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  1. Writing Prompts #632 & #633

    both are tempting....
  2. anniversary and beacon

    i'd take your hand if i could.. thank you for sharing your feelings. this poem means a lot to me and i hope to the person i wrote it for. much love and hugs, mayday xo
  3. anniversary and beacon

    anniversary You took my hand many years ago For me You stand and take life’s blow I came to you a broken thing A flightless bird on broken wing Gently you lay me in a cage To keep me safe, quiet my rage Your belief in us remains dauntless Thank You for these years of happiness beacon I watch and wait Speak softly, holding out my hand For you to take, or not, as you will My love for you Leaks from my weak eyes But my heart is strong My will, faith, and my trust endure And I will be a quiet beacon in the dark Until you find your own light, once more. ***************************************
  4. Dead-Composers Society

    That was great AC...bright way to start the day! I'm sure we'll listen to it later on together as well. Michael enjoyed it last night!
  5. Christmas, This Year

    yes, Sir xo
  6. Dead-Composers Society

    i did it was amazing .... i've heard it before but not played like that.. must have been amazing to actually see him play it.. thank's AC.. muah!
  7. Christmas, This Year

    Thank you, Ashi ... you enjoy yours, too my friend! I'll do my best to keep all of Him warm..
  8. Christmas, This Year

    thank you, A .... sounds like a lovely Christmas my friend...i hope it's a wonderful day!
  9. Christmas, This Year

    Thank you, Parker. It is the delight of Christmas, it's what I remember and look forward to. But i will sneak a couple of pieces of that fudge.. i love it! Merry Christmas to you and Alex. xo
  10. Christmas, This Year

    How wonderful, Reader! The whole family together. I'm sure you will all have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas to you and all of yours. xo
  11. Christmas, This Year

    thank you AC.. you and S, too xo Not sure they'd live through our winters.. but i'd love to see those poinsettia you've seen. Thanks for sharing that...
  12. Dead-Composers Society

    i will listen... tonight
  13. Christmas, This Year

    Merry Christmas, jp. you're right, it's so not about things...all we truly have of any importance is people. Love you, brother. xo
  14. Christmas, This Year

    Hi all. It's been awhile since i wrote a blog. I wrote a blog about Christmas last year on Dec. 26th, i was supposed to plan and do and not be stressed this year. How am i doing? Abysmally i think covers it, though i don't feel stressed particularly. This year the tree is up, so are some other bits and pieces scattered around and even a poinsettia, a traditional red one. However, there are zero presents bought. There is no baking because Michael found out during the summer He is diabetic. He's been doing so well with managing it, He doesn't want a houseful of goodies. I'll make the annual batches of fudge because most of it we give away. I can make Him a diabetic friendly cheesecake, egg nog and the English Trifle he loves so well. That'll make Him happy. Presents i think will be done tomorrow. For adults some little thing, gift cards and fudge. This year i just want to have a good time. Also i'm working Christmas Eve day so stuff needs to be done by Saturday the 23rd! I want to be with people i love on the Day, that's all i want. It's my wish that each of you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. Thanks to all of you who read my work, who supported me. I love you all. tim
  15. Dead-Composers Society

    This is super AC... love it.. i will do my best to listen.. thanks for sharing this.. i love holly..LOL

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