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  1. jt15136


    What if he chose them both?
  2. jt15136

    The Golden City

    I'm pretty freaking excited for this new story!!!
  3. jt15136

    Crisscross Moon

    Thanks for the explanation. I look forward to reading more.
  4. jt15136

    Crisscross Moon

    Kinda curious as to why GA says 9 chapters but only 2 are posted.
  5. jt15136

    Chapter 5

    @Dabeagle I'm really enjoying this story as I have with your others. Thanks for sharing it!
  6. jt15136

    Chapter 27

    @Rambling Robin Funny how I took 4 years of Spanish but I only remember the cuss words which were not part of the course. Happiest of birthdays and thanks so much for continuing this story. It's intoxicatingly addictive.
  7. jt15136


    Funny how when Riley got back he was jealous, untrusting of Trey. Now Eli comes to visit and Carter is the jealous, untrusting one. @Aceinthehole you really knock it out of the park with this Tales of the Underground series.
  8. jt15136


    Holy freakin crap... I look forward to book 2.
  9. jt15136

    Chapter 24

    So happy to see this story continuing!!! Thanks Mom!!!
  10. jt15136


    I haven't kept up with the Civilization games, I miss Civ 3 or was it 4?
  11. jt15136


    I don't use a screen reader. I find that reading it myself allows me to see the story more. Different strokes different folks and what not (no pun intended).
  12. jt15136


    I miss this beautiful story as well. @BlindAmbition In order to keep the withdrawal at bay You just have to re-re-re-read it again.
  13. jt15136

    Mr. Sullivan

    Bye Bitch. LOL
  14. jt15136

    Some Bad News

    I wonder if the reason the mix of everyday lycans were taken was really to lure the special lycans in. The bad guys sound like they actually want these four and Lady Bird is an added bonus. Just a thought. @Fantasyboy69 This is a great series which I enjoy rereading. Thanks for continuing it and sharing it with us!!! Freakin awesome.
  15. jt15136

    Oliver Who?

    So now we have yet another holiday where we get presents!!! These are the presents I love the most. @Aceinthehole Thanks for posting this chapter and the latest from Blinded! I feel like one of those girls (and boys) who would go manic at a blink182 concert back in the 90's. The crowd roars, "We love you Ace!" (Scream, scream).

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