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  1. Chapter 43

    My comment was intended to be tongue in cheek. I do enjoy your writing. I enjoy Daniel and Raymond. I just missed reading about Paul and Jeff. Please keep writing. I intend to keep reading.
  2. Chapter 43

    I was trying to remember the names of the guys this story was about when it started. Since Raymond and Daniel crowded in we haven't heard much from or about them.
  3. Something Wonderful

    You make Austin sound terrific, and a good fit for you! Texas is on my "want to visit" list.
  4. Something Wonderful

    I've never been to Austin, but I can't imagine it could be better than Washington or Oregon.
  5. Something Wonderful

    I will be sorry to see Andy leave the story. I hope his parting with Vic is gentle. I know we do need to get Vic back to Barnstable, but Andy is too interesting a character to leave in a cloud of anger, sadness, or depression.
  6. Chapter 2

    Hopefully Amar will become a friend and protector for Samir.
  7. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    Donned your travel agent hat, didn't you?! I don't know much about tourism in Israel, so I'll need to Google. Thanks for another good chapter. I feel bad for Ozzie and his sister, but not really surprised. You've laid the groundwork for her cancer to come back. I wonder if CJ will cut his trip short.
  8. Chapter 14

    Thank you! I am finding this story so interesting and enjoyable! I can't wait to see what surprises you have for us in the civil trial.
  9. Chapter 13

    Thank you for the extra information.
  10. The Kissing Game

    Nicely written! I feel a little sad for Tommy. I hope he will find someone to kiss for real, not just for practice.
  11. Break Ups and First Dates

    It is moments like the end of the battle of the bands with the teacher that frustrate me. It is a shame when rules don't allow for some "gray." Sadly, in my experience, that is usually how it is at school. This was another good chapter! I liked how Teddy and Ryder tag teamed Oli to a good end. And I chuckled at Teddy's wet dream conversation. Both were well written! Thank you.
  12. All's Well That Ends.........

    This was most enjoyable! Thank you for writing and sharing. I look forward to catching up with Jon and Peter in a future story.
  13. Capitulation

    I got a little behind and just got caught up. I want to say "You've let us on a merry romp!" I don't know where that's from, but it seemed appropriate. I almost hate to start the last chapter. That means it is over. I know I'll say it again, but I have really enjoyed this story! Thanks.
  14. I've been missing Cory and Efrain. Thanks for the new chapter.
  15. Chapter 3 Round Two

    Love these guys, and it Drake doesn't fall in love with Jimmy, he's nuts! Jimmy is definitely a keeper. Thanks.

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