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  1. jt15136

    Chapter 2

    @Parker Owens You're another author whose work I enjoy. A to Z was fantastic as was Predator Prey and Bless Me!
  2. jt15136

    Chapter 2

    The foursome: 1 Marcus + Eric: 1 Marcus + Harper: 1 Marcus + Tiago: 1 Eric + Tiago: 1 Harper + Tiago: 1 Eric + Harper: 1 Kinda reminds me of a math question...if Ryan has 2 boyfriends driving in 2 cars going 40mph in a southernly direction how long will it take Ryan to cum? 😂
  3. jt15136

    Chapter 2

    Just when I thought Chapter 1 couldn't be topped you put out (no pun intended) another highly provactive chapter. Just wanted the doctor ordered! @Sasha Distan This story is excellent thus far but don't be fooled by my addled mind I enjoy your other PG-13 stories as well; Inked, Joined, Cadet, Cowboy Summer, Sanctuary (please continue this) and all the others!!!
  4. jt15136

    Chapter 1

    @Sasha Distan I don't care if it's a short...I'll take my Sasha Distan stories any way I can!
  5. jt15136

    Chapter 1

    I totally agree with this. @Sasha Distan Glad you're back! I so missed reading you.
  6. jt15136

    Work In Progress

    Is Plan B Kieran dancing with Kennedy as the girls are still sick? Also @lomax61 I keep getting pings about updates and I thought it was 21 being released. 😢 Excellent story!
  7. jt15136

    Flash Dance

    @lomax61 I was just thinking that my evening would continue to be nothing special until I noticed this new chapter notification. Can't tell you how much this made my night. Sloan is a crafty devil. But something tells me he cannot fathom Kennedys depth. I really enjoy how Kierran notices the little things and really engages Kennedys friends and family. He's so honest about it too. It's not fake, even though they are faking their togetherness. Excellent chapter I'm really looking forward to the where things go next, both at work and on vacation! Thanks again Lomax. Freakin' beautiful.
  8. jt15136

    Chapter 18

    I hate how Ghayle justifies everything. Makes you feel like such a child. Haha. Sharis oh Sharis what a moron you are. This feels like a cliffhanger but it might be that I'm just enjoying this story immensely that I want to keep reading and reading and reading and...well you get the picture. @Cynus This is an excellent book. Thanks for sharing.
  9. jt15136

    Chapter 34

    @RichEisbrouch Excellent story thanks for sharing with us!!!
  10. jt15136

    Up In the Air

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Kennedy handles his business and how Kieran will improve him.
  11. jt15136

    Chapter 29

    @RichEisbrouch Excellent story!!! I'm really enjoying this and not looking forward to it ending. Also it is truly awesome that you've been posting every day! Something nice to look forward to after work.
  12. jt15136

    Hobson's Choice

    Agreed that Sloan needs watching. My thought is he'll try to ditch Karl and meet without him. He's slick. I love when @lomax61 posts early. It's like an early Christmas present!!! P.S. I'm so looking forward to seeing Kieran and Kennedy's chemistry together.
  13. jt15136

    The Pity Party

    Aaaawwwwww! Gotta love how Artie had Adam's back. This was a great chapter @Aceinthehole I'm so looking forward to reading more and more and more and more and more. Did I mention more, cause yea I can't wait!
  14. jt15136


    @lomax61 Loving it!!!
  15. jt15136

    Chapter 46

    So happy to see this story continuing. What a twist at the end I hope Justin doesn't back pedal in the face of that. @Comicality Thanks for this chapter. You are a fantastic writer which makes your stories so much more enjoyable!!!

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