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    Writing, poetry, learning, I like to cook and bake. And my avatar? That was drawn by GA Author and Artist, Roberto Zuniga, talented writer and an amazing artist!! I'm so impressed and grateful!

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  1. Chapter 5

    Welcome to GA! Hope you decide to post your story here. Thanks very much for choosing to read Changes, i appreciate it !
  2. Delusions of Unworthiness

    beautiful ... i see myself there because Michael has picked me up more times than i can count and continues to, though i think less and less often now. thank You Michael and thank You, Sir for not abandoning us ...
  3. Weekly Wrap Up (Aug 13 - Aug 19)

    i'm liking the update .. will check out the clubs.. and it was another busy week. lots of interesting stuff posted.. thanks renee!!
  4. :glomp: That's me doing a random, run by hugging... or a Drive-by Hugging? Either one, your choice.

    1. Mikiesboy


      Ill take either! Muah xo

  5. My Story

    I was looking for something else but found you. I've been married now for seven years to a wonderful man. We live in Ontario, Canada .. where things were bad years ago but have changed and are still improving for LGBT people. It's because of all of you before us, we can live like we do now. It's because of all of you, Michael and i can walk hand-in-hand. Your poem was very well done. You have said so much and I nearly missed it. I have put a link to it in the Live Poet's Society in hopes more will read it. Thanks again for sharing it and your experience. tim
  6. Chapter 5

    Thanks very much, Sir. i'm glad this chapter came across so well. i was a little worried about it. There is a lot between these two but sex is a huge part, like it is for so many of us. It's hard to imagine losing that. Thanks again, Sir for your support of Changes and me, Sir. i appreciate your comments, Sir.
  7. Changes

    Thank you, no there are no miracles or quick fixes here. Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated.
  8. Chapter 5

    Thank you Lux! i appreciate your support.
  9. Chapter 5

    Thank you Def. Huge adjustment and challenges for both of them. Thanks for your comments and great insight.
  10. Chapter 5

    Thanks spikey, Don keeps suggesting Louis take a lover, Louis isn't keen. But the offer was made. Yes, Don was able to have erections soon after he was awake, but as Louis says, over the six weeks since Ch4 things have regressed. is it physical or mental or both? From what i read entirely possible. Don can still feel, but cannot get an erection. Thanks for reading and your comments.. always appreciated!
  11. i am going to Ikea ... i love you all ... 

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. BlindAmbition


      Make sure to pierce some Swedish balls!

    3. Jsgo


      Remember to get @MichaelS36 a new sugar bowl 😉

    4. Mikiesboy


      oh.. these were all funny.. lol Thanks all of you!!


      if i brought home a new sugar bowl.. Michael would have my ass and not in a good way!

  12. Chapter 5

    so many changes ... so many reasons for things.. thanks Kitt!!
  13. Chapter 5

    thanks very much for the tears and the comments.. they mean a lot.. tim
  14. Chapter 5

    I did a ton of research into what was possible with spinal cord injuries ... don't expect miracles... thanks for your thoughts and comments, xo

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