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  1. CscottyCA

    Chapter 4

    Another great chapter. Kudos to Connor for making a commitment to taking things slowly and sticking to it. No one ever said making good choices as a parent was going to be easy... Enjoy your time off the grid @Sam Wyer Does this mean we’ll get a double chapter when you return?
  2. CscottyCA

    Chapter 3

    Great chapter! It seems Connor has the green light from Joel to pursue a relationship, or at least dating. But I’m glad to hear that Leon is his #1 priority. Let’s hope he maintains that perspective as he’s faced with the chance to end a 6 (plus) month long celibacy... It’s a o dismaying to hear that Connor doesn’t have the support of his family. That makes single parenthood so much harder. I’m hoping he starts to build a support network. It’s natural to create that network with fellow parents, but that can be challenging if he has trouble relating them. Not sure if your typical parent would consider a 22-year old gay male a “peer”. But I’m sure there’s a few if he keeps at it. Looking foward to seeing how the story evolves!
  3. CscottyCA

    Chapter 2

    Believe me, I learned my lesson. I’m pretty sure in that moment my kiddo wanted to switch out his parent like they did for Leon. And, I’m also pretty sure he wouldn’t be taking it as well as Leon is, even 6 months in. Well, six years and two kids later I’m *still* grasping the concept of parenthood. Connor had a steeper learning curve (initially), but it’s the same process for us all. I also think he dodged a bullet by bypassing the terrible twos and threes. And no potty training! Lucky! And, I’m with @droughtquake, where is his family? Looking forward to hearing more backstory in future chapters!
  4. CscottyCA

    Chapter 2

    Great chapter! Glad to see that Leon and Connor are setting into a comfortable routine. They seemed to be adjusting well to the drastic change in their lives. My 5 year old has a fit when I even so much as try to change his cereal, so Leon seems remarkably well-adjusted in comparison. And, in my experience, Connor is just like every parent who never stops fretting over every aspect of their kid’s life. This makes him a card-carrying member of the parent club! As for Joel... I’m curious as to where this goes. Connor needs to tread lightly because if things go awry it could mess things up for Leon and Andre when it seems both kids are benefitting from the friendship. But, damn, 6 months is a long time...
  5. CscottyCA

    Chapter 11 Missing Pieces

    Loved this chapter! It was great to get insight into Jimmy’s past so he and Drake could clear the air. Aww...these two give me the feels. Looking forward to the epilogue - maybe the Drake/Jimmy wedding where Drake and Preston patch things up?
  6. CscottyCA

    Chapter 1

    Great start to this story. One chapter in and I’m hooked! Personally, I liked the one-sided conversation, and not getting the full picture until the final reveal. I think it set the tone for how Connor was experiencing events unfolding. “Wonderfully disjointed” describes it well. And, it also captures the parenting journey pretty well, too. Good luck to Connor - he’s in for a wild ride!
  7. CscottyCA

    Setting a Good Example

    Every so often Boston publications run an article on the ugliest buildings in Boston and City Hall usually tops the list. So, it’s reputation remains strong!
  8. CscottyCA

    Setting a Good Example

    Great start, Dodger! Even though the protagonist isn’t super sympathetic (anger issues, possible PTSD, definite homophobia), I find his perspective to be interesting. A different angle than what we normally find in these stories. I’ve only read this chcapter so far, so if more clues about the location and era has been revealed in subsequent chapters, I haven’t gotten there yet. That said, I’m guessing the location is Boston or nearby suburbs in the early 80’s. I don’t know of any other region that calls their public transit the T, except the MBTA in greater Boston! Also, Boston’s city hall is super ugly (unless you Like Brutalism architecture.) I look forward to the story unfolding!
  9. CscottyCA

    Chapter 10 It Is What It Is

    This chapter broke my heart, but as others pointed out, it was the right thing. Drake, despite realizing his feelings for Jimmy, is still not over his trust issues. It’s going to take more than a weekend and a few heart-to-hearts to fix that. And, Jimmy needs space to figure out what he needs and deserves. I hope these guys find their way to each other in the end.
  10. CscottyCA


    Great story! It had it all - mystery, intrigue, classic movie references, vintage couture, love. Only one question: why the Al Green version of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”? I don’t think anyone can beat the Marvin Gaye/Tami Terrell original. Just sayin’. That said, I hope we get more stories about the gang - I’ve grown attached! Great work!
  11. CscottyCA

    Chapter 12

    I’m glad Devin is finally seeing the error of his ways, and that he is finally turning to a responsible adult for help. He is also super lucky that he has a brother and (former?) friends that care about him. And, I suspect that after the initial shock wears off, his parents will rally around him, too. But his future outlook just got infinitely more complicated as a teenage parent. It’s hard and ridiculously expensive to raise children. And, he and Ashley will have to navigate co-parenting, which is hard in the best of circumstances, even harder if the parents are immature. So, all things being equal, I think Ashley and Devin are better off not being parents. Their kid would be better off, too. Kids of teenage parents are more likely to live in poverty, less academically prepared for school, have a lower high school and college completion rates compared to kids of older parents. That said, for many women, the feeling of being pregnant and the instinct to nurture a life is very powerful, and can far outweigh any arguments to terminate he pregnancy. Add to that societal and religious pressure, lack of access to reproductive services - and I can see why Ashley, and others, want to go through with the pregnancy. But, boy, these kids have a tough road ahead of them.
  12. CscottyCA

    Chapter 7 Another Man's Shoes

    I totally agree. I was kinda (sorta) with Richard up until the kiss. Richard is certainly messed up, and handled the situation all wrong, but I graded him on slight curve because he was young. I mean, I can’t say I haven’t botched a break up before. It sounded like Richard was trying to do the right thing, but hadn’t developed enough emotional maturity to do it in a compassionate way. He should have been honest from the beginning, and he definitely should not have been professing his love to Drake knowing he was going to break up (that part was seriously eff-ed up.) But when you’re young and lack self-awareness, you do stupid things. But then, the kiss. Richard is a grown-ass man, with a wife and a kid on the way. He should have known better. Especially after hearing how hurt Drake was because Richard strung him along in the past. Drake needs to leave that loser in the past and not engage with him any further. Hopefully this will give Drake enough “closure” to move on. Maybe with Jimmy? I’m really rooting for an HEA for them. Lord knows that between his family and love life, Drake has dealt with enough heartbreak. Great chapter! More! More!
  13. CscottyCA

    Somebody I Used to Know

    I totally agree with many of the points brought up here. And, right now, I’m most upset with Billy’s Mom by not clueing him into the possibility he’s on the spectrum, and most importantly by not providing him tools to navigate the world. How many times has she witnessed Billy struggle with interpersonal relationships and then blamed Billy for not handling things better? It doesn’t excuse poor behavior, but it would have been helpful for Billy to know that certain things, like understanding people, may be harder for him because of how he is wired. I can maybe understand not wanting him to be diagnosed because of the labels and stigma, but Billy could have learned techniques to manage things better so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes over and over due to how his brain works. This could have happened without an official diagnosis — books, articles, etc. And it should have happened early on when the signs became more clear as Billy aged. But, imagine the level of communication and understanding that could have been opened up between Billy and Brett based on the shared understanding that they each have unique challenges that make it a bit harder to do things that come easier to others (with Brett it’s learning, Billy it’s people)? Brett probably would have seen the situation in a whole different light and approached the whole thing differently.
  14. CscottyCA

    Everybody Hurts

    This has been a long time coming, and the fallout is exactly what Billy deserves. Billy is an immature coward who needed big wake up call to get him to grow up and live with integrity. He’s not there yet - as evidenced by his first post-reveal conversation with Brett. Billy was all about how he was inconvenienced and treated unfairly, instead of taking ownership for his actions and making a heartfelt apology. I have not seen him truly grapple with how hurt Brett is by him - he still thinks his motivations should exonerate him from blame. Side note - I totally wanted to throttle Billy when he had the gall to ask for Brett to reimburse his bus fare. That was a total dick move. But Billy should know that Brett is a bit of a hothead and eventually calms down and comes around. I think that will happen here, provided he sees evidence that Billy is worth giving a second chance. After all, Brett stuck with Billy for a whole year of being a moody a-hole, and totally came around once he realized it was (mostly) the diabetes. But Joey is right in that Billy is not there yet because he is too busy wallowing in his self pity. I’m recalling what Brett said a while back about Billy’s Mom eventually coming around and being their biggest advocate. I think she will play a key role is getting these knucklehead kids back together.
  15. I hope this latest turn of events brings everyone closer together; although past crises/tragedies have torn them apart. I am seeing a brighter horizon, though (or is that a mirage?) And, I feel the need to speak up for fans of boiled hotdogs. They’re perfectly fine - delicious even!

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