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  1. bubby1234

    Chapter 102 A student for a Day

    I have realy gone off Nathan, i think he is gonna drop Robbie by the wayside, he had better look closer to home with Alex, or maybe Tom i would love if they got back together, hurry up and get rid of Nathan.
  2. bubby1234

    FAR Chapter 2

    I have read this story before on another site, wont spoil it i just look fwd to reading it again.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday!  (While it's just gone half past 7 here, in the UK it's after midnight)

  4. bubby1234

    Holding Back

    The world is full of dog shite, Adam has thank god just got rid of a large amount of it.
  5. Whats gone wrong here, why is this chapter being posted at the of june, already read it along with all the chapter that came after, totaly confused here
  6. bubby1234


    I have good feelings about this story and i am not often wrong
  7. bubby1234

    Passing It On

    Beautful story, i blubbed all the through, thank you so much.
  8. bubby1234


    I just love this story, it has to be your best so far, but i know you (sigh) i know the hammer is gonna fall on Artie and Dizzy, i pray that you keep them together all the way through the story as i am one hopeless romantic and a complete monogamist, i also want Kye to meet a dream boy of his own, i never have and i am 65 now so too late for me so i live my life through the storys i read, i realy do fall in love with the guys , daft i know but there it is, thank you for giving me a little happiness in my life.
  9. bubby1234


    And what if he chooses the capt of the new baseball team eh, think about that one.
  10. bubby1234

    The Boyfriend, The Girlfriend, The Brother

    Please dont break up nick and billy, ok maybe a little bit of drama would be cool but please dont break them up, and find Noah a beautiful boyfriend
  11. bubby1234


    Some standards are set lower it would seem, but at the end of the day it is your story line to do with what you will.
  12. bubby1234


    I was certain that they would never cheat on each other but it would seem that they are both not commited to each other 100%, i dont think getting married is a good idear if they both want to play around with other guys, i despise cheating in any form and that includes group sex sessions i am so diapointed in them both, this chapter has ruined what i thought was a good series of storys, sad sad sad.
  13. bubby1234

    New Best Friend

    Dizzy my head is spining like a wirlpool it never ends🏳️‍🌈
  14. bubby1234

    The Plastic Bag

    Riley you bloody idiot, flush that stinking crap down the toilet.
  15. bubby1234

    Helping Hand

    I new it i just new it, fantastic i love the way this story is going, i hope that they find the evil swine that has been abusing them and that no long term damage has been done to the boys or their sister.

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