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  1. 5000 rep. My first achievement on GA. Thanks to everyone for supporting me all along... :hug::kiss:

    1. Ashi


      Very cool.  :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Wildone!

    Many More Happy Returns of the Day Wildone
  3. Praeludium and Allegro

    Awesome work Drew. You worked really hard...
  4. Anal Sex

    To be true, I'd say mine was a painful situation. Coming to my pov, the pain may have included or bonded with our emotions. Just read it clearly before coming to any conclusion. If you are having sex for the first time it might result in anyway, but the source of result will be you. If your first sex is just sex, it might result in pain. If your first is a love making, it may result in pleasure. I have been gentle with one of my sex partner, yet it has given some painful experience to him. And my Ex had been all sex with me, yet I have felt pleasure in the place of pain. So it might be your emotions attached with the partner that results in either pain or pleasure... And who knows!!!?
  5. April Tulips 2016 is now available for free on Kindle Unlimited. :D Read, review and rate for sure... :)



  6. Violas

    Here comes my favourite colour. It's so beautiful Northie. Loved them all...
  7. Anemone in flower

    Wow. Just Wonderful...
  8. Many More Happy Returns of the Day Big Daddy'O... :hug::glomp::kiss:

  9. GA's Newest Promising Author: Parker Owens

    How can I miss this... Congratulations Parker
  10. IMG_20170912_214210.jpg

    Sure thing...
  11. Barge 1.jpg

    I would live there forever, even though I didn't get to see the land much...
  12. Ocean

    So beautiful. Loved it...
  13. Yep, I'm...

    What ever she said...
  14. Gay Authors Officially 15 Years Old on 9/13

    As GA's journey started with Comsie's stories, my journey here started by following them. So I am as thankful to him as everybody else here for introducing those wonderful stories and leading me to this wonderful community. Celebrating this milestone with you guys been a great pleasure. HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY GUYS
  15. A Lonely Sky

    The vast emptiness Spreads on the rainy night sky Behind tall teak tree The First version of the poem with the help of the suggestions given by @Mikiesboy and @AC Benus The vast emptiness spreads behind the tall teak tree on this rainy night

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