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  1. keyisfake

    Chapter 36

    Patrick returned to his room. He messaged Cora on his cell phone telling her to inform everyone he didn’t want to be disturbed. He tried to take a nap, but he couldn’t stop his mind from racing. Building up scenarios of Adam’s death. He tried to wipe his negative thoughts clean, but they kept returning. His throat felt dry and he wanted a drink. But all he had in his room was water. His parent’s thought it best not to allow him to have a mini bar at his disposal. “Damnit,” Patrick shouted, sitting up in bed. “Not again. I’m not going back to bad habits.” His cell rang, and he saw Justin’s ID. “Why do I have his number?” Patrick sighed, and tried not to sound annoyed. “Hello.” “Patrick, have you seen Adam?” Justin asked. “You know he’s with me at my parents.” “It’s just I’ve been worried about him. He’s been sending me weird text.” “What about?” “The case he was working on.” “What was weird about them?” “One said, he didn’t feel it was safe. That people were coming for him.” “Who’s coming for him?” “That’s the strange part. He never said. I just think you should keep a close eye on him.” “Well, I always do.” “Okay, I just thought you should know. Goodbye.” Justin hung up. Patrick sat back thinking over what Justin told him. “Adam would never allow me to go on a case with him, except, he would take Justin in a minute. I’ll never understand that, I could be there for support.” Then it all made sense to Patrick. “Adam will be tired and stressed. He wouldn’t want to have to drive back here after finding Jamie, he would rather go to the apartment and that’s where I need to be waiting for him.” Patrick climbed out of bed and dressed. He went to his mother, who will be disappointed that he was leaving early, but understanding. *************** “Patrick, tonight’s the last night of the party. You know your father and I are leaving the country tomorrow.” Drusilla said, after Patrick found her posed on a ladder holding her camera in the greenhouse taking pictures. “I’m sorry about this mother, but I need to be there for Adam. And that means at the apartment. Can you understand?” She climbed down and sat her camera on a table nearby. She reached out and placed her hand on one side of Patrick’s cheek. “Of course, I can understand. And Adam better know how lucky he is to have you.” She kissed him and took his arm as they walked to the door. “I feel I’m the lucky one.” “Don’t be so down on yourself about your past relationships. We’ve all been through bumps in our life.” “So, yours and father’s relationship had bumps?” “Oh, heaven, yes. In fact, there was a time we almost divorced.” “When?” Patrick gripped her hand in concern. “Darling, don’t fret. It was long before your conception. We moved into our first home and were just getting to know each other. Things like that happens.” “First home?” “Yes. It was a house that Raoul found and bought for me.” “And you almost parted because of it?” “Everyone brings their own baggage. And sometimes the illusion is shattered and reality sets in.” “Shattered?” “Patrick there are things two people are going to have to come to grips with and get over.” “What was yours?” “Your father is a flirt and likes attention, but I come to see that he wants my approval when he does it. He likes it when I watch.” “Did he cheat on you?” “Never, he just likes to flirt.” “What was father’s” She grinned. “I farted.” They both laughed. “So, that was it?” asked Patrick. “Apparently that was all it took to knock him out of his fantasy. He didn’t believe females fart.” “What did he do?” “Well, he sat there with this surprised look on his face and I turned to him and said, “I had broccoli at lunch. Then he laughed. Then I laughed.” “You both are weird.” “Who’s weird,” said Raoul, entering the room. Kissing his wife first, then Patrick. “Our son who dresses like a female superhero says we’re weird.” “What’s wrong with being weird?” Raoul asked. “I guess nothing,” Patrick said. “Raoul, Patrick has to miss the party, he needs to go home to wait for Adam.” “Does he?” “It’s important father and I need your support.” “And you have it. Go be with Adam.” Patrick was stunned by his father’s response, but thrilled that maybe his father had come to like Adam and fully accept their relationship. Patrick hugged and kissed his parents and started to leave when he stopped and turned back to them. “Oh, I have news. Adam bought us a house and we signed the papers today. I’ll have you both over when you get back. Bye,” he said, leaving his parents speechless. *********** Patrick’s parents offered their driver to take him home. Patrick passed on it not to cause waves with Adam if he sees him using his family’s wealth. While he waited to arrive, he thought over what his mother told him. True, he and Adam had flaws. Being dreadful in the kitchen was his and he wants to stop being such a catastrophe and a burden on Adam. He had mastered washing dishes, so the next thing must be cooking. He knew a little about shopping for groceries, but preparing a meal was still tricky. Now that they had a house Patrick knew he had to step up more as a partner. When he moved into his condo by the docks, he only had to call people to handle decorating. He was involved with the style he wanted, but the actual labor he hired people. “Adam wouldn’t refuse hiring movers. He had a business to run,” thought Patrick. “He wouldn’t take too much time off and I guess I can handle the decorating by myself.” Patrick pulled out his cell and tried to call Adam to tell him where he’d be, but his call bumped to voicemail. Not taking that as anything to worry about. Patrick text Adam his change in plans and said he will be at the apartment waiting for his return. After pressing send, Patrick felt more confident in his decision of going home. The cab pulled up to the front of the building. Patrick climbed out and unlocked the front door for the driver to carry his bags inside. Who wouldn’t at first until Patrick told him how generous his tip would be. Patrick locked the door behind him and walked to the elevator finding it locked. Adam never showed him how to unlock it. He looked at his bags and the stairs and knew he wasn’t going to carry them all by himself. He was done-in and only wanted a shower and a nap. He climbed the three flights and went into Adam’s office through his reception, into his private office and staggered up the last flight of stairs to the apartment, leaving the door at the bottom of the stairs unlocked. Seeing their bed Patrick only wanted to collapse onto it, but wanted a shower more. He shed his clothes and walked naked into the bathroom. After exiting the shower wearing another of Adam’s tee shirts with nothing underneath Patrick was feeling recharged and hungry. When he went into the kitchen, he noticed his favorite mug with his brand of tea inside with a sticky note attached that read: “Have a cup of tea and think of me. Adam.” Patrick blushed, he grabbed his cell and texted Adam. “Adam, how did you know I would come home?” He noticed he haven’t received a response from his last text. He turned on the burner to heat the water. Then checked the fridge, finding two eggs, and a frozen turkey, in the freezer. He wasn’t in the mood to go out to eat, so he ordered a veggie pizza instead. He went to put on a pair of jeans to receive the delivery.
  2. keyisfake

    Chapter 35

    Once Adam drove pass the main gate, he dialed Yuri Jen’s cell number. Yuri answered on the second ring. “Hello, detective Potter.” “Mr. Jen, do you still want help finding Jamie?” “I’d be grateful.” “All right. I still have some things to do. Let’s meet at the diner near my office in say, two hours?” “I’ll be there.” “Okay, see you in two hours, goodbye.” “Goodbye Detective Potter. Adam hung up and called Justin, but his call went to his voicemail box that was full. “What the fuck Justin, where are you?” Adam pressed redial and after the third ring he was going to give up when someone answered. “Hello,” said someone who wasn’t Justin. “Can I speak to Justin?” “He’s sleeping.” “Who’s this?” “Who are you?” The undertone in his voice raised red flags for Adam. “This is Adam Potter, Justin’s employer. Now it’s your turn.” A deafened pause followed before a response came. “Ethan.” “Okay, Ethan. Can you wake Justin for me, I need to speak to him?” “I said he’s sleeping.” “I’m sure he’ll want to talk to me.” Another pause, then murmuring. “Yeah,” said a groggy voice. “Justin?” “I said yeah,” Justin said, yawning his response. “It’s Adam.” “Okay.” “I need you to meet me at the office.” “Now?” Justin groaned. “I’m coming from Patrick’s family home so in an hour would be great.” “Is this important, I’m dead.” “Yes, Justin it is.” “If it’s about that research…” “As a-matter-of-fact it is. One, I never received it. And two, did you go to WillowMoss?” More dead silence, then out of nowhere the call drops. Adam considered calling back, but felt he got his answer and knew his next destination. *********** “Justin’s naked body shook as he sat on his bed with Ethan beside him. He dialed a number he had no way of knowing. After one ring the someone answered. “You have news?” said the raspy voice. “I think Adam knows I’ve been to the town,” Justin said. “This is not news, so I need you to go to him and find out what he knows. Keep communications open. Understood?” “Yes.” Justin lowered his cell and looked at Ethan tugging on his jeans. *********** Adam stopped at two places a pawn shop and the police station. AJ sat and listened to Adam’s broken story about WillowMoss while Artie paced behind him. Adam also wrote down his statement and handed it over to AJ and Artie to read. “There, that’s all I can say,” Adam said. “Say?” Artie said, with a muddled look. “Say what? All you told us was that a diner employed young men only, and they had numbers. That’s it. The rest of your rant and written statement was incomprehensible.” “Thanks Artie.” Adam said. “No, Adam. He’s right, didn’t you listen to yourself? You went on and on about—nothing,” AJ said. “Then that should persuade you to come with me,” Adam pleaded. “We have no jurisdiction in WillowMoss,” Artie said. “I just need you both, to have my back.” “For what?” To save someone named Jamie Steward, whose real name is Christopher Huge. What makes you think he wants help?” “Come on AJ, you know me, I would never ask for help.” “True, you did like doing things your way but, to be honest Adam, you gave us nothing to think there is any wrong doing in WillowMoss,” AJ said. “Get us some evidence and we’ll investigate. Adam left the station feeling defeated. He never thought AJ would refuse to help him, but he did suspect they would. At least if anything happens to him, they’ll remember their last conversation with him. A deep sigh left him as he recalled Patrick’s word asking him to come back to him. And here he was making sure someone knew his last whereabouts. He climbed back into his jeep and reached for a bag on the floor in the backseat. He removed one of three sun guns and one of three tasers. He didn’t want this to become a shootout, so he found less life-threatening means as he opened the boxes and plugged them in to charge. By the time they reach the town he’ll be ready. A text came to his cell and he saw it was from Justin. ‘Meet you at the office.’ Was all it said. This only confirmed Adam’s fears as he started his Jeep, Justin was under the same trance, but at least Adam knew how to free him. He made good time as he found a parking spot near his building. He checked his watch and found he still had twenty minutes before meeting Yuri. He entered the building and went right for the elevator making sure the lock was in place. Taking the stairs up, he touched his pocket where he tucked a stun gun. He reached his office where he found the door opened and no lights on. He walked in and noticed his office light on, but the door shut. “Justin,” he called. No answer. Opening the door, he saw Justin sitting on a male’s lap in his chair involved in a deep kiss. Adam stood perplex that Justin didn’t respond to him when he called and that he was using his office to make out with his fling. “Justin,” Adam said. The males stopped their embrace and looked at Adam. After seeing Justin’s face Adam knew something was wrong with his friend. Dark circles under his eyes, pale skin, and he looked drained. Justin rose from the male’s lap who also stood and walked over to the window. Justin stepped around standing in front of Adam leaning on his desk. Other than Justin’s face the rest of him looked normal. His hair and clothes were neat. “You wanted to see me?” Justin said, in the same tired voice. “Yeah, I want to know what’s going on with you, and who is that,” Adam asked, jerking his head toward the other male. Justin glanced at his companion and smiled. “Oh, him? He’s just a friend.” “Let me guess, this friend’s name.” Adam glared at the male who’s face also revealed fatigue. “Are you Ethan?” “Good guess. Justin said you are a good detective.” Adam returned his focus to Justin. “Did you go to WillowMoss?” Justin glanced away, but Adam grabbed his chin and made him look at him. “Answer me Justin.” “Hey man, take your hands off him,” Ethan snapped, taking a step towards them. Adam shot him a glare that stopped Ethan from approaching. At the same time, he reached into his pocket and removed the stun gun kept out of sight. “I need you to stay out of this,” Adam ordered. “Adam, I swear we never went,” Justin said, almost cringing. “You’re lying Justin and I understand why.” “Oh, do you?” Ethan asked. “I told you to stay out of this,” Adam barked, not taking his eyes off Justin. He released Justin’s chin only to grip the weapon in his hand tighter. “You’re going to go find him?” Justin asked. “Find who?” Adam returned. “Christopher.” “How do you know that?” “He’s not going to want to leave this time.” “He will, when I get to him.” “Are you going to use that on him?” Justin asked, referring to the stun gun Adam held. “If I have to.” “Are you going to use that on me?” “If I must.” Justin closed his eyes for a second before reaching out to touch Adam’s face. “You have no idea what you’re dealing with. This is beyond your control, any—of our control.” “I know, and I’m sorry.” Before Adam could strike Justin with the stun gun Ethan rushed him, sending him off balance, but not to the floor. Justin managed to move away unharmed as the two men fought. Ethan tried to grab Adam’s wrist that held the weapon, but Adam managed to toss the male off him. Only to have him bolt at him again, but this time Adam pressed the device against his side, sending him into spasms then dropping to the ground. Adam checked the charge and turned to Justin finding him in a corner with his cell to his ear. Adam didn’t need to know who he was talking to, when he rushed at him, jabbing the stun gun against his neck, causing Justin to drop his cell and collapse to the floor. Adam found the cell and broke it with his heel. He sat with Justin as he came to and looked at Adam. “Hey boss,” he said, groggy. “Hey yourself, how are you feeling?” Justin was confused by his question as he realized where he was laying. “What am I doing in your office and on the floor?” “What’s the last thing you remember, Justin?” “I remember…” Justin suddenly lost his voice as he tried to say he was in the town WillowMoss with Ethan but was unable to. Adam knew why he was struggling and touched his shoulder. “It’s okay Justin, I know why you can’t talk. Come on I’ll help you up.” Adam pulled him to his feet and Justin flinches from the pain in his neck. “Sorry for that, I had to wake you out of your stupor, so I had to use this.” Adam showed him the stun gun. Justin still didn’t understand what Adam was talking about but switched his attention to Ethan groaning on the floor. “Ethan?” Justin moved from Adam to his friend helping him to his feet. “Are you, all right? Adam, what is he doing here?” “I found you both here,” Adam said. “What—I don’t remember.” “I won’t be able to explain fully but you were both in a trance and the only way to wake you, was to hit you both with this stun gun.” Ethan looked at Adam and Justin as he found his footing. “Are we okay now?” asked Justin. “I think so, go home and rest. I’m going to handle things from here on.” “What are you going to do?” “It’s best I don't say, just go home and get some rest.” “Who are you?” Ethan asked. “He’s my boss,” Justin said. “Okay, then I agree with him. I could use sleep right now.” “Good,” Adam said. Adam locked up and walked them downstairs. Ethan saw his Range Rover and held the door opened for Justin, who rolled down his window to talk to Adam. “Adam, I feel so strange.” “I’ll call you tomorrow Justin. We’ll find a way to work through all of this, okay?” “Okay, boss.” Adam smile and touched Justin’s cheek. “It’s good to have you back.” “It’s good to be back.” Ethan started the rover as Justin rolled the window back up. They pulled off, leaving Adam at the curb. Once Ethan turned a corner his cell phone rang, and he answered it. Justin looked for him but couldn’t find it. “Ethan, I think I left my cell back at the office, mind if we go back and get it?” Ethan didn’t respond as he continued to listen to the caller. Justin muscles were sore as he yawned his exhaustion. “Ethan, did you hear me?” Ethan brought the cell from his ear and held it out to Justin. “You should listen to this.” Justin hesitated as he reached for the cell. “Who is it,” he asked. “You know,” was all Ethan told him. Justin raised the cell to his ear and listened as a voice spoke. ************* Adam went to the diner and saw Yuri, sitting at the counter. He walked up and saw him drinking a cup of tea. “We’re not staying, pay and meet me outside.” Yuri tossed a ten on the counter and left. He found Adam waiting. “Let’s get this over with. We have a long drive and we need to make a plan.” “My car’s just down here,” Yuri said. “We’re taking my jeep,” Adam said, walking off ignoring Yuri’s protest. Yuri grudgingly followed, sensing Adam was not in the mood to argue.
  3. keyisfake

    Chapter 34

    The esthetics of the Aquarium were breathtaking. Small, marine life lived there nothing bigger that a sea turtle. “We used this Aquarium to home recovering aquatic life until they’re released back into the wild,” Patrick told Adam, while both lay naked under a blanket on top of mats they found in a storage room. They propped themselves up in front of the tank that held two sea turtles watching them swim around. “That tank is huge,” Adam said. “We wanted them comfortable.” Adam looked over at him, seeing his glowing skin. “Are you comfortable?” Patrick smiled as Adam raised his arm and draped it around Patrick’s shoulder pulling him closer. “I’m always comfortable with you.” “Good, because I feel the same with you.” Adam gave Patrick a gentle kiss. “You amaze me Mr. Valdez.” “Why?” “Because, of your generosity and faith in me.” “I always have faith in you, never doubt that. Where is this coming from?” “Nowhere.” “Adam, you’re lying. Does this have anything to do with what Yuri said to you?” “Pat…” “You’re leaving again,” Patrick said, pulling away from Adam, who moved with him wrapping his arms around him. “No Pat… Listen, just forget about it. I’m here for you and only you.” “Really, because it seems that you want me to tell you it’s okay to run off again?” “No Pat, look at me.” Patrick tried to avoid eye contact with Adam, who grabbed his chin and raised his gaze. “Pat, I love you.” “I love you…” Adam kissed him before allowing him to say anything else. Which worked when they parted Patrick stopped protesting and relaxed back against Adam. “This is nice, and I wish we can stay like.” Adam raised an eyebrow giving a crooked grin. “We need to get ready for the party,” confirmed Patrick. “Yeah. So,” Adam stood, pulling Patrick up with him. “Get dressed and I’ll go turn off the lights, so we can go tell your parents our great news.” “About our house.” “That’s right, our house.” Patrick’s face brightened as Adam lifted him off his feet. “That’s the face I wanted to see.” Adam lowered him and gathered their clothes handing Patrick his. They tugged them on and Adam helped Patrick on with his shirt. “Now finish dressing, and I’ll be right back.” “Okay, don’t forget, just the switches that are marked.” “I won’t forget,” Adam said, grabbing his shoes, and rushed off. Patrick slipped on his shoes and started rolling up the mats to return to the closet. Adam came back and helped straighten up. They both returned to the house running into Patrick’s Uncle Bernardo. “Adam, welcome back,” Bernardo said. “It’s good to be back,” Adam replied, giving Patrick’s hand a little squeeze. Bernardo noticed that Patrick’s attention was elsewhere. “Patrick your mother was asking for you earlier.” “She was?” “Yes, she’s in her bedroom.” “Her room? Is she not feeling well?” “She’s fine, no need to worry.” “Well, I’m going to go see her,” Patrick said. “Good idea,” Adam said, “I’ll hang down here.” “You can join me for a drink,” Bernardo suggested. “I’d like that.” Patrick started up the stairs as he watched Adam and his uncle continued down the hallway. He quickened his steps up the flights of stairs, walking down the hallway towards his mother’s room. A room door opened, and Yuri stepped out startling Patrick. “Damnit Yuri, you scared me.” “Keep your voice down, you wouldn’t want anyone to hear.” Cleaned and dressed, Yuri seemed back to normal. Only his statement seemed off putting to Patrick. “So, if they do?” Patrick snapped, then realized what Yuri meant. “So, you told him about us?” “Are you fucking out of your mind, no?” Patrick whispered. “Then you’re going to convince him to go to WillowMoss to find Jamie.” “The hell I am.” “Patrick, Jamie’s in danger.” “So, I should send Adam to risk his life for my replacement?” “Don’t think of him like that.” “Why shouldn’t I? You tossed me aside to save him. Then go save him yourself and leave my boyfriend out of it.” “I need Adam’s help.” “Find someone else.” “Fine then, I’ll tell him about us.” “There’s no—us. Besides, Adam will never believe you. It’s your word against mine.” “What about our movie?” “What movie?” “The one I made of us. You were amazing.” Patrick tried to slap Yuri’s face only for Yuri to grab his wrist and hold it captive pushing him against a wall. “Talk Adam into going. I don’t care how, just do it.” Yuri started to release his wrist, but instead he kissed Patrick who tried to protest. Yuri moved away. “Don’t ever do that again,” Patrick snapped. “Do as I ask Patrick, or I’ll tell Adam what happened last night.” Yuri walked towards the staircase leaving Patrick stunned. *********** After they finished their drinks Bernardo excused himself to make a phone call. Adam wandered onto the patio. A chill still lingered in the air as Adam enjoyed the peacefulness. Not hearing Patrick approach from behind. “Hey,” Patrick said, stepping up beside Adam, who reached out and ran his fingers through Patrick’s soft curls. “Hey yourself. How’s your mom?” “She just wanted to check up on me.” “So—did you tell her?” Patrick looked at Adam confused at first, then remembered their announcement. “I forgot.” “What, I thought you would gush over it.” “Well, we got to talking and it just slipped my mind.” Patrick turned away crossing his arms. Adam moved to him and turned him to face him. “Pat, you’re not having second thoughts, are you?” Patrick wanted to cry but held his emotions in the best he could. “Adam, I know you want to help find Jamie.” “Pat…” “And you should,” Patrick knew his words came out stronger than he wanted. Adam stared at him concerned but said nothing. “You took him as a client and you need to see it through. He needs your help.” “I thought you didn’t want me to leave you again?” “I don’t, or I mean I didn’t.” “So why the change of heart?” Patrick swallowed his anger and looked at Adam with as much sincerity as he could fake. “You supported me in all my ventures. It’s time I support you in yours. Even if it entails you, putting yourself in danger for others.” “Pat…” “You have to promise me that you’ll come back.” “Of course, I’ll…” “No, Adam. Promise me that you won’t jeopardize your life to save someone. You’ll come back to me.” “Patrick, I promise I’ll come back to you.” Patrick hugged Adam, fighting tears that wanted to fall as Adam hugged him back. Patrick led Adam back to the kitchen, so he could leave unnoticed again. “Walk with me to the jeep?” Adam asked. “Sure,” Patrick answered in a meek tone. Adam grabbed Patrick’s hand as they moved to his jeep. Patrick starts to pull his hand away once they reached the vehicle when Adam yanked him towards him. “Adam,” Patrick said, alarmed. “Pat, you can change your mind at any time.” “What—why?” “I know this is bothering you.” “Adam… I’m not going to change my mind.” Adam leaned in and kissed Patrick sending his head back. When they parted Adam bent down and whispered in Patrick’s ear. “You are an amazing man. And I’m so very lucky to have you.” Patrick snapped his head up. “Adam, that’s not true.” “The hell it’s not. Pat, I’ll come back to you and I promise I’ll make time for us and make it up to your parents.” “I know.” Adam released Patrick and climbed into his jeep. Patrick watched as he drove off.
  4. keyisfake

    Chapter 33

    “Christopher,” said a familiar voice that penetrated Jamie’s deep sleep. At first Jamie didn’t respond. “Christopher, it’s time to wake up.” Jamie’s breathing increased as his head rocked from side to side. He opened his eyes and a sweet aroma touched his nose. A person he hasn’t seen for years stared back at him with long amber hair, painted lips, a clean natural face and with the same loving smile he had missed for a long time. “Mom?” he asked. “Good morning sleepy head. Better get up, you’re going to be late.” She turned and walked over to the window opened the curtains and raised the shade. Jamie sat up, still groggy looking over his room. A storage chest at the foot of his bed, a writing desk, and dresser. Posters of movies and bands, that were around decades before he was born. “Mom,” he said, she turned around and smiled at him. “Yes?” He wanted to ask her why she was there, but the words escaped him as he rubbed his eyes and yawned. “What’s for breakfast?” “What else, pancakes, your favorite. Now go take your shower and come down to eat.” “Okay.” She left the room. Jamie climbed out of bed looking around again, then headed for the bathroom down the hall. When he was clean and dressed he walked into the kitchen and saw his mother pouring juice in glasses at the table. Jamie enjoyed wonderful smells that floated in the air. He sat in his spot at the table and noticed another place setting. For years, it was just him and his mom. She never talks about his dad except that he died in a car accident when she was pregnant. She was at the stove loading up a plate with eggs. She carried it over and placed it in the middle of the table. Jamie was confused. “I thought we were having pancakes, mom?” he said, looking at his mother, whose facial expression had changed to somber. She didn’t look at him she was staring at something else. Jamie turned from her and saw a man sitting in front of him drinking a cup of coffee. For a moment Jamie didn’t know him as he watched him scrape eggs onto his plate. When the man looked at him Jamie’s mind seem to clear. “Christopher, we had pancake three days in a roll, can’t I have eggs just this once.” “I guess,” Jamie said, grabbing a biscuit. He looked over at his mother who hadn’t moved. “Mom aren’t you going to eat?” she looked at him, not saying a word. “Christopher,” said the man across from him, catching Jamie’s attention. “Are you excited?” “For what?” “First day of high school,” he smiled, reaching into his back pocket retrieving his wallet. “Here, take this for whatever.” He held out a twenty. When Jamie reached for it his mother grabbed his arm. Right before his eyes, the skin on her arm began to decay. It started as dry patches that broke apart, then ooze seeped from the cracks. Jamie struggled to break free as the process attacked the rest of her body. “Mom, mom!” His body shook as he shut his eyes to the terror. Another hand touched his shoulder, causing a new sensation that jerked him awake. Panting with a cold sweat Jamie saw houses passing by. “Hey Chris, you okay?” Jamie turned and saw his childhood friend Cole driving. Jamie tried to collect his thoughts when it washed over him the he was going to school. “Christopher,” Cole said, stretching every syllable, knowing he didn’t like his friends calling him by his full first name. “Shut up.” “Cranky, what did you do last night?” “I thought I was sleeping.” “Yeah, me too,” Cole said, switching on the radio. When he couldn’t find anything but static he turned it off. They sat in silence as Cole turned on a stretch of road lined with fields. Their high school was a half hour drive away. Something caught Christopher’s eye. Off in the distance he saw construction going on. “What’s that they’re building over there?” asked Jamie. “The new coven I think. I heard my dad talking about it.” “Want to go check it out after school?” “We’re not supposed to, so hell yeah.” When Jamie looked back at the road a pickup truck turned into their lane and charged towards them. Before Jamie could call out it was too late. Another jolt awoken Jamie. He was staring at a ceiling, when he realized he was on his back. He didn’t want to move to sit up, he continued to stare at the ceiling. The image made him feel calm and happy. In fact, his whole body responded to what he was seeing. He took a breath and a wonderful smell of earth and freshness filled his nose. The sound of water surrounded him as whatever he was lying on caressed his skin. He combs his fingers beside him touching what he believed was fur. A face appeared in his line of view, smiling down at him. “Do you know who I am Christopher?” asked the man. “Yes, Father.” “Good. I can see you’re enjoying this, so I’ll be brief. I can’t allow you to leave me again. You mean too much to me. You look so like your mother,” he said, touching their foreheads. “I never wanted to put you under like the others. You were to be my special one. But you left me with no choice.” Jamie had no reaction for him except for a slight grin. Father looked up towards someone. “Begin the treatment.” Jamie didn’t understand what he meant now cared as Father moved out of sight. Slowly Jamie drifted back to his high when the image above him shifted in shape. The figure of his mother was there along with other women all dressed in robes. They circled him as they chanted the same verse. He looked around and saw other boys, no more than seven or eight. Younger than he was, or, so he thought when he looked down at himself and saw he was as young as they were. They too wore robes with a strange symbol on the front. They were holding hands and seemed calm. They were inside a barn with black walls with a drawing of an eye on each of them. The women’s chanting increased as the eyes on the walls started to glow. Jamie felt safe as the room brightens with a warm light. Until someone screamed. Jamie shot his eyes to his mother and saw blood on her chest, then he saw something shiny go over her throat causing more blood to spill down. Jamie and the other boys tried to cry out, but no sound came as hooded figures dressed in black swarmed on the women. None of the boys could move as the figures turned to them and thrust a hood over their heads. Jamie’s eyes opened as he lay in a hospital bed. His sight shifted around the room as his pounding heart calmed. He tried to sit up, which was difficult. He looked at his right arm that had a cast on it and an IV in his left hand. He got out of bed and tolled the IV with him towards the mirror. His reflection startled him, seeing a black eye, and a cut lip. He looked around trying to remember what happened. He checked the closest finding it empty. He moved to the dresser and opened the draws finding nothing. He went to the door and discovered it locked. “Why was he locked in?” he wondered. He hurried to the window finding no way to open them then saw him. Yuri walking towards a taxi. “Yuri.” Jamie banged on the window calling out to him. Tears fell from his eyes as he watched Yuri climb into the cab and the driver pulled off. “Why are you leaving me?” he screamed. “Because he doesn’t know you’re here,” said a voice behind him. Jamie turned and saw Father. “Stay away from me,” Jamie screeched. “Now, Christopher, calm down.” “Stop calling me that. It’s not my name anymore, my name is Jamie!” “Now you know that just isn’t true.” “You killed my mother!” “You still harping on that? It’s time you got over that boy.” “Don’t come near me.” “I don’t have to.” The migraine came so fast that by the time Jamie registered it, it was too late as his vision blurred and he collapsed to the floor.
  5. keyisfake

    Chapter 32

    Adam was a bit uneasy showing Patrick the country home. They awoke early having breakfast in the kitchen with a few of the staff that were female. Adam was impressed how comfortable Patrick was with them. They knew of his Cosplay and his and Adam’s relationship and were supportive. Adam’s injuries were healing and with the help of pain killers he was able to function normally. Adam drove them in his jeep and neither said anything about what happened to the other last night. Patrick tried to busy himself on his cell texting to Mia who was out of town with Adam’s older brother Paul. Adam wasn’t sure if Patrick had fully forgiven him. He’d hope, seeing the house would prove to Patrick that he was serious about their relationship. “Who are you texting?” Adam asked, keeping his eyes on the road. Patrick lowered his cell just as they ended their texting. “I text Mia to see how she was doing.” “So, how is she and Paul?” “They're busy and having fun. She’s emailing me pictures.” “I’m glad they hit it off. Mia’s a great woman.” “Me too.” Patrick said, still staring at his cell in his hand. His tone told Adam something different. He knew Patrick had doubts about their own relationship. “You know, we should plan on taking a vacation from it all.” “What about your work?” “Well, I’m done with my latest case and I must admit I could do with a break.” “Wait, you’re done with the case?” Patrick asked, looking at Adam with optimism in his voice. “As in, no more body guarding?” “That’s right, Mr. Jin said he no longer needed my services.” Patrick’s face brightened as Adam smiled. “So, there’s that pretty smile I was looking for this morning.” Patrick blushed as he looked away still smiling. “Sorry,” Patrick said. “I had a lot on my mind.” “Tell me about it.” “No. It was silly. Tell me how you found this house?” “I was driving and saw a garage sale and ran into someone I knew from the police academy. She was moving away with her family to a new job and needed to sell her home. She invited me in and showed me around then gave me an inside deal if I make a bid before the end of the week.” “Adam, I’d understand if this is something you really don’t want.” “I would have never told you if I didn’t want it Pat.” “I’m not the greatest of roommates.” “I have no complains.” Adam reached out taking Patrick’s hand. Adam pulled the soft palm to his lips kissing the back. Patrick still had the guilt of what he might have done with Yuri but knew if he and Adam were just left alone they would erase all doubts. Adam knew his kiss with Jamie was out of his control so to tell Patrick would only cause more problems between them. He didn’t want Patrick worrying about his career choice, he only wanted to make him happy. ************ Yuri first heard voices around him when he opened his eyes, he saw unfamiliar faces talking over him. He realized they were two females a doctor and nurse, they notice he was awake. “Welcome back Mr. Jin, I’m Doctor Hayes,” she said, giving his chart to the nurse who walked away. Yuri looked at the name tag confirming her name. She pulled out a thin flashlight and checked his eyes minding a bandage that covered his forehead. She turned off her the light and smiled at him. “You were in a car accident. How are you feeling?” she asked. “Fine,” Yuri said, still unsure of what was happening. “Can you tell me your full name?” “Yuri Jin.” “Good, now the date?” Yuri was about to answer when he remembered Jamie. “Jamie, where is he?” “Jamie, who’s that? A friend, family member?” “My—lover. He was in the car with me.” “No, you were alone when someone found you.” “No, he was with me.” “Mr. Jin when the paramedics got to you, you were alone.” “What, no…” Yuri tried to sit up, but a dizzy spell hit him hard causing him to fall back. “Please lie still Mr. Jin, you’ve been through a traumatic event.” “Jamie, I need to find him.” “What you need to do is stay put so you can heal. Now I’m going to prescribe something to help you sleep. The nurse will be back to give you a pill.” Doctor Hayes typed something on a tablet then started to leave the room, then stopped at the door. “Oh, we took the liberty of calling Miss Bell for you, she should be here shortly.” She left the room as Yuri lay in shock from hearing his once loving friend's name. Finding out her feelings towards Jamie was only hatred. A lump grew in Yuri’s throat at the thought of never seeing Penny again. If she had only said something he might have eased her worries. He slowly sat up and got to his feet. Still feeling tipsy he managed to find his clothes and dress. Catching his image in a mirror, he saw the bandage cut on his forehead and the bruise on his mouth. He tried to remember what happened, but his mind was blank. He opened the door and found a dark hallway with no one in sight. He glanced around finding it strange that just a moment ago a doctor and nurse were in his room. He moved for the exit, deciding to take the staircase down. He saw that he was on the second floor and held onto the railing as he traveled down. When he reached the lobby, he found it deserted, not even security. He walked slowly outside the stars filled night sky where his car with the trunk crushed in, the driver side and passenger doors were missing. “Where are you Jamie,” he said, panic racing through his body. He looked around and down the path towards the exit gate was a taxi. He moved to the car and climbed into the backseat. The driver didn’t ask Yuri where he wanted to go, as Yuri gathered himself searching his pockets for his cell unable to find it. “Driver, I need to go back, I left my cell phone,” Yuri said, but the driver ignored him. “Did you hear me? I need to go back,” Yuri said louder as the driver said nothing turning down streets that Yuri was unfamiliar with. With closer inspection of his surroundings Yuri realized he wasn’t in Cargo City. Nothing looked familiar. “Driver where are we, what neighborhood is this?” Still he received no answer. He reached for the door handle finding it missing, nor any way to roll down the window. He looked at the driver’s credentials, but only saw a silhouette with the caption, ‘Welcome to WillowMoss’.” “I’m in WillowMoss?” Yuri said to out loud. “That can’t be.” But then he saw that they were driving towards the highway. Yuri banged on the plexiglass. “Hey, stop the car I want to get out!” But the driver didn’t flinch, it’s as if he was unaware of Yuri in the car. Helpless, Yuri sat back as they passed the billboard reading: You Are Now Leaving WillowMoss. Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay. With an image of a family embracing one another. Yuri knew he was leaving Jamie behind, but he also knew he was coming back to find him, but he needed help. He glanced at the driver’s dashboard and saw the time was 4:30 a.m. He closed his eyes and decided to conserve his strength. **************** Adam knew the place still wasn't what Patrick was accustomed to, even though Patrick never complained about staying in Adam's one-bedroom apartment above his office. He watched, the now empty home, as Patrick quietly walked through each room, looking in closets and draws, opening windows, and running water until he finally approached Adam with a warm smile on his face. Adam who stood with Megan Sutter, and her realtor Craig, doubted Patrick’s demeanor. "So, you hate it," Adam asked. Megan glanced at Adam shocked by his comment. Patrick stepped closer to his worried detective then lightly slugged him in the stomach. Adam leaned forward pretending to suffer pain. "You think I'm shallow?" stated Patrick. "No," Adam said, smiling. "Liar, I love it! I want to move in now." "Really?" "Yes, and for you doubting me you have to cook dinner for me for a week.” "Is that all?" Adam asked gathering his smiling lover in his arms. “So, it’s a go?” Megan asked knowing the answer. Adam looked at his friend. “If my offer is enough?” “And if it’s not I’ll cover it,” Patrick said. Adam was about to protest when Patrick cut him off. “If we do this we’re in this 50/50. Okay?” Adam seem to be thinking it over then smiled. “Okay, anything you want.” “Wonderful, the papers are drawn up if you’re ready to sign?” Craig said. “We are,” Patrick spoke first. Adam signed, and Patrick followed for every page they needed their name or initials. When they finished the paper work both Adam and Patrick transferred their half of the offer through their phones. Megan and Craig walked to the front door follow by Adam and Patrick. She turned to Adam handing him the keys to the house. “Here you go, there’s three sets total.” “Thanks Megan,” Adam said. “No, thank you. I’m glad I’m giving this place to someone I trust.” She glanced at Patrick and smiled. “It’s good meeting you Patrick. I know you’ll both be very happy here.” “It’s nice meeting you too Megan. And good luck with your new career and addition.” “Thanks. Well, the place is all yours, enjoy.” Adam leaned down and kissed her cheek and she returned the gesture. “Good luck Megan, you deserve it,” said Adam. “Thanks Adam, goodbye,” she said to them as she walked to Craig’s car and climbed in. Adam gave Patrick his set of keys and watched as he locked their front door. “I wish we could stay a little longer,” Adam said. “Me too but we need to get back,” Patrick said, staring at his keys as they walked to Adam’s jeep. “Do you want to tell your parents?” “As soon as possible.” “What do you think their reaction will be?” “They’ll be happy for us.” “Are you sure about your father?” Adam said opening the passenger door for Patrick who climbed in. Patrick seemed lost in thought as Adam closed his door and boarded the driver side starting the jeep. Patrick remained quiet through their journey not taking his eyes off the keys in his hand. Adam pulled over to the side of the road and put the jeep in park not turning off the motor. “Pat,” Adam said, gaining Patrick’s attention. “I’m sorry.” “For what?” “I should have never brought up your father like that. I’m sure your mother and father will be happy for us.” “I want them to be. But if for any reason they, meaning my father, disapproves then—oh well.” “Oh well?” “Yeah. I’m old enough to make my own decisions and if he wants to cut me off because I refuse to listen to him then it will be his lost and his alone.” “Pat.” Adam reached over and caressed a tear that rolled down Patrick’s cheek. “I know that your father loves you and there is no way he will ever cut you out of his life. Even if he’s mad at you. So, I believe he’s going to be onboard with our decision and support his little boy.” Patrick smiled as another tear rolled down his cheek. Adam wiped it away with his thumb. “Now no more tears. This is a huge thing and I want you happy.” “I am.” “Really?” “Yes.” “Prove it.” “How?” “Wait until we get back.” “What but I want to know now.” “No, tell me how we should decorate our place.” “Decorate? I always had someone for that.” “Then here is your next lesson. We are going to do it ourselves.” “We are?” “Yeah, it’ll be fun. Like, we can paint the living room orange and the kitchen black.” “What? Adam no.” “Then how would you do it?” “They living room needs to be inviting with a warm color and the kitchen…well…I’m not sure.” “That’s okay. That’s why we’re doing it together. And I promise I won’t paint any room a color we don’t agree on.” “I’m so excited about this.” “It’s going to be amazing.” Adam pulled his jeep into the same spot he parked in his first arrival to the Valdez estate. He climbed out and walked around and opened Patrick’s door. Once out Adam pulled him into an embrace. Enjoying his detective’s new-found libido. Patrick stopped Adam regaining his composure. Adam didn’t like the interruption as he tried to kiss Patrick again. “Adam,” Patrick laughed, pushing against Adam’s brawny chest. “We can’t, not here.” “I told you to prove to me that you’re happy,” Adam whispered then bit his ear. Patrick laughed as he struggled against Adam. “As much as I want you, we can’t do anything here.” “No one’s around.” Patrick shook his head at Adam’s persistence. “Now come here,” Adam ordered trying to pull Patrick closer to kiss him. Patrick turned his head sideways causing Adam to miss his lips. “Adam as much as I want to, here is not accommodating. There’re security cameras.” “Pat, I want you now, so, where?” Adam kissed him and returned to sucking his neck. “Was this how he acted when he had Jamie in his arms?” Patrick wondered. “Okay, okay Adam, I have an idea. First stop biting my neck.” Adam raised his head and gave Patrick a questioning stare. “This better be good.” “It is. We can go to the Aquarium.” “The Aquarium?” “Yes.” “Pat, you want me to drive us to the Aquarium? That’s a bit out of the way.” “Drive. No, I mean my family’s Aquarium. We have one on property.” “There’s an Aquarium here?” “Yeah, it’s below ground.” Patrick said. “Okay, show me this Aquarium,” Adam said, baffled by Patrick thinking it was normal. Patrick grabbed Adam’s hand. He was about to lead him away from the house when Yuri Jen stepped into their path. They froze staring at Yuri’s injuries and crumpled appearance. “We need to talk detective,” Yuri said. “How did you know where to find me?” Adam asked, feeling Patrick squeezing his hand. “Adam…” “It’s okay Pat, I’ll just be a minute. Go to the door, I’ll follow soon.” As Adam released his hand and walk towards Yuri. Patrick gave Yuri a warning glare as he left. Adam made sure Patrick was out ear shout before confronting Yuri, who, didn’t want to wait. “They have him,” Yuri said, his voice shaking. “You have to help me.” “Keep your voice down, Patrick could hear. Just tell me what happened.” “I was going to take Jamie out of the country when my car was hit from behind. I woke up in a hospital, in WillowMoss.” “WillowMoss,” Adam said, out loud remembering his bizarre experience. Something he’d hope was behind him. “What happened to Jamie?” “I don’t know. I don’t remember being taken to the town.” “So, how can you be sure he’s there?” “I don’t. But why would they take me there, and not him?” “We have to call the police.” “No, Jamie told me they’ll be useless.” “You do remember three people are dead. I can’t do anything that interferes with police investigation.” “This has nothing to do with the police. Jamie is being held against his will.” “Why did they let you go without a warning?” “What?” “Never mind. Yuri you need to call the police. I can’t get involved anymore.” “Why not?” Yuri watched as Adam looked towards the house where Patrick stood by the back door. He knew Patrick was the person he needed to talk to next. Without a word Yuri turned and walked towards the front of the house disappearing around a corner. Adam headed towards Patrick meeting him halfway. “What was that about?” “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” “But Adam…” “Pat I’m starving. Let’s grab something to eat.” Patrick allowed Adam to open the door for him that led to the kitchen. “What did he want?” Patrick asked. “Nothing I’m concerned about now. Come on, you have a promise to keep.”
  6. keyisfake

    Chapter 31

    Earlier: Unaware to Yuri, when he left the Valdez estate, someone followed him. He phoned his lawyer and told him to meet him at the police station. When he arrived, his lawyer stood outside the building waiting for him. “Mr. Shutter, I trust, I will be able to take Jamie home tonight?” asked Yuri, who continued up the steps with Shutter close behind. “Once I review the police findings I’m sure it will only be a matter of paper work, Mr. Jen.” When they walked in their directed to the second floor. Yuri sees Jamie walking down a hallway followed by Detective Chance. “Jamie,” Yuri said. Jamie rushed to Yuri, hugging him. “Yuri, you came.” “Are you all right,” Yuri asked Jamie, patting the younger man’s back and hair. But before Jamie could speak, he broke down sobbing against Yuri’s chest. “It’s all right Jamie, let it out.” “I’m so sorry, Yuri,” Jamie cried. “This is my fault.” “Jamie, quiet,” Yuri said. “How so, Mr. Steward?” asked AJ, opening the door that led to his and Arite’s office. Jamie sucked in a breath not turning around gripping Yuri’s body in hope for help. “Please come in,” AJ waited as Yuri, not letting go of Jamie, walked into the office followed by his lawyer and AJ. “Of course, he meant getting him a bodyguard,” Mr. Shutter said. “And why did Jamie need a bodyguard Mr. Jin?” AJ asked. “That is a private business matter, detective,” Shutter said. “Actually, it’s police business now,” AJ continued. “It’s become a murder investigation.” “So, shouldn’t the police get on with finding out who murdered Mr. Jen’s staff?” “We can’t do a proper investigation when Mr. Jen is holding back information.” “Detective Potter was there. Wouldn’t he be more informative?” Everyone, except Jamie, looked at Adam, who sat with his arms crossed in front of Artie’s desk with his back to the folly, thought only of Patrick, relieved that he was out of the folly for once. Adam wonders why Yuri threw him under the bus considering Yuri ordered him not to get the police involved in the first place. He turned in his seat and set his eyes on Yuri, who composure didn’t flinch. Adam was ready to let everything he knew spill out, but something nagged at the back of his head preventing him to speak of WillowMoss. “We’re in the process of getting Mr. Potter’s statement,” Artie said, not even addressing Adam as a detective. Yuri glanced at his lawyer who excused himself and went into the hallway. “Where’s your lawyer going?” Artie asked Yuri. “He’s going to handle things,” Yuri said. “Aren’t you concern about the death of your assistant, Penny Bell?” AJ asked. “I’m concerned about all three of my people, detective.” “Then help us understand why they’re dead.” But before Yuri could answer his lawyer reentered the room. “The detectives will be receiving a phone call from their superiors,” said the man, whose name Yuri never mentioned. Artie looked at the man perplexed when AJ’s desk phone rang. Yuri, Jamie, and his lawyer left the police station with Adam following. Adam recalled Artie’s threats not to leave town. Adam watched as Yuri spoke to his lawyer in private leaving Jamie by his car. Adam approached Jamie who smiled at Adam. “Wild night,” Adam said. “Yeah,” Jamie said, in a shaky voice. “I don’t think Yuri will be letting you out of his sight anymore.” “You think so?” “I wouldn’t—if I was him.” Adam recovered. Jamie grinned at Adam’s fumble. “I hope I can see you again—as a friend.” “I’d like that.” “Would your boyfriend be okay with that?” “Pat, is a bit insecure but once he knows he has nothing to worry about he’ll warm up to you.” “Are you going to tell him about our kiss?” “I don’t remember it, so what’s there to tell?” “I guess you’re right.” “Jamie, I’m sorry if I’d made you feel uncomfortable.” Jamie glanced over at Yuri who had his back to them. He looked at Adam and lunged at him kissing him sincerely on the mouth. Adam hesitated before breaking their embrace. They said nothing as Adam turned and hurried to his jeep wanting to be with Patrick more than ever. Leaving Jamie tasting his lips as Yuri approached. ************ Yuri drove while Jamie stared out his window. Every now and then Yuri glanced at Jamie, who avoided eye contact. Yuri gripped the steering wheel keeping his eyes on the road. “They’re dead because of me,” Jamie said, giving Yuri a sideways glance. “Why would you say that? You didn’t kill them.” “But I was the reason it all happened.” “You’re a victim as much as anyone. Penny would have died for you.” “That bitch got what she deserved.” Yuri pulled to the side of the road, leaving the motor running and flashed an icy stare at Jamie. “What did you say?” he snapped. Jamie, shocked by Yuri’s tone didn’t regret what he said. “She told me she wanted me gone. She said it while she was dying that she wanted to kill me!” Jamie screeched. Yuri, shocked to hear his friend that he trusted with his own life would act in such a way. “No, Jamie—you heard her wrong…” “No, Yuri, I heard her loud and clear. She hated me from the start because she wanted you all to herself. Ask Adam, he heard her confession.” Yuri still didn’t want to believe what he heard but knew Jamie had no reason to lie to him. He took a deep breath, calming down the best he could. “We’ll talk about this later when I’ve calmed down.” They drove in silence, Jamie knew Yuri would have to come to terms about Penny on his own, so he changed the subject. “You saw, didn’t you?” “Yes, I saw her death.” “No, I mean the kiss.” Yuri gave a deep chuckle at Jamie’s comment. “Yes, I saw it.” “Did he see it?” “Yes, Patrick saw it as well.” “So, you slept with him?” Jamie asked, tears welling in his eyes. Yuri caught from Jamie’s tone that the thought of him sleeping with Patrick upset him. “No, I didn’t sleep with him.” Jamie turned to Yuri with hope that he was telling the truth. “You didn’t?” “I changed my mind. My concern is for you.” “I love you too.” “Now, I need to get you to someplace safe. We can’t go back to the hotel, so I decided to get you out of town. My jet will be ready when we get to the airport.” “We’re leaving? But didn’t the detectives say not to leave town?” “My lawyer will deal with them. And no, you’re leaving.” “I don’t want to go alone.” “I have to handle things here before I can join you. Which I will as soon as possible.” “Where am I going?” “You’ll know when you get there. But don’t worry, I have people waiting to take care of you until I arrive.” “Okay.” Yuri started to pull back onto the road when a vehicle, with no headlight, drove at top speed curved behind Yuri’s car and slammed them from behind.
  7. keyisfake

    Chapter 30

    Patrick shifted and opened his eyes to darkness, when his vision adjusted he noticed he was in bed. Dizziness swirled in his head as a dry, sticky taste lingered in his mouth. He lift his head, only for it to drop back down, rolling to his side, he rose up on his elbow. “When did I fall asleep?” he murmured. A scan of the room Patrick realized he wasn’t in his own bedroom, he sat full up unaware of what room he was in, pushing the blanket off. Then he became mindful that he was naked. He tried to climb off the bed when his foot touched a smooth object that rolled. He found his footing and reached down picking up a toppled, empty wine bottle. He placed the bottle on the side table and turned on the light. Another empty wine bottle was on the bed. Patrick looked for his clothes, but didn’t find them on the floor, furniture, or in the wardrobe. He grabbed the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around his body seeing something fall to the floor. Patrick recognized it as a business card. Picking it up his mouth dropped open when he saw Yuri Jen’s name. Patrick dropped the card and hurried out of the room. Right away, he saw that he was in the hallway to his own room three doors away. He went and entered his bedroom and wrenched the sheet from his body, letting it crumple to the floor turning on the lights. “This can’t be happening. I need to remember how I got in his room.” Patrick sat on a quilted, plush chaise pulling his legs to his chest. “Okay, I remember leaving the party early and taking a shower.” His cell phone rang scaring him. He looked around and saw it on his nightstand where he always left it. He moved to it and saw the caller ID was Yuri’s. His feeling of panic shifted to anger when he snatched the cell up and answered. “What the fuck Yuri,” Patrick said, with a quiver in his voice. “You’re awake. I thought you would sleep through the night,” Yuri said, driving in his car, his cell plugged into the Bluetooth. “Liar. Why would you call me on my cell when you knew where you left me?” “Just took a chance.” “What did you do to me?” “You’re a big boy Patrick. You need to take responsibility for your own actions.” “You got me drunk.” “No, you got drunk. You came to my room with two bottles of wine.” “Then what?” “I’ll let you figure that out. I’m just calling to tell you Adam and Jamie did nothing with each other.” “How do you know that.” “I kept watching.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because you kept avoiding me during the party. Then you got drunk and came to my room to yell at me. I allowed you to chastise me while you continued to drink. What happen after that, was all your idea.” “I was drunk?” “You most certainly were, you should get counseling.” “Damnit Yuri, did we have sex?” “Your mind will reveal it when you’re ready to know.” The line went dead. Patrick returned his cell to the table and walked to the bathroom, turning on the shower. When he washed away whatever evidence was on his body, he dried off, shut the lights off and went to bed laying on his back. He should have known Adam wouldn’t fall for that backwoods bumpkin. “Dammit, why did I get drunk and wander into Yuri’s room?” he wanted to blame Adam believing if he’d only stayed none of this would have happened. But Patrick knew he had to take responsibility for his own actions. Rolling over he tried to forget as he fell back to sleep. Time passed, as Patrick rolled onto his side when he heard his bedroom door opened. Patrick awoke and listened as the door closed and locked. Patrick knew it wasn’t Cora, she would never enter his room at night. “Was it Yuri?” he wondered. If that was true he needed to put a stop to whatever was about to happen. A thump alerted him that the person dropped something, then the same sound happened again. “He’s undressing.” he thought. Patrick took a deep breath and sprung up in bed using his best aristocratic voice. “You’d be mistaken to think rape will be your reward after I’m through with you,” he yelled. This didn’t cause fear or hesitance from the interloper instead his intruder chuckled. Patrick, was not only terrified but offended. He looked around and grabbed a square object from his nightstand. He was about to hurl it when the figure lunged at him, pushing him onto his back. The stronger body pinned Patrick covering his mouth with his palm. Patrick struggled when he heard a familiar voice say his name. “Patrick calm down, it’s only me,” Adam said, waiting until Patrick went still before moving his hand. “Adam.” “Yeah baby, it’s me.” Adam leaned down to kiss him, but Patrick turned his head away. Adam took Patrick’s reaction as punishment. “Pat, I’m sorry.” Patrick for some reason wanted Adam to confess his wayward kiss with Jamie, but he didn’t. Instead, Adam rolled off him and propped up on his arm, “I know I ran out on you and your parent’s party. I was supposed to be here for you. But this time it’s true. I’ll even give you my cell phone.” Patrick’s guilt surfaced as he locked eyes with Adam, about to confess his betrayal. “Adam.” “No Pat, wait. I need to tell you something first. I saw a house, in a quiet neighborhood and I think it would be perfect for—us.” “A house for—us?” Patrick asked. “I plan on making an offer to buy.” “You want to buy us a house?” “I do. My apartment is too close to my job and doesn’t give us enough privacy.” “But Adam…” “Pat, don’t decide anything until you see it, okay. I thought we’d see it tomorrow before the party, if it’s okay with you?” Patrick’s heart pounded in his chest at the thought of Adam wanting to raise the commitment to their relationship. When Adam pressed his rigid cock against his thigh Patrick paused, his confession, knowing whatever happened was all speculation. Yuri never confessed that they had sex so why should he tell Adam anything when it may not be true; just like Adam kissing Jamie. Adam leaned down, and this time Patrick doesn’t refuse his kiss. Adam’s lips traveled along his neck and chest downward. He would never cheat on Adam and since he couldn’t remember the act, he’ll just assume it never happened. Patrick reached out and entwines his fingers through Adam’s hair while Adam savors the cock between his lips.
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    Chapter 27

    So you're saying the mind control sounds unrealistic? It's hypnosis and there has been cases where people were under didn't know. I thought it'd be a nice twist.
  9. keyisfake

    Chapter 7

    I couldn't agree more. Thanks for your comment.
  10. keyisfake

    Chapter 6

    Justin is loyal to Adam as an assistant and he and Patrick bump heads whenever they're in the room together. Yuri was attractive to Jamie because he reminds him of Patrick. Yuri felt Jamie needed him, so he broke up with Patrick. Only Yuri misses Patrick. I know, crazy. Adam and Patrick’s relationship is not a normal one, where there's something there that only they can understand that keeps them together. No matter the economic gag they have, or social order. I live for complications when dealing with my stories. I hope they're crazy enough without being confusing. Thanks for commenting.
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    Chapter 5

    Thank you and I hope you consider reading the others. Welcome aboard.
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    Chapter 29

  13. keyisfake

    Chapter 29

    The first evening of the party ended. Much, to everyone involved, were surprised by Patrick’s cordial behavior. He drank one glass of wine at dinner, he moved through circles of conversations with poise and charisma. Whenever someone asked where Adam was, he explained that Adam had responsibilities that kept him busy at all hours. He wasn’t bitter, he projected respect towards Adam’s profession. Even his twin cousins couldn’t rattle him when drilling him with questions that their father Bernardo put an end to. “Leave Patrick be, he owes no one, specially you two an explanation about Adam’s whereabouts,” Bernardo said. The tone of his voice was enough to silence Miguel and Reyes. “It’s all right, uncle, they were only asking in candid.” “They need to respect boundaries. Adam is your concern not theirs.” He turned to his sons. “Apologize to your cousin now.” “Sorry Patrick,” they said jointly. Patrick didn’t show it, but he found it amusing that his cousin’s father berated them. “All ready forgotten,” Patrick said. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn in early.” “Of course, we’ll see you in the morning,” Bernardo said. Patrick walked away in a subtle movement. He found his parents playing cards with friends. “You should stay up with us,” Raoul said, tossing a card on the table irritating a few people. “Your mother and I are making a killing.” “Yes, Patrick, join us,” Philip said. “I’m horrible at this game and maybe you can give Michael some luck.” “Don’t blame me,” Michael added. “You’re the one throwing out the wrong card.” There was an awkward silence at the table that sat three couples. Patrick went and kissed his parents on the cheek ignoring the tension. “I’m too tired I promise I’ll join tomorrow.” “Will, Adam be coming back tonight?” Raoul asked, still staring at the cards. Patrick bit the inside of his lower lip before responding. “I’m sure he’ll return, but it’ll be late tonight,” Patrick responded. “That’s fine dear, we’ll make sure the staff for the gate knows of his return,” Drusilla said. “Get some rest.” “Thank you, mother.” Patrick left and headed upstairs. Once in his room he undressed and decided he wanted a shower. He entered his bathroom naked, not shutting the door. He turned on the shower and didn’t bother to wait for the water to warm up, as he stepped in, feeling the shock of the cool water covering his skin. Patrick wondered if Adam showered with Jamie after fucking him like he did with him. He grabbed a luffa and applied liquid soap, washing his body with urgency, unaware someone had entered his room. ************* Adam sat in the police station at the desk of Artie Cutter, with his arm patched up. Jamie sat at AJ Chance’s desk, the detectives questioned them, Jamie refused to talk until he saw Yuri Jen. Adam tried to tell them what he knew, but parts were hard to speak out loud. Even writing it down prove to be impossible. AJ retrieved a glass of water for Jamie, where all Artie got for Adam was impatience. “You’re obstructing justice Potter. You can go to jail for that,” Artie said, with such a direct tone Adam swore he was enjoying the thought of putting him behind bars. “Artie,” began Adam, but Artie cuts him short. “That’s Detective Cutter, Potter.” “Well, with that logic, I can argue the same.” “Potter, you’re no more a detective than a cartoon character.” Adam perplexed by Artie’s statement, considered saying something when Yuri Jen walked in with two lawyers. After Yuri’s lawyers made a few calls Adam and Jamie’s release happened in an hour’s time. They informed Yuri, Penny’s and the Lou brothers' bodies would be released to him in twenty-four hours. Jamie took his place at Yuri’s side who took the younger man’s hand, but not before kissing his forehead. “Are you coming with us Detective Potter?” Yuri asked. Adam started to answer when cut short. “Adam, could you hang back for a moment?” AJ called to him. Adam glanced back and knew that AJ meant he needed to talk to him. Adam turned back to Jamie, who stood close to Yuri. “Are you taking him back to the penthouse?” Adam asked. “No,” Yuri said. “I’m taking him somewhere safe.” “You know he’ll never be safe.” “Let me worry about that detective. Your services are no longer needed.” Yuri turned and walked Jamie out of the station without allowing Jamie to say goodbye to Adam. Adam turned back to AJ, who continued to work at his desk as he finished typing his report. AJ paused and looked at Adam. “Neither of you gave us nothing.” “I told you all I knew, AJ.” “You told us that Yuri Jen’s assistant tried to kill you,” Artie said. “Nothing gets by you Artie.” “Fuck you Potter.” “Language Cutter, you might get written up.” “I should lock your ass up.” “For what?” “For obstruction of justice.” “Bullshit.” “Is it Adam?” AJ asked. “AJ…” “Adam, you said Penny Bell chased you with a gun, but that’s impossible with her extensive injuries.” “Unless of course you hit her with your jeep,” Artie chimed in. “I told you what I saw.” “What about the motive?” “She said she always hated Jamie, but she wasn’t able to kill him.” “And why is that?” AJ asked. Adam tried to say, but the words escaped him. “I don’t know.” “And the two men in the elevator?” “I told you Penny killed them. Didn’t you get prints?” “They’re being analyzed, we’ll have results by morning,” Artie said. “Which should be in two hours,” AJ said. “Two hours?” Adam said. “Oh crap, I need to go.” “Remember the rules Potter. Don’t leave town,” Artie said. Adam left without comment, relieved he drove his jeep to the station. He climbed in and pointed his headlights in the direction of the Valdez estate. ***************** Patrick came out of the shower feeling more tense than when he went in. His mind kept racing back to Adam’s departure. “Do I have to be a victim for Adam to stay by my side?” he wondered. His eyes caught something on his nightstand. He moved over to it and picked it up. “Wine,” he said, sighing. He had no idea where the bottle came from. Cora would never just bring a bottle of wine pre-opened into his room. Would one of his cousins be so heartless? His fingers still gripping the bottle, he moved and sat on his bed. Ignoring what vineyard, it’s from or what grape they used he only stared at the dark liquid that rested inside. His throat was dry. He knew it was his addiction calling him. “Drown it,” Patrick said. “Just drown it all away. It will help me sleep and I can forget about it all in the morning.” Patrick gripped the cork and yanked it out hearing the pop that followed. He’d like that sound, it always took him back when he spent time with friends and family enjoying each others company. Also, times when he was at his lowest and alone. “Come home Adam,” he called out. His sorrow started to grow inside him, and he wanted it to go away. He took a long swallow of the domestic red grape closing his eyes as it rushed down his throat. He drank more and started to feel his sadness sink away. He drank until the bottle was empty savoring the last sip on his lips. He started to lay back when he changed his mind. “This is all his fault,” Patrick said, slowly getting to his feet. “He can’t get away with doing what he wants and expects me to yield to him.” Patrick fixed his robe and stormed out of his room.
  14. Nearing the end of "Our Little Nest" and I'm getting a knot in my stomach. I get this every time I'm near the end of a story. It's like I don't want to let it go. Does anyone else get like this?

  15. keyisfake

    Chapter 28

    Adam disconnected his call to AJ and stared at the dead men. Jamie stood just behind him. Adam saw both men had bullet wounds in the forehead. Neither had their weapons drawn which meant someone caught them off guard. “Adam,” Jamie said, his voice above a whisper. Adam turned and saw genuine horror on the young man’s face. “Jamie,” Adam said, taking a step towards him only for Jamie to step back. “It’s okay,” continued Adam. “Did you do this?” Jamie demanded. “What, no.” Adam said, shocked by Jamie’s question. “Adam, you weren’t yourself.” “Why would you think I did this?” “Who else could have?” “It wasn’t me.” “Adam, you’d came up in the elevator. You’re tracking blood, look at the floor.” Adam scanned his surroundings and did see bloody tracks leading from the elevator up the staircase. “Why haven’t he noticed the tracks before?” he wondered. “Jamie, I swear I didn’t shoot them.” “How can you be so sure?” Adam tried to think back to the beginning of his journey to his present position. “Okay, I was at a party. I spent time with my boyfriend’s father.” Adam paused then continued. “You called me to come over. Patrick wasn’t happy about it.” The words burned into Adam’s chest, wishing he stayed with his lover rather than putting his duty before their relationship again. “I parked in the garage…” his mind went blank. “After that I can’t remember anything until I woke up on your bedroom floor.” Tears welled in Adam’s eyes as Jamie walked to the stairs and sat down glancing up at Adam. Adam rubbed his eyes, then comb his hair back with his fingers. He needed to clear his head. Then it hit him, glancing up in the corner of the ceiling he saw his answer. “Security camera,” he pointed. “Jamie, where is the room the recordings go to?” “In the office in the hall.” “Do you want to come with me?” “What for?” “The camera will show my movements.” “But I will have to go pass them.” Jamie meant the dead Lou brothers, causing him to feel sick. Adam thought of closing the elevator door, but he didn’t want to tamper with the crime scene anymore. “All right, stay here or go back to your room and lock the door if it’ll make you feel safe. I’ll be right back.” “But what if it shows you killing them?” Jamie asked, in a panic. “Then, I’ll call the police and allow them to do their job.” “But, you weren’t in your right mind,” Jamie cried. “Two men are dead Jamie, and someone needs to pay for the crime.” “But…” Again, when Jamie tried to say who was really the cause he lost his voice and the words escaped him. “It’ll be all right Jamie. I’ll find out the truth and we’ll take it from there.” Adam started to walk away when Jamie called to him. “Wait, Adam.” Adam looked at him with concern. “I Changed my mind. I want to go with you, but—I don’t want to see them. Not like that.” Jamie wasn’t close to the brothers, but he did remember they were polite to him, and had invited him to play cards with them. Jamie refused, being a brat at the time. But he did remember Yuri going to a few of their games and had enjoyed them. “I can put my arm around you and block your view with my body. So long as you don’t taser me again.” “You remember me doing that?” “I saw it in your hand when I came too.” “Sorry about that.” “Don’t be. You did the right thing. Come on, get close to me.” Jamie allowed Adam’s broad arm to drape across his shoulder and as promised Adam use his upper body to block the sight of the grisly scene. “Mind your step,” said Adam glancing to the floor where the bloody footprints were. Jamie stepped over the imprint and moved with Adam to the office. When they enter the room, it was big enough for two people. One, wall length monitor showing several boxes on the screen of the different areas of the penthouse. Adam sat in one of the two chairs in the room while Jamie took the other. Studying the panel and the screen Adam was able to find what he was looking for. “Was I unconscious long?” “Only for a minute.” “Okay, here we go. I took the video back just before you called me.” Adam pressed play and right away the Lou brothers were there talking to each other. “I thought you said you were alone?” “I was taking a nap at this time, when I woke up and came down they were gone.” “Where was Penny?” “Chen told me she was out with friends or a friend, I can’t remember.” “If that was the case, why would they both leave you alone?” “They could have seen something on the cameras where they both had to check it out.” The picture became distorted and the time slipped forward showing the Lou brother’s gone. “What the fuck,” said Adam, rewinding the footage.” “What’s wrong?” “Part of the recording is missing.” He played it again and the laps repeated. “Okay, that’s weird, let’s just keep watching.” Adam forward to the time he arrived in the garage. The angle pointed at the elevator. The image of his jeep pulling up. They couldn’t see what he was doing, but he remained in his jeep. “Why didn’t you get out?” asked Jamie. “I don’t know. Wait, I remember I was reaching for my gun. Then—nothing.” “Nothing?” “I can’t remember. Let’s keep watching.” After a moment they watched as Adam climb out of his jeep and walk to the elevator. He pulled out his keycard. The doors opened and there were the Lou Brothers already dead. Adam watched as he boarded the elevator oblivious of the heinous act at his feet and used the keycard to close the door. The elevator door opened. Adam stepped out, walked through the hall towards the steps leaving the bloody footsteps. Jamie came down and hug him. Adam’s mouth fell opened, when he saw himself kissing Jamie, then lift him off his feet and carried him upstairs. After stopping the recording, Adam sat back, stunned by what he saw. “How the hell did I not react to that?” Adam turned to Jamie, who sat looking away from the screen but not looking at him. “Jamie, do you know something, anything that can explain what I just saw?” Jamie shook his head wildly, unable to speak. Adam grabbed his shoulders and made Jamie look at him. “Jamie, two men are dead, and I think it has to do with WillowMoss. Am I right?” Jamie only shook his head. Adam shook him to make him lock eyes with him. “Damnit Jamie, give me a straight answer.” “I can’t,” Jamie shouted. “You can’t or won’t?” “Please Adam, I can’t. I just can’t.” he was near to tears when the lights went out. Out of habit they both looked up. “Adam, what’s going…” Adam cut Jamie short by covering his mouth with his palm and moving close to the man’s face. “Shh.” Was all Adam said. He removed his palm and went to the door. Jamie started to follow, but Adam urged him with gesture to remain seated. When Adam couldn’t hear anything, he moved back to Jamie getting just close enough to speak softly. Where are the circuit breakers?” “I, think in the kitchen,” Jamie whispered back. Adam grabbed the younger man’s hand and pulled him to his feet towards the door. Adam cracked opened the door and peered out. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness and the area seemed to be clear. He turned to Jamie again. “Hold my hand and stay with me. I’m going to get us to the emergency staircase,” Adam said. “But why not the elevator to the hotel lobby?” Jamie asked. “We can’t be sure if it wasn’t tampered with or turned off. The stairs are our safest bet.” “Okay.” Jamie tightens his grip on Adam’s hand and even grabbed his forearm. Adam opened the door and pulled Jamie close to his body as he darted for the fire exit. As they moved closer a bullet grazed Adam’s arm as it gets embedded into the door stopping them in their tracks. They turned and saw Penny moving towards them holding a gun. Adam flinched at his wounded arm grabbing Jamie and moving him towards the elevator while shielding him with his own body. “Penny,” Jamie shouted. “What are you doing? You shot Adam.” “I think she knows that,” Adam said, boarding the elevator dragging Jamie who protested. “What—no Adam, I don’t want to be in here,” Jamie said, seeing the two dead men at their feet. Adam pressed Jamie against the side wall out of gunshot. “It’s either this or the woman holding a gun,” said Adam, relieved to see his key card still inserted into the control panel. He pressed the button to close the doors just as another shot came hitting the wall just above Chen’s head missing Adam’s leg. “You’ve become a thorn in my side, detective,” Penny shouted just as the door shut. “How did I manage to do that?” Adam asked himself. Jamie waited as the elevator seems to creep downward to the garage. The metallic smell of the blood-filled Jamie’s nostrils. The ring from the enclosed box didn’t come soon enough as he hid his face against Adam’s chest. When the door opened Adam prevented Jamie from leaving his spot until he was sure Penny or anyone else wasn’t waiting for them. “Adam what are you doing, let me out,” Jamie cried. Adam didn’t answer as he scanned the garage seeing no one. He then grabbed Jamie and rushed for his jeep. They managed to reach it just as Penny came through the staircase door. He got Jamie to the passenger side of the jeep and pushed him to the ground. “Don’t move,” Adam ordered. He opened the door and retrieved his gun from the opened glove compartment. He took off the safety seeing Penny taking aim again. He shot through his window, hitting her in the shoulder, causing her to drop her gun and fall to the ground. Hearing her cries, he moved with caution around the jeep finding her on her back and her gun out of reach. He moved to her and notice her condition was far worse than he expected. His bullet only grazed her shoulder, but her arm and leg appeared injured as well. Penny looked at him with anguish in her eyes. “Sending your assistant to WillowMoss was a bad decision. We warned you,” she said through clenched teeth. “My assistant?” Adam said. “No, Justin didn’t go to that town.” “Doesn’t matter now. Consequence’s, and I never got to kill him.” Jamie ran to her side and kneel beside her seeing her leg and arm out of joint. “Penny,” Jamie said. “Adam do something, she’s in pain. “I’ll call the EMT, stay with her.” Adam moved away, pulling out his cell phone making a call for an ambulance. “Hang on Penny, they’ll be here soon,” Jamie said, shaking with worry. “I never meant to shoot him,” Penny said, between heavy breaths. “Adam won’t hold it against you Penny, I’ll talk to him.” “I was trying to shoot you,” Penny said. Jamie stopped and looked at her. “What? I don’t…” Penny cut him off. “You became a problem when you started showing feelings towards Yuri.” “Yuri?” “You don’t deserve him. You’re below his station.” Rapid coughing ensued as blood trickled from her mouth. When the coughing stopped, she gave Jamie a look of contempt. Her eyes went glassy and she passed on. Adam came back and saw Penny’s eyes were frozen open. He leaned down and touched Jamie’s arm who looked at Adam with a look of shock as he rose to his feet. “Jamie, do you want me to call Yuri?” “You bitch,” Jamie snapped. “She pretended to like me, but really hated me. All those years and she hated me.” Adam moved Jamie, who, once filled with worry was now fuming with anger, away from the now deceased Penny Bell. “Jamie.,” Adam said. “I bet it was her who tried to have me killed,” Jamie hissed. “Jamie, you need to calm down.” “Calm down, calm down? Why should I calm down? She just told me that she always hated me. That I was beneath Yuri’s station.” “Yes, but she’s gone.” “The word is dead Adam, she’s dead,” he said. “And far as I’m concerned good riddance.” “You don’t mean that.” “The hell I don’t.” “Jamie, I know you’re mad now…” “No Adam. I’m mad period.” His intense pause worried Adam, as tears rushed down his face. “How could she!” he shouted. Adam reached out and stroked the side of the young man’s face, saying nothing. “I thought… I thought…” Adam hugged Jamie as he wept.

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