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  1. Chapter 10 - "Who's My Enemy"

    I have to say Preston has the best survival instinct out of all of them. Lord knows I would be halfway down the hall before the others even noticed too.
  2. Chapter 21

    Well worth the wait dude. Loved the update ❤️
  3. Chapter 7

    I could feel that his self confidence might be something that might make him do something stupid in the future. I loved this chapter so much
  4. Chapter 2

    God, I can't help but feel I would do something like this
  5. Chapter 43

    That "my sire" thing was so sweet, nice work on the chapter
  6. Chapter 8

    So sweet keep up the good work!
  7. New Chapter Of On The Outside? :o

    Alas after 20 long years my beloved child has returned from the dead. I won't ever forget this blessed opportunity thank you my good sir

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