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  1. Beach Day!

    I enjoyed Ryder's first time at beach. I think it's a special place, and I'm fortunate the Pacific Ocean is only a couple of hours away. Thanks for more good story.
  2. Chapter 14

    Mill's and Bren's story is sad, but the joy is they were triumphant in the end. I got to wondering how you came up with the name Makarovia? Thanks for this most enjoyable story.
  3. My Father's Shadow

    I am happy Teddy convinced Grandma to give Ryder the letter from his dad. Hopefully this beautifully written moment will be a major step forward in Ryder's path to wellness. Thanks.
  4. Chapter 6

    Clearly Jackson is about to get his first blowjob. No need to wonder if he will like it! 😄 I am still trying to sort out Carter. Secretly gay, bi, or curious? Or maybe clueless? I'm enjoying your story and your characters, especially Jackson. I can see Sam is going to add another dimension to things. Thanks.
  5. Chapter 5

    It's going to be an interesting fall at school for Jackson. I can't wait to see what's next. Thanks.
  6. What Have I Done?

    Except for the element of surprise, I stand by my comment from my first read. Your characters are people I'd like to know and be friends with, and I'm loving their story just as much the second time around! Thanks.
  7. What the Hell Am I Thinking?

    What fun to see characters from your older stories pop in for a cameo! Hopefully, like Barry, we will see more of them. I'm remembering Ryan and Clayton from the last time I read this story. I'm looking forward to more. Thanks.
  8. Recon--and a date?

    As I skimmed through the comments, I saw mine from February2016. Here I am back after almost two years for a re-read. I have enjoyed rereading your other stories, and I'm certain I will enjoy this one!
  9. Story

    A nice little slice of life tale. I enjoyed the fact that Terry and Michael were just ordinary guys, not handsome supermen or brainy millionaires. This short story is a good stand alone, but you've written a couple of interesting characters. It would be nice to visit them again sometime. Maybe they could move to Louisiana and buy a house from Rex. 😉
  10. Shoulder to Cry On

    I loved Mom's conversation with "sleeping" Teddy. It was good for him to hear what she said, and I'm glad he "woke up" and talked to her about it. I was glad to see Teddy being the strong one. I like the way he and Ryder seem to trade off on that role. I can't remember if I've said it lately, but I love these characters and their story! Thank you!
  11. Landfall

    This story is the perfect follow up to "Joe the Plumber." You don't have to read Joe's story first to enjoy this one, although I recommend you do. In "Landfall" you will join Dave and Barry in an action-filled romance between two adult men. The writing is first rate! The characters and dialogue are realistic. There is lots of action, some hot loving, some tender romance and some funny moments. I definitely recommend this story.
  12. He Got It Right!

    This was just as good the second time around! Thanks for sharing this story with the rest of us!
  13. Dropped the Phone

    Reading this story the second time around is so much fun! The action is just roller coaster! Calm one minute and then crazy the next. It's been long enough that I don't remember all the details, but my "spidey sense" tells me something is coming. I'm even enjoying the cliffhangers because I can move right on to the next chapter.
  14. Bump in the Road

    Part of me wants to feel bad for Mike, but he has made his choice. I worry that he might still come between Teddy and Ryder.
  15. Chapter 25 - Ian

    Adam and Ian make such a sweet couple! Thanks for the romantic proposal.

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