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  1. So, a new story posts on Friday.  A Fall Observation, in which some characters from 18 Weeks of Twoey and A to Z become friends for a day, will have its first chapter.

    1. BlindAmbition


      Awesome! Two favorite stories from my favorite teacher. With a special honor to a gifted author. xo

  2. So Weeps the Willow - A Story in Three Parts

    Very interesting title, almost euphonious.
  3. Two First Sonnets

    Thank you, Wolf. I am glad you liked them.
  4. Two First Sonnets

    The metaphors pile up so fast, the carrion birds don't know what to make of the wealth. Hope you had fun sifting through them. Thank you for reading these!
  5. Two First Sonnets

    Thank you for picking up on that. One of the things that prompted that line was my mom's memory of a World's Fair - nearly all the structures were intended to be torn down afterwards. And, of course, there is the biblical reference. How often we build something for temporary use, only to fall in love with it. Sailor's Lament languished a long time unfinished, until one day I looked at it and all the lines flowed out as naturally as if I had sung it out from sheet music. Funny how that works. And he is still waiting on the shore... Thanks again for your lovely and supportive comments.
  6. Don't Shout

    A sweet story of almost-wasn't-but-was, a story about boys whose very different worlds collide: this is a wonderful and seductive tale. Yearning gives way to a reality that is far better that the dream.
  7. All Over The Road

    This short story packs a powerful punch. The dangers of unrequited affection and the need to remain hidden are interwoven beautifully in this tale from the American heartland.
  8. Two First Sonnets

    A certain amount of summer brain rot - one can politely call it 'regression' I suppose - is inevitable. Perhaps I am channeling that, or the waning of the garden. In any case, thank you for reading these, and for your comments. The lover's knot is an actual nautical knot, I believe. Difficult to tie, and harder to re-tie.
  9. Started a new poetry collection today:  Disasters, Delights and Other Detours.  You can find chapter 1 here:  https://www.gayauthors.org/story/parker-owens/disasters-delights-and-other-detours/1

    1. northie


      I love the title. :P

    2. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Nice title. I'll be checking soon...

  10. Two First Sonnets

    I am glad you liked these. I hope you think them worthy of a new collection - and that you'll be back!
  11. Two First Sonnets

    Thank you, Gary. These two are definitely sonnets for the ending of summer, before the school year closes in around me and makes it impossible to think beyond the next bell. The Sailor's Lament is a kind of metaphor in that, too. I did blush when you said the last line is perfection. That's very kind of you. You nailed my own understanding of Foolishness, too. One can pin one's hopes on such fragile structures, but they are surely destined to crumple. I hope you think these were a good start to a new book.
  12. Two First Sonnets

    You noticed they both have decay as a theme. Thanks for getting that. I wasn't sure anyone would. And I am glad you found them to be interesting. Thanks always for reading!
  13. A second book of poetry, posted in no particular order or schedule. Maybe it's better than the first. Or not.
  14. Two First Sonnets

    Foolishness I built a tissue paper palace grand, an edifice Mad Ludwig could applaud, with crenelated battlements unflawed, foundations built upon the finest sand. No better could be found on hill or strand, yet shame and fear my inward being gnawed, that all my fair construction was a fraud; yet even so, I further building planned. Alas, my engineering was in vain, for though it looked both beautiful and bold, my pretty structure could not stand the rain, nor was it safe from mildew, rot and mold. So o'er it's jeweled brightness spread the stain, for tissue cannot stand against the cold. Sailor's Lament And I would lose myself in him who waits in cheerful sunlit patience by the shore to see above the waves my sails a-soar, on whom the smile of fortune ne'er abates; each night I'd pray my bodily estates invite his inclination to explore, for I would have him penetrate the more that wilderness beyond the manor gates. I weep, for fate my absence must extend the dull and weary work that is my lot; such labor shuts out kindred, foe and friend, all intimate connections left to rot, without an opportunity to mend our hopelessly unraveled lover's knot.
  15. Chapter 28

    Luke took an sizeable risk to meet up with Jackson, and it was beautiful the way you described it. But then so many things went awry - Toby, practice, the video feed, and Ally, too. Her line was telling: did Jackson really ever know her? But then maybe these events will play out all right. It's up to you, isn't it? The

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