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    A Solid Bond

    In the days that passed, Elder Pembroke incarcerated the librarian brothers and ran a thorough investigation on Mabry Wardell. In the weeks that followed after that, everything began to settle down around Pax and his mates. Pax and Mateo went back to work, requesting Fridays and Saturdays off for mate-bonding time. In their society, recently bonded mates were always accommodated before unmated werewolves. So, they even received a few more visits from Maribelle and Klaude after their schedules were sorted out. The mixed human had found employment easily in the werewolf community and was able to transfer over. The temple had made an announcement directly from both Anubis and Khonsu that all mates, including vampires and mixed species, were to be reported and granted a week's adjustment period. The shock soon wore out when Omegas with hidden vampire and mixed mates began to step forward. Elias truly hadn't been the only Omega struggling with protecting vampire mates. He exchanged contact information with many of them. Eli and Nolan would laugh and frown as they read about their newfound friends’ lives through online messages. They had formed a discord text channel titled “All in the Mix.” January came across an old, trusted friend that ran a nocturnal animal pet shop and urged Nolan to help part-time when he realized how fascinated the orange-eyed vampire was with the shop and the animals. Nolan took to caring for them like a fish to water and the shop owner, Angelo, was relieved that he didn't have to turn Jany's request down. Quinlan spent most nights training with January. The blond's vampire gifts continued to manifest and surprise him. Quin was not only able to draw animals to him, but he was able to communicate with them. Elias would watch them some nights, though the actual training part was usually shorter than the time they spent learning about each other. Elias found that staying at home wasn't daunting when he had the freedom to come and go as he pleased. Sometimes he joined any of his mates for lunch, commuting to their workplace. Sometimes the Omega visited Nolan and peeked in on the pets, trying his best not to become attached to all of them. On Sundays, he began to visit the children's hospital in their neighborhood. He would often read to the children and stopped feeling ashamed whenever they asked him to shift into his wolf form. In the eyes of the children, he was not as intimidating as other werewolves in their animal form, but he was admired and respected. To them, he couldn't be more 'awesome.' ::::: Angelo cursed under his breath as he tried to balance his duffel bag, briefcase, and a large paper bag full of supplies. Vampires had many gifts, and his speed was definitely intact. But, moving fast would only cause the contents of the paper bag to fall out. He had tried to run with a paper bag in his arms time and time again with terrible results. One time, his hands clutched the bag too hard when he had to avoid a child who had moved into his trajectory to pick up a toy. The bag all but exploded in the exchange. So, he had learned the hard way only to use his speed when the contents he carried were sturdy and stable. That meant that he was going to be a little late opening the shop that morning. As Angelo turned the corner of the block, he caught sight of his young employee along with one of his dozens of mates. He had lost track of just how many mates January had. It was the darnest thing. In the past, the redheaded vampire usually only had one partner. Then, one day, he just showed up with all of them and asked him for a favor. Nolan had proved to be quite efficient when it came to caring for the animals in his shop, so Angelo was quite relieved that he was able to pay back the favor he owed. The purple-eyed vampire was one of his oldest friends. They had opposite hair colors. Angelo's hair was jade green, and his eyes were a gradient with sea-green on the top half fading to a sandy beige on the bottom. They were unique, his eyes, even for born vampires, such as they were. "Hey, Choco-bat," he called out when he neared the two men that hunched over something in front of his shop. He had started referring to Nolan as "Choco-bat" since the color of his hair reminded him of the Sanrio character, Chococat, but since he was a vampire and vampires turned into bats, it had turned into "Choco-bat." As for Nolan's mates, Angelo could never get all of their names right. "And greenie," he greeted. He had decided to simply call them by the colors on the edges of their purple auras, which his unique eyes could see. "What's going on over there?" "Sir!" Nolan said, startling. "I'm so sorry. The door was locked. I'm late starting my work because I couldn't get in. I should have called you right away and asked for instructions, but I got distracted by the box in front of the door. I know that's no excuse." "Nono, calm down," Elias said gently, hugging the nervous vamp. "It's not your fault you couldn't get in. You were here on time. Angelo isn't mad at you. You're not in trouble. Right, Angelo?" The Omega looked at the green-haired vampire, his gaze conveying that the shop-owner had better not be grumpy with Nolan or he was going to have a pissed off werewolf on his hands. Angelo rolled his eyes at the usual Nolan drama that he was already used to on a daily basis. "If anyone's late here, it's me. Next time, just call," he sighed. Then, the sound of mewling drew his attention to the box. "Wait, are those kittens?" "They were there when we got here," Nolan said hurriedly. "I didn't know what to do." "They're dirty, and they look a little skinny," Eli added, sounding deeply displeased that anyone would let a kitten get into such a state. "They're just babies." In spite of his no-speed rule, Angelo quickly opened the shop door and set his things inside before coming right back to assess them. A frown formed on his face. "Someone might have found them in the park and brought them to the nearest shop not knowing what to do," he thought aloud. "Who knows how long they've been alone...I don't think we have enough supplies for such tiny ones. Let me make a few calls." He then disappeared back into the shop. A few minutes later, he came back. "The other shelters seem full up." Nolan had found two hand towels, and he and Elias were each cuddling a burrito-kitten, trying to warm them up. Nolan's kitten was purring like a chainsaw, snuggled happily to the vampire's chest. Eli's was using his tiny paws to hold the Omega's finger as the kitten gnawed on it. "Then who will take care of them?" Nolan asked worriedly. "They can't stay here?" Angelo shook his head. "I could take them home with me and care for them for a while, but I would still have to bring them back to the shop eventually to find families for them." Elias straightened, looking down at his little bundle. "No." He decided as he grinned at Nolan. "We can take them! There's almost always someone home. I think Pax said something sometime about getting a pet someday. This is perfect. You know they'll get lots of love, and we'll take good care of them." "You really think that would be okay?" Nolan said hopefully. "Of course!" Eli nearly wiggled in excitement. "I know they won't mind!" Angelo actually smiled at the Omega. "If you feel you can care for them, then take them home. Be sure to stop by the vet to have them be checked over and to pick up more food for them. I'll send some supplies your way," he said as he placed a gentle hand on Nolan's shoulder. "Go home and care for the kittens today, I will be fine by myself." "Thank you, sir!" Nolan smiled wide, looking like he wanted to hug his boss. "I'll work extra shifts whenever you want to make up for the time I'm missing." "Don't even mention it," Angelo responded with a wave of his hand. He was quite passionate about the safety and care of animals. "Off to the vet with you two." ::::::: January was quite pleased with Quinlan's progress in controlling his gifts. The nubile vampire could apparently communicate with and call all kinds of creatures to him. At first, it was only woodland creatures, and then even supernatural ones. Jany had called it a night when Quin managed to call forth a fuming toothfairy unintentionally. The two of them were on their way back from the woods when they saw a delivery man standing with Mateo at the front door. The porch was surrounded with packages. The wolf noticed them walking up and waved a small stack of papers at them. "Jany, why is your friend Angelo sending us a" Matt paused to look at a paper. "Wall mounted pet palace with exploration tubes?" He gestured at the boxes. "And a million other things?" January and Quin shared a glance before the blond vampire shrugged. "This is certainly the first I've heard of this," Jany commented. "Exploration tubes?" "Sweet Khonsu, some assembly required, it says!" Mateo looked a little ill. "Do you know what happened a few years ago when my mom convinced me to put my little sister's new dollhouse together?" Quin clapped his hands together and then rubbed them eagerly. "Don't sweat it, Mat. I'm all over this," he responded with a grin. "As soon as Pax tells me where, I'll set it up real fast." "Yeah, but what's it for?" Mateo asked, looking at the papers again. "Why do we need two Deluxe Furbaby Hideaways with soothing aromatherapy?" January shook his head. "Clearly Angelo knows something that we don't," he mused aloud. "Let's go warn Pax about all these boxes." Inside the house, Pax was in the process of his last finishing touches on the dinner he had prepared for Eli, Mat, and himself. "Hey," Mateo said, dragging a massive box into the living room. "Where's Eli? I thought he was just walking Nolan to work and then coming home?" "He probably started playing with all the pets at the shop again," Quin deduced. "Probably why he didn't invite me along, too, since the tykes all tend to be drawn to me like magnets." Both wolves and January looked up. A moment later Quinlan did as well, hearing Nolan and Elias talking quietly as they approached the house. "...and they have spotted toe beans and green and orange eyes!" Elias cooed as he walked down the hallway. "So tiny and fluffy and cute and they've just gotta let us keep 'em!" "Keep what, now?" Mateo said, sounding strained as he thought about what they could have that would require so many things needing assembly. "Our babies!" Elias said vibrating with energy. "We found them, abandoned! So we have to adopt them! They have little faces that just- Oh, I can't even. And we're like their fathers now. You can't make us give them up." Elias looked at Pax and Jany as they entered the room, breaking out the most intense puppy dog eyes he could muster. "You have to accept them," the Omega begged. "They're like our sons now! You wouldn't break up family, would you? They're just babies, and they were all alone and crying. And their little noses and, good god, their tiny, itty-bitty feet, and-and, please?" Pax had no idea what was going on, but he was already saying a definitive 'yes' in his head. Anything to please his beloved mates. But, then Quinlan spoke up. "They're kittens!" Quin announced. "I can sense them from here. Wow, they're hungry." "Oh no," Nolan said, looking utterly crestfallen. "We fed them at the vet’s. We should have walked home faster to feed them again." He pulled a little black and white bundle of fur from inside his shirt. "I'm so sorry, Augustus," he told the kitten, touching their noses together. "We'll find the wet food and mix it with some formula. You liked that at the vet's, didn't you?" His voice lowered to a whisper. "I'm sorry about the medicine. I know you didn't like that." Mateo let out a nearly strangled sound as the adorableness of Nolan with a kitten hit him upside the head. "I can help you feed him?" "What'd you name yours, Eli?" Quin asked. "Oh no," Eli huffed as he showed the kitten to Pax instead. "You touch Goliath, and he'll think that you're his daddy instead. So, no touchies for you, Quin." January let out a chuckle and pressed a kiss to the pouting blond's forehead. "He'll come around when he sees how you've been better at controlling it." "I think I know which box has food and formula," Mateo announced, not waiting for a response before he bustled over to a medium-sized box by the wall. He didn't bother with the tape, simply grabbing the top and ripping it off. It was how he always helped unload supplies when he helped at the restaurant, and it was faster than fiddling with a box cutter. Mat rooted around for a minute before standing with one arm full of cans and two tin cylinders of formula in the other. "Do you know what flavor they like?" Mat asked, walking toward the kitchen to find a pair of bowls to use until the no-doubt extravagant food dishes were unpacked. "Umm, cat-food flavored?" Eli said with uncertainty from where he was holding Goliath like a baby and showing the others the kitten's paws. "Augustus preferred salmon and Goliath liked chicken," Nolan said softly, smiling as Quinlan scratched under the chin of a wildly purring Augustus. "Should I assemble their activity set in the guest room, my topaz?" January asked Pax, who was holding Goliath in one of his large hands and petting it with a finger. "Yes, that would be fine," the alpha responded. January assembled everything within the span of two minutes. He had even flattened the boxes out in a stack for recycling. The purple-eyed vampire walked over to Elias, who had taken Goliath back into his arms. "May I see him?" he asked softly. He gently stroked the little feline with two fingers. "Angelo sent over everything we could have possibly needed and more, including the softest pillow bed I've ever seen.” "That was really nice of him. I'll have to thank him and see what we owe him." Elias looked up at Jany. "You think everybody doesn't mind? I kind of just made the decision and didn't ask anyone. That wasn't right. I should have talked to you guys first." "It's absolutely fine," Pax spoke up. "I've actually been meaning to ask if you wanted to adopt a pet or two, I've just been so busy with work lately..." "Yes!" Eli grinned, pumping his fist as Goliath tried to crawl out of his arms to get to the smell of food. The Omega carried him over to the counter where Mateo had put out two little saucers. "Did you see their eyes?" Nolan asked his mates shyly, setting Augustus down in front of his food. "Elias said it's a sign they're supposed to be with us." There was movement as the other men walked over to the counter and leaned down to peer at the eyes of the kittens. They were heterochromatic. The black one with white spots had an orange right eye and a left green eye. The white one with black spots had a green right eye and an orange left eye. "Yes, it certainly seems so," Pax mused aloud, a smile forming on his face. Everyone smiled as the kittens ate. Augustus kept his muzzle clean, taking prim little bites, his little front paws tucked under his chest. Goliath seemed to get more on his fur than in his mouth. Excited, purring growls rumbled loudly from his chest every time the kitten opened his mouth. His front paws were in the dish. Even so, it began to scoot slowly across the counter as Goliath went after his meal with vigor. "Golly," Elias said with a laugh. "You got a bath at the vet. Are you going to need another one every time we feed you?" "I can give them a bath!" Quinlan volunteered. "Do they really need another one?" "No! No touchie, baby stealer!" Eli said quickly, making everyone look at him. "They're fine!" "Just a wipe-down with a warm washcloth will work," Nolan said. "That's what we do with kittens at the store." He smiled at Quinlan. "You may clean up Augustus if you'd like." Quinlan gave his Maker a warm hug. "It's alright, you go ahead and clean him up," he responded. "Elias can't hide Goliath from me forever." "Can so," Eli said with great maturity, picking up Goliath, who had finished his meal and was vigorously licking his dish. Elias then stuck his tongue out at the young vampire. With his newfound speed, Quin captured Eli's tongue into his mouth, wrapping his arms around both the Omega and the kitten, as he gave him a very lewd kiss. Elias stiffened, then moaned, relaxing into Quinlan's arms. Goliath began gnawing on one of Quin's buttons while his daddy ground his hips into the blond vamp. When he pulled away, the blue-eyed vampire had a wide grin on his face. He gave Eli one last kiss on the tip of his nose. "You two clean up the kittens. We'll help Pax set up for dinner." Elias looked down at Goliath, who was licking a bit of food off one leg. The little creature didn't seem to be trying to leap out of his arms and follow Quinlan. "You know who your daddy is, don't you, Golly?" Elias whispered, feeling touched that the kitten hadn’t wanted to escape his grasp. "Mraa?" the kitten answered. "That's right!" Eli grinned and took the warm washcloth Mateo handed him. "Thanks, Mat." The big wolf didn't move away, just looked longingly at the black and white furball. "Why don't you hold him and I'll wash him up," Eli said with a soft smile, pushing Goliath into Mat's big hands. Mateo held the little creature as though he was made of his grandmother's china. Nolan had finished cleaning Augustus well before Eli was done. A quick wipe across Auggie's muzzle was all he'd needed. "How did you get cat food inside your ear, Golly?" Elias asked, incredulous. Goliath ignored him, more interested in gnawing on Mateo's thumb. After a few minutes, Elias declared his baby clean enough, smiling as Goliath crawled up Mateo's shirt and began battling a lock of the wolf's dark hair as Mat kept very still in fear of the kitten falling. "Oh," Mateo said with a frown. "I was supposed to help get the table set. I got distracted." "I'm sure it's fine," Eli told him, pushing Goliath into a safer position on Mat's broad shoulder. "What should we do with the babies during supper?" Nolan asked, holding Augustus belly-up and scratching his chest, to the kitten's purring delight. "I did see a small playpen for them mixed in with all the things Angelo scent," Jany pointed out. "I assembled everything, but you both can re-arrange it as you wish." "They need to be introduced to the litter pan," Nolan whispered. Elias nodded his agreement and scooped Goliath off Mat's shoulder, carrying him to the spare bedroom while Nolan followed. "He already assembled everything?" Elias commented with an eyebrow raised. "He was in there, like, two minutes." They opened the door to find that January hadn't been kidding and that Angelo possibly had some sort of problem. The room was decked out like a wonderland for any kitty. A complicated kitty condo spread across one wall with tubes snaking between levels. Every cat-toy ever conceived of seemed to be present. A corner of the room had a huge enclosure made of cloth screens with a self-cleaning litter pan lying along the wall. "That's one helluva playpen," Elias murmured, following Nolan into a doorway that unzipped on the side. The orange-eyed vampire carried Augustus to the pan and set him inside. "See how nice it is?" Nolan asked, taking the little front paws and encouraging them to dig a little into the litter. "Won't this be a nice place to go potty?" When Nolan let Augustus go, the kitten did just that, fastidiously covering what he'd left. After Auggie hopped out, Elias did the same with Goliath. Golly did his business as well, kicking litter everywhere when he covered it up. The little beast bounced out of the pan and stalked over to his brother, who had found a soft, fluffy cat bed to lay on. Goliath jumped on Auggie's head. Augustus just rolled onto his back and used his front paws to pulled Goliath down onto the cushion with him and proceeded to begin washing Golly's ears. When Eli and Nolan left the playpen and zipped the enclosure closed, both kittens were purring and began to close their eyes. "They're asleep," Nolan whispered when they returned to the kitchen. The table was already set for Pax, Mat, and Eli. January, Quin, and Nolan had glasses of champagne instead. "Champagne?" Nolan asked as they all sat down. He had never had it, but he knew the smell from parties he'd been taken to. "Yes, it's only half a glass," January responded. "In case you don't like the taste." Quin snorted. "Which I doubt. For some reason, champagne and wine hits all the right taste buds when you're a vampire." "You've already tried some?" Mateo asked. "When?" The blond and Elias shared a glance before the nubile vampire tried to steer the conversation elsewhere. The two of them had tried nearly all the different beverages at the Blood Orchid after Quin’s training sessions with January. Mateo would surely be upset if he found out how many times the three of them had stopped at the club, considering all of the powerful clubgoers that frequented it. "So, what kind of drinks do all of you guys like?" Quinlan asked in an attempt to distract Mat. "Alcoholic?" Elias asked. "I liked what you guys got me when we went out and found Jany. And champagne." The Omega grinned and stole a sip of Quin's. "I'm not sure what I like," Nolan admitted, trying his and smiling. "This is good." "I'm good with whatever," Mateo added. "Beer is fine. I'll drink just about anything." Relieved that he had managed to distract Mateo from the answer to the previous question that he didn't want to give, Quin took his glass back from Eli before he could drink anymore. "Food for you," he teased. "This is for us vamps." "Sharing is caring," Eli said, sticking out his bottom lip in an exaggerated pout. The Omega turned to Pax. "Pretty sure I know what our vamps like best to drink, something warm and red. What do you like, Pax?" "There aren't many drinks I dislike," Pax mused aloud. Quin licked his lips as his fangs involuntary lowered. "Now that's not fair, Eli," he scoffed, but then sent the Omega a smirk. "But, just remember you offered, babe." "You want some of this?" Eli teased, tipping his head back and stroking the column of his throat after he'd cleared half his plate. Damn, Pax could cook. Quinlan's eyes began to glow at the lovely sight. "Finish up your dinner there and I'd certainly like a taste," he admitted. Elias grinned and ate faster. When the three werewolves finished their meals, and the vampires finished their glasses, January quickly cleaned everything up and they all but tip-toed their way past the designated 'kitten room' on their way to bed. Nolan came to an abrupt stop when they entered the bedroom. "I... Ummm..." "What's wrong, Nono?" Elias asked, pulling away from trying to climb Quinlan. "I, well..." Nolan swallowed and closed his lambent eyes. "I want to finish the bonding. W-With Master and M-Mateo." Quinlan let out a sultry sound and bit his lower lip. "I'm game. Sounds hot," he commented with his arms still around Elias. Jany took hold of Mateo's hand and led him closer to Nolan. "Is there any particular way you want to have us, my citrine?" He asked. Pax carefully shut the door behind him in spite of the fact that he and his mates were surely about to make noises of their own. Nolan nibbled his lip. His instincts told him to ask his master to decide, to do what January wanted. However, over and over, his mates had shown such happiness whenever he'd asked for something he wanted. "Can we, if it's alright, would you, perhaps...have me bound?" Nolan finally whispered. Whenever his mates restrained him, especially January or Pax, it was strangely comforting, safe. Like when they were holding him tight, they were holding him together and allowing him to push his worries aside. It had mostly just been being restrained with hands and arms. Nolan had thought about how wonderful it could be to be unable to move and still have his lover's hands free to do what they'd like. January felt Mateo's pleased shiver right through their held hands. He flashed him a smile. "Would you like to be bound as well, my ruby?" "Damn," Mateo said, the word nearly a moan. "Hell, yes. Sign me up." "You mean it's okay?" Nolan squeaked. The purple-eyed vampire gently cupped the younger vampire's chin. "It's better than ok," he responded. "It's brilliant." "Yep," Mateo said as he threw his arms around both of them. "I am all about this idea of yours." He gently bumped Nolan with his forehead. "And I know it's still hard for you to tell us stuff. You did good, Nono." The orange-eyed vampire seemed to glow with happiness. "And yes, Eli, I don't mind if you watch," Mateo said over his shoulder. "Yesssssss." The petite Omega pumped one fist in the air. "Do you mind, Nono?" Mat asked. "Oh, I..." Nolan blushed but forced himself to answer honestly. "I'd enjoy it if they watch." Pax let out a sigh of relief. It hadn't crossed his mind that Nolan might have felt uncomfortable with his other mates watching. He would have immediately ushered Quinlan and Elias away if the dark-haired vampire didn't want them there. "Then, we will all be right here," he affirmed. "We'll do whatever you want." While the others talked, January quickly set up equipment that would have taken more strength and more time if it had been anyone else. What appeared to be a sling fused with a suspension harness was secured by steady posts. Leather cuffs dangled from the beam in front of the harness, and the vampire stood next to his work with several cotton ropes in his hand. "Well, that looks fun," Mateo said with a lopsided smile, hugging Nolan to his side. The slender vampire seemed engrossed in petting Mat's nicely developed chest, which had been stripped of its shirt at Nolan's quiet request. "And now I'm jealous," Elias said, looking up from where he was attempting to paw both Pax and Quinlan at the same time. "That looks very fun." "You can certainly try it out afterward, my emerald," January replied with a smile. "First thing's first, I think every one of us has far too many articles of clothing on. Mateo, finish stripping and come here." Mateo immediately reached for the button of his jeans, pausing when he felt a cool hand on his own. "Umm, can I...maybe, please?" Nolan asked, voice barely audible. Mat nodded, leaning forward to steal a quick kiss. Nolan sighed, happily aroused. When Mateo pulled back, the ebony-haired vampire sunk gracefully to his knees. "Damn, you're hot when you do that, Nono," Mat groaned. The wolf's jaw nearly dropped when Nolan smiled up at him and winked! If Mateo thought that a submissive Nolan dropping to his knees was sexy, it was nothing compared to his normally hesitant mate showing teasing confidence. When the vampire popped Mat's pants button and dropped the zipper, the wolf clenched his teeth as his stiff cock sprung free, nearly coming on the orange-eyed man's face then and there. Mateo had a fleeting thought that, for once, underwear might have been a good idea that day. Cool fingers slid against Mat's skin as Nolan skimmed the fabric down until he could step out of them. The dark-haired vampire took the hand Mat offered, accepting another kiss and glorying in Mateo's hard length pressing into his stomach. It was Nolan who had to pull away, leading a slightly stunned Mat over to January. Quinlan let out a strange sound akin to a mewl at the sight. He took hold of Eli's warmer hand and held it pressed against his nude, lukewarm crotch. When Jany said they had too many clothes on, he had been the first to strip. The blond had a feeling that witnessing the activities of the three mates before them would give him multiple orgasms for sure. "God, your hand feels so good," he whispered to Eli. "You know what feels better?" Elias purred, leaning close as he stroked the soft skin stretched over Quinlan's hard length. "My mouth." Quin shuddered as he felt the precum drip from the tip of his eager shaft. "Totally right, yep," he agreed. "That'd feel even better." Pax shook his head as he pulled over a sturdy chair and set it in to face his other three mates at a forty-five-degree angle. "If you do that, you won't be able to see. I have a better idea..." he mused aloud. "Quinlan, how far along have you gotten on your control over that magnetic power January's been showing you how to manipulate?" "Let me put it this way...ceiling sex is a go," the blond responded. "I can push and pull on the magnetic field for a good little while. Why?" The alpha sat down on the chair, fully naked since he had also disrobed when January had asked. "I can have Elias on my lap facing Jany, Nono, and Mat...I was wondering if you could brace your feet against the back two legs of this chair and lean back enough to be able to penetrate him, as well. We'd be angled in such a way that you can turn your head slightly if you want to see the other three, as well." "Both of you, in me?" Elias asked breathlessly as his legs turned to jelly and he leaned against Quinlan to keep from falling. "Yes, please. Pretty, pretty please?" "I can try...I can't guarantee it'll work, but that's not gonna stop me from trying," Quinlan admitted. January busied himself with safely securing Mateo onto the sling. He had the werewolf lie on his back and held his wrists up above his head in the leather cuffs. He did the same with his legs. He checked and double checked the force and weight so that the restraints did not dig into any tendons. "There," he practically purred as he ran a hand softly over the curve of Mateo's shaft and a straight line up his chest. "Nice and secure. What would you like to do with him like this, Nolan?" The orange-eyed vampire looked up from where he'd quickly folded everyone's clothes and set them aside. "W-What I want?" he asked, moving next to January and sliding his cool palm down Mateo's warm inner thigh. "Are you sure, Master?" "He's sure," Mat groaned. "Please, Nono." Nolan blinked, a tiny smile pulling his lips as he looked to Jany for confirmation. The older vampire gave him a smile. "Touch him, kiss him, pinch him...do anything you wish," he encouraged as he gently flicked one of Mateo's nipples with his thumb. "Meanwhile, I'm going to decide on the right toy to slide inside him." Nolan's bright eyes widened in surprised delight. His movements were hesitant but eager as he reached for his bound wolf mate. Mateo sucked in a breath as Nolan's fingertips skimmed his inner thighs. The wolf groaned when Nolan's touch grew bolder, kneading warm flesh. The vampire hummed happily, dropping his hold in favor of simply draping his body over Mateo and hugging him. Nolan's arms couldn't reach all the way around him, but he did the best he could. The slender vampire shifted, enjoying the feel of his mate's rigid length pressing into his stomach. "Mmmm," Nolan practically purred, nuzzling his cheeks against Mat's chest. A soft pink tongue snuck out to flick a nipple, making Mateo shudder. Just like everything that involved Nolan, the sight of them was both sweet and sultry. From his place in the chair, Pax gazed on as he nuzzled the top of Eli's head. The Omega was seated on his lap, facing their other three mates. Quinlan sat on the floor between both their legs as he ran his hands up and down Eli and Pax's calves. All three of them were eager to see what January had in store for Mateo. As if summoned by their thoughts, Jany pulled out what appeared to be a long strip of black material with a dildo attached in the center. The smirk on the aged vampire's face was sensual in nature as he slicked the toy up and gently thrusted it in and out of Mateo's entrance until he slid it all the way to the base. He then used the material on either side to wrap the toy in place around each of the brown-eyed werewolf's thighs. His smirk widened when he held up a small remote control and then walked over to hand it to Elias. "You control the speed and setting, mi vida," he urged softly. (mi vida= my life) Elias smiled wide, wiggling in Pax's lap with excited delight. "Low first, I think," the Omega murmured deviously, punching a button on the remote. A loud mechanical hum was heard just before Mateo cried out, muscles tensing as he bucked in his bonds. Nolan squeaked in surprise and held on tight. "Shit! Sorry!" Elias yelped, punching buttons until the wild buzzing calmed to a soft him. "Oh, fuck. That was not low. I think I was holding it upside down." Quinlan couldn't help but snicker against Pax's leg, which urged the alpha to swat at him gently with his foot. "Don't worry, not even the highest setting is enough to hurt him," January explained. He then walked over to whisper into Nolan's ear. "Would you like to be bound as well, precious?" He asked. "I can tuck your arms back with a little shibari." Nolan slid off Mateo, both of them moaning softly. The wolf's cock sprung up the moment Nolan's weight left him, a drop of precum sliding down its throbbing length. A matching smear of cooling wetness streaked Nolan's skin where he'd been rubbing against his mate. The slender vampire trembled slightly, quickly shoving his arms behind his back. "Please, Master," Nolan begged softly. "Fuck, it's hot when he says that," Elias whispered to Quinlan. Quin snickered in response and gave Eli's calf a gentle nip. January smiled at the dark-haired vampire. He gently positioned Nolan's arms behind his back so they were folded a certain way. He then bound them in an intricate design. Normally, the kinds of knots and loops that he incorporated would have taken the average human a good half hour to accomplish. Jany had it done in less than thirty seconds. The color of the rope he chose was a soft orange to match Nolan's eyes. The rope was snug enough to be secure, but not tight enough to dig in too hard. The tension all around was expertly even and wrapped around with nerve damage avoidance in mind. The vampire then gently turned Nolan so that all their other mates could see. "What do you think?" Jany mused aloud as he regarded his work. In the rope work, he somehow even managed to form the illusion of a bat. "Impressive," Pax commented at the same time that Elias burst out with "Pretty!" Mateo couldn't bring himself to form coherent words but he, too, was impressed. "Such a show-off," Quinlan teased from his spot on the floor. But, it was obvious by the way that his shaft gave a twitch that he quite enjoyed the sight. The redheaded vampire lifted Nolan into his arms and had him carefully straddle Mateo on the sling. He then carefully lowered the younger vampire so that his chest draped over Mat's. "Try to keep your balance, Nolan. I'm going to move you both a bit," he instructed. The purple-eyed vampire slowly tugged two ends of the chains attached to one side of the sling until Mateo's upper half rose to an angle until he was nearly seated upward. Nolan gasped as he slid down until he was all but sitting on Mat's lap. Mateo's arms tensed in their restraints, his instinct wanting him to hold onto Nolan so that the vampire didn't fall. But, the werewolf was relieved when Nolan hadn't fallen. January slowly walked in front of them like a feline circling prey. "Now, then..." he practically purred as he slid a hand slicked with lube up and down Mateo's shaft. “Are you ready to slide inside him?" "Fuck, yes," Mat hissed, his eyes wolfish and predatory as he looked at Nolan, who was shifting on his mate's lap, whimpering softly as he rubbed against Mateo's abdominals. "I'm going to move you now," January warned as he took hold of the ropes that he had tied Nolan with and used them to move the younger vampire until he was able to align him with the head of Mateo's cock. He then shifted his hold on Nolan so he could lower the orange-eyed vampire onto the thick length, ensuring penetration. Nolan cried out as Mateo's thick, blunt head popped inside him, but it didn't sound like a shout of pain. The slender vamp writhed, as though trying to force his mate's length inside him fast and hard. January forced him to take it at an excruciatingly slow pace. Nolan had only taken half of Mat's shaft, and he was already beginning to sound a bit desperate. The older vampire continued the slow descent until Nolan and Mateo were as connected as could be. "Try to hold still," he instructed as he then carefully hooked his thumbs inside Nolan and began to stretch him even wider. Mateo groaned as Nolan trembled above him, the inky-haired vamp's voice rising. "Master!" Nolan whimpered. "Ahh, you'll make me come!" "Don't cum just yet," Jany ordered as he pressed the head of his hard member between the stretched ring of Nolan's entrance and Mateo's embedded rod. He needed to be inside the orange-eyed vampire before Nolan released or else the bond would only register Mateo. The older vampire let out a husky groan as he worked his way inside, one hand pressing steadily onto Nolan's lower back. He would have slipped right out if he had applied too much lubricant, but the experienced redhead knew just the right amount to use. When he was halfway there, his hands firmly took hold of the younger man's hips and slipped inside the rest of the way in one smooth motion. "Ohh, fuck," Mateo groaned, hips twitching, making Nolan whimper. "I can feel you, rubbing against me, Jany. And it's so tight inside him…" he let out another moan when he felt the setting of the vibrations change. Elias was going to make him cum pre-emptively if he continued to play with that remote. "Are you alright, my citrine?" January asked as he kept still. "Tell me how you're feeling." "Nnnn, so much," Nolan gasped, words slurred as though drunk. "So good. Between you both... And so full." Pax leaned down to Eli's ear when he felt the Omega moving and squirming in his lap. "Do you want to feel just as full, love?" he whispered. "Fuck, yes," Elias said quickly, sounding a bit breathless as his emerald eyes never left what was going on with Nolan, Mat, and Jany. He lowered the setting on Mat’s vibrator back down and set the controller aside. "I really, really think that I need some of what's going on over there to also be going on over here." Pax wasted no time. He prepared and stretched Elias well, not because the Omega wasn't already acclimated, but to accommodate the two lengths. The alpha held onto Eli's hips tightly to control his descent, and when Pax was fully sheathed, he carefully lifted the auburn-haired man's legs so that Quinlan could reach him. "Mmm, what a nice twitch," Quinlan rumbled at the sight of Eli's enjoyment. He deftly wiggled his fingers inside the speared Omega. "Go on, tell me you want me to ram right on in..." "K-Kinda, yeah," Elias forced out, pupils blown wide and voice trembling. "I want to feel it...mmm, yes. Please, with the ramming." Quin snickered, amused that the Omega was able to focus enough to even respond to him. "I really hope you're ready," he warned as he focused on his magnetic manipulation. Quinlan had been worried that when he pressed his feet against the back legs of the chair, he'd knock Pax and Eli down. But, he was relieved that their weight kept the chair in place. The blond was standing diagonally with nothing holding him up. He motioned with his hands for Pax to scoot them forward a little more. When Pax did just that, the blue-eyed vampire gingerly wiggled the head of his shaft forward until it breached Eli, and then he all but jack-hammered his way into the Omega's depths. Elias promptly squealed as though someone had taken a hot poker to him. At the Omega's undignified scream, everyone in the room froze, except for Nolan, who seemed to be lost in his own world of overwhelming sensation. Quinlan began to withdraw, copious apologies ready to spill from his lips when Eli's hand shot out to grab Quin's shoulder. "Don't you fucking dare stop," Elias ordered, his words choppy as he panted. "Just...startled me a little and - Oh, fuck, you just went in a little deeper. Pushes so much against...against everything." The petite wolf clutched at Quinlan, a long moan spilling from Eli's lips. "That...that feels...mmmnnnh." The Omega arched his back, breath stuttering, as his body suddenly adjusted. He sunk the last several millimeters with another desperate moan, his lovers buried to the hilt inside him. January shook his head as he turned his attention back to the mates he had restrained beneath him. He used a chain from the sling and Nolan's ropes to gently swing them into his building thrusts. "I keep telling you to watch that speed, Quin," he scolded. "Sorry," Quinlan replied with a keen. His thrusts were a little faster than he'd have liked. "Couldn't...feels amazing..." "Yes, that. Amazing," Elias babbled, then promptly lost his ability to produce speech as Pax took the opportunity to lift him slightly and sync his thrusts with Quin's. The sounds the Omega continued to make only fueled the sensations Mateo and Nolan felt as January built up expertly into a hard and steady pace. The redheaded vampire's purple eyes were focused for the slightest sign of sharp pain. "Tu as été si vilain, Mateo," he hissed huskily. "Toi aussi, Nolan." (you are quite naughty/you too) "Ahh, yes, Master," Nolan keened. "I want to be so bad for you." "Damn," Mateo groaned, his restrained body doing its best to thrust into Nolan. "You guys make me wish I'd listened when I was a kid and actually learned Spanish." "That..." An interesting combination of a giggle and a moan passed Nolan's lips. "That wasn't even Spanish..." "Sorry," Mateo said, not sounding the least bit sorry. "I'm a little distracted. Thought it sounded weird for Spanish. Sexy, but weird-Spanish." "Si quieres que hable el idioma de tus antepasados, lo hare," January rumbled as he shifted and began to tug Nolan further into his thrusts, angling him so that Mateo could stimulate the younger vampire's more sensitive areas. "Los adoro a los dos." (if you want me to speak the language of your ancestors, I shall/I adore you both) "Master!" Nolan cried, his body tensing, clamping down on the thick cocks stretching and filling him. He wailed as his orgasm hit him suddenly and violently, trembling between his mates. The cry urged both Mateo and January to release shortly after. As the bond surged through the trio, so too did it surge through their other three mates. Pax only managed three more thrusts before he released inside Elias. Quinlan had managed to grasp the Omega's member as his hips undulated so quickly that his pistoning shaft surely felt more like a vibrator inside the green-eyed werewolf. The two of them lost it nearly at the same time. The blond vampire slid out of Elias slowly so that he could flop onto his back, unable to keep up his magnetic manipulation any longer. The solidified bond continued to roll over them all, filling them with an energy unlike anything they ever felt. When the sensation finally died back down, Eli's Khonsu stone began to glow a purple hue from the inside, causing the facets of color to cast rainbow flecks of light along the Omega's chest. "Mmm, s'pretty," Elias slurred, eyelids fluttering as he struggled to focus on the bonding stone. "We made it pretty." The Omega's head lolled back, sighing softly as he passed out. ::::: Farshael's Air Stole fluttered around his arms and behind him as his feet touched the ground of the god realm. The material was softer than silk and the pattern was speckled with slate-hued eyes of different sizes all the way around. His hair had grown a few inches and was brushed down tidily. Gin had to all but place Viktor in restraints before the older vampire even allowed him to leave. His mate worried that the gods would keep him in the god realm for whatever reason. He pressed his hand to the side of the door of his destination. A moment later, he was face to face with the demi-gods, Henry and Lucian. "Forgive my incredible delay," Shael apologized. "I did deliver the message, and that particular group seems to be safe." Lucian nodded sagely. "Yes, we've been updated on the status of our brethren," he explained. "We couldn't be more relieved that they are all doing well. That group concerned us the most, as it was the largest. But, Ra himself holds them in high regard." "That reminds me, Ra wanted us to let you know that you're free to retire now," Henry told Farshael. "Congratulations on your union." "Yes, once you're mates with a vampire, you can't get rid of them," Lucian teased with a wink. The well wishes brought a blush to the Sylph's face. "So, I really am free to go? I don't have to turn in my stole?" He asked. "Whether you've realized it or not, you've always been one of Ra's chosen," Lucian insisted. "You're free to travel back and forth between the realms whenever you wish." The air elemental beamed as he rushed forward to give each of them a grateful hug. "Then, I'll be on my way!" He called out as he began his descent into the mortal realm. "We'll see each other again someday!" Henry placed his hands on his hips and shook his head. "Poor guy must have been worrying himself sick," he commented aloud. "But, I understand why you guys kept quiet about everything." "It's safe for you to come out now," Lucian added as the two of them walked back inside. A young girl, with the appearance of a teenager, emerged from behind the couch. Her hair was a midnight blue fading into sky blue at the ends. It was braided and styled intricately down to her knees. Her eyes were an ever-changing hazel, just like her grandfather. "See!" Nut announced with a wide grin. "I told you grandpa and I would set things right!" :: END ::::::::::: Thirdly: My final words on this one are that I feel an immense gratitude for Robin sacrificing what little time she had to work on this tale with me (for those that don't know, she's a dental student: currently employed, and a mom of more than 4 kids). When I thought about my favorite combination of our boys, I realized there were too many. We balanced them out quite well. Jany pinning Elias to a wall/ceiling/any object was just as hot as Jany whispering dirty narratives into Nolan's ear while jerking him off....with was just as hot as Pax taking Mat from behind and Mat taking Pax's first time that way...which was just as hot as Quin goading Nolan and Quin's banter with Eli. January became an ultimate favorite of ours, but he's no less than any of the other boys. What was I talking about again? Right! The point is this was a fun venture and it kept me sane from the chaos happening in my own life, as well (for those that don't know, I'm an IT student: currently employed, caring for elderly parents). I once again thank Robin for jumping on-board with this and I thank all of our fellow writers and readers for their thoughts, theories, and input [and for catching mistakes and inconsistencies!]). Both Robin and I loved all the theories and reactions, I copied and pasted the comments in messages to her. So, many many many thanks! To answer Robin's questions from below (since I know she's gonna read this later and it'll be a fun surprise): What did I like best? On a completely personal note, I was the proudest of doodling Jany and Nolan as bats. I'll definitely draw Quin as a bat later on, as well. I loved the idea of the Khonsu stone and the hues of the auras and their representation (which we both collectively came up with). Who is your favorite character? Favorite scene? January, of course. He was conceived on my birthday, after all, and I had a clear image of his character almost immediately. My favorite scene/moment was when the boys first slipped into The Black Orchid and the Khonsu stone led them to the morose January. So many emotions jammed packed in that one...Mateo worried out of his mind over Elias, Pax showing a hint of possessiveness when he warned others off his mates, a moping Jany, and a happydrunk Eli. Things I didn't like? As a writer, my own faults and inconsistencies that I had to go back and correct almost immediately after posting (which is why those of you who read the story more than once probably always found more tidbits that weren't there before and thought to yourselves "did I just skip reading this part?" And I am here to confess that, no, I had completely forgotten that sentence about Quinlan and Nolan being surrounded by forest animals and I had to add it back in a few hours after the initial post) Places that needed more detail or felt clunky? *nervous laughter* the god realm, but we can work more on that later Favorite sex scene? HA. This is impossible to choose. I'd say that one scene with Jany that someone whose name I can't mention benefited from (lmao). Favorite pairings? Too many...I love all the combinations. Pax x Eli sparked our tale, Pax x Jany have that whole "mom and pop" vibe, Quin x Eli have that playful bantering thing going, Pax x Mat have that deep "alpha and beta" bond, Quin x Nolan are so flippin' sweet and hilarious at the same time, Jany x Nolan have the "master and pupil" bond, Eli x Nolan have the "not so innocent" thing, Jany x Mat are all "bondage and dominance play," I could go on forever...so many great combinations. OH, and I can't forget Viktor x Farshael! I love those two. Robin: I really loved this story. It was so fun to write. I fell in love with the characters and I looked for every opportunity to make myself squee or shriek like a fangirl (January... Dear God, anything with January). And this is the first story we've finished so quickly! It went surprisingly smooth! It was an experiment in working on a single story and riding it to the end. It worked well with this one! We were able to stay engaged and motivated without wandering off like distracted puppies. This may be a miraculous anomaly. I'm willing to try again if Thirdly is (Thirdly: Pssh, of course I am). Like with Kidnapping is Always an Option...wow, we need to finish that (Thirdly: We're literally working on that next, girlie). I can't express how much I appreciate everyone who left comments, though it was usually Thirdly who responded in my stead. Sorry. I love you, even if I didn't personally say anything! Thirdly shows me your comments! I'm so glad so many people liked it. She was really the driving force behind this. She kept me motivated, did all the copy-paste, editing, proof-reading, and posting. It allowed me to just write my side and then wander off to work on a denture or study and then wander back and add my side again. All the thanks go to her. I wish I could corner all the readers and bug them (Thirdly: By "bug" she means bother, hound, pick apart their brain). What did they like best? Who were their favorite characters? Favorite scenes? Things they didn't like? Places that needed more detail or felt clunky? Favorite sex scene? Favorite pairings? I want to know all the things! (Thirdly: So do I, I want to know all the things. Everyone, try to answer some of Robin's questions if you can in the comments!) I hope the people who liked this one will go have a peek at our other stuff. We haven't forgotten Cuddlefish, Kidnap (Kidnapping is Always an Option), or Lust (the Lust and Chastity series). Thanks for coming along with us for the ride!
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    Kidnapping is Always an Option

    Artwork by Thirdly and Rambling Robin.
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    Beauty and the Bat

    Very, very true! In @Rambling Robin's and my opinion, it's hotter. But, I'm of the mind that anything with January in it is hotter. Farshael will definitely keep Viktor in line, to a degree.
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    Beauty and the Bat

    Right, the next time those two go out in public, people will be gaping at the change in him and how such a tiny guy like Shael can get him to do things for him. The next chapter will be the last in this first arc. We're still currently writing it, so I can't say exactly when it will be posted. But, as soon as it's pieced together and edited, it will be up. I don't care if it's 20 pages long like old-school Kidnap chapters.
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    Beauty and the Bat

    Farshael had adjusted to living with Viktor. The further along he got in weaving his new Air Stole, the more powerful he became. He offered to watch over Viktor during the daytime when the slate-eyed vampire was asleep so that Gin could spend more time at home with his mate Essex. He had become close friends with the Made vampire. In spite of his appearance, he knew that Gin could very well be even older than himself, so he always treated the hazel-eyed vampire with respect. Somewhere down the line, Shael ended up sleeping in Viktor's bed. The vampire's scent somehow soothed him. He couldn't even remember how he ended up there the first time, but the aged vampire urged him to stay. In truth, the Sylph needed little to no convincing. Viktor was an equally warm and frustrating presence. The vampire was kind at times, selfish at times, and misguided at times. But, he never treated Farshael with disrespect. For reasons he couldn't quite understand, Shael found Victor to be charming. The Sylph frowned when he finally noticed that several of the threads he weaved into his stole were a rich, slate grey hue. "Hmm?" He mused aloud as he lifted the thread closer to inspect it. That color was quite familiar. As he looked at the stole, which was only about eight inches so far, he felt his heart lodge in his throat. Somehow, Farshael had subconsciously weaved a pattern that looked remarkably like Viktor's eyes. A hot blush rose to his face. He had weaved far too much of the stole by then to start from scratch. So, the pattern would have to continue in the same manner. "Shaaaaaaeeel," came a familiar voice from somewhere nearby. "I'm so bored. Do something with me! Why are you hiding your scent and heartbeat so I can't find you?" Speak of the devil. There was a moment of floundering as the blue-eyed Sylph tucked his equipment away and then walked out into the hallway. "I'm right here," he called out as he walked over to him. "I was working on my stole again. At this rate, it will be around four months before I can report back to the gods." "Four months?" Viktor blurted, looking horrified. The vampire clutched Shael dramatically to his chest. "But you just got here, and that's so soon." "It's been over two months," Farshael countered, his heart skipping a beat at the contact. "A-And I must report to the gods. It's my duty," he insisted. "Can't you just call in?" Sky blue eyes peered up at the vampire. "There are no phones in the god realm; you know that," he responded. "I'm a Sylph. It's my job to deliver messages in the first place. We're their line of communication." "They are working you too hard," Viktor said determinedly. "There must be other Sylphs. You deserve a vacation. A nice long vacation. Here. With me." The air elemental absentmindedly began to pet Viktor's chest with his hands. "I...I'd like to stay," he admitted. "But, not for a vacation." "Then stay forever. Not a vacation. We can go on holiday elsewhere, anywhere you want." Viktor nuzzled into the elemental's soft, spikey hair. "It's better with you here. I don't want you to go. I won't even try to grope you anymore if you don't want me to. Anything. Just...stay." Farshael's face all but glowed red. "Th-then, what if I asked to retire when I go up to report?" He asked quietly. "And then you'd come back here?" Viktor asked, hugging the Sylph tighter, as though he were about to fly off that second. Shael nodded. "For as long as you'd like me to." "Forever, then," Viktor huffed, then was quiet for several long moments. "Would you be happy? Here, with me?" the old vampire asked hesitantly. Farshael nodded frantically. "Yes, I'd be very happy. I don't ever want to leave. I just don't want to be a burden to you and ..." "Yer not a frickin' burden," Gin hollered as he walked past the end of the hall, carrying a large statue of a bird that was suspiciously phallic. "You make the boss less of a pain in the ass. An' fer chrissakes, boss, stop buyin' weird crap. I don' even know if I should stick this in the bird room or the pervy room." Viktor nodded as Gin stomped off. "It's true," the vampire said sweetly. "I'm a better person with you. I don't know when I've felt so joyful or alive." The Sylph beamed up at the slate-eyed vampire. "Then, will you be mine, Viktor?" He asked. "Would you be my lover?" "Wait..." Viktor pulled back, his slate gray eyes wide with wonder. His voice dropped to a reverent whisper. "You mean, I can grope you as much as I want?" A blush rose to Shael's cheeks. "Y-Yes, but only in the privacy of our home!" He demanded. "We're home now," Viktor pointed out helpfully. "Yes, we are," Farshael agreed. Viktor held Shael's sky blue eyes as his hands slid from the Sylph's shoulders, down his back. Their progression was slow but steady as the heat grew in the vampire's eyes. He paused at Farshael's waist, a line Viktor's seeking touches had never been able to pass. The older man drew a steadying breath and slipped his hands lower, a groan falling from his lips as soft, rounded flesh filled his palms. Viktor squeezed gently, a rapturous look on his face. The Sylph blushed harder. "D-Do you want to go all the way?" He whispered. Viktor sucked in a harsh breath, then released it on a rough moan, his fingers squeezing Shael's backside tight as a shiver went through the vampire. A suspicious damp spot appeared on the front of Viktor's tailored slacks. "Ah, I think I just did," the vampire said, a little breathless. He smiled wickedly. "I think it would be much better if you went with me, though." He scooped the little Elemental into his arms. Farshael felt a cool rush of air and the world blurred as Viktor used his speed to bring them to his bedroom. Shael found himself gently deposited on a downy bed with a very old vampire looking at him with hunger in his eyes and a wet spot that was going to stain his pants if he didn't get it rinsed soon, which seemed excessively unlikely. The only thing in the universe that Viktor seemed to care about was the lovely Sylph before him. Trousers be damned. Sky blue eyes blinked up at the vampire as Farshael's face darkened to a nearly red hue. "V-Viktor, I..." He cleared his suddenly dry throat before speaking again. "I self-lubricate." "Sweet Ra's balls," Viktor gasped, clutching his chest, then glaring at his crotch. "No, you stop. Not again. The next one is for him. You can't just keep popping off every time he speaks. It's embarrassing. Have some self-respect." "I don't mind," Farshael responded with a nearly blinding smile. "I want you to come as many times as you like." The elemental suddenly found himself on his back with Viktor on his hands and knees over him. One leg insinuated between Shael's. "But I want to come inside you next," Viktor purred, kissing Farshael's throat. "Very deep inside you, while you're tightening around me, screaming your release." Farshael bit his lower lip and squirmed, his pupils nearly overtaking the sky blue in his eyes with lust. "I want that, too." "Do you want to see a trick?" Viktor asked, his lips smiling as he kissed behind Shael's ear. The Sylph nodded, suddenly unable to find his voice. He then gasped as a gust of wind seemed to come out of nowhere. He felt his arms and legs lifted and resettled so quickly he wasn't sure he'd actually moved at all. The Sylph blinked, and the air stopped rushing. Viktor was grinning down at him, positioned as he had been a moment before. However, both of them were stark naked. A glance showed Farshael's clothes neatly folded on a chair and Viktor's strewn across the floor. There was no saving those pants, at that point. Farshael's eyes once again feasted on the vampire's nude form. Only, he was finally able to touch it without any fear of crossing the line of decorum. The vampire had given him his consent. The white-haired Sylph's hands glided all over Viktor's chest, outer thighs, and back again. "Viktor, I don't want you to do this with anyone else," he whispered his honest feelings. The vampire pressed his forehead to Shael's. "I never thought I'd say this about anyone, but you're the only one I can think of. I can't flirt properly with anyone else anymore. For as long as you've been here, your hand is the only one to have slapped me for trying to cop a feel. Your behind is so glorious, I can ogle no other," Viktor admitted seriously. "I don't even know myself anymore, yet I can feel nothing but joy when you're near me." "And I hope to always bring you joy, despite being such a selfish Sylph," Farshael replied. "The gods won't even want me to work for them anymore after this...a part of me is scared to never be able to go back. But, a much bigger part wants to risk it all to stay here with you." "Selfish? Hush. I've seen you with others. None could call you selfish." Viktor tenderly stroked Shael's cheek. "Will you miss it so much, being up there with the gods?" Shael shook his head adamantly. "Not nearly as much as I'd miss you, Viktor. I just don't want you to tire of me someday and cast me away." "I couldn't," Viktor vowed. "I'd sooner tear off my own manhood and let Gin run it through his kitchen blender thing. I think...I believe you to be my soulmate, Farshael." Farshael reached up to cup Viktor's face in his hands. "If we're soulmates, then you definitely don't have to go that far," he pointed out with a happy grin. "I feel the same." "I'm jealous of the Omega wolves. They get a rock, and it shows them their soulmate as plain as day, and sometimes that very day," Viktor said softly. "When I think about the many years I've been without you..." "Sylphs can't ever see their own auras...but, as I've regained my powers more and more, I've realized that I can't see yours either, Viktor," Farshael confessed. "But, I can see Mr. Gin's and Essex's just fine." "Then, that means you really are my soulmate?" Viktor said hopefully. "Don't soulmates share their auras?" The air elemental nodded. "I think the same," he responded with a smile. Shael had his suspicions about it some weeks prior. The more power he regained with the weaving of his Air Stole, the more he could clearly see that the color of Viktor's aura was inaccessible to him. In fact, it was the only aura that seemed to be as inaccessible as his own. The vampire's body dropped, his arms too busy hugging Farshael tightly to bother holding himself up. Viktor turned to his back, not wanting to squash his mate. "I've never felt so happy," Viktor said, his voice rough. "I've been so lonely." "Even if they strip me of my Air Stole forever, I will find a way to come back down to you," Shael insisted. "And if you can't, I'll learn to fly," Viktor replied. "Technically, you can fly, in your other form," Farshael responded with a snicker. "That reminds me, I've never seen your bat form. May I, Viktor?" he asked. "That's right. I do know how to fly," the vampire admitted with a chuckle. "I tend to get blown around a bit if I go up too, high, though." Viktor sat up, pressing a kiss to Farshael's cheek. The vampire then leaned back, giving the Sylph a wink. Between one blink and the next, a silvery gray bat with black wings was crawling onto Shael's lap. The Sylph lifted the lovely bat into his hands and pressed a careful kiss to the top of his head before looking into the familiar slate-hue of the bat's eyes. "I love you, Viktor. In both forms. I really do," he declared. Viktor ruffled his fur happily, wrapping his wings around Shael's thumb affectionately. "Thank you," Viktor said, his words broadcasting into Farshael's mind. "My fur is very soft. You should pet me." The little bat paused uncertainly. "Unless you don't wish to. I understand that some folk are otherwise fine with bats, but don't wish to touch them excessively. Perhaps I should change back." "I'm just a little nervous about petting you in any way that would hurt," Shael admitted as he gently began to pet the bat all over. "You're so beautiful. I have another form, as well, but I can't show you until my Air Stole is finished. Sylphs can take on a form of their element, which can be a little dangerous, especially for Salamanders, the fire elementals. But, for me, I'm just wind." "Just wind... As if you could ever be just anything," Viktor told him, sounding proud as he rubbed his furry cheek against Shael's thumb. "I would be honored to see your air form. I'm sure it's as wondrous as this one." Farshael continued to pet him, feeling a sense of peace fill him up at the contact. "Viktor, you make me happy," he confessed. "I don't always agree with your taste in art or your mannerisms towards others. But, my feelings are steadfast." "What's wrong with my art and the way I act?" Viktor asked, sounding bewildered but unoffended. "Viktor," Farshael replied in a chiding tone as he gently scratched the base of the bat's ears tenderly. "Gin didn't know where to categorize your last piece, and you nearly spooked the pizza delivery boy to death for his hands brushing mine when I paid him the other day." "I admit, I may need to start a room that can hold the works that are difficult for Gin. That's a good idea, love," Viktor said, looking up at Shael adoringly. "And that young man had ill intentions, it was clear. I could see it in his manner. In moments, he could have had that hand anywhere. Then, I would have had to do more than gently encourage a bit of circumspection in his interactions." Shael let out a long sigh. "I won't ask you to stop your hobby of collecting...but I insist that you curb your spending down to one piece per month, if at all." He gently flicked one of the bat ears. "And no more scaring mortals. They're fragile enough as it is." "One?" Viktor said, his little bat face conveying his horror. "What if I were buying things for you?" he asked, looking hopeful. "Yes, I certainly can't limit it if I'm buying with you in mind." He nodded, pleased with his solution. "And of course, I will be sure not to cause undue distress to any human that is comporting himself as one should when interacting with my mate." "I don't need anything, Viktor," Shael once again insisted. "Just you." Farshael felt a tingle of magic in the air, then Viktor's vampire form was kneeling before him on the bed, leaning close. "As I need you," Viktor said softly. "I want to give all of myself to you...One particular part of me is throbbing for you." The vampire smiled impishly. "My heart, of course." The Sylph raised a doubting eyebrow. "Just your heart?" he questioned. "Perhaps not only my heart," Viktor admitted, gently urging Farshael to lie back on the bed. He slid his hardened length against Shael's, making the Sylph gasp. "There may be other, rather impressively large parts of me, which are in a similar state as my heart." Shael bit his lower lip as his fingers trailed a path up Viktor's arms. "Then, won't you slide that 'rather impressive' part inside me?" he suggested. "I would like that very much if just hearing you ask and thinking about it doesn't make me come again. Though, I think I wouldn't be able to be anything but hard, even afterward, with you lying beneath me, looking so very lovely and enticing," Viktor answered, voice low with desire. "Would you like me to open you with my fingers, first? I don't want to cause you pain." "You won't hurt me...see for yourself," the Sylph insisted with a squirm. He already felt his entrance prepare itself for what was to come. Though all elementals had different tasks to accomplish for the gods, they all seemed to have been built for love. Love over lust, surely, due to their natural defensive barriers. Viktor's eyes darkened from slate to black. Farshael found himself pinned to the bed with the tip of the vampire's cock teasing his entrance. The Sylph rather enjoyed the warmth. "You can't say things like that," Viktor growled, his fangs flashing white. "If you don't slow me down or tell me to be so very gentle with you I'm going to take you hard and rough, your thighs spread wide, and my cock buried so deep inside you we won't know where one of us ends and the other begins." He licked the side of Shael's throat, the thump of the Sylph's carotid like candy on his tongue. "Tell me you can't take it. Give me an excuse to hold myself back." The elemental's heart was racing despite not even doing anything yet. The vampire's words should have frightened him, but they merely caused the Sylph to all but overheat. "Don't hold back," He insisted. "Not with me. I want everything." Viktor growled, low in his throat, making Shael shiver at the animalistic sound. Viktor swiveled his hips, his tip circling, rubbing the Sylph's hot, damp entrance. Viktor clenched his teeth, pricking his own lips with his fangs as he fought the overwhelming urge to slam forward and sheath himself completely in a single thrust. He was still afraid of hurting the little elemental, no matter what Farshael had said. He let go of the Sylph's wrists, not wanting to crush the delicate bones and fisted the blanket on either side of his mate's delicate, lovely face. "Shael," Viktor gasped, his voice desperate and on edge. Farshael tugged the other man's head down into a kiss. The taste of blood on his tongue didn't phase him since it was Viktor's. The vampire was like an extension of Shael by that point, and all he could think about was how much more he wanted the feel of him. When he pulled away from the kiss, his legs wrapped tightly around his lover's lower body. "Don't be afraid," he whispered. "You won't hurt me." Viktor closed his eyes tight, letting out a groan of surrender before snapping his hips forward to bury is aching length inside the welcoming body beneath him. He wanted to stay still, just a moment, to savor the tight warmth surrounding him, but his body had other ideas. He drew back and thrust again, just as deep and forceful as the first. Then again, and again. Until he was pounding into the Sylph's sweet depths. The air elemental had never been more grateful that his kind was able to take just about any length and girth with little to no difficulty. Shael's flesh gave way to Viktor's shaft easily. But, the vampire's rough movements created a heated, stinging sensation that the Sylph enjoyed far more than he should have. The pleasure caused him to briefly flicker for a moment into his elemental form and back. It was as if Viktor humped air and then slid once again into the Sylph's depths as if for the first time, again. "Gods!" Farshael moaned. "Want to taste you," Viktor purred, nuzzling Farshael's throat, his slamming thrusts never faltering. "You smell like the wind in the trees." Shael merely nodded his consent, giving Viktor's shoulder a bite himself as he continued to cling to him. The nip made Viktor moan into the hollow of Farshael's throat. The vampire drew in his mate's scent, nearly mindless with need. Viktor kissed and nibbled Shael's soft flesh, tasting him. Fangs pricked skin, making the elemental gasp. They slid deeper and withdrew as Viktor sealed his lips around the two small wounds and sucked hard. Pleasure unlike any that the Sylph had ever felt before began to overtake his entire body. "Viktor!" he keened as he moved against him and tried to meet his thrusts. Viktor swallowed, his tongue teasing skin as the wound slowly closed. He drew hard, uncaring that he would leave a mark, wanting more of Shael's taste on his tongue. It was like heaven. Viktor's lower body dropped, grinding his cock inside his mate and catching the elemental's dripping length between their bodies. Shael let out a sound that was embarrassingly similar to a squeak as he released then and there. "Yes!" he gasped in rapture. Viktor sucked once more, though the small wounds had closed. He growled as he pulled back slightly, swiping his tongue once more over the reddening mark he'd left. When the vampire saw his mate blinking up at him with dazed eyes and a languid smile, a shock seemed to roll through him. Viktor grunted, picking up his thrusts again, hard and faster than humanly possible. Shael's eyes widened and he clung to Viktor's shoulders and waist. Though the speed was incredible, he felt every slide and every movement. It was as if his lover were searing his mark deep inside him. The movements should have pained him, but they merely drove the Sylph wilder with lust. To his complete and utter surprise, he found himself reaching orgasm a second time. The vampire plunged deep once more and shouted his release, his pulsing joining the waves of constriction inside his mate. Viktor panted over Farshael for a moment before blinking his dark eyes open and smiling wide down at the Sylph. He pressed a kiss to Shael's forehead and rolled them, still joined, onto his back so Viktor wouldn't lay on his little lover and squash him. Farshael had never experienced such heat, aching, and longing before. He had never found release in that manner before, either, let alone twice over. Was it the same for all Sylphs when they trusted someone enough to go that far? Shael actually enjoyed the warmth of the vampire's shaft inside him. He enjoyed seeing the expressions quickly changing on Viktor's face. The Sylph had never feared him, despite the vampire's age, power, and size. Shael had feared his own emotions and reactions in regards to Viktor, but never Viktor himself. "Viktor," he mused aloud when his breathing finally settled. "If that was you holding back, then I can't wait to feel you lose all control." The vampire hugged him close. Viktor was a snuggler. "Ah, I'd be terrified of breaking you in half. I've never felt so close to losing my senses," Viktor protested. "Are you alright? Are you in pain?" "I'm more than alright, and I'm in no pain," Farshael insisted. "I'm quite happy. I feel whole." "And you wouldn't mind...rougher, next time?" Viktor asked in disbelief with a tiny tinge of lustful hope. "As rough as you want," Shael agreed. "Just go for it, the worst that will happen is I'll tug on your ear or hair and tell you it hurts. Even then, I wouldn't leave you just because of rough sex. We're soulmates." "I didn't think you'd leave me," Viktor blurted, sounding deeply disturbed at the very idea. "I just want you to be happy and not in pain because of my sizeable endowment." The vampire cuddled Shael close. "He adores you. He'd be heartbroken if he made you cry." The Sylph raised an eyebrow. "Would he, now?" he questioned. "And what if I come to adore 'him' more than you?" "I would understand and accept second place in your heart," Viktor said with a self-satisfied grin. "As long as you let him worship you whenever you wish for it." "Viktor, what am I to do with you?" Shael responded after a moment of laughter. "Love me," Viktor begged, his smile turning gentle. "Be with me, for as long as we have. Forever, if we can." "Deal," Farshael agreed.
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    Lust and Chastity

  7. HinderToyBL

    The Elder Shindig

    January rubbed his temple as he awoke the following afternoon. His mates seemed to be adapting to his sleeping schedules, which was both endearing and concerning, considering Mateo and Pax's day jobs. Then again, the chaos of the days prior were enough to affect anyone's body. Perhaps they were simply tired. He took a moment to gaze at the group and finally stopped to realize how Ra had been looking out for them before they were even reborn. Five-hundred years was nothing to a god, a mere blink of an eye. But, to Jany, five-hundred years spent in loneliness had been downright painful. Looking over each of his mates that morning, January only felt pure gratitude. Five mates, one for each of his tumultuous centuries of heartache. The vampire couldn't have been happier. Just as he was about to carefully clamber off the bed, he felt a slight mental tug. The red-violet haired vampire's eyes widened when he heard someone's voice echoing inside his mind. "This is Elder Pembroke. I extend an invitation to all vampire-kind in the Acacia and Carnelia regions. Lindquist Lamoureux will be appointed an Elder this upcoming weekend. If you wish to be in attendance, the ceremony will be held at Lamoureux's estate. To RSVP with the number of guests you wish to bring or to send a representative in your stead, please contact me at 119-7253." Lamoureux...Jany had heard of him and the rumors of his possible appointing. Though it was rare, he had heard Elder Pembroke's voice in his head before. Pembroke, far older than even Viktor, had the gift to broadcast a telepathic message through great distances. But, the only vampires that were able to "pick-up" the reception were born vampires. The mind of a Made vampire was on a different frequency since they were once human. Attendance wasn't mandatory, but it could be counted as a slight against the new Elder. Proper etiquette was to either decline in person or to send a representative. January would have declined in person if it weren't for the thought that suddenly came to him. Many Elders would be there. The librarians that had abused Nolan! They could finally get justice for what the brothers did by reporting their misdeeds to an Elder. Resolved in his decision, January reached over to gently wake Pax. "My love," the amethyst-eyed man began as Pax stretched and sat up. "Remember our conversation on the front porch?" "Mmm?" Quinlan whined as he stirred awake. "The who about what on the front porch?" "I'll explain later, my Kyanite," January responded as he reached out to gently rake through Quinlan's pale locks, briefly realizing how true the statement was presently. The nubile vampire's eyes truly did shine like faceted Kyanite gemstones. "About what we talked about…" Pax urged the redhead. "The fastest way to send someone to bring you-know-who to justice would be to request it of an Elder vampire," January explained. "And we have all just been given the opportunity to see many of them in person..." :: "So," Quin stated aloud several hours later as he stood in front of a row of mirrors and tried to remember how to properly knot a tie. He could count on his right hand how many times he had ever worn a tie in his previous life. "We've been invited to this shindig because you were invited?" "Yes, since you are all my mates, the invitation is extended to all of you as well," January elaborated. "Once again, I thank you." After a brief talk, Jany's other mates agreed to come with him that night. "Don't mention it," Elias pointed out as he zipped up his pants, surprised that the hems were a perfect fit. "It sounds kind of exciting." "This material...is it really alright for us to wear something like this?" Nolan questioned softly. January kissed the younger vampire's shoulder. "Eiram jumped at the chance of dressing all of us in his design." Since all of the suit shops within the Acacia-Carnelia region was surely stuffed to capacity with vampires, January had teleported them to another country, where a famous designer quickly measured them all and brought forth the same suit in all of the different sizes for them to wear. When Jany requested the ties and pocket squares to match their eyes, Eiram nearly fell from his seat in excitement before rushing off to decide on the material and pattern. After helping Mateo with his tie, Pax moved on to help Quinlan with his. The alpha was an expert at ties. He even knew how to tie intricate knots. "I'm surprised he wants us to keep them," Mat commented aloud. "I thought these were rentals." "Had he more time, he'd have made us a brand new design more perfectly tailored to each of our bodies," January admitted. "However, Eiram is pleased for the opportunity to show off his design to vampires in other countries." "Have all of you dressed?" Came the sound of an incredibly tall vampire with a thick accent, but a gentle tone of voice. "Let me see you." January smiled at the fashion designer. "My mates and I are truly grateful for this, Eiram." "Don't even think about it, Jan-Jan," Eiram insisted. As he shook his head, his wavy, dirty blond locks swished from side to side. He was a Made vampire. Though his light brown eyes were as vibrant as melted caramel and though he had talent, he had to climb his way to the top for recognition. "My, but you make such a handsome entourage. I am honored that men of so many sizes and colors are wearing my design." "Oh! I know!" Quin exclaimed as he quickly found Jany's smartphone and handed to Eiram. "You can take a picture of all of us to show it off to the other designers!" The tall vampire nearly wept with joy at the suggestion. :: The drive to the Lamoureux estate was a bit tricky. Elias sat in the middle, on top of Quinlan's lap, with Nolan on their right and Jany on their left. Quin had to bite his lip hard as he tried not to think about it. Their position reminded him blatantly of their first time together, and he didn't want to torture Pax once again by losing control then and there. However, the drive to the estate was a lot shorter than they had previously thought. No one blinked twice at the sight of January with two Made vampire mates and three werewolves. They greeted him and the others politely on their way inside. Though Jany was quite familiar with the sight, seeing so many vampires in one place was a new to all of his other mates. And that included Nolan, as well. Once again, January felt wronged for Nolan's sake. "Isn't that the vampire from Viktor's home?" Mateo said, gesturing at a brunet vampire with his arm around the waist of another vamp with dark pewter hair in an asymmetric cut to his chin. "And isn't that the vampire that pulled us out of line at the club to let us skip the wait?" "Hey, yeah! Gin!" Eli called out, lifting his arm to wave enthusiastically. "He was nice and not pervy like his dickface master. Let's go say hi!" Vampires moved out of the way of the entourage while they walked over to Gin as if they had parted the sea. The vampires had already been informed that they were the mates of one January Vidal Aristide. The amethyst-eyed vampire, much like Viktor, was well-known in the area. Unlike Viktor, Jany's reputation was in good standing all the way around. Essex recognized half of the group and immediately felt self-conscious. He didn't want to be an embarrassment to Gin. Though, he couldn't help but always be more nervous whenever in the presence of the older vampire. "H-Hello," he greeted. "Ey, I see all the bunch made it," Gin said with a smile, flashing his fangs as his hazel eyes sparkled. "Looks to be a rippah of a party after we get through the snooty bits. Woulda' tried to skip it like Viktor if it weren't for my boy-o here." Nolan seemed very focused, trying to sort through Gin's Boston accent. Eli just grinned. He loved accents. Gin's was fun. January had a faint one that Eli couldn't place. It was stronger when Jany whispered endearments into his mate's ears. Eli gave a delicious shiver thinking of when January's voice went into sexy-mode...which was most of the time he was talking to his mates, when Eli thought about it. The Omega shook his head, trying to pay attention to what Gin was saying. "Now this heah is my Essex," Gin said proudly. "He's my dahlin', so watch ye'selves." Essex blushed hard but nodded. "I-It's true. We've been together for little over a decade now," he added. They were unusual in the sense that Gin, a Made vampire, was older and shorter...while Essex, a born vampire, was younger and overall larger. "...and I hope for many more." "'Course. Ye'll nevah get ridda' me," Gin said, giving Essex a little squeeze. "I know where my bread is buttered. I'd be soft teh letcha' wander. I won't find a better one anywhere." Essex felt his entire face turn pink. "I feel the same," he confessed. "Congrats?" Quinlan offered. "Does that mean the six of us are considered a whole loaf of bread?" "Don' say that in fronta' the boss," Gin said with a laugh. "Gawd knows what he'll say. Prolly somethin' dirty." He cocked his head at Nolan. "An' who's this now?" "Forgive us," Pax explained as he stepped forward with Nolan. "This is Nolan, our newest and final mate," He introduced. "Nolan, this is Gin and his partner Essex." "I'm honored to meet you, sirs," Nolan said quietly, leaning against Pax heavily, feeling desperately nervous and worried about embarrassing his mates in front of everyone. "Good to meetcha', Nolan," Gin said gently, noticing how the slender vampire seemed about to bolt and hide behind Pax. "Glad it's without the boss here. You look like you don't need his oglin'. Yeh got some good mates. Yeh must be a good'un, too, if yer theirs." Nolan blushed and sputtered a thank you. "I think they're about to start soon, love," Essex urged as he glanced towards the main hall. "Didn't you say that everyone had assigned seats?" "We should get, then. If the boss weren't such an oldie, they'd prolly have us sittin' in the cellah." Gin winked at Nolan, making him squeak and Eli giggle. "Good to meetcha' and teh see the rest. We'll be 'round the pahty later. We can gab then." "Wow," Mat commented when they were out of earshot. "Is it just me or did that Essex seem like a completely different person from when we last saw him." "Ah, you see," Jany explained with a snicker. "Essex's only weakness has always been Gin." "Did you already know about them being together?" Elias asked aloud. "Of course I did," January responded. "Essex has been my employee for over a decade, after all." "He works for you?" Eli asked as Jany began leading them towards a large set of double doors along with a sea of other guests. "I thought he worked at the Blood Orchid?" "Yes, I own the Blood Orchid," the redheaded vampire replied. "It's one of the many establishments I've bought over the centuries." "The crap?" Eli sputtered, making several stiff-backed vampires look over at him with disapproving frowns the Omega didn't notice. "I was all worried I'd gotten us banned for life there, or something, from rubbing all over you at the club when we first found you!" January sent the Omega one of his more devastatingly sinful smiles. "Ah, my love, you can rub all over me any time and any place you wish," he suggested. "So long as it's not during a dangerous situation." Elias felt his heart flutter in his chest as he blushed brightly. "You can't talk like that when you don't have time to find a convenient wall to pin me up against," the Omega protested as they made their way into a huge room that had been filled with chairs and a stage erected at the front. "It's not fair. I'm going to be wiggling in my seat through all the boring speeches, now." "Me too," Mateo muttered, a mental image filling his mind of Eli's nude body undulating against January as the vamp held the Omega's wrists pinned to a wall. "Me three," Quin hissed as he tugged at his collar a bit. The group passed by Gin and Essex again, who were both seated in the twelfth row. January, however, kept walking until he reached the fourth row. "Our seats are right over here," he announced. "Master..." Nolan said nervously. "The front thirteen rows are for elite, aren't they? You're certain our seats aren't further back?" "No one's going to be able to see over my head," Mat added uncomfortably, hunching his broad shoulders a bit, though it didn't make him look smaller in the slightest. "Yes, this is where we've been assigned, my sweet Citrine," January insisted. "And the platform rises for all to see, Mateo. Even you will have to look up to see." Their row had six seats, which Eli thought was nice since no one would have to sit next to a stranger. Elias always hated that. He never knew what he should do. Should he try to be friendly and talk to them? Should he just keep his eyes forward and pretend the other person wasn't there? If he started talking to them, they might turn out to be weird or annoying and want to chat through the whole thing. If he ignored them, was he being a dick? Which was why Eli tried to plant himself in the middle of the group, which tended to happen anyway. Mateo and Pax almost always took up protective bookend positions around their mates. As they shuffled into their row, Mateo went first, followed by January, Elias, Quinlan, Nolan, and finally Pax. Eli had expected the usual type of chair that pretended to have a cushion but was hard as stone against the butt after thirty seconds of sitting. The cushion was no lie on these. The Omega gave a happy sigh as he wiggled a little on the plush burgundy velvet. The Omega wondered how long and boring this whole thing was going to be. He knew it was important to the vampires, and he respected that and their traditions. Elias had simply always had trouble sitting through things. He got distracted and antsy. He was usually about ready to pull out his hair by the end. He just hoped he could sit still and not annoy the crap out of Jany and Quin, who were both sitting next to him. For a few minutes, Eli was able to distract himself by looking at all the vampires in their fancy clothes. Everyone seemed to be looking at them as they passed, though, making him uncomfortable. Some smiled kindly. Others stuck their noses in the air like they smelled something bad. It looked like there were nice vamps and dick vamps, just like everybody else in the world. Elias wondered if the snooty ones didn't like it that they were wolves or because they looked out of place in their fancy clothes. Wolves tended to be more of a jeans and t-shirt bunch. Eli looked down at his perfectly tailored duds. Did he really look that much like he didn't belong? Was it like dressing up a pet? Sure, it was cute, but it still made the animal look stupid. The Omega hunched down in his chair a little. Pax and Mateo were big and poised enough to pull off the clothes, even if they were wolves. Elias decided the nasty looks had to be for him. The nice ones were probably just pity. His family kept him in the house whenever they could. He had never been to anything like this, and it must have shown pretty obviously to everyone. Pax and Mateo had probably been to lots of things, so they knew how to belong. Elias had been excited about coming to the big vampire event. He was quickly deciding he should have stayed home and let the others go without him. January pulled Eli out of his thoughts by threading his right hand through the Omega's left hand. The vampire ran his thumb over his mate's knuckles before lifting the hand to his lips to kiss the back of it. "It won't be very long, love," he whispered into his ear. Amethyst eyes all but shone with mischief. "I could distract you if you'd like." The lights went down, leaving them in twilight with the only illumination coming from the lights above the stage. "You got paper to play tic-tac-toe, or something?" Eli whispered back. Jany gave the Omega's ear a gentle nip. "No, beloved. But, I do know another game we can play," he responded as he dragged his thumb along the base of Eli's middle finger. As he did so, he used his mirroring power to transfer the sensation to the base of the werewolf's cock. Eli gasped loudly, causing the vampire in front of him to turn around and give him a look. Elias did his best to look innocent while January continued with what he was doing. Thank goodness it was dark. The man turned back around when the current vampire Elders of the area and the one to be made an Elder filed onto the stage. "I stand here with your four other regional Elders to appoint one Lindquist Lamoreux as an Elder Vampire," Elder Pembroke explained. "To be appointed an Elder..." Elias nearly bit his tongue when he felt the lick that January dragged along the base of his finger along his shaft, instead. The purple-eyed vampire merely smirked when the Omega peered over at him. When Jany took Eli's finger into his mouth and sucked, both of them were surprised to hear another gasp a couple of seats away. The slender, orange-eyed vampire squirmed in his seat. He felt another ghostly lick against his length, causing a soft whimper to fall from his lips. What was happening? Nolan's eyes darted around. Quinlan was shifting a bit in his seat next to him. Past the recently turned blond, Elias had one hand gripping the soft seat beneath him as his chest rose and fell rapidly while January licked a stripe up one of the Omega's fingers. Nolan felt a vivid echo of a tongue dragging against him from base to tip. It wasn't until January gave a particularly hard suck that all of his mates reacted in a wave of reactions. Pax shot the redheaded vampire a glance, and the look in Jany's eyes told him all he needed to know. Quinlan grinned widely as he glanced about and spotted the tents pitched all over the place. Jany's smirk merely widened as he took hold of one of Mateo's hands and began to knead it as if he were really kneading the werewolf's balls. As his thumb gently scratched the palm of Mat's hand, the scratch was echoed beneath each of his mates' undersides. When January took Eli's finger back into his mouth, the double sensations began. As Eli's eyeballs rolled up in his head, Mateo's thighs opened, and his head tipped back. Nolan squeaked behind his hand. When the person in front of him shot him an annoyed look over his shoulder, Nolan clung to Pax's arm and buried his face in the alpha's shoulder. Pax right hand clenched his knee as he rode out the pleasure. But, when he felt Nolan squirming against him, he couldn't help but gently rub his hand over the orange-eyed vampire's clothed erection. Golden eyes flew open when the alpha suddenly began to feel the stroking on his own shaft, as well. He didn't know that January could mirror Pax's touch, as well. The alpha reached down to gently squeeze Nolan's sac and was quite pleased to see Jany panting against Eli's finger. "Any touches you give Nolan or Eli could be bounced back to Jany," He leaned over to whisper into Quinlan's ear. Vivid blue eyes lit right up as Quinlan reached down to slide his hands up and down Eli's inner right thigh and Nolan's inner left thigh at the same time. Elias leaned back as far as he could, then slid his behind forward slightly as he let his legs fall open, bumping the mates on either side of him. The hand January wasn't molesting stayed firmly over his mouth. On the other side of Jany, Mateo was gripping his seat with one hand. The other had snuck deviously onto January's thigh, the wolf unable to keep himself from touching his mate as pleasure and arousal pushed at him. His touch slid higher until he was rubbing it against the vampire's rigid arousal through his fashionable trousers. On the other end of the row, Nolan was trying to keep himself from climbing into Pax's lap and begging the big alpha to fuck him, right there. January then synchronized all of those touches together and amplified it, his purple eyes glowing as his power rolled over each and every one of them. He was close, and if he was close, then his mates were close also. He gauged it well, waiting until the opportune time. When the other vampires began to applaud at the end of Lindquist's first speech as an Elder, he allowed the power to surge, increasing the pleasure tenfold until all six of them found release. Simultaneously, the redhead used miniature portals to whisk away their seed so that they wouldn't soil Eiram's lovely suits. Jany was beginning to realize that he was more powerful than he ever previously thought. He was apparently able to create larger portals than he realized, along with smaller and more intricate portals like the ones he had used just then. When the lights came up, Nolan had one leg up over Quinlan's knee as his upper body clung to Pax. Eli and Mateo were both slumped in their chairs with their heads tipped back, breathing hard. They were finally able to stand up to move onto food and the reception. As they passed by, the group noted that Gin was grinning nearly as wide as January was and his kerchief was missing, while Essex was about as dazed and out of breath as Elias. Apparently, they weren't the only ones who had taken advantage of the dimmed lighting. January led them over to the enormous dining hall, where they also had an assigned table. The redheaded vampire pulled Pax aside. "I'm going to go talk to Elder Pembroke, and I'll be right back with his decision about the librarian brothers," he whispered into his ear. Pax gave a solemn nod before joining his other mates at the table. Eli was sitting next to Nolan, nibbling on a breadstick when he felt someone behind him. He turned his head to see a frowning vampire with dark green hair pulled back harshly from his angular face. "Nolan," the man said, his voice as sharp as his features. "What are you doing here? Where have you been?" The orange-eyed vampire sucked in a breath before turning slowly. "M-Master?" The green-haired vamp grabbed Nolan's arm, yanking him out of his chair. "Hey!" Eli shouted, jumping up from his seat. "Don't you be pushing my Nono around, you dick!" "You run from me," the vamp hissed in Nolan's frightened face, ignoring the Omega. "And you dare to embarrass me by showing up at a function where you know all my peers will be found? Your punishment will be severe for this, fledgling." "Master, please..." Nolan whimpered, pain shooting up his arm from the man's cruel grip. Pax immediately reached over to place a hand on the vampire's wrist. His grip was tight enough to hurt, but not to break. "If you would please unhand our mate," he all but growled, his golden eyes flashing a warning. "We can figure out what's happened like civilized beings. I do not take kindly to any injuries upon one of my mates. We can all feel those injuries, you see?" Mateo stood up, as well, folding his arms across his chest as he glared at the aged vampire. At that moment, January returned to the table. The look of triumph on his face morphed into one of confusion and then anger. He quickly tossed a portal over Nolan to teleport him to his side. "What's going on here?" He questioned. "That is my runaway fledgling," the vampire sputtered, feeling less confident facing down two large werewolves and another vampire who was known to be powerful and well-connected. "I don't know what lies he's told you, but I'm his Maker. He belongs with me. Who knows what trouble he's gotten into in the time he's been hiding from me." He straightened his shoulders. "Enough of this. Come here, Nolan. We're going home." Nolan whimpered, clinging to January. "Please, I want to stay with them," Nolan pleaded. "Aren't I old enough, now?" "Certainly not. You still have much to learn, fledgling," the man snapped. "And you've no idea how behind my research has gotten because of you." "Be that as it may, Nolan is our mate, and that makes me his Master now," Jany articulated as he pressed Nolan closer to him. "What's his name, Nolan?" he whispered softly. Quinlan rushed over to Nolan to take a look at his arm. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the bruising was already healing. The markings were the same on his arm as if it had been the blond himself who was grabbed and not the orange-eyed vampire. "Wardell," Nolan said, hiding his face in January's chest. "M-Mabry Wardell." "And he has a friggin' home," Eli snapped at the stranger from where Mateo was holding him back. "It's with us!" "Who are these people, Nolan?" Mabry demanded, taking a careful step back as he tried to keep his voice firm. "What is this nonsense?" "Are you deaf and stupid?" Elias spat, crossing his arms over the thick arm Mat had wrapped around his chest. "We're his mates. And hey, Nolan can't be that young. He was able to make a fledgling of his own, just fine. Probably better than you did when you made him." Elias pointed to Quinlan. "And he's one of our mates, too, you stuffy jerkwad." At the mention of Quin, Nolan turned slightly to tug the blond closer to both him and Jany in a protective manner. "A fledgling?" Mabry hissed. "A fledgling while you're not even old enough to be considered an independent vampire yourself?" He scoffed as he glanced at January. "You consider yourself a competent Master when you allow him to form another before even stabilizing himself?" Other vampires began to gather around the spectacle, some giving Jany surprised glances as if they couldn't believe that someone of January's standing would do such a thing. "You wish me to invoke Anubis himself to explain? It was his own father, Ra that served as our witness," January replied back in a calm manner. "Or is it that you question the motives of the gods?" "I…what?" Mabry took another step back. "Fine. Keep the irresponsible trollop. He was a terrible fledgling, anyway. Maybe you'll have better luck with him." Mabry huffed and stomped away, heading for the door. "Jeez, who uses the word trollop?" Eli growled. "What a complete assmonkey." The Omega patted Mateo's arm. "You can let me go now, big fella. It's tempting to chase that dick down and rip off his stupid face. But I won't, because we're at a nice party. And I'm a gentleman." "'Ey, shows over," came a familiar Boston accent. Nolan peeked up from Jany's shirt to see Gin and Essex shooing away the gawkers. "You alrigh', bud?" Gin asked Nolan as Essex stood nearby, looking intimidating enough to encourage the party-goers to go back to their mingling. Nolan nodded. "He was my Maker. I didn't run away from him, though. When the Librarian came and took me, he said I'd been sold, that my master didn't...didn't want me anymore." "Aw, frickin' hell. Don't cry, little bud." Gin sighed. "S'not yer fault. Wardell's a stuck up piece a' crap. Yer bettah off without him. He don' deserve ya.'" "If you cry, you'll make me cry," Quin added from beside Nolan. "Unless you think tears are sexy, in which case, I can totally cry for you." January let out a long sigh. "It appears I'll have to report more incidents than I though to the Elders." "What do you mean, Master?" Nolan asked with a sniffle that made both Gin and Quinlan look like they were ready to smother the orange-eyed vampire with stuffed animals and comforting hugs. "Older vampires such as Mabry and the Librarians that seem to have stolen you should not be operating as they have in the past," Jany explained. "Our local Elder vampires have the means to investigate and enforce Anubis's laws, which protect Made vampires such as yourself." "Made vampires only have the rights that their Makers give them," Nolan said, shaking his head. "They decide what can and can't happen to us until we're old enough or strong enough to go out on our own. We don't have protections." "You have the same protection as humans do," Jany insisted. "And those who told you otherwise will certainly be punished for it." "M-my Maker said it…and the Librarian and his brother." Nolan paled. "It wasn't true? I could have...I could have left? I didn't have to let them... I could have said no?" "Think of it this way, Nono," Quin said as he lifted one of Nolan's hands to hold it against his own cheek. "Would you have treated me the same? You are my Maker, after all." "No, of course not. I'd never make you do anything you don't want to," Nolan said quickly. "I was never going to do that to you." "If it feels wrong to you, then it was wrong of them to do that to you," the blond concluded. "Not that I wouldn't do just about anything for you, regardless. I love you." "I love you, too," Nolan said, leaving January to hug Quinlan, burying his face in the blond's neck. "They're almost as cute as you, Ess," Gin said, winking at the ruby-eyed vampire. A blush formed on the taller vampire's face. "My feelings for you will never change," Essex responded softly. "I want to spend as much time with you as possible." "You both have certainly outlasted Viktor and I, come to think of it," January commented as he glanced their way. "I feel a bit jealous of your longevity." "Oh, I have a feelin' yeh won't be havin' any trouble lastin' forever with the bunch you got now," Gin said with a wide smile, wrapping an arm around Essex's waist. "Yeh nevah was righ' for the boss. He needed somebody to keep him in line. Yer too sweet an' easygoin' to kick his ass like he needs done." The purple-eyed vampire smiled at Gin. "Yes, if celestial gods don't continue to try to kill us, I would say we have a great chance at forever," he responded in a joking manner. Elias flicked January's ear. "Don't even joke about that. You'll jinx us. I only want warm, fuzzy gods to have their attention on us. No more psycho, evil ones, yeah?" Mateo moved next to where Nolan was still huddling against Quinlan. He gently stroked the smaller vampire's soft black hair. Mat looked from January to Pax and nodded to Nolan before mouthing, "Home," with a questioning lift of his eyebrows. "I think it's time we head out," Pax suggested aloud, following Mat's cue. He shook Gin and Essex's hands one last time. "It was great seeing you both again." "Same," Essex replied. "I'm going to talk to Elder Pembroke one last time, and then we can go home," January insisted, but not before tugging Pax down into a soft kiss. "I promise I won't be long." "T-time to go?" Nolan asked shakily, looking up at Quinlan and Mateo. "Yeah, sweetheart. Let's go home," Mateo said gently, putting an arm around both Quin and Nolan. "Jany's gonna do something quick and meet us at the car." "'Kay," Nolan said with a sigh of relief. He hadn't known how he'd be able to face the party full of strangers. Pax led the way, his gaze discouraging anyone from bothering them. Nolan, Eli, and Quin followed right behind him. Mateo went last, his demeanor also suggesting that he and his mates should be left alone. When they got to the car, Nolan curled up in Quinlan's lap, exhausted. Eli sat next to them, petting Nolan's ebony hair soothingly. It was only a few minutes before January joined them and they headed home.
  8. HinderToyBL


    "Pax hasn't taken you yet...and you haven't taken me. So, you wanna knock two birds down with one stone? Have Pax inside you while you're inside me?" He asked. "Y-you would let me?" Nolan asked, surprised, an excited flush rising to his pale cheeks. "You do so well with Eli; I thought you prefer that." "I like either way equally. I find pleasure in both," Quin confessed. He then gently slapped a hand against Pax's chest. "Pax here is the only one that prefers topping to bottoming. Though, he can be convinced to bottom on occasion." "I-I think I'd enjoy him topping me," Nolan whispered shyly. "Very much." "Which is why I suggested it," Quin pointed out. "But first, how do you want me?" :: Nolan thought about it seriously. "I can't do it that way, he'd be underwater," the vampire muttered to himself. But Nolan longed to have Quinlan holding him from beneath as Nolan thrust into Quinlan, while Pax covered Nolan from behind and held him that way. The dark-haired vampire craved touch from his mates. When he didn't watch himself, Nolan would find himself pressed against his nearest mate like a hypothermic man seeking warmth. "We don't have to actually be in the tub, babe," Quin teased. "Do you want me to lay down on my back, is that it?" Nolan couldn't seem to answer, the blood in his body couldn't seem to decide if it wanted to run to his cheeks in a blush or much lower in arousal. He decided to nod. He couldn't say the wrong thing and ruin it if he just nodded. Everything was going better than he'd expected. He'd thought maybe Quinlan would eventually forgive him. This was more than he'd ever dreamed, to have the beautiful blond reveal that he was never angry or upset about being turned in the first place. A wide grin formed on the nubile vampire's face as his blue eyes seemed to light up even more than before. "Alright then...let's see," he mused aloud as he gracefully got out of the immense tub and rushed about laying down several fluffy towels on the ground and rolling up a few as a makeshift pillow for his head before laying down on it. Everything was done at a speed much faster than a human's, thought it didn't feel that way at all to Quin. "How's this?" Pax could only gape at what he had seen...or, rather, not seen. "This is going to take some getting used to," he commented. "We can't take the fact that you're alive for granted. There are new rules in place for you. No sunlight, less food, more blood...we can't keep thinking of you as a human anymore, not that it's a bad thing. You're a lot stronger now." "Safer," Nolan murmured, forgetting his decision not to speak. "He won't die or be hurt easily anymore." "That's right," Pax agreed as he pressed a gentle kiss to Nolan's cheek. "And I'm very grateful to you for that." Quinlan reached out a hand. "Come on Nono, join me." Nolan smiled tremulously, climbing carefully from the tub. He dried off quickly and grabbed another towel for Pax. Nolan looked between Pax and Quin, torn between following Quinlan's request and the desire to serve his master and offer to dry Pax. Pax smiled as he dried himself off and then helped Nolan do the same. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked gently. "Quin wouldn't like it if he forced you into anything you were too uncomfortable for." "I don't feel forced," Nolan said, genuinely surprised Pax thought that. "And I'm always uncomfortable. It's okay." The slender vampire leaned against the wolf's warm skin. Pax was so big, but Nolan always found it strange he didn't feel threatening to him. The vampire wondered if it was the mating bond that helped him with that. It might also be how Pax look at Nolan and the rest of his mates. There was always something warm in the wolf's honey-gold eyes that made it seem as though Pax was constantly assessing how his mates were doing, feeling, and their safety. It was nice, like being wrapped in a hug even though no one might be touching him. That thought led to the idea of Pax inside him, strong arms wrapped around Nolan, pulling him into every thrust. It made Nolan's breath stutter, and a soft moan fall from his lips as he rubbed his warm cheeks against Pax's even warmer chest. Quinlan let out a snicker at the sight and threaded his hands behind his head, elbows up, in a relaxed gesture. "Well, guess you're halfway there," he mused aloud. Pax pressed a kiss to the top of Nolan's head and then gently lifted the skinny vampire into his arms bridal style as he walked them the rest of the way to their blond mate. "You know, we can always do this backward and have you enter Pax instead, Nolan...which one would you prefer?" Quin asked. "Ya gotta have him one way or another." "Mmm, I want to feel him inside me," Nolan said dreamily. "While I'm squished between you..." The blue-eyed vampire let out a low hiss, his shaft giving a twitch at the very thought of it. "Then come here inside me first," he urged as he spread his legs further open. The sight caused Pax to harden even further. He quickly hunted down some lube for them. "Does this mean that Quin will stretch easier now, like with you and Jany?" he asked Nolan. "He shouldn't have any trouble," Nolan said with a nod, allowing Pax to lay him down next to Quinlan on the impromptu bed the new vampire had put together. Nolan froze, imagining Quinlan's already impressive stamina paired with the speed and endurance of a vampire. The older vamp's length seemed to turn to steel, a drop of precum shining on the tip. How would it be to have that in action with Eli, Quin's thrusts lightning fast and utterly sure. Nolan laid himself on top of Quinlan with a moan, rubbing his overexcited length against smooth skin. Nolan's eyes fluttered closed as he imagined the blond fledgling bringing the Omega to complete satisfaction before moving on to another mate. Perhaps the next in line could even be Nolan. Quinlan eagerly grinded right back against him. "Fuck," he hissed. "I don't mind if you'd rather we frot, either. You feel so good against me, baby. Warm and perfect..." "Want you to hug me everywhere," Nolan whispered, his voice far off, again, lost in desire and pleasure. The ebony-haired vamp scooted back so he could rub his shaft against Quinlan's balls and perineum. The blond bit his lower lip and rose up to meet him, his arms wrapping around the paler vampire as he carefully gave him a kiss. It was a bit difficult since his fangs wanted to come down. It took quite a bit of concentration to keep them tucked away so that he could taste Nolan's tongue without their obstruction. He had kissed the orange-eyed beauty before, but as a vampire, his senses seemed to expand, and he felt more layers of pleasure than usual. While his mates seemed to reacquaint themselves, Pax smiled and reached beneath them to gently insert a lube-slicked finger into Quin. He was glad that the flesh really did give way easier than before. Soon, he had enough fingers inside to stretch him properly for Nolan. Nolan was beyond pleasantly surprised when he hit a slick bit and slid all the way inside Quinlan until they were snug together. The orange-eyed vampire nearly pulled an Eli and forgot to breathe. "Ohhhhh," Nolan mewled, his breath sighing out of him as he shivered in bliss. "Quinlan..." Pax couldn't help the grin that formed on his face as he pulled his hand back from where he had gently lifted Quinlan's butt cheeks into Nolan's path, especially when it had drawn such a colorful response from Quin. "Oh god, yes!" the blond cried out. "That felt so freaking good. Please, keep going, Nono." "O-Okay," Nolan said breathlessly. He pulled himself out of Quinlan completely before letting his body fall forward again, piercing and filling his fledgling. "Again?" Nolan asked, his eyes burning bright. "Yeah," Quin responded as he quelled down the urge to wrap his legs around Nolan to tug him closer. "And again and again...as much as you want," he added fervently. Pax took that moment to kneel behind Nolan, pressing a kiss to the back of the ravenet's shoulder. "Unless you feel you're ready for me," the alpha pointed out. Nolan whimpered, body shaking with desire that was nearly overwhelming in its strength. "Master," Nolan begged, spreading his knees to make room for the big wolf as he thrust deep into Quinlan and held himself there, grinding his hips in needy circles. Quinlan downright keened at the movements. "Come on, Pax," he begged. "Get a move on." A chuckle resonated from the back of the mocha-skinned man's throat as his hands gently spread Nolan's butt cheeks and began to stretch the slim vampire with his other hand. A sweet trembling sound of pure desire fell from Nolan's lips. "H-hurry," the ebony-haired vampire begged as he pushed back into the touch, then forward into Quinlan's tight heat. "Please, Master." In spite of the urging, Pax made sure to stretch Nolan well. The alpha wasn't small by any means and he didn't want to cause their new mate any pain. When he was finally satisfied, he wiped his hands with a washcloth and positioned himself before carefully working halfway into the vampire's depths. "How do you feel? Are you alright?" He asked. Nolan shook his head, his inky locks tossing wildly. Pax's heart nearly stopped, terrified that he'd frightened his poor mate who'd already been through so much. "No, I need all of you," Nolan gasped out. "Need your arms around me and filling me up. I still feel empty. It's not enough." Nolan whimpered, too submissive with his master to simply push back and take what he wanted. Pax gulped hard while Quinlan began to grind beneath Nolan in eagerness. "Alright," the alpha whispered as he slowly slid the rest of himself down as far as he could go. He then reached his long arms past Nolan to firmly hold Quin's hips still. "Fuck!" the blond gasped. "Try not to cum yet, Nono, try not to cum," he pleaded. Nolan bit his lip, it was as though Quin had read his mind. The older vampire's breaths were ragged. He buried his face under Quinlan's chin, pressing their bodies together and wallowing in the feel of being surrounded by the touch and warmth of his mates. The blond was close to Nolan's own temperature, making Pax's fiery heat feel quite dramatic behind him. The wolf was like a living blanket, covering them both in his protective embrace. The blue-eyed vampire raked his fingers through Nolan's hair. "Ready for him to move?" he asked with a smirk firmly set on his lips. Nolan nodded, the movement bumping gently against Quinlan's chin as the smaller vamp made small needy noises. The motion caused Nolan's lips to brush against Quin's throat. Nolan nuzzled the smooth skin, pressing tiny kisses to the sensitive flesh. His tongue darted out, stealing a taste and making a little happy noise. Quin took a sharp intake of breath, but allowed the other vampire to do as he wished. "If at any point, you want to stop, you better tell us," he urged. "We can always continue a different way." "I agree with Quin," Pax added, though most of his concentration was on keeping as still as possible. He slowly pulled out and slid back in again. "That being said," he gasped. "You can also let us know when we've done something you like." "I like it all," Nolan struggled to say, his thoughts wanting to scatter like dandelion fluff. The vampire was swamped by the sensations thrilling through his body. There was the euphoric bliss of being filled so perfectly from behind and filling another in the front, but there were also the arms around him, the bodies pressing close, the hands touching him as though he was more precious than a dragon's hoard. Then, they spoke and echoed what their touches conveyed. They cared more about Nolan's wants and needs than their own. And they offered him something he'd had so little of in his life, the ability to choose for himself, to say no if something frightened him or made him unhappy. Though, he couldn't imagine his mates offering him much that the orange-eyed vampire would want to refuse. "A-and you," Nolan said, one hand reaching to find Pax's while the other squeezed Quinlan's shoulder. "If either of you aren't comfortable for any reason, I'll stop and do whatever you need to make everything okay," he blurted in a rush, needing to get the words out while he was still even slightly lucid. His mates deserved every consideration they had offered Nolan and much more. Quinlan let out a snort as he squirmed against the orange-eyed vampire. "Actually, I'm a bit too comfortable," he admitted. "I'd much rather feel you moving inside me, love." Pax placed a firm kiss against the back of Nolan's shoulder once more before he began to move again, at a gentle and controlled pace. His knees and forelegs were braced on two towels so that their movements wouldn't cause him much pain later on. A tremulous moan was muffled into Quinlan's throat as Nolan arched happily into Pax's movements. Nolan pushed back, following Pax's careful thrusts, then let the alpha wolf moved him forward again in a careful rhythm that pressed Nolan's length deep into the fledgling vampire beneath him. It was utter bliss, making the dark-haired vampire's mind scatter. His world was composed of caressing touch, warm skin, and pleasure that seemed to tangle from his body into his heart. Tears pricked his orange eyes, so Nolan clenched them closed and let himself be swept away in the gift his mates offered. Everything was safety, affection, and bright pleasure. One of Quinlan's hands slid up the side of Nolan's neck to cup the side of the vampire's face. He lifted his leg to hook it behind one of Pax's thighs, surprised at how more flexible he was as a vampire. "Mmm," he moaned. "Yeah, he's happy. You can go harder, Pax. I wanna feel your movements through him." A low growl rumbled at the back of Pax's throat as he reached over to brace his hands on Quin's shoulders and began to move faster and just a tad rougher. His pace had never reached the speed of the blond's, but none of his mates had ever complained about it. "L-like it," Nolan gasped, rubbing his body between his mates, wallowing in the feel of their skin against his, surrounding him and how Pax filled him and he filled Quinlan. "Ahn, like it so much..." "Yes," the blond vampire hissed. "That's what I'm talking about...Nono rubbing against me..." A gasp. "And Pax driving him further into me..." When Pax found his rhythm again, he leaned down to gently bite Nolan's shoulder and aimed his thrusts towards the dark-haired vampire's more sensitive areas. Nolan began to tremble, then shake. He clung to Quinlan with one hand as the other found Pax's muscled forearm, wrapping around it and tightening with every thrust. Nolan could feel Quin's hard length against his stomach, slick with precum. The blond was enjoying this, enjoying him. Nolan moved more, back and forth, wanting to give Quinlan as much pleasure as the new vampire was giving him. Not only from the tight heat that caressed him with every stroke, but also the touch of skin on skin and the wonderful, impossible praises that fell from the fledgling's lips. Nolan couldn't reach between them, there was no space, and he doubted he'd have enough coordination to do anything useful with his hands at that moment. So, he used his body instead. It made Pax's thick cock inside him press harder against those delicious areas that begged for contact. Nolan's body tightened as his cries grew louder. He was so close. "Fuck!" Quin cried out as he released. For a moment, it felt as if the world stopped, and then continued at full force. As a vampire, he felt everything twice as strong than when he was a human, and that apparently included orgasms. "God, just...God," he hissed between heaving breaths. He shifted closer so that he could press his lips firmly against Nolan's, effectively stopping the other vampire's motion so that they were both rocked by Pax's movements. Nolan felt like his being had been reduced to thrilling sensation. He felt the space between himself and Quin grow slicker as his fledging mate's body tightened on him exquisitely. Then he was held still in an embrace that felt safe instead of restricting. It allowed Pax to hit every sweet spot, major and minor within Nolan, playing the orange-eyed vampire like a violin. When Quinlan smiled impishly and purposely tightened his muscles around Nolan, the older vampire couldn't hold out any longer. He'd wanted to give his mates as much pleasure as he could, for as long as he was able, but he couldn't resist anymore. He had no idea how he'd lasted so long, as it was. Nolan's vision when white with sparks of color dancing through his sight as he keened his release, his body rigid and his muscles trembling. Pax's own peak seemed to chase right after Nolan into bliss. "Ahh!" Pax gasped as he felt a surge of energy filling him immediately after he emptied himself within Nolan's depths. Then, a deep sense of peace washed over him as their bond was firmly locked into place. "Nolan...are you alright?" He asked after another moment. "Mmmmm," was all Nolan could say, smiling softly as he nuzzled against Quinlan's shoulder. His body felt like it was vibrating softly, his skin humming its happiness as his heart sang with a feeling of completion and safety. Quin couldn't help but snicker as he gently scratched the back of Nolan's scalp. "He's fine," he added cheekily. "And I sure hope he understands my feelings enough now to stop feeling guilty for saving my life." "For now, we should opt for a shower to clean up again. The others are still awaiting their turn," Pax suggested. Pax ended up holding Nolan for most of their quick shower, since the vampire had been turned into a boneless puddle by their attentions, much to Quinlan's delight. The orange-eyed vampire spent their time under the water nuzzling against warm wet flesh and dreamily tracing the path of water droplets against the skin. When Nolan was stood on his feet to be dried by a soft fluffy towel, he whimpered softly, reaching for Quin as Pax rubbed the warm cotton against Nolan's skin. "Awww, such a cuddler," Quinlan cooed, kissing the tip of his maker's nose and accepting the hug. No one seemed to mind that it took twice as long to dry as it should have. They left the steaming bathroom with Nolan in Pax's arms, Quinlan walking beside them petting Nolan's damp hair that spilled like wet ink around his face. Quin couldn't help his grin as he saw his other mates. Mateo was curled against January's side, looking a bit dazed. Elias was sprawled across both of them, clearly passed out from intense erotic extracurricular activities. January looked like the cat who had eaten a flock of canaries, running his fingers through Eli's auburn hair with his other arm around Mateo's shoulders. "Our turn, I think, my Latin rose," Jany purred to Mateo, standing with Eli's sleeping form held easily in one arm. The other he extended to Mat, leading the still slightly sex-muddled wolf into the bathroom. The door clicked shut softly behind them. Quinlan burst out laughing at Pax's loud sigh when the alpha regarded the soiled bedding. "I got this," he told him with a smug smile as he rushed about to change the bed into clean sheets. Everything felt at normal speed to him, but the look on the werewolf's face told him that he had done his vampire-speed thing again. He blushed. "Ah, sorry...I don't actually know when I'm doing it, so I can't really warn ya." Pax shook his head. "It's alright," he said as he pressed a kiss to Nolan's temple and laid the paler vampire down. After the three of them were settled and snuggled together, Quin couldn't help but grin. "Hey, do you think that what we were doing in the bath sort of synchronized with them out here?" "Sounds plausible," Pax agreed. "They could hear us," Nolan murmured, happily sandwiched between his mates. "Likely they could smell us, too. Mateo and Elias, anyway. Scenting sensitivity varies between vampires, but with Master January's age and level of power, he could probably scent our activities, as well." Quin shook his head. "Knowing Jany, they probably got more than one romp in. He looked way too pleased with himself." Pax couldn't help but laugh at that. Nolan nodded, taking a deep breath and letting it out. He felt calm, languid, even. It was strange. There were no fears or worries darting through his head. He wasn't planning for the next few minutes, hours, or days on what he would need to do to please his masters and mates or avoid any possibly unpleasant scenario. Those hypotheticals weren't swirling in his head, as they usually did, with ways he would ruin everything and drive them all away or even just make them unhappy. It was bizarre. Nolan wondered if the sex with Quinlan and Pax had scrambled something in his brain. "What a nice way to be broken," Nolan murmured, not realizing he'd spoken his thought aloud. "I hope I stay like this." "Broken?" Pax asked, immediately concerned. "Did either of us hurt you, Nolan? Where does it hurt?" "Oh, no," Nolan said, blinking up at the concerned wolf. "It's just my head. It's being weird. I'm usually thinking all the time about how everything will go wrong and what I should do when it does." Nolan shook his head, a dark lock of hair falling over his eye which he pushed behind his ear. "And I'm not thinking about any of that. So, I think my brain must be broken, but I think it's okay. I like it. Worrying all the time makes me so tired." "Exactly, you should worry less around us," Quin commented with a grin. "Though I'd prefer it if you didn't worry at all. I can compromise." Pax let out a sigh at Quin's response. "Nolan, there's nothing wrong with thinking ahead. But, it's always better to do so with a clear head. If you're always worrying and panicking about things that have yet to happen, then there's a chance that your plans might backfire." The alpha paused for a moment as a thought came to him. "Have you ever thought about learning martial arts?" "Martial arts?" Nolan blinked at the subject change. "I've never thought about it, Master. I've never had the opportunity." "When it comes to thinking and reacting, you have an amazing talent for it," the werewolf pointed out. "You were able to react fast enough to save Quinlan, after all. I believe if you then train and focus your body, you would be quite the force to recon with." "Whoa, I see what you're saying!" Quin added. "Nono, we should learn together! We'd be unstoppable." Nolan nodded, blushing, but looking pleased at the thought of doing any kind of activity with his mates. "I'd like to try," Nolan admitted shyly. "I don't know if I'll be any good at it, but I'd like to make the effort if you don't mind. You'll probably have to be very patient with me." "If you don't enjoy it, you don't have to continue," Pax insisted as he nuzzled the top of the vampire's head. "We will never force you to do anything you don't want to." "I don't know what I ever did to deserve all of you," Nolan whispered, clinging to Pax and rubbing his cheek against the big alpha's broad chest. "I love you, all of you, so much." "Well, that just melted my heart," Elias mused aloud as he clambered onto the bed. Mateo and January joined in, as well. The group moved about until they were all comfortably against one another. Mateo reached out to kiss the palm of Nolan's hands. "We feel the same about you," he admitted. "And each other." "Couldn't have said it better myself, mon rubis." (my ruby) :: As image after image of an increasingly broken-hearted Anubis continued to surface in his mind, Khonsu continued to rub at his temples. Tears of frustration fell down his cheeks. He was furious with himself. Ra had sent a Sylph to him explaining everything. Nephthys had apparently taken on the guise of Hapi in order to place a curse on him whenever he donned a female form. When Nephthys had been mortalized, more and more memories flooded his mind. A whisper, she had been the whisper in his ear that had gradually driven him mad with jealousy. She had been the whisper that implanted the idea of punishing Anubis by donning a female form in the first place. The goddess of lamentation would not have been able to taint his heart if he didn't already have the slightest sliver of jealousy towards Anu's children. Khonsu's heart ached. How could he possibly be forgiven for all the hurt he had caused? How could he even look at his beloved Anubis without recalling the pained expressions that the moon god was responsible for again and again throughout the span of a hundred mortal years? The moon god sat down along the edge of a pool at the base of a waterfall. He tugged his robes up to his knees and dipped his bare legs into the water. For a moment, his reflection was mirrored. He had made a mess of his hair, and his eyes were red and puffy from weeping. Even the tip of his nose was a pink hue. Such a pathetic, weak god who was so easily manipulated by Nephthys from a distance had no right to long for someone as kind and steadfast as Anubis. The god of the night would surely be better off with someone else. So, why did the very thought make his heart throb in agony? The moon god was so lost in self-recrimination and despair; he didn't hear the light footsteps on the grass and stones until a shadow fell over him. "Khonsu." The voice was soft, full of hope and fear of rejection. Khonsu couldn't bring himself to look up. He thought his heart might break. Instead the other sat next to him. "When you weren't at your home, I hoped I might find you here." The jackal god flicked his toes in the cool water, releasing a deep sigh. "Ra and Nut explained everything. They told me what my... my mother had done." The dark god buried his fingers in his silver mottled hair and tugged in frustration. "I can't tell you how sorry I am. I know the words mean little, now, when it's done and over." He hunched over himself, gazing into the reflection of the moon in the rippling water. "I should have seen that it wasn't you, that something wasn't right." Anubis drew in a ragged breath. "I let myself be blinded by my own anger and heartache, while you were suffering, being used for my mother's spite against my father and me." The god blinked his onyx eyes and looked away from the image of the moon on the water. "I know it may take time for you to forgive me, and that you may never be able to do so. But know that I would spend every day trying to make amends for my mistake and show you how much I care for you if you'd let me." Khonsu didn't know how he still had any tears left in him, but they kept falling the more he heard the night god taking the blame. "No, Anu, if a part of me hadn't already been jealous of your children, she would have never been able to exploit it. It's not your fault, but mine! I wasn't strong enough..." He took a long, shuddering breath. "You don't deserve a pathetic being like me. You deserve so much better!" "I don't see you like that," Anubis said quickly. Unable to hold himself away from his mate any longer, he swept the smaller god into his arms and held him tight. "And deserving be damned! Maybe we deserve each other. And if we don't, I don't care. I need you, Khonsu. I don't think I deserve you, but I'm selfish. I need you. I'll do anything I have to in order to keep you by my side." The tears continued to overflow, and Khonsu's shoulders shook as he sobbed into Anubis's chest. "C-can't stop crying..." he gasped for breath for a moment before continuing. "G-Going to wet your robes..." "You're fine," Anubis said gently, rubbing his mate's back in big circles. "I'll just take them off. Maybe we can go skinny-dipping again." The moon god's face and neck began to glow pink as he blushed. He remembered one of those times...Khonsu had impulsively gone skinny dipping in that pool on a moonlit night, and Anubis not only caught him in the act, but joined him. "I-If you want to..." he stammered. "Do I want to see you bare, drops of water gleaming on your moon-kissed skin?" The jackal god's warm hand found Khonsu's knee and let his touch trail up his love's inner thigh. "Do I want to touch you, everywhere?" Anubus asked. "To prove to myself that this isn't a dream? That I truly have you back? That my hands are welcome on your skin and can bring you pleasure?" The dark god swept the tears from Khonsu's cheeks and gazed at his love with utter adoration in his ebony eyes. "How could I want anything else?" Khonsu whimpered and squirmed. "Any part of you is welcome on my skin and brings me pleasure," he whispered. His hands came up to cover Anu's own hands and kept them pressed against his face. As he blinked his silvery-blue eyes, both their robes disappeared. "Join me, Anubis. I refuse to be parted from you ever again." The jackal god's breath hitched, one hand staying to gently cup Khonsu's cheek as the other wrapped around his mate, crashing their bodies together. "I've waited, wanting to hear you say such a thing," Anubis choked out, pressing their foreheads together. "I feel like my heart might burst. It's so full." Khonsu nuzzled the tips of their noses together in a show of affection. "I want to set things right between us, to make up for the time we've lost," he admitted. Anubis nodded his eager agreement. "I'm not sure I'll be able to let you out of my sight, for a while," Anubis admitted, tracing his lover's features with his dark eyes and fingertips as though making sure the moon god wasn't a mirage. "I'll no doubt annoy you to madness, following you around like a puppy." The moon god gave Anubis a nearly blinding smile. "That won't be necessary. I will leave my head priests and priestesses in charge of the temples and my children. I plan to stay right beside you from now on. I don't want to be anywhere else." Anubis clenched his eyes closed, as though in pain, holding Khonsu tightly. When they opened, the moonlight glinted on the tears caught in his dark lashes, but no more fell. Anubis tipped his head down, catching his mate's lips in a sweet kiss filled with all the love and longing that he could never hope to express in words. Khonsu allowed the other god to kiss him as he wished. He was serious about making up for time lost. He'd send Tatiana a message the following day to pass along to the other temples about his decision. The pale-eyed god accepted the fact that they needed each other more than ever before. Both their children were strong and resilient. They would still thrive without them for a stretch of time. Anubis drew them to the soft mossy ground next to the rocks. "Let me love you," Anubis said desperately, the words interrupted by kisses to his mate's face and throat. Anu's hand slid between them to stroke Khonsu's length. "Let me taste you." The moon god gasped loudly as he reached down to take Anubis's hand into both of his to stop the stroking. "Y-you won't get the chance to if I spill myself so soon...that is to say, I'm terribly close!" he confessed. "Tell me what you want," Anubis whispered. Khonsu's hands clenched Anu's hands even tighter. The night god could whisper just about anything to him, and it'd do nothing but push him closer to the edge. "Just slide inside me and keep talking," he whimpered. Before Khonsu could blink his pretty eyes, Anubis was on his knees with his mate's legs spread wide. Anu paused, his rigid tip pressed against Khonsu's entrance. Anubis drank in the sight of his mate, etching it into his memory. Just as Khonsu was about to beg his lover to do something, Anubis snapped his hips forward, sheathing himself fully inside the moon god's welcoming depths. Khonsu clung to the night god's shoulders so hard that his nails dug into the skin. The immortal flesh easily gave way for the length. A god's body provided whatever the being needed the most from his partner. If the god enjoyed pain with his pleasure, then that's what he would feel upon being breached. However, all that the moon god felt was pure pleasure, heat, and a connection that he could never replicate with anyone else. "Sorry, love," he gasped in a shuddering breath. "Can't...concentrate..." "Let go," Anubis told him, thrusting again. "Don't be sorry." He began pumping his hips, pounding hard. "I love it. Give it to me." The jackal god's strong fingertips dug into Khonsu's hips, yanking him back into every rough thrust. "Let me have all of you." The moon god switched his grip on his partner's shoulders so that he could wrap his legs tightly around Anubis, eagerly meeting his thrusts, and just about losing his mind. In an impulsive move, he ducked forward to suck a brown nipple into his mouth. Khonsu latched onto it as if it were a delicious treat, his tongue pressing hard along the tip. "Ah!" Anubis gasped, thrusting deep and holding himself there, grinding inside his lover. The moon god smiled against Anu's skin. He was able to grind right back against him, which would have been a great time to savor the god of night's reactions. But, Khonsu couldn't control his own reactions at the moment. He keened, whimpered, and came in a glorious spurt. "Anu!" Anubis called out Khonsu's name as his mate's body tightened around him, pushing him over the edge, as well. The dark god drew back and thrust deep once more, filling his lover, before collapsing onto Khonsu's panting body. After a moment of deep breaths, Khonsu sought out Anubis's lips, giving him a gentle kiss. "Let's clean up and go home," he suggested. "Home," Anubis said softly, a sweet smile on his lips. "Yes, let's go home. Together."
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    Fury and Ire

    Elias shivered, his skin prickling. "Can we maybe go home? I think I'm recharged and I totally need a cuddle right now. Like, a puppy pile on the Omega sounds about perfect right now." He grinned. "Puppy and human and vampire pile." "I'm all for Eli's plan, guys," Quin seconded as he continued to hand out clothes for the werewolves to put back on. "Same here," Mateo added as he finished up. When he finished dressing, Pax joined them. The alpha then tensed when he felt a prickling behind him. As he turned his head, he was surprised to see two sets of glowing eyes hidden within the shadows of the woods. :: Pale yellow eyes flashed red briefly as Nephthys, the goddess of mourning and lamentation, lost her control on Khonsu's consciousness. "Blast," she hissed. "My son's slut keeps fighting my spell. I doubt it will hold for much longer." "Hmm, aren't you tired of playing with that moon god yet?" Apep asked, his deep voice conveying his boredom. There was little fun in watching his wife and her little vendetta anymore. It had grown tedious. Perhaps it was better to end the game and move on to bloodier enjoyments. The goddess let out a low sound of warning, akin to the 'kak' of a falcon as the talons at the end of her fingers extended. "I want him to suffer for having seduced my son," she insisted as her gaze settled on the group of men in the clearing. "Although, the loss of one of his beloved pets might work..." "And what do you plan to do to the poor sniveling creature, love?" Apep asked, much more interested than he'd been a moment before. "Those three pups," she pointed out. "I believe it's time they learned what the wrath of a true goddess is..." Just at that moment, the alpha of the group turned to gaze right at them. "I do believe someone may sense our intent, dearest," Apep purred, the pupil of his bronze eyes expanding. "Perhaps it's time to act. I'd adore joining you in spilling their blood on the ground for the little moon god to weep over." The talons on Neph's other hand extended as a malevolent smile formed on her face. "By all means," she practically purred. "Join me." As the two gods emerged from the shadows, the group before them quickly stopped and stared. Pax immediately stood in front of his mates. Mateo and January were behind him. Eli was next to them. But, Quinlan and Nolan were the closest to where the gods emerged. "Nolan! Quin!" Pax called out in a voice laced with fear. Fear for his mates. "Get out from-" The movements were so fast that, by the time Pax finished yelling out his desperate plea, Quin was on the ground, bleeding. Mateo held January around the waist as the redheaded vampire's shriek joined with everyone else's. "QUIN!" Neph's pupils shrank down from being almost fully dilated to mere pinpricks within her eerie yellow eyes. As she lifted her taloned hand from the openings in the human's chest, blood spread faster across the cloth of his shirt. "Cavorting with men..." she hissed. Nephthys had ankle-length hair that had feathered patterns displayed within it. The top half was brown, tied up in an intricate knot, and the bottom half was white. But, the strands were hovering around in segments that blended into her aura of pure ire. "Such a shame that you came out just like my son. Useless." "Heh," Apep mused as he gently toed the unconscious vampire that had the misfortune of lunging towards Neph and being bashed against a tree. The force ended up rolling Nolan's unconscious body until it slowed to a stop next to Quin's. "Whoops. Don't know my own strength." January saw red. But, even through his haze of fury, he was able to quickly assess the situation. Nephthys was dangerous to mortals such as humans. His werewolf mates could very well take her on for a little while. Apep, however, was known to be quite powerful and unpredictable. The choice was quite simple. The redheaded vampire quickly tossed a portal into the ground and dropped into it. The portal exited over Apep's head, which Jany kicked as he fell from it. Before the angered god could touch him, the vampire rushed into the woods, drawing the serpent god away from his mates. "Big mistake, little leech," Apep growled as he chased after the vampire. Neph's attention was centered on the three werewolves. "I'm going to need that Omega of yours," she stated in a deceptively soft tone of voice. She held out her bloody hand, talons facing upward. "Won't you hand him over to me?" She frowned when all three men shifted into wolves and took off into the woods. "Of course not..." As Nephthys left the clearing to hunt the werewolves down, Nolan's eyes shot open. He had pretended to remain unconscious so as not to draw any attention to him and Quin. The vampire had gone as far as to roll as close as possible to Quinlan previously when he had been shoved by Apep's foot. Though his survival instincts were clearly intact, his thoughts were not for himself. "Quinlan!" He cried out. The human's royal blue eyes were only half open as he gazed towards the vampire. "Nono...you're ok?" He asked in a weak tone of voice. Everything had been such a blur; he didn't know the full details of what happened. All that he knew was that the bright light of the goddess that emerged from the woods was dark and full of murderous intent. He thought to distract her while Nolan rushed over to their other mates. But, the next thing he knew, a sharp pain speared him through the chest. The blond was pale and breathing much faster than he wanted to. He felt increasingly cold. "You're the one who's not ok!" Nolan keened as he moved around the human in rapid movements, faster than the human eye could see. The vampire was rapidly placing protective symbols into the ground around Quin. "I need your consent to turn you. Hurry! Yes or no?" However, the human continued talking in a hoarse tone of voice as if he hadn't heard the other man. "I'd have done it again in a heartbeat..." He wheezed weakly. "Wouldn't have bene able to live without you..." "Then don't make me live without you!" Nolan begged. "Let me turn you, please, Quinlan!" The blond merely smiled at the orange-eyed vampire before promptly passing out. Nolan clutched Quin to him, despair curling in his chest before stiffening his spine and laying his human down carefully among the symbols he'd hurriedly scratched in the dirt. "I'm going to take that smile you gave me as a yes," Nolan said fiercely, even as tears pricked his orange eyes. "Because if you don't want to live without me, that means you want to live with me." The vampire bit the tip of his finger and began painting scarlet hieroglyphics to invoke the gifts of Anubis. "If I'm wrong, you can yell at me later, but at least you'll be alive to do it." Nolan leaned down to draw a mouthful of Quin's blood into his mouth; his wounds offered plenty. "I hope this is what you want, but I can't let you go." Nolan bit deeply into his wrist and pressed it to Quinlan's lips, letting the bright blood fall into his mouth. Nolan held his wrist there as he leaned over to lay a gentle kiss on his human's forehead, leaving a smear of their mingled blood behind. For a moment, there was no movement save from the blood dripping into the back of Quin's throat. Then, the human began to swallow. The blond man was a bit confused at first, thinking that perhaps he was drinking a honey-infused tea. But, he finally realized that it was Nolan's blood that was pooling in his mouth. The vampire's blood was unbelievably delicious. If he had any real energy left, he'd have surely sucked Nolan dry. Instead, he consumed what fell onto his tongue until Nolan finally pulled the wrist away. A flash of light shone briefly through Quin's vivid blue eyes before they shut closed once more. With a final, deep breath, Quin's chest stopped rising. Nolan felt the panic build back up until he felt his throat close up. The orange-eyed vampire then noticed the tanned tips of Quinlan's fingers were becoming a lighter hue in increments. As the color steadily began to rise, Nolan began to weep with pure relief. "Thank Anubis," he whimpered as he pressed another kiss to the human's forehead. Nolan felt a shiver run down his spine. Dawn was fast approaching. In a fast blur, he rushed over to the clearing to grab the quilt that the group had brought with them to stare up at the night sky and laid it down next to Quin. He then used the quilt to carefully drag the blond further into the woods. None of the texts he had read said anything about what sunlight would do to a recently changed vampire. But, Nolan wasn't going to take any chances. He found the darkest and thickest part of the woods and propped Quinlan against the trunk of a tree. He was relieved that the blue-eyed man was no longer bleeding and that the lighter hued skin had already risen halfway up his upper arms. Feeling paranoid about the sun, the vampire pulled off his protective sweater and dressed Quin with it. He made sure that the hoodie covered the blond's head and the attached mask covered his face. When he was finally satisfied with Quinlan's protection, Nolan tossed the massive quilt over them both like a cloth cave as he waited for the change to finish running its course. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he cuddled the other man to him. He worried about the others. They had nearly lost Quin. He didn't know what he'd do if he lost any other member of his new family...there were so many things that he still wanted to learn about them. He never got the chance to repay them for their kindness and the love they'd shown him. He prayed to Anubis to protect them so that he would still have the opportunity to love and care for them back. :: Though January had managed to dodge another cobra that had been launched at him, he wasn't fast enough to evade the dagger that shortly followed. The blade had grazed his thigh and slowed him down even further, which was not good when facing against such a powerful being as a god. The redhead knew that Apep was merely toying with him. He was little more than entertainment. But, he'd rather have the cobra-eyed god's attention on him rather than on his beloved mates. "All out of tricks, little leech?"Apep hissed in a snake-like manner, the sound carrying through the woods. Jany glanced up at the immense trees and decided to take a risk. He used a portal to teleport himself to the higher branches of an immense ponderosa pine tree. He then grabbed one of the pine cones and dropped it right on top of the god's head. Apep let out a surprised sound before his eerie eyes peered up at the trees. The black sclera that surrounded the eyes cast his bronze irises into a contrast that was visible even from so high up. "Want to play up high, do you?" he taunted. In the blink of an eye, the vampire's back was slammed against the bark of the tree as Apep held the redhead's chin. "So pretty. It's a shame I don't bat for the other team. Oh! I don't even gotta do much to you, do I?" He commented as he saw a blister forming on the back of the vampire's hand from sunlight exposure as the redhead struggled to dislodge him without success. The wide bands of scales going down the god's back glinted as they reflected off the light of the rising sun. "The sunlight itself could easily do you in!" Apep concluded with a twisted smile. "Don't have to even lift a finger." A loud cracking sound and a perilous dip from the branch breaking startled Apep enough to move elsewhere as Jany plummeted towards the ground. The redhead dove through another portal and crashed against the top of another tree. He quickly pulled the hood of his sweater up around him. But, as he began to pull his mask on, Apep appeared before him once again and knocked it right out of his hands. "Tsk-tsk," Apep tutted. "None of that, little leech. If you're so scared of the sun, then all I have to do is..." The branch below them wobbled as the god transformed into a giant cobra and coiled himself tightly around the vampire, pinning him in place as the sun continued to rise. Apep snickered delightedly as he saw steam rising off the alabaster skin. "Yessss, this will do quite nicely..." he mused telepathically. Jany cried out as blisters began to form on his forehead and cheeks. The coils around him merely tightened in place. The purple-eyed vampire's mind raced. Apep was, once again, merely playing with him. His werewolf mates didn't have that luxury. Nephthys was obviously furious. He didn't have time to waste here, especially since the sun would soon weaken him to the point that his powers would no longer pose a threat. With a deep breath, January quickly shifted into his bat form and glided his way to another tree. He shifted back into his vampire form just as the gigantic cobra launched himself towards him. Even as the sun's rays licked at his skin, the redhead concentrated and created a portal large enough for the head of the cobra to go through. He then passed the portal over the serpent and sealed it shut halfway through. The sickening sound of sliced flesh was heard as the remaining tail fell to the floor of the woods and began to flail about. A wave of dizziness fell upon Jany, and he had to brace himself against the bark of the tree until it passed. He had never used so much of his power before. Hell, he hadn't even known that he could even create a portal that large. But, it wasn't the time to dwell on such things. January pulled the hood of his sweater over his head and made a small portal to drop safely back to the ground. Only one thought ricocheted its way through his head. He needed to find his mates. :::: The three werewolves, still in wolf form, slowed down to a stop when they came across an area of the woods that was far too thick to pass through. The trees were enormous, and the roots were so thick that it towered over their forms by several feet. At any other time, the three of them would marvel at the majestic sight. However, they were being cornered by a furious goddess with murderous intent. As if summoned up by their frantic thoughts, Nephthys approached them. "Which one of you is the Omega?" she questioned in demand. Pax let out a rumbling growl as his silver wolf form stiffened and the fur stood on end. She was after Elias. His only thoughts were of protecting his mate. Therefore, he ran and lunged, aiming toward the goddess's neck. As a mortal, he had no hope to truly kill her. But, if he wounded her enough, his mates could have enough time to run and hide. Nephthys shifted out of the way at the last moment and swiped her taloned hand along the wolf's side. Four streaks of seeping blood marred Pax's pale coat. Just as the wolf attacked her a second time, she once again moved quickly aside, using his own momentum to slam him against the ground. "Ah!"she cried out when Mateo took the opportunity to bite into her shoulder while she was distracted. "You damned dog!" She hissed as she reached behind her to grab one of Mat's forearms, and then threw the dark wolf over her head in a blind fit of rage. Mateo's large form knocked into Elias as they were both slammed against a boulder. Panicked for his mates, Pax continued to lunge at the goddess. He ended up receiving another set of wounds on the other side for his efforts. When Mat came to, he let out a pained whimper when he realized that if he put too much weight on his right forearm, it stung way too hard. Was the bone broken? The dark wolf didn't have any time to think about it as his attention was drawn to a familiar face rapidly approaching from the side. January was surely heading towards the unconscious Eli beside him. Mateo couldn't allow Nephthys to catch sight of the vampire. So, he forced himself to head towards the goddess and Pax, hobbling on three legs, in order to distract her. January didn't waste the opportunity to look his mate over. "My emerald," he whispered as he gently checked for any injuries. There was a slight bump behind one of his ears, but otherwise, the young wolf seemed to be in one piece. Eli's green eyes suddenly shot open as the wolf struggled to get to his feet. Jany frowned and held him steady. "Don't move so fast, my love. You could be suffering a concussion," he warned. But, Elias's gaze was on his other two mates in the distance. When Mateo let out a yelp from a painful blow, the Omega broke out of the vampire's hold and ran right towards Nephthys. His sharp canines dug into the goddess's ankle, and he refused to let go. "You fucking little shit!" she bellowed. Nephthys felt a surprising amount of pain from the contact, but she quickly reached down to clutch Elias by the back of his throat, fully intent on throwing him just as she had thrown Mateo earlier. However, as soon as her hand made contact with the Omega, she felt a sharp sting. Her eerie yellow eyes widened and shook with tremulous fear as she lifted her hand to her face. Small golden sparks ran down her hand and wrist. As the strange sparks continued to pass their way down, her ethereal glow disappeared, and she felt an increasing amount of pain. "What is this? What are you doing to me?"she gasped fretfully. "AH!" she screamed as she held her dimming arm with her other hand. Though Nephthys was in clear physical pain for the first time in her entire existence, she fought through it. She only managed to land a few scratches on the Omega before more and more of her body weakened further in throbbing aches. The goddess fell to her knees as the golden sparks trailed down her feather-patterned hair until the top half was a normal brown devoid of markings and the bottom half was a plain white. She reached out towards the growling Elias and noticed, for the first time, the sun marking on the wolf's face. "Ra?" She hissed in question. As if she had summoned him personally, a sunbeam shone into the center of their area, and Ra himself manifested within it. Ra's hair seemed to be made out of spun gold and fell to his shoulders in luxurious waves. The hair was a lovely contrast to his olive-hued skin. His eyes were hazel at the moment, but they shifted into all the colors of the rainbow depending on his mood and his thoughts. The hazel was quickly changing into a furious ruby hue as the male god glanced about. The god of Light and Life had a stern expression on his face that transformed into a downright scowl as he regarded the aftermath of Neph's actions. He glanced around and immediately assessed the lives within a five-mile radius of where he stood. The silver alpha seemed to be the one in most need of medical attention, having nearly completely bled out. Ra quickly healed him along with Mateo's broken bones and injuries. The red-violet haired vampire was next. Devoid of his usual mask, January's face had been all but seared off. Ra healed the raw skin and formed a new mask over Jany's face. He could see the aura of two fledgling vampires in the distance, but they were in no immediate danger just yet. The golden god then took hold of Neph's forehead. "Nephthys, goddess of mourning and lamentation," Ra voiced aloud. "You who have laid your hands on one of my chosen children...I sentence you to a life of mortality and all that it entails, including the perpetual cycle of reincarnation. I strip you of all your memories of ever being a goddess." A bright flash of light emanated from Ra's hand where he touched Nephthys. A moment later, the mortalized woman fell to the ground, asleep. Ra then turned towards the group of mates and urged them closer. He knelt down when the Omega padded his way over to him. His hands gently pet the top of Eli's head as he healed him from all of his minor injuries and sent a warm, soothing wave through him. "Everything will be fine, my child," Ra assured him in a much gentler tone of voice. "Now that we have found the gods behind such discord, your patron gods will be at peace, as will your clans,"he explained before turning towards the vampire. "I noted that only half of Apep seems to be in this plane. You will have to tell me where you transported his other half so that I may be able to punish him accordingly." "Understood," Jany replied. "Come then, all of you," Ra prompted. "Let us go to your remaining mates so that I may offer them protections...then, you can go home together." One by one, Elias, Pax, and Mateo shifted back into their human forms as they followed Ra back towards the clearing they had been in before. By the time they reached the area where Nolan and Quinlan were, the blond had just started to sit up. The pair of them were surrounded by birds and other woodland creatures, that scattered instantly when Elias quickly gave him a hug, relief flooding him at the sight of the other man alive. "Whoa there, Eli," Quin warned, even though he hugged the Omega back just as tightly. "I'm starving as all fuck, but for blood, and I don't wanna hurt you. This is so weird..." January couldn't help the wide grin on his face as he gave Nolan a hard kiss on the lips. "Well done, Nolan!" Nolan just shook his head as he looked away. He couldn't regret saving Quinlan, but guilt was already gnawing in his chest. He only hoped Quin would eventually be able to forgive him once his former human understood the magnitude of what Nolan had done. The orange-eyed vampire couldn't help but smile at Eli's excitement, though. "You missed it!" Eli said, nearly climbing all over Quinlan. "Look, that's fucking Ra! He came down and smote the crap out of that bitch-goddess! He healed everyone up, like new. And you're alive! Shit, I'm so glad you're okay! Fuck, I need to stop swearing in front of Ra." The Omega ducked his head. "Dammit, I did it again. I'm going to stop talking now." The gorgeous god merely smiled at the Omega. The words his granddaughter has used to describe Elias fluttered to his mind briefly, 'the spunky one.' Ra reached out to gently ruffle the top of Eli's head. "I prefer that you speak to me with familiarity. You are one of my chosen children. All of you are." "Not to be rude in front of Ra himself but, I'm just sooooo hungry," Quin confessed as he eyed Mateo. "Mat, you've got the most blood flowing in ya right now...please?" "Oh, sure," Mat said with a shy smile, sitting down next to Quin and Eli. "How would you like me?" "Right here," Quin said as he patted the spot right next to him. "Right now. Yes, please?" Mateo scooted closer. "You know biting excites me, right?" the wolf whispered, making Eli grin and roll off of Quin's lap so he could watch without being in the way. A keening sound came out of Quin as he quickly found himself on Mat's lap, nuzzling the side of his neck. "I won't hurt him, will I, Jany?" He asked. "He's your mate, Quin," January replied. "You'll be fine." Quin bit his lower lip before giving the skin a gentle kiss. "Sorry if this hurts," he apologized to Mat as he carefully sank his sharp canines into the flesh. They were sharper than he realized. They were barely a quarter through the skin when a generous flow of blood began to fill his mouth. The blond moaned as he sucked and continued to swallow the precious fluid. "As soon as he gets his fill," Ra suggested, drawing the attention back to him. "I will send all of you home, how does that sound?" "You have our deepest gratitude," Pax responded Eli didn't even hear them, entranced with watching Mateo and Quinlan. Mat moaned, tipping his head further to the side and drawing his arms around Quin to pull their bodies close. The newly made vampire obliged by wrapping his legs around Mat's waist, making the wolf shiver as they rubbed together. Quin was dressed, though his clothes were a bit worse for wear, but Mateo was bare since they hadn't thought to grab their belongings in all the excitement. Wolves were comfortable running around in just skin or fur. They hadn't really thought about it. It led to delicious friction between Mateo's hardening length and Quinlan's soft jeans. It also meant that it was clear to anyone who wanted to look that their little Omega was enjoying the show. As soon as Quin pulled away, giving the wounds a gentle lick, Ra gave a deep chuckle. In the blink of an eye, they were all in their bedroom in Pax's house. The clothes and shoes they had left at the clearing were piled in the corner. "I think we should take turns in the bathtub. Three and three," Pax urged. "It will not only clean us up, but it'll soothe our adrenaline-withdrawn bodies." "Quinlan should go first, Master," Nolan said, sidling up to Pax. "The warmth and closeness to others will help his transition." "Looks like the first trio's been decided," January announced as he all but shoved Pax, Quin, and Nolan into the bathroom and shut the door behind them. Nolan had forged a new bond with the blond as his Maker, so, the redhead wanted them to adjust to that new bond. Pax, who was a steady and protective presence, would provide more stability than the others, at least to start with. Pax was more than happy to settle into warm water with his two mates. When the three of them were seated, Quinlan couldn't stop raking his own hands through the platinum locks atop his head. "Guys," the blue-eyed vampire urged as he took a hand from Pax and Nolan and placed them on top of his head. "You gotta feel this...my hair's super soft!" Pax smiled gently, stroking his fingers through the new vampire's blond locks. "It was soft before," the alpha commented. "Now it's like spun silk." Nolan reached out without thinking, then pulled his hand back, shifting awkwardly in the tub. "Nono? Don't you want to feel it, too?" Quinlan asked. "I do," Nolan said quietly as he stared at his hands under the water. "I didn't think you'd want me to touch you after what I did." Vivid blue eyes peered right into orange as Quin shifted closer to Nolan, invading his personal space. "Oh? What do you mean, Nono? Why wouldn't I want you to touch me?" "I took away your choice... I turned you without your consent." Nolan wrapped his arms around himself. "You could turn me in for it. It's a crime. You should do it. I deserve to be punished, because I'd do it again." Quinlan placed an arm on either side of the tub, trapping Nolan within them. "You're wrong," he insisted. "It wasn't a crime. It was an act of love...at least on my part, Ithought it was love..." Nolan sucked in a ragged breath, crystalline tears gathering in his bright eyes before spilling down his pale cheeks. He dropped his head, hiding behind his inky hair. "I-I know it was wrong," Nolan choked out. "I'm so sorry. I know we haven't been mates long, but I love you already. You were dying. I couldn't lose you. I know it's selfish, but I just couldn't let you go when I've barely had any time by your side." Nolan swiped at his cheeks, ashamed of his tears when it was Quinlan who had been wronged. Nolan had no right to cry. The blond's eyes widened when he saw the sweet vampire crying. He hadn't meant to push him so far. Of course, he had clearly heard the breathtaking confession Nolan had cried out mere moments before he blacked out. The nubile vampire merely wanted to goad his Maker into saying some more lovely things. "Hey," he responded gently as he wiped Nolan's tears away. "I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Of course, you had my consent, Nolan. I love you, too. You're my hero, even!" "Quinlan is right," Pax agreed, wary about finding the right moment to step in. "If he had died, we would have all felt the blow. We are very grateful for what you've done." Quin tugged Nolan against him, marveling at how the other vampire felt warm to him now instead of cold. "I love you, Nolan," he whispered as he pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "And I thank you for saving me." "Thought...thought you were gonna die," Nolan sobbed, holding tight to his mate. "And it was just me there. I was all alone. I'm not brave or smart like the rest of you. I didn't know what to do. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't care. I couldn't let you die." Quin gently rubbed Nolan's back. "That's not true, you're plenty brave and smart," he countered softly. "Do you have any idea how much I adore you?" Pax had to suppress a laugh. He had been around the blond long enough to realize when he was teasing a mate to fish for compliments and words of love. So, in spite of the weeping vampire, it was quite amusing to see Quin wrapped so tightly around their newest mate's little finger. "No..." Nolan answered honestly, his dark lashes thickened with tears making his lambent eyes look huge. "I didn't know that." "Well, I do. Very, very much," the blond vampire insisted. "And that's why I'm glad you turned me. I want to hold you like this for many years to come; forever, if that's possible." "As do I," Pax added, ruffling the top of Nolan's head with one of his large brown hands. He then tugged both vampires against him effortlessly. "I want to hold both of you." "You're large enough," Nolan said seriously as he curled against his master's warmth. "You can do that easily." Pax smiled at his two mates. "Now then, have you two kissed and made up yet?" He asked. Quinlan brightened right up. "That's a great idea!" He admitted as he reached over to tug Nolan into a kiss. The dark-haired vampire moaned softly, shifting on Pax's lap so Quin could claim his mouth fully. Nolan could feel a second bond between himself and the blond. They were mates, and Nolan was Quinlan's Maker, as well. It made Nolan even more attuned to the new vampire. When they pulled away, royal blue eyes were glowing. "Pax hasn't taken you yet...and you haven't taken me. So, you wanna knock two birds down with one stone? Have Pax inside you while you're inside me?" He asked. "Y-you would let me?" Nolan asked, surprised, an excited flush rising to his pale cheeks. "You do so well with Eli. I thought you prefer that." "I like either way equally. I find pleasure in both," Quin confessed. He then gently slapped a hand on Pax's chest. "Pax here is the only one that prefers topping to bottoming. Though, he can be convinced to bottom on occasion." "I-I think I'd enjoy him topping me," Nolan whispered shyly. "Very much." "Which is why I suggested it," Quin pointed out. "But first, how do you want me?" :: a/n: Change of plans. We decided to open up the next segment of this story into its own arc at a later date. There are still 4-5 chapters left of this arc, however. So, enjoy!
  11. HinderToyBL

    A Moonlit Romp

    "No!" Anubis gasped, waving a hand to dress himself in his dark robes. He nearly ran from the room, searching everywhere for his moon god and calling Khonsu's name with growing desperation. With another wave of his hand, Anubis tore the front door from its hinges, following the scent of Khonsu and the lingering smell of sex with it outside. Familiar footprints trailed across the sand garden, suddenly disappearing before the edge. Anubis roared with desolate rage. He had lost his moon god, again. The dark-eyed god swore it would be for the last time. Everything was wrong with the situation. Only this time, it had been revealed that something was tearing them apart against his mate's will. The god of the night turned on his heel, ready to seek out the only other god who had ever been able to comfort him in his grief when Khonsu had broken his heart time and again. Anubis would find his father, the God of Chaos, Set. :: Thoth was out in the celestial garden that surrounded the home of his two fathers. His grey eyes were narrowed in concentration as he read a floating scroll that his dad, Horus, was holding up for him with effortless power. The scroll depicted a complicated spell that would ensure the balance of an entire eco-system. But, Thoth's concentration was quickly shot when he sensed the presence of one of his most favorite people. "Dad, I'll be right back!" The young god exclaimed as he quickly teleported to where he felt the presence of Anubis. The god of night had apparently manifested on the other side of the garden. "Hey, big brother!" Thoth called out as he rushed over towards him. "Hey," Anubis responded, forcing a smile onto his face. "How's the wisest guy I know?" Thoth gave his half-brother a tight hug. "The usual," he responded as Anubis gave his white, shaggy hair a pat. "Learning complex spells with dad Horus." "Ugh, he's a slave driver," Anubis teased, knowing his little brother loved everything that he was taught. The young god was like a sponge. "Hey, uh, where's father Set? I just needed to speak with him about something." "He's just inside," Thoth responded. He then scrutinized the night god's appearance, as well as the tense look on Anu's face. His voice then lowered in volume to a whisper. "Is it about a K-h-o-n-s-u thing?" He asked, instantly concerned about his sibling. Anubis stiffened, his false smile falling away. "Don't tell dad Horus, alright?" Anubis finally said softly. "You know how he gets." Thoth gave him a solemn nod. "I'll keep him distracted while you two talk," he offered. "But, I can't guarantee that it'll work for very long." "Thank you, brother," Anubis said giving Thoth another quick hug. "Do you know where father and dad are, exactly, so that I can find one and avoid the other?" "Dad Horus is out on the other side of the garden with me. Father Set's in his study," the younger god replied. Anubis nodded, ruffling his half-brother's soft, snowy white hair one more time as he hurried inside. His family lived in a generally small home, but it was surrounded by an enormous garden. The flowers and plants were special celestial species that could never thrive on the mortal plane. Every several years, his fathers would entertain themselves by re-landscaping. The two of them were older gods, so creation came easier to them. In fact, it was the offspring of their generation that Ra assigned the task of designing children on the mortal plane to. Some gods, like Anubis, had a clear mind what they wanted their mortal children to be like. Others, like Khonsu, had gone to Ra with charts and scrolls of information detailing everything from personality dynamics to the chain of authority. The night god felt a stab of pain in his heart when he recalled the excitement on his lover's face when he described to him the concept of Omega werewolves. "…in essence, they are families within families, you see?" Khonsu had explained. "The temple hands serve the communities. The community is made up of different packs…the packs are families and extended families with alphas, betas, and at least one Omega. The omegas are like children. They bring joy, warmth, and life to almost everyone!" The god of night shook his head to clear his thoughts. It wouldn't do for him to dwell in nostalgia; not if he wanted Khonsu at his side once more. He needed to focus on the present. Anubis needed to find out what was going on if he had any hope of reuniting with his love. "Father?" Anubis said softly as he walked through the study door and shut it behind him. He walked into the spacious room and regarded his father. Set had thick, black hair that was down to his shoulders, though it used to be longer when he and Horus had been children and adolescents. Anubis had inherited his father's black eyes. Though the younger god's skin was a warm tan, it was still a couple of shades lighter than the russet hue of his father's skin-tone. Though Horus was not his biological father, he had helped raise Anubis since he was but a few months old. The white in Anubis's hair had nothing to do with the white in Horus's hair, but it still pleased the night god that he truly appeared as if he were the biological son of both his fathers. In addition to the white, Horus had navy blue streaks in his hair. His father Horus also had hazel eyes and an umber brown skin tone. Anubis's mother walked out of Set's life and abandoned her son when he was still a baby. Set placed the book he was reading aside, a murder mystery, as some of the mortals enjoyed. As he stood up, his pencil-straight, black hair swung just above his shoulders. "Son? What brings you here in person?" He asked, concern already etched in his voice as he gave Anubis a hug. "Khonsu..." Anubis grit his teeth and continued. "He came to me last night. It was the same as last time, and yet different. He was a goddess at first, enraged because he thought someone was meddling with his Omegas. We spoke, and I told him everything again, everything in my heart. He melted and became my love again." Anubis paced in agitation, running a hand through his gray and white tresses. "When I came back from running him a bath, you remember how he loves those?" Anubis shook his head, forcing himself to focus. "My Khonsu was flickering between goddess and god, and he was crying out for my help. I went to him, and he settled back to the way he should be. He was frightened, Father. He said he couldn't control the change; that he had only meant to be a goddess for a short time, and then come back to me. He didn't know how long he'd been a goddess. He was so distressed." The night god allowed his hands fall to his sides. "When I awoke, he was gone. He left no message. It was just as before. He said he'd forgiven me. We forgave each other. And now he's gone. I sent word to where he watches his earthly temples on my way here." Anubis shook his head in frustration. "I was told the Goddess wasn't present and that she would never speak to a vile snake such as myself, regardless," Anubis lifted his ebony eyes, fully of despair, and looked into his father's equally black ones. "I've lost him again, and not by his choice. It was never by his choice. I've failed him a thousand times, angry and hurt at his actions when he needed my help." The frown on Set's face was so constant throughout his son's ranting that he feared it would permanently remain on his face. "You say he can't control the change? That he hadn't meant to be a goddess for more than a short while?" he urged. "Was switching genders something he was always able to do?" "No," Anubis said emphatically. "Last night, he said he had gone to Hapi when he was angry, so long ago, and convinced Hapi to give him the ability temporarily. But something must have gone wrong. It's twisted into a curse!" "Hapi..." the older god thought aloud. "Then, I will talk to Hapi...find out what he knows about the curse and if he knows how to reverse it." The door to the study opened. Anubis had barely turned towards it when he was swept into a tight embrace that lifted him entirely from the ground. He was blinded by the riot of hair, white and navy blue layers that seemed to fluff in agitation. "That wretched beast has hurt you again, don't try to deny it," a familiar voice said, the words vibrating with rage. "I'll flay the skin from his gender-swapping hide, I swear it." Anubis pulled his head back enough to see over the shoulder of the man holding him. Thoth looked utterly chagrined, standing in the doorway. The teen god lifted his hand in an awkward wave. "Sorry, Anu," Thoth said. "Dad figured out you that were here and why." Anubis sighed heavily as his feet touched the floor and looked up into sharp hazel eyes. "Hello, Dad," Anubis said quietly. "Horus, allow him to breathe," Set sighed. "This time, we feel it is not all Khonsu's doing." The god of kinship and the sky stopped ranting, but the frown remained on his face. Horus had been one of the many witnesses of his stepson's tumultuous relationship with the god of the moon. Though he deeply disapproved, due to all of the pain that Anubis had endured, he firmly respected his husband's decision. Set and Horus had suffered a tumultuous relationship as well, in a sense. The two of them were childhood rivals and best friends in their adolescence. When they had an argument of epic proportions, they parted long enough for Set to have been seduced by a female goddess named Nephthys. That was when Horus had suffered heartbreak and realized just how deep his love of Set had been. He had watched over the new family from a distance, as a friend. But, the god of the sky stepped right in when the goddess Nephthys abandoned them. Horus never found out all of the details of why she left Set, but his husband explained most of it to him. He said that she had found out about Set's true feelings for his once rival and best friend. Horus hadn't left Set's side ever since. In the case of his stepson, Anubis, Horus was quite protective of him. He viewed Anubis as his own son. When Ra granted them the chance to have another child by temporarily allowing Set to conceive, Thoth also came into their lives, and their family felt complete. But, nothing could ever change the paternal instinct to protect and provide for his stepson, even long after the god of the night became an adult. "We can explain everything while we go to find Hapi," Anubis said resolutely, drawing his dad Horus back to the present. "I won't fail Khonsu again." :: The home of Hapi in the God Realm looked more like a business building than an actual house. When the three men entered, they were greeted by a female receptionist with light blue hair and honey-hued eyes. She spoke into an intercom to announce their arrival. "Welcome," she greeted. "She will see you now," she added as she motioned towards a set of double doors. Hapi was there, inside an office walled with books, leaning against a desk. He was a god with a truly mixed gender. From the waist up, he was female with an androgynous face. From the hips down, he was male. He wore a business suit with a thinly striped jacket and matching pants. The white blouse inside had no tie, and the first few buttons were undone, showing the cleft of his voluptuous chest. His skin was turquoise in hue, his hair was a dark teal, and his eyes were blue. The dark teal locks were pulled back in a half-ponytail. For millennia, the other gods and the mortals referred to Hapi as male. His temple followers and those close to him in the God Realm, however, referred to Hapi as female. The God himself didn't mind how he was addressed, as he seemed to truly celebrate being both genders. "How may I help you, gentlemen?" Hapi asked in a bell-like voice that could lend itself to either gender. "My mate, Khonsu. The gift you gave him to temporarily change genders has been corrupted," Anubis explained, his tone dark and serious. "It's become permanent, and he can't control it. I could accept him as a goddess. I would love Khonsu no matter the form. But when he's a goddess, he is enraged and bitter and loses himself. He came to me last night and told me he didn't have control of it. The changes are affecting his mind in terrible ways. He...he was frightened. He wants it to stop." Anubis dropped to one knee; something the prideful god didn't even do in front of Ra. "I beg you to tell us how to remove the gift you've bestowed upon my mate." Hapi immediately reached out to help Anubis stand back up. "You are talking to a fertility god," he insisted. "I don't bestow gifts like that unless they lead to sweet, celestial babies like your half-brother Thoth." The teal-haired god then fixed the cuffs of his suit. "I assure you that Khonsu has never come to see me. If he had, I would have gladly given the gift. Everyone knows how crazy you and Khonsu are about each other. You would have made lovely children together." "You mean to say that it wasn't you who gave Khonsu the ability to switch genders?" Set asked. "No," Hapi responded. "It was not me." Anubis shook his head, trying to sort through this new information. His heart had held on, believing that they could come to Hapi and convince the deity to show them how to fix everything. Anubis would then have his loving, if somewhat high-strung, mate back and all would be well. "No, you must not remember," Anubis said, desperation creeping into his words. "It's been a very long time since my mortal children and Khonsu's first came into existence. Please, he said it was you. We need to know how to make him well again!" Set placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "We will get to the bottom of this, my son," he assured him. "Hapi, do you know of any other gods that can bestow that kind of power?" "Ra himself, for one, as you well know..." Hapi mused aloud. "Osiris, Isis...even your ex, Set. Nephthys." Set and Horus exchanged meaningful glances. There was a moment of silence that was nearly suffocating. Then, the sound of the youngest god in the room seemed to bounce off the walls. "That conniving bitch of a whore!" Anubis roared, whirling on his heel and striding from the room so quickly he was nearly sprinting, his long legs eating up the distance in moments. "Shit," Horus hissed, his white and blue hair ruffling around him. He turned to Hapi and bowed respectfully. "Thank you for your assistance, Hapi. I apologize for Anu's outburst. This has all been very hard on him. We have a good idea now of who is behind all of this. Thank you for seeing us so quickly." "Of course," Hapi said quickly, watching Anubis's retreating back in concern. "May I ask who you suspect?" "Nephthys," Set said with a growl. "Anu's biological mother." "I'm so sorry," Hapi said softly. "Please come to me if there's anything I can do to help. I'll leave word that you should be shown to me immediately if you have need to come back." "Thank you, again," Horus said, looking over his shoulder. Anubis was no longer in sight. "If you would excuse us?" "Oh, yes. Of course." Hapi said, raising a hand to shoo them. "Go. Your son needs you." Hapi smiled and called out as they left. "And if you need help making another little bundle like your sweet Thoth, you know where I am." :: January and Nolan were both dressed in protective outfits. They kept their gloves and masks off since it was still nightfall, but they both had long-sleeve hoodies, long pants, and shoes on their feet. The hoodie that Jany gave Nolan had a layer around the neck that could be pulled up into a mask immediately, just in case. Vampires could change into their bat form and back while keeping their clothes. However, werewolves would lose their clothes in another dimension in the midst of their change if they didn't take them off first. When the group walked through the portal, they ended up in a clearing within solitary woods. The full moon was large and bright that night. Quin was distracted from the view of the stars by the sight of his werewolf mates shedding their clothing and setting it aside. Before the blonde could ask why they were stripping, the three of them shifted into their wolf forms. Nolan and Quin were all over the wolves in seconds. January smirked at the sight and then knelt down to gently buckle a collar around Eli's neck. "Who would you like to carry you this time, Nolan?" the redheaded vampire asked. "Pax or Mat?" Mat barked, bouncing as he hopped around Nolan like an over-caffeinated puppy. "If Master Pax doesn't mind, I think Mateo might like to carry me," Nolan said with a blush and a giggle. Mat yipped once, dropping his behind to sit next to Nolan, his large jaws split in a tongue-lolling, wolfish smile. He leaned his big furry body against the slender vampire, making Nolan laugh outright. Pax gave Mateo's cheek a lick to let him know that it was fine. Quinlan gave Pax affectionate scratches around his neck. "Well, since you are the alpha, I suppose you better lead the way. It works out." He began to stretch. "I'm gonna run with you guys for a bit, but then I'll head right back here to the clearing to lie down and look at the stars." "You will be our 'home camp'," Jany pointed out. "Yeah, I like the sound of that," Quin agreed. "Now then, let's see those bat forms! Y'all have no idea how much I've looked forward to this, though you have a tough act to follow. Seeing these three in wolf forms was quite the impressive sight." Elias was nearly quivering with pleasure. He plopped down next to Quin, waiting for January and Nolan to shift. He took the opportunity to flip belly-up and wriggle around on his back. He could almost feel the moonlight soaking into his red-gold fur. He rolled back to his feet and shook himself from his head to the tip of his tail. When the human sat in the grass, Elias licked Quinlan's chin and scootched himself onto his blond mate's lap. Quin began to pet and scratch Elias all over. "That's right, Eli, keep showing me how much cooler you look than everyone else," Quin teased. "That sun marking's so badass." Elias shook his furry head, rolling his eyes. He hopped out of Quinlan's lap and hunched himself down, making himself as tiny as possible, giving a tiny puppy bark. The Omega hopped up, pointing his nose at Pax and then Mateo. Eli puffed out his chest and held his body stiff and erect with his tail high. He stomped around a little with his head high and then gave the deepest bark he could muster. Elias sighed and flopped back in Quin's lap. The human merely laughed. "Yeah, yeah...they may be all big and 'gallant' as you seem to be telling me, but I still think you look the coolest. Plus, I love how you can flop on my lap without squishing me to death!" He added as he continued to dote all over the wolf with more scratches, kisses, and pettings. January reached out to take one of Nolan's hands. "Come, transform first so that I can place you carefully into the pouch on Mateo's collar," he instructed softly. "I haven't done it in so long," Nolan said worriedly. "What if I've forgotten how?" January smiled at him. "Your body knows how...trust it to know what to do," he responded. Nolan closed his eyes, leaning forward to wrap his arms tightly around Jany and taking a deep slow breath. For several long moments, the others watched in concern as nothing happened. The smaller vampire's form finally shimmered, then seemed to disappear. When they looked closer, a tiny bat was clinging to the front of January's shirt. January felt his heart skip a beat as he carefully took Nolan into his hands and pressed a soft kiss to the top of his head. "There you are, precioso," he encouraged as he walked over towards Quin and Eli so they could have a closer look. "Isn't he just precious?" Elias nuzzled the softly furred, black body. Nolan looked up with big orange eyes at the wolf who looked simply enormous but felt no fear. Nolan made his awkward little bat-walk across January's palms to hug Eli's muzzle with his diminutive wings, giving a soft squeak as he peeked up at the Omega, who was nearly going cross-eyed, trying to watch Nolan. Quinlan couldn't take it anymore. He gently plucked the tiny bat right off of Eli and nuzzled his nose all over his underside. "Nono, you're the most adorable little bat I've ever seen...save, Jany, of course," he confessed. It took some quick vampiric movements, but January was able to extricate Nolan from Quin's hands and walked him over for Mateo and Pax to see. Mateo let out a whine, prancing in place. The big brown wolf looked from Pax to January and back again until Pax huffed a small laugh and nodded. Nolan had crawled up to the edge of one of January's cupped hands. He squeaked uncertainly as he peered out with lambent eyes. Mat stopped bouncing and very carefully approached the little bat. The wolf was grinning as he looked Nolan over. The bat squeaked again and shook out his wings. Mateo couldn't take it anymore, sticking his nose into January's hand to snuffle Nolan all over. The shifted vampire made a little trilling noise that sounded suspiciously like giggling until Mat pulled his head back. Nolan chirped a small sneeze and smoothed his soft fur which was entirely going the wrong direction from Mateo's big nose rubbing all over him. January was getting ready to help the bat in smoothing the fur back into place, but Pax came over and began to nuzzle one of his cheeks against Nolan and then the other. When Nolan was done with nuzzling Pax back, Jany carefully placed him inside the pouch on Mat's collar and secured him in the harness. The redhead then gave Pax and Mat a kiss on top of each of their heads and walked over to Elias. "Quin, would you be so kind as to secure me in Eli's collar?" the purple-eyed vampire asked. "Yeah, no prob," the blond responded as he held out his hand for Jany to take. A moment later, he gently ran his fingers down the tiny bat's spine and paused long enough for Elias to give Jany a little lick before tucking him into the harness. "Are we all ready?" Jany called out telepathically. "Yes, Master," came Nolan hesitant telepathic voice. The wolves each stomped their left front foot once. Quin twisted his back one way and then the other in a light stretch. "Alright, Pax, lead the way," he urged. The silver wolf did indeed look gallant as he stepped forward and let out a resonating howl to the moon. Mateo and Elias followed their alpha's howl with ones of their own. Nolan, in a moment of emboldened excitement, let out his own version of a howl, a long sweet trill. Pax took off. He was content feeling the moon's touch and was careful to keep pace with their human mate. Eli and Mat were nearly vibrating with the need to romp, however. Both were too concerned with hurting their small riders to do more than walk carefully behind Pax. Mateo seemed especially vigilant about keeping his gait careful and smooth to avoid jostling Nolan. There was something about running with a pack of wolves, albeit a small one, that made Quinlan feel free. Even though he was running at a gentle pace, he felt quite touched that Pax didn't run too fast for him to catch up. In fact, his pace matched Mateo's, and the two of them were aligned perfectly. Elias ran a little behind them, but also at the same pace. The small bat that was January closed his eyes as he felt the night wind against his face and Eli's warmth against his back. Nolan briefly peered over at his purple-eyed mate and decided to do the same. As his orange eyes closed, it felt as if he were flying without having to move; all the while embraced by the warmth of his mates. To everyone's surprise, January broke into song. "If I could borrow the light from a star and light it up inside your heart...would it confuse your heartbeat for its own or would it not wish to depart?" Jany's voice sang telepathically. "If I could gather the beams from the moon and crown you with its softer light...would the sun hide from his feelings alone or would its jealousy ignite?" "The moon and the night, the sun and the sky...a contrast no one can deny," he continued. "They blanket us in a heavenly glow. Though, sometimes, upon us they cry." "Mateo?" Nolan asked hesitantly, causing the wolf to come to an immediate stop and turn his head as he made a comical attempt to look at the small bat hanging under his chin. "Would you like to run faster?" Nolan asked. "Because I'd enjoy it if you wanted to..." Mateo's mouth opened in a wide grin. He took a few faster steps, keeping an ear cocked for any squeaks of distress from his passenger. When Nolan seemed fine, Mateo increased his pace, bounding in a circle around the rest of his mates while Nolan broadcast his telepathic delight. "You can go faster, too, if you wish," Jany urged Elias. "Yeah, all of you guys can go on ahead," Quin added, slowing to a jog when he began to run out of breath. "I'll be waiting for you at the clearing!" Elias ran to Quinlan, putting his front paws on the human's chest so he could lick his face enthusiastically. "I think you're pretty great, too," Quin said with a laugh. "Go have fun." Elias put all four feet on the ground, giving Quin's hand one last lick before bounding off after Mateo to play chase in the moonlight. Pax had been right. Eli hadn't realized how drained he'd been until he could feel himself sucking up the moonbeams' magic as he darted through the forest. He'd never felt so happy in his life as he did at that moment with his mates. :: As Khonsu descended to one of her temples, feeling furious about Anubis having somehow seduced her once again, she caught sight of a blond human smiling up at the night sky. As she looked on, three of her beloved children joined him in their wolf forms. The sight warmed her heart. Just as she was about to move on, more movement drew her attention. Two men seemed to manifest next to her wolves. However, they were not humans. Vampires? A flash of fury once again held Khonsu in its tight grasp. Two vampires! However, could her precious Omega ever think to accept them into his pack? In a flash, she was in front of them, their chatter dying immediately as they stared at her. "Two vampires, have you gone mad?" She questioned her Omega, the one that was named Elias. Her hands curled into fists, and her face was scowling. But, far from cowering, her three wolves and the human stepped in front of the two vampires as if to defend them. "I love you, Goddess," Elias said fervently. "But I'll never turn my back on my mates, not even for you. And they are! They're my soulmates. How could you even think about us not being able to be together? We'd be torn to pieces inside!" The scowl fell from Khonsu's face as she regarded the Omega. "Torn...soulmates...?" She whispered in her ethereal voice as she took a step back. "Is that...how you truly feel?" "Yes, Goddess," Mateo said, stepping forward. "They aren't bad people. We love them, and they're so good to us. They're what we need. Please, don't try to break us apart. I don't think I'd live through it." "They are kind and caring," Pax added. "And they've been lonely for many more years than we were before Eli's stone found us." "Don't ya think it's unfair?" Quin questioned as he squinted in her general direction. Her celestial light was a bit too much for a human to take on directly and she sounded a bit louder in his ears even though she appeared to be whispering. "Can't you imagine how much they've been hurtin' all by themselves?" Tears welled in Khonsu's eyes as memories of Anubis with a hurt expression on his face came to the forefront of her mind. "Hurt...lonely..." she trailed off as she lifted her hands to her ears and let out a pained sound. She began to flicker back and forth between genders. "Ah!" she cried out, feeling agony as her body tried to find its way back to a male form, but something else kept pulling the female form back forward. "Just...leave me alone!" She whimpered as he left the pack as quickly as she had appeared before them. Pax took a step forward into the place where their goddess had just been. "Did...did you see that?" he asked his mates. "Khonsu spazzing from one gender to another?" Mateo queried. "Yeah." "Holy crapmonkeys," Eli whispered. "She really is a dude." When it seemed as if Khonsu wasn't going to return, January relaxed his stance in front of Nolan. "She didn't seem to have any plans to smite us where we stood," the redhead pointed out. "She was just angry and confused." Elias shivered, his skin prickling. "Can we maybe go home? I think I'm recharged and I totally need a cuddle right now. Like, a puppy pile on the Omega sounds about perfect right now." He grinned. "Puppy and human and vampire pile." "I'm all for Eli's plan, guys," Quin seconded as he continued to hand out clothes for the werewolves to put back on. "Same here," Mateo added as he finished up. When he finished dressing, Pax joined them. The alpha then tensed when he felt a prickling behind him. As he turned his head, he was surprised to see two sets of glowing eyes hidden within the shadows of the woods. ::::: a/n: Bonus Skit: Meanwhile, in the God Realm Henry: (stands up abruptly and paces) Are you freaking kidding me? (the two of them are sitting in the living room of their celestial home watching real-time events from a large crystal wall that shows what's going on in the mortal realm) Lucian: Calm down, love. Henry: Calm down? Even after we warned them about the shit that went down between us and Khonsu, what do they decide to do? To take a moonlit romp! And then they're all surprised when she catches them? Lucian: But, she didn't do anything. Besides, she seems to be having her own issues, didn't you notice? Henry: Well yeah, but still! (huffs) Oh, and brilliant idea to hire that Sylph. A load of good he did...(the crystal screen then changes to Farshael making some food in an apron in Viktor's kitchen) Look at that! His ass was literally looted by that creepo! Lucian: (shrugs) They seem to be falling for each other. Can't you see that it's what Viktor needs to blow away the dreary dust of centuries? [direct quote from deville on GA] Besides, didn't you fall for a vampire 'creepo' as well? Henry: Luke, love, next to him, you're as pure as a rose. Lucian: I love you, too. (literally one of the nicest things anyone ever said about him) :: Thirdly: I like to imagine that, after seeing Elias referring to them as 'Luke and Hen,' they realized they kind of liked those nicknames and kept them. Brace yourselves for the next chapter and, no, this is only reaching the end of this first arc, not the end of the entire story.
  12. HinderToyBL

    The Night and the Moon

    The frustrated goddess wanted to rip her hands out of Anubis's grasp, but as the warmth of the other god seeped through them, she found that she couldn't. Her body flickered briefly between a male and female form before settling back on the female form. "Y-you still claim to love me..." Khonsu replied. "...when I know you care much more for your vampire children than you do me." Anubis sighed softly. It was an old argument. He tried again to make his love see. "It has never been that I love them more," the dark god said, desperate to make Khonsu understand. "I love you more deeply than anything. But I do love my children, if in a different way, and my love for you doesn't make that lessen or disappear. They need my guidance and protection." He paused for a moment and frowned. The planet they watched over was vast, and their children many. Though he did his best to intervene in the scenarios that affected many of them, he was unable to attend to each and every one of them. "There is no other to look out for their best interests and guide them through the night. We have seen the races of other gods fade or destroy themselves because their god chose poorly and asked for the wrong blessings." Anubis added, lifting a hand to cup Khonsu's cheek as he held her gaze. "Every line of research and every wise god I consulted said that because of who I am, my children could not flourish, would not survive longer than a few millennia, without the gift of nocturnal rights. They would fade and die. No matter how great my love for you, I couldn't doom my own children." Once again, the goddess began to flicker between genders; this time lingering on the male form a while longer before settling back to a female form. "Do you truly love me more?" Khonsu's voice fell to a whisper. "How could I not?" Anubis said gently. "My heart isn't whole without you. My life is empty without you by my side." In a sudden, final shift that ended up ruffling Khonsu's hair in the process, the silver-eyed goddess finally reverted to her male form, a silver-eyed god. "Anubis," Khonsu keened as he promptly climbed the other god and pressed a firm kiss against his mouth. :: Anubis held his moon god tightly. A balance and contrast had always existed between them. Khonsu's hair was like the night sky speckled with stars. Anubis's consisted of white and grey streaks. His lover's eyes were a pale silvery blue to his black. The moon god's skintone was fairer than his own warm tan. Khonsu's personality was extreme at times, but it balanced out Anubis's calm countenance. With a swirl of shadows, Anubis transported them to his bedroom. The two of them were surrounded by the dark silk curtains around his soft bed. The god of the night buried his face in the intricate braids holding Khonsu's midnight blue tresses back from his lovely face. The scent brought him back to a time when he always had access to it, when the moon god rarely left his side. Khonsu was bright, vivid, and full of life…passionate. But, most importantly, he dispelled the shadows of darkness around Anubis whenever they became too suffocating. "Please, don't leave me again, love," Anubis begged. "I couldn't bear it. I've broken so many times when I wake and realize you've gone from my side. Please, forgive me and don't take that forgiveness away again." A beautiful hue of blue bled into Khonsu's silver eyes, giving them a warmth that was almost human in nature. "Why would I leave?" the paler god wondered aloud. He had always been androgynous, so his face and height were the only things that didn't change during his gender swap. His voice was an octave lower, and his arousal couldn't be easily concealed. But, his personality and the love he held for the god in front of him never changed. "You've said it yourself; you love me more than your own beloved children...that's all I'll ever need." He vowed as he pressed kisses all over Anubis's face. "Because I feel the same. I may adore my children, but I adore you all the more." Many times since their estrangement, Khonsu had come to Anubis. Of those, three times the moon god had given Anubis his forgiveness, only to have it torn from him as soon as their touches had ended and Khonsu woke the following day. Anubis was desperate not to lose his mate again. He didn't think his shadowed heart could bear to fracture again. He vowed to show his lover how deeply the night god loved him. With a harsh cry, Anubis kissed Khonsu again, pouring out all the love and passion within him, hoping his shining moon would feel his devotion and adoration. Khonsu began to glow with an ethereal light as his fingers raked through gray and white locks until they were able to cling to the other god's scalp. As his male body began to remember the feel of his lover's touch, Khonsu briefly wondered why he had continued to take on a female form after that first initial time. But, Anubis's tongue made all his thoughts flutter away. The smaller god's hands slid over and down the darker man's back as he let out quite the lusty moan. "I love you, adore you, worship you," Anubis said softly, kissing down Khonsu's throat. His strong hands kneaded down the moon god's back, stopping before going lower, not wanting his advances to be rejected. The dark-eyed man's words brought Khonsu back to a time when Anubis truly did worship the very ground he walked on. The moon god was more selfish then, greedy. Back then, he would take all that Anubis gave without giving much of anything in return. How badly had their separation affected them? Khonsu barely even recognized himself. He would never intentionally hurt his lover again. The moon's selfish and greedy phase had ebbed to a more grounded state. "I love and adore you as well, Anubis," Khonsu responded. "You've done much of the worshiping in the past...this time, allow me to be the one to worship you." The pale-eyed god offered as he moved so that he could lay belly-down between the tanned god's legs and took hold of the night god's manhood with both hands. "Ah, you don't have to..." Anubis's words were lost as Khonsu kissed his tip, then licked a hot stripe up his shaft. Anubis struggled to speak, his deep voice husky with desire. "We don't have to...I would be content just holding you and knowing you won't push me away." Khonsu's soft pink lips smiled, pressed against the other god's flesh. "We can still do that afterward," he pointed out a mere moment before taking the whole length into his mouth. A growling moan fell from the dark god's lips. One hand buried itself in Khonsu's loose blue tresses, the other following a spiral of braids with his fingers. "Missed you..." Anubis moaned. "So much." Mischievous silver eyes peered up at the god from an androgynous face as Khonsu sent jolt after jolt of stimuli everywhere his tongue touched while he bobbed along the shaft. Anubis's hips lifted, thrusting into Khonsu's perfect mouth with a groan of surrender. The dark god couldn't look away, captivated by silvery-blue eyes and what the moon god was doing with his lips and tongue. Khonsu's nails gently raked along the other god's inner thighs before a hand gently cupped Anubis's balls. But, when he felt that the dark-eyed god was close, he pulled off and clambered on top of him. He wanted so badly to insert the rock hard shaft inside him. "Anubis," he gasped. "Please, I need more." Anubis slid a hand between Khonsu's rounded cheeks, fingers seeking his entrance. Anubis found his love slick and ready for him. He growled, deep in his chest, pulling Khonsu to him and lining up his hard length. The throbbing tip pressed against Khonsu's teasing warmth but went no further. "Then take what you need," Anubis whispered against the shell of the moon god's ear. "I am yours." Khonsu eagerly slid down, fearless, since gods were resilient and strong. The ends of his hair swung as he swayed a bit in place, his seed suddenly spilling forth along Anubis's stomach. "Oh, love!" he whimpered as he covered his mouth with both hands. "P-please continue..." Ebony eyes held Khonsu's silvery gaze as Anubis wrapped his fingers around the smaller god's hips and lifted him slowly. The moon gasped as the thick length inside him dragged against his walls, seeming to touch everywhere. When only the tip was left inside, Anubis smiled a feral jackal's grin, and slammed Khonsu down, lifting his hips to force himself as deep as possible. The night god remembered well the things that made his mate melt in his arms and beg for more. Many whimpers fell from Khonsu's lips as another wave of pulsing surrounded the tanned god's cock. "Yes," He begged. "Yes, yes, please..." Anubis urged his lover into a fast rhythm, slamming his hips upward with every push downward on Khonsu's hips. The dark-eyed god tipped his face towards Khonsu, begging for a kiss, begging for all of it to be real and not another dream. The moon god's body undulated as he concentrated on his lover's pleasure. His hands trembled as they touched every inch of skin available. Khonsu then held the other god's face with both his hands as he dove down for a rather heady kiss. Every time their tongues intertwined, he realized that the thirst that had taken up root inside him was being quenched. Anubis gave a growling moan, pistoning faster and faster into the moon god's velvet depths. Khonsu felt his lover's shaft grow even harder, pulsing inside him. The dark god shifted a hand to the front, grasping the blue-haired god's cock and pumping its precum-slick length in time to his thrusts. "Khonsu," Anubis gasped against his mate's lips. He then gave a shuddering moan, pushing deep inside his mate and holding himself there as his pleasure washed over him; as he spent himself within his lover. No rumors had gone around the god realm about Khonsu being with other lovers. A part of him was relieved and content to be the only one to have had the pleasure of being inside the moon. Almost as soon as he felt Anubis filling him, Khonsu gave way to yet another orgasm. He dropped his forehead onto the other god's shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. "Would you...like to go again?" He asked softly. "As many times as you'll have me," Anubis whispered, kissing Khonsu's warm temple. "My desire for you has no ending. You will always have the ability to make me rise for you." "Anubis...may I move back in with you?" Khonsu asked tremulously as he fought a blush. The dark god crushed his love to his chest with a choked cry. The moon god didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around Anubis in reciprocation. "Of course!" Anubis hid his tears in Khonsu's braids. "I always want you with me. No matter what." Khonsu clutched him back harder. "Can you forgive me for being so selfish about my darling werewolves?" He asked. "I forgave you the moment the angry words left your lips," Anubis promised. "I was never angry, love. But I was so lost without you." Tears began to fall from Khonsu's eyes. He felt part relief and part joy. "I was too, without you," he confessed. The night god had been his stability, his rock, and his home. Khonsu should have never allowed his own pride to get in the way of that. Every time he felt his Omegas finding their soulmates, the love he felt for Anubis would remind him of the distance between them. A distance that he knew he had most of the fault in. Anubis rolled to his side, allowing his length to fall from his mate's body. He was more interested in comforting Khonsu. Soft, heavy blankets fell over them as Anubis tucked his moon god beneath his chin, wrapping his arms around the shorter god. His sense were temporarily overwhelmed with nostalgia and longing. The moon god fit perfectly against his own body. Having Khonsu there made him feel as if nothing could stop them. "Everything will be alright, now," Anubis promised. "A new beginning for us. We never have to part again. There's nothing we can't work through, together." Khonsu snuggled against his lover as he radiated a warmth that was ten times more calming than an Omega's influence. "I love you, Anubis," he admitted with sincerity. "I love you dearly." "I love you, too," Anubis replied softly. "I have no heart without you." They lay together quietly for a long time, whispering soft loving words to each other and basking in one another's presence. Anubis finally kissed Khonsu's forehead and pulled back slightly to look at the moon god. It still felt quite surreal that his beloved had come back to hm. "I remember how you love baths," Anubis said fondly. "Should I draw one for us and we can share it?" The jackal god smiled wickedly. "I could get you clean, and then I could get you dirty, again. We can repeat the cycle until we fall into bed, exhausted and sated." The silver-eyed god sent him a lovely smile even as he fought down a blush. "Yes, I'd rather like that." The two of them had been quite energetic in the past. He was certain that, given enough time, the two of them could build back up to it. Anubis fluffed satiny pillows and dramatically laid a giggling Khonsu upon them, tucking the heavy comforter around him. Anubis grinned joyously as he nearly ran to the bathing room, throwing magic at the tub to make it fill and dumping Khonsu's favorite scented salts in. It took less than a minute until the water was steaming and ready. Anubis hurried back to the bedroom, but the smile on his tanned face died as soon as he stepped across the threshold. Khonsu was seated upright, holding two fistfuls of his dark blue hair as he flickered from male to female and back again. "Ah!" He cried out as he tried to settle into just one form. "Khonsu!" Anubis shouted, rushing to his lover's side. "No! No, don't leave me again! Please, stay as you are! Stay as yourself!" "A-Anubis," Khonsu hissed as she reached out to take hold of the other god's hand. Almost immediately, the silver-eyed god's form settled into its original male gender once again. His entire body trembled in fear. "I...I don't know what's wrong with me or why this keeps happening!" "What do you mean?" Anubis said, voice rough with fear as he pulled Khonsu into his arms. "What's going on?" "I can't seem to control my body's gender anymore," Khonsu elaborated. "Not like before. Anubis...I'm frightened." "I've got you," Anubis said fiercely. "Do you know why the power's gone astray? We'll fix it." Khonsu shook his head. "Where did the spell come from?" Anubis asked, becoming desperate. "How did you come upon the ability? We can go back to the one who taught you. They should know how to fix it." "It was Hapi," Khonsu explained. "I had gone to Hapi to learn how to briefly switch genders as a way to 'punish' you for choosing your children over me. I was such a fool." "Briefly?" Anubis nearly shouted. "How is this brief? The moon has waxed and waned countless times since we first argued. How long would you punish me?" The silver-eyed god winced and shrank away from Anubis. "I never intended for it to have been this long," he responded with a frown. "I don't even remember the last time I changed genders on my own..." "All this time..." Anubis swallowed hard. "You mean you never meant to leave me alone for so long? You were going to come back to me after a few weeks or months?" "Just how much time has actually passed since our last fight? S-Since Henry and Lucian?" Khonsu hesitantly asked the other god. "It's been over a hundred of the mortals' years," Anubis said worriedly. "Don't you remember?" Khonsu felt like something cold dropped through his immortal stomach. "A hundred...oh love, it seems as if you have a lot more to forgive me for." He fought down the escalating fear. A hundred mortal years? To him, it felt like only yesterday when he had lost his temper and nearly did something unforgivable to a pair of soulmates. What had he done? The moon god seemed to have downright tortured his own beloved by his absence. How had things gone this far without his own knowledge? Tears began to gather in Khonsu's eyes as he began to understand why Anubis kept pleading with him earlier. Something had gone wrong. Something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. "F-Forgive me," he whimpered once again. "There's nothing to forgive," Anubis firmly assured, lifting Khonsu and tucking them both in the center of the soft bed. "Perhaps the bath can wait? I just want to hold you and rest. I don't want to leave your side. Tomorrow we'll sort through this until we find a solution." Khonsu wrapped his arms around his lover as a few tears rolled down his cheeks. Just what was wrong with him? Why couldn't he remember the last hundred years? :: Anubis awoke the following day with a smile on his face as the scent of his mate tickled his senses. So, it hadn't been a dream. He opened his eyes, frowning at the empty bed. A few long, midnight blue strands of hair were laid across the pillow next to him. He certainly hadn't been hallucinating the previous night. "Khonsu?" Anubis called, pushing down the fear crawling into his heart. "Are you in the bath?" The god stood quickly, his long strides carrying him to the bathing room in moments. It was empty, the water he'd drawn the night before was cold. "No!" Anubis gasped, waving a hand to dress himself in his dark robes. He nearly ran from the room, searching everywhere for his moon god and calling Khonsu's name with growing desperation. With another wave of his hand, Anubis tore the front door from its hinges, following the scent of Khonsu and the lingering smell of sex with it outside. Familiar footprints trailed across the sand garden, suddenly disappearing before the edge. Anubis roared with desolate rage. He had lost his moon god, again. The dark-eyed god swore it would be for the last time. Everything was wrong with the situation. Only this time, it had been revealed that something was tearing them apart against his mate's will. The god of the night turned on his heel, ready to seek out the only other god who had ever been able to comfort him in his grief when Khonsu had broken his heart time and again. Anubis would find his father, the God of Chaos, Set. :: Thirdly: Yes, it's a very short update. However, this scene was important and we didn't want to distract from it.
  13. HinderToyBL

    Anubis and Khonsu's Children

    The three men felt a myriad of emotions as they sped-walked away from the entrance of the mansion and teleported back to Pax's garage to get in the car. Though Jany had been able to teleport them to Viktor's mansion, the violet-red-haired vampire had never been to any of Nut's temples before. That meant that they would have to drive there. "Call me crazy, but I think he really likes him," Pax mused aloud as he took the driver's seat. "Viktor seems to like anything on legs," Mateo scoffed beside him before walking around to the passenger side. The other werewolf shook his head. "No, I meant Shael. He must really like Viktor." January raised an elegant eyebrow as he entered the back of the car so that he could later duck to be unseen as they pulled out. But, Mat nearly tripped on his own feet as he headed towards the passenger side. The three of them didn't even try to peek in on their other mates inside the house for fear of becoming too distracted. "That can't be possible," Mat dismissed the idea. Pax opened the garage door. Then, the three of them then looked over the map beneath the automatic 'car door' light as January held it stretched out. After a few minutes, the purple-eyed vampire gave a firm nod and laid down to hide. "I think I know the way now." Pax then pulled out and drove towards the highway. The men theorized about many things on the way to Nut's temple. They talked about why demigods would want to help them in the first place. Why had they hired Farshael to give them such a brief message? They wondered who the demigods were and why they had to head out to the temple of Nut, of all places. But, in the end, they only came up with more questions than answers. They arrived at an urban area, which led Pax to park across the street from a graffiti-decorated building. He actually had to parallel-park into one of the few empty spots available. As they exited the car and once again looked at the map, this time beneath the light of a lamp post, their eyes widened. "This is the place?" Mateo questioned as they began to cross the street towards the graffiti-speckled building. The brown-eyed man's eyes darted from one spray-painted item to the next. "Is that Rainbow Brite?" "It appears so...right next to Synergy," January pointed out. The aged vampire had been with quite a few lovers from the 60's through the 90's. The pop culture references still managed to linger in his mind from the music and television shows his partners had enjoyed. "This must be it." "I guess we do what? We go knock and tell them a Sylph who may or may not be hot for a pervy old vamp sent us?" Mat asked skeptically. "We're not going to find any answers out here," Pax commented as he opened the door and walked through first, just in case he needed to protect his mates at the last minute. The inside of the building was equally as colorful as the outside, but the difference was that everything was in solid colors. The entranceway was green. The elevator was purple. The doors were blue. As the three of them walked through a reception area, they were greeted by two teenagers that seemed to be even younger than Elias. They wore what appeared to be paint splattered lab coats. "Welcome to the temple of Nut!" The girl greeted. "My name is Shana, and this is my twin brother Julian." Julian let out a loud gasp as he lifted a pair of star sunglasses up from his face and then slid them back down, repeating the action a few more times. "Shana! Purple auras! They must be the ones." "We've been expecting you," Shana added. Before the three men were able to respond, the sound of loud music drew their attention. They turned their heads to the left to see another of Nut's young followers holding a boom box over his head blasting TKA freestyle songs and leading five other followers that were dancing in a line behind him. When the group danced their way to the other side of the hallway and were finally out of sight, Julian spoke up. "My bad," the twin explained. "They're practicing for Thursday's dance. Every Thursday, we offer up a group dance to Nut as a prayer...she generally prefers themes from the 70's, 80's and 90's. But, last Halloween, she quite enjoyed our rendition of 'Chillin like a Villain' from Descendants 2." Pax and January's faces were as composed as ever since they didn't want to pay them any insults. Mateo, however, was more than a bit stunned, which clearly showed in his incredulous expression. Nut seemed to be quite the opposite of their own composed and collected moon goddess. "We were instructed to come here," January stated. "But, we weren't told the reason." "We gotcha covered!" Shana replied. "Come follow us. We were told to loan you one of Nut's Memoirs." "What kind of temple is this?" Mat muttered to himself, still stunned. It was as far from one of Khonsu's temples as the wolf could imagine. The trio followed the twins to the elevator, which was an explosion of rainbow stars on the inside. Even the elevator buttons were in the shape of stars. Shana pressed the button for the fifth floor, which lit up in pink. They all stepped off the elevator and walked into a room with double doors. Julian unlocked it and opened it to reveal an altar that was a lot more familiar to the werewolves and the vampire. Though each god was unique in their aesthetics, it appeared as if they all had the same basic altar. Shana pulled something from one of the low shelves against the wall and quickly rushed over to place the book in January's hands. "Nut's Memoirs, volume 3," she said. "Please return it as soon as possible." January gave a slight bow of respect. "We thank you." "Jeez," Mateo grumbled several moments later as they headed out of the building. They had passed the conga-line of followers that were still rehearsing their rather exuberant dance. "I hope we don't have to chase down any more books. It feels like that's all we've been doing lately. Taking notes was one of my least favorite things in school, but I feel like I should be carrying a whole binder around with me to write stuff down in case we need it later." "I have photographic memory," January pointed out. "I can write it out when we get home if you'd like, mon trésor." (mon trésor= my treasure) "More like a pornographic memory," Mateo said under his breath, smirking. "That, too," Jany agreed with a return smirk. The vampire laid down hidden in the back seat on the drive back home. When they arrived, they found their other mates asleep on the massive bed, buck naked. It was definitely a sight for sore eyes. While the other men got ready for bed, January sat in the living room, browsing the memoir. Before the vampire could get any further into the memoir, Pax peeked his head out and called to him. "Why don't you come to bed and read it out loud to us, as you did with Lucian's diary?" Pax suggested. The vampire frowned slightly. He could read books and documents a lot faster than a human or werewolf could. By that point, a part of him was desperate to obtain the information they needed. They had gone from one shred of information to another, and it was starting to feel like a wild goose chase. January loved them. He could honestly say that he loved each and every one of his mates. The redhead didn't want that happiness to be cut short by the wrath of an intolerant goddess. As he stood back up and walked back over to their room, clambering into bed, he realized that Pax had a point. Any information he gleaned from the memoirs should be shared with them all, even if it meant having to read through it at a slower pace. They were all in it together. Elias was idly twirling locks of Nolan's soft ebony hair between his fingers, smiling languidly when January joined them. "I hear you found something, but not at Count Kinky's place," the Omega piped up, making Mateo snort and Nolan look confused. "Yes, we were given a message to go to the temple of Nut, and we came out with one of her memoirs," January explained. "The followers of Nut were...colorful," Mateo added as January reclined on the bed. The redheaded vampire smiled in amusement as he reclined on the pillows, his mates lounging around him. "Let's see," January murmured, opening the book. He scanned the first few pages rapidly. It appeared to be an introduction, of sorts. If Nut had written it herself, she was certainly as colorful a character as her followers. January decided to summarize as he read. It would allow them to get through the memoir faster. They could look at the fine points, including Nut's extended monologues about the stupid bullheadedness of certain Gods later. So, January began. "The Goddess Nut and her grandfather, Ra, had seen the feud between Khonsu and Anubis from the beginning. When it escalated to the point of near madness, the pair had stepped in, nudging a certain elder vampire and alpha werewolf together, in the hopes of bringing the two sides together," the vampire summarized. "Lucian and Henry." "When it had appeared that Khonsu was near to breaking the laws and going down to the mortal plane to smite Lucian, Nut and Ra had stepped in, helping the pair to escape and granting them demigod-hood," January continued. "They'd been elevated to the godly planes where they still resided." "Demigod-hood…could they have been the ones to send Farshael?" Pax questioned aloud. "He did say that two demigods had hired him." "You mean Luke and Hen are okay?" Elias commented with a grin. "That means our goddess never did anything to them!" "Jany, man, keep reading. What happened then?" Quin prompted. January nodded and continued, summarizing what he felt were the most important events in the memoirs. The violence between vampires and wolves had settled, but the original problem hadn't been addressed. That discord ran back to the beginning of the species. The God Khonsu and the God Anubis were a couple, lovers who felt things keenly and loved each other exuberantly. Anubis doted on Khonsu, who ended up rather spoiled, as Anubis tended to give the moon god anything he desired. Until one day, he didn't. Many gods were creating races on the mortal plane, their earthly children. It had started with Ra, who ruled over all, and his children of light. With Ra's permission, others followed suit, with Ra granting blessings upon each new race and species. Khonsu and Anubis were no different. Anubis created his vampires, children of the velvet darkness of Anubis's night. Khonsu created the werewolves, children of the god's silvery moon. Together, they went to Ra to ask for blessings for their children. But there was a problem. Both asked for nocturnal rights, granting their children special powers and abilities linked to that cycle. It began a terrible argument between Khonsu and Anubis. Khonsu assumed Anubis would simply relinquish nocturnal rights to him. For once, though, Anubis stood his ground. It was too important to him, for his children, to let go. Khonsu utterly lost his temper and had to be restrained by Ra. They were sent away, to return in a month when they'd worked it out. A month passed with no resolution, then another, and another. Finally, Ra had to accept that the couple would be unable to compromise. The Great God conferred with his consorts, at length, and with their wisdom and insight, came up with a compromise. Khonsu and Anubis were called before him. Anubis looked exhausted and depressed. Khonsu was still full of pride, refusing to even look at his lover. The God of the Moon was certain he would be given nocturnal rights. At which point, he might think of reconciling with his love. The compromise was announced. The vampires would be given nocturnal rights, giving them many gifts and abilities. All would be immortal. Beyond that, however, each vampire wouldn't have all the possible gifts of the night. A single vampire could have one or many gifts, but none would have all. Also, vampires would be weaker in the day. When the sun rose, they would fall naturally to sleep. They would need to rely on others to sustain them, requiring blood to drink. And their numbers would be kept in check with a low fertility rate. Khonsu was ready to explode, but Ra quelled the outburst with a single look and continued. Khonsu's werewolves would have many gifts as well. They were equally powerful at day and night, with extra strength on the full moon. They would have a second form. It would be powerful, fast, and agile. They would be able to sire many children of their own, some with great gifts of leadership or harmony. Ra looked at Anubis and Khonsu and announced his decision was final, hopeful that they could return to their fiery, but loving relationship. It didn't work out that way. Khonsu was enraged. Anubis followed him out of Ra's chambers, trying to speak to the moon god, to reconcile. Anubis hadn't gotten everything he'd wanted either. Their children were equally powerful, just in different ways. Khonsu wouldn't listen. They returned to the home they shared. Anubis seduced Khonsu, hoping it would help them work through the conflict. The moon god was a more than willing participant, but as soon as their passion waned, Khonsu's rage returned. He left. The next time they saw one another, Khonsu had donned a female form. Things might have been alright, after that, if Anubis and Khonsu had been able to end their relationship cleanly and stay away from each other. But the moon and the night were always intertwined, and the pair seemed continually drawn together. Their arguments became legendary, sometimes heard across all of the God Realm. At times, Khonsu would become overcome and would return to his male form, and he and Anubis would come together, also sometimes heard across the realm. The cycle seemed never-ending. Ra wept at their unhappiness. "It was then that Nut decided that to bring the lovers back together, their children would need to be brought together…" January recounted as he concluded that memoir segment. "Am I the only one that thinks Khonsu's one crazy dude?" Quin asked aloud when January paused. "I kind of second that," Mat added. "But she's our goddess, er, god...whatever," Eli said with a sigh. "Nut makes her sound like a complete bitch, but...I dunno, she's our bitch?" Pax reached out to gently squeeze one of Eli's hands. "From what Nut's memoirs pointed out," he said. "It sounds to me that our goddess- our god has been hurting all this time...hiding in another gender, of all things. Consumed by rage and jealousy..." "Jealousy?" Quin questioned. "Jealous that Anubis, the love of his life, cared so much about his children that Khonsu was firmly placed in second place," January explained, following Pax's train of thought. "Yeah, ouch," Mat said. "That had to hurt when he thought he would always come first with him. Why can't he/she get over it, though? It's been a friggin' long time that they've been going 'round and 'round." "That's the million dollar question," Quin agreed. "Maybe if Jany reads more we can find out?" Everyone looked at January expectantly. "Oh good," Elias said with a grin as he stretched out across as many laps as he could. "I like storytime with Jany." January chuckled as he quickly scanned further into the memoir, his eyebrows lifting. "It would appear Nut and her grandfather, Ra, decided to meddle in Anubis and Khonsu's domestic squabble," the vampire said, explaining what the book laid out. Since it had been Anubis and Khonsu's children that seemed to have begun the feud, Ra and Nut decided it was poetic to have the wolves and vampires become instruments in resolving it. If Khonsu and Anubis couldn't come together, then perhaps their children could. The ruler of the gods and his granddaughter began to gather the souls of wolves and vampires before they were reincarnated. They split them into counterpart companions of different species. When they were born, each segment of the soul would be attuned to the other, making a perfectly harmonious union when they were together. It was easier than the gods had thought it would be. The souls even sorted to be within the various species, seemed to want to blend and coexist. It was like it had been meant to be that way all along. Some souls who had lived lifetimes of sad loneliness, came to vibrant life again when paired with the counterpart soul of the other species. The blending colors and the way the souls sang when they first touched were beautiful beyond measure. They had to be careful, however, as Khonsu had become increasingly erratic and bitter over the years. Ra and Nut didn't want harm to befall any of the soulmates. They began slowly, carefully. A pair here and a pair there. Some vampire souls were hidden behind a long lineage of interbreeding with humans. When it seemed things were working well and the mates were happy together, Ra and Nut allowed some of Khonsu's precious Omegas to be soulmates of vampires, knowing it would attract her attention. They built up to a plan that they thought Khonsu and Anubis couldn't ignore. The pair sifted through the split souls, seeking six that attuned perfectly to each other, including one Omega. When they finally succeeded, they gathered the souls together. The soul segments were nearly impossible to hold when they were near each other, straining to come together. When the six blended, Nut and Ra were overcome with the beauty of their song. Nut sang and danced as the souls wove together seamlessly into one once more. Ra had to press hard to separate them again so they could rejoin the spiral. The spiral would reincarnate them at different times, allowing them to come together when the time was right. "An Omega and two alpha werewolves," January said aloud. "Two vampires, one born and one eventually made…and a human with an uncertain fate." "Holy fuckballs," Elias whispered when January stopped speaking. "No fucking way...is that us getting mentioned in an obscure ancient hippy-goddess diary?" "Uncertain fate? The fuck does that mean?" Quin questioned in another whisper. Pax felt the anxiety rolling off of their Omega and fellow mates. He was just as shaken by the news, but he was more concerned about his mates. In a moment of clarity, he recalled that it was a full moon out that night. "Eli, love," he called out. "When was the last time you took a moonlit run?" Elias frowned. Why was Pax thinking about the moon at a time like this? "I dunno, probably a couple of moons ago, maybe three," he responded. "Dad and Mom kept saying it wasn't safe for me to go out, so I had to stay home while the rest of the pack ran. I'd shift and sneak out into the backyard for a while, though. So I wouldn't get too twitchy." Eli stopped, realizing he was rambling. "Twitchy?" Quin questioned, intrigued. "Who cares about that, though? We're some kind of crazy experiment by the gods!" The Omega continued as he ran his fingers through his auburn hair, tugging at it. "I feel like I'm one of the kids caught in the middle of the biggest and most fucked-up divorce ever. What are we gonna do? I don't want Khonsu to smite you guys! How the hell do we avoid smiting?" "Eli, calm down," Mateo said softly, glancing worriedly at Pax. An Omega should never be kept inside on a full moon. Their energies were called upon every day by their pack. They needed to recharge and rebalance their auras. Omegas who couldn't run regularly didn't do well. They got sick or began showing signs of mental stress. It was a testament to Eli's strength and will that he hadn't started having problems. Mateo thought he'd be having a few words with Eli's old pack at some point about how they went about caring for their Omegas. "Understood, we all feel the same," Pax urged. "However, stressing out won't help us figure out what we need to do next in order to protect our vampire mates." He glanced around at his other mates. "How about it? There are still a good few hours before sunrise. You can bring your protective coverings just in case..." "I can teleport us into a set of woods where no one can see us," January suggested. "I go there all the time whenever I feel like climbing enormous trees." "Hear that? Jany wants to go, too," Mat urged. "What's all this 'running' stuff they're talking about?" Quin whispered the question to Nolan. "Werewolves don their wolf forms during full moons and run through the woods to feel free and to absorb more power from the moonlight," Nolan whispered back in explanation. "I've never seen it before, but the textbooks describe it as a beautiful tradition." "But we have so much to do! We don't have time to run!" Elias said desperately. "I...I can't lose any of you! I don't want to go back to being alone while there's a whole pack around me who doesn't even see me!" January reached out and all but smothered Eli's face to his chest. "My Emerald, we all feel the same," he insisted. "Don't you believe us? Don't you think I haven't felt that way more times than any other man in this room? Feeling alone surrounded by people who wouldn't see me?" The Omega clung to January, and his tears turned to sobs as the stress and fear that he'd been struggling to contain finally let loose. He'd wanted to be strong for his mates, to never be as weak as his pack always seemed to treat him. He wanted to be better than that. But the young wolf was tired. He'd felt drained for a few months at least, in spite of the strength he drew from every mating. Elias's short escapes to sneak out and run beneath the light of the moon were never enough to fully balance and recharge him. "I-I don't know what to do..." Elias gasped out hiding his face against January's chest. What must they think of him? Just another outburst from an overly emotional Omega...It's what his pack had always told him whenever his frustration would boil over and angry tears would escape, no matter how he fought to hold them in. And then, they would never listen to Elias about what had upset him in the first place. January gently scratched at Eli's auburn locks and continued to hold the Omega. Half his heart ached for the lovely wolf's frustrations. The other half couldn't be happier that Elias had chosen to cry in his arms, that he had so much trust in him. He pressed a gentle kiss to the younger man's temple. "I think Pax is right, querido (sweetheart)," Jany responded. "We should all take a moment to bask beneath the full moon and run together. I have a few special collars that I can belt around a wolf's neck with a small pouch in front of it. I can transform into my bat form and slip into the pouch as you run so that I am right there with you." He commented. "Would you like that? Pax or Mateo can also hold Nolan in his bat form." January's gentle hold was joined by the others as they all crowded around their Omega and did their best to comfort him, to remind him they were there and he wasn't alone. Eli would never have to be alone again. His tears finally slowed, then stopped. Eli's breaths occasionally hitched as he sniffled. "Yeah, don't worry about me," Quin added out of nowhere. "I'll just jog along until you guys are out of sight and flop down in a clearing to roll around in the grass. I love laying down and looking up at the stars in the dark of the woods." Mateo gave Quinlan a playful shove. "Timing, sheech," He warned. "If everything's settled, then let's all go," Pax announced. "Jany, if you please." January gave Eli's lips a kiss that time. "Come," he invited as they all clambered off the bed and he, Nolan, and Quinlan both seemed excited and eager to go. They wanted to see their mates in wolf form, romping under the moon. Mateo looked more relaxed, and Eli had to admit that having a run might be a good idea. His body yearned for it. "Alright, let's go," the Omega said with one last shuddering breath. "We'll get our heads on straight and recharge. Tomorrow, we get this shit figured out." :::::: "Anubis!" Khonsu hissed as she stormed through the other god's doorway. In the God Realm, doors only opened to the hand prints of the people that the god wished to register. Since they had been lovers in the past, Khonsu's handprint was already in the god's system. "Anubis, come here right this instance!" The dark god appeared after several moments, his long gray and white streaked hair swaying where it streamed down his back. Eyes darker than the night took in the goddess before him. Pain flashed in them before he pushed it away. "Khonsu," Anubis said softly, his deep voice like a caress against her skin. "You called?" The goddess's cheeks puffed up as she stomped her way over to the other god. "It has happened again! Someone's tampered with my precious Omegas, my sweethearts!" She cried out as she poked his shoulder. "Tell me that you had nothing to do with it...that you had nothing to do with the rumors of one of my Omegas mating a vampire!" Anubis caught her hands and held them to his heart as he looked into eyes the color of silvery moonbeams. "I had nothing to do with it, I swear it on the darkness," Anubis vowed. "I may be pleased with the thought of our children being together, but I would never manipulate the hearts of your wolves. I know how you love them and strive to protect them. Just as I do with my vampires." The god's ebony gaze was beseeching. "Please, my love, see into my heart. I wouldn't do this to you. You may despise me, but I love you. And I know you love your children as I love my own. You would protect them and stand for them against anything you think isn't in their best interest. I wouldn't do this to you. If our children were brought together, I'd always hoped it would be an undertaking between both of us...side by side." The frustrated goddess wanted to rip her hands out of Anubis's grasp, but as the warmth of the other god seeped through them, she found that she couldn't. Her body flickered briefly between a male and female form before settling back on the female form. "Y-you still claim to love me..." Khonsu replied. "...when I know you care much more for your vampire children than you do me." Anubis sighed softly. It was an old argument. He tried again to make his love see. "It has never been that I love them more," the dark god said, desperate to make Khonsu understand. "I love you more deeply than anything. But I do love my children, if in a different way, and my love for you doesn't make that lessen or disappear. They need my guidance and protection." He paused for a moment and frowned. The planet they watched over was vast, and their children many. Though he did his best to intervene in the scenarios that affected many of them, he was unable to attend to each and every one of them "There is no other to look out for their best interests and guide them through the night. We have seen the races of other gods fade or destroy themselves because their god chose poorly and asked for the wrong blessings." Anubis added, lifting a hand to cup Khonsu's cheek as he held her gaze. "Every line of research and every wise god I consulted said that because of who I am, my children could not flourish, would not survive longer than a few millennia, without the gift of nocturnal rights. They would fade and die. No matter how great my love for you, I couldn't doom my own children." Once again, the goddess began to flicker between genders; this time lingering on the male form a while longer before settling back to a female form. "Do you truly love me more?" Khonsu's voice fell to a whisper. "How could I not?" Anubis said gently. "My heart isn't whole without you. My life is empty without you by my side." In a sudden, final shift that ended up ruffling Khonsu's hair in the process, the silver-eyed goddess finally reverted to her male form, a silver-eyed god. "Anubis," Khonsu keened as he promptly climbed the other god and pressed a firm kiss against his mouth. :: Thirdly: Alright, just a heads up…last week was a bit chaotic and this week is going to be equally as chaotic. My condolences to Robin and her family (her aunt passed away and they had a funeral for her over the weekend). This week, I'm also doing double shifts at work while trying to turn in coursework at the same time. So, this will likely be the only update for this week. A lot has been revealed in this chapter, however, so feel free to conspire all you want in the comments! They'll surely bring a smile to Robin's face during these rough times. Also, if anyone's curious about what song the Nut followers were rehearsing with that week, it was "You Are the One" by TKA.
  14. Quinlan was wrapped up in what seemed to be a continuous adventure. From the moment he set foot in Carnelia, his routine was shot. He had come across the alluring vampire January, whom he couldn't leave behind. Then, when he came back to tell the vampire as much, he was swept up by three werewolves as well. The gang then brought another vampire back home and, all of a sudden, they were six. Since when had he started referring to Pax's house as his home? It was all a downright whirlwind, if the blue-eyed man was honest with himself. When Jany and Eli broke things down further to him, he was finally able to piece together what had happened back at that older vampire's mansion, that Viktor guy. Basically, the six of them were soulmates. But, vampires and werewolves supposedly never had each other as soulmates, and it was "bad" because their gods never got along. Elias had expressed his concern about his goddess burning January and Nolan to a crisp...which was quite reasonable, as Quin didn't want them to be burned to a crisp either! He was quite fond of Jany, and though he didn't know Nolan very well, he didn't want the poor thing to be destroyed, either. So, half the gang was out searching for a way to keep the gods from fucking with their new family, even if it meant making deals with lecherous old vampires. As the only human in the group, Quin should have been the most scared of them all, but he wasn't. After all his traveling and the many times he slept in tents surrounded by wildlife, the blond had formed his own personal connection with nature. He learned that a similar energy was found in all living beings; that even animals felt loneliness. But, most importantly, he learned not to judge...that getting to know others was time well spent. Quinlan lived his life with the firm hope that, should he die then and there, it would be with little to no regret. That was why, when Nolan and Elias invited him to join them in that massive bed, the blond eagerly accepted. Elias grinned and tugged Quinlan down to the pillows, hugging the human close and burying his face in Quin's neck. Quinlan had a feeling Eli was smelling him, which might have been weirder if the little redhead wasn't a wolf. Nolan sat next to them looking unsure of himself. He was leaning towards the other men, but held himself carefully still. Quin snuggled right into the warmth, turning slightly to hold out a hand for Nolan to take. "Aren't you going to join the cuddle pile, Nono?" he asked, using the new nickname Eli came up with without even realizing it. Quinlan quickly found himself with his arms full of Omega wolf and orange-eyed vampire. Each had their head resting on his chest, facing the other. Eli reached out, unable to keep himself from touching Nolan, tucking a lock of inky black hair behind the vampire's ear. "Your hair's really soft," Elias said quietly. "Master Pax gave me a very nice brush and Mateo told me I could use his shampoo and conditioner." Nolan gave a tiny smile. "I like it here...I like all of you." The vampire looked from Elias to Quinlan. "I like this." The human let out a whimper of joy. "We like you, too," he replied. "Ain't that right, Eli?" "So much," the Omega said, rubbing his fingertip up and down the bridge of Nolan's nose. A warm, happy feeling spread from where Eli was touching both Nolan and Quin. The vampire closed his eyes, basking in it. "How do you do that?" Nolan asked, eyes closed. "Do what?" the Omega asked, still petting Nolan's nose. "Ah, I think I know," Quin replied. "It's Eli's warm Omega magic." "My what?" Elias giggled. "You mean my influence? Am I doing it right now? Should I stop? Do you mind it?" "No, don't stop!" Both Quin and Nolan cried out at the same time. "It's like that nice feeling when an Oreo flurry ice cream melts on your tongue..." the blond tried to describe. "The point is it's very nice." "Okay, good." Eli snuggled into Quin's chest and began petting Nolan's hair as he threw a leg over Quinlan's. "Because I don't even know I'm doing it most of the time." "Probably happens the most when you're feeling nice and peaceful and melty?" the blue-eyed man suggested as he gently raked his hands up and down the Omega and the vampire's backs. Both men sucked in a simultaneous breath, pressing themselves closer to Quinlan. The human noticed something that was more hard than melty poking him from his left and his right. Quin raised his brows. "You both seem to be ready for more than just cuddling, hmm?" he mused aloud. "What would you like to do, Nolan?" "Eli," the vampire whispered in response, his lambent eyes trained on the wolf next to him. Elias was about to say something but stopped when he realized Nolan wasn't trying to get his attention, he was actually answering Quin. The Omega moaned, rubbing his erection against Quinlan's side. The blond couldn't help but chuckle, giving them both a grin that showed off his dimples. "I'm all for seeing that, yeah. You want Elias beneath you, Nono?" "I don't know. I just know I really want to touch him...everywhere." Nolan looked away. "I want to do things with him. Like you do with each other." "Hey," Elias said softly, tipping Nolan's chin so he could look into his bright eyes. "I want that, too. Do you want to be inside me?" Nolan nodded. "But I don't know how and I'm so scared I'll do everything wrong. I know you'll be very nice about it, but you won't enjoy it like you do with the others. When you were with Quinlan…your pleasure was amazing, exquisite." Quin blushed hard. "Hey now, that's just because I have a lot of stamina. I needa work on my technique too, ya know?" he insisted. His eyes fell on the bottom drawer of the beside table. "Hey, Eli...you like being bound, right? I'm thinking I can tie your ankles to the headboard to keep you spread for Nolan...and then I'll grab your wrists, so you don't scratch him up or something. Watcha think?" "Quin," Elias whimpered, cock throbbing so hard Quinlan could feel it against him. "Please." "Does that mean he wants to or doesn't want to?" Nolan whispered. Quinlan snickered and nodded. "That means he wants to so bad, he can't handle it," he explained as he scrambled off the bed and retrieved the rope. Without Quin between them, Nolan and Elias seemed to come together like magnets. The vampire was a little surprised there weren't sparks where skin touched skin. Eli pushed up Nolan's borrowed shirt until he could tug it off. The Omega's lips peppered kisses over smooth flesh until they happened upon a nipple to lick and suck. "Ah!" Nolan gasped as his hands rubbed across skin that was so warm it felt hot against his naturally cool skin. Elias wasn't wearing a shirt, so Nolan plunged his hands down the back of Eli's pants and kneaded his cute ass. Nolan wasn't sure how Eli did it without dislodging the vampire's hold, but between sweet little moans, Elias had stripped the both of them down to their skin. Bodies pressed together, sliding one against the other. Whispered affection and breathy moans filled the room as the two smallest men of the group of mates frotted against each other. "Whoa, whoa," Quin warned as he quickly pulled off his clothes and reached down to gently separate them. "If you both keep going on like that, you'll both spew before you really get the chance." He pressed a kiss to Nolan's cheek and then Eli's before maneuvering the smaller man onto his back. "Ok, let me know how wide is comfortable," he instructed as he carefully spread the wolf's legs. Eli bit his lower lip, trying not to squirm as he watched his human mate part his legs wider and wider. The Omega's length twitched, a drop of precum escaping the tip to slip down his shaft. Eli's fingers dug into the blankets to keep from touching himself. Next to Quinlan, Nolan watched avidly as Elias was spread wide. The Omega never said a word, but Quin stopped pushing when Eli's expression showed the smallest trace of discomfort. A searing heat could be seen in the human's royal blue eyes. But, the blond regained his focus and carefully began to tie Eli's ankles to the headboard just as January had shown him. He then gently lifted Eli's hips and placed a pillow beneath them for comfort. Once the Omega was secured, he carefully clambered out of the way and urged Nolan to take his place between Eli's legs. While Nolan got settled, Quin slid a hand up the wolf's chest and gave Elias a heated kiss. He nuzzled noses with him when he pulled away and gave him a grin. "I'm taking hold of your wrists now, ok?" the blond warned as he scooted further down until he sat at the other end of the bed. He didn't want to obscure the werewolf's view of Nolan. The human then took hold of each of Eli's wrists and held them pinned on either side of the Omega's head. "If I start getting too wild, let go," Elias told Quin. "You won't be able to hold me if I push hard and I don't want to hurt you." Quinlan ran his thumbs gently along Eli's knuckles. "Oh, I think I learned a trick or two about that thanks to Nolan," he admitted. Eli's fingers relaxed as he let out a soft sigh, his eyes going dreamy as he looked up at Quinlan. Nolan had gotten himself between the Omega's legs but looked lost. "I don't want to hurt him," Nolan said nervously. "But I want it to feel good. What do I do?" Quin handed Nolan a lubrication tablet. "Just squeeze some of this into him, he won't need much. Then you stretch him a little with your fingers. You won't hurt him, trust me," the human insisted as he leaned down to press a kiss to Eli's forehead. "Nono, please," Elias begged, making Nolan shiver pleasantly. The vampire took the odd little capsule. When he squeezed it, gel came out of one rounded end. Nolan worried his lower lip with a fang as he transferred the gel to two fingertips. He looked at Eli's body, wriggling slightly in anticipation as Quinlan rubbed his thumbs softly over Eli's knuckles and fingers. Nolan hesitantly placed his lube-covered fingers against Eli's entrance, jumping when the Omega gasped. The vampire's bright eyes flicked to Quin, concern obvious in his gaze. "Oh, that was a happy gasp, believe me," Quin reassured with a grin. "Look at his face, not mine. He wants you, big time. Just stretch him a bit and dive in." Nolan nodded. He trusted Quinlan. The human clearly cared very much for Elias and wouldn't do anything to hurt the Omega. If Quin said Eli wanted this and liked it, it had to be true. Nolan had seen how much pleasure Quin had given their little redheaded mate before. The vampire didn't see any reason not to follow his advice. Nolan slid his index finger inside Eli, surprised at how easily it went in. If the vampire had thought wolves were warm on the outside, it was nothing compared to their inner heat. It was like a flame was lit within Eli's petite body. Nolan slipped another finger inside the Omega, thinking how pleasant it felt, like a bath that was almost too hot, but not quite. Nolan spread his fingers, making Elias moan and lift his hips. The vampire cocked his head. It had been such a sweet, pretty noise, and it had been Nolan that had brought it to his mate's lips. An unfamiliar burst of pride flared in his chest as his lips turned upward in a small smile. "Yeah, that'll do it. Just a bit more...ok, I think he's ready," the blond announced. "Now you can go about this one of two ways...you can enter him as is, which he generally prefers...or, you can coat yourself first and then enter him if you're scared of hurting him." "I am scared of hurting him, but I really do want to do what he likes best," Nolan said uncertainly. "What do you recommend?" "Please," Elias whimpered, grinding down on the fingers still inside him. "Hurry." "Then do a thin coat!" The human responded. "That's meeting him in the middle. Just ignore his pleading, we're doing this is at your pace, Nono." "You're so mean, Quin," Eli whined, gasping when Nolan's fingers withdrew to spread some of the remaining lubricant on his length. "Yeah, baby," Quin grinned with a mischievous glint in his blue eyes as he peered down at the Omega. "That's hot. Just keep telling me how mean I am." He then leaned down to give him a slow upside-down kiss. Nolan didn't think Quinlan was mean, at all. Quite the opposite. Especially considering how eagerly Elias seemed to be attempting to suck the man's tongue into his mouth. Nolan decided they must be teasing each other, but he would check later to make sure. It was entirely possible Quinlan was cruel to Elias when Nolan wasn't there to witness it. The vampire would have to keep an eye on the others to make sure no one was really hurting the Omega. Nolan had always been in a position where he needed protection and generally never received it. It felt oddly nice to be able to at least attempt to protect another. Nolan held the base of his shaft and pressed his tip against Elias, who moaned wantonly against Quinlan's lips. That seemed a good sign. Encouraged, Nolan pushed forward. He'd intended just to go in a small bit, but Eli's body felt so warm and perfect around him he couldn't seem to stop until he could go no further. Elias arched his back and cursed, precum dribbling from his tip as he tried to find a way to squirm that might get Nolan even deeper within him. It felt so good, Elias didn't even realize how loud he was moaning. The blond had quickly pulled away when Elias moved. From the sound of it, Nolan had finally breached him. "Nice," he commended the orange-eyed vampire. "How are you doing over there, Nolan? Does it feel good?" "Is it supposed to feel this good?" Nolan asked, pupils blown wide as he circled his hips, making Eli buck. "It kind of feels like I'm going to die, but in a good way. I know that makes absolutely no sense. I always thought that petit morte stuff was ridiculous when I read about it..." The human snickered. "Yeah, something like that, for sure." He agreed. "When you're ready, just pull out and dive back in until you find a rhythm you're comfortable with. I know it's really hard the first time to focus on what you're doing and your partner's face at the same time, but try to gauge Eli's reactions as you move to figure out what angle you should stick with." "So I can hit his prostate?" Nolan asked, forcing himself to withdraw from that heavenly warmth. When just his tip was left inside, he plunged back in. Eli's mouth opened, delicious noises of pleasure spilling out as Nolan carefully watched his face. That response seemed good, so the vampire tried again, glorying in the hot flesh around him and the responses he could pull from Elias. "Pretty much, the pleasure just builds." the blond replied. "Oooh, he's really liking that. Just keep going." Nolan nodded, concentrating on the Omega writhing in pleasure beneath him. The vampire tried holding Eli's hips, then his knees, but got the best response from Elias when Nolan was leaning back slightly and holding his tied ankles. Doing so made the Omega become delightfully incoherent. Similarly, Nolan shifted his position on his knees until he found that Elias liked it best when Nolan had his knees spread and tucked just underneath the smaller man, with Eli's hips lifted off the bed. At first, Nolan was concerned that all noises from Elias stopped. He quickly realized his wolf mate was holding his breath for some odd reason. Nolan continued thrusting; his head cocked quizzically to the side as he watched Eli's face turn pink. "Fuck!" Quinlan hissed as he squirmed in place. The sight of his new mate really going at it was quite arousing, as were the responses Nolan drew from the Omega. "So hot! You're ridiculously good, Nono. He's about to blow his load any second now..." He noted as he let go of one of Eli's hands so that he could reach over to pinch one of the werewolf's nipples. Nolan realized he was close, as well. He'd been so focused on Elias; he hadn't realized his own body was thrumming with need as he drew closer and closer to his own release. Nolan pumped his hips faster, pounding into the spot that seemed to make the Omega feel best. Eli's green eyes opened wide as he drew in a ragged gasp, followed by a stuttering moan. The flesh holding Nolan tightened, making the vampire suck in a harsh breath, but his eyes stayed glued to his mate, watching in rapturous fascination as Eli's length twitched and began to spurt. The Omega cried out, body shaking as the pleasure overwhelmed him. Quin's gentle touches on Eli's hands and wrists kept Elias from clawing anything or anyone. When Eli seemed to be at the highest point of his bliss, Nolan let go, slamming deep into the warm body beneath him and allowing himself to find his own pleasure. It ripped through him like a fire, washing him with heat as he emptied himself inside his mate. Nolan's head swum with euphoria as something inside him seemed to click into place, like a computer chip set perfectly into its place to allow everything to come together and work correctly. Nolan knelt there, unmoving, utterly overwhelmed as he looked down at the thoroughly tumbled redhead who gave his heart the opportunity to feel whole again. The sounds of their panting breaths filled the room as their heartbeats finally slowed from their thunderous beats. "That was so fucking hot," Quinlan's loud whisper drew the attention of both the werewolf and the vampire. "How are you feeling, Nono?" "Wobbly but amazing?" Nolan said uncertainly, looking down at their Omega. Eli's eyes were closed, his body limp and relaxed as his breaths became slow and regular. "Is Elias alright?" "Oh," Quin breathed as he quickly untied the Omega and gently settled him into a more comfortable position on the bed, with his head on a pillow. "Wow, you fucked him so good, he passed out," he whispered to Nolan. "That was pretty darn amazing for a first time. You sure you've never boinked someone before him?" Nolan shook his head. "I've received many times, but Elias likes it much more than I ever did." The vampire frowned. "There must be something wrong with me. Mateo seemed to really enjoy it from Master Pax, as well. The giving seems much more pleasant, for me." "If you don't feel pleasure from receiving, it's usually the giver's fault, not yours," the human pointed out. "I mean, I know that there are rare cases where people don't feel much pleasure at all, and I don't wanna make an ass of myself by saying you're not one of them when you could be," Quin continued. "But, seeing as how you just blew your load into our Elias over there, I'd say it's a matter of bad dominant partners." "You're very kind," Nolan said, scooting closer to the human. He nibbled his lower lip with a fang for a moment before speaking. "You aren't really mean to Elias, are you?" the vampire asked, wanting very much to be right about the handsome blond. Quinlan snickered. "I was only teasing him, and he was teasing me right back," he explained. "He was being too needy at the moment, so I called him out on it. But, none of us are truly mean to each other." "Okay, good." The human took a moment to slip into the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth to clean them up a bit before settling back onto the bed. Nolan sighed in relief, letting himself lean against Quinlan's warmth. The vampire nearly purred when Quin wrapped an arm around him. They were quiet for a few minutes as Quinlan gently petted Nolan's arm. The vampire finally spoke softly, "You're a good dominant partner, right? You could make me feel good when you fuck me?" The human's breath hitched. "I can't really rate how good of a dominant partner I am. I mean...if there was a magical way to have Pax, Jany, and Mat inside me all at the same time I'd be one of the first in line," he admitted. "But, if you want to give it a try, I'd do my absolute best to do you good." "You're so sweet," Nolan blurted, hiding his face in Quin's chest and peeking up at him with pink cheeks. "Are you sure you don't mind? You won't be disappointed if it's not very good? Elias felt so warm inside. I'm not warm. It won't feel as nice as he does. I can try really hard to keep my muscles tight, though. So you can get good friction." "Whoa whoa whoa," Quin countered. "First of all, I've been inside Jany, so I imagine it'll be the same temperature-wise. And second of all, it would be an honor to be inside you." He confessed. "Just talking about it is turning me on. What's a comfortable position for you? Laying down on your back? On my lap?" "Is there a position where you can you hold me?" Nolan asked shyly. "It feels really good, to me when any of you are hugging me close. Maybe it will make it feel better when you take me." "On my lap, it is. But, first..." the blond stated as he found a lubrication tablet and gave the vampire a gentle kiss on the lips. He then kissed a path down Nolan's body and slid a slick finger inside just as his mouth surrounded Nono's cock head. "Ahn!" Nolan cried, hands dropping to tangle in soft blond locks. The vampire was sensitive from his orgasm, but not so much that it made his mate's attentions anything other than extremely pleasant. In fact, that pleasure seemed to ricochet back and forth between the mouth sucking him and the finger inside him. "Quinlan, wh-what are you doing? I don't have to be hard since I'm not the one doing the fucking." The human gave one lascivious lick up the entire length of the vampire's shaft as his finger slowly but carefully began to stroke along the inner walls. He waited patiently until he saw Nolan downright squirm with pleasure. That's the ticket. With a dimpled grin, he then added more fingers and gently stretched as he sucked one of the vampire's balls in his mouth. Nolan was downright confused but didn't seem capable of coherent speech at the moment. He had thought Quinlan was going to fuck him. Maybe he had changed his mind? Nolan decided that was alright, what the other man was doing felt really good, amazing. Even the fingers inside him felt better than anything that had ever touched him there before. Perhaps it was because they were mates that Nolan could get pleasure from it? Or was it a side-effect of Quin's incredibly talented mouth...and tongue, Nolan thought as Quin licked, rubbing the underside of the vampire's shaft in a way that nearly had the vampire seeing stars. When he felt that his new mate was stretched enough, Quinlan continued to stretch just a little longer, unwilling to cause Nolan any unnecessary pain. He then slicked his own shaft up and gently urged Nolan up and onto his lap. "I'm gonna need you to kneel on either side of my thighs and lift yourself up a bit," he instructed softly. "I'm gonna press the head of my cock against you, and then we're gonna lower you onto it slowly, ok?" It took Nolan a moment to process Quin's words, but after he'd blinked a few times, he was able to work out what he was supposed to do. It seemed a shame. He'd really been enjoying what Quinlan had been doing to him. Nolan wanted to try and see if bottoming to the human could at least feel nice, though. Even if the skinny vampire didn't imagine it would feel nearly as good for himself and Quin as it would have for Elias and the blond. Nolan's cock throbbed needily as he climbed into Quinlan's lap, straddling him as he'd been directed. Quin led his shaft to Nolan's entrance with one hand as he urged the vampire to slowly lower himself with his other hand on the other man's hip. When Nono was once again seated in his lap and the blond's shaft was mostly inside, Quinlan kept still. His hands slid up and down the ebony-haired vampire's back as he lured him into a heated kiss. Nolan gasped into Quin's mouth, wrapping his arms around his human mate. It felt... good. Better than good, really. There was a feeling of stretching, but not enough to even be uncomfortable. Nolan felt full, and it was actually rather nice. The vampire circled his hips experimentally, moaning softly against Quinlan's lips. "Mmm, you like that?" the blond taunted as he took hold of Nolan's hips and continued to move him in a circular motion. He then pulled out a bit and gently slid back up into him. "Yesssss," Nolan said breathlessly. "Feels so good." Quinlan's hard shaft and head rubbed against the vampire's walls. Nolan had had no idea he even had nerve endings inside him that could respond in such a way, sending tingling pleasure through him. The blond braced his feet as his hands tightened on Nolan's hips. "I'm going to start moving now. Let me know if it hurts, ok?" he prompted as he began a gentle rhythm, moving slower than his usual pace. "Oh!" Nolan gasped, the sensations changing, but not in a bad way. It definitely still felt good. Unconsciously, Nolan began pushing down into every thrust, wanting Quinlan deeper inside of him, to touch more of his sensitive inner walls and give him more of that delicious feeling of fullness. When Nolan seemed to be getting used to the movements, Quin then began to slide his shaft along the vampire's more sensitive areas. His movements became a bit faster, but still not as fast as his usual pace. Nolan trembled in Quin's arms, almost feeling like he was falling, though his human held him steady. The sensations were overwhelming. It was so good but so different from anything he'd ever experienced before. Nolan felt warmth against his back and soft kisses pressed against his bare shoulder. "Hey," Elias murmured, rubbing his cheek against Nolan's skin and his hands over his vampire mate's body. When the Omega had come to, it was to quite the lovely sight. "Looks like you two are having a lot of fun." Nolan's head dropped back to rest on Eli's shoulder. "It feels...it feels good," Nolan said between soft moans and gasps of pleasure. "I enjoy it." "Finally awake, Eli?" Quin teased with a grin before increasing his speed another level, careful to stroke along Nolan's more pleasurable areas frequently. Nolan leaned his back against Eli's chest, trusting his mate to support him. The vampire wasn't sure he could hold himself up, anymore. His head was swimming in pleasure that seemed to be dancing all the way to his fingertips and toes. Nolan closed his eyes, letting the sensations take him as erotic gasps and moans fell from his lips with every thrust. Eli stuck his tongue out at Quin, which made the human chuckle. Elias tucked his chin over Nolan's shoulder looking down his body to see Quinlan's hard shaft pumping into the practically insensate vampire. "I'm really glad he likes it," Eli said, smiling as he teased Nolan's nipples, making the vampire shiver against him. "Jeez, you're like a bunny, Quin. Not that any of us seem to be complaining. It looks like I'm not the only one who likes fast and deep." And fast and deep is exactly the kind of pace that Quin had built up to. He hadn't meant to default back to his normal speed, but he couldn't help it. The vampire was gorgeous, and the sounds that kept falling from his lips drove the human wild with lust. "So hot," he hissed as he continued his movements. "I have to touch him," Eli murmured, also entranced with their newest mate's reactions. One of his hands remained to pluck a pebbled nipple as the other trailed down to Nolan's cock, which was pointed at the ceiling, making the vampire cry out. "Goddess, he's so hard, Q. And he's leaking so much precum he's all nice and slick. Fuck." "Fuck!" The human hissed around the same time as he concentrated hard not to thrust any harder or faster than he already was. "Cum, Nolan. Don't hold it all in," he urged the vampire. Elias moaned, shifting his hand from Nolan's chest to his own reawakened member and gripping it without preamble, stroking himself fast and hard as his other hand continued to work Nolan's. "I...I..." Nolan gasped as Elias pumped his length faster, rubbing his thumb over the tip with ever upstroke and catching the precum. "Ahn!" Nolan's body clenched tight around Quinlan's thrusting cock as the vampire's body trembled in pleasure, shooting white stripes across Quin's tanned chest. Quinlan continued to thrust into the vampire's depths until he, too, reached completion. He was surprised to feel a strange, surging sensation filling him from the inside. "Whoa...I don't know how to describe this," he panted. "But, I somehow feel stronger?" "Mates..." Nolan murmured as his head lolled on Eli's shoulder. "Weaker mates take on some of the energy of stronger ones when bonds are complete. Not a lot. Just some. I read about it, somewhere. Even though I'm a weak vampire, I'm still a vampire." Meanwhile, Elias was trying to wipe off the cum he'd gotten all over Nolan's back. "Kind of made a mess, here," the Omega said, sounding drunk. "Sorry, Nono." "S'alright," Nolan replied. "Why don't the three of us jump in the new tub Jany bought?" Quin suggested. "We can all fit in it!"
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