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  1. This Dom's Pledge

    you spoke nearly these same words to me during our D/s Ceremony ...so now, as then, Sir, i promise to trust You, serve You, and love You, until i am no more xo
  2. Auf Flügeln des Gesanges

    Oh AC, this felt so very Merchant and Ivory to me. It's lovely and well you have the necessary talent, insight... soul ... to translate poems like this. They are more than mere words .. you need to see it and feel it. And you have done that here in spades. Truly wonderful!
  3. Downhearted

    I remember this story. It was lovely and written with care and compassion. Well worth reading. Defo bring tissues!
  4. Down Syndrome Awareness Month

    Everyone has something to offer. I'm not sure where but there is a group home somewhere near me because i see people with Down's on my way to work all the time, they are all headed off to work also. They are sweet and chatty and a joy to talk to. There is nothing to fear. And though it's not directly related to your blog topic Val, well i thought this was interesting. i read it some time ago, about a business owner who hires people with disabilities all the time: https://www.thestar.com/business/personal_finance/2012/06/10/this_tim_hortons_franchisee_hired_82_disabled_workers.html Thanks for this great blog Val.
  5. Chapter 59 Space

    i suppose it doesnt matter where we go, there are things about ourselves we can never truly change. oh.. that's a good song, Sir .. thank You for including the link xo
  6. Chapter 59 Space

    i guess i can't change my spots.. lol... thanks for reading dugh and your comments xo
  7. Chapter 59 Space

    thank you very much, Def. it was a prompt i found. space
  8. Former Member

    William, a former member is just that, a former member of GA. Hope that helps.
  9. Chapter 59 Space

    thank You, MIchael xo
  10. This is terrific ... poetry is music and this is a wonderful song...
  11. Chapter 59 Space

    Thank you, jp. I'm glad they worked for you. It was fun doing something different. Thanks for reading them, jp. xoxo
  12. Chapter 59 Space

    Thank you, Reader. I appreciate it and i'm glad you enjoyed them.
  13. Chapter 59 Space

    Thanks molly ... i appreciate it. glad you enjoyed them, i am both sorry and glad that the first one gave you the creeps.
  14. Chapter 59 Space

    thank you, moggy
  15. Chapter 59 Space

    Thank you very much AC... and for givin' em the once over xo

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