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  1. Brittle as a Bird

    In my 80 year journey, I've hardened myself emotionally. I have never been in love- I've simply had close friendships with benefits. My early years exposure to life has led me to this unfortunate position. Then I came across 'Brittle as a Bird' and at the end I cried. I cried for Joey and all the hate and abuse he'd encountered at such a young age; I cried for Allan his lover, who died having succumbed to that awful disease. I cried for Gene who, like me, decided that living a lie was a safer course. But I did not cry for Joey's mum nor Allan's stepfather. They deserve neither pity nor succor. I gather that the genus of the story was from real life and I must say 'Ronyx' that you've done a masterful job. I couldn't put the story down. I congratulate you and urge you to make the story into an eBook and have it published. Well done!
  2. Chapter 5

    Ummm . . . not sure what you're getting at. Can you be more specific. Thnx
  3. Common Editing Issues #1

    Some good points JayT, especially about commas. Most times MS Word spellCheck picks up the obvious cooma problems
  4. My Story

    Well as kids we all like to dress up . . . I can remember trying on my mothers shoes and dressing up as Robin Hood or some such hero. I'm really sorry to hear that you were molested. It's an awful experience - one that is very very hard to forget. I hope you haven't been left with too much of a trauma. When it happened to me I felt ashamed and guilty - thought it was my fault. The memory never goes away. Thanx for sharing
  5. My Story

    OH wow Rickey, what a sad story. I can identify with growing up alone and unhappy. Writing that poem made me reflect on my life. I spent the first 40 years living a lie and the next 40 years feeling guilty and ashamed. I wanted to pass on my life story only to let people understand that I was wrong and that we should strive to find happiness in the midst of adversity. I love your comment about martial arts and people ending up in the emergency ward. I wish I had done that; maybe all gay kids should do some martial arts training. One thing I'm curious - you say that 'However my parents aunts and uncles knew what I was and they were either Baptist or Catholic.'How can this be? What were you doing that made them think this way? Thnx for responding. I've heard from a lot of guys who also had bad upbringings, so we're not alone.
  6. Dialogue Punctuation

    I tried the link 'here is an interesting summary' and got a message 'page not found'. Can you send me another link as I'm interested . Ta
  7. Someone made a comment about not having time to write and it made me look at my own situation. You see I'm retired and have all the time in the world to write.However anyone who is still working, has an active social life or indeed studying does not have the same luxury that I do. Thinking back, when I was in the work force, I would've been hard pressed to find time to write. I see the issue quite different now. 

    Anyway, thanks to everyone for responding.

  8. Dialogue Punctuation

    I use dialogue so that my characters tell the story rather than an omnipotent personage. Unfortunately, people don't talk in correct english and this always brings me in conflict with Spell Checker and the rules of punctuation.Every time I start writing a new book, I have to battle Spell Checker. As a result I edit on the fly; the spelling is not a big problem as I can store new words for further use but unfortunately punctuation rule changes can only be made relative to the current work.
  9. My Story

    Thanx . . . your comment is appreciated. I hope you're happy and enjoying this wonderful life we call being gay
  10. My Story

    Thanx . . . I really appreciate your response. I wish you a very happy life.
  11. My Story

    Thanx Tim . . . your comment was very much appreciated. We all must guard against those punitive times occurring again. You are to be congratulated on a happy marriage to MIchael. Wish you manny, many more years of happiness.
  12. My Story

    Thanx . . . Im really appreciated your comment and thanx for taking time to contact me. I guess our problems stem from the bible and christianity. The same Christians who are extolling 'love thy neighbour' are condemning gays. Were it not for the cry of 'the jews killed christ' I doubt if we would have had hatred of the jewish people. My story is but a drop in the ocean of Intolerance.
  13. My Story

    Thanx Parker . . . your comments encourage me. I'm not the only one who has suffered; have a read of what happened to Alan Turing. A great man cut down by religious bigotry. I hope your life's going well and you've achieved some happiness.
  14. My Story

    Thanx WolfM. It's all in the past now but a warning to your generation . . . dont let those religious and other right wingers ever get into a position of influence again. Hope your life is going well and that you're happy
  15. My Story

    Thank you Drew. It was something I needed to do. I'm left with a smouldering anger. No person should have to endure such torture. My story isn't as bad as Alan Turing. Not only did he build one of the first computers he also saved many lives (and shortened the war) by cracking the Nazi Enigma code. What did they do to him. He approached a young man and was caught. He was charged and sentenced to chemical castration. Soon after he killed himself. It's so sad . . . so wasteful. You sound like a really nice person . . . go and have a happy life.

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