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    Writing, poetry, learning, I like to cook and bake. And my avatar? That was drawn by GA Author and Artist, Roberto Zuniga, talented writer and an amazing artist!! I'm so impressed and grateful!

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  1. This brings back memories i try and hide and bury. Oh the stuff we do to ourselves to cope. It's never far away is it? You wrote this perfectly, with heart wrenching honestly and realism. It will speak to everyone, but those of us who still fight self-harm it's a stark reminder to keep on fighting. Great job, jp. xoxxo
  2. yeah. but still just to get to see that..
  3. Wow that is sooooooo cool Lyssa!!
  4. AC .. lovely. That someone is very lucky to receive this .. it's wonderful as are all your sonnets.
  5. You always do..one way or the other! Seriously, all of your spicy extras have been excellent.. enjoyed them all to date!
  6. I really need to stop reading these at work.. seriously Parker .. i'm glad i dont have a meeting right now.. lol
  7. I may owe some review responses ...please bear with me as I have a July 1 deadline to meet! I'm so very close to making it....thanks for your patience! 

    1. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Good luck!  I get what you mean completely.

    2. Mikiesboy


      Thank you @Parker Owens.. well i got 1000 words done between last night and this morning .. i think another 600 to 800 to finish 12.. will likely need chapter 13 .. maybe not as long.. we'll see.  Gonna be tight..

    3. Lyssa


      Sending you lots positive energy!!! :hug:

  8. Metallica or something softer??
  9. Michael is right, poet's have been trying to explain love.. forever. It's great, Lyssa! xoxoxoxo
  10. And the piano plays a tune I don’t recognize The melancholy oboe sings, touching my soul With its thick yet tranquil loneliness Notes from the violin flowed, soothing Transcending, lush All of these remind me of you You—one I love, have for so long Who I take for granted, but should not And I’m sorry if poems I write are not always for you But know it’s you who are with me, part of me Who I run to, want and love and cherish The one from my garden of people, I would pick * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  11. MrM, thanks for reading! glad you enjoyed them! tim
  12. thank you, molly ... i'm happy to know you too xoxoxo
  13. Thanks so much dugh.. it was a good day for poetry.. i wrote three.. the flow was there yesterday felt so good.. thank you for reading.. xoxo
  14. thank you, Sir. You aren't so bad at it yourself, Sir. but thank you
  15. thank you MIchael.