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    I love music, everything except Justin Bieber. I like to play baseball, basketball, and football (American).

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  1. JohnWayneSkylark

    C J By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    Just have to be able to afford it first. Lol
  2. JohnWayneSkylark

    C J By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    My next tattoo?
  3. JohnWayneSkylark

    C J By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    You better be inspired! It hurt like a S.O.B. Lol
  4. JohnWayneSkylark

    Entry 18: Out In The Open

  5. JohnWayneSkylark

    Chapter 7

    Yeah Ethan! KICK HIS ASS!
  6. JohnWayneSkylark

    "waiting Outside The Lines 13" Is Up!

    Uuuuugh. Why with the cliffhangers Comsie? You're killin me. Lol
  7. Is there anyone on here from Washington State???

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JohnWayneSkylark


      Yup. It's only the first one and I sound lonely. Haha


    3. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      I wished I lived in a state like Washington. Texas gets way to hot in the summer :)

    4. JohnWayneSkylark


      You can move in with me

  8. JohnWayneSkylark

    The Waiting Stops For "waiting 12"!

    Please write some more chapters soon. I love this one!!!
  9. JohnWayneSkylark

    June 19Th Marks The 17Th Year!

    Congrats Comsie!!!

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