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  1. It was 1998... I think, lol.

    And I am just 8...
  2. Chapter 45

    Wow. Such an intense filled chapter. Characters played their part very beautifully here. But this jeweller character kinda looking like a trouble for Taryn. As he believes in the prophecies so much, he was going to be a big trouble for Taryn. I hope I am wrong, but we will see what's going to happen. Again a great chapter Comsie... ~Emi.
  3. It was 1998... I think, lol.

    Awwww... Soooo you. Cutie pi
  4. Small Break in the GA

    @Lisa There are cheaper shops here too. But I am the who have to earn the money I wanted for the repairs. So that's gonna take some time because of my unemployment status. The phone git hanged on me for fifteen minutes, half n hour ago. I thought this might be it. But I switched off the phone and restarted it. It's working again fine now. But I don't know it's gonna survive for that long.
  5. Small Break in the GA

    @Ashi It's still unfixed. But working somewhat fine. All I was worrying about is what if it got crashed on me before I could afford the repairs myself(which is impossible for another some months).
  6. Being still here with a crooked phone(:gikkle:), I am again telling about my poetry books, April Tulips series. Whoever have missed the chance to get them, there is still time left of my two day free book deal. So grab your chance and purchase them for free... :)



  7. Small Break in the GA

    @Caz Pedroso @Parker Owens @BHopper2 @Dodger @mogwhy @Mikiesboy @Valkyrie @Reader1810 @CassieQ @mollyhousemouse @AC Benus @Lisa @bignick @Kitt @clochette @Drew Espinosa @sandrewn @northie @Dmrman @Daddydavek @Slytherin @Headstall @Puppilull @Defiance19 @MacGreg @Ashi @Timothy M. and to everyone whom I might have forgot to mention here... The phone is still working but it's showing some symptoms that it was going crash soon. I don't know when I am going to come back if the phone got crashed. I'll lost the whole contacts that I have here on online either it's social media or on emails or a blog or some other banking and regular websites I visit regularly. This was the second time I was way careless with the phone and this time I am not going to take the generosity of my father for its repairs. It would take months for me to earn the money. So I'll drop by now and then if I get the chance to visit a net cafe. So. I'll stay here upto the time this phone works. And just will go without warning up until I'll take care of the phone repairs. Love you all. And gonna miss you...
  8. Small Break in the GA

    @BHopper2 I am still here. I don't know when this phone going to (if) collapse on me. That's why I have posted this while the phone is still working. I am gonna miss GA a lot if it did really collapse on me.
  9. Small Break in the GA

    Hello guys... An hour before, my phone landed and bounced about three or four times on the road. Presently it's fine but there are chances are there to get crash in a day or two. And I have decided that I am not going to go for any repairing to it until I can afford it myself. And it will take some time than expected. So that might be it. And that means I might not going to be available like now, on regular basis, here on GA. And that too if the phone got crashed. Last time it survived for two days before collapsing. And it had cost me a lot, that time too. So Until then, Alvida my friends. It's not a good bye, yet. But I might be away for long time because of this damned phone, if it get crashed. I just hope it won't get crashed. Love, ~Emi.
  10. Get the April Tulips series free... :great:



  11. Happy Epiphany

    Thanks to you too @Dodger. And the books are ready to buy for free now...
  12. Happy Birthday Krista

    Happy Birthday...
  13. On the occasion of Epiphany, here is another chance to get my books for free. You are going to get it free on both 7th and 8th January.  Whoever have missed it before, don't miss now. Happy Epiphany...



  14. Happy Epiphany

    Hey guys, it's me again... One of my DR friend said Jan 6th is another important day, called as Epiphany. As Christmas, it also goes with the tradition of giving the gifts to family members and friends and relatives and each other. So whoever have missed to buy my book series 'April Tulips' I wanted to give them the chance grab it for free. Just like a gift. And whoever have missed to download, now it's the chance to get it. So don't miss this time. ere are the links for both of them. April Tulips 2016 Emi's Summer Tulips 2017 Enjoy the books and don't forget to review and rate the book. Happy Epiphany guys... PS: Small problem has happened with the timings of Amazon, so the books will be available on both 7th and 8th January, 2018. Love, ~Emi.

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