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  1. Mikiesboy

    The Proxigean Spring Tide

    This definitely should not be gathering dust. Loved it!
  2. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    thank you A, for being so open and for being a good friend. your support means the world xo i know you understand, i think you rather enjoy silence now and again xo
  3. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    i know You're right, Sir. Maybe some will read and be interested or understand and see the value in it. It can benefit many, not only us. It's a place of safety to me, a place where i am close to the strength i need. i do see the value, Sir .. more i think these days. i think, and ive talked with Michael about this, i wasnt in a place of trust but He has been helping me and i feel more honest in who i am now. if that makes sense. Thank You for Your comments, Sir.. i am grateful.
  4. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    i understand jp ... it is part of our lives ... and it is entwined with who and what we are and love. thank you for reading and your comments, sweet brother xoxo
  5. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    yes Sir .. it is a tool and i am learning, more it is a way of being. a way to hear You, but also myself. Silence can teach much. xo
  6. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    i dont molly .. i understand. i said this morning, this boy just wants to sit at Your feet in silence .. and i wrote several pages of ideas and thoughts and sentences before i could put them together into something that i thought was okay. because it is more than words xoxo
  7. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    thank you Parker ... it's something we do, and it holds much meaning. silence is a time to reflect and listen
  8. Mikiesboy

    In Silence

    There is no quiet inside of me Your strength stills a soul in flux And there is no pain and suffering When i sit at Your feet; In silence. Your voice is everything when i am close my thoughts become clear and calm It is part of how You love me Allowing me at Your feet; In silence. To Your gentle control, i give up myself And knowing me as you do Your presence brings peace and focus As i sit at your feet; In silence. _____
  9. Mikiesboy

    The Importance of Discipline

    Did you know my father? He was Jeff just without the booze. Given the time period and his background, im not surprised at Jeff at all. Nice job!
  10. Mikiesboy

    Darker Themes

    Tim, i agree with you. Paper books do come with 'warnings' of a sort, it's called a synopsis ... hardcover and paperbacks have them ... they give a brief description of the story and introduce the main character. Usually there is enough there to convey if the story is dark or a comedy etc. No, there are no tags on physical books like there are online. And frankly if you want to publish on other people's websites, and that website has rules, then they should be followed. The other option is to start your own.
  11. Mikiesboy

    Chapter Two

    The story is good...all you need is a bit of technical help...an editor with a nice red pencil can do that and practice. ☺️
  12. Mikiesboy

    Chapter One

    Good beginning...a few issues as per our pm. However the story is good.
  13. That was funny...and not to worry, i used the litter box. I saw some ant traps though....vas ist das? Lol
  14. Mikiesboy

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    I like all these questions ... i dont think i have any poems lying around. I've been working on The Promise and that other thing. Giving some thought to the themes for the Fall Anthology which are not inspiring to me at all, at least not yet. But there's still time to mull things over some.

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