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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. KENNY

    Hope you enjoy. Thnx for reading
  3. Chapter 1

    Yes I've changed my font in all my other stories. Thnx for the comment
  4. Epilogue

    Thanks Wesley. . . . I always have a special place in my heart for 'Sammy'. I've often been asked to write a sequel and it's still a live prospect. Thanks again - we authors love to get feedback; it makes writing much more enjoyable
  5. Epilogue

    This is a wonderful story. At times it was a painful read, but I really enjoyed the change of aspect i.e using a 'straight' guy as the main character. Adams pain is something we've all experienced so whilst being familiar it's also very raw. David's metamorphosis from Homophobe to a caring person was really enjoyable. I didn't quite agree with the boys being 'grounded' for challenging the homophobe teacher; I say to them both - well done! Also, I reckon the school should've taken a more proactive response to homothuggery. What about Dave's parents? Will they eventually come around? Graeme, thank you for sharing this wonderful tale.
  6. Chapter 18

    Thnx for your comments. It's really helpful to us scribblers to hear from readers particularly with helpful comments. Yes, you're right about the switch; I racked my brains on how to handle this. I opted for the intersession thinking that the blood and bruising would be significant camouflage. But you're right, Adlai and Tavi are different physically and I missed this. I was thinking I'd write a sequel involving Cephas and Amenco as I downplayed their relationship in the story. I didn't want anything to distract from the main plot; I still may do this. Thnx again . . . I was delighted to hear from you.
  7. Chapter 1

    Sorry,I started to read but was put off by your formatting. The first chapter is one long paragraph of 3500 words. Can I suggest you make a seperate line for each conversation and split the chapter into smaller paragraphs; it's easier for the reader. You have a Great story, and well told. Be kind to your readers.
  8. Chapter 12: Crazy

    I dunno. I'm waiting for the story to move forward and not get bogged down in all this phsyco stuff. Is there a point to all this? In real life would someone prone to panic attacks be allowed to dive underwater? I gather the author has had emotional problems. As well

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