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    Congratulations Graeme!

    Well done Graeme, It's good to have an Aussie on the staff.
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    Chapter 4

    What then would be the correct word usage?
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    Chapter 14

    Yep it all comes to a hopefully satisfactory end. Thanks for reading and giving me feedback
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    Chapter 14

    Epilogue . . . some fifteen months later . . . Mark got up from his desk, and with a contented smile, slowly walked out onto the main residence porch. Sipping from his coffee mug, he watched the activity in the marshaling yard where Scott was overseeing the unbridling of the stock horses. Young men, nay young gay youths, were excitedly telling stories about the morning ride; a lot of ribbing and exaggerated claims were being thrown around. They were happy and carefree. From the first intake of underprivileged city youths, the ranch accommodation was completely booked out. They had bookings for at least six months in advance and even had some interest from overseas. It was a fine day - a beautiful day. Preparations for tonight's anniversary celebrations were complete and all that remained was the arrival of a special guest. Mark sensed a presence beside him. 'Well Jason, I gather all's ready for tonight eh? What time does his flight come in?' 'In about a half-hour; I'll leave in about fifteen minutes.' 'Nervous?' '(Smiling) Too bloody right I'm nervous. I haven't seen him for nearly six months now; skyping, texts and Facebook are no alternatives for a warm human male body.' '(Teasing) So we won't be seeing much of you two after tonight's celebration. (Becoming serious) It must be hard loving someone and not being able to physically share that love. At least, with Scottie and I, we can cuddle up every night and make love. I couldn't imagine loving without a certain amount of physicality.' 'Yep. (silent) When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe the day was finally here. Twelve months, twelve very active months, and the ranch is running splendidly. You and Scott should be very proud of your achievement. If I haven't told you before, I'm so grateful for the chance to be a part of this project.' 'Hey, hold on, a large part of our success, and by ‘our' I include you, a large part of our success is attributed to you, Jason. Your Marketing strategy has been a wonder; we're not only seeing the dream come true, but it's been a whopping financial success. The time you spent convalescing was well spent, as you were able to map out a programme that immediately caught on with the gay community. I'm so grateful, and (laughing) before you say anything else, piss off and go meet Kenny.' As Mark watched Jason hurry away, he marveled how he'd recovered from his trauma with Kreek. Although being kept in a coma for several days, when he finally became conscious his convalescence back to health had been rapid. Of course, having Kenny constantly by his side helped. Upon hearing of Kreek's death, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Tragic, that his death was welcomed by so many people, and the manner, by a severe allergic reaction, surprising. Whilst I despised the man it was a real shame to see a life so wasted. But here I am, with the love of my life, about to celebrate the first anniversary of opening our doors. Here he comes now, sweaty, dusty and with a broad grin pasted over his face . . . still the sexiest man alive. 'Hey, there boss man; why are you standing there with a big cheesy grin plastered all over yer face?' 'The only boss here is that cock of yours; which reminds me, you sure pumped out a load of juice this morning. Is there such a thing as ‘instant cum'? I mean do you just press a button and your balls reload to the brim.' '(Laughing) Now there's a thought. How's Jason? Is he nervous about Kenny coming?' 'Just a bit. I'd love to be there when Kenny steps off the plane. Anyway, how was the ride this morning?' 'Good, good. Twelve out of our clients put their hands up, out of which only four were experienced riders. I opted for the quiet back trail to make it easy for the beginners, and the experienced riders were great helping the others with advice. I could see several relationships forming; their antics and doe-eyed looks amused me. Y' know, after you went back to sleep, I went for a walk around the compound trying to convince myself it was all real. We've come so far Mark since we resigned from the army. It just feels like yesterday.' 'Yep, I know. We were lucky to get this ranch so close to our billabong. But sometimes I resent taking the kids there for an outing. It's ours, Jason and Kenny included, and I'd like it to stay secret and special only for us. I know it's silly, but I can't help feeling we're commercializing a place of natural beauty.' 'Yes, I feel the same way. If I catch anyone abusing the site by throwing garbage around, I get quite cranky. Shouldn't, but I do.' 'Well then, why don't we stop advertising the place in our brochures, and just make it a special surprise once in a while. I'll talk to Jason about it tomorrow; we've got tonight to get through, lover-boy.' * * * As the plane rolled to a stop, the cabin door opened, and an ebullient Kenny Stamins jumped down and raced into Jason's waiting arms. For several moments they just stood there clutching hold of each other in a silent cuddle. When eventually they kissed it was out in the open for all to see. Eventually, they broke apart and Kenny searched his lover's eyes for signs of sadness. 'Oh Jason, Jason, Jason. It's been too long baby. I've missed you so, and . . . SLAP!' 'OUCH! . . .What was that for? Why did you hit me so hard?' 'For perving on those gorgeous young spunkies, and even wishing you could take one to bed. I bet you've had them lying at yer feet, offering up their stunning young bodies for a cock workout.' '(Laughing) No, my main man, you're safe. Some of the lads are ok, but others . . . well, I'll let you judge for yourself. Anyway, jump in the jeep and I'll get you settled.' On the short drive to the homestead, Kenny filled Jason in on Uni matters. At school, Kenny hadn't been sure of what career he wanted then out of the blue settled on becoming a Veterinarian. 'I love it. Animals are so trusting and easy to work with. When I have them on the examination table they look at you with such trust it's amazing. When you take a sick animal and show it love . . .' Jason let Kenny waffle on enthusiastically about the Vet school. It was just good to hear how happy he was. Soon they arrived at the homestead, where he was swamped by Mark and Scott, wanting news and more news. Eventually, he freshened up and joined the others in the main kitchen. 'The spread looks real good Mark; as we flew in I spied all the new buildings set up since I was last here. Are you happy with the way it's all turned out, I mean has it come up to your expectations?' 'More than when at first I started thinking about the concept. Jason and I have worked on the Marketing side and just establishing the infrastructure, whilst Scott has become a wizard at Property Management. The three of us together have made it a success. I only wish you could be here with us.' 'I wish too. (giving Jason a nudge) With all these spunky boys around I hope Jason's been behaving himself.' 'He certainly has not! (three pairs of eyes stared at Mark) he's been fucking every young thing . . . OW! THAT HURT SCOTT!' 'Don't take any notice of him Kenny (who was looking a little perplexed) he's got a warped and twisted sense of humour. Don't be a shit-hole Mark, behave yourself!' 'Yeah Mark, can it. I've been real good haven't I Scott? (Who nodded, still glaring at Mark) That's not to say I've not had any chances, but I've been a good boy.' "Ok, Ok, sorry Kenny I was just having a little fun. No Jason's been impressive. I don't know what it is, but all the fat ones seem to ogle him; must be something in his after-shave.' 'Can you guys be serious. I want to hear about what you've been doing, especially any new ideas you've introduced. Then, if it's Ok, I want to inspect the livestock; see if I can put some learning to good use.' 'Later boyo, later. You and I have some bed time to catch up. C'mon . . . NOW!' ‘Wait, hold on Kenny, I know you’re anxious to spend some quality time together, but before you disappear into the lion’s den, I want to ask about your family. Some time back you said your mum was going to leave yer dad. Care to give us an update. I only ask because your mothers highly regarded in the Darwin community. I’d like to know that she’s settled and happy.’ ‘Nice of you to ask Mark. Of course, you know about my dad . . . ‘ (Mark and Scott shook their heads) ‘No, I don’t, or we don’t. I just heard he’s been transferred somewhere, but where I don’t know. What happened?’ ’Well, he’s been transferred to Christmas Island. (Seeing the confused looks he continued) It’s an island way out in the Indian ocean, just under 2500 kilometers from Darwin. It’s a dead-end posting. My dad will simply finish his army career in an arsehole posting, and good luck to him, he thoroughly deserves it. My mum’s still in Darwin and is doing a lot of charity work. I’ve never seen her so happy. She divorced my dad, so is now free to live her life the way she wants.’ ‘What about you Kenny, are you upset about yer dad? I know he treated you bad but he’s still yer father. It's only normal that you still harbor some affection for him. Have you come to terms with the problems between the two of you?’ ‘Yeah, sort-of. I mean, we haven’t been very close this past year. I ‘m still pissed off at him about what happened to Jason. The thought that he could’ve been instrumental in killing Jason has never left me. I awaken some nights with that awful thought. It’s hard to forgive someone who nearly killed the one person in this life that you love very much. I guess time will clear the sore; I just hope I’m not left with an ugly scab’. ‘You won’t because you’re a very decent human being; I reckon you’ll be willing to forgive where people like Kreek and your Dad won’t.’ ‘Thanks Mark, I hope yer right. Now . . . ‘ ‘Get off with ya; lover boy’s waiting. * * * The dining shed had been cleared, then decorated with banners and outback themes. Across one wall was a large banner proclaiming CONGRATULATIONS TO MARK, SCOTT, AND JASON: ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Underneath the banner, a Rainbow Flag hung proudly. The room contained two long tables which seated about ten persons each. Under the banner, another long table carried placings for about six persons. The meal itself was simple; a sheep had been BBQ’d and side dishes prepared by the kitchen staff. For the guests, this was just a normal meal, but Jason had let it be known that he, Mark and Scott were celebrating something special. After welcoming the guests, they settled into their meal, washing it down with ample quantities of beer and wine. As the evening progressed the sound level escalated. The boys were still mostly in their teens, so there was much mischief at the tables. Then the moment arrived. Jason rose up and called for silence; not an easy task with twenty or so young men half-pissed. Eventually, ‘Guys, this is a special day for Mark, Scott and myself and we’re glad to have your company to help us celebrate. The three of us are ex-army (cries of 'attention' were made with hilarity), and it was quite difficult serving in the Australian Defence Force as gay men. (the lads became quiet as they listened) Let me tell you a wonderful story; a truthful story. At one stage, both Mark and Scott were independently asked to forego their relationship because it contravened ADF Fraternization rules. So deep was their love, and without any prior consultation, both Mark and Scott refused the Army's order. Their relationship had been put to the ultimate test; the result being they valued each other more than they valued their careers. (There was utter silence) At some stage, Mark had an idea to create an outback adventure for young gay guys such as you. Getting from an idea to a campus such as you’re enjoying now, was no mean feat; but we firmly believed doing this was a worthwhile cause. (Pause) We know, and have experienced your pain; the loneliness, the apprehension, the isolation, but most of all - the fear. We can't solve all the problems of young gay guys, I wish we could. Just suffice it to know that, having spent some time with us, you're now part of our extended family; please keep in touch because we're here for you. Any time you feel down, or threatened, just pick up the phone - Ok.' Now, this brings me to the main issue. Tonight, in front of you all, and in front of myself, Mark and Scott are to be married. (There was a collective gasp) I have been deputized as a Civil Celebrant to make sure these proceedings are legal. Mark, and Scott, would you please stand up and face each other in front of the Rainbow Flag.' The room was hushed, completely silent. Everyone realised this was something really special. From being shunned, deprived of a loving family and generally victimized by society, these young men had an absolute need for something positive. Jason continued, 'Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the Larrakeyah Tribe as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands. We honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country. We aim to respect the cultural heritage, customs, and beliefs of all Indigenous people. (Then taking a deep breath) We are here to witness the marriage of two special friends. More than a ceremony, this is a significant moment of celebration and personal commitment. The essence of this commitment is the taking of another person in their entirety, as a companion and friend. It is, therefore, a decision which is not entered into lightly.' Jason then read from a small pamphlet he carried. 'The nature of love is unselfish, understanding, kind, and ongoing, as long as it continues to be nurtured. Mark and Scott, from this day forward you will become closer than ever before. You will promise to love one another in sickness and in health, for better and for worse.' Turing to Mark, Jason put his hand on Mark's shoulder, 'Mark, do you take Scott to be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honour and respect him? Do you promise to share with him all life has to offer, from this day forward? '(Firmly) I do' Then laying his hand on Scott's shoulder, 'Scott, do you take Mark be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honour and respect him? Do you promise to share all life has to offer, your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointments with him, from this day forward? '(Firmly) Yes, I do' 'We now come to the most important part of this marriage ceremony, the giving of personal vows. Mark, if you will. Mark, took Scott's hand and looking into his eyes, spoke slowly, 'Scott, we have shared some amazing adventures together, and I can't wait to start this next adventure with you. We took so long to find one another, and then you changed my world. I love you so much, and I am so happy that we are here today to show our love to one another. I always dreamed of the perfect partner, but you have gone beyond all my dreams. I promise to be there when you need me, to fill your days with love, to comfort you and encourage you, to help you reach your goals, and to love you with all of my heart, for all of my life. Thank you for coming into my life and for being such a wonderful partner and best friend. Scott, I choose you to be my husband for life, and give you this ring as a physical symbol of my enduring love.' With that, he produced a simple gold ring and still holding Scott's had placed the ring on his finger. Utter silence prevailed. 'Now Scott, if you will,' (Holding back tears) 'Today I am marrying my best friend. Mark, you are the love of my life and my soul mate. Thank you for loving me completely, and for giving your heart to me. Thank you for always being kind, loving and supportive of me. Thank you for always telling me I’m terrific and being so proud to call me yours. Thank you for making me laugh, and always seeing the positive in everything. Thank you for always making me feel significant, and for loving me unconditionally. Today I promise these things to you: (Pause)(Choke) To love you and be one forever as partners. To laugh with you, cry with you, talk with you, and forever be in love with you. To share my secrets, and be honest with you. To always trust you and respect you. To love and care for you in good times, and the not so good times. To be happy when you are happy, and always support you in everything you do. To always be faithful to you. To grow old with you, and be with you until the end of time. To always be by your side in whatever life brings our way.(Sob) Thank you for coming into my life and for being such a best friend. Mark, Mark Peters, I choose you to be my husband for life, and give you this ring as a physical symbol of my enduring love.' Like Mark, Scott produced a gold ring and placed it on Mark's finger. There was a slight commotion as one of the boys, unable to contain his emotions, started sobbing loud and went outside. Jason was also having difficulty keeping his emotions under control, but all he had to do now was, '(Choke) Mark and Scott have declared before me and before all of you, that they will live together in marriage. They have symbolized it by joining hands, taking vows and by exchanging rings. I, therefore, declare Mark and Scott to be Husband and Husband.' At a nod from Jason, Mark pulled Scott close and they kissed. Suddenly, the silence was broken with shouts of 'Hooray', 'Go get 'im Mark', 'Give 'im one fer me', 'You beauty', and other voices of encouragement. Others were too overcome with emotion, so they stayed silent. As Mark and Scott, newly wed, turned to face the lads, tears were running down their faces. In fact, quite a few faces were bright with tears. Then Kenny raced over and hugged them, before turning to Jason and kissing him. In the midst of all this Mark and Scott grinned happily, absorbing the pleasure demonstrated by all. Then Mark called for quiet, and when all was calm he began, ‘As Jason said, it wasn’t easy to get this place rolling, but the three of us became enthused with the idea, so we’ve been motivated to make it happen. (Pause) Jason alluded to the difficulty being a gay serviceman, but he didn’t tell you was that he nearly killed by a homophobic army creep. He spent several weeks in a coma, and when he became conscious it took months of rehabilitation to restore him to the wonderful arsehole he is today . . . OUCH! Stop it Scott! (General laughter) Ummm, I’m only joking. I know I speak for my husband (loud cries of woo woo) as well, when I tell you our relationship wouldn't have survived without Jason. Mate, we owe you so much that I just can't find the words sufficient to say thank you, but we do, thank you. I only hope that you'll find a life partner and enjoy the same happiness that we have today. ('Workin' on it'! from Kenny) We’ve been delighted to host so many of you who’ve only had the sleazy city streets to call home. We don’t believe that we can solve all the problems that you guys face today, but we just hope that during your time here, you may want to make a start about changing the course of your lives. As you know, we offer counseling to anyone who puts their hand up. Now enough of the mushy stuff . . . let's all get shit-faced. Come sit my fellow traveler While I tell to you a story Of how a people, long suppressed Gained freedom, respect, and glory Come sit you down beside me And interrupt me not For this tale long remembered be And n'er be forgot Our persecutors loud and shrill they were So strident and irate From pulpit, courtroom, school, and home They brayed their awful hate We'd endured their constant cruelty, and The taunt that we're just freaks In silence, and with lowered eyes We turned the other cheek But then one Saturday, late in June In the year of sixty-nine To Stonewall Inn, the wee small hours Came cops, emulating swine At Stonewall Inn, in times gone past We'd suffered their abuse Handcuffs, fists, and boots were used To fill up their caboose So meek, gentle, and soft were we So complacent we became We let the bastards ruin our lives Without a thought of shame But then a spark, a cry of 'No!' No more will we submit We'll stand and fight for freedom's sake No more your bloody shit! The cry went out, that early morn And soon the street was manned By gays who'd simply had enough And vowed to make a stand Against prejudiced, phobic, ignorant nutters, and Those bible bashing types Against cowards in all elected posts We fought for basic rights Our movement swift and enraged grew No more to be denied Our freedom, respect, and basic rights So cruelly past deprived . . . became . . . A worldwide multitude of gays Beneath the rainbow banner We gained a voice, nay T'was a shout So forceful did we clamour So, Pass on the word, let's shout aloud NEVER AGAIN! , NEVER AGAIN! because NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BOW DOWN again Never again! - And now amen. . . . . to the Heroes of Stonewall Inn, June 28, 1969
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    Chapter 12

    Thnx, I'm posting today
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    Chapter 13

    HaHa. Yes.
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    Chapter 13

    Yes, it's the same cowardice that Islamic mullas enjoy when they send children to their death telling them they'll be going to paradise. Why don't these nutters carry their own bombs?
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    Chapter 13

    Yep. I tried to find him a nasty way to die, and from research, food allergy can be bad.
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    Chapter 13

    13.1 'Please come in Brigadier, take a seat. Welcome to our Battalion Headquarters. Can I offer some refreshments? '(Pleasantly) No thank you Colonel, I'll pass if I may. I drink too much coffee for my own good. My wife believes I've become addicted to the stuff. 'Yes, I find my intake is bordering on excessive, if not habitual. (Fixing the Brigadier with a stare) So, how may I help you? Brigadier Colin Fergusson of the Military Police had requested a meeting with Garth Stamins on short notice. The Provost Marshal's office had been keeping the Colonel under close watch, as his name kept cropping up on dubious matters. It is not normal for the MP's to monitor a senior ranker, but Garth Stamins had become a red flag in the view of experienced officers. The Brigadier pulled a sheaf of papers from his briefcase and donned rimless reading glasses. He acquired the persona of an amiable, scholarly professor. 'If you'll bear with me Colonel, your name keeps popping up along with the activities of a Corporal Bertrand Kreek. You know of the man sir?' '(Carefully) Yes, yes I do; he's a part of my command. What of him?' 'This Kreek fellow is a strong person of interest in the case of the murdered American servicemen. In addition, he has just been indicted for the attempted murder of a Corporal Jason Meadows. I take it this is all familiar to you?' 'Yes Brigadier, I pride myself on keeping up to date on matters involving my command. Of course, I'm aware of what's happened, but what has it to do with me?' '(Looking down at his papers) Hmmm, let me refer to the case of the Darwin murders. You attested that this fellow Kreek was away on the murder dates, doing assignments for you. Is that correct?' 'Yes.' 'And do you still stand by your sworn statement that Kreek was not near the Darwin area on the murder dates.? 'Yes, of course I do. Brigadier, are you interrogating me? Why do I have to answer questions about a sworn statement I made?' '(Ignoring the question) Let's see now, you contend that on (date) Kreek was at (Darwin Hotel) entertaining civilians as prospective army suppliers. Right? (Stamins nodded impatiently). Well, Colonel, we've thoroughly checked with the hotel management and staff and they have no recollection of seeing or serving Corporal Kreek; likewise, there are no receipts or any other documentation that would support your claim. In case there was an error of location, we have checked with all of Darwin pubs for that night, and there is absolutely no record of such meeting, as you've claimed. What do you say?' 'That there has to be a mistake somewhere because he definitely wasn't near the (naming the park) on the night in question.' Long pause. The Brigadier consulted his papers again before responding. 'I see. We have also checked your claim that Kreek was at (naming sites) on the nights in question. I have to tell you we have not been able, with a thorough investigation, to verify Kreek's presence at the sites and dates in question.' 'Where's this going Brigadier? I've made a statement on the matter and I don't expect to be cross-examined. Are you questioning the veracity of a senior officer?' (Ignoring the question) You know it's amazing what happens when you start digging around looking at evidence. Really amazing. (Fergusson allowed a small smile to appear) When we were showing Kreek's photo around, out of the blue a man came forward saying he'd seen Kreek, not at any hotel, but at the (Darwin park) around the same time the murders were committed. He was adamant. (Stamins had gone white and he looked uncomfortable). Why did you make a false statement to protect an alleged murderer?' The room became so silent you could've heard the proverbial pin drop. Stamins just stared at Fergusson with a weird grin. 'I note you have failed to answer that question. In which . . .' 'In which case, I will not answer any further questions until I have legal representation.' 'That, of course, is your right and a very sensible move on your part. But I'm not finished. Corporal Kreek maintains that after he gave you proof that your son Kenneth Stamins was having a gay affair, you authorized him to sanction corporal Meadows. As a result . . .' 'THAT’S NOT TRUE! MY SON'S NOT GAY! I DON'T HAVE A GAY SON! It's a vicious . . .' 'Please keep your voice down, Colonel. Your son has admitted he's gay. I had a short talk with him and was very impressed; you should be proud to have a son like him. Now Kreek's defence is that he was acting only on your orders when he attacked Meadows. He also maintains that you will support him in open court.' '(Alarmed) He said that. He said I'd support him as a defence witness. (Indignant) Let me assure you sir that I have no intention of defending Kreek. We all have to accept the consequences of our actions.' 'True, how true that is. As you've requested legal counsel, I won't ask you to respond to any more questions. I do, however, have to raise a final point. I'm referring to your Press Conference where you arrogantly went against Army policy with regard to Gay people serving in our armed forces. (Stamins shifted uncomfortably but continued to stare at Fergusson with hostility) The ADF has a long memory and your disobedience will be added to the case against you.' 'Case? Case? What are you talking about? Am I to be charged with an offence?' '(Reasonably) It's not for me to say, Colonel. I'll report the substance of our meeting, and it'll then be in the hands of Division Headquarters, to decide what, if any, further action to take.' '(Feebly) Can I ask what your report will contain.' 'Certainly, although you'll get a copy of my report as soon as it's sent upstairs. But it will cover three areas. (Consulting his papers) Firstly; giving a false statement to assist an alleged criminal escape justice. Second; Encouraging a lower ranked serviceman to brutalize another serviceman. Thirdly: calling a Press Conference to defy the ADF's official policy on gay servicemen. Of course, when you get the official report you'll be asked to sign that you've received said report.' Garth Stamins sat staring at his desk blotter. The army had been his career, his soul, and now he could see his whole life crumbling around him. He had no illusions. Being the subject of such a report could result in charges laid against him; just as worse, the prospect of any further promotion vanished. A strange calm began to descend as his mind refused to accept his fate. He could feel himself falling away from reality until he reached a stage when he became numb. He showed neither recognition nor care as the Brigadier departed his office. * * * 13.2 Bert Kreek finished his meal, then laid down on his bunk, smacking his lips satisfactorily. The cell block was very quiet because he was the only person in the lock-up. It was mealtime, so only a skeleton staff would be on duty; after all, with only one prisoner, the duty officer had little to do. Those bastards George and Lance. I can't understand why they'd stopped me from removing that filthy poofter from this earth. It was so embarrassing, to wake up suffering the after-effects of Ether and find yourself trussed up like an animal. When I get out I'll make them pay - oh yes they'll pay. Not to worry Bert old fella, because the Colonel's on me side. He'll soon sort out these idiots and their stupid threats. Haven't I survived all the shit they've thrown at me? I never budged even when the bastards had insulted me mum. That was low but still, I didn't confess. So much for their . . . what was they called it? Yes, right yes; they called it Judicial Sanction or some such bullshit. Maybe when I get out I'll get me a legal mouthpiece and take em to court for what they did. Cunts! It started innocently enough, a general flush of his skin which Kreek put down to Darwin's heat and humidity. Then he felt his throat start to swell; he couldn't swallow, and he couldn't speak. This condition continued on for some time, and Kreek still wasn't concerned, blaming his discomfort on the climate. But then he got worse, finding he couldn't breathe and suddenly became very weak. And then realization dawned; he was having an Anaphylaxis reaction to . . . Sesame seeds. He was severely allergic to Sesame seeds and somehow someone had acquired this knowledge. In a panic, he realized that either the kernels themselves or Sesame oil had been introduced into his food. Normally he was extremely careful about what he ate; in a restaurant he would personally require the chef to make sure none of the deadly foodstuffs would find their way into his food. He'd received this assurance from the mess hall. At home his mother monitored all the food products he ate, so he was never in any danger. However, he hadn't thought about the danger at the Provost Marshall when they brought him his meal. He was hungry and wolfed down his food. Now he struggled to keep conscious. He couldn't breathe and couldn't cry out; even so, there was no one around to help him. He was alone, very alone, and very ill. Then he went into Anaphylaxis shock, collapsed and became unconscious. Had there been persons around, even at this late stage, he could have been revived, but there was no one, so . . . . . . Bert Kreek slipped further into unconsciousness, and unable to breathe, eventually departed this life. His body was not found until several hours after death, and an immediate investigation launched. An autopsy was carried out and the finding was death by Anaphylaxis shock. How a Sesame seed product found its way into Kreek's food was never established. Nobody mourned Bert Kreek's passing, because he did not, nor could not make friends. His mother had passed on just a short while ago and he was an only child. Sure, there were acquaintances, but they were only attached to Kreek by fear or obligation. An inglorious ending to a miserable life.
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    Chapter 12

    12.1 Jason tossed and turned in his sleep because something evil was disturbing his slumber. The dorm was quiet, except for the snorts, mumbles, farts, and other noises usually found with males at night-time. It was the wee small hours of the morning, a time when the body finally overcomes sleeplessness and sinks into a merciful sleep. Suddenly Jason woke up alarmed. Danger, his brain screamed danger, but before he could recognize the danger, something was placed over his mouth and nose, plunging him into the black pit of unconsciousness. Quietly he was wrapped in an army blanket, then three pairs of hands carried him silently out of the dorm and into a waiting jeep. A short ride through silent streets, then he was deposited into an unused ammunition supply complex. An inclined board had been placed against a wall, and to this Jason was securely strapped. It was an eerie place; lines of empty shelves with dim overhead lighting. An unusual smell pervaded the air. 'How long Bert, how long before the Ether wears off? 'Soon, very soon, I just gave him a whiff, so he'll be comin' room in a jiffy. You'll have time fer a smoke, and then we'll get started.' 'Hold on, there's no ‘we’ll'. It's your tango Bert; we only offered to help with the abduction, not any interrogation, that's yours shit-face. We'll (his partner nodded) not help you with any rough stuff. When he comes to, he'll recognize us because we're not wearing any masks. Bert, this is as far as we go (his partner nodded in support). Unlike you, we've got families to consider, and visiting us in jail is not a pleasant family outing. Sorry.' 'Look Lance, it's not going to be a problem.' 'Wadda ya mean - no problem. What's wrong with you. He'll recognize us and then report us. Don't be stupid Bert, you're already under suspicion of totaling those Yankee poofters, so this . . . so this (sudden pause) . . . Oh my god . . . oh shit! (fear) Yer gonna top ‘im; yer gonna off him, aren't you. Is that what yer gonna do?' '(The other collaborator George breaking in) No, no, no! Me and Lance only helped you as a favour. You didn't say anything about wet stuff. No Bert, absolutely not! I'm outta here . . . NOW!' 'You'll stay just where you are George. Or would you like to see photos all over social media of you screwing underage kids?' '(Gasp)! Oh please Bert, ya told me you'd deleted that stuff. Ya told me that if I helped out you'd burn that stuff.' 'And I will George, just as soon as we're finished here. And you Lance, if yer wife finds out that you've been screwing her best friend, she'll divorce you, and leave you financially fucked. You don't want that do you?' 'You bastard! You bloody little bastard. You mark my words, I'm gonna get you for this. You're dead.' 'The only dead around here is this little fagott, Corporal bloody all mighty Jason shit-fudger Meadows. Look, nothings gonna happen to you blokes. As soon as we're finished, we'll dump the body where the crocs can get to him. There'll be nothing left to identify.' In the dim atmosphere, he didn't see the look of horror that passed between his two cronies. * * * 12.2 He was underwater and knew he couldn't open his mouth. Up above him, he could see a dim light and in desperation, he swam upwards. As he rose the light kept getting stronger until . . . he opened his eyes. Slowly his senses returned, and he looked around, not recognizing any familiar surroundings. He sensed he wasn't alone, but in the dim light he couldn't make out any presence. Then came the realization that he was tied to something firm; only his arms were free to move around. An awful surge of fear enveloped him, and he could feel bile building up in his guts. He became sick with fear but vowed to not show any outward sign of fear. He began to think rationally; who could . . .' SLAP! . . . ‘OUCH!' 'So yer awake my pretty eh? Good, good; I was getting a little impatient ‘cause I wants to get started on findin' the truth . . . ' 'KREEK! You slimy rotten cunt, it's you Bert Kreek, I'd know that voice anywhere. (Laughing) Are you mad? You must be a glutton for punishment.' 'Oh no my lovely, it's you who's gonna be punished; punished for drugging the Colonel's son and making him perform unnatural filthy acts.' 'What the fuck (struggling to get free) are you blabbing about? Why bring Kenny into this? I don't know anything about drugging Kenny or any other bloke. Here, release me so's we can talk like two mature adults; there's no need for this charade.' 'Yer gonna stay until I get a confession outta you. What you've done has upset my Colonel so much that I think he's goin' round the bend - all because of you.' 'I don't . . . OOMMPPHH! Kreek his Jason in the gut's, and for a moment he blacked out. The pain was terrible, he had trouble breathing. All he could do was look balefully at his tormentor while he struggled to get his breath back. 'There's a lot more of that to come, princess. Now I just want a simple confession, witnessed by my associates, that you drugged Kenny Stamins, and used him for your twisted needs. Confess Meadows, and all the pain will be over. Are you ready?' 'Never, you slime . . . . OOMMPPHH! Another blow caught Jason in his guts and he felt real pain again. This time a little stream of vomit ran down his chin as he gasped wide-eyed for breath. 'C'mon pussy, I can keep this up all night. Fact is I like inflicting pain, but more than that, it's the fear in someone's eyes that turns me on; I'll always remember the look when they realize they are gonna die. OH, I love it.' It was then through his befuddled state that Jason realized he was in trouble, real trouble. Kreek had killed before and there was no doubt he was gonna kill again. For over half an hour Jason was assaulted relentlessly. His face became a bloody mess, his eyes were half-closed, and several front teeth were missing. He was now in agony with the savage punishment being metered out. All through the ordeal, Kreek kept demanding he sign a confession, but he refused. He had no strength left, and whereas before he strained against his bindings, now he just sagged; all the energy had been battered out of him. On and on Kreek kept the assault going and as time progressed so did the degree of savagery being applied. To Kreek's cronies, the cruelty had passed what would be considered acceptable for an interrogation. They became increasingly sickened with the grilling; it was obvious Kreek's original objective had long been forgotten, and what was happening now was pure personal vengeance. They were appalled. 'You fuck'n . . . WHACK! You aren't . . . WHACK! . . . Fit to live and walk . . . WHACK! . . . Among decent folks. You deserve . . .THUMP . . . to die, cunt!' It was completely out of hand, and now Kreek had a strange insane look to his eyes. He'd passed beyond reason. He was abused both mentally and physically, but still, Jason held on . . . held on until he looked into Kreek's eyes and saw the insanity there. He's gonna kill me. I'm gonna die. Oh, Kenny, I love you. Please remember me. Please . . . don't . . . forget me. My . . . mother . . . mum, I love you. Please . . . forgive me . . . forgive . . . The last memory Jason had was Kreek's fingers around his throat and the evil insane look of his eyes. * * * 12.3 Early morning roll-call required either a physical presence or a bloody good excuse. When Jason's bed was discovered empty, at first there was no reason for alarm. But when he failed to appear for PT, his fellow bunk-mates became concerned. Before lights out, Jason had been chatting with some of the squad and had challenged one loud-mouth to an arm-wrestle contest the following morning. It was unlike Jason to not show, so curiosity became concern. His mates scoured the barracks and checked out any likely place for Jason to be. They drew a blank. Straightway the Provost Marshal became involved, and a further check of likely places made. Nothing. Now the matter was escalated to a ‘Missing Person' level and the appropriate procedures put in place. It was a desperately concerned group comprising Kenny, Scott, and Mark which gathered in the Canteen around lunch time. Just as he was about to take a sip of coffee, Mark's phone rang. 'Hello, Captain Peters here.' 'Captain this is WO Grant Williams, Captain. We met under difficult circumstances just recently.' 'Yes, I remember WO, what can I do for you?' 'I just want to pass on some intelligence that's come my way in the Corporal Jason Meadows matter. (Mark sat upright and motioned the others to silence). One of his bunkmates has come forward saying that he was woken up very early this morning, by three persons walking past with what looked to be a body. He didn't come forward initially, because he thought it was a prank. Now he's alarmed at what he saw and has made a statement to that effect. I'd say that Corporal Meadows has been abducted for reasons unknown.' 'Abducted? Did you say (the other two were asking silent questions) abducted W.O?' 'That seems the only logical conclusion, and probably drugged, as the squaddies statement attested that there didn't appear to be any movement in the body. Do you know of anyone who might have it in for the Corporal?' 'Yes, of course, Corporal Kreek, and Jason wasn't popular with Colonel Stamins (a nod from Kenny).' 'Yes, we tried to find Corporal Kreek as we know there's past history, but we can't find Kreek either. Would you know where he might be?' 'No idea; this is getting more sinister as the hours go by. If I knew I'd tell you W.O. (Sigh) Is there anything you'd like us to do?' 'No, just let us know immediately if you get any further information. We're taking this very seriously; we fear for Corporal Meadow's life.' Mark disconnected and stared at the two boys, who were looking anxious. 'All he said was that someone in the bunkhouse was woken up early this morning by someone carrying a limp body out of the dorm. He believes it was Jason. The other news is that Kreek's disappeared too. They can't find him. Sorry Kenny, it doesn't look good. They fear the worst.' At this Kenny broke down and started sobbing. Up to this point he hadn't mentioned the warning he gave to Jason the previous night. Now, interspersed with sobs and sniffles he told the whole story. Mark became alarmed, particularly about the Colonel. 'Look, there isn't much for us to do now. It's in the MP's hands, and their better equipped to handle this sort of thing. It's hard, but we must be brave.' 'Mark, why would Kreek disappear as well. What do you make of it?' 'Scottie, your guess is as good as mine. I haven't a clue, baby.' * * * 12.4 Not long after he talked to Mark, Grant Williams received another call. ' . . . and we couldn't let it go on anymore. Kreek had gone beyond reason, and we reckoned he was set to kill Meadows. We only agreed to help him abduct the corporal W.O because he's got stuff that compromises us . . .' 'Get on with it, man; I don't want to hear about yer personal problems! Where's Meadows, and is he still alive?' Quickly now.' 'He was when we left. We gave Kreek a sniff of Ether and left him trussed up. He's a maniac W.O, an animal that should be put down . . .' 'Alright! Tell me where the lad is, and if your story holds true we'll discuss your role in the matter once we find Meadows.' 'He's at (giving the location) . . .' Within minutes a jeep and an ambulance were on their way to the ammo storage site, and to their relief, Jason was found. They were shocked at his condition. He was barely alive and had to be given emergency care because his injuries were extensive. As soon as the medics had him stabilized, he was rushed to the base hospital. After attending to Jason, they turned to Kreek who was conscious throughout the ordeal and also, very tormented. He kept mouthing the word 'bastards' over and over again. Leaving Jason to the medics, Grant walked over to the pathetic form that was Bert Kreek. 'Well now Bertie, it seems you've outdone yerself this time. Your little colleagues haven't given us their names yet, but they have provided us with a complete description of last night’s activities. I'll even go as far as granting immunity if they're willing to give signed statements. Yer fucked Kreek!' '(Venomously) Yer wrong shit-head, cause I'se got some really big brass on me side and it was him that ordered that poofter's interrogation. Did you know that the slimy fagott drugged the Colonel's son to perform disgusting, unmanly acts? (Laughing) I was jest following orders piss-features, jest following orders,' 'I doubt that, but if that’s gonna be your defense, great. You'll have to tell us who issued the order before you'll be believed. Now let's get you untied, handcuffed and charged with attempted murder. You know Kreek, I'm enjoying this . . . yessir, I'm gonna enjoy seeing you in my jail at long last.' * * * 12.5 'We're friends of Corporal Jason Meadows and we'd like to see him, please.' Mark, Scott, and Kenny had rushed to the Base Hospital as soon as Grant Williams had phoned them the news. Grant stressed that Jason was barely alive when they found him, and so they shouldn't celebrate just yet. In a few words, he related what had happened to Jason, and how they'd found him. Kenny went from extreme depression to quiet joy and demanded he see Jason as soon as possible. Now the nurse responded, 'You can't unless your family or next of kin. He's in Intensive Care and on the Critical List. He's been put into an induced coma as he has extensive head injuries. When the doctors are confident his brain swelling has diminished they then may, and I stress may, bring him out of his coma. That's all I can tell you now.' 'I'm Captain Mark Peter's ma'am. Do you know if his family has been informed? They should be told before the story gets out in the media; it would come as a shock.' 'I don't know Captain, that’s for the front office . . .' 'Excuse me Sister, but my names Kenny Stamins, the son of Colonel Stamins. Jason is my lover, and we're planning a life together. I must see him, I must just let him know that I'm here for him, please.' 'Nice try young man, but the answers the same. If you can convince the doctor that your visit may be beneficial, then he may allow a visit. In the meantime, you just have to go home and wait. Also, give my regards (her name tag said Nurse Cousins) to your mother Ruth. She often visits the hospital and we all admire her.' (Sadly) OK, but a favor please, (the nurse looked expectant) will you please just say to him that I love him. Would you do me that favour please?' (Sincerely) That I will young man, that I will. He's very lucky to have someone like you to love him.' * * * 12.6 'Well here we are again Corporal, but this time we've got you cold and you've been charged with the attempted murder of Corporal Jason Meadows. 'You ain't got no proof about that, have you, and, as I've said before, I was just following orders.' 'Whose orders Corporal, whose orders?' '(Sitting back with a smug look on his face) The Colonel, our Colonel Garth Stamins, that's who.' 'What if I was to tell you that Colonel Stamins denies giving you any such order. Do you have something in writing?' 'Nah, cause not, he don't work that way. He gives me an order and I just do it. I love that old man.' 'I see. Well, it comes down then to your word against his, and I think the Colonel's gonna outrank you.' 'Nah, you wait and see; when it comes to me trial, he'll tell the truth because he's that sorta man. Integrity yeah, that's the word I'm lookin' for.' 'Well, that's interesting, good luck with that. Also, your two accomplices have given statements, clearly pointing to you as the instigator. They say (reading from one statement) they were blackmailed into assisting you because you held proof of their past wrong-doings. We've given them immunity against past misdemeanors so that they can give evidence against you. We still have you as our prime suspect in the Darwin park murders, but as you know, we just want you to confess without going to trial.' 'Yeah well, I won't! I've stood firm against all the shit you've tried on me, and ain't buckled. Go fuck yerself!' 'Noted. I don't want to go over old ground, but we advised that because the evidence could be construed as circumstantial, we would not proceed to a formal trial. (smiling) We both know you're guilty of the killings, in the same way you're guilty of attempting to kill Corporal Meadows. You must also realize that you must suffer punishment for your crimes.' 'What punishment? As soon as the Colonel gets on the witness box and exonerates me, I'll be found not guilty and there won't be any punishment.' ' You seem to rely heavily on the Colonel. Was it him that ordered you to kill those Americans? 'Nah, no. He jest told me he wished all poofters dead, and because I love the man I took that as an order. He didn't mention Americans, that was my doing, cause I hate them, Americans I mean. I just sorta killed . . . how does it go? . . . Two birds with one stone. (he, he) 'Thank you Corporal, you've been very helpful.' 'How have I helped? I don't understand.'
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    Chapter 10

    Thanks. I hope you li9ke the ending
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    Chapter 11

    Wow, you're so lucky. My mother just called me bad names and then made the local priest visit with me. My father never really spoke to me after. Give your mum a big hug next time you see her.
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    Chapter 11

    The Colonels house was two stories, the downstairs containing lounge, family rooms, the Colonels study, kitchen, and laundry, whilst upstairs were the bedrooms and bathrooms. Flushed by the wonderful day he'd had, Kenny was in no mood to tackle his father. He needed to be aggressively angry in order to handle the poisonous confrontation with his Dad. Maybe tomorrow, certainly tomorrow. Opening the front door, he moved into the house proper, and started towards the stairs leading to his bedroom. The house seemed very quiet but that was normal; it wasn't a happy home and the sound of laughter was seldom heard. He was just about to mount the stairs when his father called, from his study, '(Sternly) Kenny, in here please.' , to which he replied light-heartedly, 'Ok, coming Dad.' The Colonels study was a big room with a wide but narrow antique desk in front of a window. The room consisted of a small conference table, about six uncomfortable looking chairs, and two large wing-backed visitor's chairs. An Australian flag stood in one corner beside the window, and complimenting that, in the other corner, was the official flag of the Combined Services. The Colonels chair was a masterpiece of intimidation. Also wing-backed, it was covered in green velvet with an embossed Coat-of-Arms as a centrepiece. Along the walls were photos of the varying stages of the colonel's career. The walls were wood panelled, and the floor carpeted in a deeper green than the Colonels chair. The over-all effect was moody and uncomfortable. However, Kenny had visited this room many times, so he wasn't affected by the gloomy atmosphere. One surprise was his mother Ruth, sitting in one of the visitor's chairs and looking glum. When he entered, the Colonel was sitting on his desktop on the visitor's side facing the door. (Cheerfully) Yeah Dad, what do you want?' For a long moment, his father just stared at him, with a sneering look that bordered on contempt. Kenny's stomach started to feel uneasy. Geeze I hope I don't stink of Jason's semen or sweat. We did have a swim after . . .' 'How well do you know Corporal Jason Meadows.? '(Pause, Nervous) umm not well; I talked to him when he was serving at your garden party.' 'LIAR! LIAR! You bloody disgraceful liar! If that's the only time you've talked to him, how do you explain this?' The Colonel - his face mottled with fury - then produced his mobile, which showed a video of Jason and Kenny furtively entering a room at the BOQ. Kenny stared at the offending item and his guts turned to water. 'How . . . (Struggling to stop trembling) how did you get this; I mean where did this come from? (Trying to sound indignant) Have you been spying on me?' 'NO I HAVEN'T! And I'll ask the questions here. What were you and Corporal Meadows doing going into an unoccupied room at the BOQ?' Kenny had reached a crisis point in his life. Without any warning or preparation, Kenny reached adulthood. He had to man-up. I could make up some lame excuse about secret meetings to smoke dope, or I could just tell the truth. I have to come out eventually, and making up some lame excuse, lying, lying, lying. . . Is only be worse for me. Sure I'm gonna go through hell, but I have no guilt. I'm me, and me's gay. It's so simple. Here goes nothing. 'Having sex dear father, I was having sex with my boyfriend Jason Meadows, because we're both gay and care deeply about each other.' There, I said it! Into the profound silence his mother began to cry, softly at first, but then with increasing volume. Shock was writ all over the Colonel's face - his white face. In utter fury, his mouth was opening and closing whilst his brain tried to find the words to express his rage. Eventually, '(Spluttering) are you trying to be smart with me mister; you aren't gay, the son of Colonel Garth Stamins will not and cannot be . . . Gay. Now tell me the real reason you were with that poofter Corporal Meadows; and don't be smart.' 'If you didn't hear me right my mother certainly did. Listen to her crying and blubbering because she knows I'm Gay, and has known for some time, haven't you mama?' 'DON'T FUCK WITH ME MISTER!, YOU'RE NOT GAY! I just told you that being gay isn't an option. As the Colonel's son you don't have that option - hear me!' Suddenly, another voice, (Defiantly) OH STOP IT! I've put up with your abrasive nature for years now Garth. I've done everything a wife should do for a husband as well as being the wife of a Colonel. Over the years, I've shut my mouth and just carried on, but you didn't hear the nights I spent sobbing into my pillow because I've been so unhappy for a long, long time. Yes, our son is Gay, and I love him even more because he deserves my love. My love he'll get, because he isn't going to get any love from his father. He's never had any love from you . . .' 'SHUT THE FUCK UP WOMAN! Shut that stupid mouth of yours. You know nothing, and as the wife of an officer seeking promotion, you're useless. It's you who've held me back . . .' 'Promotion? Promotion? You've got buckley's mister. The army doesn't want idiots like you leading men and women. What about that disgraceful Press Conference singling out Gay people serving in the forces. It was a disaster; I heard the other wives laughing at you mister - behind your back, everyone's laughing at you. You’re a disgrace as a husband, a disgrace as a father, and a disgrace as an officer . . . MISTER! Now I'm going to take my son and leave you MISTER!' 'DON'T YOU DARE! DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!. I'm the head of this house; I'll tell you when you can leave. I'll also deal with this . . . This . . .' 'Are you referring to me father, your Gay son?' Suddenly Garth Stamins was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. His wife's cruel words had taken all the fight out of him. The possibility that she was right had not sunk in; also, he just refused to comprehend that Kenny admitted to being Gay and acknowledged having sex with one of his enlisted. His libido had taken a battering recently, first the Army acknowledgment about gays serving in the armed forces, then the modification of fraternization rules, then learning his gay son indulged in sex with one of his enlisted men, and finally his wife's accusations and attack. His libido resembled a used condom. * * * 11.2 Kenny and his mother had adjourned to the kitchen where Ruth quickly made them coffee. Kenny was bursting with pride at the way his mother had stepped up for him. '(Genuinely grateful) Mum I can't thank you enough for coming to my aid just now. If you hadn't stepped in, the outcome would've been ugly. Over the past few weeks, I've come to accept who I am. It hasn't been easy; at first I was terrified, but I'm lucky I've made some really close friends who've been very supportive. Now I know that you're backing me, I think I can face life with a bit more confidence. However, if Dad had gone physical on me I would've retaliated - hard.' '(Deep sigh) don't get too enthusiastic. On one hand, I don't understand what being gay is, and I certainly don't want any gory details. Nevertheless, I'm your mother and I just love you. One. . . (Pause) oh dear, I was going to say that one day you'll be a parent and will understand the love that a parent has for their children, (sigh) but that's never going to be , is it? '(contrite) No, I'm sorry to disappoint you mum. I didn't choose to be gay y'know. I was born this way, and I can't do anything about it. I can't tell you the terror I've had to live with since I first realized. Not only my father, well especially my father, but at school, playing footy, hanging with me mates. . . It's been bloody awful. At nights, I've cried myself to sleep. I had no one to turn to, no one; I've never felt so alone and desolate - and scared.' 'I can't begin to imagine your pain Kenneth; I've cried too, because I do know being Gay can be traumatic. I know it's certainly not a choice, because how could anyone choose to be vilified as Gay people are. Let's not talk about grandchildren because that's my problem, and you have much bigger mountains to climb. What about school, are you going to come out to your mates?' (Thoughtfully) No, I think not. I've only got one semester to go before sitting for my High School Certificate, so I don't want any unnecessary distractions. I'll reconsider afterwards. Surprisingly, I don't care, because I've been so miserable for a long time, that if anyone rejects me I'll just tell them to bug off. (Beseeching) I know you won't want to, but you should meet Jason and his friends. You may've heard of Captain Mark Peters and Corporal Scott Grainger; (she shook her head) well, they're the two servicemen who refused to obey an order to end their relationship. They were to stand trial but the Army's relented, changed the rules, and backdated the commencement date. Now their free, and it's a testament to the strength of their love for each other that they stood firm against the army. I can only hope I'll find someone to love eventually.' 'I hope so too son. Just give me some time to come to terms with your, . . . your, ummm, orientation. Having decided to be brave, you should think about coming out - oh dear now I'm using that term - ahhh, coming out to our close relatives, but, on the other hand, best leave that to me.' 'Thanks mum! Err, are you really gonna leave dad?' 'Now that's not your problem. Your father and I have to have a quiet talk once he's calmed down. I hope this doesn't upset you Kenneth, but I don't love your father anymore. I've put up with a lot over the years and I'm afraid I've lost all feelings for him. The man I loved has long departed and I don't recognize his replacement. I also worry about his mental health because he seems to be associating himself with unsavoury characters. Last night, someone knocked on our door and I opened it to an unpleasant person called, called . . . how did he introduce himself . . . ahh yes, Corporal Kreek. He said the Colonel was expecting him, so I led him into your father's study. After that, the door was firmly shut in my face, and I was left to wonder what my husband was doing with an enlisted man, so late at night and so secretive. That's . . .' 'Mum, think clearly, did you say his name was Kreek, Corporal Kreek?' 'Yes, that's the name he gave, why?' 'Jeessuuss, that's . . .' 'Don't you take the Lords name in vain in this house, young man. Show some respect.' 'Ahh sorry. I'm just concerned, because Jason and Scott were savagely assaulted in the showers by Corporal Kreek. But much worse than that, he's also under suspicion with the MP's regarding the murders of American Gay servicemen. That he's meeting with my father secretly at night is deeply concerning. This was last night, are you sure?' 'Yes, . . . yes it was. Do you think it's significant? 'I don't know. What on earth is my Dad doing getting involved with a murder suspect. I mean it's all over the base that Kreek's become a person of interest, so why would my father jeopardise his position by holding secret meetings with the cretin. What else leads you to believe he's not mentally ok?' 'Well it's just little things that only a wife would notice. He doesn't sleep well; he roams around the house late at night. He's conducting a vendetta against gay people serving in the army; you should hear some of the words that come out of his mouth. He's become paranoid; little things upset him, and he talks like the army's against him. A lot more, but I'd rather not go into it.' (Sigh) Ok, Ok. I've heard enough to worry me. Getting back to family matters, where would you go if you left him, and where do I stand in all this?' 'Oh for a while we'll just sleep in separate beds, and nothing will happen to you. I certainly wouldn't leave you alone in this house with your father. I mean, you'll finish school, and then go and do some university course, hopefully down south, and away from your father. Have you decided what you want to study?' 'No, no I haven't and in any case I'll have to talk to Jason, and . . .' 'Son, my beautiful boy, don't rely too much on your friend. You're only eighteen, and you've got the world ahead of you. You mustn't think about settling down at your age, and if this Jason is truly a friend, he must know that you'll have to go your own way until you're old enough to settle down. I hope he realises this.' 'I don't know mum, I love him and I'm sure he loves me. Is it love when you can't bear to be away from a person, when he's in all your waking thoughts. I've . . . I've never been in love before, but I feel something I haven't felt before - and it's powerful . . . and wonderful. I may be young but when you feel . . .' '(Hostile) You're still here, eh? Cuddling up to yer mama like the little poofter baby you reckon y'are. (Pause) GET OUT! I never want to see you again. GET OUT, HEAR ME, GET OUT! I don't have a son anymore; just looking at you makes me wanna puke.' '(Scolding) Garth, my son isn't going anywhere; he stays here, and if you try to physically harm him I'll call the MP's, at which time I'll be able to say a few choice words about you. Understand? Also, Kenneth has raised my concerns about your behaviour. What were you doing the other night with that Corporal Kreek?' 'NONE OF YER BLOODY BUSINESS WOMAN . . .' 'Garth, don't shout, there's no need to shout. Let's try and be civilized.' '(Firmly) I'm concerned father; Corporal Kreek is a person of interest in the murder case involving gay American servicemen. Why would you want to have secret talks with such a person. Who else knows about this meeting, and what were you discussing?' '(Glaring at Kenny) Army business, and it's none of your business. Just get out of my sight. NOW!' 'OH I will, and seeing I'm not your son any more, I don't have any loyalty to you . . . Colonel. If you're trying to influence a murder investigation, you know that’s a criminal act. I don't care what happens to you, but I do care what happens to my mother. If you do anything to harm her, you'll answer to me . . . Mister.' With a look of pure hatred and disgust, the Colonel walked out leaving behind two worried people. * * * 11.3 . . . The previous night . . . Garth Stamins was white faced and deflated. He continued to stare at the offensive scene on Kreek's mobile. '(Apologetically) I'm sorry sir to be the bearer of such awful news, (pause) believe me I thought long and hard before coming to see you. There's no doubt sir, that you're witnessing Corporal Jason Meadows and your son Kenny entering the empty room; no doubt sir. I reckon if it were my kid I'd be shattered. Ummm, should I leave now sir, and give you some time alone. I reckon it's been a shock.' (Thickly) What? What? Oh no, no . . . please continue Corporal. It's, it's just . . . I'll need some time to absorb all this. You understand I'll have to confront my son before I can accept that he's . . . that he's . . . well, you know.' 'Gay sir? If I hadn't seen this video tape with me own eyes, I just wouldn't believe. If someone had suggested that the Colonel's son was Gay, I'd kick their head in. Truly sir, it was a shock to me too. (Stamins barely nodded) Sir, there's another way to look at this, and it may help. (Stamins nodded to proceed) What if this cretin Meadows has drugged your son with some kind of sex drug? (the Colonel suddenly looked up interested). It's common with women sir, and no reason why things like the date-rape drug shouldn't be given to guys.' 'Yes, yes of course, that's it, he was drugged. It must've been that way; I mean it's impossible that my son's . . .' 'Gay sir? No, being drugged is a real possibility, and with your approval I'll try and get the truth. It might take a little rough nudging, but I'm sure I can get the facts and ease your mind. I just want to say sir, that you're like a father t'me, and I'll do anything to take your pain away. Anything sir.' 'Thank you Corporal, thank you. Sometimes I feel as if the whole worlds against me, and it's gratifying to have someone like you, a fine specimen of manhood, on my side. (Pause, with a faraway look) Everyone, my wife, the army, Caesar Augustus, Boadicea and Auntie Janet . . . oh them bitches, they sap ya and drain yer manhood away - like clothes pegs. I want to get back at ‘em and do harm. How dare they corrupt my own flesh and blood. They talk t'me y'know; when they think I'm alone, they come and whisper vile things in my ears. Vile, vile things, you wouldn't . . .' (Shaking the Colonel) Sir! SIR! . . . It's me, it's me Bert Kreek. C'mon sir yer worrying me, Sir! Sir!' But the Colonel was in another world, another time and place. Carefully, Kreek sat him in a visitor's chair and with a sorrowful head shake, left the room and house. * * * 11.4 Back in his room Kenny called Jason, 'HI lover-man, I hope this's a happy call?' 'I wish it was. Jason, my Dad's got a video of you and I at the BOQ. It shows us entering a room and looking a bit furtive; I nearly pissed meself when I saw it. Literally it was a smoking gun. I was about to deny it but thought better. OK, he had me on the back foot but with him occupying the moral high ground, I reckoned it was now or never. I think I retaliated with ‘Having sex with my boyfriend Jason Meadows, because we're both gay' or something like that; I just blurted it out, and to hell with the consequences.' 'Hey boyo, that was terrific. I couldn't have chosen better words meself. I guess he wasn't happy and wished us well, eh?' '(Laughing) That’s an understatement; he refused to believe I am Gay, saying that the son of Colonel Garth Stamins couldn't be gay. He was about to really lash into me, when my mother attacked him verbally. You should've heard her Jason, she said she's fed up and gonna leave him. She also told me he's not mentally stable, but I'll fill you in properly when we meet next.' '(Impressed) Wow, that’s getting kinda heavy ain't it? She's gonna leave yer dad; I bet he was pissed off some. Will she really leave him or was it just a threat? It takes guts to go it alone at her age . . . ummm, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to insult yer mum, she's a real angel.' 'Nah that's OK, nah she's not gonna walk out, just not share his bed for now. I think she'll wait ‘till I go to Uni, and then leave him proper. It may be I'll have to go down South to study and get a degree, which means I won't be living with him.' Or me either. I wonder if our bond is strong enough to weather long distance. It's something I'll have to think about. 'Well at least you're out of the closet now mate; what about yer other friends, are you gonna come out to them as well?' 'I'm gonna play it by ear; I don't want anything to distract from my graduation, so I'll probably lie low in the short-term. Anyway, enough of me, I'm worried about you . . .' 'Don't worry about . . . why would you worry about me? You're the one whose facing the shit.' 'You interrupted. My mother told me that Corporal Kreek visited my Dad late last night; apparently they were huddled in his study for some time. She didn't hear Kreek go, but my Dad stayed put for a while. Now I'm sure Kreek gave my father the video feed; how he got it I don't know.' 'Don't worry I'll find out. So d'ya think Kreek may get physical again?' 'As I said before my father is not acting rationally. I don't know what action he may contemplate but one thing for certain, Corporal Kreek will be involved. That shit-head will do anything my Dad asks of him, and I don't want to dwell on what ‘anything' may comprise.' 'You think your father will target me?' '(Earnestly) Yes, yes I do. As bad as he is I don't believe he'll harm me; he's not stupid, and he's now got my mother to contend with. (reasoning) So the only other person is you Jason, and I'm worried he may do something drastic. (Pleading) Please look after yerself big boy because if you got hurt, seriously hurt, I'd be destitute. Your suffering is my suffering. Please promise me to be careful; y'know, if yer goes out at night make sure someone's with you. Promise me.' (Slowly) Now yer startin' to worry me. Not that there's a problem; in barracks, I'm either in the Canteen, visiting with Scott, or in bed - alone. In any case I'll be careful, but I'm not gonna go chasing shadows. I'll not give him that pleasure.' 'OK nuff said. (long pause) I love you Jason. I'll never forget your tears at the billabong; that's something I'll always remember for the rest of me days.' 'And I love you too, it's all good. The only sad note is your going South for University. We'll have to talk about that my little prince. But not know, you go and get some sleep, after all it's been a tumultuous day hasn't it; a great fuck and you commin' out to yer Dad. You're really special Kenny - really special' 'Hey, knock it off, you'll have me crying next. Good night sweet prince, I'm gonna dream about you . . . 'night dude!'
  14. grahamsealby

    Chapter 10

    10.1 Bert Kreek was near tears; well real tears were forming. A cartoon had been posted on the army's Facebook site showing a woman, identified as Kreek's mother, lying back with her legs open, and addressing a line of black guys in full arousal. The caption read ‘C’mon big guys, I can fuck all day if ya wants' This is cruel; why bring me mum into this mess - my mess. She's not like that. She goes to church and lives as a good Christian; she'd never do anything as disgusting as this offensive shit implies. Never, never . . . Ok, she won't tell me who me dad is, just that he's and American, but that don't mean I was conceived dirty; she musta loved him to lay with him. Jesus, how low will those arseholes go. Shit! I can't issue a rebuttal ‘cause it'll look like they're getting' t'me. I gotta ignore it, but shit - it hurts. Will this harassment never end? They can keep doin' this crap forever like, and there's nada I can do about it. (pause) Should I confess, and end the torment? Like I done the crime, made a stupid mistake, and now they're convinced of me guilt. (sigh) One things fer sure, I can't go on like this forever. This mental torture is worse than physical stuff ‘cause the trauma don't show; ya just gotta absorb it and carry on best ya can. But I gotta admit it's getting' t'me. I ain't had a good night's sleep in a while; fact is I'm scared of goin' t'sleep. I ain't heard anything from them nasty-lookin' Yankee Africans since last they warned me. I guess I'm clear from that threat. Jesus they scare me. (Sigh) The only hope I got is to confess but arrange fer a lenient sentence. Maybe I should ask the colonel. * * * 10.2 No one knew how it started, possibly verbal, possibly Facebook or possibly in many ways, but the word got out to the gay community, that two Australian army personnel were being victimised for being gay. Naturally, truth took a holiday, and allowed righteous indignation to swell into outright fury. The outcry began benignly, but soon became strident. By ten days after their arrest, gay protests were being held in most of the world's capital cities. In Darwin, outside the Larrakeyah barracks, a protest group armed with harsh posters, heckled and abused all persons entering or leaving the compound. Gay publications world-wide were vociferous, and challenged the army's sinister intent in arresting the two servicemen. Questions were raised in the Australian parliament. In replying the Services minister was able to give the main reason for Court Marshalling the two men, stressing it had nothing to do with sexual orientation. However it was too late, the movement against the army swelled, and became deafening. It wasn't fair, but the underlying anger of gay people to years and years of abuse, discrimination and criminalisation, suddenly found an outlet; something on which to focus their ire. In desperation, the junior Army minister called a meeting of the Joint Chiefs to discuss the growing problem. It was agreed that all major papers, both morning and evening, in all Capital cities, would carry a full outline of the reasons for the army's action. The article outlined the cause of the action taken by the army. It also included a rebuttal that this was an attempt to denigrate gay people. No names were included but by now the identity of the two men was well known. To the gay world, they had become martyrs. In truth, the Army, in the form of its hierarchy and the Senior officers at Larrakia, was scared shitless. The matter had got completely out of hand and no-one knew how to stop the trouble escalating. A transcript of the Joint Chiefs meeting would go like this: Minutes of Joint Chiefs Committee on February 10, commencing at 10.00 hours. Junior Army Minister 'Yes, I agree to the proposed contents of this advertisement in our papers. However, I don't believe the rebuttal language is strong enough. We have must strenuously deny that we're targeting gay soldiers. I mean we all know that we aren't, but unfortunately the world rest of the world thinks we're discriminating bastards.' Navy Admiral (Ret.) 'The whole sorry mess was handled atrociously in the first place. Now I don't mean that the culprits should not be brought to account for refusing to obey an order. I've no issue with that, but surely the Senior Officer . . . what's his name? oh yes, this Colonel Garth Stamins should have shown a bit of savvy, in realizing the bottomless pit he's caused by making the matter public. In todays . . .' Senior General of the Army 'Yes, if I could butt in, I reckon your right Fred. I've had dealings with Stamins before and he's not too bright when it comes to political matters. Yes, a bloody good officer if yer storming the beaches and following orders, but when it comes to peacetime matters he's a bit of a dinosaur. We were appalled at his Press Conference when he refuted the Army's position on gay servicemen. Looking back that was a red flag and we should've acted then. He's been under review in the past as to his competency, and we've talked about a transfer. Pity we haven't acted but I can assure you that after this he'll be removed somewhere out of harm's way. Junior Army Minister That's all fine General, but . . .' Air Commodore ‘Aren't we getting away from the main issue; it's not about Stamins but how we handle the current crisis. And it is gentlemen, a crisis. I know Air Force personnel are watching events closely, and it seems we're in a bind. On one hand, we've got to uphold and maintain discipline and on the other, we've got to convince the gay world that we're not assassins. It's a minefield and requires careful thought and implementation.’ Junior Minister ‘Thank you, Peter . . .' INTERRUPTION The Prime Minister entered the room at 10.25 hours Prime Minister ‘Sorry for barging in like this but I want to lay my governments cards on the table. Simply put, I want this to go away. I don't care what you do but kill the whole bloody mess. I've got more important, much more important matters to attend to. I can't waste time on an issue that shouldn't have become an issue in the first place. Just fix it fellas, make it go away. Now I must get back to matters that are important, such as your annual salaries.’ DEPARTURE The Prime Minister departed the room at 10.31 hours. Junior Minister Well fellas, you heard the PM; how do we make this go away? Remember what Peter stipulated, on one hand we have to maintain army discipline and on the other pacify the gay community? Any thoughts? I'll invite open discussion. General discussion A general discussion ensued carried on for about 20 minutes. After which the following motion was tabled: RESOLVED: THAT the original demand requiring obedience to the termination of relationship, be rescinded, and THAT fraternization rules be amended to state: “Where it can be determined that personal relationships do not affect individual job performance and discipline in general, fraternization rules should not apply”. IT is left to the Legal Department to adopt appropriate wording to the exception. CLOSURE The Junior Army Minister closed the meeting at 11.05 hours * * * 10.3 '(Sounding concerned) Jesus Bert, you look bloody awful. It's no wonder. When I saw that cartoon, I was so disgusted and alarmed, I just had to come and see if yer OK. Shit Bert, yer own mother! I mean what sick mind would do such a thing. (pause) What have you done that shit's someone off enough to do this t'yer. I hope you've reported it to the MP’s ‘cause this sort of bastardry gotta be stopped. It's evil, pure evil. Christ, if it was done t'me I'd completely lose it.' Shit I can't tell him why they're doin' this t'me. How can I report it to the MP's when it's probably them who's doin' it. I've gotta shut up and not let anyone know what I did. I shoulda told Willy I don't want to talk about it, but if I rejected his friendly approach, he woulda got suspicious. Corporal Wilfred (Willy) Atkins was a colleague, not a real friend, but he'd often sought out Bert Kreek's opinion on army matters. Willy's platoon had over-all responsibility for the cleaning of barracks, BO Quarters, latrines, wet areas such as the shower blocks and laundries. He wasn't a fit serviceman, being overweight and pudgy. Exercise was an anathema to Willy, and at times his personal hygiene was awful - he had BO. However, he compensated for his lack of physical fitness by being a computer nerd. Because of this expertise, he was keen to get into Electronic warfare, but every time he applied, he was knocked back because of hygiene. In the close quarters of the electronic world, someone who had pronounced body odour was anathema. They were now sitting in the canteen where Willy had taken Bert for a chat. 'Ahh, thanks fer askin' Willy, that's real friendly and I appreciate it. Thing is, I ain't been sleeping too good of late. I'm bein' harassed and don't know who's doin' it. They's been doin' other things too, but the latest, insulting me mum, was about as low as ya can go. I can feel meself goin' downhill fast and I'm nearly at breaking point.' 'Hell man, you can't let this get to ya. I don't know what kinda shit you got rolling, but you gotta make it stop. If it were me, I'd be complaining to the MP's and demanding they do somethin' about it. Have you been to see the MP's?' 'Nah, what are they gonna do? Ask a few questions, make up a file and then ferget it. Nah, that'd do no good.' 'Well it's your shit-heap mate; just don't let it get to ya. Look, here's something that may take your mind off yer troubles. One of our cleaners who do the BOQ, reckoned someone is using empty rooms without permission. They've found used condoms in garbage bins and beds that are all messed up. When I checked our logs, I found that no one had . . .' 'Umm Willy, why're you telling me about this? I got no interest in bloody cleaning and don't know nuthin' about it. As for some squaddie rooting some shiela, I'm just jealous; good luck to ‘im. Why are you . . .' 'Hey, let me finish Bert, I was just giving you some background to what I'm about to tell you. Fuck'n hell be patient, let me continue. What most don't know is that some time ago, in response to a similar problem, we installed surveillance cameras in the BOQ quarters. It was hush-hush and only a few persons knows about them. When the complaint was brought to me, I started looking at tapes over several weeks, and I eventually found the culprit; would you believe it's Corporal Jason Meadows. You know him don't you Bert?' 'Know him? Yes, I bloody know him. He's a poofter, a fagott and I'd like to rub him out. I picked a fight with him not so long ago, but he wouldn't fight himself, instead got another poofter Corporal Scott Garnett to fight for him. Need I say I king hit both of them.' 'Scott Garnett? The same bloke that’s been arrested with his boss for disobeying orders.?' 'The same, and I hope the army throws the book at ‘em. Well what about Meadows, so he's been using the BOQ pad fer his disgusting sex games. All ya gotta do is charge ‘im and let him stew in the clink with the other two poofters. (Laughing) Maybe they'll have an orgy, because you knows what these cretins are like - sex, sex and more sex.' 'Nah, that's not wot's worrying me; it's his partner I'm concerned about. I reckon I knows who ‘tis, but I didn't want to make a stupid mistake, so I transferred the surveillance tape onto my phone so's you can take a look for me. Here, let me show you, and be careful cause this ain't pretty.' Willy opened the video file on his phone, found the right track and let Kreek have a look. After a very short time . . . (Softly) jeeesssuuusss. I don't believe it. Ssshhhiiiiitttt! I understand now. Fuck, that's Kenny Gamins, the colonel's son. (unbelieving) I can't believe he's a poofter, not the Colonels son. Here gimmie another look. Yep, that's young Kenny, no doubt about it! Say, how old is he? If'n he's under aged, that creep Meadows is gonna do some serious time. Do you know how old he is?' 'Nope, because I'm more concerned with fronting up to his nibs and telling him his son's queer. He won't take the news real good and I don't want to be the bearer of a time bomb. (Pause, looking at Bert) Mate, you know how to handle sensitive stuff much better than I; can you give me some advice on what to do?' 'Let me think on it. By the way, who's also seen this tape besides us two?' 'Umm no one. I knew straight away it's dynamite, and had to be handled very carefully, so I've locked the original tape away in me own locker. NO - rest assured up to this point, only you and I are in the know. What d'yer reckon?' 'How's about we meet up tomorrow morning at the same time. In the meantime let's both think about how to proceed; let's pool our thoughts and work out the best way to approach the Colonel. This is gonna take some fancy footwork.' 'That works for me. (Getting up and retrieving his coffee mug) I'll meet you here about 10 tomorrow. In the meantime try to get some sleep.' When Willy departed, Kreek sat and mulled over what had happened. Jesus Christ. The Colonel's pride and joy is a poofter. I reckon I should inform the old geezer, cause I can make it seem like I'm doin' him a favour. Oh, am I gonna enjoy this. Wahoo! I wonder if I can bargain with the old man and get this harassment lifted; it's worth thinkin' about anyway. I wonder what Stamins will do when he finds out. Oh yeah, nearly forgot; gotta tell him that his son's been seduced by Corporal bloody Jason bloody Meadows! Also gotta ask if he's age legal. Oh, am I gonna enjoy this; thank you Lord. Umm Willy? I don't think he'll baulk at me carrying the bad news, cause I got the feelin' he ain't keen on telling Stamins in person. No, I'll become a martyr and take the burden of'n his shoulders. Maybe I should mention to 'im about stinkin'. God, that BO of his sure is pungent; I wonder how often he washes himself. Eventually Kreek won out and Willy was very happy to have Bert front for him. * * * 10.4 After a session of intensely tender lovemaking, they retired to the shady gum trees next to the waterfall; the gently tinkling water cascade was a soothing sound and didn't disturb the bucolic atmosphere of the billabong. Scott propped himself on an elbow looking down on Mark's prostrate body. I just can't believe that this beautiful man is my lover and we've just survived a harrowing ordeal. Just look at him lying there all relaxed and with dried semen still on his tummy. Whatever the army throws at us I know we'll always be together now. God I'm happy. Putting their incarceration behind them, they opted to spend a day at their favourite billabong. Not just because it was beautiful, they needed a break from the repressive army atmosphere. They had been released back to the company to resume normal duties, but an uncomfortable atmosphere enveloped them. The Sarg apologised, and they told him to forget it - no harm done. Surprisingly, he congratulated them on the strength of their relationship. According to him, not many heterosexual couples would choose to defy the army and stay together. Still they were suspenseful awaiting the inevitable trial and the penalty to follow. Their long-term army prospects were not good. Now Scott's fingers gently roamed around Mark's nipples and abdomen. There was a slight trickle of sweat oozing down between his pectorals which Scott used his tongue to lick up. At the same time, Scott's fingers gently squeezed his flaccid penis. Mark jumped. 'Careful Scottie, you're gonna start me over again. I suggest we bathe before starting anew, I must smell yucky.' 'You look and smell wonderful baby, and anytime you're ready I am too. (Pause) Mark, I want to say something, and I hope you don't find it weird; it's just that every time I release myself into you, I get a wonderful feeling of giving. It's more than just sex; it feels like a reaffirmation of my love and the loving partnership we have. I hope I'm saying this properly.' 'That's strange because it's the way I feel it too. I love feeling you releasing inside me; it's almost a religious experience. I'd like to give back the same, but I'll respect your decision. Not that it matters; by you giving and me receiving, our bond is not only intact but growing stronger. Let's just enjoy what we have.' 'That's bloody wonderful mate; Jesus I love you. When we're together, I just feel complete. When the Sarg was taking me to be arrested, I felt completely lost; I honestly thought our relationship was being ended, and it made me sad. However, I would never, and I mean never, denounce you just to save my skin. Life without you is meaningless. (Long silent pause) And the thought that we might not be able to enjoy this magical place makes me a little depressed.' Silence; except for the sound of cascading water. Then Mark rolled over onto his right elbow and faced Scott. 'You know, we just might not.' 'We just might not what? 'Not be able to visit this beautiful place.' 'Stop talking in riddles and using double negatives. I don't see how we can visit here if we're in the clink. What are you trying to say?' 'Just this; what if we left the army, bought land which includes this billabong, and built a ranch nearby?' Silence as Scott tried to digest Mark's last statement. 'Well for one thing it would take heaps of money which I don't have. And then there's what would we do with a ranch house and a big spread?' 'Don't worry about money because I've got heaps. My Grandfather set up a trust fund for all his grandkids and it's quite sizable - err, in the millions. Secondly, this is something that's been on my mind for some time, a place for young gay city guys to enjoy life on the land. Also, remember I'm used to managing a rural property, and for that, I'm grateful to my parents. We could have visits here, hayrides, milking cows, horse riding, and many others to make a visit enjoyable. Not to mention barn dances and such. I already did some research and there's a property not far from here, that's available. What d'yer think?' 'It. . . It's bloody wonderful. However, where would the money come from to keep the place viable? After the setting up costs we can't rely on your trust fund to fund day-to-day expenses' 'Oh there's many ways you can derive income from the land. That's where my past expertise comes in, I know how a property works. Don't worry about that for now; what d'yer think of the idea?' 'Great, fantastic, ummm, what would I do? I don't have any experience in managing stuff; I don't want to be a useless layabout?' 'You've wanted to do something using electronics haven't you? (Scott nodded) Well, all the paperwork associated with running a property is computerized these days, so it would be easy for you. Also, you could do a course on-line in Property Management, which should hone you skills further. Don't worry boyo you'll be busy. Also, and only if yer a good boy, you could lead excursions to the billabong for all those young and lusty gay boys. But, and it is a big but, I insist you get yer rocks off with me first. I trust you, but with your looks I wouldn't trust any other likely lads.' 'Gosh Mark, you make it sound so good. Is it feasible, I mean is it doable? It can't be as easy as you make it sound.' 'Of course not, there'll be plenty of obstacles, but if we say yes, that's what we want to do together, then we'll just simply make it happen.' 'Lover I can't wait to get the trial over and . . .' 'We don't have to wait for the trial. Let's do some preliminary investigation, and if it is all positive then we'll just resign. They can't stop us from exercising our fundamental rights.' 'Shit, all of a sudden I don't feel as if there's something hanging over my head. It's as if . . . Wait, what's that?' From nearby came the soft sound of human voices and the short whinny of a horse. Holding their breath, they looked for the source, which seemed to come from the gully leading to the Billabong. Suddenly, two riders appeared, and it didn't take the boys long to recognize Jason and Kenny. '(Waving madly) Jason, over here!' Jason looked up and sighting Scott, waved back. They dismounted and made their way to where Mark and Scott were lying - naked. 'G'day Mark, Scott. Thought you might be here and decided to take a chance. In any case, Kenny has never been here, so I wanted to show him paradise. Hey Kenny!' Kenny was gazing in wonder at the surroundings. His face showed total rapture at the beauty around him. 'Is this real? Is this heaven? I've heard you rant Jason about your secret billabong, and discounted much of what you said, but now, geeze it's . . . It's fantastic . . . It's beautiful. Pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming.' '(Mark interrupted) Why are you wearing all those clothes Kenny? C'mon, don't be shy. It's not as if we haven't seen a guy naked before. Get undressed and go for a splash; and that goes for you too Jason.' In a flash both Kenny and Jason disrobed and dashed into the pool yelling excitedly. Only to be social, Mark and Scott joined them in a splashing war. For about ten minutes, the four young men splashed, tackled, jumped on, and wrestled each other until Mark called for time out. They then adjourned to the sand and lying on towels, arranged themselves in a rough conversation circle. Kenny was the first to speak. 'Wow, I didn't believe such beauty existed. The colours - lime green water, red cliffs, sandy beach, and green foliage just blend fantastically. It's just magic.' 'Yeah, when Scott first brought me here, I was just enchanted as you are Kenny. It simply took my breath away. The best part is that not many folks know about it, and I sure want to keep it that way. Imagine if it became a popular tourist attraction, the ground would be littered with empty cans, used wrappings, and probably faeces. It wouldn't take long for the place to be completely spoiled.' 'Yeah, I reckon yer right Mark, oh is it all right if I call you Mark, you being an officer and all. (Mark nodded) I guess my main man here is right for once.' (Jason pipped up) hey the other reason I wanted to catch up with you is about the news. Have you heard?' (Mark and Jason together) Heard what?' 'Oh yer gonna love this. The army has amended Military Regulations to exempt relationships from the Anti-Fraternization Rules where such - and I'll try and quote correctly, - where such relationship does not impact on morale and job performance. Furthermore . . .' '(Mark) you got to be kidding. When did this happen?' 'Just before we set off, and that's not all, the revision has been backdated to (naming a date), which I assume is prior to you both refusing to act on an order. It means . . ,.' 'It means we're in the clear. Scottie d'ya hear. We won't be going to a court Marshall; we're in the clear. Oh, wow!' 'I can't really get me head around this. This is what you've been saying all along isn't it Mark? (Who nodded with a smile) Jason, are you saying they've changed the regulation to make us legal - and you as well - and backdated, so's it'll cover our case?' 'That's about it in a nutshell guys. Calls for a real celebration.' Mark and Scott bumped fists while the other two just smiled. Then Jason had a thought and with a worried look addressed Mark. 'What about the thing we were talking about? Is this gonna . . .' 'Nope, certainly not for me, I've had a long time to think about everything, and particularly you and me. I really want to do it Scotty; I just know it'll be good for both of us. How about you, are you having second thoughts?' '(adamant) No, No, and no! I'd give anything . . .' (Kenny interrupting) can I ask what you're talking about; is it some army matter I've not heard about?' '(Curious) Yeah guys, care to fill Kenny and me in.' Scott glanced at Mark and on receiving the go ahead, he related everything that he and Mark had talked about. When he finished there was a short pause, until (Kenny) Oh man, that's so good. I mean it's my generation yer thinking about, and I can tell yer that it's gotta be a winner (Jason nodded enthusiastically) . Just think about it; a place for immature gay kids like me to be together, and away from the usual sex-orientated haunts. Think of what they'll learn. Just bringing them to a place like this will make them see life differently. I take it no drugs allowed (Mark and Scott nodded) and that's a big plus. Look as soon as you get this goin' I'd like to be one of yer first customers.' Jason listened to Kenny's enthusiastic response to Scott's outlining of their future plans. Kenny was indeed animated; and then he had a thought. 'Hey guys , have you ever seen Kenny dance?' 'Shut up Jason, I did that once and made a complete fool of meself. Shut the fuck up! Don't embarrass me. I'm not gonna dance, full stop.' 'Why not (enthused Scott) there's no one here just us. If you're good (Jason nodded vigorously) then why not share with us. I'd love (looking at Mark who smiled encouragement) to see you dance. C'mon, we're just friends; I think it's a great idea, please' 'Yes Kenny, I'd love to see you dance. Although you're only a civilian, I'm the senior ranking officer here and order you to dance.' With a muffled oath, Kenny gave in, stood up, then walked several paces away, turned with his back to the audience, and began to dance. At first, he simply stood still, and after slowly raising his arms, brought all his back muscles into play. From his shoulders down, he bunched neck muscles, then shoulder muscles, then lower back muscles, before continuing on down to his dimple buttocks, thighs, and calves. There was poetry in just standing still and using his musculature to accentuate movement. With his arms raised in a supplicant pose, he began a slow turning dance using only his feet. As he moved to silent music, his body rippled, flexed, posed, and undulated in a glorious display of masculinity. It was as beautiful as it was sensual, it was as erotic as it was exquisite, it was as natural as it was stunning, and it was a magnificent display of nature's finest creation - the young male body. The sweat sheen covering his abdominal muscles made them sparkle in the sunlight, and the perfect symmetry of pectorals, biceps, and thighs was a display of physical excellence. Now the silent music began to increase in tempo, and his movements became faster. He stamped, twisted, jumped, and just using his body, created a symphony of naked male flesh. He whirled, stooped, and somersaulted with breathtaking agility, until the onlookers could only gasp at the spectacle being displayed. It was a presentation of the mythical young Adam awakening in the Garden of Eden. It was nature, purest nature, the combination of nature's topographical colours and the beauty of a young male. The unheard music rose to a crescendo, and Kenny responded with a loud cry of’ ‘I AM’ before collapsing in a leg split. The audience of three young males sat mesmerised by the performance. The thunderous silence was the only applause possible. Eventually as this silence grew, Mark was the first to speak, '(Very subdued) I have many times in my past have watched go-go boys seducing metal poles, and have oft enjoyed the spectacle, but this, you Kenny, that performance, is the most breath-taking I've ever witnessed. I can't find the words to describe what I feel. Well done, and thank you, really thank you. You've actually added the missing element to the beauty around us - a healthy young male.' 'Didn't I tell you he was great; didn't I say eh? 'Yep Jason that you did, and Kenny I'm like Mark, I can't find appropriate words to compliment you - you were just magnificent boyo.' Mark reckoned the time was right to ask Kenny a very important question. The boy was fast becoming someone he wanted to care for, not in any physical sense, but in a supportive sense. 'What about you Kenny? I don't know anything about you; I guess yer still at school, in year twelve? (Kenny nodded) I take it ya haven't told your Dad about, about . . .' 'Bein' Gay? No (Pause) I've still got that to look forward to.' 'What do you think he'll do? '(Fearfully) I don’t know Mark, I really don't, except it won't be pleasant. I'm preparing meself for a nasty.' '(From Scott) what about yer mum? Will she back you up. Will she stand up to yer dad and stay by you?' '(Emphatically) Not a chance. She just likes to keep the peace and for that, I don't blame her. Living with me dad has not been easy for her. No, she won't support me openly, but probably behind his back, she'll do what she can. It all's gonna come down to me versus him. As you were talking about the new regulation, I couldn't help thinking about my father. He's gonna be pissed off, not amused. But I don't believe that’s gonna stop me from opening up. It's gotta happen sometime, and there's no good time.' 'When I first met you at the garden party, I sensed some hidden strength in you boyo, and here, now, you've confirmed it for me. I can't do the dirty deed for ya but if I could, I would. Hey, look me in the eye kiddo, I'm here for you, (Mark and Scott nodded their support) you're not alone mate, the three of us will stand by you no matter what. We've got yer back. I'm just so touched by the ideas Mark and Scott have, and I just know these guys, there'll always be a place for you and I. Hey, Mark, I hope I'm being too forward here, jump on me if I'm outta line.' 'We'll find a place for both of you, don't worry. (Sadly) So when are you gonna confront your Dad Kenny? Soon, or will you wait awhile?' 'Better to get it over quickly. As I said, there's no good time. I reckon tonight when we get back.' Being sensitive, Mark noticed a growing sense of restlessness in Jason and Kenny. It was obvious they needed to be together in private, so he announced for everyone's benefit, 'C'mon Scott, let's pack up and be on our way; let's leave these two lovebirds some quality time alone. And Kenny remember, were here for you in the flesh and in spirit. Good luck with tonight. * * * 10.5 As the sounds of the boy's departure faded, Jason and Kenny fell upon each other. Kenny's dance had aroused Jason so much, that even the slightest touch could make him climax. Ever since they arrived in this wonderful spot, Kenny's sexual need had grown. His performance was really for Jason's benefit. Now, Kenny lay prostrate on the ground with Jason atop. He reached up and pulled Jason's lips to his own urgently. For some time they wrestled pelvis to pelvis, until Jason gasped, 'I've gotta get inside you now boyo, please. Are you ready?' '(Gasping) Never been readier, I'm suffering from over-stimulation, I think me cocks gonna burst.' Slowly, Jason entered Kenny and they began to grind together. As their passion mounted, the outside world diminished until they were alone at the centre of the universe. When they climaxed their cries of exultation were lost in the immensity of time and space. As the ecstasy passed, Kenny looked up at Jason and saw that he was crying. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and mingling with the sweat pooling of Kenny's chest. Becoming alarmed he asked, 'Why are you crying, did I do something wrong. Are you in pain? 'No, oh no. I'm just so in love with you boyo, it hurts. Watching your rapture and being inside you as it happens is just a miracle. Forgive the tears, they're just love tears.' 'That's so beautiful; I don't know how to respond. The last thing I want to do is make you cry.' '(Sniffling) Alright, enough of this girlie stuff let’s go for a swim.'
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    Chapter 9

    Very close. I find posting chapter by chapter frustrating. Wouldn't it be great if we could post the entire story in one go.

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