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  1. tim

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life. You brighten the world with its telling.
  2. Bought a whole bag of books at the used book sale...  :P

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    2. northie


      @SolarMaxx When it comes down to it, they can't be beaten. :)

    3. LitLover


      I love my paper books.  I hope you got some things you haven't read before 

    4. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Now I have so much reading to do!

  3. These are so incredibly beautiful, tim. And you bind me felt like gentle waves of love on a sunny day. And How can I love you? How can I not? These frame a delight in another, that connection which defies explanation. These are exquisite examples of your deep talent.
  4. This is a nightmarish and sobering story. You tell it with clarity and detail. I was riveted from the first sentence.
  5. I like both of these, but 589 particularly. Maybe I have a thought or two. But the garden is calling me...
  6. Darts to Parts
  7. @Defiance19 It's quite possible. It's a little ambiguous...who is really persuading whom? That would be one of those literary discussions that take up a whole class period. In any case, I'm with @BlindAmbition in that there is a unison affirmative eventually.
  8. This is a tale tinged with innocence and a sense of impending dread. If the boys aren't careful, something terrible could happen.
  9. This is amazing. Were they even allowed to imagine this in the seventeenth century? Incredible.
  10. (Insert blush here). Thanks, Spike.
  11. Glad you enjoyed this. Hot curried Wheaties: now there's an idea. Thanks for reading and responding to this.
  12. I could not agree more with you. Very sexy. Thanks for reading and responding!
  13. What a perfectly marvelous flavor to bring to mind. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for sampling from the Spice Rack. Hope you will try another offering sometime.
  15. Three portraits of despair are presented here. Each one is as devastating as the other. Number 2 was especially powerful: the death of Hope would be a cataclysmic tragedy. And to have it pass unnoticed compounds the sadness. These are very well wrought poems.