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  1. Parker Owens

    Story Review: Never Too Late

    Thank you, @northie, for writing a story so close to the reality many of us face, or must face one day. Thank you, @Timothy M., for this review, giving an excellent story and writer a better look.
  2. Parker Owens


    Really good - seriously creepy. I’m not sure I want to go down to the basement anymore...
  3. Parker Owens

    Hey, It's Me!

    Like the new haircut!
  4. Parker Owens

    Poem 1

    Taken together, these meditations on laughter and sound and silence left me needing quiet time to think and digest. So many phrases captured my mind; skittering tinkle, God’s laughter, expressions manipulated into fortress walls. Well done.
  5. Back home after a lovely weekend. Went to a used book sale, and came home with bags full. Now to find shelf space for them! 

    1. northie


      How will you find time to read them all?  ;)

    2. Mikiesboy



    3. jamessavik


      I love the smell of used book sales any time of day. Smells like... victory!

  6. I am taking a weekend trip away with friends. Maybe a museum or a winery tour? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CassieQ


      I second Valkyries wine suggestion.

    3. Headstall


      Yup. Wine gets my vote. :)  Have a great weekend, Parker. :hug: 

    4. Defiance19


      Uh.. we know where I stand!!! But if the museum offers a wine tour..🤷‍♀️ Even better

  7. Parker Owens

    Chapter 28

    Wars teach men things like brevity. There’s poetry in that someplace... thanks again.
  8. Parker Owens

    Chapter 26

    Push ahead to reach the present future. This is awesome. It’s almost metaphysically bizarre. Love it. Thank you.
  9. Parker Owens

    Waiting for Business

    You paint a vibrant picture very few actually see; the boredom and grey of Calvin’s existence is unexpected. What would have to occur to change his path?
  10. @AC Benus Thank you so much for sharing this one. You’re right that it sounds musical, and needs to be recited aloud.
  11. There was actual snow on the ground this afternoon. The north sides of all the trees showed it, too, making them look skeletal. 

    1. Reader1810


      I heard a rumour snow is supposed to show up my way this weekend. I'm hoping it's just a rumour...

    2. Mikiesboy


      a rumour is preferred!!

    3. Valkyrie


      I had to scrape snow/ice off the car this morning.  I think we've skipped fall this year.  :( 

  12. Parker Owens

    Come Over

    A not so innocent tale of a more innocent age. Beautifully written, with just the right kind of tone and inflection.
  13. And let me add to the other voices praising this awesome poem. It pulls the heart and heightens every sense, striving to hear, scent and touch along with you, that we may share in recollection.
  14. Parker Owens

    Chapter 33: An Abject Low

    Kohl once merely jaded and jealous, is now bereft of love and self respect. And he is truly to blame this time. He cannot love what Gordon sees, nor see what Gordon loves in him. His prayer to Priapus (beautifully done) could be the desperate psalm of many men. We can hope Gordon will return, it hardly looks possible. The hurt is so very great.
  15. Parker Owens

    Questions, Questions Questions

    What sort of fight?

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