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  1. Love this story...nearly finished it. Ive had a wonderful ride!
  2. W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    That's good news. I'm happy for you. i hope you do keep writing.. there are other places outside of GA.. i've belonged to a few of them. I hope you do continue to write as you. All the best.
  3. Stories so White

    I was mostly talking about pointing out errors, C. No, in a review you can say this was slow moving, or characters were one dimensional, for example. i'm good with that.
  4. Stories so White

    I've met and dealt with people from everywhere. Where i work is so diverse, my team is ... i love working there. The Bank works very hard to be inclusive. It's great. There was a blog in connection with Women's Day and one transgender employee said how hard it was for her to get work and she loves the Bank because she is accepted as is everyone. It's why i love it there too.. i have met people from everywhere .. all with their own talents, and humour and culture. It's why i could write The Christmas Cracker because i know Harish. I know him . and if i was single.. yeah, i'd go out with him.
  5. Stories so White

    That is a good reason to have a good editor and good beta readers you trust. So hopefully most of the errors are fixed before you post.
  6. Stories so White

    At work we are 'coached' by our manager. His year, is based on how well his team does. To help us improve, he has to point out where things are wrong, where and how things can be improved. I dont leave him notes saying...i know we have a coaching session today but can you be kind please. He's not rude, and yes it's hard to hear, but i go into those sessions with a desire to improve myself. Writing is no different. I can take criticism. If something doesn't work for you, you're welcome to tell me. There are ways to do that without feeding your own ego, which is something i see a lot on here. There is no interest in helping the author, only gleefully pointing out the error they found. There is zero respect. You and i have had this convo, C. I've PMd you things i've found, questions i've had. There is no reason to do it in comments that are permanent. Send the spelling error you noticed in a PM .. have some respect and thought for the other human being/author. You've always been open about it, C, and i respect that. None of us want to hear them, but we need to open to learning from our mistakes, being open to opinions that may help us improve our writing.
  7. Wow... this is soooo good! Very well written and interesting..
  8. Love Lost

    yes Sir, here we are .. xoxox
  9. Couple of Poems

    i know.. love you, too xoxox
  10. Poppies and Cornflowers

    thank You very much ... they mean a lot to me, to be able to remember..
  11. American Tragedy

    thank You, MIchael xo
  12. Bits and Pieces, Fluff and Nonsense

    Thank you MIchael xo
  13. To My Love for Valentine's Day

    Wrote this before 'coming out' .. thanks for looking at all these MIchael xo
  14. Black Bear's Picnic

    thank you, Michael xoxxo

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