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  1. Why it is hurt so much when someone not even bothered looking at you...!!!??? :,(

    1. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Oh, Emi, I’m sorry. 

    2. Emi GS
  2. The Author at Age 25

    I don't know about your guys, I was just looking at his bare....
  3. 20180406_120446-min.jpg

    Awwww. So cute...
  4. The Author at Age 25

    OK. I think I stopped breathing for quite some time. Phew. You are just... Imagine the words you are probably thinking...
  5. Always a great pleasure to learn about new forms of poetry. This is one interesting form. Like others, I'd like to try it too. Thanks to you both for sharing this knowledge with us.
  6. Another NaPoWriMo update... 



  7. My sixth day of NaPoWriMo goes like this... A stereo is playing on to my right A song, full of energy, with high bass A blackboard was set, middle of the wall Different names of fruits written on it And a drawn picture of "The Miner Ant" The light breeze from the windows on my left Brought a crisp aroma from near by lake Children dancing in the middle of room Blabbering, loud, more than their excitement Tap of the stick on the wooden table Getting diverse with the teacher's patience Tired, I stand aside with smile on my lips
  8. Just a quick update, before I disappear from here. Here is the poem for the third day of NaPoWriMo. If you want to smile!!! Then definitely the below link will give you that... :)




  9. Nightmares are something that lash out the inner fears and build a constructive screenplay to be performed by oneself in their mind. Your poem gives chill, as one can interpret it to their fears and can find a vivid imagination set in front of their eyes. Very haunting lines these are. I totally fallen into them. Great combination of words you have written here my friend.
  10. Thanks for reading Dignity! I hope you are enjoying it so far :)

    1. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Yep. And I owe you a review, which is in the process. But I want to read the Destiny too. So you have to wait. But I would say one thing, during the circumstances it had been very hard to read the first chapters of Dignity. But I got along and got tag along. :worship:

    2. AC Benus
  11. Heartbreak

    The emotions portrayed in this poem were very powerful that I can see what is happening. From the very first paragraph I see a woman embracing the sadness by mixing her tears with the rain. Heart broken. Yet never wanted to show the pain. And in the very last stanza I see the same Woman who is confident to let go of the past with the setting sun. Very beautiful and vivid images. Even though some reflecting the sadness and some confusion and some realisation and finally bravery. I can totally understand this feeling, Heartbreak. Such nice poem. ~Emi.
  12. The River's Course

    Very beautiful and provocative for good reason. Love can be described with vast emptiness to full enlightenment. And you have proved it once again with this bold yet lovely vivid poem. Loved it Parker. ~Emi.
  13. My Newest Tattoo

    That's an awesome tattoo Caz. Nice tattoo for a Valentine's Day special. I liked it so much...
  14. Hey Emi, I just heard about your mom. :hug: You and your family are in my thoughts. :kiss: 

    1. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Thanks Drewbear. :heart::hug::kiss:

  15. If there are anyone who miss me, I am sorry I am not available these days. As we have started to give Ayurvedic medicine for my mother I have got too busy to even rest in between the works. She is doing fine now. :) But we have to be careful for another three months. So I'll be taking care of the household for another two months :D,  until my brother's family will come here for their summer holidays. I am trying to popping up now and then :yes:, but it was resulting with too much gaps. :( Everything is going fine, for now. I think I am gonna excel in cooking healthy diet by this process. :evil: I am not at all near perfect but not that worst either. :puke: They are eatable, I say. <_< 


    So how are you guys!? How is it going in your life!? 


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