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  1. Last Post Wins #44

    The penguin and her tinfoil hat may go and hang out with the cat, and in the heat will be so sorry, for penguins don’t go on safari. Mine.
  2. Last Post Wins #44

    I hate to dent the lion’s pride, but now I really must confide, he lost the crown, it will be missed, because I hold it in my fist. Mine.
  3. Christmas, This Year

    Blessing and being blessed with those you love and take joy in - that’s the delight of Christmas. You say this so well, it makes me smile. Merry Christmas, tim, to you and Michael.
  4. Last Post Wins #44

    The Ex-Queen evermore shall be a paragon of jollity; she laughed so hard at penguin’s joke, the crown fell off and nearly broke! Embarrassment did Bard avert, plucked shiny from the snow and dirt, to Ex-Queen gave his arm and smile, then took the shiny home awhile. Mine.
  5. Last Post Wins #44

    The Once and Nevermore Queen, ate soup from a modest tureen; she took a fool’s risk, dropped the crown in her bisque, Which the Bard stole, and wholly unseen. Mine.
  6. Did you Read and Review the Fall 2017 Anthologies?

    A warm blanket, a good story, hot chocolate, and someone to share it with...
  7. Last Post Wins #44

    Penguin skidded down the hill, on her belly, what a thrill! At the bottom, such to-do, Bard took shiny, then he flew! Mine.
  8. Last Post Wins #44

    The Bard is not a penguin, no, but differents skills will work in snow, for Music oft the penguin rocks enough to lose its crown and socks. Mine.
  9. Last Post Wins #44

    The owl within the deep wood hoots, and scares the addled puss in boots, which leaves the crown upon the snow, so Bard will snatch it up and go! Mine.
  10. Dead-Composers Society

    One of my all time favorites, and what a performance! Thank you!
  11. Did you Read and Review the Fall 2017 Anthologies?

    I have read many, but am looking forward to finishing them with hot chocolate...
  12. I was going to post this observation earlier, but was distracted.... Finches, fierce and feisty, feed so ferociously, fighting furiously to claim each seed; cheeky chickadees so chide each other, they cheerfully change place with a needy nestling.
  13. You humbled me and made me smile with this...it is wonderful!
  14. Snowy Front Steps

    The white stuff is still falling. And will continue, I think...
  15. Temporary Chasm

    This reflection and poetic observation is a great encouragement to a weary hearts everywhere. Thank you.

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