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  1. keyisfake

    Chapter 2

    Anton is a joy to write. I'm glade the second chapter didn't disappoint. Thanks for reading.
  2. keyisfake

    Chapter 1

    Welcome aboard. I hope I don't disappoint. 😉
  3. keyisfake

    Chapter 2

    Adam Potters paced himself as his footsteps hit the path through the forest trail he found near his new home. His even breathing kept him focused on the trail ahead. It was the end of his intense work out he had every other day the first part at the boxing ring, the second with a personal trainer on hand to hand combat. He needed to be in peek condition ready for almost any threat. The turning season brought comfortable weather, but clouds and rain always became a menace. He journeyed home to a shower and breakfast with his lover Patrick Valdez, who slept in after a long day of unpacking after three days of being in their new house they bought together. Adam followed the path to his back fence with the back door he left unlocked, so he didn’t need to bring a key. He entered leading to the kitchen. He took off his sneakers and left them in the mud-room as he took the back steps to the second floor. When entering the bedroom, he heard the shower and noticed Patrick not in bed. He walked in and saw his aristocrat with his back turn lathering his body with soap. Adam stripped naked and opened the glass shower door causing Patrick to jump and turn. When he saw Adam, he breathed a sigh of relief. “You scared me,” Patrick said, making room for Adam as he stepped inside. “Sorry, but I need a shower.” Patrick smiled as he washed Adam’s sweaty body with his soapy sponge. Adam enjoyed the pamper Patrick catered and turned on cue whenever Patrick twirled his finger. Patrick ringed out his sponge as they watched their hair and shared the water to rinse off. Adam grabbed a towel and dried Patrick’s body before toweling his own. “So, you’re going to the office?” “That’s the plan.” “And leaving me with the rest of the unpacking.” “It’s not that much more to do and I promise, I’ll help this weekend.” Adam watched Patrick drop his towel to the floor and walk back to the bedroom. Before following, he picked the towel up and hung it to dry next to his own. He walked into the bedroom where Patrick laid on his stomach naked on their bed. “Aren’t you tuckered out from last night?” Adam asked. “Are you losing interest in me Mr. Potter?” Patrick said, rolling onto his back staring up at Adam. Adam lunged at him kissing his mouth. “That will never happen Pat, I love you too much.” Patrick reached up and ran his fingers through Adam damped hair. “I love you more. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Adam kissed him again deeper than before. Breaking he smiled at Patrick. “You have nothing to apologize for.” Adam kissed him again and grinned his crouch against Patrick’s, bought becoming arouse just as the phone rang. Patrick released a groan knowing who was calling. Adam said nothing as he rolled off him and answered the land line. “Hello.” “Good morning Boss,” said the harmonic voice of Adam’s assistant, Justin Shi. “Just checking to be sure we’re opening shop.” “Yes Justin, we are. I’ll be there in the hour.” “Ok, I’ll have the coffee ready.” “Thanks.” Adam said, hanging up he turned back to the bed finding Patrick gone. He glanced around and saw him at the dresser wearing a tee shirt and pulling out a pair of underwear. Adam came from behind grabbing his waist causing him to drop his garment. “And where do you think you’re going?” “Don’t you have to get ready?” Patrick said, looking straight ahead, lax in Adam’s hold. “I want you Pat.” Unsure if Adam meant as a choice or a need. Patrick allowed him to take him back to their bed. Adam’s caresses worked Patrick’s body into a frenzy just as the doorbell rang. Annoyed, Patrick blurted out his frustration. “Christ, did he drive over to give you a ride.” He regretted his remark and gave Adam an apologetic look. Adam climbed off the bed grabbing a pair of jeans out of the closet. “Justin has been nothing but a good friend,” Adam said, shoving his legs into his jeans. “This isn’t about Justin,” Patrick said, rising from the bed. The visitor increased the pressing of the doorbell. “Then what is it about Pat?” Patrick opened his mouth to speak when the caller knocked. Adam tugged his top on and without another word to Patrick he left to answer the door. He ran down the steps and yanked the door open finding AJ Chance on his doorstep. “Adam,” AJ said. “Glade I caught you at home.” AJ Chance, Adam’s ex-lover who cheated on him with his mentor. Stood pose with an angelic manner he once held Adam enthrall to, now no long worked. “What are you doing here AJ and how did you find out where I live?” “Your change address on your gun registration.” “You could have gone to my office.” “I did. You were ever there.” “Okay, so what’s so important that you had to track me down?” “Can I come in first?” Adam hesitated but stepped aside to let the detective pass. AJ eyed the staircase where he saw Patrick sitting part way down holding his cell phone, dressed. “Good morning Mr. Valdez,” AJ said, knowing Patrick was not happy to see him. Patrick looked from AJ to Adam. “Why is he here?” Patrick said, to Adam. Adam knew Patrick still felt uncomfortable around the detective considering he tried to charge him with murder of his ex-abusive boyfriend Gavin Martin. “I don’t know why the detective’s here Pat just give me a moment to find out. The coffee maker is on a timer why don’t you go have a cup and I’ll be in soon.” Adam lead AJ to his office and shut the door behind them. Patrick came down the stairs and glanced towards the kitchen and sighed. He grabbed his jacket and left the house. ************ Unsure where to go he looked at his cell and thought of calling for a ride when a familiar voice caused him to look up. “So where are you in a hurry to get to?” Anton said. Patrick’s face lit up as they hugged each other with warmth and sincerity. “Mother Potter,” Patrick said, as if he was the answer to all his problems. “Mother Potter, I like the sound of that. But you can call me Anton.” “Okay, Anton.” “And so, shall it be,” Anton said, playfully. They parted, and Patrick seemed lost for words. “You look like I caught you stealing the pie.” “What? No. It’s just Detective Chance came over to talk to Adam and I didn’t want to be in the house with him.” “Oh, I see. So, you thought leaving Adam alone with his ex was a better ideal?” “I didn’t fully think it through.” “I’m glade, I came when I did, or I would have missed you.” “Me?” “Well of course, I wanted to see how you were getting along unpacking and if you needed any help.” “You came to see me?” “Well, yes and seeing Adam is always a plus but my intention was to see you.” Patrick wrapped his arm around his neck and hugged him again. “Thank you. You don’t know what that means.” “What’s wrong Patrick?” Patrick step back and glanced away. “Adam’s going back to work today and I have to finish unpacking.” “Well now I’m here, so perk up.” Patrick smiled. “There, that’s better. Now, have you had breakfast?” “No.” “Then how about I whip us up something before we get to work?” “Crazy eggs?” “You know about crazy eggs?” “Adam made them for me once.” “Then take me to the kitchen.” They looped their arms and walked back to the house together. ************** Adam’s office was inviting with two large recliners facing his desk, bookcases lining the wall a mini bar stocked. He walked behind his desk and sat down gesturing for AJ to take a seat. AJ sat down and leaned back in the soft leather chair. “Business is doing well to afford this kind of taste,” AJ said. “The chairs were a gift from Patrick’s mother. I couldn’t refuse.” “His mother? Are you sure they came from her and not Patrick’s trust fund?” “Still doubting AJ? Why are you here?” “We need you to serve a summons.” “To whom?” AJ pulled out folded papers and handed them to Adam. “Sergio Blackheart?” Adam read the name and tried to hold in a chuckle. “What is he, a pirate?” “He’s the owner at an exclusive gentlemen’s club called Blackheart.” “I can imagine what goes on it there.” “You may not find out. It’s for members only.” “Is this a paid job?” “Yes.” “Fine, how soon do you need this done?” “As soon as possible.” “I’ll do it tonight.” “Fine.” They rose, and Adam started pass him to open the door for him when AJ touched his arm. “Adam, you’re not still upset with me about the Harlequin case?” “Why, do you care?” “I would like us to be friends.” Adam search AJ eyes and thought on the ideal for moment when he shrugged AJ’s hand off. “Let’s keep this professional for now. But to be clear I respect you as a detective.” “And I you.” “We’ll see where it goes, okay?” “Okay.” Adam walked AJ to the door and paused. “I would show you around, but Patrick is still untrusting.” “I understand.” Adam opened the door just as Patrick was unlocking it both surprised to see the other. “Pat, where did you go?” Anton looked at his son with a crooked eye. “Ah, hello, mom’s here?” Adam stun to see his mother standing beside Patrick. “Mom, what are you doing here?” “Oh, so that’s how you greet your mother? What are you doing here?” “No, I mean. I—just wasn’t expecting you.” “Can’t a mother visit his offspring?” “Well, yes. But—is dad with you?” “Do you see him? So, no. And how long are you going to wait to invite me in?” Adam flustered stepped back almost colliding with AJ who stepped out of the way. Patrick said nothing as Anton walked him inside still holding his arm. “Pat where did you go?” Adam asked again. “He came out to greet your mother,” Anton replied, looking at AJ. “Hello AJ.” Anton said, with suspension in his voice. “Hello Mr. Potter, good to see you again,” AJ said, waiting to lean in and kiss Anton’s cheek like he always did when he dated Adam but found it inapposite. “Just because you and Adam aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable with me.” Anton turned his cheek to AJ who caught the hint and leaned in and kiss him. “I should go,” AJ said, stepping pass Adam. He turned once more to them. “Goodbye.” “Goodbye AJ,” Anton said. Then shook Patrick’s arm. “Goodbye Detective Chance,” Patrick said. AJ nodded and left as Adam closed the door. Adam then turned to his mother. “You know Patrick, Adam resembles his father Troy more, when he looks at me like that.” “Look at you like what?” Adam asked. “I don’t know what to call it. Crazy?” Anton didn’t wait for a reply as he took Patrick’s arm and lead him away. “To the kitchen.” Patrick and Anton shared a giggle between each other as they walked ahead of Adam. Anton kept his promise and made breakfast. Adam ate more than anyone. He wiped his mouth filled with satisfaction. “This was amazing mom, thanks.” “No need for thanks. I’m your mother and this is my joy, to care for my kids.” His own words tugged at his heart and tears threaten to spill. He grabbed dishes and carried them to the sink until he regained control of his emotions. Adam didn’t noticed as he drained his orange juice, but Patrick saw the change of Anton’s face. “Well I would love to stay but I need to get to work.” Adam touched Patrick’s back bringing him out of his thoughts and kissed him. “I’ll see you tonight.” “Will you be late?” “I’m hoping not. This job AJ dropped into my lap should be easy.” “How easy?” Adam looked into his hazel eyes and smiled. “I’ll tell you all about it tonight. Love you.” “I love you.” Adam kissed him one last time before going to his mother who was washing the frying pan by hand. “Mom is dad coming to get you?” “I know how to get from place to place on my own, Adam.” “Okay, so you’re hanging out here?” “Yes, as a matter of fact I am. And stop questioning me.” “Okay.” He kissed his cheek. “I love you.” “I love you. Now go, so we can get to work.” “Okay, okay.” He grabbed the last piece of bacon and shoved it into his mouth. “I’m out.” He left through the front door to get to their detached garage his jeep parked out front. Once gone, Patrick stood to help clear the dishes away when Anton fainting.
  4. keyisfake

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for reading. I will upload once a week.
  5. I'm still working on my Sci-Fi but got side tracked with the next book in my Two Timer series called Lost. Hope you all enjoy. I will submit once a week.


  6. keyisfake

    Chapter 1

    Devin awaken late, only able to shower and dress in jeans, a button up cotton shirt and sneakers. He combed his wavy black hair back and checked his fair complexion in the mirror. Even though he was in his thirties, he still got carded. He figured he’d buy his breakfast and coffee once he got to work. He got on the J Bus going south to his part-time job. The crowded bus that morning yield one seat Devin could find was in the back beside a larger male who took up part of his seat. He sat close to the edge trying to avoid any physical contact as best he could. The bus jerked along as people got off at stops but even more boarded. This caused Devin to shift closer to the man beside him. He glanced sideways giving the man an apologetic smile when, without warning the man grabbed his knee. Devin tried to jerk his leg away but the man’s hand-held firm to his prize. “Hey, fuck off,” Devin ordered, in a low voice, not wanting to draw any attention to him. The man hesitated and removed his hand. Devin gave up his seat and stood the rest of his ride. Six stops later he climbed off the bus and headed for his destination. An adult erotic store called the Pleasure Hole. Devin found the clerk position two years ago. The owner, Molly Basset a red head, middle aged hipster woman. A good head for business and forgiving for his lateness. He stopped at a local shop to get coffee. He walked the block and a half and rang the bell, the only why anyone gained access. “Hey, Molly,” Devin said, entering the three-story building. “You’re late again, Devin,” Molly said, from behind the counter opening merchandise. He long red hair hung loose over her shoulders as her black rim glasses framed her mature but radiant face. Devin place the coffee in front of her and smiled. The swirling scent of coffee and cinnamon grabbed her attention. “Should I order breakfast?” “I’ve already ordered, and we have a client downstairs.” “All ready?” “It’s not usual,” she said, with a shrug. “Be a dear and handle him and above all make sure he buys something.” “Well do.” Devin grabbed his coffee and headed for the black door called, Practice Room Painted in white letters leading to the basement. Molly fixed up the cellar as a show place. Practice dummies needed to assess different torture methods. Devin opened a second door that buffered the sounds from below so not to disturb the customer upstairs. He wasn’t worry about being alone with the customer who used whips and riding chops. Molly also took precautions; first they must have picture ID, unexpired, that they leave with her. Second, security cameras recorded everything. Molly permitted him to carry pepper spray in case the client takes things to the next level. And, the call button guarantees the police will be there in minutes. Devin entered the room eyeing the rolls of prop dummies along the back wall. The various displayed tools of punishment all different shapes, sizes, and colors, secured in cages on the opposite walls. The client stood with his back to Devin staring at riding chops. Long black free hair reached the middle of his back. “Good morning, my name is D, how can I help you?” Devin said, keeping his distances to the man until he was sure he was there to buy and not to act out a fantasy. The man turned and to Devin’s shock he recognized him right away. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Anton Potter stared at the angry man and smiled not wavered by the hostility. “Hello Devin.” “Answer the question,” he snapped, clinching his fist. “I came to see you.” “I’m working. Get out.” “Not until you hear me out.” “There nothing I want from you.” “Oh yes there is, and you will listen.” “Oh no I’m not.” Devin turned to leave but when he grasped the door knob, it wouldn’t give. “Molly,” he said turning to one camera just above the door. “Molly, the door’s lock,” he called. “She knows because she locked it.” “She wouldn’t.” “I asked her to.” “What?” he turned to Anton furious. “You told her?” “It was the only why she would help me.” “Help you? She should have thrown you out.” “Devin, I know you’re mad at me but let me explain.” “Explain what how you abandoned me.” “I didn’t abandon you. Tina kept you from me.” “Lier! She told me.” “Tina was sick Devin. She kept you a secret from me and your brothers.” “Stop it, I don’t want to listen to your lies!” “Devin, if you would only listen things will become clearer.” “Clearer? Like the orphanage she had to put me because she had no money?” “She had support. Damnit Devin Tina lied to you. She put you in that intuition because you were in the way of her plans.” Anton moved towards him when he held up the pepper spray. “Take one more step and I’ll not only mace you but kick the crap out of you.” Anton back away and looked at the camera and nodded. The door unlocked, and Molly walked in placing her hands in Devin’s shoulders. “Calm down Devin. He’s leaving,” Molly said. Devin lowered the spray and allowed Molly to move him away from the door, so Anton could pass. Anton moved past, not taking his eyes off Devin, who matched his raven hair and reminded him of one of his boys.
  7. keyisfake

    Lost - Two Timer series

    Anton comes to town to find someone and involves Patrick. Adam is ask to serve a summons only to find himself involved in a mistaken identity. Lies smothers the truth as relationships hang in the balance.
  8. I wanted to give an up date. I'm now working on my Sci-Fi/ Fantasy story The Offering. I have a complete first draft so I decided to working on the second draft and maybe start posting it some time next month. It's on my page but not completed.

    I really enjoyed working on this story I even written a side story from the same universe.

    I'm nervous because it's my second attempt in writing Sci Fi/ Fantasy. The first one was deleted when my computer crashed. And that was back in my 20's.

    I almost stopped writing because it. It was like losing someone I loved I fell into a deep depression. 😪 I know that sound extreme but I invested, struggled, and cried over my work and to see it vanished like that hit me hard.

    But never mind that. The Offering is my next attempt and I hope you all enjoy it.

  9. I have left it for to late. So nothing fancy this time, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope that you had a great day.


    Take care


    (remember 52 is only a number)

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      I didn't go out yesterday because of the heat so I worked on the outline for my next book. I am going out today to have some fun. 

      It's true 52 is only a number so I won't let it stop me from my dream to publish one day.

      Thanks for sticking with me.


  10. Happy Birthday!

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      Thank you, thank you.😁

      I'm having a great day.

  11. keyisfake

    Chapter 39

    Thanks you. Adam was in over his head and if he had more control over his mind he would have tried to shut the town down. here's a hint, this town will return in the series and Adam will be more prepared. Not the next two or three books but it will return. Thanks for commenting and I'm glade you enjoy this. I'm still planning out the next one. I want it to be more upbeat.
  12. Also I see I have new readers of my stories so I like to welcome all of them.

  13. Thanks for your reactions and love. This one was dark so I'm going to try and make the next one a lite hearted one. Adam's parents will be meeting Patrick's. 


  14. keyisfake

    Chapter 39

    When Patrick awoke the next day, he got to see Adam’s fresh new injuries. His first instinct was to panic and wake Adam, demanding he explain what had happened to him. But he realized Adam might be too exhausted and didn’t want to get into explaining the past night's events. He was the one who told him to go help Yuri find Jamie even if Yuri was blackmailing him. Adam’s arm rest over his waist and didn’t stir when he moved it and got out of bed. Tugging on the tee shirt he had on the night before, Patrick moved to the kitchen wanting to make coffee. He filled a pitcher with water and poured it into the coffee maker, but he didn’t pay attention to how much he needed, and it overflowed. He used a tea towel to mop up the mess and dropped it into the sink. He grabbed the container marked coffee, measuring out scoops. He didn’t know how much Adam used so to be sure he used fifteen. He turned it on and went to work on breakfast. He opened the refrigerator to find eggs, no meat, no bread, leftover pizza. Patrick took out the eggs and found a bowl cracking each them fishing out pieces of shells. He grabbed a skillet and turned on the heat. “Okay, I need to season the eggs,” he said reaching for the salt and pepper, then remembered Adam liked a certain spice in his eggs. He rummaged through the spices looking for it, forgetting he had the skillet on. “I remember, it’s dill.” He found the spice and turned to find Adam standing behind him taking an overheated pan to the sink. “Adam, what are you doing? I want to make you breakfast.” Adam grabbed and kissed him. “First, good morning.” “Good morning.” “You look, so beautiful.” “Well, thank you,” Patrick smiled. “And you look like—you don’t want to talk about last night.” “I don’t.” “Did you find Jamie?” “Yes.” “He’s with Yuri?” “Yes.” “Adam, I need to tell you something about Yuri…” “There’s no need to. He pretty much told me everything.” “Everything?” “Yeah.” “Adam, I can explain.” “No.” “What?” “We’re going to take a shower, then I’m going to take you to breakfast, and then we’re going to take another look at our new house.” “But Adam, I need to explain.” “Patrick, things happened that can never be explained. Even if you wanted to. We’re going to have to just let the past be in the past. I kept my promise and came home.” “It’s what I wanted.” Then come shower with me and let’s enjoy the day.” The coffee maker started brewing and when Adam turned to look he saw thick sludge drizzling into the pot. He looked back at Patrick who seemed perplex by the sight. “I’ll go warm up the water.” Patrick raced off leaving Adam shaking his head. ************** Patrick walked further inside towards the breakfast nook through the kitchen. The room had a cozy feel with a rustic paneled window where he would put their table for two. The view of the garden was tranquil and inviting. Adam walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist hugging him. We did it,” Adam said. “Yeah, we did.” Patrick continued to look at the view. “Any regrets?” “Not when it comes to you.” “You’re the only man who ever wanted to take a chance with me. The rest only wanted…” Adam stopped him by kissing him. “Never believe I think less of you. I love you.” “I love you too.” Then Adam picked Patrick up in a bear hug, causing him to cry out with laughter. “Then no more doubts,” he ordered, smiling. “Okay, okay, no more doubts.” Adam lowered him down and kissed him again. “You know, we should christen our new home.” “Which room?” “All of them.” “We don’t have time for that now.” “Right, then one room.” “Here?” “No, keep guessing,” Adam said, taking Patrick’s coat off, then his own, dropping them to the floor. He took Patrick’s hand and pulled him into the kitchen. “Okay.” Patrick wondered why Adam dropped their coats to the floor but played along. “The kitchen then.” “Nope, wrong again.” This time Adam tugged off his own shirt and removed Patrick’s, dropping them to the floor, pulling him out of the room and into the hallway. Adam bent down and untied Patrick’s shoes and his own, then rose up. “We should leave our shoes here.” “Oh really?” Patrick said, watching Adam kick off his shoes. “Come on, your turn.” Patrick copied him and again Adam tugged him out of the hallway to a connected room. “Okay,” Patrick said. “The living room would be nice.” “Buzz, wrong again.” Adam reached for Patrick’s pants and began undoing them. “Adam, I’m going to run out of clothes soon.” Adam ignored him, he helped Patrick out of his pants exposing his sky-blue briefs, that hugged his ass. Then he removed his own, stepping out wearing tight black boxers. Again, Adam took Patrick’s hand and led him upstairs into the largest of the three bedrooms. “The bedroom?” asked Patrick. “A bit cliché isn’t it?” Adam smiled at him as he shook his head no. “Come on Adam, we’re down to our underwear.” “No, we’re not.” Patrick followed Adam’s gaze and saw that they both had socks on. “Allow me,” Patrick said, placing his hand on Adams shoulder and with his free one he pulled off his socks, then he kneeled and took off Adam’s socks for him. He stood back up and held out his hand to Adam, who grabbed it and walked him into the Master bathroom. The room was half the size of his bathroom at his parent’s home, but it did have a private bathtub, separate from the stand-alone shower and a view of the garden below. “So, you have one more guess,” Adam said. “Oh, well, let’s see, could it be here?” “Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.” Adam said, reaching for the hem of Patrick’s undies. “Adam, we can’t take a shower, or a bath, there’s no towels.” “We’re not getting wet from water.” Patrick grinned as he stepped close and place his thumbs between Adam’s hem line and skin. They both removed the other’s underwear pushing them past their thighs and allowing to drop to the floor. They never took their eyes off each other. When they step out of their last piece of garment Patrick could see Adam’s intentions, hunger, lust. Adam grabbed him and pulled him into a breathtaking kiss. Patrick could feel Adam’s hands moving all over him, fondling any part that would make Patrick moan. Adam’s lips moved from Patrick’s mouth to his neck along his shoulder. He kissed and bit as Patrick struggled in his grip his rigid cock bumped against Adam, causing longing sensations to run rampant through his body. Adam sucked each of his nipples as he kneeled and stroked his cock and balls. Patrick gasped out when Adam took him into his mouth. The feeling of heat and wetness kept Patrick captive as Adam’s tongue and mouth bathed Patrick in ecstasy. Adam suddenly stopped and rose, grabbing Patrick and moving him to the window making him face it. He saw their private garden below as Adam pressed against his back and whispered into his ear, kissing his lobe as he breathed heavily. “My bathroom window was the first place I saw you. The first time my cock wanted to be inside you,” Adam said. “I was fixing my hair in the mirror.” “That’s right and I was putting in a screen.” “Oh, is that what you were doing?” Adam grind his cock against Patrick’s ass. “Well, afterward I did have to relieve some stress.” “Do you have any lube?” “No need, I have my own.” Adam bent down and saturated Patrick’s velvet passage, using his fingers to relax his entrance Patrick moaned as Adam stood up. “Feel that baby?” “Oh, yes.” “Now feel this.” Adam slid his cock into Patrick’s ass slow until Patrick relaxed around him. He increased his thrusts holding him in place against his chest. He reached around and pumped his cock while pounding into him with great determination until he spilled his seed deep inside him. “That was nice,” Patrick said in a shaky voice. “Who said I was done.” Adam turned Patrick around and lifted him up. “Straddle me,” he ordered. Patrick wrapped his legs and arms around Adam as he reentered him. “Fuck, you’re still hard,” he said, as Adam gain deeper penetration. Patrick couldn’t say words as he’s bounced by his lover. “Oh, so nice, I can feel all of me inside you.” Adam walked him over to the sink and sat him down as he continued his advance. After a while Adam shook from satisfaction as he waited until his cock slipped from its confined space. Dropping to his knees he deep throated him. Patrick’s voice echoed the room until he shot down his throat. Adam drained him until he was empty then stood up. “Now that was nice.” “You’re a very passionate man, Adam Potter.” “You bring out the best in me.” Adam helped him to his feet and they caught their breath. “I can’t believe we bought a house, together,” Patrick said, kissing Adam. “We sure did.” “We can have dinner parties.” “Whatever you want.” Patrick’s smile vanished causing concern in Adam. “What’s wrong?” “Adam, I just unpacked. Now I have to repack to unpack again?” he groaned. Adam rolled his eyes. “You’ll be all right, we’ll do it together.” “Okay. You know what, I don’t care. We’re taking the next step and I couldn’t be happier. I love you.” “I love you more.” THE END
  15. keyisfake

    Chapter 38

    Adam knew not to park his jeep in plain sight. He found a hiding place behind an abounded factory. A large tarp he found crumpled up against a wall cover most of his jeep and used fallen panels to cover the rest. He studied the compressed damage to his rear fender, his license plate hung by one screw. The shattered back window looked more like a jigsaw puzzle missing piece. Yuri stood off watching the road, ordered by Adam, which was fine with him. He was not in the mood for manual labor. On the ground was an overgrowth of wildflowers and weeds joined by displaced gravel from the factory. Despite how run down the area was, Yuri noticed no graffiti on the walls or any garbage. Which was unusual since warehouses would be appealing to teenagers to make mischief. Adam walked up beside Yuri and glanced around. “Okay, we’re walking from here. We’re not far from Jamie’s stepfather’s house.” Adam said, handing Yuri a knapsack. Yuri looked inside the bag seeing the teaser and stun guns. “Do you have your gun?” Yuri asked. “Of course.” “Can I carry it?” “You’ve ever fired a gun?” “Yes.” “Then you should have brought your own.” Adam walked off, leaving Yuri to narrow his eyes at the detective. He removed two weapons and place one in his left and right coat pocket looping the bag on his shoulder and followed. Beyond the field, they entered a wooded area, walking for fifteen minutes when they came out to a quiet neighborhood of single homes with a detached garage. The setting sun made the horizon glow with red and gold, which reassured Adam of the sunsets he will get to share with Patrick at their new home. Relieved, he remembered the address Cole gave him and located the house two doors down. He also noticed an SUV parked in the driveway. “Come on we need to get out of sight,” Adam said, just as the neighbors were backing out of their driveway leaving. Adam took the opportunity to go around back. He gestured for Yuri to remain quiet as he moved to a side window. He looked in and saw Seth standing in the living room wearing his coat talking to another male. The man seemed familiar to Adam, but he couldn’t place his face. Seth turned and left, then they heard a vehicle start. “Stay here,” Adam whispered to Yuri as he moved to the front of the house. He kept low and saw the sheriff SUV driving off. He returned to Yuri and removed a taser from his coat pocket Yuri did the say. “Move fast and try not to make too much noise. We need to take him down fast just in case others are in there.” Yuri nodded in agreement. Adam peeked into the window again and saw the man watching TV. His back was to Adam. They moved to the back door and Adam considered if he should pick the lock, but the way the town was, he changed his mind and slowly turned the door knob which opened without trouble or any sound. Adam checked to make sure his taser and stun gun were ready to use. Then he nodded once at Yuri, who followed him inside. They made their way through the kitchen, down the hall, and to the entrance to the living room. The man continued to look at the television, unaware they were behind him. Adam took aim with his taser and was about to fire when a voice interrupted him. “Father are you down here?” Adam and Yuri froze and looked towards the familiar voice. It was Jamie dressed in waiter’s uniform, standing the stairs in confusion. Adam looked back at his target, who was standing and rushing towards him. Adam activated his taser and the prongs launched towards the stampeding male. “Yuri, go get Jamie,” Adam shouted. The prongs hit their point on target, but the man kept coming towards Adam, he tried to use his stun-gun, but the man grabbed Adam’s hand, stopping his advance and with the other hand he grabbed Adam’s neck in a choke hold tugging him forward into the living room. Yuri, unsure if he should leave Adam, saw Jamie turn at the bottom of the stairs and look directly at him. “Jamie are you alright?” Yuri said. “Who—who are you?” Yuri watched as a genuine fear washed over Jamie’s face. He took a few steps forward and could see Jamie shaking. “No, Jamie, don’t be afraid. We’re here to save you.” “Why are you calling me Jamie? My name is Christopher.” The panic in his voice cause concern for Yuri, who wanted to hug and comfort him. A loud crash caused him to look back and see Adam still struggling with the man. Yuri needed to help Adam. He turned back to Jamie. “Jamie, wait right there, I got to help Adam.” “No,” Jamie shouted as he turned to the front door. “Jamie, no, don’t go.” He hurried to stop him from opening the door, but when Jamie turned the handle he found the door locked. Jamie struggled, but looked back and saw him approaching from behind. He turned heel and raced up the stairs before Yuri could grab him. Adam had to drop the taser to grab the man’s hand that was choking him. He kicked at his shin and felt the grip loosen giving him a chance to bend two of the man’s fingers back. The cries of pain echoed in Adam’s ears as he pried the hand free from his throat. With a closed fist Adam punched his jaw and sent him staggering back. He jerked his wrist free and thrust the stun gun against the man’s neck, sending him to his knees. Dropping the weapon he delivered another blow to the man’s jaw knocking him out. Adam stood over the man waiting for him to move, but the body remain still. He collected himself, then gathered the man up and dragged him towards the basement. Yuri made it to Jamie’s bedroom door just before he could slam it close. “Jamie, please, let me talk to you.” “No, leave me alone,” he cried as he shoved at the door that Yuri managed to push open. Jamie moved to the window to call for help but Yuri caught him around the waist and pulled him to the bed, holding his wrists above his head and trapping his body beneath his own. “Jamie, I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to get you home.” “I am home,” Jamie cried. “No, remember you ran away.” “No.” “My name is Yuri Jen, we met when you hid in my car trying to run away from this town and your father.” “Why would I do that?” “You were scared of him.” “You’re crazy, I’d never leave my home or father.” Yuri realized there was no getting through to him when Adam walked in. “How is he?” Adam asked. “He doesn’t remember me,” Yuri said. “Let him up.” “What? He’ll try to run.” “Trust me, I know what will make him remember.” Adam stepped away from the door giving Jamie a clear path. Yuri was doubtful, but slowly got off Jamie releasing his wrist. Jamie sat up with caution watching Yuri move away from the bed. “I don’t know either of you,” Jamie said, standing. I need to go to work my father will be back soon.” “Really, I got the impression you thought he was downstairs,” Adam said. Jamie took his chance and tried to dart between the two men when Adam pulled out a taser and pressed it against Jamie’s chest sending him back. Yuri rushed and caught him before he hit the floor. “What the hell’s wrong with you Potter?” “Jamie told me this was the only way he was able to wake from his trance.” Jamie laid in Yuri’s arm shaking from the bolt of voltage coursing through his body. When his shaking stopped, he opened his eyes sluggishly and looked up at Yuri, who stare back with concern. “Yuri,” Jamie said. “Jamie, Jamie, are you okay? Are you hurt?” Jamie shook his head no. “You came back for me.” “Of course, I did. I would never leave you behind.” Yuri leans down and kissed Jamie while Adam looked on. He didn’t have it in his heart to break them up, but they still needed to get Jamie out of town before—Father finds out. “Sorry to break this up, but we need to go,” Adam said. Yuri and Jamie parted. “Adam, I didn’t know you were here. You came to help Yuri save me?” Adam was about to say Yuri was helping him, but let it drop. “Listen, the sun’s down so let’s get back to the jeep and get out of here.” “That I can agree with Detective Potter,” Yuri said. They hurried downstairs with Adam first, followed by Yuri holding Jamie’s hand. Adam tried the front door, finding it locked. This worried him. “Father locks me in when he goes out. How did you get in?” “We came through the back door,” Yuri said. “As I thought you would Mr. Jen,” Seth said, stepping into the hall from the living room with three of his men one of whom Adam tussled with. They all turned as Jamie hid behind Yuri. “Detective Potter, I must say I am not happy about your return, after I told you to stay away.” “My mom always told me I had a hard head,” Adam said, putting his hands behind his back. “We’re going to test that theory,” said the one Adam fought with. He noticed the bruise forming on the guys jaw the had dried blood from a cut lip. “Not today.” Adam pulled his gun and pointed at Seth but two of his men stepped in front of him. “Now I want you all to step aside so we can leave,” Adam ordered. “You’ll never get out of town with my boy,” Seth said. “We’ll see about that,” Adam said. “Now move.” “Let them by,” Seth ordered. “We’ll see them again.” Adam kept Yuri and Jamie behind him as they moved pass the men. They all exit the back door and Adam slammed it shut. He grabbed a shovel nearby and wedged it under the handle. “Stay close,” Adam said as they ran toward the woods to get back to his jeep. But more of Seth’s followers were waiting and saw them coming. “Change of plans.” Adam took a detour crossing an open field to get to the center of town. They came from behind a closed gas station. Adam checked for any familiar people moving about before heading in the direction of the diner. Yuri and Jamie stayed in step beside Adam as they passed several small businesses, card and candy, underground comics, crafts and clay, tea house, even a movie theater. “The diner is just ahead. Now listen, don’t say anything. Let me do the talking.” “Why?” “Hopefully it’s crowded, so we can stay unnoticed, until I can think of another way to the jeep.” “Fine.” Adam reached inside his coat and touched his gun first, then checked on his own taser in his side pocket. They reached the glass door just as someone was leaving. A male with a stocky physique, well-groomed appearance wearing firefighters, issued gear holding a slip of paper. He held the door opened for them. “Thanks,” Adam said, grabbing the door. The man said nothing in response as he continued walking away. They entered a busy dinner rush as they waited in line for the host. Adam remembered the host name being Shawn but this time there was another male in his place. A fresh face American native with light brown shoulder length hair. His slim frame matched his fellow co-workers. Adam looked around and saw Cole and Peter both serving tables. The clientele were more diverse with men, women, and a few children none over the age of a few months. The host worked quickly seating the guest and when he noticed Adam and Yuri he flashed a flirtatious smile at them then he noticed Jamie. “Welcome to WillowMoss diner, how many in your party?” He spoke in a soft, jovial tone that gained Adam and Yuri’s attention beside his divine looks and jewel eyes. Adam noticed his name tag read Dax. “Well, thank you, Dax,” Adam said, smiling back. “It’s just the three of us tonight.” “Christopher, I thought you were working tonight.” “Oh, well…” Jamie started, not sure what to say. “We’re old friends of Jamie—I mean Christopher. Father said it was all right for us to catch up,” Adam said. “Oh, well, would you prefer to sit at the counter which is no wait. Or a booth which will be a twenty-minute wait?” “The counter would be perfect.” Yuri could see Adam was flirting with the young man, why, he didn’t know. Dax gathered three menus and stepped from behind the podium. “If you would just follow me, I’ll get you seated,” Dax said still smiling. “Lead on,” Adam said. Yuri was not enjoying Adam’s behavior and felt sorry for Patrick, who believed his and Adam’s relationship was solid. They took their seats at the counter as Dax gave each of them a menu. “Your server will be with you in a moment,” Dax said. “Thank you, Dax,” Adam said with a crooked smile. Yuri saw that the response affected the young man who blushed from Adam’s attention as he walked off. “What the hell are you doing?” Yuri whispered, irritated with Adam’s behavior. “What’s your problem?” Adam asked, giving Yuri a sideways glance as he opened his menu. “Why are you flirting with him when you’re in a committed relationship with Patrick?” “One, I’m working, two, my relationship with Patrick is none of your business and three…” Adam stopped when he noticed Shawn coming out of the kitchen, who didn’t see any of them as he made a beeline to the podium where Dax stood. Yuri wondered why Adam stopped talking when he followed his gaze. “Is he important?” Adam asked. “Shawn is Father’s—favorite,” said Jamie. “What do you mean?” Yuri asked. “He doesn’t mean his drinking buddy. Jamie get him to come out back.” “Why?” Jamie asked. “He’s our ticket out of this town.” “But the taser won’t work on Shawn.” “I don’t need to taser him, I just need him. Now tell me where the back door is?” “It’s through the kitchen.” “Let’s go Yuri.” “I’m not leaving Jamie.” “It’s okay Yuri, I’ll be fine,” Jamie said, squeezing Yuri’s arm. “This is crazy,” Yuri said, not wanting to let Jamie out of his sight. “It’s the only way Yuri. He’ll be fine now that he’s back.” “Adam’s right, I can do.” But before Adam and Yuri could leave, their waiter came up. “Hi, I’m Finn and I’ll be your waiter,” said a young Latino with deep green eyes bronze skin and the stander lean body like the others working at the diner. “It’s okay Finn, they’re only in here asking about the town. I told them to go to City Hall.” “Oh, okay,” Finn said, about to walk away. “Oh, one more thing Finn can we go out your back door, we parked out there,” Adam asked. “That shouldn’t be a problem right Finn?” Jamie asked. “No, I guess not. I’ll show you the way.” “Thanks Finn, come on Yuri.” Adam got up and followed Finn. Yuri hesitated as he stared at Jamie still holding his hand. “It’s okay Yuri, I’ll follow you.” “I’ll wait one minute, then I’m coming back for you.” “I know.” Jamie wanted to kiss him again, but thought it best not to draw any more attention to them. Yuri follows Adam as Jamie moved towards Shawn. “Shawn,” Jamie said. “Christopher? I thought Father was keeping you home tonight?” “He changed his mind and said I could come to work, but he wants to talk to you first. He’s out back and told me to bring you to him.” Shawn had no reason not to believe him, he and Christopher were close once. “Okay, let’s go,” Shawn said. While Patrick and Shawn headed for the back, out front Father’s SUV pulled up. Shawn followed Jamie, who made sure to shut the door behind them once in the alleyway. Stacked wooden crates and pallets kept Adam and Yuri hidden until Jamie shut the door. “So, where’s Father, Christopher?” asked Shawn, turning to him. “That’s not my name anymore Shawn.” “What?” “My name’s Jamie.” A stunned Shawn realized Jamie wasn’t under Father’s influence. “Father’s not coming, is he?” “We need your help Shawn.” Shawn didn’t need to ask who we, were. He turned and tried to run when Adam stepped out from behind the crates blocking his escape. “Don’t make this difficult,” Adam said. “We just need your help to get out of town.” “What makes you think I’ll help you?” Shawn said. “Why are you so devoted to that mad man?” Yuri asked. “He’s not mad. Everyone loves him,” Shawn yelled back. “With mind control,” Yuri said. “No, Father cleanses our mind to open our eyes to the mistakes of humanity.” “Enough, we don’t have much time. We need to get to my jeep,” Adam said. “Where is it?” asked Jamie. “I parked it behind an abandoned warehouse.” “You’ll never make it there,” Shawn said. “Never underestimate me,” Adam said. He pulled out a taser and showed it to Shawn. “This is on the highest level., If you try to call out for help, or make a run for it, I’ll hit you with it. Unless, you don’t mind being slung over my shoulder?” Shawn said nothing in response as Adam grabbed his arm, pulling him down the alley with Yuri and Jamie following. A moment later, Seth pushed opened the back door who Dax told him Shawn went with Christopher to go find him. “Pan out and find them,” ordered Seth. “Should we do an all-points bulletin, Father?” asked one of his deputies. “Yes.” The man went back to the SUV and radio the message to the switchboard to have the word of the fugitives broadcasted over the radio and TV. They stayed off the main street as they made their way back to the gas station. They moved down a quiet block with high bushes as Shawn struggled in Adam’s grip when his fingers dug into his arm. “What did I tell you about fighting?” Adam barked at Shawn tugging him close to him. “You’re hurting my arm,” Shawn said. “Then keep up the pace.” “I don’t want to leave,” Shawn said in a sob. “We're not taking you with us Shawn,” Jamie said. “We just need Father to let us leave town.” “He’ll let them leave town if you stay.” “No, I want to be free and out from under Father’s thumb.” “You don’t know how good you have it here.” “Being controlled is not having it good,” Yuri said. “Father loves Christopher,” Shawn said. “Funny, I would assume you would want Christopher out of the picture,” Adam said. “Why would I want to see Father unhappy not having his son around?” Shawn asked. “Well, Jamie has monopolized Father’s time. Which meant less time with you?” Shawn said nothing which told Adam he was right. “Listen, when we get to my jeep without any problem, I promise to let you go.” “Really?” “But Adam, we need him,” Jamie said. “I can get us out of town without him. So, do we have a deal?” Shawn thought it over and nodded his head. “Okay, but we need to get a car. Father will have an APB out on us then everyone in town will be looking for us.” “Any suggestions?” “Any car will do. They all have keys inside them.” “What?” “The town is safe, no one commits crimes here. If they do, it’s dealt with right away.” Adam saw a four-door sedan and walked up to the driver side door looking into the window. The keys to the car were in the ignition. He tried the door and it opened without trouble. “Let’s go, Jamie you and Shawn in the backseat.” Once inside Adam handed Jamie the taser. “If he tries anything use it.” “Okay,” Jamie said, glancing at Shawn. Adam started the car and drove to their destination. He tried not to speed so not to draw any attention. But he soon found out they were on to them. He glanced into the rearview mirror at Shawn. “All the cars have GPS, don’t they?” Adam asked not needing an answer as Shawn remained quiet. Sirens flashed from behind as Adam increased speed trying to outrun them. Two police cruisers were gaining on them as Adam tried to prevent them from passing. “There’s the field, hang on we’re going through it.” Adam turned the car off the road and headed straight for the warehouse in the distance. He hit a dip that jerked the car sideways, but Adam was able to regain control. A cry came from the back seat. Yuri turned thinking it was Jamie, but he saw Shawn holding his head crying out in pain. “What is it, did he hit his head?” Yuri asked. “I don’t think so,” Jamie said, dropping the taser and grabbing Shawn, who dropped his head on Jamie’s lap still crying out. “What’s happening to him? He’s in pain,” Jamie cried. Adam listened to the panic in Jamie’s voice as Shawn’s screams echoed in his ears. Then he knew what he had to do. He turned the car around and headed back the other way. “Adam, what are you doing?” Yuri yelled. “We’re almost there.” “He’s suffering because we’re taking him from the town,” Adam said. “How do you know it’s not a trick?” “We’re going to find out.” Adam hit the same bump and in seconds Shawn’s cries melted away to a whimper then silence. “He passed out,” Jamie said. “And he’s stop holding his head. Adam slammed on the breaks and slid to a stop as the vehicle circled him. He put the car in park and looked back at Jamie. “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be, you saved his life.” “You did the right thing,” Yuri said. They watched as armed men surrounded them. Adam raised his hand and Yuri copied him, as the men opened their doors, and pulled them from the car forcing them to kneel. Jamie got out on his own as one of the firefighters checked on Shawn. Father climbed out of his SUV and hurried over to Shawn. “Is he alright?” he demanded. “Yes, Father, he’s unconscious, but he’s fine.” “Get him into my truck.” “What happened to him?” Jamie asked. Father looked at him, but didn’t respond, instead he walked over to Adam and Yuri. “First, take Christopher to the truck, I don’t want him to hear or see this.” “What, no, Father—no. I’ll stay with you if you let them go.” “Jamie, no,” Yuri said. “Don’t stop fighting him.” Someone struck Yuri in the face to quiet him as Jamie’s dragged off and locked in the back seat of Seth’s SUV with Shawn. Once Seth was sure Jamie couldn’t hear “I need to show you something Detective Potter. It’s something that will interest you both.” One of Seth’s men held a tablet in front of Adam. “This is a live feed.” He started the stream and Adam watched as a camera moved around a room. “Does this look familiar to you, detective?” Adam saw the room as just a room, then he started to recognize it as his own apartment. The camera moved about showing the kitchen, the living room and then it led to the bedroom. There, someone laid asleep and as the camera got closer Adam saw Patrick sound asleep. “What is this?” Adam demanded, trying to stand, but two men grab him and Yuri and held them in place. “Keep watching detective, it gets better.” Justin steps into view, smiling at the camera before climbing onto the bed lying beside Patrick. Justin is handed a container that’s labeled gasoline. Without opening it Justin pretended to pour it all over Patrick. “No,” Adam cried, struggling, as the tablet’s moved away. “My, that would not be a pretty sight if that scenario was played out.” “He’s not part of this. Patrick knows nothing.” “I know. But you don’t know how to listen. I need to be sure you will listen this time. And I want you to be sure that Patrick is not the only one you love we can reach. Troy and Anton, your parents and brothers are in my reach so don’t test me detective. My world will be undisturbed. Understood?” “Yes,” Adam said defeated. “And how about you Mr. Jen? Do I have your word?” “Yes,” Yuri said, not hesitating. “Good. You both can stand now.” The men pulled them to their feet. A vehicle came up stopping just behind them. “Your jeep is right there and you’re free to leave.” They released Adam and Yuri. Adam turned and saw his jeep but couldn’t understand why Seth was letting him go again. “You sacrificed yourself to save Shawn. So, I’m returning the gesture, an eye for an eye.” “You mean he would have died?” asked Yuri. “Never mind that. If either of you speak of this to anyone, I promise I will come for Patrick and you will never see him again. Understood?” “Yes,” they both said. “Oh, and one more thing,” Seth said, looking back at his man guarding his SUV. “Let Christopher out.” Without question, the door opened, and Jamie climbed out. “Come here son.” Seth waved for him to approach. Jamie moved over to his father all the while looking at Yuri with tears in his eyes. Seth wiped his son’s tears away and smiled down at him. “My biggest regret is that I was too lenient with you, but that’s my mistake. You’re older now and I shouldn’t dictate where you want to be. If you want to go with Yuri Jen, then I won’t stop you, but you can never return to us. Is that what you want, to leave your family?” “I love Yuri.” “I hope that’s not one sided.” Seth leaned in and kissed Jamie on the forehead before letting him go to Yuri. Jamie ran into Yuri’s arms holding him tight. “Don’t forget what conspired here, gentlemen.” “What about Justin and Ethan?” Adam asked. “They’re on their way home as we speak and free from me. They will not remember anything that happened so don’t try to remind them.” Seth walked away, and his men copied his moves and they all boarded their vehicles and drove off. In silence Yuri and Jamie climbed into Adam’s backseat as he climbed into the driver’s seat. Yuri had offered to drive, but Adam wouldn’t have it. He needed to be in control as they passed the welcome sign to the town and on route to the City. When they arrived, Adam dropped Yuri and Jamie off at a hotel and he hurried to his building. It was after midnight when Adam climbed his stairs to his apartment and rushed to his bed where Patrick lay untouched. He needed a shower, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the sleeping figure. He stripped and climbed into bed, gathering the warm naked body close to his. Patrick shifted in his hold as he took a deep breath, feeling Adam’s breath on his neck. His eyes shot open and he turned to face Adam shock to see him. “You’re here,” Patrick said, touching his face in the dark not seeing the new bruises and cuts in place of the old ones. “Where else would I be?” Adam said, kissing his mouth. “I was afraid you didn’t get my texts.” “I’m so glad you’re here.” “Me too.” “Are you, all right?” “Yes. I told my parent this is where I needed to be, with you. And I told them about the house.” “Our house.” “Our house.” “Patrick, we’re going to be okay. I’ll make sure of that.” “I know you will.” They kissed one last time before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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