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  1. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    Awesome the Far Seer is shining forth again. A thoroughly enjoyable chapter and I am eagerly awaiting future developments. Thank you for sharing your tale, I know that I will enjoy the journey.
  2. Dathi

    IOI Chapter 34

    Just one point and it is on the order of preference. The Honourable Deputy Administrator should come first in the address ahead of the Shire President, being as it is a technical regal appointment. Well that is my understanding of that process, however I am prepared to be corrected if wrong. Otherwise I am enjoying this tale immensely. Thank you for sharing. D.
  3. Dathi

    Chapter One

    Okay I'm hooked! This was an excellent start and I am eagerly awaiting future chapters to see how your story develops. Thank you very much for sharing you tale.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Dathi


    A very interesting start I am keen to see where this develops. Very well done and thank you for sharing your story with us.
  6. Dathi

    Chapter 2

    This has me intrigued, sound start and I am looking forward to seeing how you develop this tale. Thank you for sharing and well done so far.
  7. Dathi

    Conner County PTA

    Fun tale and lots of laughs, just not sure I like being reminded that I remember the song when it first came out. LOL
  8. Dathi

    The Moon Shines Above

    A very intriguing start, I am certainly looking forward to seeing where you take this. Thank you for sharing this story.
  9. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    A very good start captivating while focused. Slightly thin on some detail, ship name, class, dimensions and crew compliment as examples. I am looking forward to reading more of this tale as it evolves. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. D.
  10. Dathi

    The Ichor

    Exciting start and I have to say that I am eagerly awaiting future chapters to see how your tale unfolds. Thank you for sharing this tale.
  11. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for sharing your tale. This is a great start, at a place, altogether, far too many of us are familiar with. I look forward to reading the story as its tale unfolds.
  12. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    The start is awesome and leaves you so many possibilities I am hoping to see more of this tale.
  13. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts


  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      hear, hear! 

  15. Dathi

    My Daniel

    My deepest and most sincere condolences at this time. He will live forever in your heart. Requiescat in pace.

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