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  1. Have a good day. Happy Birthday.

  2. Mikiesboy

    Poem 1

    wonderful Drowning is the most silent form of death. Mmmm, yes, it is. Feels like there is hope, yet, you hide from it in that fortress. a poem that needs to be read, and then read again and then once more ...
  3. Mikiesboy


    don't have a forte.. write anything ... everything.. why not?
  4. Mikiesboy


    Yeah, have to agree with Val. Very good, well written and filled with creepy goodness!
  5. Mikiesboy

    Food Impostors

    Yikes...wow was the closest to yikes. Gruesome Sunday lunch reading...perfectly yuck! In a great way.
  6. Mikiesboy

    Once Upon a Dragon

    i like that part too, Sir
  7. Mikiesboy


    Without some conflict / struggle, there is no story. Your story would be flat ... like the day in 1930 the BBC radio announcer said: There is no news, today. Well, okay then ... The End. To have a story, something needs to happen. Not an earth shattering moment ... mind you earth shattering would be 'something' for sure ... but it can be as Page said, simpler. A character's inner struggle ... a life changing event. Like yesterday's prompt about becoming hugely rich overnight. There has got to be something.
  8. Mikiesboy

    Writing Prompts #710 & #711

    my story The Promise came from a prompt...you just never know what will happen
  9. Mikiesboy

    Writing Prompts #710 & #711

    hmmm screaming prompts ... sounds like a prompt all its own...
  10. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 33: An Abject Low

    don't you call me timmy!! DryRocker! dont you dare say bad things about kohl even if they are true! LOL! i never said Kohl was perfect .. i love him anyway .. just like Gordon. Kohl is a walking mess.. but there is still hope he can be redeemed. but he does get himself into some shyte... excellent chapter i did not want it to end!
  11. Beautiful , profound, but it makes me sad somehow. Hugs my dearest friend xo
  12. Mikiesboy

    On Being a Writer and Encountering Angry Readers

    that's so true ... what we write is a part of us, just like a painter or sculpter's work is ... why else would we work so hard to make it right? we could dash off anything .. but no, we write, we research, we discuss... we get up at stupid times to write or stay up too late.. whatever it is. it means something...i am not into muses or 'this is my baby', but it is my work, my craft .. and yeah we should write bravely, we should use all the tools in our writer's tool box and we should put out the best thing we can .. i write because i love it .. not because i want money or fame ... because i have something to say while i am here on this planet .. just like most of us here do ... and that is a wonderful thing!! i love the talk after a chapter goes out.. and i'll listen to what you think, but i will not change my work ... lovely blog, Thorn!!
  13. Something happened yesterday that tossed me off the rails for the evening and halfway through the day, today. Well, not off completely but it has made me think - a lot. i have a tendency to just say things. Often i shouldn't, and things that are to me a joke, are not always taken that way. Especially when it is about something relating to my/ our lifestyle. Most of you who read this blog, or my work know i am a submissive. My Sir, Dom, Husband is Michael. When i made the comment i did, it was a joke. However, a comment later made me realize again, that perception is reality. And because i was not mindful, because i did not pay attention to who was seeing what i wrote, or would see it, well i was reminded again of perception and reality. i knew i had disappointed. Michael, who keeps an eye on me and what i do online, later saw it. He spoke to me about it. When He was finished, i sighed and said, okay i understood. He said, "There it is boy, even in the sigh. you do not 'get it'. " He put me on my meditation stool where i was to remain for an hour, thinking. "Tomorrow, boy. I will see a blog about this, won't I?" i replied, "Yes, Sir." ** Here, let me explain, if you are interested in D/s or BDSM as a lifestyle. If you are serious and i get PMs from people who are, who often ask about it. Then know this, you will do a lot of thinking, and self exploration. It is part of it. Learning about yourself is a huge thing, not for the weak. If you are a sub, will likely be on your knees facing a corner or blank wall. You will be silent as will the room you are in. However, your Dom will often check on you. This is a time to learn, not a punishment. A time to meditate and see clearly, the better path. Afterward, you will be rewarded with a talk, and a hug or kiss. Subs are greatly loved, but much is expected in return. As it should be. Subs should be focused, modest, diligent and trusting of their Doms. None of this is easy and we often fall back, but the one we disappoint, is also the one that holds us up. They are the ones who help us on this journey.** When Michael released me from my contemplation, He wrapped in a warm blanket, and held me close. We talked about the sigh and what that meant and i do 'get it'. i am a reflection of Him, of His teaching and badly timed comments reflect on both of us in a negative way. They affect the spirit too in a negative way. i am human, i make mistakes. i can only promise to try ... and that is all that is wanted. Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask questions if you have them.
  14. Mikiesboy

    Our House

    Very sweet story!
  15. Mikiesboy

    The Treasure of Escanaba

    i liked it .. thank you!!
  16. Mikiesboy

    Bisexuality: Real Or Fake

    they married the person they loved.. do they have to be in boxes with white labels? this stuff drives me crazy .. maybe we should all just wear labels on our shirts: Married and Gay .. Straight and into 3somes ... Gender Fluid and looking .. no more assumptions or guessing!
  17. Mikiesboy

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    Yes Sir @MacGreg Sir. Michael said the sigh was no different than if I'd said...yes all right whatever. i can see that now. And yes, Sir you are right about who sees or does not. I am grateful Sir.
  18. Mikiesboy


    Thanks for choosing this one...I appreciate it and your comment. tim
  19. Mikiesboy

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    it is impossible to hide in our relationship's molly. you may get away with it for awhile. if you do, you are being dishonest, with your Dom and worst with yourself. this Life is not for people who wish to have secrets, to live it you need to be honest and to expect the same from your Sir. that hurts sometimes a lot. i was angry when it was pointed out to me, i wanted to reply with reasons and excuses. fight for myself. what would that get me? at least i've come far enough to stop myself there. i made myself think about what Sir said, to see it from His side and my own. i had to be quiet so i could think ... let the desire to push back settle, so i could let down my defenses enough to seek the answers and truth i needed. mindfulness, humility, modesty and trust: those are a sub's truth, and their mindset, it is what we must strive for.
  20. Mikiesboy

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    i am getting better at it .. especially lately, i seem to be able to focus more easily. .. thanks for your comments xoxo
  21. Mikiesboy

    Me and My Mental Health

    I'm glad you've been able to get the right help. And i'm very glad you've been able to write once more ... it's very difficult when that leaves you, even for a short period of time. You know there is something you should be doing ... ❤️
  22. Mikiesboy

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    i hope it gives some insight. That's the idea behind it, to learn from what mistake you've made. It's not easy but it is worthwhile. Thanks, Boss xoxo
  23. Mikiesboy

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    Thank you, Parker. i only wish i thought them before letting my fingers go ... thank you xoxo
  24. Mikiesboy

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    thank you, Reader ... you mean a lot to me too. You have always stood steadfastly by me. i am grateful for that and you. xo

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