his own spit to prep his entrance before spearing himself onto Yuri’s stiff cock. Yuri held his hips as Jamie rocked in time with him jerking his own cock off. Yuri closed his eyes and saw Patrick and remember his succulent lips against his. The urge to hold Patrick boiled in him. Yuri opened his eyes and grabbed Jamie pushing him onto his back. He placed his legs onto his shoulders and raised his ass off the bed. Yuri thrusts were swift and deep. Jamie moaned his thanks as he’s pounded into the mattress. Sweat glistened on their skin as Yuri groaned, his orgasm into Jamie, who squeeze Yuri’s cock until he settled. Yuri slipped out of the tight confinement and eased the shaking legs down. He moved to Jamie’s cock and took it into his mouth, sucking him until his orgasm erupted down Yuri’s throat. Yuri returned to Jamie’s side and pulled him in his arms kissing him. “There, feel better?” asked Yuri. “Yes,” replied Jamie, cuddling close to the man he loved. “Yuri,” Jamie said, laying on Yuri’s chest. “Yes,” Yuri replied, staring at the ceiling. “We’ll always be together, right?” Yuri paused, thinking of Patrick again. How he wanted to kiss and hold him, and he had one last chance to make that happen. “Yuri, are you asleep?” “Sorry, I dozed off.” Yuri lied. “What did you say?” “Nothing.” Jamie only held onto Yuri in hope that he did love him and that they will make a life together. ************** “Taste him,” said the voice of the shadow figure. Adam sat bound to the sturdy chair. His skin tingled from the cool breeze around him, but his bones burned with an intense heat. Sweat crawled from his pours as his teeth chattered. The figure was behind Adam leaning close to his ear. His breath smelled of burnt tobacco. “Do you hear me Adam,” the shadow said again. Adam didn’t reply resulting in a punch in the gut. He wanted to double over but his bindings held him to the chair in an upright position. A throaty grunt and choke crawled out of Adam in a fury. As the pain subsided, but lingered, the shadow spoke in his ear again. “Do you hear me Adam!” “Y-es,” Adam heaved out. “Don’t hold back. Pour only your desires onto him. That is what he’s there for. He wants you to enjoy yourself. Understand?” “Yes,” Adam said, more absorbed like diving underwater. “Then wake up!” A hand smacked his face, forcing Adam’s eyes open and finding himself staring at a ceiling he didn’t recognize. Adam sat up and remembered he was in Patrick’s childhood bedroom. It was the middle of the night and he had a hard-on. He glanced to his side and saw Patrick sleeping soundly on his stomach, his face turned away. Adam reached for his shaft and stroked it staring at his sleeping lover. But his hand couldn’t do his cock justice. He craved the warmth inside the body next to him. Adam flipped off the sheets from both their bodies, Patrick didn’t stir. Adam went to the beauty, and parted his resting legs exposing his parted ass crack. Detective Potter’s mouth watered as he grasped the firm cheeks spreading them further apart. He dropped down and feasted on the velvet entrance lapping at it until his tongue coated it with his spit. Patrick groaned in his deep slumber unaware of what was stimulating him. Adam moved up Patrick’s body and positioned his cock right at his favorite spot. At first, he eased his cock’s tip pass the contracted rim. Once the helmet rest inside Adam could not stop his desire to move. He pushed the length of his cock into Patrick, waking him. Patrick raised his head, dazed, and gasping the sudden invasion to his body. Adam pressed down on top of him, his lips close to his ear “I needed to be inside you.” “God, Adam, next time wake me up,” Patrick moaned. “I thought I did,” Adam snickered, his hips started to move as Patrick’s overwhelmed by the penetrating stimulant. The mattress shook as Patrick scratched at the fitted sheet as his body boiled from the inviting friction. Adam pulled Patrick to his knees and continued to pound him holding his smaller hips. Adam’s head fell back as he fought against his own orgasm coming too soon. He pulled out and turned Patrick around, bringing his cock to his lips. Patrick’s mouth opened on cue and took in his lover’s dick soaking it with his tongue. Adam felt the back of Patrick’s throat as he slid his cock in and out of the wet mouth. “That will do,” Adam said removing his cock and pulling Patrick off the bed. He took the confused male to the bench at the window that overlooked a serene garden. The evening hour shrouded the vegetation below, but the sky above showed a cluster of stars that were breathtaking. Adam kneeled Patrick on the bench with his feet dangling off making sure he parted his knees. He stepped behind Patrick pressing his conditioned chest and abs against his aristocrat’s back. Without a word he reentered Patrick, who relaxed his body to accept Adam’s desires. The thrusting continued as Patrick pressed his head back against Adam’s chest. Adam embraced Patrick’s body and touched every sensitive part on him as his hips jerked against the smooth captive ass. “You’re missing a great view outside,” said Adam, noticing Patrick’s eyes shut. “I—can’t,” stated Patrick, lost for words as Adam fucked him faster moving close to his climax. Grabbing Patrick’s cock, he jerked him off, bringing him to his own brink. “Oh—Adam—I’m—coming,” shouted Patrick shooting over Adam’s fist. Adam came soon after inside Patrick, both moaning out their release. Adam licked his fist clean as he held Patrick from dropping forward from exhaustion. He gathered his partner into his arms and carried him back to bed, laying him on his back. “Stay put,” Adam said, walking off. Patrick wasn’t about to argue with him, considering he was too weak to move. Adam returned with a towel and washcloth ran under hot water. He cleaned Patrick up and dried his skin with the soft towel, then covered him with the sheets. Adam climbed back into bed and gathered him into his arms. Patrick snuggled his cheek against Adam’s chest, closing his eyes. “That was nice,” Patrick sighed. “Yeah, I feel much better.” Adam responded, looking around the lavish room. “I mean, you, having your way with me, in my childhood bedroom,” Patrick giggled. “Well I had you in my old bedroom at the farm so we’re even.” Patrick yawned before shutting his eyes. “Wait until you see the rest of the house.” “Can’t wait. Speaking of houses, I’ve been meaning to tell you about a house I saw.” Adam waited for a response from Patrick, but none came. He glanced at him and noticed that Patrick had fallen back to sleep. Adam blinked his frustration away, and carefully slid from Patrick’s side. He grabbed his cell phone and went into the sitting room closing the door behind him. He checked the time and saw it was three in the morning. He needed to speak to Justin. He speeds dial his assistant and hoped he was still awake. ************* Justin answered the call on the second ring. “Hello boss,” said the blonde, sitting in a recliner with his legs spread. His skater boy Ethan was between his legs giving him an excellent blowjob. “Justin, I hope I didn’t wake you.” “It’s too early to go to bed.” “Okay, can you do me a favor?” “Anything.” “I need you to research a town called WillowMoss.” “Anything special you want me to keep an eye out for?” “Anything that sounds weird.” “That’s it?” “Yeah, when you get anything email it to me. I’ll be at Patrick’s parents for the next two days.” “Will do.” “Thanks Justin.” “No problem, boss.” “Goodnight,” Adam said. “Goodnight.” Justin disconnected and placed his cell down on the side table. He returned his attention to his skater boy who continued to suck the cock while rolling his eyes at him. ************ Adam returned to Patrick climbing into bed and cuddling next to him. He thought his craving was satisfied, but a hunger still dwindled inside him. He shook it off to stress he couldn’t take Patrick again, even if he wanted to. He shut his eyes and tried to sleep.
  9. Chapter 16

    Patrick took a shower and changed into his long flannel pants, and a long sleeve top. He laid on his bed barefoot, holding his cell. Not looking at it just staring at the ceiling. A knock came to his door. “Come in,” Patrick said. The door opened, and his father peeked inside. “In the mood for company?” “Sure,” Patrick said, sitting up and crossing his legs. His father walked over and grabbed a chair sitting beside him. Patrick tried to force a grin of content, but it only turned into a pout. “Adam hasn’t contacted you yet?” “He will.” Patrick looked at his cell again. “Some of our guests have arrived, will you come down to dinner to greet them?” “Do I know them?” Cyprus sighed at his son, and smiled at his childish behavior, he showed when things weren’t going his way. “You have met them.” “Alright, I’ll come down. Where’s mother?” “She’s with our guest.” A sudden chime came to Patrick’s cell while he checked and saw Adam’s name. “I see you received your response. I’ll leave you alone to read it.” Cyprus rose to leave, but not before kissing his son’s forehead. Patrick waited until he left before opening the text. “Sorry baby, I had to follow a lead; will be home late don’t wait up.” Patrick read it again before he sent Adam his own text telling Adam where he was. He waited for a response, but none came. He tossed his cell to the foot of the bed frustrated. “Fine, if you’re going to work I’m going to do what I want.” Patrick jumped up and dressed and headed downstairs. ************** Adam went to the address on the note Cole tossed him and found a normal looking home. A single two-story house, with detached garage, and front lawn, on a quiet block. Adam parked his jeep and considered knocking on the door, but what would he say? He can’t mention he knows Jamie or that he was a detective. He just needed to know who his stepfather was. He saw someone approaching walking their dog, a young pregnant female in her twenties wearing jeans, boots, and a thick hoodie. She was allowing the brown and white bull terrier to pull her along while she stared at her cell phone. Adam climbed out of his jeep and walked towards her. He met with the dog first who was friendly as it panted at Adam. He stooped down and petted the dog. “Hey, aren’t you friendly.” The female dropped her attention from her phone and took notice of Adam. She smiled and tugged on the dog’s leash. “Freddie, what did I tell you about strangers,” she said playfully looking at Adam. Adam stood and flashed a big grin at her. “He’s a beauty,” said Adam. “More like a bully,” she giggled. “He always wants his own way.” The dog looked back at her and panted wagging his tail. “See, he always lay on the charm and gets his way. That’s why mommy loves her Freddie,” she coos. The dog barked bouncing around her. “I was wondering if you can help me,” Adam asked. “I’m looking for a family that I believe resides around here.” “Sure, what’s their name?” “Huge.” Adam watched as the perky expression on the girl’s face turned distant and frighten. “You know them?” she asked, a shake in her voice. “No, but I’m looking for someone named Christopher.” “I don’t know them,” she said flatly pulling the leash on her dog to bring him closer to her. “Are you sure?” “I said I don’t know them. Now leave me alone before I call the police.” She picked up her dog and hurried off leaving Adam dumbfounded. He started to turn back to his jeep when something struck him rendering him unconscious. *************** A masked intruder disarmed the burglar alarm in seconds. Using the stairs, they went to the second floor of the three-story building. The uninvited guest used a flashlight to find the office door marked Adam Potter’s Detective agency. The door lock’s picked giving entrance. Right away a search ensues in file cabinets and desk drawers, in the reception room. Next Adam’s cabinet’s and drawers received the same treatment until the prowler found desired items. An invitation to an anniversary party, and a photograph. ************** The first thing Adam felt was groggy, then the pain followed. His jaw hurt along with his head as he tried to lift it. A blinding light was in his line of vision causing him to turn from it, only for another to shine on him. He closed his eyes, wanting to shield them with his hands, but unable to use them. “Having trouble moving?” said a gruff male’s voice. “I had to tight you up, so you can listen. I figured you weren’t a patient person who would sit still.” “Who are you?” Adam asked, in a hoarse voice “Not important Mr. Potter. What is important is why are you asking questions about Christopher Huge?” “That’s none of your business,” Adam said flatly. “Wrong answer.” Adam saw a shadow past in front of the light towards him punching him in the face. The light returned screaming at Adam. “Answer the question Mr. Potter or should I call you Detective Potter?” “I’m looking for him,” Adam said. The voice was silent for a moment. Adam with his hands tied behind his back realized his coat was off, and shirt removed. “How do you know him?” the voice asked. Adam said nothing. The shadow returned, this time it pressed something against his chest, sending an electrical shock through his body causing his muscles to contract. Adam rocked against the piercing pain that held him until the shadow moved away. Adam gasped for air as he struggled not to pass out. His teeth chattered from the cold and shock. “Detective Potter, my patience is wearing thin. How do you know him?” “I—told you—I was looking for—him,” Adam said, biting back the pain. “Why? Did someone hire you?” “Yes—but—they were anonymous. They only paid me through a P.O. Box.” Adam could feel his control of his muscles coming back. More silence followed, and Adam hoped the shadow believed his lie and wouldn’t return. He had no idea how long he’s been unconscious. His confinement was a chair strapped to a pole or beam. His wrists were bound behind him, his ankles tied to the legs, and his chest, fixed to whatever held the chair in place. There’s a chance they took his gun, wallet, and cell phone. They hid their identities from him, so they won’t kill him, they just want to scare him. A phone rang out and Adam hoped it wasn’t his and it wasn’t Patrick calling. The ringing stopped, but he couldn’t hear the conversation. A cold breeze washed over him as he braced against its biting force. “All right Detective Potter, I want you to leave this town and never return. You’re not wanted here. Go back to whoever hired you and tell them you found nothing about Christopher Huge. Or, we can pay, Patrick a visit. Am I making myself clear, Detective?” “Was Patrick the caller?” Adam wondered. “Do they now know where he is? Some few choice questions Patrick could, unaware give personal information about where he was so they could go after him. I can’t let them near him.” “Yes.” Was all Adam could say in the shadow when a bag went over his head and something had struck it, sending him into another blackout. He came to with a start, slouched over his steering wheel. His shirt and coat were back on both unbutton, his gun and wallet were sitting on the passenger seat along with his cell phone. Adam sat back, a fire rushed through his body and head. He reached for his cell phone and booted it up. The first thing he saw was a picture of his lover’s smiling face. A photo he took on his family’s farm when he brought Patrick home to meet them. “Or, we can pay, Patrick a visit…” The shadow said. Adam had to protect Patrick at all cost. He needed to be with him. He switched back to his home page and saw a message for him. “He’s at his parents,” Adam said relieved. He checked for his keys and found them in the ignition. “They really wanted me to leave town,” he thought. He started the engine and did as suggested. He was on the road that led home. ************ Patrick attended dinner and was happy to see his Uncle Bernardo and twin cousins Miguel and Reyes from Argentina. Even Philip and David had arrived early. Everyone toasted Drusilla and Cyprus and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Patrick took pleasure in the wine more than anything else. His parents noticed. “Tell me Patrick,” Bernardo said, interrupting Patrick pouring another glass of wine. “… About Adam Potter, your new lover.” Patrick looked towards his uncle and saw sincerity. He cleared his throat and placed his wine glass down. “He’s a private detective who has his own business. He saved my life countless times,” said Patrick. “Countless times? Are you involved in his detective business?” His uncle asked concerned. “No, but—well, it’s hard to explain,” Patrick stammered on his words. “Your boyfriend puts you in danger, how hard is that to explain?” Miguel asked. “He doesn’t put me in danger.” “Then how does he save your life?” Bernardo asked. “Things—just happened.” “All right, enough interrogating,” said Drusilla. “You will all meet Adam when he arrives.” “When is that?” Bernardo asked. “Well…” Drusilla wasn’t sure how to help her son more. She glanced at him apologetically. “Adam will be here in the morning,” Patrick said. “Then I look forward to meeting him,” Bernardo responded. The staff served Dessert, and Patrick resumed his drinking. When everyone went to the library for coffee Patrick wandered away with a bottle of wine. His father found him sitting by the indoor pool on a lounge chair with half the bottle finished. The tiles echoed from Cyprus stepping on them with his Italian shoes towards his son. “Everyone is asking where you’ve gone,” Cyprus said. Patrick drained his glass and started to fill it again when his father took the bottle from him. “Enough Patrick.” Patrick stayed quiet as he drank what little wine he had in his glass. “You’re going to bed to sleep this mood of yours off.” “I’m a grown man father, I can do what I want.” “Not if it means you are hurting yourself.” Patrick’s feelings were overwhelming him as he let his father help him to his feet and hugged him. “I don’t understand how you can let that man do this to you.” Patrick pushed away from his father. “Doing what? Adam isn’t even here.” “Anytime you’re upset you drink. It’s your go to medicine.” “I’m not drinking because of Adam.” “Why don’t I believe you?” “Because.” “Go to your room and sleep it off Patrick.” “Fine, whatever.” Patrick stormed off to return to his room. But not before grabbing another bottle of wine. He then climbed the grand staircase and walked down the hallway, weaving towards his room. He reached his door and heard his cell phone ringing. ************* Adam made it to the manor late and exhausted. He drove to the back and parked in one of the open garages. He got out of his jeep and walked to a side door connected to the kitchen. He knocked twice and quickly the lock released and the door opened. Patrick stood holding onto the door to steady his legs from too much drinking. The inside was dark and quiet. Patrick stepped aside and allowed Adam to come in. “Sorry to call so late,” said Adam, while Patrick bolted the door. “At least you finally called,” Patrick snapped. Adam waited for him to turn around before pulling him in for a kiss. Patrick wasn’t expecting it and fell into the passionate kiss Adam was giving him. But then he remembered Adam ignoring his calls and text and didn’t want to comply with Adam’s wishes. Patrick pushed on Adam’s chest to break away. The touch flared up Adam’s tasered injury. Adam released Patrick, cringing from the pain as he covered the area with his hand. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I’ll be fine.” Patrick reached for a light switch and turned it on, shocked to see the bruise on Adam’s cheek and cut lip. “Adam, what happened?” “It’s nothing Pat.” “Nothing, it doesn’t look like nothing. And why did you flinch?” Patrick moved to him and grabbed his hand moving it from the spot. He opened Adam’s coat and shirt and saw a burn mark in the middle of his chest. “Nothing, then what is that?” Patrick demanded. “I ran into a bit of trouble while investigating something.” “You were attacked.” Adam brushed his fingers across Patrick’s cheek. “I’ll be okay.” “Does this have anything to do with that bodyguarding job?” “I had to follow a lead Pat.” “So now what? You come to me to patch you up just to leave again?” “I’m here for you and your parent’s party.” “You are?” “I swear, all I want to do is enjoy being with you.” Patrick’s doubts vanished as his concerns for Adam took priority. “Sit at the table so I can patch you up.” “Can we go upstairs so I can take a shower first, and I promise, you can play doctor with me.” Patrick took Adam’s arm and draped it over his shoulder. “Walk with me, we can take the servant elevator.” “The servants have an elevator?” “Of course, we’re not tyrants.” Once in Patrick’s bedroom, Adam let Patrick undress him. He showered under what he would call a waterfall, with massage settings that relieved a lot of Adam’s fatigue. Patrick dried him off helping him to his king size bed, laying him on his back. “That shower was amazing,” Adam said. Patrick gathered the first aid kit and sat it beside Adam on the bed then he straddled Adam. “Relax while I work on you.” “Yes, doctor.” Patrick grabbed a tube of burn cream and took gentle care to spread it on Adam’s wound covering it with gauze and tape. Then he used peroxides on Adam’s cut lip and an ice pack on his eye. “Would you like some pain killers?” Patrick asked. “No.” “Are you hungry?” “Yes, but I don’t want you to leave me.” “There has to be leftovers from dinner. Do you want to go with me to check?” “In a minute. Lay with me.” Patrick climbed off Adam and closed the first aid kit moving it off the bed. He returned, but before climbing on the bed, he stripped his clothes off and mounted the bed naked laying his head on Adam’s shoulder. “I need to talk to you.” “What about?” “A decision we need to make together,” Adam said, giving a deep yawn then closed his eyes. “I’m listening,” Patrick said. A long silence came as Patrick blinked at his lover wondering when he was going to speak. “Adam,” he said. Then right away he knew Adam fell asleep. With care he rose and gathered the sheets and blanket and covered them both, laying back on Adam’s shoulder, who shifted, wrapping his arm around Patrick before settling back to sleep. Patrick nuzzled his face against his strong shoulder and followed Adam’s example, falling asleep soon after.
  10. Chapter 15

    “So, we’re taking a road trip,” Justin said, fastening his seatbelt. “No, I’m taking a road trip, you’re going home or where ever, and keeping your cell phone close by because I will be calling you. I’ll be on the road for a couple of hours, so you can text me if you need me.” “Why can’t I come with you?” “I told you this before. You only do the research, I do the investigation.” “But you shouldn’t go there alone.” “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I already have Patrick for that. And if Patrick asks where I am, just tell him I’m out and I’ll be back soon. If he needs me he can just call or text.” Adam pulls up to his building and put the jeep in park as he waited for Justin to climb out. Justin hesitated before closing the door. He turned back to Adam feeling a sensation of dread. “Your gun, do you have it.” Adam valued Justin’s concern for his wellbeing. The very reason Adam wouldn’t take Justin out in the field with him. he would become a distraction that could get either of them killed. Adam would never be able to live with himself if anyone he loved died because he wasn’t focused. Adam leaned over and opened his glove compartment. The hand gun laid in its black leather holster. “Bullets and all,” Adam assured him. “Just be careful Adam.” “I will. You can knock off early. Oh, and your paycheck is in my desk drawer.” “Wait, where are you going?” “Never mind that. Just keep your cell close. Okay?” “Okay boss.” Justin shut his door and watched as Adam drove off. He wondered if Patrick gets knots in his stomach whenever Adam went to work. *********** A male, built like Patrick’s slender frame, pushed Patrick against the wall of the elevator. Patrick struggled to right himself as he watched the person press the button for the lobby. “What the hell,” said Patrick. The male turned back to him and smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t want my boyfriend to see me following him,” said Jamie Steward. “And who would that boyfriend be?” asked Patrick, staring at the male wearing jeans, tee, and sneakers. “You don’t know?” “I don’t know you or your boyfriend.” “Sure, you do. Does Yuri Jen, ring a bell?” Patrick became speechless, hearing Yuri’s name from his lips. Then he remembered seeing Adam with a young man, on the day Yuri kissed him. Adam was carrying his bags from an expensive department store. Patrick had forgotten he’d seen them. He studied him for a moment and noticed the clothes he wore were of high quality, but his mannerism showed something different. He was bragging that he was Yuri’s lover, but Patrick watched as he switched weight from one foot to the other. Patrick rose his head and took a step towards him and caught him biting his lower lip. He moved close to Jamie as if he was going to kiss him, then a loud beep came from the elevator as they came to a halt. Jamie looked over and saw Patrick’s finger on the emergency stop button. “Why did you do that?” asked Jamie, Patrick ignored his question and asked one of his own. “So, you’re Jamie Steward?” he asked, stepping back with a smirk on his face. “How do you know my name?” asked Jamie, again Patrick ignored him. “I have to say, Yuri did a good job with cleaning you up, only, the stench is still there.” Jamie frowned at Patrick’s comment and grabbed the collar of his top and sniffed it finding no bad odor. Patrick smiled and shook his head at the confused male. “It’s not a scent,” said Patrick. “It’s a way of being.” Patrick saw the confused look on Jamie’s face his statement made. “How should I put it?” Patrick tilted his head. “You can wash and dress them, but trash will always be trash. Understand?” Jamie’s muddled look turned to contempt towards Patrick. Patrick of course ignored him and reached over and restarted the elevator returning to the opposite side of the lift. Jamie met guys like Patrick in his school who felt they were above him in all aspects. He loath them, but in his own way he got his revenge. Either by playing a prank on them or outright punching them, but not with the presents of any faculty. In this case he knew he would hear it from Yuri if he struck Patrick, so he had to hurt him with his words. He quickly hit the stop button on the elevator, Patrick lost his balance, but regained it, turning, and glaring at Jamie. “You know,” began Jamie. “I met a lot of guys like you from school.” “Yuri’s sending you to school? Well, la-di-da.” “And I come to realize that a lot of you are very insecure.” “And you opened a book, good for you.” “So, I understand you being jealous of Yuri’s and my relationship.” Patrick rolled his eyes at Jamie and shook his head. “You don’t know a dam thing about me.” “I know your relationship with Adam is shaky.” Patrick snapped his attention back to Jamie and gave away his feelings. “Didn’t you know? Adam is my bodyguard.” “I’m aware of it,” said Patrick turning his attention away. “The way Adam protected me when those men broke into the penthouse.” “What?” said Patrick, looking at Jamie. “Didn’t he tell you? How he put himself in harm’s way to shield me. He was incredible, fighting two against one.” Patrick had no idea Adam had put himself in danger. Tension grew in his stomach at the thought of Adam getting injured or killed. “I feel much safer with Adam around,” said Jamie. “He’s only doing his job. Once Yuri ship you off to school they will be done with you.” “Is that a hint of jealousy in your tone?” asked Jamie. “You should really try opening your eyes and see who Yuri and Adam are looking at,” said Patrick. “What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Jamie. “Oh, nothing that looking in a mirror wouldn’t solve.” Patrick walked over and reached to turn on the elevator when Jamie grabbed his wrist causing pain. “Let go of me,” Patrick ordered. “Not until you tell me what you ment by that?” “Oh, come on, you haven’t figured it out? Such a shame.” Patrick wrenched his wrist free from Jamie’s grip and restarted the elevator. “Rich boys like you think you can say or do whatever you like.” “That’s how our fathers raised us,” Patrick said. “Then what are you doing with Adam? He’s more like me than you.” “He’s nothing like you. Adam comes from a loving family like I do. Our bond is deeper than anything either of us had with anyone else.” “So, you say.” “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” “Maybe you should open your own eyes and see that your, pretend, happy life with Adam is just a fantasy you invented.” The slap came with such force that even shocked Patrick, but he wasn’t going to stop there. “You're nothing but backwoods trash stuck on the bottom of Yuri’s shoe. When he realizes that, he’s going to ship you out of his life.” The door opened, and Yuri was there with his body guards. Seeing Jamie and Patrick together, stunned him at how they did have similar likeness except for Jamie covering his red cheek. Patrick stormed past his former lover who tried to stop him by reaching for his hand, but Patrick avoided Yuri’s grasp and hurried off. Yuri turned to Jamie, who moved to Yuri and embraced him. Patrick rushed out of the Duet and waited as the door man flagged down a cab for him just as his cell phone rang. “Hello,” he said, trying to calm his shaking voice. “Patrick, are you, all right?” asked his mother Drusilla. “Mother,” he said, taking a deep breath, and letting it out before answering. “I’m fine. Just had a busy day. Did you get my text about the caterer?” “Yes, and thank you for doing that for me.” “I don’t mind helping.” “Did you get fitted for your suit with Michael?” “Yes, and I loved it. He’s going to deliver them to the mansion tomorrow morning.” “Wonderful, I’ll tell Shilo.” “So, we’ll see you tomorrow.” “That’s why I’m calling. I’m wondering if you could come down, today.” “Today? Well…” “I know it’s short noticed, but the preparations are getting a bit much.” “You’re not over doing it, are you?” “There’s tasks that need to be done.” “You have people for that.” “You know I oversee these things. It just happens that It’s become harder.” “What about father?” “Please don’t worry him over this. I’m fine, really.” “I guess me, and Adam can come down tonight.” “Could you—possibly come now?” “Now? I don’t know. I should talk to Adam.” “Please Patrick, everything is going wrong,” she said getting frantic. “Okay, okay, calm down mother, I’m coming. I’ll call Adam and explain everything to him.” “Thank you, Patrick.” They disconnected just as the cab pulled up. Patrick climbed in and informed the driver his destination. He pressed one number on his cell to speed dial Adam. He waited, and the connection sent him to Adam’s voice mail. Which meant he was working. Patrick thought over the situation and called the office hoping he was there. Justin answered. “Adam Potter Detective Agency, this is Justin, how can I help you?” “Justin, it’s Patrick.” “Of course, it is.” Patrick held his tongue on Justin’s comment. “I need to speak to Adam.” “He’s not here, call his cell.” “I did, it took me to his voice mail.” “Then he’s working.” “No shit,” Patrick snapped. “Look, I need to get in touch with him.” “Then text him.” “Fuck,” snapped Patrick hanging up. “Text him,” he sneered. “I need to speak to him.” Feeling at a lost, he texted Adam where he was going and told him to call him back as soon as possible. ************** Adam saw the sign for the town, WillowMoss, population 20 thousand; 20 miles. Tree lined neighborhoods with a view of the mountains. ‘A Place to Call Home.’, the caption stated. Adam had been on the road for about an hour and a half with no rest. He hadn’t seen the text from Patrick to call him because it never came through. He noticed a gas station up ahead and checked his gas meter and saw he still had a quarter of a tank. Adam decided he’ll get gas once he reached the town. *************** Patrick arrived at the estate, Shilo wore a charming pantsuit and two female staff members wearing traditional black dress with white apron on top, greets him. They opened the cab door for him and as he climbed out someone paid the cab driver his fare with tip. “Shilo,” said Patrick smiling at his mother’s woman. “I wasn’t expecting you to greet me.” “Your mother asked me to, sir, and I was happy to.” They walked side by side up the stone steps to the main door. “Your mother is in the green room having lunch. She asked that you join her.” “Of course. Shilo?” “Yes, sir?” “Is my mother well?” “She is.” They reached the front door that someone held open for them, but Patrick hesitated. “I mean, really, well. She’s not having any problems with her heart?” “No, sir. In fact, the doctor was just here, giving her a physical, and gave her a clean bill of health.” “Well, that’s good.” He entered the house and two different female staff members wearing matching uniforms, greets him with smiles. One took his coat and he thanked them as he walked with Shilo through the grand house. “I’m here to help with the party,” said Patrick, glancing at his cell phone for a response from Adam, but none were there.” “Yes, your room is ready, and we will go and pick up yours and Mr. Potters things tonight.” “Yes, that’s just it. Adam is working and hasn’t returned my text, so I couldn’t tell him about the change of plans.” “Well then, we’ll wait until he contacts you before going over.” “Yes, that would be wise. He’s still not comfortable with people doing things for me.” They reached the doors to the green room. “I will wait for your instructions, Master Valdez.” Shilo opened the double sliding door and stepped aside for Patrick to enter. The green room had high ceilings, matched with tall framed windows that dominated most of the wall space. Greenery conquered on both sides of the windows as an iron leg, heavy oak, oval table sat in the middle of the room covered with an earth colored table cloth. Patrick didn’t see his mother at the table that was set for the afternoon meal. Instead, she stood photographing the tree outside that stood there long before the construction of the house. Neither she or his father had the heart to cut it down, so instead they built the house around it, making sure the roots had room to stretch. Patrick remembered playing on the old tree he called, old woman. The curve of its trunk and branches made it easy to climb and rest on. Its thick leaves kept the hot sun off him and occasionally it would sprout fruit that was safe to eat. Patrick waited until she finished snapping pictures, with her digital camera and seemed satisfied with her work as she reviewed them on the screen. She turned to him, and to Patrick, looked healthy and lovely as always. She looked up and caught glimpse of Patrick. With a bright smile she lowered her camera and placed it on a nearby table, moving towards her son. She pinned back her black grayish hair from her face, leaving it flowing down her back. She wore a simple cotton dress that button up from the front with roman sandals. Her slim frame was only visible when she walked. “Patrick, you’re here,” Drusilla said, hugging her only child. “How are you feeling?” he asked, as they separated. “I’m fine, now that you’re here. Come, let’s eat, I’m famished.” They’re seated and right away served their meals. “So,” said Drusilla. “I hear Yuri Jen, is back in town.” The vision of Yuri, kissing him suddenly popped into his head. Patrick’s blushed and avoided eye contact with his mother. “Yes,” he began, trying to push the thought out of his head. “He was having coffee with father.” “Yes, and your father mention that you were working at the time, as his server.” “Yes, I got a job. Then, I lost it, by causing a fire.” “You were in the kitchen?” “Yes.” “I see.” Her tone wasn’t callous but sympathetic. Patrick remember something that was in his defense. “I was in the kitchen with Adam. He showed me how to clean dishes and cook, but—I cut my finger.” “So, Adam is domesticating you?” “He’s showing me how to take care of myself.” “So, you don’t depend on your money.” “Mother, I liked cleaning and cooking with Adam. It makes me feel closer to him.” “Something none of the others made you feel?” “They all took care of me, except Gavin. And so, does Adam, but with Adam I feel like I can take care of him also.” “Then, if that makes you happy, how can I argue with that.” “I wish father would understand like you. This weekend is going to be a game changer for me and Adam. Father’s going to see how happy we are and just accept our love.” “He will, just be patient.” ************* Adam’s drive through WillowMoss showed nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it reminded Adam of his home town. He found a parking spot near a diner and decided to have something to eat. The place was busy with the lunch crowd. A young man stood at the host stand. He wore a tie with a clean white shirt, and slacks. His hair was long and tied in one long braid that draped down his back. He looked about eighteen. Adam walked up, when the younger man saw him, a bright smile spread across his face. “Hello and welcome,” he said. Adam noticed his name tag. “Hi, Shawn,” responded Adam. “How many people in your party?” “Only one, me.” “Well, do you mind sitting at the counter, there’s no waiting?” “The counter will be fine.” Okay, just follow me.” Shawn grabbed a menu and turned to lead Adam to his table. “Adam looked around the room and saw mostly groups of people having lunch together. Which made sense. Shawn presented a free stool at the counter for Adam with a smile. “Enjoy your meal,” said Shawn, handing him his menu. “Thank you,” Adam said, taking a seat. He noticed a chalk board on the wall behind the counter with the day's specials. Soup: Potato with chives, bacon bits and cheese and a slice of cheesy garlic bread. Meal 1: Southern fried steak with 2 choices of sides and choice of drink. Meal 2: Chef Salad with choice of dressing and choice of drink. “Hi,” said a perky young man with his brown wavy hair under a hair net. His name tag read Cole. “Hello, yourself,” said Adam. “You’re new,” Cole said. “I am.” “Passing through?” “You can say that.” “We get a lot of visitors.” “Why is that?” “I don’t know.” Adam caught Cole dropping his smile then recovering. “Would you like a drink first or do you know what you want?” “I know what I want,” Adam said, closing his menu. Cole pulled out his pad to write down Adam’s order. “Give me the soup special without the bread.” “Okay, and your drink?” “Just water, please.” Cole diligently wrote the order down and smiled one last time at Adam before walking away. Adam watched as Cole gave the slip to the cook by placing it between a clamp connected to a spinning device. He then grabbed a clean glass filled it with ice water and returned to Adam. He placed the glass down, reached into his apron and pulled out a straw sitting it beside the glass. Adam wondered why he did that when a straw dispenser sat in hands reach. Adam glanced at the straw and noticed the number 34 in red written on the paper sleeve. Adam looked over to where Cole went and saw him talking to another young man then glanced back at Adam, flashing him a smile. Adam smiled back, then looked around, and saw that all the servers in the diner where young men. Not one female, he also noticed that most of the patrons where older men, ten years his senior. “Maybe a fluke?” thought Adam. His soup came, served by a different waiter, dark skin with a buzz cut on the side of his head and his hair on top shaped like a shark fin. He had hazel eyes that seem to shimmer, his name tag read Peter. Adam also discovered the male workers were all lean, with little bulging muscles with flexibility, their features were a bit feminine. “Thank you,” said Adam. “You’re welcome,” Peter said, placing a napkin on the table, before walking away. Already having a napkin Adam picked it up and turned it over seeing the number 15 in red written small in the corner. He placed both items in his pocket and ate his soup, while his servers watched him. He finished his meal and without signaling anyone, Cole walked up. “Enjoying your soup?” he asked with a smile. “I am, thank you.” “You’re so welcome. Will there be anything else?” “No, just the check.” “Well, here you go.” Normally a server would place the check on the table, but Cole held it out to Adam waiting for him to take it. Unsure if he should, Adam didn’t want to make waves. He reached out and grabbed the check trying not to make contact but once he grasped it Cole purposely brushed his fingers against Adam. Adam pulled the paper out of Cole’s hand continuing to smile. Cole didn’t care that Adam flinched, he just smiled back. “Hope to see you soon.” Was all he said before walking away to deal with his other customers. Adam went to the register which was at the host table to pay his bill. Shawn walked up and flashed another warm smile. “Did you enjoy your stay?” “I did,” said Adam, handing him his bill. Shawn took it without any funny business and proceeded to ring in the charges. Adam paid with his business card and signed. Shawn gave him his copy of the receipt. “Come back soon.” “Thank you.” Adam left heading back to his jeep when he took a glance at his receipt. There in the upper right corner was the number 2 in red. ************ After lunch Drusilla showed Patrick the areas of the house where the party would take place and the wing of the house where the guest would retire to. Patrick’s room was in a private wing where his parents slept, just down the hall. He couldn’t wait for Adam to share his room and bed. “Of course, the courtyard will be opened if the weather permits,” Drusilla said, gazing out of two glass doors that led to the courtyard connected to the middle of the house. All three floors had cast-iron balconies that overlooked the lavish view of floral vines, cobble stone, and old-world décor. Strings of colorful small paper lanterns crisscrossed over the yard reaching to the third floor. “This is one of my favorite places here,” said Patrick. His mother glanced at him and noticed his mind was on something else. “You know we hope to see you married here and your reception held here in the courtyard.” Patrick blinked away his thoughts and looked at her. “Would you both still want that, if the groom was Adam?” “If he is who you love, then yes.” “Are you speaking for just yourself, mother?” “For both of us,” said Cyprus. They turned to see Cyprus dressed casually, no tie or suit; a button up top with relaxed slacks holding a small gift bag with colorful tissue wrap sticking out the top. “You’re home early,” Drusilla said, moving towards him. Patrick watched as they embraced. Cyprus looked towards his only son and smiled as he held his wife in one arm and opened his other arm to welcome his son into his hold. Patrick went to his parents and wrapped his arms around his mother and father. “This is a greeting I could get used to again,” said Cyprus, as they parted. “So, all your work is complete for this weekend?” asked Drusilla. “As requested, I will not be disturbed for the next three days,” said Cyprus. “Wonderful, this is going to be a perfect weekend,” said Drusilla, when a light flashed outside in the courtyard. The boom in the sky came a few seconds after and the drops of water began tapping at the glass as the rain fell. “Well, almost perfect,” she sighed. Cyprus walked up behind her and pulled her close to him. “Never fear, my sweet. I check the weather forecast and they swore on their lives that there will be no rain during your celebration.” “Our celebration,” she corrected. “I celebrated the day you said yes.” Shilo entered the room followed by a staff of females who each held trays of food. “Lunch is served,” Shilo announced. They ate together and as two staff members cleared their dishes. Drusilla wanted to know what was in the bag Cyprus had with him. They retired to the library Cyprus and Drusilla sat on a love seat. While Patrick walked over to a nearby window and watched the pouring rain. Shilo entered with hot tea and cookies, placing the tray on the coffee table in front of the couple. “Cyprus, I thought we decided no gift since we’re throwing a party?” asked Drusilla. “There was no way I was not going to shower my wife with gifts on this amazing day.” “But I—Cyprus…” Cyprus grabbed his wife and pulled her in for a kiss. Drusilla could feel the world spinning as the embrace consumed her. Cyprus slowly released her and stared into the eyes that matched his son’s. “You have given me two priceless gifts. Saying yes, when I asked you to marry me and our precious son.” Drusilla’s tears slid down her smiling cheeks as Cyprus wiped them away with his thumbs and kissed her again. Neither had noticed Patrick’s departure. ************* Patrick went to his room and sat on the window bench. The rain outside wasn’t heavy, but did fall steadily. He pulled out his cell phone and pressed the number 1, to speed dial Adam. Watching his parent’s happiness made him long for his detective. He listened and waited to hear Adam’s voice. What seemed like an eternity of ringing finally paid off when the ringing stopped. “Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” Patrick listened to Adam’s answering machine until the beep. He paused before speaking, collecting his frustration. “Adam—call me back, it’s important. I’m at my parent’s.” He hung up. Lowering his cell to his lap and looking out the window at the rain. ************ Adam returned to the diner going back to the host named Shawn. “You’re back?” Shawn said surprised. “Yeah, I forgot something,” Adam said. “An item you left?” “No, to ask a question.” “All right.” “Do you know a Christopher Huge?” Adam watched Shawn’s expression flicker for a second, then returned normally. “Sorry, never heard of him,” Shawn said, suddenly glancing around hoping he’s needed somewhere. “Perhaps you know the last name, Huge?” “Sorry.” Shawn shook his head, looking down at the podium at his seating station book. “I need to get back to work.” “Why are you so nervous?” “I’m not,” he snapped, looking back at Adam then his eyes drifted over his shoulder and Adam watched as Shawn’s mannerism shift back to normal. “Busy day Shawn,” said a raspy voice of a male. Adam turned and saw a blonde-haired male wearing a fire fighter issued blue tee with logo, over-trousers, and issued boots. “Hi Bray,” Shawn said, seeming relieved. “Let me get you seated.” “Well, he was first,” Bray said, looking at Adam. “Oh, no please go ahead. I’ve already eaten and just came back for something I left,” Adam said stepping aside. Bray walked past him catching Adam’s eye before looking at Shawn, who was smiling attentively avoiding Adam’s gaze. “I’ll take a seat at the counter Shawn, I’m eating alone today.” “Sure Bray,” Shawn said with the same cheery attitude he showed Adam, but Adam still saw that flicker from before. He left the diner and returned to his jeep. Climbing into the driver’s seat he noticed his cell. He also noticed several calls left by Patrick. He started to call him when knocking on his window stopped him. He turned and saw his server, Cole from the diner. He wasn’t smiling this time he seemed scared. Adam rolled his window down, but before he was able to say anything Cole tossed in a folded piece of paper that landed on Adam’s lap then hurried off. Adam, bewildered watched as he ran down a side alley. “What the hell was that?” Adam asked. Instead of going after him Adam opened the folded paper and saw an address. He grabbed his cell and text a short message to Patrick hoping it will hold him until he’d finished his investigation. He started his engine and went to check out his lead, unaware of someone watching him.
  11. Chapter 14

    Patrick stepped out the front door of Adam’s business and their home onto the empty sidewalk. The wind picked up making his pull the collar of his coat up to shield the back of his neck. Patrick hated the winter. He could never stay warm enough. He walked to the curb and started to hail an approaching cab when he received a text on his cell. Thinking it was from Adam he let the cab pass him. “Where are your plans for today?” Patrick saw that the text came from Yuri. He was about to ignore it when another came. “You’re not still mad about the kiss, are you?” Patrick could hear the mocking tone in Yuri’s text. He knew he shouldn’t bother, but to downgrade the kiss set Patrick off. “You’re lucky I didn’t tell Adam.” He texted back. “What, would he challenge me for your honor?” “He would have beaten the crap out of you.” “So, he told you he’s working for me?” “Of course, he did. He tells me everything.” “And you told him about us?” “There’s no, us.” “There was. Did you tell him about that?” Patrick realized he hadn’t told Adam about Yuri being his ex. He lowered his cell and was about to wave for an approaching cab when a new text came. He considered not answering it, but he wanted to give Yuri a piece of his mind. He scowled back at his cell and saw that it wasn’t from Yuri, but from Michael telling him his suit’s designs were ready for review. Patrick’s eyes lit up. Forgetting Yuri, he waved down another cab and boarded, telling the driver to head to the hotel Duet. ************* Adam decided to bring Justin along when he followed AJ and Artie’s car in his jeep. They headed for the mortuary. Justin stayed in the waiting room not wanting to see dead bodies. Adam followed the detectives into the sterile room with hard steel reflective tables and a chilly room temperature. The two men, on their own tables, laid disrobe under a white sheet, that came just above their chest nipples. Artie looked for a technician in a connected room but found it empty. Not wanting to stand around, he grabbed the chart on a nearby table that had the info of the two men. He checked the toe tags on them both to be sure. “Okay we have this one,” Artie points. “A white male about 5’8’ weighting 235 with a bullet in the left temple.” He moves his index finger to the other corpse. “His partner is Chinese and comes in at 5’7 and at 250 pounds with a bullet to the right temple. The two things they have in common is their buzz cut hair styles and an arm tattoo of black chain link that wrapped around their right biceps.” Artie returned the chart to the table and turned back to Adam and AJ. “Do they look familiar to you, Adam?” AJ asked. Adam stared at the men and knew the answer right away. “No. Who are they?” “No clue. They had no IDs or wallets. Only, your business card, and a name written on a folded piece of paper,” said Artie. “I don’t know how they got my business card.” “Does the name Yuri Jen ring a bell?” AJ asked. Adam sighed, wondering himself why Yuri’s and his own names were in the company of the dead man. He promised Yuri he wouldn’t get the police involved, but with these two dead men who could have been the ones that attacked him and Jamie in the penthouse, now dead. His back was against the wall and he needed answers but not break the trust with his client. “No, the name doesn’t ring a bell.” “We’re going to talk to him,” said Artie. “Be my guest,” said Adam, thinking over what his next move was. “Potter these men are dead,” said Artie. “No doubt.” “This is out of your jurisdiction, Potter. This is a murder investigation.” “I can see that, Artie,” said Adam turning his back to him. Artie was about to make Adam turn back around by grabbing his arm, but AJ stopped his partner, whom he had an affair with years ago while in a relationship with Adam. “Let me talk to him,” AJ whispered to Artie. Grudgingly Artie agreed, leaving the room, hoping AJ could get through to his ex. “Adam,” AJ said, in that voice that always caught Adam’s attention. Adam turned to the handsome, clear skinned male, whose crescent eyes beamed back the most haunting, perfect black eyes he has ever seen. They met while on the police force, fell in love, fucked, and even talked of marriage. Only during it all AJ knew something he didn’t share with Adam. That it terrified him when Adam took a suicide approach to dangerous situations. That the thought of hearing that Adam got himself killed made him sick. So, he fell in love and had an affair with his mentor, Artie Cutter, breaking Adam’s heart. “AJ, I told you…” “Adam,” AJ interrupted. “This was not a random killing. The car doors were locked when we got there. This was a professional hit.” “What do you expect me to do AJ?” “Help us catch a killer.” “There’s nothing I can do for you.” “Oh, I think you do. You just want to be the hero.” “Oh, AJ, you know me so well, don’t you?” “I do.” “Well, I’ve moved on. So, should you,” Adam smirked, as he walked towards the door. “Do you know there was a witness,” AJ called after him. Adam hesitated at the door, turning to AJ. “A witness? Then you don’t need me.” “He’s dead Adam. His throat was slit in the backseat of the police cruiser.” Adam now knew he was desperate for answers and had to find them right away. There was one place he needed to go. Adam didn’t respond as he turned and left the room getting Justin and heading to his jeep. ************** Patrick arrived at the hotel Duet energized. The doorman, bellhops, and management right away greeted him. No one stopped him as he boarded the elevator. He arrived at Michael’s suite knocking twice at the door. it’s opened by Michael’s assistant Ian, who held a degree in fashion design at twenty-three. Skinny, magazine clothes clinging to his body and a boorish attitude. Patrick just gave him a look and the male knew he’d best keep his brashness in check. “Welcome Mr. Valdez, Michael is expecting you,” he said in the most fake polite voice he could mimic. Patrick stayed quiet as he’s escorted to the sitting room with a step-down area. Windows covered the far wall where Michael had his makeshift studio. Fabrics, torsos of three headless mannequins, two covered with a white cloth, design patterns and a small staff of four, all interns. Michael was giving instructions to one of the college interns when he saw Ian approaching with Patrick. He walked away from the frantic student holding a large book of swatches and walked down the steps to greet his important client. “Patrick welcome again, I know you are going to love the suits I’ve created for you and yours.” “I can’t wait to see them.” “I wish your lover could have come with you, so he could try it on.” “I’m sure it will fit Michael, I took his measurements myself.” “Then here, come with me.” He held his hand out for Patrick, who took it. Michael led him up three steps to the two covered mannequins. He clapped his hands and two of the interns removed the white fabrics revealing two suits. Patrick said nothing as he examined the outfits. Of course, they weren’t in their finished stage, but Patrick knew that Michael had managed to capture the style he was looking for. “They're perfect,” said Patrick. “And they’ll be amazing when they're finished.” “Can you have them delivered to the mansion.” “Of course. Would you like to try it on?” “No, I trust you’ll do a wonderful job like always.” “That is true.” “So, how should we settle the bill?” asked Patrick, turning to him. “Well, your mother took care of all that, when I sent your father’s suit to him earlier in the week.” “She did?” “Yes, I thought you knew?” “She must have forgotten to tell me.” “None the less, I will have them delivered by the morning of the party.” “Thank you, Michael.” “The honor is mine. Your family had been most gracious to me.” Patrick smiled and was about to leave when an intern interrupted. “Excuse me, Michael,” said a blue and green hair male, wearing torn jeans and a faded tee shirt. “Yes, yes,” said Michael annoyed. “He said it was a perfect fit,” he responded holding a suit. “Ah, yes, good. Be careful with it.” “You have a client to attend to, I won’t keep you,” said Patrick. “Thank you, Patrick. Your family has always been good to me. Call me day or night if you need me, no matter the time.” “We might hold you to that. Goodbye.” “Goodbye.” Michael hurried off as Patrick headed for the front door. Ian let him out and gave him a genuine smile. Patrick headed for the elevator feeling things were going to go well for him and Adam at his parent’s mansion. He pressed the down button for the elevator and smiled outwardly at his reflection. He heard a door closed behind him just as the bell dinged telling him the elevator had arrived. The door opened to the empty lift. Patrick took a step in when he heard someone running up behind him most likely to catch the departing elevator, he thought. “Patrick,” said the person behind him. Patrick turned, and the person grabbed him stepping into the elevator with him just as the door closed.
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  13. Chapter 13

    “Are you serious?” Patrick asked, as he and Adam awoken the next morning and Adam decided to get his shower with Patrick that he missed the night before. Patrick stood with his back to his lover while Adam washed his hair with scented shampoo. He massaged Patrick’s scalp with the tips of his fingers before rinsing the soap from his locks. “Yes,” Adam said, grabbing the bottle of conditioner, and poured a generous sum into the palm of his hand. “Say it again, Adam.” Adam massaged the conditioner through Patrick’s wavy hair from behind. “We can go to the party for both days,” Adam smiled as Patrick carefully bounced from excitement.” “I can’t believe this is happening,” said Patrick, turning to Adam putting his arms around him and kissing him. When they parted Patrick still held onto Adam. “We’re going to have an amazing time.” “So long as I’m with you anywhere will be amazing,” said Adam. “I can’t wait to pack.” Patrick beamed with excitement. “Well, the way you travel you better get a head start on it. I’ll get the office and Justin situated. But for right now,” Adam turned Patrick back around. “I want to finish washing your hair.” “And other things?” encouraged Patrick, who felt the nudge against his ass from Adam’s cock. Adam stroked against his lover while he gently caressed his scalp. “I like washing your hair,” said Adam. “It feels so nice,” answered Patrick his eyes shut to Adam’s touch. “My shower is a bit small, isn’t it?” Adam’s mind went back to the house. The separate shower and bath would be perfect for him and Patrick together time. “It’s cozy. I don’t mind.” “Okay, time to rinse.” Patrick stood under the shower as Adam ran his finger through his hair to wash away the conditioner. This time Patrick stood facing him with his eyes closed. Adam stared at him for a moment and once his hair was clean he leaned down and kissed him. Patrick returned the gift and wrapped his arms around Adam’s neck. Adam broke their kiss and picked Patrick up who grabbed for the shower wall as Adam entered him. Patrick didn’t want Adam to do all the work as he held his hip and thighs. “It’s all right baby. Just put your arms round my neck and let me hold you.” “But aren’t I heavy?” “Never, just hold on to me.” Patrick obeyed as Adam rocked him up and down, grabbing his ass cheeks and pressing him against the tile wall. Patrick cried out as Adam sucked and kissed his nipples and chest. The moment came with strength and drive. Adam slammed into him until the completion of his climax. Patrick held onto Adam until he carefully released his legs and lowered him to his feet. Adam’s heavy breathing, covered Patrick’s neck, his back pressed hard against the wall. The shower water was turning cold when Adam reached and turned off the water. He looked at Patrick and saw he was standing at a strange angle. He reached and helped him to stand better. “You okay baby?” “You never have to ask that Adam.” A warm sensation rushed through Adam as he stepped out and grabbed a towel and dried himself off quickly. Adam took Patrick’s hand to make sure he didn’t slip coming out and began drying his damp body. Starting with his hair, down his shoulders and chest, across the curve of his ass down his slender legs. Patrick stood in silence while Adam catered to him. When Adam reached his feet, he rose tossed the towel on his shoulder, then picked Patrick up carrying him to their bed. “You’re going to spoil me,” said Patrick. “Let me,” Adam said. The morning light brightened the room as he lowered Patrick to the edge of the bed. He kneeled and began to dry Patrick’s feet. Once done, he walked back into the bathroom and returned holding a bottle of lotion. Patrick wanted to say something, but decided to still be quiet and let Adam do whatever he wanted to him. “Go to the middle of the bed and lay on your back.” Patrick did as Adam asked. He listened to the click of the lotion lid and felt the cool, creamy liquid run across his body. Patrick could not help but giggle and tense at the same time. Adam said nothing as his hands and fingers begin to work the cream across Patrick’s skin. Adam massaged his flesh to the point of a warmth growing from beneath. “Roll onto your stomach,” Adam said. Patrick followed instructions and closed his eyes again floating from Adam’s touch. His strong hands worked from his shoulders, down to his ass and hips, moving to his toes making sure to trace each one. When he came back up to his lower and upper back Adam leaned down and kissed Patrick’s cheek than laid beside him. Adam pulled Patrick to his side so his back touched his chest. Then grasping his cock Adam worked him to arousal until Patrick was close to coming. Adam pushed him onto his back and took the hard cock into his mouth, sucking him until his balls stiffened and his climax shot down Adam’s throat. Patrick’s body quivered until Adam let his relaxed cock slip from his lips. Adam gathered Patrick into his arms and covered them both with the sheet. Patrick exhausted and dozing again felt Adam’s breath on his neck. “You didn’t think I would not get you off, did you?” asked Adam. Patrick unable to answer just turned and faced Adam kissing his detective’s lips then drifting off to sleep again. “Don’t you have things to do today, like getting our suits?” Patrick opened his eyes and grumbled as he stretched out. “But you made me so relax with that massage. How can I focus after that?” “A two-day party?” “Fine,” Patrick pouted. “I do need to talk to my mother about the caterer.” “And I need to talk to Justin about this weekend.” “I still need your measurements. Michael texted me with instructions on how to measure you properly.” “Then let’s get up and eat breakfast first.” “Okay.” Adam climbed to the end of the bed and grabbed Patrick’s ankle, pulling the laughing male towards him getting him to his feet. “Now let’s put clothes on before I fuck your pretty body again,” said Adam, kissing Patrick on the lips, before walking away towards his dresser grabbing a top and a pair of underwear. Patrick combed his fingers through his still damp hair and went back to the bathroom to comb it into shape. Adam appeared at the bathroom door still naked. Patrick applied a leave in conditioner to his hair, started brushing the wild curls straight. He saw Adam in the mirror and gave him a side glance and smirked. “I thought you wanted to get dressed,” said Patrick. “I do, but you need my measurements so why not take them first, then I’ll dress,” said Adam. Patrick finished brushing his hair and stared at the mirror liking the results. “Okay, where is the tape measure?” he said, turning to face him. Adam held up a flexible tape measure. Patrick walked over and reached to take it, but Adam jerked his arm back preventing him. “Adam, stop playing.” “First, put some clothes on.” “Why?” “Because I’m trying not to get a hard on and you standing there, ass naked, is not helping.” “Oh, I see.” Patrick moved closer to Adam to the point where Adam could feel his breath against his skin. “Excuse me,” Patrick said, looking from Adam’s green eyes to the doorway. “I can’t get dress with you in the way.” Adam snaps back realized Patrick was right, he was blocking the doorway. He stepped aside only allowing Patrick enough room to squeeze through by turning sideways. Patrick managed to get by Adam without brushing his skin. He walked back to their bedroom and grabbed a tee shirt and a pair of underpants from the drawer and put them on. Unaware that Adam had followed him. Patrick turned and nearly collided with the brawny male. “Adam, what are you doing,” Patrick said, giggling as he avoided touching Adam. Adam smiled as he held up the tape measure to Patrick, who snatched it from his fingers. “Stand straight with your legs shoulder length apart,” Patrick ordered, Adam obeyed. Patrick hurried to the closet and grab one of Adam’s dress shirts then his cell phone from the nightstand. He placed it near him on the bed as he handed the shirt to Adam. “Put this on so I can measure for your jacket.” Adam slipped his arms into the shirt not buttoning it up. Patrick stepped close to Adam, he reached around, as if he was giving him a hug, to measure his chest keeping skin to skin touch at the bare minimum. He typed in the number into his phone and continues with Adam’s neck, shoulders, and arms, then his waist, typing all the information into his phone. “Okay, last I need to do your lower half,” said Patrick, kneeling in front of Adam. “My favorite part,” Adam smiled, placing his hands on his hips and gazing down at Patrick. “Remember, we both have work to do today. I still need to pack.” Patrick measured his hips, outseam and inseam which he had to touch Adam’s privates. Adam kept moving making Patrick’s readings wrong. “Adam, stand still and behave,” said Patrick, eyeballing him. “Okay, sorry. But the next time you touch my balls you have to care for them.” “Once we’re packed and ready to go, I will most happily.” Patrick gathered all Adam’s measurements and texted them back to the designer. They both dressed and headed down to Adam’s office where Detective AJ Chance and Artie Cutter were waiting for them. “Not what I was expecting this morning,” said Adam, first in the room with Patrick following. “What are they doing here?” Patrick said, with a cold undertone. “Nice to see you too, Mr. Valdez,” AJ said. Patrick only looked away from the two detectives and headed for the office door. Not wanting to say hello to the men who accused him of murdering his ex-boyfriend. Adam knew Patrick’s resentment towards the detectives and understood his nonresponse. Just before Patrick could open the door, Adam came up from behind, and grabbed him around the waist. He turned Patrick around and kissed him soundly. When they parted, they both smiled at each other. “Have a great day Pat,” said Adam. “You two,” said Patrick. He turned to leave when the office door opened, and Justin stood there holding a takeout tray with two coffees. Patrick looked at the tray in his hand and knew he bought the drinks for Adam and himself. “How nice of you Justin,” Patrick said, taking one of the cups and walking past, a stunned Justin, out of the office. Adam turned to Justin and gave a sympatric smile. Justin not saying anything walked back into his office and shut Adam’s door behind him. “Not a dull day here, is it Potter?” asked Artie. AJ sat in one of the chairs, Adam had for his clients, ignoring the spectacle. Adam walked around to his chair to sit when Artie interrupted him. “No need Potter. We need you to come with us.” “What for?” “Do you have a client named Yuri Jen?” asked AJ, keeping control of the conversation. Adam looked at AJ, whose causal black suit, white shirt, and thin black tie, still made him look classical. “You know I don’t give out client’s names.” “Well,” began Artie, still standing. “Would you rather come down to the station and answer questions.” “About what?” “Why two men were found dead in a car by the docks with your card in one of their pockets.”
  14. Chapter 12

    Adam agreed to the conditions of being a bodyguard knowing there would be night calls, but, he so wanted to take that shower with Patrick. He decided to park in the Duet’s connected garage, and enter through the penthouse private elevator. Adam inserted the key card to activate the door. Upon opening nothing seemed out of the norm, until he glanced down. On the floor laid Jamie Steward lying on his side, appearing to be asleep, wearing faded jeans, sneakers and a quarter length coat draped over him. Adam dropped down checking for a pulse, trauma, or sign of a struggle. He placed two of his fingers on Jamie’s neck and received a pulse. Jamie scrunched his nose and shoved the detective's hand away. "Stop," he cried. "Your fingers are cold." Jamie rolled onto his back, pushing his coat aside, displaying a soft color top that hugged the shape of his torso. A smile grows across Jamie's face as he lets Adam's eyes drink in his body. "Are you OK?" Adam asked. "I'm fine, Detective and, how are you?" "What are you doing in here Jamie?" "You're the detective, you tell me?" "You had three attempts on your life, making light of this is not helping." "Sorry," Jamie said, sitting up and holding out one hand to Adam. Adam reaches out and grasp Jamie slim, soft palm and gently pulls him to his feet. Adam tries to pull his hand away first only Jamie lingers with his fingers lightly squeezing Adam’s. “Are you dizzy?” asked Adam. Jamie stared back confused by Adam’s question still holding his hand. Adam sighed and held up their hands still coupled. Jamie caught on and smiled. “Does it bother you that I’m holding your hand detective?” “Well, unless you’re in destress I see no point in it.” “There’s nothing wrong with wanting skin on skin contact. I like the feel of another man’s flesh touching mines.” Adam stared at Jamie and refuse to go back and forward with the flirting youth. Using his free hand Adam pulled Jamie’s clinging fingers away. “Get your coat,” Adam ordered. Jamie shrugged and stooped down and gathered his coat. He wraps the garment around his shoulders as Adam turned to the panel and inserts his key card to take them to the penthouse, but Jamie grabs his wrist stopping him. "Please, I don't want to go back up." "Does Yuri know you're here sleeping in the elevator?" "No, he's out." "We're going up." "I need to talk to you." "About?" "My last two attacks, isn't that what you want. Why can’t we go back to that diner you took me?" "I’m only here to stay with you until Simon gets home. Not to take you out." “I’m not a prisoner.” “No one said you were.” “Then take me somewhere. How about—your place?” “That’s not going to happen Jamie. Where are Yuri’s body guards?” “They went with Yuri.” “What about Penny?” “She went to bed.” “I’m going up to talk to her.” "OK, I'll wait in your jeep." "No, you won't." Adam inserted his key card and the doors shut, trapping Jamie's protest. Jamie jumped at the card, dislodging it. Adam attempt to stop him, but Jamie hid the key behind his back. "Stop playing Jamie give me the card." Jamie rolled his eyes at the detective's blaring tone. "What's the point in taking me way upstairs when we're already in the garage?" "To tell your boyfriend, my employer, that you're all right." "He's not my Father, I can do what I like, I am over eighteen." "You, are eighteen, and acting twelve." "I'm ordering you; we don't need to go up." Jamie pressed his back against the wall hiding the card key behind him. Adam, fed up, lunged at the teen and grasps Jamie around the waist, pulling him towards his body. "We're going up!" Adam barks. Not giving up, Jamie tried to push Adam away and spin out of his grip. Adam, stronger than the teen, held tight forcing Jamie’s arms behind his back, bending them until he released the card. "Stop Adam!" Their faces close enough to touch; Adam had gained control of the key card but doesn't release Jamie. The kept teen enjoyed their sadist embrace. Of course, until the elevator stopped. The familiar ring startled them as they looked towards the retracted door. "Detective Potter,” said Yuri, dressed in another pricey suit, with his bodyguards, stood watching the entangled bodies. Adam carefully released Jamie and stepped back from him; Jamie combs his hand through his salon groomed hair and glanced sideways at Yuri. Yuri directs his question towards Jamie. "Where were you? Penny went to check on you and found you nowhere in the house. She called me frantic." Jamie hesitated before responding. "I thought I go wait for Detective Potter in the garage." Penny came down the hallway. “Did you find him?” she asked, when she laid eyes on Jamie. “Oh, thank goodness.” She stepped into the elevator and hugged him. "I found him asleep in here." Adam said. "Asleep in the elevator, have you lost your mind," roared Yuri. "Someone wants you dead, why do you think I hired the detective?” “Yuri, he’s safe now, there’s no need to yell at him,” said Penny with her arm around Jamie’s shoulder walking him out of the elevator. Yuri, furious, turned his focus towards Adam who also stepped out. "Thank goodness you came when you did Detective Potter." "I'm just glad he's all right," said Adam. "Yes, I see you had a tight grip on him.” Yuri stepped forward and boards the elevator. “I will only be a couple of hours detective.” Adam wasn’t sure how to take the tone in Yuri’s comment about his tight grip on Jamie. He wanted to explain what he was doing but the doors shut. Adam found Penny and Jamie in the library sitting on the couch. He noticed she wore a soft rose color dressing robe that zippered up to her neck, and stretched passed her ankles. She wore no slippers with her toes painted in a clear gloss. Jamie’s coat was gone, and he was holding a glass of water. The two looked up at Adam. “Thank you for finding him Detective Potter,” said Penny rising. “I’m so sorry he can be a handful.” “Yes, he can,” said Adam, watching Jamie place the untouched drink down on the table in front of him. “I was just in the shower and when I came out he was gone. I can stay and keep you both company until Yuri returns,” she suggested. “No, you should go and get some rest. I can watch Jamie,” said Adam. “Alright.” Jamie stood and hugged Penny before she left them alone. “You know, if you’re tired, you can go to bed,” said Adam. “I like to stay up with you.” “Okay.” They settled on the couch. “Tell me what happen to you in the first attempt to your life." Jamie turned to face his bodyguard, a sense of security and trust washed over him. "The first one happened in the garage. I should have gone to the front entrance and let the valet park the car, but I liked doing it myself. I found a spot close to the elevator. I looked for my key in my coat pocket when a loud bang came from behind me, causing me to drop my key card, the sound echoed all around me, but no one was there, it went quiet. I bent down to pick up the card that's when he showed himself. He ran towards me and before I could react, he picked me off my feet and slammed my back into the closed elevator. The wind flew out of me so fast I almost passed out. He forced his arm under my chin, holding me off the floor using his body to pin me." "Do you remember what he looked like?" "No, just a black ski mask and goggles." "Did he say anything?" "No--nothing." "So how are you sure it was a man?" "His dick." "Sorry?" "When he had me pinned, he pushed his crotch into my thigh." "Are you sure it wasn't a gun?" "Detective, I know a cock when I feel it." "Ok, how about a scent, did he wear any cologne?" "No, he just..." "Just what?" "He didn’t try to strangle me like I thought. He tried to drag me off." "What happened next?" "The elevator was bringing someone down from the penthouse. He pushed me to the ground and ran off." "He didn't try to harm you any other way?" "No." “Who came down the elevator?” “Penny, and Chen.” “No police were called then?” “No.” "Ok, tell me about the second attack." The ring from the elevator interrupted them. “Someone’s coming up,” said Jamie. “Yuri came back.” Jamie jumped from the couch and headed towards the hall. Adam wonders if Yuri had changed his mind about going out. He went to follow Jamie when he found him standing frozen in the hall staring straight ahead. Adam looked towards the elevator and saw someone standing in front of the open door. Dressed in black, the person stood about 5’9 with broad shoulders, holding a butcher’s knife. Adam stepped in front of Jamie. “Jamie get to a room where there’s a door and lock yourself in, now,” ordered Adam. Jamie started to move when the assailant rushed at them. Adam didn’t hesitate. “Jamie, run!” A blade came up and swooped down missing Adam by inches. Adam took the opportunity and punched the person in the face. The figure turned the knife and tried to strike again, but Adam dodged it by grabbing his arm stopping the knife short. Bringing his knee up and colliding with the man’s ribs. The person doubled over giving Adam time to strike again, knocking the knife from his hand. Adam continued to hit the attacker’s head when he’s grabbed from behind and flung into a small table against the wall falling to the floor. Adam hurried to his feet and drew his gun as he saw them boarding the elevator. He started to take chase. “Adam, help me!” cried Jamie. Adam stopped in his tracks and had no choice but to let the two invaders go as he turned heel and ran to where Jamie was calling from. “Adam!” “Where are you Jamie?” Adam called. “I’m in the guest bathroom. I can’t open the door.” Adam heard the knob shaking and banging coming from a door nearby. He moved to it and grabbed the handle. “Jamie?” “Yes.” “Did you lock the door?” “No, when I came in and closed the door. I heard a key turn in the lock trapping me inside.” “A key.” Adam glanced around and saw a key sitting in the middle of the floor. He picked it up looking around, making sure no one else was near, then he noticed a cell phone on the floor, he realized it was Jamie’s. He unlocked the door and freed Jamie. “Adam, is he gone?” “There were two of them.” “Two, are you, all right?” Adam ignored Jamie’s question. “Where’s Penny’s room?” “First room at the top of the stairs.” ‘“Come on.” Adam led the way up the stairs with Jamie close behind. Adam thought of knocking then decided against it and turned the handle and entered the room. “Adam, what are you doing?” Adam again didn’t answer. The room was dark, but once his eyes adjust he saw her. Penny laid on her bed bound and gagged. Adam and Jamie rushed over to the bed untying her. Adam had Penny lock Jamie and herself in her room before checking the whole penthouse. He texted Yuri about what happened before taking Penny, and Jamie downstairs back to the library. “Is Yuri coming home?” asked Jamie, sitting close to the quiet Penny holding her hand. “He hasn’t texted me back yet,” replied Adam, reaching into his pocket, removing Jamie’s cell phone handing it to him. “Here, you dropped this in the hall.” Jamie took his cell and checked to see if Yuri text him, finding nothing. He texted Yuri asking him when he was coming home and that he needed him. Adam focused on Penny, who was looking downward. Adam stoops down in front of her, causing her to look at him. “Penny, are you sure you’re, all right?” asked Adam. “Yes,” she said meekly. “They didn’t do anything else to you, did they?” puzzled by his comment at first, Penny paused, alarming Jamie. “Oh, god Penny, did they?” said Jamie, holding her hand tighter. That’s when Penny realized what they meant. “No, no, they only tied me up. That’s all.” Jamie hugged her from the side, but she continued to stare downward. Adam stood and thought about calling the police when the elevator chime alerted them. Adam motioned with his hand for the two to stay on the couch, drawing his gun as he moved to the hall. He glanced down and watched the door open with his gun raised. He felt relieved when he saw Yuri’s bodyguards exit the elevator first with Yuri following. “It’s okay,” Adam said to the men moving towards him and to Jamie and Penny. The men parted as Yuri walked between them passing Adam into the room. “Yuri,” cried Jamie, jumping up and rushing to him. Yuri embraced Jamie kissing his cheek them mouth. “Are you hurt?” asked Yuri. “No, Adam protected me.” Yuri looked over at Penny. “Penny?” asked Yuri. Penny raised from the couch straightening her robe. “I’m fine…” She said, then her eyes fluttered and she fell forward. Yuri released Jamie and caught her before she hit the floor. “She’s hurt,” cried Yuri, picking her up. Adam and the Lou brothers rushed to aid. “I have her,” said Yuri, lowering her to the couch. “We found her tied up in her bedroom,” said Jamie. “She’s probably in shock. She said they did nothing to her.” “I’ll call our doctor,” said Yuri, kneeling beside her as he reached into his coat pocket and removed his cell. “No,” Penny said, slowly opening her eyes. “I don’t need a doctor.” “You fainted,” said Yuri. “I’m fine now, really, there’s no need to worry.” She starts to sit up, the men around her, hurries to cover her in a blanket and add an extra pillow behind her back. Jamie sits beside her and drapes his arm around her shoulder. Adam steps back watching as they care for Penny. Once satisfied with her comfort Yuri stood and faced Adam. “We can talk in my office detective, my men will stay with them,” said Yuri. “Lead the way,” said Adam, following Yuri out of the room. Yuri walked Adam upstairs, but stopped short turning to him. “How did they get in detective?” “I checked all the entry points and the only access is one of the elevators.” “The elevators can only be activated with a key.” “Which means, someone gave them a key or is letting them in.” “No one here would do that.” “Maybe someone lost theirs. When Jamie was attacked in the park did he lose his?” “He never mentioned he lost it, but he never had a chance to use it since the attacks started.” “Has he ever been attacked at school?” “No.” “Then you need to see if he still has his key.” “And if he does?” “Then it’s an inside job. One of them were in the penthouse before I arrived, which explains how I got attacked from behind and Penny tied up.” “I don’t know if I can believe anyone here would do such a thing. But I will find out.” “Also, I think you should get the police involved.” “No police.” “Mr. Jin, someone is out to do Jamie harm. They managed to get inside your penthouse. What would they have to do to convince you?” “No police, detective.” “Mr. Jin…” “Thank you, detective, you can go. I’m here now.” “But what about…” “You can go. I won’t be needing you until next week. Your payment will not change.” “Look, this is not about the money.” “Goodbye detective.” Adam, having no choice left without saying goodbye to Jamie. ************ Adam returned home and for his own peace of mind, he checked the front door lock twice and the elevator’s gate. He took the stairs up and tested the lock on the empty office then moved to his own. When the thought of anyone trying to get in passed, Adam headed up to his apartment, securing the door behind him then set the security alarm. He moved about quietly so not to wake Patrick. He glimpsed at the kitchen and noticed the dishes cleaned, dried, and put away. A warm sense of pride washed over him, from Patrick achieving one of his obstacles on his own. Disrobing to his bare skin, which Patrick loved to sleep in. Adam walked to the bed, finding Patrick sound asleep close to his spot on the bed. Adam thought about walking to the other side so not to disturb him, but Patrick’s bottom pointed towards him and he just couldn’t resist. He slid in and spooned his cool body close to the warm one. At first Patrick didn’t move, then as Adam settled against him the cool skin caused him to groan and shift away. Adam move with him pulling him back. Patrick was too tired to fight as he conceded. Adam rested his head down close to Patrick’s sweet-smelling hair and tried to shut his mind from anyone breaking in and trying to hurt anyone he loved. He remembered Patrick risking his own life to save him from the Harlequin killer in this same bed. Adam took extra measures to add more locks and an alarm should anyone try to break in again. Adam placed his hand on Patrick’s hip. Patrick turned over pressing his forehead against Adam’s broad chest falling back to sleep. Adam pulled the sheets over them both and drifted off to sleep with the man he loved. ************* Two men waited in a still car near an abandoned warehouse. They knew they failed in their mission, and hoped with persuasion they could get another chance. The pop came from both sides, neither man knew nor realized what happened. When their side windows broke, and the bullets enlarged into each of their temples, causing them to slump to the side bumping heads and dying. ************* A police car patrolled the area of pricy condominiums lining the docks. Motion detectors controlled the dim street lights that brighten whenever anyone or thing crossed its path. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the late hour. Someone returning home after walking their dog or from out on the town. The officer in the passenger seat was about to call in that all was clear when they saw someone running towards them frantically waving their arms. The car stopped and they both climbed out. “Thank god,” the young twentysomething male said, stopping just at the hood of their cruiser. “What seems to be the problem?” asked the driver. “I think I saw two guys shot,” he said in a shaky voice. “Back there, in an abandon warehouse.” “Who are you?” “I was just walking home.” “That’s not what I asked you?” “Look, I don’t want to get involved.” “You witnessed a murder.” “Murder? I never said it was a murder.” “Didn’t you say you saw two men shot?” “Yeah, but… It could have been a suicide. Or something…” “Let’s see some ID.” “Please can’t you keep me out of this.” “Alright, why don’t you start by showing us where this shooting happened.” The officer walked to the back door and opened it. “I have to go with you?” “I’m afraid so, since you don’t want to give us your name.” “Am I being arrested?” “You will be, if you don’t cooperate.” “What for?” “Well, you could be the killer trying to play the witness.” Both officers were steadfast as the male thought it over. “Okay, I’ll show you. But I’m not telling you my name.” “Climb in.” “I rather walk.” The officers glanced at each other and seemed annoyed. “Fine, I’ll go with him, follow in the car.” The male walked in an anxious manner as he led the officers to the undeveloped part of the docks. Which was on the opposite side. “Why so nervous?” the officer asked the male. “There’s a killer on the loose.” “So, you say.” “You’ll see.” They reached the end of the dock where an exoskeleton of a warehouse stood. Broken windows, graffiti walls, and overgrowth. “Where?” asked the officer. “Inside there.” “And what are we going to find in there?” “A car with two dead guys.” “How do you know they're dead?” “I saw them get shot.” “And you just assume they're dead?” “Well, yeah.” “People can survive gunshot wounds. Why did you want to walk here? Did you want to make sure they died?” “What? No.” “Get into the car, you’re under arrest.” “For what?” The officer moved to him and grabbed his arm. The police car came to a stop as the second officer climbed out. “What’s going on?” asked his partner. “I’m arresting him on suspicion of murder. You have the right to remain silent.” “No, it wasn’t me!” cried the male. “Anything you say can be used against you.” “Please I swear, I didn’t kill anyone.” His pleas went on deaf ears as the officer finished reading his rights to him. They handcuffed him and placed him in the backseat of the car. The officers climbed in and drove closer to the warehouse. They parked in the parking lot and climbed out, leaving the witness in the backseat. “Hey, don’t leave me here, there’s a killer out there.” “Or, maybe we already have the killer. Stay put,” said the arresting officer. They got out and went on foot through overgrowth to the warehouse. Right away, they saw the car close to a bay door near the river. They approached with their guns drawn and with caution. Two bodies, slumped over, sat in the car. The driver of the squad car pulled out his flashlight and shined it on the two figures, both sat with their eyes opened, with a single bullet hole in the temple. They appear to have been attacked from both sides. “Okay, I’m calling this in. Let’s go wait with the witness,” said the one holding the flashlight. “Shouldn’t we look around for clues?” “Do you want to suffer the raff of the detectives when they chew us out for stomping on their crime scene?” “Point made.” As they returned to the car one of them called their findings in as his partner noticed the back door to their car was open and the witness was gone. “Crap how did he get out?” he shouted as he rushed over to the open door, but to his surprise the witness wasn’t missing he was right where they left him in the backseat handcuffed, only with a deep knife wound across his throat.
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