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  1. JeffreyL

    Chapter 1

    And let's not forget to put the first nurse in the punishment group.
  2. JeffreyL

    Chapter 4

    What an absolutely evil place to end this chapter. 😡 Luckily for you your writing about Josh's downward spiral, Kevin's regret, and Maris' worry and then anger were all amazing! 👏👏👏 To me you absolutely captured all their feelings perfectly. For that you are forgiven this horrible cliffhanger. I love Josh. What a great character! Thanks for sharing him, and make his life get better. 😊
  3. JeffreyL

    June, 2018 (B)

    I am not certain how you will work it all out, but I am still rooting for Diego! I am usually a sucker for the big guy with a soft heart, and Diego is really starting to fill the bill! I wasn't so sure in the beginning. I hope he can get his children sorted, especially Julian, and make a relationship with Sean work. I am really enjoying this story! Thanks.
  4. JeffreyL

    Chapter 2

    After reading chapters one and two back to back, I like Drew. My jury is still out on the twins and Ben. I am curious to see how things develops. Great start! You've piqued my curiosity! Thanks.
  5. JeffreyL


    Sorry, I put the wrong name. I meant Zack.
  6. JeffreyL


    So now we will have to wait to see who is the better boxer, Kaleo or Kyle. 😄 I am glad you decided to revisit Adam and Kaleo! I am anxious to see what happens next! Thanks.
  7. JeffreyL

    The Island of Poa

    Adam and Kaleo are both men on a quest. Adam to put his life in order; Kaleo to repair his health. Their paths cross on a ship heading to the island of Poa. What happens on the island involve friendship, love, a local myth, and some "magic." This rather short, sweet (in the best way) story was enjoyable! The ending was open to interpretation by the reader. Good characters, dialogue, and plot made this worth reading! I really enjoyed it! I recommend it.
  8. JeffreyL


    I am so glad I decided to read this story first! I don't know if "A Second Chance" is a stand alone story, but I am certain reading this will make it more enjoyable! You created two special characters. I liked how their paths crossed as they were both on their own quest. I loved the myth/magic part of the story. It enhanced without overwhelming the story or being overdone. Nicely done! Thank you.
  9. JeffreyL


    The second story of these characters is starting and caught my eye. After checking your story list, I am pretty sure I did not read this first story. So here I am. I enjoyed chapter one. I agree with Canuk about the idea of two men on similar journeys who are about to cross paths. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.
  10. JeffreyL

    Cabin Class

    Great closing line! I am enjoying all the luxury vicariously! Like Kieran, it is not a part of my life. I like these characters and their story! Thanks.
  11. JeffreyL

    Dear Jason

    I reread Blueberry Muffin before I read this, and it helped refresh my memory. I got a bit teary eyed as I read this. It is well written. I assume this is autobiographical. I hope writing and sharing helps, and I wish I could give you a big hug. Thanks for sharing this touching story.
  12. JeffreyL

    Chapter 39

    The sex was hot, and thanks for that! But even more are these characters you have created. With each chapter I care about them more! Thanks for creating them and sharing with us!
  13. JeffreyL

    Family and Friends

    I think the time for a flow chart or family tree to keep all the relations straight is long overdue! 😄 You are certainly keeping my gray cells working overtime to keep everyone sorted! There was a lot revealed in this chapter. Thanks!
  14. JeffreyL

    June, 2018 (A)

    What a loaded chapter! So much happened! Maybe it is a good thing that Diego was injured. He has had time to think, and is mending fences. So it's prediction time. Lance will learn to wrestle, and he and Diego will become this super tag team. Diego will get custody of Julian and Gloria will help him with his kids. I think Jillian deserves her mother, and will stay with her. I am still sorting the rest. I am not certain what happens with Rachel, Sean, and Oliver. I think it would be cool if Sean and Diego ended up being a couple, but that would hurt a lot of people. If you keep writing, I promise to keep reading. Thanks. I love this story!
  15. JeffreyL

    Chapter 16 - Ember

    It is so much fun to see Brady and Ember get all hot and bothered! I hope there won't be any more roadblocks to their relationship moving forward. I am curious to know if Novy and AJ are just good buddies or if there is a romance starting. And little Ember is adorable! Thanks for more good story!

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