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  1. I know I am not strong enough, but I am desperately trying to be strong. I need someone to comfort me. I felt alone and lost... 

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    2. Daddydavek


      :hug:Just go get some medical testing, antibiotics may be all that is needed.

    3. BlindAmbition
    4. Dmrman


      Emi, we are all here for you, as a group and individually... Support is not hard to find Here. and you as well as another I'm thinking of I just wish I could hold you and comfort you both... sad thing about this kind of communication, But I am here also if you need or just want to talk...!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

  2. Does anyone have any idea about what Axillary lymphadenopathy is!!!? 

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    2. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      @BHopper2 Is it cancer!!!? 

    3. BHopper2


      Not necessarily. It can be a number of different things, from a common cold to something worse. You have to see a Doctor, and let them run a battery of tests.

    4. Daddydavek


      It can be a sign of many things including cat scratch, chicken pox, other diseases and some types of cancers as well.

  3. healing well

    Yes. I do remember(now ) you telling about it. The artist did great with it.
  4. Imagine Magazine Question #10

    Now a days you can get anything on your fingertips because of the smartphone culture. Unfortunately, dating became one of them as well. Number of apps and websites are there. Some or on only one purpose, s*x. And some called themselves as dating app/site where goes only one thing, s*x. Not everyone going to get nice partner and have a happy date. Al least I am not that lucky. I don't know it's my fate to go for some websites and join to get a firend/boyfriend. All of them are looking one thing. I did get to talk with somebody, sometimes it would end in a dirty talk. But never turn to a date. At first my opinion about these all digital dating is like a perfect dream. A dream where all the good things happen. But now after all the journey I'd say only one thing. One thing I observed from most of the dating sites/apps. One thing that will ever workout. One thing you will get. To decide. To do. Fuck or fuck off.
  5. healing well

    I too remember someone's talking about this tattoo. But now, by seeing the picture, I got it. Sorry that I don't remember the true meaning behind it. But indeed it is a beautiful tattoo. I loved it.
  6. A small announcement is made about the reviews and ratings. Don't forget to check it out. 



  7. Stourhead folly Mar '12

    Wow. You just stole my heart Northie...
  8. Stourhead folly Oct '17

    The view is great. I loved it Northie. Especially the water pond...
  9. Wow. That's great. Thank you for your support...
  10. Surprisingly two units sales on the dashboard of my profile other than the borrowings by Kindle Unlimited members. Today has been a great day so far. :yes: Yet I am still waiting for the reviews and the rating. 



  11. Auh. Thanks for helping me with the competition. And don't forget to share your views at Amazon(or here). And the rating too.
  12. The number got bigger today too. Now it's 962...



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    2. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      @Dmrman I particularly don't know the reason why it was not available for purchase on 'amazon.us'




      Try this link. Or you can check on my author's list on Amazon by clicking on my name.


      Or you can log out from your amazon account and try to purchase it on Amazon.com


      Or you can check it on your country's amazon site. 

    3. Dmrman


      Thanks, I will ... I'm Thinking some stocking stuffers this year:yes::heart: I read the sample and was impressed:hug:

    4. Emi GS
  13. Competition is getting stronger. Today the pending approvals got joined as well. Now the count is 950. Check on my blog entry for more details and the link to my book. Rate and review must...



  14. According to the rules, it's not supposed to be a commercial ad. Even though Cia permitted to use the word purchase, putting the price list will be a commercial thing. So I just left it there for the ones who check on my book. Thank you.

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