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  1. I hope this latest turn of events brings everyone closer together; although past crises/tragedies have torn them apart. I am seeing a brighter horizon, though (or is that a mirage?) And, I feel the need to speak up for fans of boiled hotdogs. They’re perfectly fine - delicious even!
  2. Chapter 11

    Great chapter, once again! I can see how Andy’s and Dillon’s fears, insecurities, and youth have driven them head first into a dysfunctional relationship. I don’t entirely blame Dillon, though. He’s young, and has probably never seen a healthy relationship based on mutual trust and respect. I think he genuinely cares about Dillon, and desperately needs him to be his rock and protector in a very harsh world and industry. But the only way he knows how to safeguard Andy being in his life is through manipulation, and by being the aggressor in what is shaping up to being an abusive relationship. Andy, for his part, seems to be too blinded by love and insecurity to establish good boundaries, and he, too, seems equally unprepared as Dillon for building a healthy relationship. I think Andy’s relationship with Greg will give him some much-needed perspective on his life, and the dynamic with Dillon. Looking forward to more!
  3. Silent Night

    A sequel? Maybe we’ll be treated to a new round of stories for another holiday celebration. Easter? Pride? So many possibilities...
  4. Chapter 3

    Such a great story. You have a beautiful way of illustrating the characters and make them relatable, despite their flaws. I can’t help but feel like I’m watching a train wreck in slow motion (the fact that I’m still reading speaks to the great writing!) As an adult, after having had a few “Dillons” in my life, I see the situation for what it is. But it took experience and maturity to realize there was no use pining after someone who would never feel the same way. I don’t see an HEA for Andy and Dillon (at not with each other), but I do hope they learn from their friendship and their experiences and carry that forward toward healthy decision-making. In the meantime, they’re kids and bound to make mistakes, no doubt hurting each other and themselves in the process. I look forward to seeing the story unfolds!
  5. Silent Night

    Great chapter, as always. I appreciate the small break from the drama, but I sense more is on the way. Bring it on! Also, Mary “may” have been further along then she thought? Did Karl cheat on Trevor? Is Karl not be the father? And, at what point do you start to discuss transitioning a holiday romance to something more long-term? I think our lads are ready. They’re clearly smitten, and the relationship has lots of potential. Cant wait for more to come!
  6. Sophomore Year - Chapter 4

    Excellent chapter! I love Becker and Kevin together, and am rooting for them, but I fear the crushing weight of the closet will ruin what they have. Not to mention being on different continents, if that becomes a reality. It’s one thing to be in a long-distance relationship, quite another to be in a closeted one. And with Patrick and Carver lurking in the sidelines, temptation and jealousy can further fray the delicate balance Kevin and Becker have now. I look forward to seeing how things unfold.
  7. This season I plan to…

    As a parent and a pet owner I absolutely would not have minded you lumping them together. Kids and pets have lots of similarities! But as far as Halloween goes - I get much better rewards for dressing up the kids (read: "leftover" trick or treating candy I get to consume.)
  8. This season I plan to…

    Hmmm... I'll be dressing up my kids and taking them Trick Or Treating, but that wasn't an option (not a poll for parents?) But I'd much rather be staying home and watching movies. But, let's be honest, I'd probably pass out during opening credits.
  9. As Far As We Could Go

    Ah, but Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage in 2014 (Spoiler alert?) The boys don't have too long to wait before making their union legit (in the eyes of the law.)
  10. Fireworks

    Great story! I love the relationships forming - friends, lovers, aunt/uncle, grandparents. Makes for a rich story with lots of possibilities. I anxiously await the next chapter! (And, one, random technical point -- most infants' poops don't smell that bad, especially if they're primarily fed breast milk. The really bad smelling poops generally don't start until solid foods come into the picture.)
  11. An Unexpected Offer

    Those two are just so cute together. I'm hoping they make it as a couple in the long run.
  12. Chapter 22

    Wow - great chapter! So sad about Gizmo. I got attached to him as well, and I was curious about what the team would decide to do with him. Serum? How would he react to that? But what then? He couldn't be integrated into society, but it wouldn't be humane to keep him locked up. I was looking forward to the team grappling with that moral dilemma, but there are plenty of other issues facing the group as well. Is Frederick a vampire, too? What to do with him? Turn him over to the authorities? Some extra-judicial punishment? Looking forward to how these issues will be resolved. Also, how can the group be safeguarded from similar threats? Surely, there are more Fredericks and Rafas waiting in the wings hoping to make a profit. Looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds!
  13. Chapter 1 - Patrick

    Love it! Can't wait to see how this tale unfolds.
  14. Chapter 35

    Looking forward to reading about Jack's Adventures in Hawaii! It's certainly well deserved after leading such an ascetic life. And, can I have a minute to talk about how cool it would be to have student loans paid off in one fell swoop? Not sure if I'm more envious of that or the Hawaiian vacation. So excited to hear that more chapters are quickly on their way. Keep em coming, Jack!
  15. Chapter 32

    Loved this chapter. It added depth to the characters and answered some questions I had after reading the original version. I always wondered why Jack didn't make contact with his family after coming into his wealth - this chapter gives all the explanation needed. I'm totally on board with Jack leaving his past behind and going boldly into the future. I'm really enjoying seeing him taking active steps to shed his loneliness and insecurity -- beautiful passage about hope, by the way. I can totally identify with those feelings when I've been stuck in a rut. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

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