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  1. Posing For The Alpha

    Love the story!
  2. Chapter 7

    Pavlik, Thanks for sharing this story with us! It's excellent and I'm looking fiorward to the next chapter!
  3. Ripped

    Thank you for sharing your writings with us!
  4. Joined

    Sasha you never cease to amaze. This story was delightful and wonderfully written. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!! This is just another one of your stories that I'll read and re-read over and over again. This story is just another example of how your imagination and imagery from from the words on a page to our minds. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Thanks again!
  5. Khalid and Kalil

    Thanks AC, I really enjoyed reading this!
  6. Josh.mp4

    I made a mistake. I shouldn't have read this book. Please don't misunderstand it was very well written, an emotional roller coaster (minus the highs) and you made it easy to really get into it. For me personally it dredged up a lot of my demons and nightmares. We are taught to see ourselves as indestructible with that "I can do this" mentality but in actuality we are so fragile. I was always on the outside looking in, on the receiving end of the snide comments and being non-existent to those around me. The loneliness and eventual bitterness gnaws away at you one day at a time until life becomes too much to handle. If you haven't lived this it's hard to understand. There comes a point that the tears dry up and and looking down from your cliff reveals not an end but a release of the shackles. A key to the prison door. I don't need your empathy, your pity. I only desire freedom from this life.
  7. Demon and the Fox

    Pretty much everything that drpaladin said goes for me as well. I'm so happy that NL2 is underway. F#@% Liz. How did Nick & Shay end up in Purgatory? Did I miss the explanation or is it forthcoming? Thanks for continuing the story LieLocks!

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