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  1. Mikiesboy

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    Homeless person...that would be mean! Id rather buy them a sandwich...
  2. Mikiesboy

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    i could be wrong . i'm sure i read that somewhere .. however i am not a fan of the place, i may go there once a year and well, i admit to not really caring about their history. So since you have done so ... i'd say once it was sold to whoever, it started to go downhill. unfresh doughnuts are the worst. however even worse than theirs are some 'high class' type fancy crap doughnuts we got for being good doo-bees at work. Each cost like $5 ... frankly Tim's are better. It was god awful. I hope i never win another.
  3. Mikiesboy


    i think the hearts of all who we love and who love us. Some of us will have one great love, others of us many. But it's all love, isn't it? We will be in all those hearts, just as they are in ours, i think.
  4. Mikiesboy

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    Nope, it began when Tim Horton's widow sold it to Cara Foods.
  5. Mikiesboy

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    HA! well if they ever get there (and tbh they are not anywhere as good as they used to be) stick with the sour cream glazed donuts.. and Timbits are nice when they are fresh .. LOL
  6. Mikiesboy


    Both of these are wonderful. I love this from 95: For those who have loved can never be dead, And their thoughts will ever find living voice. Wonderful, AC.
  7. Mikiesboy

    Three Unpartnered Skyscrapers

    All three are delightful. Thanks for sharing them.
  8. Mikiesboy

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    you're my favourite!!! come and join me for a doughnut ... we can be neighbours .. lol
  9. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 8

    You also are just writing a story, not their entire timeline i'm thinking ... so for this part of their lives, they may not have to worry about food.. you can deal with that in book 2.. LOL
  10. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 8

    oh yes ... yes and yeah.. i know waaaay too much about that. we are the worst.
  11. Mikiesboy

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    That angry emoji is filled with my love for you.. LOL.. Americans only speak the language they do because of the English.. do i need to send you a few history books?
  12. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 8

    i like the caution in this. and you've done a good enough job, that i feel nervous when they are checking things out, and cleaning the hearth. They need to be wary of strangers .. as has been said, you just never know. i understand the animals thing ... time enough for that should they ever understand what the zombies are and how to fix, control or kill them. But food doesn't last forever and that's something that will need to be considered one day. good chapter! thanks.
  13. This is wonderful. A delicious witches-brew of Xmas Films! Personal Evil Index lol.. like a credit rating. You can never tell what’s on a man’s mind, and you’re likely to be out-deviled at any moment. This is rather scary, that demons are actually threatened by the evil man can cause. I love it AC.. lots of fun. Can't wait for more!!
  14. sooooo just HOT then ... hehe
  15. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 7

    It's all important ... as a writer i find i need to weave it all together. As a reader, i can say it's done beautifully here, indeed.

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