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  1. Author Promo: northie

    The Bard’s Tale remains a marvelous experiment, and a highly successful one. Night Thoughts presented a bleak look at inprisonment of minds and selves. And the Incy Wincy Spider successfully got under my skin. All three show the author’s broad scope of interest and unconventional writing. Wonderful promo!
  2. Chapter 37 Awake to Warmth

    @Butcher56: All kinds of questions and issues raised here; I shall remain mute on most of them. Andy has learned to hide well - very well. His scars will be the last thing he lets anyone see. You’re right about one thing, though. Zander is quite probably full of a nervous energy and inner turmoil that we can only imagine. Having Andy right there, in his house, in the next room, must be both wonderful and terrifying. Thank you for reading the journal thus far, and for your comments.
  3. Chapter 35: Disaster

    @Butcher56 : Thanks again for reading this very difficult part of the journal. Andy will have to come out and face the world at some point, that’s true. He’s had a hell of an experience, and even though he escaped, he feels unable to trust anything anymore. It’s a terrible disaster for a lot of reasons.
  4. Chapter 31: The Universe Shifts

    @Butcher56: Andy is finally - finally - beginning to learn, and not just about academics. He is slowly becoming the young man he ought to have become. The friendships he has made are with three other solid kids. He may not completely trust everything that is happening, but even he can see that it is good. And as for his academic experience, what happened with Mr. Karpus is utterly outside his knowledge. He isn't used to that kind of respect. Thanks again for reading, and for your comments.
  5. Decision, Indecision

    @Butcher56: Andy is trying school as the least worst of alternatives. Even so, he is ready to flee if he has to. Or perhaps not - he seems tired of running. But his search for a safe haven continues. Thank you for reading so far into Andy’s journal, and for your comments.
  6. Chapter 27: Hard to Believe

    @Butcher56 I’m very glad you are enjoying this part of the journal and continuing to read it. Andy has shown himself to be resilient and resourceful over and over. How he manages in this new environment remains to be seen.
  7. Stalker 101

    I am immensely sad this happened to you. It is devoutly to be wished that Person never bothers you again. I hope you remain safe, and know all of us here will be thinking of you,
  8. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    What a wonderful travelogue kind of chapter. Beautifully and engagingly told. And then the dreadful phone call at the end...how terrible. The hurts are coming faster and harder now.
  9. Vocal Quartet

    I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, and the menu. Zoe takes no prisoners is such a wonderful, and accurate characterization. It was artfully done.
  10. August Escape

    Yet imagine being Eric. The fright of anything to do with the police, even the Ambrose that he knows, remains very real. Eustace thinks he knows Eric better than his son does, and Eustace is right. However, the old man also senses the mystery about Eric, and perhaps he, like Ambrose, wants to get answers to questions Eric has no intention of being present to answer. It is heartening as an observer to see Eustace stand up for Eric, but that's not enough to keep him from running. Thank you very much for your comments, and for reading the journal.
  11. Tupelo Honey

    I read each poem, and they compelled me to read them over and over before I could comment. The first one plays cinematic images in my head, one quick, brutal scene after another. But the second, perfectly placed beneath the first, is the calm pool after the rapids, the sunlit afternoon after the night time storms. These are paired brilliantly.
  12. Questions, Questions

    @Butcher56: Eric has only just begun to figure out that his father might not have always been right. The lessons learned from mental and physical abuse can take a very long time to unlearn. This is certainly true for Stefan / Eric. Ambrose is definitely curious; perhaps it is natural with him. Thank you for your kind and interesting comments.
  13. WORDS

    You speak a great and potent truth here. I could not agree more.
  14. Wow, Parker. Thank you! I leave my Mojo baby alone for a few hours and come back to find a fantastic set of comments from you. I love the thoughtfulness they show, and appreciate how much time it took you to gather these ideas. A million thanks :) 



    1. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      The story is so good, so rich...

  15. Where to begin? There's so much going on here, I needed a video feed. I needed to take notes. The first scene is brilliant – since when are 'morning after' scenes ominous? You manage to bring that off with style and humor. Now I wonder what Assauer may do with his new, um, blessing. The Pump Up The Volume Gym cinematically shifted the focus to a new target ripe for satire: the gym. "…gorgeous men were on the treadmills facing the glass, all heads down, looking at their phones. Neil chuckled, poking me in the ribs with his boney Aussie BBQ elbow. “They’re on hookup apps, seeing who’s around.” Oh, how the world has changed – no actual human interaction in cruising; the head down posture, deep in phone-concentration is just so funny and tragic to witness in actual life. Thanks for that. And then the details of the ex-pornstar, now GOP business mogul, come out. What a great name you chose! Tre-Princely made me laugh, let alone the added detail that the man was actually straight. That sounded like one of those so-risible facts that just have to be true – that it couldn't be made up. But this is satirical fiction, right? So it can't be true… let alone his real name. As the camera moves to the sauna, there are more things to smile about; competing 'speedos,' and faux poetic talent ('when it oozes, it flows…"). It's a perfect connection to the critique of nihilism in contemporary art that Trueblood goes on about. Art for Fuck's Sake struck a chord with me. One of the things I particularly liked about this chapter were the poetic fragments that amplify the mood, action and dialogue. Especially striking was Kohl's interior thought, beginning Are we prisoners to that captivity? Certainly, the poem makes me want to think about larger themes in the satire, and it's an apt thought for Kohl, as I learn more and more about him. There is so much to feast on in this chapter, course after course of vivid description to delight the palate. Of course, I can't wait for the next meal.

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