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  1. Chapter 19

    Oh, boy. Romance went on hold for Devan; parenthood just intervened. Lucky Jade got found by the right man. And Jesse continues to grow...great chapter!
  2. Last Post Wins #43

    Spaghetti is a staple food, with many calories endued, but Bard has riches greater still, the crown is his for all his skill. Mine.
  3. Cider Press

    Thank you for reading this. The transformed apple becomes something amazing, doesn't it? Something wonderful to warm the winter...
  4. October Garden

    And even as the garden dies back, the roots remain vital and alive. Some root vegetables actually need the frost to concentrate their flavors, let alone give life to their seeds. Thank you so much for reading.
  5. October Garden

    No spring without winter; you're quite right. I shall chant this to myself in February. But the rampant, jaded, over exuberant vines will fall prey to the hungry frost sooner rather than later, and the cycle will begin again. Thank you for reading!
  6. October Garden

    So as the garden needs, so does the mind, I think. You're absolutely right about bulbs, too. Yet the passing of this year's garden is sad, however beautiful next summer's will be. Thank you so much for reading these.
  7. New poem is now up in Cider Press...

    1. Mikiesboy


      its a good one too  .. not that, that is a surprise :)

  8. Reunion

    Having fun reading this story! Wondering how these two will come together...
  9. Chapter 9

    Joey's road to something like health and happiness is likely to have the kinds of switchbacks and detours you show us in this chapter. What Allen goes with this new information remains to be seen. But Ticker's family is pure gold.
  10. Make Us Proud

    A grand poem with a compelling story. And now I want to hear more...
  11. Last Post Wins #43

    So many days commemorate a cause, or group or leader great, but on this day of such renown, the Bard reclaimed the shiny crown. mine.
  12. October Garden

    Thank you, tim. This time of year, when everything is hurrying to finish going to seed, reminds me how much the coming cold is essential to the beauty of spring. As all things rush to complete their life cycles before the winter, I cannot help but think of this deep, sweet secret.
  13. October Garden

    October Garden I am a garden overgrown, of played out soil and mossy stone, with rampant, stringy, noxious weed where late the fairest flowers were sown. What grows within has gone to seed with grim mutations left to breed and replicate for coming years, infecting those who come to feed. It's hard to set aside my fears, especially as winter nears, when cold must wither all that's green and naught remains but leaves and tears. So in December's shadows mean, with every vine and stalk picked clean, you'll dig my roots where they are known, and deep my sweetest secrets glean.
  14. 3-10 - Out of the Cave

    Again the pain of loss, and the mystery of death and its games remains. Is that voice genuine, or the music of The Ruler?
  15. Cider Press

    You acutely voice my own doubts. Such a pressing irreversibly transforms, and so we ask if the experience is worth the transformation. I am very glad you find things to ponder in this, that there are questions or images that stick with you. And thank you so much for reading from this collection!

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