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  1. Mikiesboy

    Writing Prompts #692 & #693

    it's wonderful!
  2. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1

    I know what the Rainbow Bridge is ... and i got my first pet when i met my husband. I sat with my lovely dog as he withered in front of me. That was two years ago and i am still not remotely over it. Michael wants to get another dog and i just do not want to go through this again. It broke my heart. Your story was lovely and brought back too many emotions. But woven in the pain are wonderful memories. thank you.
  3. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 25: What Are the Odds

    OH NO! Concrete loafers? Gordon corned by Trong? What will happen next? Will our boys end up as fish sticks ... erm food? I will tune in next week to find out! Kidding aside, Gordon's small speech should be heard around the world, it should be flashed on social media. I don't know if people will ever 'get it'. i don't know if they will ever see. We go on about how much food is wasted, how much crap and garbage we as humans produce but we never think about how we waste our most precious of things ... time. We kill, maim, tease, lie and cheat for what? Rather than celebrate and rejoice in the 70 or 80 years we each have ... we'd rather stomp our brother into the ground. We rather destroy this beautiful planet in our quest for wealth. What does that say about us? So Gordon's message ... our author's message ... should be our new battle cry. Oh, i forgot. I like Kohl's new poem.
  4. Mikiesboy

    Writing Prompts #692 & #693

    ooooohhhhh they are both yummy ...
  5. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1

    I woke up. The pillow was wet. The sheets were wet. The bed was wet. I was wet. There was someone stood next to the bed. I was scared. I knew what was going to happen. I was going to get beaten again. Contrary to popular 'writing rules' this works. Rules are only guidelines... you want to write? You need to be brave... you will always hear from negative people, or people who think they know it all. But if it works.. give it a try. Sometimes i find repeating words.. as you did here.. is more powerful than digging through your thesaurus. Mind you.. dictionary and thesaurus are very necessary. You don't want to repeat words too often. It's a tool, like special effects, use it sparingly. This is someone remembering a horrible thing, remembering how they felt as a little boy ... wet is all they would think about and say. I am available via PM anytime .. and personally anything I may have to say about things i think could be improved will only be done via PM not in public comments.
  6. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1 Michael and Me

  7. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1 Michael and Me

    oh thanks .. Michael has posted his version our story. this piece is really not very good, but i leave it as it to show i've grown and improved .. i think i have anyway. but yes it's real and well..i'm a very lucky man .. thanks for reading! tim
  8. Mikiesboy


    A good short story. If we are lucky we'll hear more from Detective Mike. Worth reading this strong short.
  9. All the best on this special dayn and here's to many more! Happy Birthday! 

    1. Cia


      Thank you, Mikiesboy!

  10. Mojo A Post-Modern Satire and Sex Comedy by AC Benus I am so happy to open this topic for discussion of this amazing work from AC Benus. I am also lucky to have been able to be a sounding board, support and, a friend during this last year. Please read and enjoy ... and let's talk..
  11. behind the times as always... Happy Birthday cazzie xo

    1. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Thank you timmie :hug: 

  12. Mikiesboy

    come dance

    They are al wonderful, but 3 touches me most deeply. because there are several people on this planet who have found those places within me.. it's a wonderful poem, AC. Thank you.
  13. All the best and here's to many more! Happy Birthday! 

    1. deville


      Thank you , I really appreciate your wishes. It’s been a fantastic day . Regards d. 

  14. Mikiesboy

    to cheat God's plan

    Man is a presumptuous creature saying he knows the mind of God.
  15. Mikiesboy

    Weekly Wrap Up (Aug 5 - Aug 11)

    Nice to have you back, @wildone. Not sure i'd refer to a trip of 4,800 miles as a drive! Sounds like you had a good time however.
  16. Mikiesboy

    The Best Daddy Ever

    shhhhh ... i am perfect in my own mind...it's the other one who messes things up.. not me ..LOL
  17. Mikiesboy

    Coward, Anal and Time - Prompt 500

    Thank you, A. i appreciate you reading it.. and you great comments
  18. Mikiesboy

    Coward, Anal and Time - Prompt 500

    oh man sorry this is so late .. thanks very much Kitt xo
  19. Mikiesboy

    The Best Daddy Ever

    oh mayday...i am sooooo sorry for missing this ... i appreciate you reading it and leaving a comment. i'm so glad it worked for you! it was a little challenge and it was fun to tackle it.
  20. Mikiesboy

    The Jar

    Cheers, A. Glad you liked this little piece. i love prompts...they force to go to places i have not gone before. I appreciate your comments.
  21. Mikiesboy


    i know of this author through @AC Benus.. but i never read him before, even though AC kept saying i should. I looked the story last night but was too tired.. but wow, it's really good.. and slowly wraps it's arms around you. By the end of the first chapter, there is no choice but to want to read more. Really well done.
  22. Mikiesboy

    Chapter One: Dreams - Part 1

    Oh i do love a tangled web .... wonderful!
  23. Mikiesboy


    James, that's wonderful news. All the best to you and your brother!
  24. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 24: The Lamp-Stick Battle

    heehee, i liked this chapter a lot .. Poets get no respect.. LOL and i shellacked my tone with misery ... that's great! And as wild and madcap as this story is, in the midst of all this madness this took my breath away.. stopped me like skating over a paperclip: “Don’t turn him into a jade, Kohl. Just don’t. Love him better than you did me.” This brought, again, the 'other' story line buried in Mojo. It's very interesting to me. Gordon displays some of his many talents.. and the Poet lapping it up.. An excellent chapter!!
  25. Super!  Hope your birthday is everything you hoped for!  All the best, Wesley.

    1. Wesley8890


      Thanks Tim!!!


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