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  1. Nolan

    The group of men woke up around noon. The stress that had built up throughout their ongoing search for answers, along with their sensual activities, had taken a toll on all of them. Pax was the first to actually climb off the bed to make food for the others. The silver-haired werewolf left Mateo the car keys so that he and Quin could get the supplies they needed to provide January with the proper daylight protection. Since January had been to the Acacia Library before, he was able to teleport right inside it without the risk of stepping out into the sunlight. The library itself already had all kinds of protections for visiting vampires. When the three of them ate, dressed, and were ready to go, January opened up a portal. He had been to the Acacia Library many times, so it was easy enough to picture as he conjured the portal. Once inside the library, the redhead immediately walked to one of the computers to see if the Moonlight Tome was truly there. "No results," Jany stated with a hint of disappointment in his voice. "Many books with the word 'moon' and 'moonlight' in it, but none of them are what we're looking for." "Maybe we can find another book that mentions it?" Elias said thoughtfully. All of the ancient stories that they knew had been passed down. Surely, the people of that period documented everything about the gods. "And we can check for other books that talk about Khonsu way back when. If Khonsu being a guy was really a thing, there can't just be one book that talks about it." "It can if someone wanted to hide that fact," Jany pointed out. "Someone very powerful..." He had been told by his grandparents of an era when many gods were in feuds and fought over territories on the mortal plain. Their current gods generally remained in their own territories. But, it hadn’t always been that way. The trio was at a bank of computers, searching fruitlessly when a vampire with dark, slicked-back hair wearing a button-up shirt rolled to his elbows and suited pants approached them and cleared his throat. "I am the Librarian of Acacia Library," the man said importantly, looking down his narrow nose at them. "Was there something I could help you locate?" "We are looking for older texts concerning the Goddess Khonsu and anything that might relate to her gender or the source of her feud with Anubis," January replied, his words formal. "Hmm, anything available for viewing can be found on those computers by searching the archives," the Librarian told them with a frown. "They have been exhaustively cataloged and cross-referenced." "What about books that aren't out for viewing?" Eli asked. "How can we check those?" "You can't," the Librarian said with a huff. "If they are not available for viewing, then they will not be viewed by the public. Especially not by anyone not in the upper echelons of vampire society." He looked Elias and Pax up and down dismissively before turning to January. "If you wish to view non-public texts, there is a process. You will need to find at least four Elders to vouch for your need, an exhaustive explanation in writing as to the nature of your need, and a personal meeting with myself and at least two of the Elders vouching for you. At that time, your request will be processed. Within six to eight weeks following that meeting, you will receive notification as to whether your request has been accepted or denied." The Librarian continued before they could respond. "Now, if you will excuse me, I'm a very busy man. Request forms can be found at the front desk. Good day." The vampire turned on his heel and walked away, dismissing them. "What a dick," Elias said quietly. He looked up at January. "We can't wait all that time for something that might not even help us. We need information as soon as possible." "I agree, my emerald." January pulled Eli close blocking him from the sight of the few patrons in the library. "But I believe we have even more pressing issues than the Moonlight Tome. It would appear we are near to another of our mates. Your stone glows." Elias looked down, surprised to find his bonding stone shining softly where it rested on his chest. "Holy shit," Eli blurted loudly, causing a few heads to turn in their direction as he clapped a hand over his mouth. "Sorry." "I believe discretion may be in order," January said with a soft smile and a kiss to the Omega's temple. " Pax and I should be able to keep you between us and mostly out of sight. If you cup the stone in your hands, perhaps we can keep from drawing too much attention." Elias and Pax nodded, the large wolf moving to stand on their Omega's other side, as Eli held the Khonsu Stone in his palms with just a sliver visible. The men stayed with Elias as he walked haltingly. Pax or January occasionally picked up a book and leafed through it, trying to look natural. Elias appeared to be enthralled in a game on a brightly lit cell phone instead of a flickering bonding gem. It didn't take them long before they were at the back of the library near a heavy reinforced door. "That's it, he's behind that door somewhere," Eli said excitedly. Pax tried the knob and frowned. "It's locked. Do either of you know how to pick a lock?" "I've seen on YouTube where..." Eli began. "Someone is coming," January said quietly, sweeping Elias into his arms and ducking behind a massive bookcase filled to capacity with Pax on his heels. The Librarian appeared, muttering angrily to himself as he approached the door. "Little bastard doesn't understand I have deadlines," the vampire grumbled, a vein pulsing in his temple. "I swear if he ruins this deal for me..." The Librarian pressed his palm to the middle of the door, which glowed for a moment, then clicked open. The man flung it wide and stomped in, leaving the door to slowly close on its own. January quickly rushed to the door with inhuman speed, holding it open and waving for his mates to slip inside, as well. As Elias walked, he leaned down to whisper in his ear. "My apologies for having grabbed you so suddenly to hide you behind the bookshelf without asking first." "It was... Uh..." Eli blushed and giggled. "It was kind of exciting," the Omega admitted, whispering back as he looked at January with heat in his emerald eyes. "But thank you for caring about wanting my permission." The Omega tucked his stone under his shirt, dimming its light, which was pulsing faster and brighter. It shone through the fabric but was blocked enough it didn't light up the room and draw unwanted attention. "Holy crap, we're definitely on the right track. It's flashing like crazy." Elias frowned. "Ugh, it better not be that Librarian guy. He was a douche-canoe." "Let's keep quiet and follow the stone," Pax urged as he took hold of Eli's hand and Eli took hold of Jany's in turn. The three of them walked down the hallway, which ended with a set of stairs leading downward. "How much longer is this going to take?" came the angry shout of the Librarian from below them. "I have paying customers waiting! You're worthless." They heard the sound of flesh striking flesh, making Eli's neck prickle as he bit back an instinctive growl. "Do I need to remind you of your position again?" the Librarian continued. "Your maker didn't want you anymore. I took you in out of the kindness of my heart, with the expectation that you would earn your keep. You are useless at warming my bed; it's like I’m fucking a corpse. And I give you simple research to complete, information to compile..." "It's only been half a day," a soft, nervous voice answered. "I-I'm sorry. There's... I need more time than that. I have to figure out how to bypass the system without it being traceable and..." January, Pax, and Eli hurried faster down the steps as quietly as they could when they heard someone grunt in pain. "I was told I'd be paid double if I got it done today, so you're damn well getting it done today. I don't care what kind of motivation I have to give you." The trio spilled down the last steps into a small, cold room. Books, papers, laptops, and computers seemed to cover every available surface, including the small cot that held a cringing man that the Librarian was looming over in a threatening manner. The smaller vampire had inky black hair that hung in layers to hide most of his pale face. He cried out as the Librarian swung, catching the ebony-haired man across the cheekbone with his fist. Eli and Pax both snarled in rage, but January got there first as the Khonsu Stone blazed like a flashing star even through Eli's shirt. The sickening sound of a bone cracking echoed in the basement as the redheaded vampire twisted the librarian's arm behind him and held it firmly in place. "What is this?" January hissed as he tightened his hold, causing the librarian to cry out. "Striking a made vampire is no different than striking a human. Anubis would have your head." Elias rushed to the man on the cot as the Librarian squealed in pain. Pax took up a protective position between his Omega and the howling Librarian. Eli leaned over the inky-haired man, causing the bonding stone to slip from his shirt. The Omega leaned closer, brushing the vampire's hair from his striking orange eyes. The stone touched the vampire's chest and a bright flash filled the room. When Elias looked down, swirls of orange added themselves to the gem. Around each different color, only a tracing of clear stone was left behind. "It's you," Eli said softly. "We found you. Are you okay?" The man nodded jerkily, his pumpkin-colored eyes wide as the petite wolf looked him over, gentle fingers brushing the nasty bruise on the vampire's cheek and the cut on his lip that trickled blood. January shot a look towards Elias and the other vampire. "See that? He's even an Omega’s mate. You've lost all right to him." He then peered over at Pax. "This twisted man knows too much. Though I haven't used the technique in centuries, I can make him forget he ever came across that young one and that we were ever here." "You can make people forget things?" Pax wondered aloud. Jany shook his head. "It only works on born vampires. It doesn't work on made vampires or any other species." "Now, see here!" the Librarian sputtered, face twisted in pain. "This is my library, and that is my charge! I don't know who you are or what you're on about, but I suggest you leave immediately! We have important work to do. Nolan stays here; he's mine!" "Break his pinkies, Jany," Eli snarled, hugging his new mate to his chest. "This dream is amazing," Nolan murmured, muffled by Eli's shirt as the vampire nuzzled close, wrapping his arms around the Omega's waist. "Maybe they'll let me sleep today and I can stay here a little longer," he finished with a wistful sigh. Just as January placed the palm of his hand on the librarian's shoulder, he shifted his attention to Nolan. "Wait, they?" He questioned. "How many people know you're down here?" "My master and his brother," Nolan said simply, peeking out from Eli's chest. "He works here, I think. He's here all the time. Sometimes he comes to play with me." Nolan shivered, tucking himself closer to Eli. "They stay up until I've fallen asleep and then one of them calls my name to wake me, so I can work through the day while they rest. So I can earn my keep." With the simple touch of his hand on the librarian's shoulder, January dove into the vampire's mind. Every thought pertaining to the orange-eyed vampire were gathered to him like small pieces of iron to a strong magnet. When he lifted his hand off the man's shoulder, a violet aura surrounded it. The librarian passed out onto the floor and Jany panted with exertion as he closed his fists on the retrieved memories. "Let's go," January suggested as he regained control of his breathing. "Nolan, was it?" He urged as he turned towards their new mate. "You're going to have to point out to me who this man's brother is when we get upstairs." "Sure," Nolan said brightly. "I'll try to do some of that lucid dreaming to make sure he's at the counter." The vampire frowned as Eli helped him up, their new mate standing a few inches taller than their Omega. "You won't let this turn into a nightmare, right? If it might, I don't want to see him." Pax was as confused as he was concerned for their new mate. All he could do for the sake of his mates was keep a look out down the hallway and a wary eye on the unconscious librarian. But, January didn't skip a beat. The purple-eyed vampire's smirk was downright feral. "You have nothing to be frightened of," he responded. "This will be no nightmare." Pax and Eli then helped keep Nolan upright as the four of them left the basement. Once they arrived at the reception area of the library, January didn't even need instruction find the sibling of the deranged librarian beneath their feet. The librarian's brother had enough similar features that it was easy to pick him out. Jany reached out to take hold of the new vampire's wrist and once again pulled all memories of Nolan out of his mind. As January teetered in place, Pax immediately held out his arm to steady him. "I don't think you should risk opening a portal in your current state," he warned. But, Jany shrugged his concern off and opened a portal for them to go back home. Pax had to carefully help him step through it. Nolan had an arm across Eli's shoulders as they followed. The wolf was small, but he was still strong and had no trouble keeping the vampire on his feet. Elias noticed a bag in Nolan's hand that looked heavy as it pulled down on the vampire's arm. "My rock collection," Nolan said, looking beyond weary. "Even in a dream, I didn't want to leave it. It's the only thing I have that's mine. It's from when I was still with my maker. I'm surprised my master let me keep them." One through the portal, the vampire looked around the bedroom. "Wow. That bed is ridiculously big. Who needs a bed that big?" The dark-haired man muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, "Master must have knocked me out cold again, but this dream is amazing. Totally worth it." When the portal closed behind the four of them, they noted that the only light source was the lamps. Mateo and Quinlan had already sun-proofed the house, which was a complete relief, considering that their new mate was a made vampire and was a lot more sensitive to sunlight than someone like January. Elias and Pax got as far as sitting January and Nolan down on the bed by the time that Mat and Quin rushed through the bedroom door. "...should have enough time for a bath!" Quin trilled, stopping right in front of the men in shock. "Oh, you're all back!" Quinlan only had a pair of socks on his feet, and Mateo only had a tank. Both blond and dark brown locks were messy, both sets of lips were swollen, and there were many other signs of just how much fun the two of them had been in the middle of. But, royal blue eyes narrowed as Quin noticed January's deep and measured breaths. "What happened?" the blond immediately questioned while Mateo also joined them, his brown eyes settling on a set of orange ones. "My brain is awesome," Nolan whispered. "All my dream men are so hot..." The vampire stood back up and stepped close to Mateo, craning his neck to look up at his handsome, if bewildered, face. "Tall," The pallid man murmured, before exhaustion over took him and his knees gave out. "Fuck," Mat yelped, diving forward to catch the little vampire before he hit the floor. The wolf tucked the vamp to his chest, a warm, pleasant feeling curling through him at the contact. "Is this..." "Yeah," Elias said, rushing over to stand on his tip-toes to check on Nolan. "Another mate. Some piece of shit had him locked in a basement in that library we went to and was beating on him when we got there. Said some other things that make me want to go back and tear off his dick, too," Eli growled. "I hope he's just asleep. I think he's exhausted. He said something about them not letting him sleep during the day, keeping him awake to work while everyone else slept. Rotten fuckers." Eli grinned. "But, I think Jany broke his arm!" the Omega concluded in delight. "We're gonna need more details than this," Quin insisted as he gently pressed his hand against January's forehead and the sides of his face as if checking for a fever. "You ok? Do you need some blood?" January was getting ready to deny it, but he simply took another deep, shaky breath and nodded. Quinlan carefully straddled him on the bed and tilted his head in offering. As the human's blood flooded his mouth, the vampire began to feel much better. He didn't need much, so he quickly swiped his tongue along the pierced flesh to seal it shortly after. "Nolan's a made vampire," Pax explained. "From what we heard, the librarian had taken him away from his maker. We saw him getting violent with him." "How violent?" Mateo growled, holding Nolan protectively as he looked down at the sleeping vampire's bruised face and cut lip. "And why isn't he healing?" "Made vampires are barely stronger than humans," January explained. "It would take a good century for him to start healing as fast as the average born vampire would. If it’s not his age, then it could be that he was starved of blood for too long." He caressed the side of Quin's face. "When he wakes up, some of Quin's blood would help him heal faster. For now, we should let him rest." "Poor little guy," Mateo murmured, carrying Nolan over to the bed, tucking him in next to January. "Are those guys going to be coming to look for him? Not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind them showing up on our doorstep so I can let them know how unhappy I am about how they treated our mate." Mat cracked his knuckles ominously. "I erased all their memories of him," Jany told him. "It would have been a lot more complicated if they reached out to older vampires to try to take him back." Mateo let out a relieved breath. "But who is he?" Mat asked, sitting on the bed next to where Eli had curled up to Nolan's side. "What about his family? What was he doing there?" "We'll find out when he awakes," Jany insisted. "He needs to rest." Elias held up his bonding stone as he examined the colors. "Nolan's orange...so, I wonder who's left." He mused as he lifted the stone to the lamp to examine the small areas left devoid of color. "Whoever it is," Mateo said, scooting down so he could hug his Omega. "I'm sure he'll be wonderful, and will fit right in." "I hope he's okay without us," Eli said softly. "What if he's in trouble, like Nolan?" "Then, we'll do what we have to in order to protect them, just as we've been doing thus far," Pax suggested. After that conversation, January curled up around Nolan and decided to get some rest, as well. Mateo and Quinlan took a shower, and then the three weres and the human ate dinner. Every now and then, Mat and Eli made excuses to stop by the bedroom to check in on Nolan, but Pax and Quin urged them back so that the vampires could rest. January woke up to a body as cool as his own curled against him. He looked down to find Nolan drawing circles on Jany's chest with his fingertip. The smaller vampire startled when he realized January was awake and looked up at him with wide eyes. This close, Jany could easily make out each shade in the ebony-haired man's iris, from and orange as bright as citrus in the center to dark umber ringing the outside. It was a unique color January had never seen before, even among other vampires. It was striking against Nolan's pale skin and ink-dark hair. "I'm not dreaming, am I?" the smaller vampire asked softly. The redhead took a slow, deep breath and shook his head slightly. "No, this isn't a dream," he responded softly. "How are you feeling?" "F-fine," Nolan said shyly, obviously uncomfortable, though he didn't move away from where he was touching January. "Did I die?" A part of him wanted to laugh, but January kept himself in check, not wanting to scare the younger vampire any further than he probably was. "You're not dead," he replied. "And you needn't be afraid." "You're my new master, then," Nolan stated, sounding neither excited nor upset at the prospect. "When will I begin working, Master? Thank you for letting me sleep in such a comfortable place. Where will my cot be after this?" Nolan asked, peeking around the room as if looking for it. "I'm more than just your new master, young one," Jany explained as he gently took hold of the other vampire's hand and kissed the tips of his fingers. "I am one of your mates. We both are an Omega's mates for, seemingly, the first time in history." "I saw the Khonsu Stone...I wasn't dreaming that part either? The small wolf who was so careful with me is an Omega?" Nolan looked thoughtful. "I think you're right. I've never seen any mention of a vampire being the mate of an Omega in any of the texts I've cataloged or researched for my old masters. How did it happen?" "That's one of the many questions we've been searching an answer for," the redhead replied. "Come, we will talk more in just a bit." He said as he gently lifted them both up into a sitting position and then tugged all of his red-violet hair over to one side, exposing his neck. "Draw from me." "Master...i-is this a test?" Nolan tried to look away from the pulse-point in January's throat, but he was so hungry. It had been so long since he'd been allowed to have more than a sip at a time of stale blood from an old plastic cup the Librarian kept on hand for feeding him, the taste bitter with preservatives. His old master had given him a little every day, enough to keep him alive and working. He would get a little extra whenever he completed an assignment early. If he was late...Nolan didn't like to think about what happened when he didn't finish his work on time. "I know it's not allowed..." Nolan's eyes were nearly glowing with need, his fingers clinging to Jany's arm as he swayed, fighting not to lean closer. "Wh-where's the cup?" January had to hold back a scowl. A cup? What barbarians those brothers must have been! "No, Nolan. This is no test, I will never test you," He said gently before his voice fell to an authoritative octave. "This is an order. Come," he urged as he infused his fingernail with enough power to cut a line along his neck. "Draw from me. You must be starving." "Yes, Master," Nolan answered, a soft moan falling from his lips as he allowed himself to be drawn forward. Nolan caught a ruby drop as it ran toward January's collar bone, gasping as the ruby liquid seemed to flood his mouth with his new master's taste. Nolan chased the trail upward with his tongue, latching his mouth around the wound January had made for him. Orange eyes fluttered closed as he sucked, careful not to nick the skin with his fangs and risk being struck or cast away. The ebony-haired vampire moaned, straddling January's legs and wrapping his pale arms around the larger man as though afraid he might be pushed away at any moment. The blood sent thrumming energy through the younger vampire, tingling down to the tips of his fingers and toes and making his head buzz pleasantly. "That's it, you're doing well," Jany purred as he gently stroked Nolan's back. "Have your fill, but try not to over-do it. One of our other mates is going to feed you as well, he'll be your dessert," He added with a snicker. "Although we can't draw from him often." "Mmmf." Nolan hugged January close, the thin fabric of the younger vamp's ragged pants doing little to hide the arousal beginning to stir and press against Jany's bare stomach. The redhead bit his lower lip when he felt the younger vampire's hardness against him. He pressed his hand against the covered erection and curled his fingers around it as his grip slowly increased. "Nolan, may I?" The younger vampire shivered, giving the slightest nod as he drew more gently at January's throat and barely kept himself from thrusting wantonly into his master's hand. A wide smile formed on January's face, not that Nolan could even see it. He slipped his warm hand inside the smaller vampire's pants and gripped his shaft firmly. His thumb slid along the very tip and he then began to stroke him. "Mmm, don't be afraid," he explained. "What you feel is the bond's need to be one with each of your mates." Nolan sighed softly, the wound in his master's throat was closing. He couldn't remember ever having so much at once and never directly from another vampire, let alone one as powerful as January. It made his skin prickle as though it was too small for his body and little sparks of energy zip through him. The young vampire lapped at the trickling cut, catching every drop he could. Quiet moans fell from his lips as January stroked him expertly. Nolan had never experienced anything that felt so good. It was beyond nice or pleasant. He wasn't sure there was a proper word for the feeling that made his toes curl and his breath come in short pants. The orange-eyed vamp licked the last drop of blood from January's throat and gasped as the older vampire did something with his hand that made Nolan feel as though he was caught in a tornado or about to be pulled out by the tide. "Master!" Nolan gasped. January purred as he whispered in Nolan's ear. "Nolan, my citrine, may I kiss you?" He asked softly, even as his hand worked him harder. "W-Why?" Nolan asked, pulling back enough so he could look into his master's violet eyes. Genuine bafflement shone in pupils blown so wide only a sliver of orange remained. "Because I desire you," January responded. "But, I don't want to do too much too soon...so I would very much like a taste of your lips." Nolan blinked in surprise, then smiled shyly. "Okay," he said softly, leaning in close. "Taste me." In sharp contrast to the fairly quick movements of his hand, Jany's kiss was slow and sensual. He coaxed Nolan's lips open and allowed him to feel the warmth of his tongue against his in long, dragging glides. The feelings January caused below the waist were intense and made his mind spin. What he was doing to Nolan's lips and mouth was softer, gentler, but still left him breathless. The younger vampire let out soft shaking moans and whimpers that had Jany smiling against his lips. His master seemed to enjoy bringing Nolan this pleasure. The orange-eyed vampire would think to be grateful later, at the moment, he was a bit preoccupied with the sensations rolling through him like a storm. His hips bucked, thrusting into January's hand, chasing something his body wanted desperately, something he hadn't felt since before he'd been turned. Nolan licked beseechingly at Jany's tongue, unsure of what he wanted or needed. The redheaded vampire moaned into Nolan's mouth as he continued to kiss him thoroughly, learning his likes. When he felt that the younger man was nearing his peak, he sank his fangs into the side of his neck for a taste and to feed him further pleasure through the connection. Nolan cried out, a keening wail he'd never heard from his own lips spilling from his mouth. He didn't notice the door flying open as a concerned Mateo and Elias nearly fell inside, investigating what had sounded like their new mate in distress. As Nolan's hips thrust forward into January's hand, spilling inside his worn-out trousers, he didn't notice Pax trying to shoo them back out again or Quinlan peering in over their shoulders. The young vampire didn't hear the door click shut as he collapsed against his master, breath heaving and body languid with his release. As January retrieved his hand, he lifted Nolan into his arms and walked into the adjoined bathroom. "Come, my young mate," he warned with a mischievous smile on his face. "I think we should both clean up before you're introduced to our other mates." :: Sometime later, Nolan was dressed in one of Eli's shirts and one of Jany's shorts. January settled him in the center of the bed as he invited the rest of their mates inside. Nolan kept his eyes downcast as Jany knelt behind him and began carefully pulling a brush through his new mate's slightly damp hair. January had told Nolan that taking care of him in such a way brought him pleasure, which gave the young vampire a handy excuse to submit to the soothing activity. "You're bruises are gone," Mateo said with a smile. "And the cut on your lip, too." "Master was very generous with his blood," Nolan said softly, eyes flicking up to Mat's face and back down to the comforter spread across the bed. "I'm feeling much better now." "Master?" Eli nearly choked on the word. "Made vampires generally call their makers master," January explained. "They are usually trained and cared for by their makers until at least fifty years before they are considered strong enough to be their own 'master.' It's a term of respect more than anything." "How long have you been a vampire, Nolan?" Mateo asked gently. "Is it okay to ask that? Or is that like asking a woman how old she is?" Nolan couldn't help a little laugh. The dark-haired wolf was huge and intimidating, but honestly, he seemed very sweet and tender-hearted. "It's okay," Nolan assured. "I think I'm around forty-five. I was kept in the library for about twelve years, I believe." Nolan hung his head, his freshly brushed hair falling forward to hide his face. "My maker didn't want me. He sold me to my old master." "You will never be kept anywhere against your will ever again," Pax vowed. "We will protect and care for you."
  2. The Elder and the Alpha

    The curtains were securely covered even though it was still late at night. The lamplight was just bright enough to be able to read clearly, even though it was the single source of light in the room. January found himself sitting up against the headboard and several pillows, closest to the lamp. Elias had his head on the vampire's lap, and his legs draped on Pax's lap. Jany asked if he could gently rake his fingers through the Omega's hair and the werewolf eagerly approved. "Would you both like for me to read aloud?" Jany asked. "I'd like that, yes," Pax stated. "Read to us," Elias added his consent. The vampire couldn't help the smile that formed on his face. A small part of him was still in shock about the situation he found himself in. But, the majority of his feelings centered around the sheer joy of being a soulmate to such a wonderful trio of werewolves and the immense gratitude he felt for the gods to have led Quinlan back to him. January continued to gently rake through shaggy, auburn locks as he began to read. "He holds my deepest respect. No other alpha would have dared to walk into the lion's den..." he said in a steady story-telling tone of voice. "The asymmetrically short, messy hair was a soft brown color with natural blond highlights faded by the sun. He was masculine and muscled in all the right places. But, there was something about the determination in those blue-green eyes that made me catch my breath. Such a brave young man to enter alone. I stood up to greet him and was surprised that, when we came face to face, we were able to look each other in the eye without either of us having to look up or down..." :::: Henry kept his head high, and shoulders squared as he took in the vampire before him. He certainly didn't look like an ancient creature. The vampire looked no older than Henry, though the similarities ended there. The elder's hair was a deep Prussian blue that fell to his knees. His eyes were pale silver, but his skin was as dark as one of the native peoples who sometimes came to town. It made him appear mysterious and exotic. "Vampire, I am Henry Teague, the alpha of the wolf clan nearby," Henry said, voice sure and level. "I've come to end the violence running wild around us." Lucian lifted an elegant Prussian blue brow as he regarded the alpha before him. "Werewolf," he responded in kind. "I am Lucian Everhart, Elder to this particular group. And I ask that you explain what you mean. Those that live under my roof are pacifists." Henry's teeth clenched, the muscles in his jaw jumping as he held back a snarl, certain that the vampire meant to mock him. As if the basic nature of any blood-drinker could be anything other than violent and murderous. Which was why he had to find a way to stop the mounting casualties. His pack was larger than many, but the vampire covens' territories surrounded his own. If something didn't change, his pack would dwindle and disappear. It wouldn't happen for many years, but it would happen. "I've come to discuss a path to end the outright fighting between our people," the alpha said stiffly, a growl creeping into his voice. Lucian's eyes narrowed. "And I repeat that you are under the assumption that my people are involved in your fights," he countered. "As far as I know no one under this roof would partake in such uncouth activities." He let out a sharp breath, taking a fearless step forward. "However, I understand your plight, and would be more than willing to form an alliance to combat the covens that wish you ill will." "You'd agree to help me so willingly?" The alpha took half a step back, surprise written on his face before it closed down. "And what price would you demand of us? I won't allow you to hurt any of my people. If a sacrifice such as that is to be made, I'll make it myself. But I want to know the cost of your generosity." The vampire's countenance changed as a small fire lit his silver eyes. "I could very well ask for anything if you place yourself in that position. You should not give yourself up as a bargaining piece." He warned. "Someone as desirable as you would end up in unsavory hands." "I'll give up nothing I can't bear to part with, vampire," the alpha growled. "I'll make no deal that takes too much from me or mine." "What I seek from you, you can't give," Lucian decided. "For now, you will have your alliance at the cost of a favor that has yet to be determined." "Only a fool would take such an open-ended debt," the alpha scoffed, imagining terrible things the vampire might demand. Henry wouldn't bargain his people's safety now only to hand them over into suffering later. Some of his advisers had warned him the vampires might demand the blood of their young or even their Omegas as payment. Perhaps even their lives. "You could ask for anything, and I'd be honor bound to deliver." "Let's talk privately," the vampire insisted. He led the werewolf to a private study where they wouldn't be disturbed. "As I've stated, what I seek from you, you can't give." "And what is it you seek?" Henry asked stiffly. Lucian folded his arms across his chest as he looked the alpha over. His silver eyes were downright searing. "You. I seek you." "Are you trying to jest?" Henry barked. "You are not amusing." "Why would I jest?" Lucian hissed in response. "Were it any other vampire before you, they'd have asked for your death, is that not so?" "And I was prepared to give it to keep my people safe," the alpha snarled. "Your death serves no purpose other than to frustrate me," the vampire insisted. "I propose an arrangement...be intimate with me once a month as a lover would. For every month, I will extend the alliance, should you fulfill your end." The alpha roared, pulled back his fist and hurled it at the depraved vampire's face. Lucian moved faster than the human eye could track. He held the fist in his hand firmly as he dove in to press his lips firmly against Henry's. He pulled back and frowned. "Now for the last time, I do not jest." "Once a month, if I allow you to rape me," the alpha said, pale eyes flashing. "You and the vampires in your territory will stay out of pack land and do whatever necessary to keep the other blood drinkers out of our land, as well?" The elder vampire shook his head. "As I have said, you cannot give me what I want," he responded as he held open the door for him to leave. "And you're not even ready to listen. Intimacy is not the same as rape, neither does it always mean carnality." The alpha didn't move toward the door, eyes locked on the elder vampire in consideration for long moments. "I accept your proposal," the alpha said quietly. "What do you require of me, at this time, to finalize this agreement?" "A kiss," Lucian responded frankly. "A satisfactory one. Dominated by you." "How will I know if it is satisfactory?" Henry asked, rather stunned that the vampire hadn't asked for his blood or body. "I will draw up a contract immediately afterward," the Prussian-blue-haired man replied. "So, I kiss you until you're content with my work, at which point you'll wander off to find some ink and paper?" Henry asked, unable to keep the corners of his mouth from curling into an amused smile. Lucian cut a line down the palm of his own hand. As he placed it down on the table, a contract appeared, stating that the Everhart coven would form an alliance with the Teague clan. "If I'm satisfied with the kiss, I will sign this." The alpha's eyebrows lifted, but that was all that betrayed his surprise at Lucian's magic. Henry read the contract quickly, brows lifting higher. The protection Lucian was offering his pack was more than Henry had ever imagined would be offered, while costing his people nothing more than a solemn vow not to invade any vampire's territory with violent or malicious intent. No Omegas or pups would be sacrificed. None would be bled or harmed in any way. And all Henry had to do to make this impossible deal a reality was give the vampire a decent kiss. "How do you like to be kissed?" Henry asked seriously, stepping closer to the elder vampire. The decision was easy. He just had to make sure he didn't screw it up. "Gentle? Deep? Passionate? Sweet? For this, I will kiss you any way you wish, and I'll do it eagerly." "Kiss me how you prefer to be kissed," Lucian decided. "Should you actually fail, you can try again until you succeed." "That is exceedingly generous of you," the alpha was forced to admit, taking a deep breath before closing the distance between them. "How I prefer? Are you certain? What if I only enjoy chaste pecks on the cheek?" A feral smile formed on the aged vampire's face, which ironically only made him appear younger. "Then, I would accept it if I deem it authentic enough," he admitted. Henry looked at the vampire thoughtfully as their bodies drew closer until they were touching and the alpha's arms seemed to wind around Lucian without any direction from Henry's brain. The alpha could do that, kiss the vampire on the cheek, but it felt wrong somehow. Other than a confusing desire to get in Henry's trousers, Lucian had been nothing but generous and well-mannered. The wolf couldn't bring himself to try to weasel out of such a small request when it would gain his pack so much. The werewolf’s arm lifted to curl behind Lucian's neck, drawing the vampire's cool lips to his own. Henry sucked in a breath. He'd expected the man to be colder, like the dead. Strange, but not unpleasant. The wolf threaded his fingers through the locks falling from the nape of Lucian's neck. They were startlingly soft, and Henry couldn't help practically petting Lucian before the alpha remembered himself and held the vampire still by a gentle hold at the back of Lucian's head. The alpha parted his lips, and the vampire followed suit. The wolf didn't know why his heart was beating faster or why his skin felt so warm. Henry's tongue teased Lucian's lips before slipping into the vampire's mouth, the slick tip tracing the edges of the silver-eyed vampire's fangs in undisguised curiosity. Henry's mind seemed to leave him as his arm tightened around Lucian's waist until no space existed between their bodies. The wolf was too busy mapping the inside of the vampire's mouth and tangling their tongues together to notice certain things. Things such as the fact that Henry was grinding his clothed erection into Lucian's hip. Lucian had secretly taken some werewolves to bed throughout the years. Humans had shared his bed, not to mention his own kind, which were also quite experienced. And yet, he couldn't help the steady arousal rising within him at Henry's hesitant exploration. Each slide of his tongue and every millimeter he drew closer, he felt it all. If he were a nobler and more selfless vampire, he'd abide by the contract on that mere first encounter alone. In fact, that was his original plan, to begin with. All he had wanted was a taste of him. However, the werewolf was exquisite. Lucian wanted more, much more. He would settle for this encounter…at least, until the next time they'd meet. The vampire began to respond in earnest, paying forward what Henry had provided in the form of a kiss. He somehow managed to urge the werewolf to sit on the edge of the desk and began to gently grind against him. The alpha panted into the kiss, head spinning with confused arousal. Henry's leg wrapped around Lucian's waist, forcing their bodies tightly together, slotting like puzzle pieces. Henry's cock was painfully hard. Every rolling motion of Lucian's hips sending sparks of delicious pleasure into Henry, turning his body pliant in the vampire's arms. The elder vampire wanted to pleasure the alpha until they both found release, of that he had no doubt. However, their agreement had been to a kiss, not to outright seduction. He slowed the kiss down and held the alpha's face in his hands as he pulled away. He then reached over to sign the contract. :::: "...there were many things I regretted throughout the years, but as my signature stretched along the parchment, I came to regret what it would imply...that the two of us could only meet once a month. And that any feelings developing between us were only under duress," January said as he concluded that diary entry. The door opened, and Mateo and Quinlan entered the bedroom. The pair had damp, tousled hair and languid smiles on their faces. January recognized the pants Quin was wearing as his own. Although, it was difficult to see them, since the shirt he was wearing hung nearly to his knees. "And there weren't any other shirts, hmm?" Quinlan asked Mat teasingly. "Uh, I didn't see any. I think we need to do laundry," Mateo answered awkwardly. "Did you not want to wear my shirt? I can try to find you something else." It sounded like the last thing the big wolf wanted to do. The human shook his head. "I don't mind wearing it," he admitted as he lifted the collar to his nose and drew in a breath. "It has some of your lingering scent. It's nice." The two of them clambered onto the bed to join their other mates. The bed was made up of two grand king beds shoved against each other, so it was immense. Quinlan found himself snuggling up to Pax, Mateo joining him from behind. He felt the bond tugging him towards the golden-eyed alpha, but he still needed to recover. For the time being, just a general skin to skin contact was enough. "Any clues yet?" Mateo asked aloud. "Yes, actually..." Pax pointed out while January skipped a few entries ahead. His fingers gently raked along the back of Quin’s scalp. "The elder vampire Lucian and the alpha Henry seem to be quite drawn to one another, much like we were through our mate bond." "It seems like Henry really fought it, but Lucian was all in from the start," Eli piped up from where he'd insinuated himself on January's lap, the vampire reading over his shoulder with his arms around the petite Omega to hold the diary. "But Henry totally wants the D." Mateo nodded, grasping the gist of it. One of his arms was draped over Quin's waist, which he human didn't mind in the slightest. "So, more digging is needed," he deduced. "This entry seems promising," Jany spoke aloud. "The frustrating alpha's mouth was around my straining shaft once again..." "Wait a sec," Quin gasped in surprise. "I thought we were reading a diary, not porn!" "Lucian is quite descriptive of his experiences," Pax explained as he smirked at his new mate. "Guys, let Jany read, it's getting good!" Elias urged. When everyone settled down once again, January once again read out loud. "The frustrating alpha's mouth was around my straining shaft once again, and I was beyond keeping up appearances by then. Every sound I made spurred Henry on, so I didn't stifle a single moan or keen. I eagerly allowed them to fall from my lips..." ::::: “Henry!” Lucian hissed as his finger clenched soft brown locks. "I near my peak, I swear it..." Defiant blue-green eyes rolled upward to catch the vampire's heated gaze. The wolf paused, sucking gently on the rod of hot, hard flesh. Henry smirked around his mouthful and rubbed his tongue against the underside while he pushed his head down, taking Lucian as deep as he could and sucked hard. "Gods!" the blue-haired vampire gasped as he spilled himself inside the werewolf's mouth. After a moment of deep breaths and Henry wiping the corners of his mouth, the alpha lifted an eyebrow. "Gods in the plural sense? Not a particular one?" "With the way our patron gods argue, if I called out for Anubis, Khonsu might come down on us," he mused aloud. "If I called out for Khonsu, Anubis might come down on us." Henry frowned at the reminder as to why they had an alliance in the first place. "It is disheartening when our patron gods can't come to a compromise themselves, let alone our people," he confessed. "Henry, what do you know about our gods?" Lucian asked. "In some of our more ancient texts, Khonsu is referred to as a male god, not a female. One of them is called the Moonlight Tome," he said as he thought aloud. "Do your people happen to know more about that, about Khonsu's past gender?" "That can't be right. Khonsu is a mother goddess." Henry frowned, pulling away from the vampire. Now that their lust was spent, the alpha's discomfort at the direction their relationship seemed to be moving began to rise up again. Every time Henry touched Lucian, the wolf half expected his goddess to strike him down. "She is the Lady of the Moon, a light in the darkness," Henry told Lucian. "Your god is the darkness, the cold of the night." The elder vampire let out a long sigh. "I see...perhaps our texts simply assumed that all gods are male," he pacified. Though, he wondered if that was really the case. Could the goddess be keeping secrets from her own children? "Henry...we've managed to keep your clan safe. The other vampire covens seem to still hold some respect for us. But, I do worry about the gods. They can't be happy with our alliance." "I know my goddess will crush me for what I've done," Henry was forced to admit. "She has no mercy for the children of her enemy. It's simply a matter of time. I accept it. It's worth it for the lives saved." "You might accept it, but I don't," the silver-eyed vampire hissed. "Why should both our people suffer for what the gods themselves can't decide?" He placed a gentle hand on Henry's shoulder. "In spite of our differences, I respect you and would call you friend." "If it weren't forbidden..." Henry shook his head with a snarl, hands clenching into fists. "I don't care anymore. I'm sick of holding myself apart from you, pushing you away. I tire of pretending I don't want what you offer, cursing myself when you touch me. And I'm reminded of how it pleases me and how I hunger to please you just as well." For the first time in decades, the elder vampire felt his heart racing as he gazed at the other man. "Henry..." He whispered as he reached out to take hold of the werewolf's hands. "If what you've said is the truth, then I confess that I feel the same. I care a great deal about you, and I think I may have fallen for you." :::: "My words were true and sincere. I was afraid that Henry did not feel the same and, though I was pleased to know that I was not alone in my feelings, I still feared for us both," January recited. "I vowed to somehow get my hands on the Moonlight Tome to see if there was any way that I could fight back against our very gods..." "The Moonlight Tome...could such a book still exist?" Mateo asked aloud. "Not even abuela ever said anything about Khonsu being referred to as male before." "If it does exist, how would we go about finding it?" Pax added. "The Acacia Library," Jany replied. "At the center of town. If there are any ancient books in the area, that's where they would be." "Are you sure?" Elias wondered aloud. "My kind generally gathers all information in a central library, any books written or brought to this town," the vampire explained. "Our archives date back to a time before even Viktor was born. So, there's a good chance the Moonlight Tome might be there." Quinlan nodded solemnly as if he knew what that meant, but then he spoke. "Yeah, I still have no clue what's going on, Jany," he admitted. "I mean, I'm barely grasping the fact that I'm actually a soulmate to you guys, and that's only cause I keep feeling those mega-whoosh sensations of peace after I join with any one of ya." He glanced at Elias and then Mateo. "Which, by the way, were both quite mind-blowing experiences." Elias made a little happy, cooing noise while Mateo grinned. "I can get everything we need to get the windows blocked out tomorrow. I can work on that then," Mateo said, still smiling like the cat who got the canary. "I think it might draw attention if we all went to the library in a big group. So, who's going and when should we do it? I think I'll be more help as manual labor than research." Mat said sheepishly. "I'm more brawn than brains." "And since I'm still lost in limbo, I think I'll stay behind and help, too," Quin added. "So that means Jany, Eli, and me," Pax deduced. January reached over to cup the side of Quinlan's face. "I'm truly sorry this has been so much in such little time," he apologized. "To make a long story short, vampires and werewolves have never been officially recorded to be soulmates. And yet, here we are. But, our gods have always had an animosity between them, and we're trying to figure out a way to stay together without succumbing to their wrath." "In other words, we have to keep Jany hidden away until we do," Elias added. "Do I have to be hidden away, too?" Quinlan questioned. Mateo shook his head. "No, it's not uncommon for a human to be an Omega's mate," he explained. "Just vamps." "That's kinda biased, ain't it?" Quin commented. “Yeah, Khonsu really doesn't like vamps." Elias shrugged. "And when I think about it, I've never heard a good reason why, just insinuations that they can't be trusted, blah, blah, blah. And that Anubis is evil and bad. But I can't remember ever hearing what bad things Anubis had actually done or got his vamps to do." "According to this diary," January pointed out. "Anubis either turned a blind eye to the rowdiness of the covens around Henry's clan, or he didn't pay them enough attention." "So, Khonsu is the werewolf god and Anubis is the vampire god?" Quin affirmed. "Yes, but as long as we've known it to be so, Khonsu's always been a goddess...female," Pax responded. "If we find any truth in the Moonlight Tome, then that would be a start as to understanding what happened." "So tomorrow you three will be doing detective work, then?" the blond human concluded. "I think I get it now. Can I ask one more thing?" "Anything," Pax prompted. "When are you and Jany gonna claim me?" Quin asked. "I've barely kept myself from dry humping your leg this whole time. I think you guys better do something about that before you leave tomorrow." A flicker of heat flashed through January's purple eyes. "How about we claim the vivacious Kyanite together, Pax, mi topacio?" He purred. "Have him settled once and for all?" (mi topacio= my topaz) "Oooo, can we watch?" Eli whispered. "I'll be good, I promise." "And I'll keep him busy while we watch," Mateo suggested, worrying about Eli's eager scratching. Pax looked from one mate to another. "Alright...but, how-" he began only to be interrupted by the vampire. "It's simple!" January responded enthusiastically. "You take Quin while Quin enters me. Two birds with one stone." The silver-haired werewolf frowned. "That doesn't sound every simple at all..." The blue-eyed man glanced at January in surprise. In their previous interactions, the vampire had always taken him and not the other way around. "I rather like that idea," Quin decided as he grinded against Pax’s leg. January quickly tossed Quinlan a lubrication tablet. "Don't think, just do," he said as he knelt up on the bed and took hold of the headboard with both hands. The vampire then carefully spread his legs and jutted his backside out further. "I don't need much preparation, and you don't have to be gentle." Elias and Mateo scooted over, giving them plenty of room. Although, it was more of Mat dragging a drooling Eli. "All my guys are so friggin' sexy, and not jerkfaces, either," the Omega moaned, pushing down on his already rigid cock to try and get it to settle down. "It's like I won the mate lottery super-duper jackpot." "I agree wholeheartedly," Mateo stated as he quickly tugged his t-shirt off and began tugging Eli's flannel pajama pants down. Right beside them, Quinlan was doing the same. He carefully shrugged out of the shirt he borrowed from Mat and wiggled himself out of the pants he borrowed from one of Jany's bags. January himself slept in the buff, so he was already buck naked. Pax only wore boxers, which were simple enough to get out of. As the blond's lube-slicked fingers slipped inside the vampire, he realized that January was right. The flesh gave way fairly easily to his fingers, even when he added a fourth digit. He passed the bottle of lubrication tablets to Pax as Quin eagerly coated his shaft and shifted forward on his knees to press the tip between the pale alabaster mounds. "God, I've only ever dreamed of taking you like this, Jan," Quinlan admitted as he gently rocked his way inside. "Fuck, it feels so good...we never had the chance to do it this way." January let out a throaty moan as he wiggled back against him. "Consider it...a reward for coming back," he responded as he glanced at him over his shoulder. "Didn't come back for any rewards," Quin replied with a shake of his head. "I came back for you...the rest was just a ginormous bonus." He added with a grin, the dimples on his cheeks showing. The vampire felt his shaft throb in response. The human's smile had a way of making him feel a little weak in the knees. "You better leave a note or a message of some kind if you ever leave again," he warned, his voice almost trembling. "I don't care if it's to the store around the corner and back." "I'm sorry," Quinlan apologized as he pulled almost all the way out and then thrusted back in sharply to the hilt. "And I promise never to forget to leave a note ever again." Pax came up behind the human when the blond settled his hands on Jany's hips. Unlike the vampire and other werewolves, Quin really did need proper preparation. The only thing that saved them time was the fact that Mateo seemed to have taken him twice just moments before. Since the mocha-hued werewolf was a little bit larger than Mateo, he was still careful as he worked his way in. Suddenly, every man in the room seemed to feel something. A slight surge of pleasurable energy. Quin wasted no time in rolling his hips back against Pax and then forward into the vampire's heat. In no time at all, he found his quick pace and kept it going consistently. "Mmm, fuck, Matty," Eli moaned softly, rubbing up against his big mate. "Can you feel them? What is that?" "Don't know," Mateo answered, nearly panting himself. "Something with the bond being happy?" "Feels so good," Eli purred, rolling on top of Mat and rubbing their lengths together as he reached under a pillow to nab some lube. The Omega slicked Mateo's length as the bigger wolf groaned, then quickly rubbed the remaining on his entrance impatiently. "Let me ride you, Matty. Please?" "Hell yes," Mateo agreed, his voice low and excited. Eli straddled his dark-haired mate, leaning back to hold Mat's shaft. Elias wriggled back until he felt the hot tip against him. The Omega took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he pushed down, not stopping until he was sitting on Mateo's thighs. "Holy fuck, Eli," Mat groaned, kneading the Omega's hips. "Hnnn, so big...you feel really good..." Elias murmured as he rolled his hips, nearly making Mateo shoot off early as the smaller man tightened and relaxed his muscles over and over as he moved his body sinuously to press Mat's cock over every sweet spot, large and small. Royal blue eyes were drawn to the Omega's movements, and the human found himself slowing down to match Eli's pace. "Is that how you like it, Eli?" He teased while Jany let out another moan and Pax gripped his hips a little tighter. "Nice and slow?" "O-only at first, usually," Eli gasped out. "Sometimes it's nice..." "Very nice," Mateo agreed. "But by the end, the words coming out of your mouth are usually 'harder, faster, deeper, more.'" He punctuated each word with a thrust up into his mate's body, making Elias cry out and push back into each one. "Hmm, what about you, Jany?" Quin taunted as he grinded into the vampire's depths. "Slow, fast, soft, hard...no me importa," the vampire panted. "Just give it to me." (no me importa= I don’t care/it’s not important to me) The human complied, once again building up to his usual fast rhythm. Pax kept as still as he could, despite wanting nothing more than to join in the thrusts. His hands traced as much of Quinlan's body as he could reach, learning the different surfaces and texture. Eventually, Quin slowed back down to carefully tilt Jany's face into a rather fervent kiss. When they broke away, the golden-eyed werewolf took over the pace, rocking the blond further against the redhead. His large hand covered one of Quin's shoulders, using it as leverage to drive himself in harder. Eli's eyes shifted from Mateo's handsome face to the men next to them. The Omega lifted himself, rolling his hips as he dropped, drawing moans and sighs from both his own mouth as well as Mat's as he moved faster, matching the rhythm Pax had found as he thrust deep inside their human mate. Elias whimpered, his nails dragging down Mateo's chest, causing the big wolf to drag in a sharp breath. Elias was exquisite as he chased his pleasure, Mat decided, as he watched his Omega move sinuously atop him. The bite of pain from Eli's nails made Mateo's cock throb. He slammed his hips upward as Elias shifted back, making the smaller wolf cry out, then wail as Mat began fucking up into his depths. The larger werewolf's hands gripped Eli's hips, pushing and pulling the Omega faster, harder until Elias was keening and the Omega's tip was dripping a puddle on Mat's tight abs. Quinlan reached low to take hold of January's shaft as he picked up the speed of his movements again. The sounds and the heat that surrounded him encased him in a wave of euphoria until he found himself cumming deep inside the vampire. Only Pax's insistent thrusts kept Quin's pulsing member sliding inside Jany. Barely a moment later, he both felt and heard the redhead's release. It wasn't until Pax spilled himself into Quin that another wave of pleasurable peace hit the entire group. As soon as the bond strengthened and flowed between them, Eli stiffened and cried out. He pressed down on the thick length stretching him, grinding his hips as his untouched cock jerked and shot streams of white across Mateo's chest. "Fuck," Mat groaned, pistoning his hips up and down, his fingertips digging into Eli's hips as the Omega seemed to continue in his euphoric bliss. Mateo slammed his Omega down on his shaft a final time, filling Eli up as he shouted his completion with the smaller man's body still spasming around him. When Mat could see through his sparkling vision, he looked worshipfully up at Elias, who smiled beatifically back at him. The Omega moaned softly as his eyes rolled back and he slumped over, passed out. Mat carefully cradled the smaller wolf in his arms just as the others realized that the vampire was equally out cold. They rearranged themselves so that both redheads were nestled between them. When Mateo glanced over at Jany in concern, Quin shook his head. "It's probably so close enough to 3 AM that he just plain fell asleep," the human explained. "So long as we don't mention him by name, he should be asleep until around noon." "I'm guessing you found that out the hard way?" Pax mused as he gently raked through Quin's blond hair. "Yeah, it was both scary and cool to wake up next to a sleeping vampire," the dimpled man confessed softly. "I totally agree," Mat replied with a grin of camaraderie before snuggling closer to their Omega. "We should all get some rest if we have to travel tomorrow night. Mateo and I also have to call in to work to let them know we found another mate," Pax pointed out. "A shame we can't get that extra week for Ja-," Mateo began until he remembered not to mention the vampire's name. "...for our amethyst." "All the more reason why we have to do everything we can," Pax affirmed. "What we feel as our bond continues to solidify is as real as it gets. He's our mate, and he should be treated with the same respect as any other mate." Quin pressed a gentle kiss to January's shoulder. "Trouble sure has a way of finding him, doesn't it?" he whispered.
  3. Beta Love

    Quinlan allowed the Omega to lead him back to the car. While Elias rolled back to recline the passenger seat, the blond briefly turned the car on so he could lower the windows a bit. Once again, he made no complaints when the werewolf urged him to sit in the passenger seat and then promptly sat on his lap. As the other man's lips descended onto his, the human's hands slid up Eli's thighs and under the shirt to gently stroke his back. "Mmmm," Elias sighed happily as he reached over to lock the car, a tightness uncoiling inside him now that he had his human mate out of reach of any unpleasant, pervy vampires, and as safe as he could get him for the moment. "You okay, Quin?" Eli asked, looping his arms behind his new mate's neck and enjoying the man's touch on his skin. "Honestly?" Quin responded with a grin, his dimples showing. "I don't really know. A part of me wants to bury myself deep inside you and stay there." He admitted as his hands slid down Eli's sides and up his chest, fingers trailing along tightened buds. "I'm never usually this forward, so it's kinda weird how badly I want you right now." Eli's breath stuttered in his chest, imagining Quinlan inside of him, taking him. The Omega couldn't help pressing down onto Quin's lap, grinding just a little. "We're mates," Elias said simply. "Our souls know each other, have always known each other. When we're close, the bond we have gets stronger. Kind of like holding magnets close." Eli rolled his hips downward again. "They wanna snap together, get as close as possible." As Elias explained his theory about magnets, Quin felt the pull urging him to all but plaster himself against the man on his lap. "Is it gonna like this all the time?" He wondered aloud. "Not that I really mind..." "It got less intense with the other guys after we, ummm, yeah." The Omega blushed but never stopped moving, rubbing against the man beneath him. "Sex kind of settles the bond, I guess. And then it's still there and strong, but you don't feel quite as much like an obsessed stalker after that." Elias tilted his head. "Does that make sense?" Quin nodded. "I'm feeling very much the obsessed stalker right now," he confessed as he trailed his fingers up the side of Eli's neck. "Do you have any idea how bright your eyes are? They're like right up there with Jany's." "Really?" Elias squeaked, then blushed harder. The Omega smiled, bubbles of happiness percolating inside him at the compliment. "You should probably know that the stalker tendencies are pretty mutual. You're really beautiful, Quin. Like, a lot." The blond's smile widened. "Well, it seems like we're going to be together for a long time," he pointed out. "Enough to get to know each other better...would you like to see more of me right now?" "Fuck, yeah," Elias said in a harsh exhale. "I wouldn't mind seeing all of you." The blond didn't hesitate to tug his shirt over his head. The way the Omega's eyes looked him over nearly made him release then and there. But he somehow managed to undo his pants and slip them down enough to be freed. He took himself in his hand, a moan falling from his lips. "Shit, it's not fair how hot you are," Eli said without thinking, his fingers trailing over Quinlan's heated length. "Oh? That's strange coming from someone who's hotter," Quin responded as he bucked up into the Omega's fingers. "God, that feels so good." "Do you wanna...nevermind." Eli bit his lower lip, focusing on mapping Quinlan's cock with his fingers. "Go on, don't leave me hanging," Quin urged with another blinding smile as he gently lifted Eli's chin. "You maybe wanna see me, too?" Elias said, a little overwhelmed with the gorgeous creature beneath his hands. "Do I ever," The blond replied fervently. "But, only if you feel comfortable enough to. I don't wanna force you into anything." In half a second, Eli's shirt was hanging from the headrest of the driver's seat, and he was reaching for the button on his jeans. Quinlan wanted to laugh at the Omega's eagerness, but he didn't want Elias to feel as if he were laughing at this body since it couldn't be further from the truth. "If I stare at ya any more I think I'll cum on the spot." "Or you could just cum on me," Eli murmured, his brain to mouth filter having completely derailed the moment his pants were undone and his cock sprang free from its confines to bump into Quinlan's. "I'd rather cum inside you," the human responded as he gently grinded against him. "Now?" Elias begged, "Can we do that right fucking now? Because I think I'd rather have you do that, too." "Yeah," the blond replied. "Shit...do you have any lube here somewhere?" "Considering that Mat and Pax hide it all over the place for us in the house, there are probably at least two bottles stashed in this car." Eli leaned over, flipping open the center console. He reached in and pulled out a small plastic bottle. Elias waved it in Quinlan's direction with a grin. "I got it on my first guess!" That small bottle looked like the most glorious object in the world to Quin at the moment. Elias handed the bottle to him and struggled to get the rest of the way out of his pants. The human did the same with his until the two of them were skin to skin at every contact. "Eli..." the blond gasped as his fingers trailed along the lower curve of the Omega's spine. "Are you sure this is alright? I don't know if I'll be able to stop once my fingers slide inside you." "I don't...I don't want you to stop," the Omega gasped out, tipping his body forward and arching to make his ass more accessible. "I never want you to stop." The human pressed a kiss to the center of the other man's chest as he slid a finger inside. His vivid blue eyes glanced up into emerald while he added more digits. "Wow, your body's accommodating fast," he mused aloud. The flesh gave way for his fingers with very little effort. He wondered if it was part of the mate bond, too. "I'm an-an Omega." Elias pushed back, taking the finger deeper with a soft moan. "And a wolf. I'm built to adjust quickly. Prep is optional, half the time. If I'm excited enough, you can pretty much make sure I'm slick and then go for it." "God, that's hot," Quin whispered as he removed his fingers and urged Eli back down so he could press the tip of his shaft against him. "I think I'll need your help to slip inside...I've never done it in a car before." Elias steadied himself with a hand on Quinlan's shoulder, reaching back with the other to grasp the rigid cock throbbing against him. Eli whimpered. Quin was thick and hard. The Omega could feel the man's heartbeat in its length. Eli wiggled his hips as he let his body drop slowly. Quin slipped inside with little resistance. Elias tightened his muscles, wanting to feel his breaching more intensely. The Omega groaned softly, long and low until his backside was resting against Quinlan's thighs. They hadn't done anything yet, but already the human felt overwhelmed as he felt Eli's flesh tightening against him. "Fuck," he hissed as he grinded up against the Omega. "If I go too fast, let me know." He warned as his hips began to buck. In a relatively short amount of time, he built up quite a bit of speed. Elias shifted so he gripped the seat behind Quinlan, worried about accidentally scratching or digging his fingers into the human. The Omega let Quin drive the depth and speed, carefully pushing back with every thrust. A horrifying thought of his human mate with a crushed pelvis held Eli in check. But it felt so good, making it difficult to focus on anything but the thick rod plunging in and out of him at a delicious rate. Quinlan's thrusts came faster and faster. The young man had so much stamina that he was able to keep up the pace quite consistently. Every now and again, he'd slam inside hard enough to draw sounds from the werewolf's lips. But, otherwise, he didn't slow down. "Nnn, fuck," Eli gasped, letting his head drop back, and his body leaning away from Quinlan's chest. He held tight to the seat over Quin's shoulders, slowly shifting the angle of the human's pounding thrusts. Eli couldn't slam down onto Quin, but there were other ways he could play. Elias teased himself, avoiding his sweet spot, swiveling his hips. "So good, Quin…Don't stop..." The blond's shaft continued to piston into the werewolf's depths with abandon. "Couldn't stop...if I tried..." he gasped. Eli shifted again just as Quinlan slammed a deep, wild thrust, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through him as Quinlan accidentally nailed the smaller man's prostate. "Ah, there!" The Omega's fingertips threatened to sink into the upholstery. "Oh, Goddess, right friggin' there..." The human eagerly aimed in that same area in rapid succession. When he felt that he was close, he took hold of Eli's member and stroked it. He couldn't quite match the same pace, but the intention was clear. Quin wasn't going to last much longer, and he wanted the werewolf to get something out of it, too. The sound of ripping fabric was covered up by Eli's keening wail, his body trembling as he held himself stiff and still over his human mate, allow Quinlan to jackhammer into him. Cum shot from Eli's tip. The first blocked by Quin's stroking fist. The rest striped the human's chin, chest, and stomach as the Omega's walls contracted rhythmically on Quinlan's length. Quin released nearly at the same time, not being able to withstand the rolling undulations of the other man's flesh against his own. "Oh, fuck!" he keened as he shot deep into the werewolf's depths. Elias collapsed against Quinlan, panting and nuzzling the human's throat, taking in his scent and marking Quin with his own. The mate bond felt stronger, thrumming between them. The anxious worry that had been with the Omega seeped away under the warmth and comfort of the bond between them. It branched out to the others, singing just as powerfully. Eli sighed happily, kissing Quin's shoulder and turning his head to glance blearily out the window, to find eyes peering at him from inches away. Elias screamed as if a spider had just jumped on his face. When Quin followed Eli's gaze, he nearly jumped, as well. Their other mates couldn't seem to wipe the smirks off their faces. "Well," January said aloud as he held up the red book. "We got the diary. How about we head home?" "Let's get these two in pants first," Pax suggested. :: "I really am sorry, Pax," Elias said miserably from the backseat where he was cuddled between Quin, who had the Omega tucked under his arm, and January, who was laying down in Eli's lap so that no one saw him. Elias had been apologizing to the alpha most of the way home, seeming to become more bothered as Pax continually attempted to assure the Omega that he wasn't upset. "I'll pay to have it fixed, I swear," Eli said for the seventh time. January had been counting. "I can't believe I lost control of myself like that." "Better the car than Quin, right?" Mateo pondered aloud, which didn't make Elias feel any better. "Don't worry, Eli," Quinlan assured the Omega. "I trust you. You wouldn't hurt me." "How do you feel about bondage, Quin?" Mat asked with a keen gleam in his eye. "You could always tie Eli up nice and tight so he doesn't do anything accidentally that might cause damage." Elias blushed scarlet and hid his face in Quinlan's shoulder. The Omega knew Mateo was only playing, trying to lighten to mood to make him feel better. It wasn't working very well. Elias felt very young and inexperienced next to the others. He was at an age of transitions. More than just finding a mate, Eli was dealing with what all teenaged wolves did. He was moving into life as an adult wolf. His hormones were a bit wild, and he was at a stage where he would slowly learn balance and control. Elias had no doubt that Quin could have wild sex with Mateo or Pax without any risk of injury to the human. The older wolves knew themselves and their bodies. They would be able to judge all the complicated nuances that told them what was a little rough play and what could actually hurt Quin. Eli knew that in a few years he would probably be much better at it, but that seemed like decades to wait to feel safe making love to one of his mates. Quin ran a hand up and down Eli's back. "You were amazing," he assured the Omega. "Mind-blowing, even. I enjoyed every second." "You promise it was okay?" Elias asked uncertainly, looking up at Quinlan. The Omega's emerald eyes seemed to shimmer with a dozen shades of green as Eli gazed at him beseechingly. Quin gave him a dimpled grin. "Yeah, can't wait to learn more about you. Both in and out of the bedroom," he confessed. "I'm sure he means both sensually and romantically," January teased, drawing forth a blush from the human. "You were both clearly 'out of the bedroom' earlier." "Yeah, I'm sorry our first time wasn't in, you know, a bed." Elias frowned. "And I can't believe you guys just stood there and watched us, jeez. How long were you out there, anyway? Bunch of creepers." "I regret nothing," the blond insisted. "Not to mention, I'll probably never forget it. Definitely in my top ten experiences of my life." Elias made a tiny happy noise and hugged Quinlan tight, careful not to bruise any of his ribs. "Hey, we're home," Mateo called from the front seat as they pulled into the driveway. "Hope you like it, Quin." As the men made their way into the house, January placed a hand on Quinlan's shoulder. "Quin, thank you for being so understanding of all this," he told him. "It's a lot to take in, and we still have so much we need to explain..." Quin shook his head and gently tugged off the vampire's hand to thread it in his own. "My only plan was to come live with you. The rest was an amazing bonus," he confessed cheekily. "I couldn't begin to describe how I feel right now...stronger? Filled to the brim of just about every feeling there is?" "You'll stay with us?" Eli asked Quinlan hopefully. "January is. We just need to get all the light blocked from the windows." "Is it alright if I stay here?" the blond questioned. Pax reached over to ruffle the top of the human's head. "Yes, we'd like you to stay. Right, Mat?" "I know I'd like you here," Mateo said immediately. "I want to get to know you, as well." Quinlan gave him a blinding smile. "This has to have been both the best and most insane day of my life," he confessed with a snicker. "How tired are you?" Jany asked the human. "Not tired," the blue-eyed man replied. "But, still a bit overwhelmed. I'm going to have to take a rain check on everyone at once." The vampire drummed his fingers along the diary in his hand. "I think I'm going to get a start on this. We should verify if it's really the elder vampire we need or not." "Are you gonna be reading in the bedroom?" Elias asked. When Jany nodded, he beamed. "Then, I'm coming with you." He said as he looped an arm through one of January's. Pax raised a brow. His shortest mate would undoubtedly distract the vampire if he joined him snuggled up in bed. "I'm coming, too." He insisted. Quinlan watched the three of them go with an amused expression on his face. When they were out of earshot, he turned towards Mateo. "Eli's gonna molest the heck out of one of them, ain't he?" He prompted. "Probably," Mateo said with a grin. "You see how Pax followed along. He may throw himself on the horny Eli grenade so Jany can actually get some reading done on the diary." The big wolf looked down at his new mate. The human was very attractive. Mat's instincts suggested he should lay Quinlan down, strip them both naked, and cover Quin with his scent...thoroughly. Instead, he cleared his throat awkwardly. "You hungry?" Mat asked. "I was just thinking about making something." "Yeah, definitely," Quin admitted as he followed along. If Mateo had had his tail at that moment, it would have been wagging. He happily led his new mate into the kitchen and stuck his head in the fridge. "Hmmm, sandwiches?" Mat called, bent over and half in the cold box. "Sounds good to me," Quin replied. "Need me to help?" "Oh, sure." Mateo backed out with an armful of sandwich fixings and condiments. "You mind grabbing the bread? It's in the box over there next to the microwave." The blond quickly went over to retrieve the bread for them. "Do you guys have any chips?" he wondered aloud. "You kidding?" Mateo laughed, leading Quin to the pantry and opening it with a flourish. "None of us can say no to Eli, and I think he has some sort of snack fetish. If you can think of a munchie, we probably have it." Quinlan's blue eyes widened as he glanced upon the glory land. "Elias really is a guy after my own heart..." he replied as he grabbed a small bag of lime flavored chips. "He's pretty great," Mat agreed, grabbing a bag of pre-popped popcorn for himself and heading back to the kitchen to start sandwiches. He winked at Quinlan as he loaded his bread with turkey and mayo. "You seemed to be getting along with him very well in the car…twice." A slight blush formed on the human's face. He didn't regret anything that happened, but it was still quite a whirlwind of events. He had started out that night with the hopeful goal of possibly getting into January's pants, and ended up in an Omega's pants somehow. "He really seemed to know what he was doing," the blond admitted. "More than a good bit more experienced than me." "Uh, I think he was actually completely a virgin until about two weeks ago," Mateo said, taking a huge bite out of his sandwich. Quin's blue eyes widened. "No kidding!" he responded as he all but inhaled his own sandwich. "Well, I guess my first few times were just so spaced out...I mean, he seemed to enjoy it..." he trailed off as he wondered about his performance. "Oh, he enjoyed it." Mateo swallowed the last of his sandwich that he'd practically inhaled. "Did you see Pax's passenger seat? That's a definite sign of enjoyment. We've had to have someone keep his hands pinned before during sex because he can get a bit scratchy when he's having a good time." "Jeez," the blond snickered. "That's pretty cool, though." He glanced over at the taller werewolf. "Do you have any tendencies during sex?" "Uh," Mateo's bronze skin darkened at his cheeks. "Like what?" "Like, is there anything, in particular, you like to do?" Quin elaborated. "Are you...I mean...I don't want to offend you by being lewd," Mateo said awkwardly. "I don't want to upset you or tell you something I like and think I expect that from you. I would only do what you would feel comfortable with." Mat let out a breath. "And I'm a little afraid of sounding like a perv or something." A wide smile formed on Quinlan's face. "Don't be embarrassed. You can tell me anything," he insisted. "If you tell me something you like, I'll tell you something I like." "That sounds fair," Mat said shyly, scooting closer to the handsome human. "I...I like topping, but I also really like to bottom. A lot. But before Pax and Jany, there wasn't really anyone who would do that for me." "I can top too, sometimes," Quinlan confessed. "I mean, I'm sure you saw..." he trailed off with a slight blush."But, I like bottoming just as much. So, whatever you're in the mood for, you'd just have to let me know." "Oh, I can top, too. Don't worry." Mateo's gaze was hot as it traveled over Quinlan's features. "And now that I know I can be topped pretty much whenever I feel like asking for it, topping seems a lot more fun." The dark-haired wolf's smile was naughty but teasing. "You want to keep trading things we like? I'm kind of enjoying learning about you." The human began to tug at the collar of his shirt as he felt his own body temperature rising. "I, uh, I like love bites...gentle ones. Things like strip teases and lap dances...being lifted by someone stronger than me," he continued. "I'm stronger than you," Mateo said, voice rolling and deep. "Much stronger than you." "You sure are..." Quin whispered, his hunger turning into an entirely different kind of hunger altogether. "Damn handsome, too." "That's you," Mat said, stepping into Quinlan's space until their chests touched. Mateo reached up and curled a lock of the human's blond hair around his finger. "More than handsome." Before he even realized it, the blond's arms slid up Mateo's chest and wrapped around his neck to tug him down into a kiss. He had never kissed anyone with such full and soft lips before. They felt so good against his. Without breaking the kiss, Mateo leaned down to wrap one arm around Quinlan's waist and the other under his ass and lifted him until they were at eye level. His thick muscles barely had to flex, and it seemed as easy to him as lifting a feather. As Quinlan's legs wrapped around the taller man, his heart began to race. Was this what it would always be like whenever he got too close to one of his mates? "Please, just...hot...clothes..." he rambled. "You want me to take these off you?" Mateo rumbled in Quinlan's ear, holding him up with just an arm underneath Quin's tight behind, using the other to skim his fingers under the human's shirt. "God, yes," Quin replied in a needy voice. "C-can I see more of you, too?" "Whatever you want, baby," Mateo promised, stepping to a clear section of counter and setting Quinlan down on it with his legs hanging off the edge as Mat stepped away. The wolf grabbed the hem of his shirt and inched it upward, flashing a strip of abdominals. "You want me to do it slow for you?" he asked, unsure where his confidence came from. Maybe from Quin's eyes, how he was looking at Mat like he couldn't possibly turn away. Unable to trust his voice, Quinlan nodded. He never knew that a werewolf could be so beautiful. His pants were becoming way too tight, so he unbuttoned them as he watched. His royal blue eyes couldn't look anywhere else. Mateo's eyes darkened, his eyes on the V of Quin's opened pants. The wolf's gaze dragged upward to watch his new mate's face as he swayed his hips slowly and began peeling the form-fitting shirt from his body, turning when it was half off to show his broad muscular back. Pawprints slowly revealed themselves as skin like dark honey was bared. Fabric was freed from deltoids, down biceps and triceps, to slip further and fall from Mateo's fingers to the floor. The human nearly jizzed his own pants then and there. "Mateo..." he gasped. "Beautiful..." Mat looked over his shoulder, chocolate eyes dark and full of promises. The wolf turned to face Quinlan again, taking a moment to pop the button of his jeans. "Should I keep going?" Mateo asked, dropping his zipper so slowly Quin thought he could hear every metal tooth disengage. Quin held his arms out in invitation. "Please come closer," he begged as his own shaft throbbed. The last time he wanted someone so badly, the two of them ended up tearing up Pax's car. Mat didn't need to be asked twice, walking into Quinlan's arms and wrapping his human mate in his own. Mateo caught Quin's lips, stealing a kiss and deepening it until they were both panting. Quin's legs once again wrapped around Mateo's waist, clinging desperately as he kissed him back with everything he had. "Pants...in the way..." He gasped as he squirmed and kicked off his pants. Mat shoved the strained fabric of his pants down just enough to free his hardened length. "I kind of want to fuck you with my jeans on," Mateo growled, slotting himself between Quinlan's thighs and grinding their cocks together. "So do I," Quin responded without thinking. "Uh, that is, I want you to fuck me even if you keep your jeans on..." he tried to explain himself. "How bendy are you?" Mateo asked, reaching over to slide a drawer open and pull out a convenient travel-sized bottle of lubricant. "If I lay you out on this counter you think you can put your legs on my shoulders while I slick you up?" Quinlan nodded frantically, already raising his legs up and laying back on the counter for him. "Like this?" "Oh, damn yes, baby. Just like that," Mateo purred, stepping forward. The wolf rested one of Quin's soles on each of his shoulders, then leaned forward slightly. Quinlan's legs bent, opening. Mat brought slick fingers between his mate's cheeks, teasing over his entrance. "I've never been taken on a counter before," the human mused as his eyes tried to commit every inch of Mateo's torso to memory. "Once against the railing of Jany's balcony...but, never a kitchen counter. I'm eager to scratch it off my bucket list. I'll even write your name next to it in bold red." "I look forward to writing your name on my body," Mateo murmured, sliding a long finger inside his lovely human mate. "Oh?" Quin wondered as his mind settled firmly in the gutter. "How so? In strawberry syrup?" Mateo bent further over Quinlan, adding another finger to the first. With his other hand, the wolf gently grasped Quin's wrist and spread the human's palm against the warm skin of his ribs. "Your handprint," Mat said softly. "Would you let me ink it here, with your name scrolled along the edge?" "Fuck," the blond hissed. Why would such a sweet notion of having the other man's chest tattooed with his name arouse him so strongly? "If you don't enter me right now, I swear I'll cum from your fingers alone," he confessed. "My name on your chest? That's the closest to a proposal I've ever had, so yeah. If you put my name there, I'll take responsibility for ya." "I want you to be ours," and it was like an oath from the wolf's lips as he slicked his length and pressed the tip to the man beneath him. "We can all be responsible for each other." The thick head breached him, stretching Quinlan deliciously. "I want any wolf who passes you on the street to smell me on your skin and know you're mine and I'm yours." Mateo slid inside, steady and slow but unrelenting until their bodies were joined completely. At the rate they were going, Quin didn't expect to be out on the streets anytime soon. But, he didn't bother to bring it up. He arched his back and let out a rolling moan instead. "Mat, I'm already yours, man. You had me at 'let's get some food.'" He declared. "Wait until I make you my famous chile relleno," Mat purred, thrusting faster, deeper, as he kept Quinlan spread wide. "You'll be drawing little hearts around pictures of me." (chile relleno= stuffed pepper) "I love chile relleno!" Quin responded, his voice taking on a sultry tone. "I'd probably do a lot more than draw you hearts. I'd draw your chile relleno into my mouth." Mateo grinned boyishly, then his eyes darkened, and his smile turned wicked. "If you can make innuendos I'm not fucking you hard enough," the wolf rumbled teasingly before wrapping an arm behind Quinlan's shoulders and holding tight. "You need more, baby?" Mateo asked, carefully controlling his strength to slam deep and rough inside his human. The shorter man's hands raked through his own blond locks, his arms bent at the elbows as he let out a throaty moan. "God, yes!" He cried out. "More..." "Have you ever made love with one of my kind before?" Mateo asked, leaning down to slide an arm under Quinlan's back, lifting it in an arch. "Do you know how fast I can take you and never get tired? How easy it is for me to lift you, position you, fuck you onto my cock while I slam deep and hard?" "Mat!" the blond gasped as he moved and squirmed against him. "Yes, you're the first werewolf to take me like this," he confessed. Mateo lifted Quinlan's body from the counter, supported by an arm behind his shoulders and another around his lower back. As Mat thrust forward with carefully moderated strength, he brought Quin toward him, fucking the human onto Mateo's thick length. The human didn't know what to do with himself. Somewhere in the back of his lust-addled mind, he figured that everything was amplified because they were mates...because he had yet to join himself to each one. That must have been why he felt every single slide of Mateo's flesh with every inch of his body. "I-if it's gonna...feel like this...every time," he said between ragged breaths of air. "I don't think I'm ever leaving the house." "Mmm, I'd stay, as well, if you were here. But you can still talk," Mateo purred in Quinlan's ear. "That means I can go faster." The wolf's hips snapped faster, drawing almost completely out with every stroke before pounding back in. He lifted Quin, pressing their chests together as Mat began rapidly lifting and lowering his mate in time with every thrust. The movements caused Quin's own member to slide along the werewolf's muscled abdomen, and he found himself making all sorts of pleasured noises as his hands reached out to cling tightly to Mat's shoulders. The blue-eyed man's heart beat so fast in his chest, it was a miracle the organ didn't leap right out of his throat and out into freedom. Again and again, Quinlan cried out the larger man's name. "You feel so good," Mateo panted into Quinlan's ear, pace continuing supernaturally fast. "I'm so close. I want to feel you coming around me, clinging to me with your arms and legs and body. Goddess, you're making me crazy." "Can't..." Quin keened as he all but exploded. The shaft between them sprayed cum in twitching bursts, prompting his entire body to contract and release in waves. The sensation was quite different from when he had spilled himself inside of Elias earlier, but it was equally as intense. A low rumble vibrated through Mateo's chest as he continued to thrust until Quinlan's body went loose and boneless in his arms. The wolf thrust once more and held himself there, pumping his release deep inside his new mate, marking him and cementing the bond between them. The human arched his back as another wave of pleasure mixed with peace rolled over him from head to toe. He wondered if the others felt that as well. Neither Mateo nor Elias felt like strangers to him anymore. He had no better way of describing it. At first, his body craved sensual contact with the closest mate. The craving was intense and adamant until intercourse settled it down. Quin still craved and desired Mateo, but it no longer felt as urgent or 'do or die right this very minute.' The blond was able to slide a hand over Mat's shoulder, up the side of his throat, and up through his hair in a gentle caress while looking calmly into his brown eyes, which he did right there and then. Sometimes, the small and sincere touches were more intimate than raw sex itself. With their bond holding steady, they now could have both, tender intimacy and hot coition. "Welcome home, Quinlan," Mateo whispered softly. "Best welcoming I've ever had," Quin admitted.
  4. Crossing the Moon

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    Prince Winter's face hurt from forcing the polite smile to stay on his face as person after person stopped him in the halls to wish him well on his mating and marriage. Everyone was so kind and genuinely happy for him. That it was all a lie made every congratulation poke him with small needles of guilt. If Winter had only been stronger, more clever, such subterfuge would never have been necessary. The prince could imagine how sad it would have made his parents if they had been alive to see him lie to the entire kingdom. The prince had made the announcement personally, with Elder Mason's help. Every man, woman, and child in the land now knew Hazeth Montcroix to be his mate and husband. It was nothing like Winter had once imagined it would be. There had been no long, sweet courtship. There had been no long walks in the gardens. Winter had never given Sir Hazeth his favorite flower or surprised him with little heartfelt gifts. Winter's parents had told him a thousand stories of their courtship and marriage, how they fell in love and stayed that way. Whereas, Winter had something more like a business transaction. "Thank you, Sir Conneth," the prince said with a small nod, his smile still firmly in place. "Ah, if only the king and queen were here," the ancient Unicorn said with a rattling sigh. "They would be so proud, Highness." "Yes, of course," Winter said politely, though his smile slipped. "Thank you again. You were an excellent advisor to my parents and have been so for myself, as well." The prince's shoulders slumped as Sir Conneth tottered away. Winter had been so busy with the marriage announcement that his other responsibilities had been sorely neglected. The silver-haired Unicorn rubbed his eyes wearily. It would be a long night of work. He doubted he'd see his bed before dawn. "Hey," Hazeth said as he approached the Unicorn. "I think it's due time you get some rest, hun." Winter immediately snapped into perfect posture. His shoulders straightened, and his head lifted as his smile was wrestled back into place. The prince had thought he was alone once Sir Conneth had left, or he'd have never let himself be caught slouching around. "Nonsense," Winter chirped. "I have far too much to do. Correspondences await me. I also need to find out if the cause of the disrupted migration pattern of the giant snow owls has been figured out." The prince bit back a tired sigh. "And that's only part of what was on my schedule for the afternoon." "You're not going to be able to figure all of that out in just a few hours. It can wait." Hazeth insisted firmly as he reached over to gently cup the side of Winter's face. "Please." "But I have all night." The prince's brow wrinkled in confusion. "All night to rest," The Nightmare concluded as he quickly reached down and lifted Winter up into his arms bridal style. As he walked down the hallways, he gave a nod as a greeting to everyone that passed. "Just taking our beloved Prince to bed." "Put me down immed-Hello, Lady Rafine. Yes, I am quite well, Sir Hazeth is just being a bit silly," Winter assured the startled Unicorn. The sentiment was repeated in several variations as Hazeth marched them toward the royal suite. "Hey, how do you know where my rooms are?" the prince blurted as they rounded a corner into an empty hallway near his suite. "Elder Mason showed me. He said that our mating..." Hazeth began, finishing in a whisper. "...wouldn't be convincing unless we slept in the same room." "That can't be..." Winter bit off what he was going to say when they reached the guards standing at attention outside the prince's chambers. "Good e-evening, Clancy. And you, as well, Pensin." The prince nodded as regally as he could while being carried like a child. "I will be retiring early this evening." Pensin blushed as he gave a slight bow while Clancy tried to hide a smirk as he did the same. Hazeth walked inside and carefully set Winter down on the bed. "What do you usually wear to bed?" the Nightmare asked softly. Winter thought about arguing. Honestly, though, he was a bit tired. The correspondences and owls would be there tomorrow. "I have sleeping gowns in the dresser next to the door to the bathing room," the prince admitted. "But I need to brush and braid my hair before I lay down." "Then you get the sleeping gown while I get you a robe...would you like help with your hair?" Hazeth offered. "Oh, you don't have to do that." Winter felt his cheeks warm and seemed to have several butterflies dancing in his tummy as he imagined the Nightmare playing with his long silver tresses. "It's so long, brushing it is quite a chore." "That is precisely why I offer my help. Please, allow me the privilege." The Nightmare begged as he handed the prince the robe. "I... alright," Winter conceded, stepping behind the dressing screen. "Thank you, Sir Hazeth." The prince paused before disrobing. The Montcroix was right on the other side of the thin screen. There wasn't even a door between them. Winter looked behind him, wondering if there was a light source behind him that would make his silhouette visible from where Sir Hazeth was standing. Winter frowned. There was a lamp behind him. It wasn't terribly large, though it threw plenty of light into the room. He thought about switching it off before he changed but decided that such a thing would make him appear paranoid. The thin fabric of the screen was surely opaque enough. Winter chuckled softly at his silliness as he worked open the ornate fastenings of his tunic. Hazeth's breath caught in his throat at the quick flash of the outline of Winter's nude form. The man was quite beautiful in many ways, as he began to take note of. He worried for his people, especially those that can't care for themselves...hell, he even worried about the animals. The two of them were gorgeous physically but were quite different in personality. Winter was everything Hazeth's parents ever wanted him to be...responsible, generous, and driven. What they ended up with was a fairly lost and aimless son traveling between different worlds to find his purpose and passion. How utterly ironic that he seemed to have been thrust right into something as purposeful as protecting this prince and his kingdom! And how strange that this prince allured him so. Hazeth saw the outline of Winter's shadow bend over to pick up his pants. The pert swell of the prince's rounded backside curved to join long slender legs. When Winter turned to set his clothing into a basket, the Nightmare swore he saw the silhouette of the prince's manhood, noticeable even when soft. Winter froze, frowning. "Sir Hazeth?" he called softly. "Is everything alright? You made an odd noise..." The Montcroix cleared his throat. "I'm fine. Pollen...I breathed in a speck of pollen." He responded. "I'm sorry," Winter apologized as he pulled on his long nightshirt and robe. "I'll have someone check the heating filters. One might have been missed. They get dusty after a while." The prince peeked shyly from behind the screen, hairbrush in hand. "Where would you like me?" Winter asked innocently, pointing to the brush. On his back, on all fours, against the desk...there were many ways Hazeth wanted him. "On the bed would be best," He said aloud as he reached a hand out for the brush. Winter handed it to the burgundy-haired Nightmare, blushing when their fingers brushed. The prince sat demurely at the edge of the bed. It was piled high with blankets and quilts, raising Winter up so that his bare toes hung inches from the rug. He licked his lips nervously. "Should I...lay down?" the prince asked, back straight as a board and shoulders squared, though he seemed to have trouble meeting the Montcroix's eyes. "It's very long..." "If you feel more comfortable laying down, you could," Hazeth said as he sat on the corner of the bed and carefully scooped the ends of Winter's hair into his hands. "But, I think it would be easier sitting down. That way, you can help by holding onto one section at a time." Winter nodded, clearly relieved. He turned to sit sideways, pulling one leg up to tuck beneath him and leaving the other hanging off the edge. He swept his hair to the side so that Hazeth could reach it more easily. The waterfall of silver locks spilled down to puddle in Winter's lap, then across his thigh to fall in shining waves until it nearly reached the floor. The prince's nightshirt fell to his knees when standing. While seated, its hem reached midthigh. When he'd first sat, Winter had carefully arranged the robe over his legs. However, when he'd shifted to sit sideways on the bed, the robe had slipped, exposing the long pale line of the prince's leg from the tips of his toes to the middle of his smooth thigh. The prince didn't seem to notice, distracted with freeing a section of hair for Hazeth to brush. But, once again Hazeth was struck by the lovely sight. Winter seemed far too precious to be in the hands of someone like King Rathburn. Why, it would be like a white rose crushed within the fist of a large hand. Roses were meant to thrive, alive…free. Hazeth shook his head as if to clear his throughts and carefully began to brush the silvery strands from the bottom up. "Not to offend or to be rude, but...why do you keep your hair this long, Winter?" He asked softly. "You'll think me foolish," Winter admitted with a tiny smile. "When I was little, I was terrified of the barber. Apparently, I screamed like a banshee whenever my parents tried to take me. Father was soft-hearted, and didn't force me." A sad smile tilted his lips as he remembered. "It got so long, and they would have to sit with me and brush it before bed. I'd only let my parents do it." The prince sighed softly. "No matter how busy they were, one of them would always come to brush and braid my hair at night, until I was grown and could do it myself. I loved having them to myself for a little while, not having to share them with the kingdom." Winter looked down. "I know it's terribly selfish." He ran his fingers over the silky tresses in his lap. "Even when I was older, if I had a hard day, one of them would come at bedtime and sit with me and brush my hair. It was a comfort." His shoulders slumped. "Even though they're gone, I haven't been able to bear cutting it. I know it's ridiculous." Hazeth wrapped his arms around the Unicorn from behind, tugging him into a warm hug. "I'm sorry for your loss." He whispered as he simply held him. He wondered if the prince had even been able to grieve his parents properly, what with everyone wanting a piece of him. Winter stiffened momentarily before relaxing into the Nightmare's comforting hold. The prince let out a small sigh, allowing himself to rest his cheek against Hazeth's shoulder for a moment. It had been so long since anyone had held him like this. It made the prince's eyes close in trusting surrender to the kindness offered. "Thank you," Winter said softly. The Nightmare stayed where he was until the prince pulled away. He then began to brush the next section of hair. "When I traveled for long periods of time, I found that tying my hair back kept it out of my face better if it were on the longer side. Every time I came home, my mother would trim off any dead ends." "A few of the servants I'm friends with seem to take delight in catching me before state functions." Winter smiled fondly. "They keep me prisoner until they're finished creating some intricate hairstyle. Saying 'no, thank you' doesn't seem to have any effect." Hazeth let out a snicker. "Yes, I'm sure it's a hassle for you. But, I can guarantee it was the highlight of their day. It's just so gorgeous." "Thank you. You're very sweet," Winter said, feeling a little light-headed from all the blushing. "When I was young, it got heavy enough that I was getting headaches. My parents charmed an earring for me that would make it less heavy." His fingertip lifted to trace a silver stud with a shimmering opal in its center. "They added a little extra spell to keep the tangles from getting too bad. I think it might have repelled mud, as well." The prince covered his mouth to hide what sounded suspiciously like a giggle. "It was a good thing, too. Sometimes when Andy would visit, I looked like I'd been pulled through a bush backward at bath time. We ran around half the kingdom, I think." Hazeth scowled as he began to brush out the third section. "So that Andy kid...how do you feel about him?" He questioned as he tried his best not to let the jealousy seep through. "I love him," Winter said honestly. "He's the best friend I've ever had... One of the only friends I've ever had, really." The Montcroix set the brush aside as he took hold of one of the sections, getting ready to braid it. "When you say the word 'love' do you mean romantic love or more like a sibling love?" He asked. "Sir Hazeth..." Winter pulled back, looking startled. "Are you jealous?" The Nightmare made a face, but then let out a heavy sigh. "Maybe a little..." He admitted. "Poor fellow," Winter chuckled, patting the Montcroix's hand. "And to set your mind at ease, Andy is like a brother to me." He looked thoughtful. "There was one time we tried kissing..." "W-Wait, wait...kissing?" He questioned. "Like on the cheek?" "Ummm, well I suppose it was near the cheek..." "Show me," Hazeth urged. "Kiss me how you two were kissing." Winter's gray eyes widened in shock, a reflexive rejection on his lips. Poor Sir Hazeth looked so serious, however. He looked nearly desperate. Winter had kissed him earlier, in the schoolroom. That had been alright. Surely it wouldn't hurt anything... The prince leaned forward, gently pressing his closed lips to Hazeth's. The taller man let out a pleased sound as he gently kissed him back. The hand holding a segment of Winter's hair let go as it slid up the back of the prince's neck and gently massaged it. The prince couldn't hold back a soft moan as Hazeth's dextrous fingers worked knotted muscles. Winter couldn't remember anyone ever touching him is such a manner. It made his head feel foggy and his skin hot. His lips parted with another moan as the Nightmare found a band of tension at the back of his neck, just below his hairline. Hazeth took his chance, slipping his tongue inside to carefully coax Winter's tongue into a dance. The prince clutched Hazeth's shirt tightly, suddenly feeling like he was falling. The rest of his body felt languid and boneless, but hot. Especially low in his belly, where the heat licked and flickered. Winter let the Nightmare lead, nearly purring as Hazeth continued to knead the slowly relaxing muscles at the back of his neck. Hazeth deepened the kiss in gradual increments. He neither wanted to scare the prince off nor did he want to be slapped. But, oh, how he enjoyed the soft slide of Winter's tongue against his. When Winter finally came back to himself, he was half in the Nightmare's lap; his body pressed close to Hazeth's. "Oh!" Winter gasped, yanking himself back, and nearly falling to the floor. "I'm so very sorry! I didn't mean to take advantage! Are you alright?" If that was Winter taking advantage of him, then he wanted nothing more than for the prince to continue to take advantage of him at every given opportunity. "That depends..." Hazeth whispered. "Was our kiss just now better than any of the ones you shared with Andy?" "I...What?" the prince asked, looking dazed, his lips dark and swollen from the kiss. "I never kissed Andy like that." A pleased smile formed on the Nightmare's face. "Then, I am quite honored, indeed." He admitted as he took old of a segment of the prince's hair, held it up to his face, and then pressed a soft kiss to the strands. "Let's get your hair braided for bed." "I...yes. Thank you." Winter resumed his position, carefully covering his legs with the robe. He was silent for a long moment, then spoke without turning his head. "I hope you can forgive me for my shameless behavior, Sir Hazeth," the prince murmured. "I can't imagine what you must think of me." Hazeth draped one section of the braid over Winter's shoulder as he overlapped the first two sections. "On the contrary, my opinion of you just keeps improving. You're everything my parents wish I could have been." He pointed out. "But, you're also a Maiden. And I will protect you." "Protect me?" Winter asked, sounding utterly bewildered. The Montcroix began to carefully braid, using his long arms to lay out the long sections of hair from one side to the other so they wouldn't tangle. "Yes. I'm quite attracted to you, and a part of me wants to devour you and make you mine. But, I will do no such thing until the day you tell me you want me just as much." "I-I..." Winter stammered, utterly at a loss. A few hours before, the prince would have told Sir Hazeth, in no uncertain terms, that such a day would never come. Now, he wasn't so certain. His heart was still fluttering strangely. That kiss...Winter had never experienced anything like it. It was a little frightening but in an exciting, thrilling way. He had spent his life being guided, learning how to care for his land and people. His life was carefully planned, even scripted at times. Now Winter was off the map, and he didn't know what to say or do. "I'm not going to pressure you into anything, that's not my style." Hazeth continued as he braided. "I just ask that you let me be around you...I want to know so much about you." "What would you like to know?" Winter asked, jumping at the chance to change the subject. "Ever thought of traveling? Not downright wandering like I was doing, but visiting a new place for a few weeks on vacation?" The Nightmare wondered aloud. "Oh, no." Winter shook his head. "I'm needed here." "It wouldn't be right now. It would be during a season where there isn't much work to be done, and Elder Mason could take over for a bit." Hazeth suggested. "But...I'm needed here?" Winter repeated, thinking perhaps Sir Hazeth didn't understand. The prince didn't have days off. There were no breaks or vacations. Winter's schedule was full to bursting every day. The next day would include anything he hadn't been able to get to the previous day. There simply wasn't a season where he didn't have much to do. There was always something. "Even kings set time aside for rest. I could help you when the time comes." Hazeth responded with a heavy sigh. "But, for now, forget I said anything." "Sir Hazeth?" Winter began uncertainly. "You keep talking like you're planning to stay here forever...I know that's not likely. You have worlds to explore and enjoy beyond our snowy, cold country." His deep gray eyes peeked over at the Nightmare. "You don't have to pretend when it's just the two of us." "Winter, I'm not pretending..." Hazeth replied as he tied off the end of the braid. "I can only hope that, with time, you'll come to understand that." Winter stared at the Nightmare long enough that Hazeth was about to ask the prince if he was feeling alright. The Montcroix was opening his mouth to speak when Winter took a deep shuddering breath. "Does this mean..." the Prince looked away, then peeked at Sir Hazeth, looking very young and unsure of himself. "You want to court me? Flowers and presents and learning things about each other?" "Yes, I do," Hazeth responded in a low voice full of conviction. "You like flowers, Win?" He mused out loud. "Oh, yes, but..." Pink bloomed in the Prince's cheeks but held Sir Hazeth's eyes. "I was thinking of getting you flowers..." Worry clouded Winter's gray eyes. "Unless...you don't like flowers?" "I would be happy with anything you choose to give me," Hazeth admitted. "A kiss, a gift, flowers...anything." He then leaned down to press a soft kiss to Winter's cheek. The prince giggled, like the butterflies in his stomach were tickling his vocal cords. "For now, I ask that you rest. You'll be able to tackle all of your tasks tomorrow better with a clear head." The redhead suggested. "I'll be right here beside you." "Wait...what?" Winter reeled backward. "Beside me? You're sleeping on the lounge!" Hazeth shook his head. "For appearance's sake, a mate sleeps with his partner," he insisted. "I swear on the love of my parents that I won't touch you tonight." "There's no one in here to see you sleep with me!" Winter shook his head. "I mean, sleep in the same bed!" "In the morning, the maids will be rushing about." The Montcroix pointed out. "Some might come in here to check if either of us needs anything, and we both need to be in the same bed when they do." "I can charm an alarm, so we're awake and up before the maids." "No guarantee that one of them won't show up during the night." The redhead countered. "Do you distrust me that much?" "You give me your word?" the prince asked hesitantly. He looked into the prince's stormy gray eyes. "Winter, I will not touch you tonight," Hazeth reaffirmed. Winter nodded once, his hands held tightly in his lap. He hesitantly scooted back to his place. Hazeth smiled. "You'll learn to trust me with time," he said as he held the end of the finished braid. "All done. Let me tuck you in." "No one's tucked me in for many years," Winter said with a tiny shy smile and eyes that were still uncertain. "Then I'd be honored," the Nightmare responded as he pulled down the cover and motioned for the lovely Unicorn to lay down. Normally, Winter would have hung up his robe and slept in his night shirt. He decided he needed the extra layer as added security against the devilish Nightmare. Considering how the prince had lost himself earlier in the kiss, however, Winter thought maybe Sir Hazeth wasn't the only one he should be concerned about. As he scooted under the covers, the silver-haired Unicorn determined that he would control himself and his baser instincts. Hazeth was rather proud of himself for convincing the skittish Maiden to sleep in the same bed as him. He was sure to leave at least a foot's width between the two of them, which was quite easy to do in the ample bed. And he shuffled under the covers himself on the other side. He rested his hands behind his head, elbows up, as he glanced up at the canopy. "Would you like to hear a bedtime story? I can tell you about one of the many places I've been." "Yes, please." Winter carefully folded and smoothed the covers across his chest, feeling stiff and awkward. "Thank you, Sir Hazeth." "There are many islands on Earth that are absolutely beautiful. One that I've been to had richly green mountains, flowers, and fruit as far as the eyes could see. When it rained, the plants gave off a cooling scent," he described. "The water from the rivers flowed clear and softly from the top of the mountains. The natives would block off segments with boulders to form small pools of water to swim in. If you float on your back, you can see the sunlight filtering in through the green canopy of leaves overhead..." "It sounds beautiful," Winter said with a wistful sigh, wishing he could see such places himself but knowing it was impossible. The prince closed his eyes, trying to see it better in his mind. "At night, all kinds of flowers bloom and perfume the air with a delicate scent and fireflies glow as they fly by," Hazeth continued. "The weather is cool, but not cold. Just right..." The prince didn't hear what the Nightmare said next. He was already fast asleep, not realizing how exhausting he had been or how soothing it was not to be alone at night. Hazeth's voice lowered to a whisper and then stopped completely when he heard the Perazan prince's deep, even breaths. "Good night, darling," he whispered softly as he carefully lowered his arms back down and slowly turned towards him. The Nightmare had never come across someone so strong and fragile at the same time. Winter had unwittingly charmed the heck out of him. Hazeth wanted to protect him, keep him safe. He wanted that more than to heed the call of wanderlust. "You've certainly done quite a number on me, Winter Maestri." ::::::
  6. Crossing the Moon

    Random babbles, part 2: Robin: I sometimes get excited...especially with January. Thirdly: well, I did design him with you in mind Robin: rly? *happy burbles* Thirdly: purple eyes, red hair, slutty…didn't you notice? Robin: *shakes head* Thirdly: you love purple things, and redheads, and sultry cuties Thirdly: whoa, wait, the redheads part might have been me, I take that back Robin: lol I guess that is very true! *cackle* but, it's a purplish red, right? Thirdly: yes, red-violet Robin: I do like unnatural hair colors
  7. Just posted a Jany and Quin sketch to the Crossing the Moon Album! :)

  8. Alpha Love

    a/n: Yes, it was a double update this week! :: "I have a rather interesting diary in my possession," Viktor revealed with obvious delight. "Would that interest you? It's possible it was written by the elder vampire in question and describes in delicious detail his interactions with an upstart alpha wolf bent on peace." The werewolves and January couldn't help their reactions to the news. Quinlan was still lost and confused. But, he kept quiet and observed what was going on. Jany frowned. "A diary could belong to anyone," Jany responded. "It could very well be a coincidence. And you still believe our debt not to be enough to warrant a look at that diary?" "Oh, it is the one you seek. I've read it often enough, I can be certain of that. And our debt is great, I must admit," Viktor said thoughtfully. "Perhaps, had you approached me with grace I would relinquish it easily, a loan of the book to a lover, to a comrade." The vampire's back straightened and each of the wolves' skin prickled. "But you did not. You did not approach me as a friend or even with the respect I might expect as one who was your lover for decades. If I am not your friend and I hold none of your respect, I will extract a higher price, if only for my pride." :: Elias snarled, taking an angry step toward the vampire who was clearly trying to twist something from the Omega's mate that January wouldn't want to give. Quin and Mat gently held Elias back. "Then, what would you ask of me?" Jany questioned. "I apologize if I've done anything to tarnish your pride. But, I can't very well do something that my current lovers would disapprove of." "So many of them share you already," Viktor purred, fingertips trailing across January's chest. "Surely they would allow you a single night with an old flame." "You had your chances, Viktor," January replied. "Many of them. I grew tired of waiting for the day you viewed me as something other than a play thing. I will do nothing that would upset my current lovers, and they don't seem to want me to bed anyone other than them." "Truly?" Viktor, slid close to January, but his eyes were on the others, especially the fiery little Omega. "Are they so closed-minded and greedy they can't spare but a moment of pleasure for me? I've missed you, the bliss we drowned ourselves in." Viktor's palm slid across January's stomach to grip his hip. "They could join us if you'd like." "Get your fucking hands off my Jany, you snaggle-toothed viper," Elias shouted, nearly breaking free. Mateo had to wrap his arms around the Omega's waist to keep him from taking a bite out of the old vampire. The Omega wasn't usually so quick to temper, but the unfinished bond to Quinlan and his desire for his mates to be safe made him more volatile than was normal. "I will assume that means no," Viktor said with a smoky chuckle as he slowly removed his hands from January's body. "Very well, you only play with your little harem, and I'm not allowed to touch. Then, let me watch you with one of them. That's my price for a loan of the diary for as long as you need it, and our debt forgiven." January's eyes widened in surprise. He thought that Viktor would press the issue just to cause grief to his beloved mates. But, for him to have lowered the stakes… "I agree." Elias was about to argue, but Quin took the moment to give the Omega a rather deep kiss. He still didn't know what was going on, but he realized enough to understand that the 'snaggle-toothed viper' had something that Jany needed. The human couldn't do much to help, so if distracting Eli was all he could do, then he'd do it. The red-violet haired vampire held out his hand to Pax. "Would you join me, Pax?" He asked with a pleading tone. "Viktor's willing to allow us to borrow the diary if we entertain him visually." Pax took hold of his mate's hand and nodded. He preferred to be the one on display rather than Elias or any of his other mates. Mateo wasn't sure where to look, whether it was better to keep an eye on the pervy vampire, in case he decided to get handsy, or Elias, who seemed quite occupied with Quinlan but might try to tear a strip off their vampire host at any moment. Watching January and Pax was rather tempting as well. Eli moaned softly into the kiss that Quin had bestowed on him, his instincts urging him to keep the contact going. Viktor felt threatening to Elias. That made him a threat to the Omega's mates as well. Eli would defend his non-human mates but was well aware that they were more capable in a fight than an Omega runt. Quinlan was a different story. The human was like a delicate flower made of spun glass, precious but terrifyingly breakable. Eli's mind and heart knew he had the power to strengthen his new mate. It was extremely difficult not to drag the poor man off to a closet and pounce on him. The Omega knew he couldn't do that. Eli couldn't help how he burned for Quinlan, though, and it came through in the desperate kiss the Omega couldn't bring himself to break, clinging tightly to his human mate. Quin hadn't known what he had started. The Omega's tongue was doing things in his mouth that he didn't realize were possible. With how close their bodies were, he briefly wondered if Viktor wouldn't decide to have the two of them be his entertainment, instead. For the human, it felt as if he were constantly fighting with the rock hard erection in his pants for the last fifteen minutes. He knew it couldn't possibly be true, lest he'd be in far more pain at the moment. But, it still felt like it. When he was able to pull away, the blond was actually breathing hard. He couldn't remember if anyone had ever kissed him like that. "Pax, can we wait for you in the car?" he keened. Elias was all over that idea. The Omega wasn't overjoyed at leaving his other mates with that fang-faced letch but knew that between the three of them they could likely handle just about anything thrown their way. Getting his human mate scooted out of there and into a locked car, away from Viktor and the unfamiliar mansion, seemed like a priority. After being handed the key by Jany, Elias snagged Quinlan's hand and marched for the door. "I'll keep him safe," Eli promised, looking over his shoulder and practically dragging Quin behind him. "I'll lock the doors, and anybody who tries to touch him on the way out is going to be pulling back a bloody stump." The Omega pointed at Mateo. "And you tear Count Voyeur's arms off if he tries anything, yeah?" "Can do," Mat said with a little salute. "But maybe I should walk you to the-" The doors of the mansion slammed behind Quin and Eli. "Car." "Such a fierce little thing," Viktor practically cooed. "I believe I like him. Perhaps next time you require my help, he could be part of the negotiation." "I'll tear off something more sensitive than your arms if you ever so much as accidentally bump into our Omega," Mateo growled, voice dropping. "No need to threaten," Viktor said with a wicked smile. "I merely meant that perhaps one of you would mount him and let me watch. I wouldn't lay a finger on the lovely creature." January reached out a hand to gently tug Mateo closer by his wrist. "Please join us, mon grenat," he urged as he wrapped his arms around the tall man and whispered softly so that only the russet-skinned wolf could hear. "If we put on a better show than he expects, he will forget all about Elias for a long while." (mon grenat= my garnet) "Shouldn't someone keep an eye on Viktor in case he tries something?" Mat said, just as softly, as he drew in January's scent from just behind the vampire's ear. "I know him well," Jany replied. "He's quite pleased to watch, it is a fetish of his. One of many. He won't touch us now that we've set the rules. He likely hopes for a repeat performance some day and wouldn't risk ruining that possibility." Mateo frowned, glancing over at Viktor, who sat comfortably on a lounge. The vampire's eyes were hot and eager, but he showed nothing in his body language that suggested he was planning to move. "Yeah, alright," Mat agreed. "Just tell me what to do." January gave the bottom of Mateo's ear a gentle bite and then raked his teeth gently down the side of his throat as he took hold of the collar of the werewolf's shirt and literally ripped it open in one sharp move. Pax's mouth dropped open in surprise, but he quickly tugged off his own shirt so it wouldn't meet the same fate. Jany tugged Mateo forward by his belt loops as he sent a heated glance towards Pax. The golden-eyed werewolf was a bit apprehensive, feeling the steady gaze of Viktor on them. But, he walked over to the redheaded vampire. He couldn't help the shiver that rolled down his spine at the candid desire he saw in those deep purple eyes. A part of him wondered if they were going to have to lay down on the floor when the familiar sound of a portal reached his sharp ears. A moment later, a large bed in the shape of a gaudy heart seemed to rise from the floor behind them. In spite of its shape, the bedspread itself was ornate and intricate. The pillows were bordered by golden ruffles and decorated with silk roses. Layers of the same ruffle adorned the quilt with dangling gems that Pax couldn't tell if they were real or not. Considering that Viktor was supposedly older than January, he imagined that they were. Jany didn't waste any time in tugging Mateo over to the bed. He made a motion for Pax to join them. As soon as the other man was close enough, the vampire took hold of the back of the silver-haired head and tugged him down into a heady kiss. He was thorough and earnest, eager to keep the wolf's mind off of their audience. Mateo's eyes flicked once to Viktor, still lounging happily. The dark-haired wolf took a breath and blew it out, allowing himself to focus on his mates while keeping an ear listening for any warning the other vampire might be trying something. Mat slid behind Pax, kissing over the curved muscle of a shoulder, up to the back of his neck, nuzzling aside soft silver locks. Mateo's arms wrapped around the golden-eyed werewolf, fingers dragging gently against warm skin. A moment of clarity flashed through Mat, an appreciation for Pax, his alpha. The silver wolf listened more than he spoke, gave more than he took. He led them quietly, gently, lovingly. The man was strong, mentally and physically, yet never used that strength to force his mates to his will. Mateo realized that in every interaction he'd had with him, Pax had always been watching carefully, assuring that his mates were safe and happy. His mocha-skinned mate took care of them so subtly, sometimes it was hard to see. He did it so well, it felt like something that just happened, the feelings of safety and happiness that filled them whenever Pax was there. Mateo wanted to give something back, wanted to take care of Pax's happiness, even if only a small amount of time. Pax couldn't be pleased with the situation with Viktor, with being on display like the strange vamp's personal porno. Yet, their alpha hadn't hesitated to step forward, taking January's hand to do it. He hadn't betrayed a flicker of complaint. Mateo hugged Pax's body to his chest. "I love you," Mat whispered into his alpha's ear, too quiet for Viktor to hear. The words were private, special, only for his mates. At that moment, Pax could think of nothing but his mates. Mateo's words sang right through his entire being. He took hold of one of the russet wolf's hands and pressed it against his rapidly beating heart. "I feel the same, Mat," he replied gruffly, his voice strained with emotion. And though he couldn't say the same to January just yet, he knew it was only a matter of time before he could honestly admit as much to him, as well. Pax's fingers threaded through Mat's as he took in a shuddering breath. "I want you inside me," he confessed. The golden-eyed werewolf had never been taken in that manner and had never been interested in the mere thought of it. But, he wanted to show Mateo that he trusted him and wanted to get closer to him. He wanted the dark-haired werewolf to be his first in that respect. Mat's hips bucked, his cock suddenly hard as stone, grinding into his alpha's upper thigh. "Pax," Mateo moaned. Mat could top or bottom. Before Eli and Pax had found him, he had never been able to get his lovers to dominate him. It made what he had with his mates even more precious. He could take or be taken. There were never raised eyebrows or scoffing if he chose the submissive role. But what Pax had just offered him wasn't just about positioning and who put what where. Pax was an exclusive top. To offer such a thing to Mateo was about more than just sex and dominance. It was a gift. Pax was giving something of himself that he never had before. Showing love and trust for Mateo to take care of his alpha for a change. That he would do it in the presence of a possible threat conveyed that he respected Mat's strength and mind to watch over him. He was showing eloquently that he trusted Mateo utterly and viewed him as an equal. Also, it was fucking hot. "Are you sure?" Mat asked, hugging his alpha's back tighter to his chest. "Oh, he's sure, my sweet garnet," January agreed for him as he urged them both onto the fancy bed. "How do you want Mat to take you, Pax?" "I just want to be able to see him," Pax mused. "Perfect. Plenty of space for me to take Mateo from behind after he's inside you," Jany agreed with no shame. "F-fuck," Mat gasped, the mental image-making his mind nearly flicker with overload. It was a good thing he'd gotten off in the car watching his mates in the backseat, or Mateo would have shot off before he got anywhere near Pax's backside. That would have been embarrassing, especially considering they had an audience. Mat pulled his thoughts away from the watching vampire until Viktor was simply a presence Mateo was monitoring for any change of position or demeanor that might be a threat. "Goddess, I want you both so much," Mat blurted, blushing. He covered his awkward feelings by sliding his hand over Pax's tight stomach to open the button of his alpha's pants with a flick of his fingers. Pax's golden eyes darkened with lust. "Then, by all means," he responded. "Have us." While Mat worked on Pax's pants, January's lithe arms reached over to undo Mateo's pants. Mat wriggled out of his jeans before hooking his fingers through Pax's belt loops. Mateo was sweet, he was gentle and caring with his mates. But he was also a wolf, a predator, and the beast inside him glowed from his dark eyes as he stripped the rest of Pax's clothes away. A low inhuman growl of excitement bubbled up his throat as he licked and nibbled the exposed skin, sharp teeth kept in careful check. Though it took some maneuvering, January helped Mateo rid himself of his clothes and set his own aside while the two wolves began to touch. The vampire gave gentle caresses and licks to each of the paw prints running down Mat's back. Knowing how Viktor's mind worked, he reached under one of the pillows for two tubes of lube. He handed one to the brown-eyed werewolf and used the other one himself. He wasted no time in sliding his fingers inside the taller man's entrance. "Though I've felt you thrusting against me, I've yet to experience your heat, my garnet," he practically purred. "Do you like it slow? Hard? Rough?" "Rough," Mateo growled. "Really rough, if I can have it." His voice softened as he kissed Pax, rolling the alpha onto his back. "What about you, Pax? I'll be as gentle as you need." Pax's fingers raked through Mateo's wavy, dark locks. "Gentle to begin with," he decided as he thought back to his first time with Elias. "Eli seemed to like more halfway through it...either way, I trust you." "Pax, my topaz," Jany said with a smirk as he gave one of Mat's buttcheeks a sharp slap. "You are going to love this...and then, when you allow me to have you, you won't be able to live without it." Mateo sucked in a startled breath as the sharp sound of the smack against his flesh seemed to echo in the room. The dark-haired wolf froze where he was kissing down Pax's chest. A shining dribble of precum fell from Mateo's flushed tip, dropping to make a cool, wet line against his alpha's inner thigh. Mat whined in his throat, sounding more like Eli at that moment as the big wolf's back curved in, arching his ass toward January submissively. If he'd been in his wolf form, Mat's tail would have dropped to the side in blatant, shameless invitation. January raked his nails up the russet wolf's outer thighs as he whispered into his ear. "Want me to stretch him for you? Make him beg until you slide inside?" He offered heatedly. "Please, ah, please," Mateo begged, as though the vampire were talking about Mat's body singing with desire, begging for cock. Because Mateo was already there, skin tingling and desperate, wanting to watch Pax writhe and beg for it, for him. The vampire gave Mateo a gentle nip on the shoulder and then gently moved him aside so that he could slide his lube-slicked fingers expertly into Pax's entrance. He stretched and sought out Pax's more sensitive areas to exploit them while his hand slid up the werewolf's chest. When he heard the silver-haired man's breath hitch, his smirk widened. His fingers pressed harder against that area until Pax let out a delicious moan and arched his back. January gave the dark shaft a gentle stroke as he continued. "These fingers surely aren't enough for you, hmm?" He taunted in a low voice. "Don't you want something harder? Larger?" Pax used both his hands to tug his silver hair back in frustration. "Yes," he gasped. "Mat, please." Mateo's chest rumbled, something between a growl and a purr. Inhuman and excited. Mat slipped between Pax's legs, spreading them with his thighs. Dark chocolate eyes caught and held his alpha's golden ones as Mateo's hands skimmed down Pax's hips and thighs, the sides of his knees, to grasp Pax's calves, lifting and opening him wider. "I won't hurt you," Mateo rumbled, voice deep and rough, as though the words had to climb through rocks to pass his lips. "I know," Pax assured, his chest rising and falling with every rushed panting exhale. January kissed Pax's ankle, then Mat's shoulder, before reaching between his mates to wrap long graceful fingers around Mateo's length, spreading a generous amount of lubricant over every inch. Mat sucked in a hissing breath as though pained, though the opposite was true. He had to swallow hard, dropping his head back with a moan as Jany stroked him. "Let me help you, mon loup," the vampire murmured, flicking the tip of his tongue over Mateo's pulse point, making the large wolf shiver. (mon loup= my wolf) January guided Mat's rigid length forward with one hand on Mateo's hip and the other circling his cock, pressing the tip to Pax's entrance. Mat's head rolled forward, watching with heavy breaths as his vampire mate slid the throbbing tip in a circle around Pax's hole. "See how he quivers for you there? His body desperate to draw you inside him?" January purred. "Show him why you love to be taken." January pressed forward on Mateo's hip, pushing until the head of the Hispanic wolf's cock disappeared inside his alpha. "Ah, so tight," Mat groaned. "So good." Pax took in a sharp breath of air at the new sensation. But, January didn't stop there, urging Mateo even further inside. "How does it feel to have his hot flesh hugging you so?" the redhead continued. "You are the first to know. The first to breach him." The silver-haired werewolf beneath lifted his arms further over his head to clutch at the ruffles of the ornate pillow. It made for quite the unintended erotic sight. He knew it would be warm and a stretch, but it still wasn't what he had expected it to feel like. There was something about being intimately connected in the opposite way than normal that made Pax's entire body heat up. "H-he's so warm," Mateo said with a moan, sinking in another inch. Mat's gaze was hot on Pax's body, the alpha could feel it searing him. "Fuck, he's so..." Mateo's fingers tightened on Pax's legs as he strained with the effort to go slowly, carefully. But Mat adored it. It was the most delicious torture. "Beautiful. Sexy. Strong. He's so...so much," Mateo said through gritted teeth, sliding deeper with every word. Pax gave the other werewolf a smile. His teeth were such a stark contrast to his skin that it was almost blinding. That was when January switched tactics. The vampire's arms dove down to grab a hold of Pax's waist and used it to tug him closer, allowing Mateo's shaft to slide almost all the way in. The expression on the golden-eyed werewolf's face was a mixture of surprise and pleasure. "Have at him, my gem," Jany all but ordered as he began to suck on each of Mat's paw prints one at a time. "He wants it, can't you see? He aches for you." Mateo wanted to draw it out longer, the muscles roping across his back twitching, the cords in his forearms tensing, thighs tightening with his struggle for control. The best he could do was go slow, a languid slide until he was buried deep. Mat kept pushing, shoving Pax's body a few inches up the bed, an aching need to fill his alpha utterly consuming the brunet wolf. January continued to move from paw print to paw print, whispering words of encouragement to the werewolf between him and Pax. "That's it...now take your time. Make him keen for us." Mateo's harsh breaths cut the air as he drew himself from Pax's body until he was nearly out. Mat didn't pause even a moment before pushing back in with a long slow glide, making Pax feel every slick inch, thick and throbbing with every beat of Mateo's heart. Mat kept the rhythm. Steady and deep, with an extra arch of his hips when their bodies met, grinding inside and making Pax suck in a short gasp with every inexorable thrust. A pleasure that Pax had never felt before began to build and build. "Please, Mat, I-" the mocha-skinned werewolf implored only to cut off at a cry when he felt January's hand steadily pumping him. "J-Jany!" "Tell me when you want harder," Mateo gritted out, shifting his grip on Pax's legs. It changed the angle, and on the next thrust, the thick head of Mat's cock found Pax's prostate, pressing against it and dragging against the spot as Mateo pushed deep. Pax cried out. "There...please, right there," he panted. The hand that Jany had on Pax's shaft retreated only to gently cup Mateo's balls. "You heard him." Mateo widened his stance, drawing back slowly once more before snapping his hips forward, driving into the place that had made his mate tighten around him and beg for more. The pinned alpha felt the pressure as the pleasure spread to different areas. His hips began to meet Mateo's thrusts quite fervently. His elbows bent as his fingers dug into his own scalp and he tilted his head back. "Mat!" he mewled as he spilled forth, soiling his abdomen and chest. Mateo fucked Pax through the alpha's orgasm, his face tight with concentration as his dark hair tumbled around his face in loose waves. Mat stopped when Pax went limp, amber eyes blinking languidly up at Mateo. A sated smile lifted the alpha's lips, and Mat couldn't resist sweeping down to catch them with his own. January once again got back to stretching Mateo's entrance while the two werewolves kissed. "You've done so well," he preened as he sought out Mateo's weak spots. "Both of you." Mat shuddered and moaned into Pax's mouth, pushing back into January's skilled touch, his still rigid length slipping from his alpha's body. "Now, if you don't mind, my garnet..." January asked in a low voice as he slid his arms around Mateo from behind and used them to tug the werewolf into a kneeling position. "I think we should show Pax an example of what he can have later on, croyez-moi." The vampire urged Mat to spread his legs as he pressed his leaking shaft between the clefts of his butt cheeks. "May I?" (croyez-moi= believe me) "J-Jany, ah, f-fuck me... Please..." Mateo begged, his heart thundering in his ears as arousal roared through him at how January had so neatly and confidently flipped Mat's sub switch to the full 'on' position. "Mmm," January rumbled as he pressed a kiss to the back of Mateo's damp neck. His hands slowly slid up to pinch light brown buds. "You are exquisite, Mateo." He gave a few shallow thrusts until he was halfway in. "I hope you're paying close attention, Pax." The vampire's hands shifted down to take hold of Mat's hips so fast that the movement was a blur. The red head thrusted sharply into the heat and then grinded slowly while inside. Mateo reached back trying to hold the vampire close, pressing his back to January's chest. The wolf couldn't seem to settle his arms or hands as he moaned, running a hand across Jany's cheek, tangling another in his long hair. "Nnn, harder," Mat begged. January didn't respond in words. His hips snapped as he leaned back slightly and began to drive himself vigorously into the werewolf's depths. At the sight of Mateo's expressions changing, Pax couldn't help himself. The alpha clambered onto his knees, as well, and cradled the back of Mat's neck so that he could claim his mouth. Mateo kept one hand in January's red-violet locks, but the other hand fell forward to cling to Pax as the alpha plundered his eager mouth. The feeling of being caught between his mates left his skin tingling and his body buzzing. They had accepted the control he offered, that he wanted to lose. Pax was fully aware again, even as he teased Mat's nipples with the flick of a finger or mapped Mateo's mouth with his tongue. The alpha's eyes stayed open, flicking occasionally to monitor Viktor to confirm the vampire was behaving himself. It meant Mateo could let go and let his mates catch him and drag him into what could be found amongst kisses so desperate teeth clicked, the sound of a thrusting body smacking loudly into another, bruising fingertips that dug into willing flesh, and erotic animalistic cries of pleasure. It flicked another switch inside of Mateo, leaving him dizzy and enraptured, every kiss and touch and pounding thrust smearing together like watercolors into something damn near transcendental. Pax's mouth and tongue attached to one of Mat's nipples, causing the brown-eyed werewolf to cling to the back of his silvery head. "Mateo," January whispered into the russet wolf's ear, slowing his thrusts down enough to draw his attention. "Would you allow me a bite?" He asked between deep breaths. "I promise you won't regret it." It took a moment for Mat's pleasure-addled brain to make sense of his vampire's words. His tongue felt thick and clumsy in his mouth. "Mmmm." Mateo let his head fall to the side, baring his throat to January. "Yeah," he forced out breathlessly. Jany felt his shaft throb against Mateo's inner walls. He leaned forward, his fangs piercing through the russet skin just as Pax began to suck on the other nipple. The alpha took hold of Mateo's flesh and began to stroke him while the werewolf's delicious blood filled January's mouth. The vampire's power rolled over both their bodies in a wave of sublime pleasure that was so intense that Pax found release a second time, his cum streaking over Mat's hip and outer thigh. January's thrusts became fierce. The hard pounding into Mateo's shaking body faster than human could possibly perform and more punishing than a human might survive. The feasting vampire's arms wrapped around Mat's chest and stomach, the only thing keeping the wolf upright and in position for every snap of January's hips. Pax's hand blurred, jerking hard and fast at Mateo's slick, straining length. Mateo screamed, his balls drawing up so tight it hurt, his cum painting Pax and the bed beneath him, spurting over and over. The redhead withdrew his fangs and gently licked Mateo's neck clean as a rush went through him. He hadn't consumed more than a cup of blood, but the heady essence that was Mateo brought with it an indescribable boost of energy and lightness. It caused his purple eyes to glow from within. The sound of sharp clapping startled the two werewolves as they turned their heads towards the host they had briefly forgotten during their euphoria. "I have to admit, that certainly was entertaining," Viktor purred as he regarded the three naked men, the three hues of skin were a beautiful contrast to see. Even more so when they were doing such wonderfully naughty things. Viktor's lounge pants covered everything they were supposed to cover, although his shirt was completely unbuttoned, exposing a swath of pale skin. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, dabbing it against areas of his chest and stomach, suggesting that the vampire had thoroughly enjoyed the show but at least had the decency not to flash them. Pax tugged a blanket over a still-recovering Mateo before quickly clothing himself. "I believe your effort deserves a reward," Viktor said, standing as January and Pax helped Mateo find his pants. Since Mat's shirt had been ripped earlier, Pax began to wrap his upper half in the blanket, wanting to shield his mates from any further gaze from the slate-eyed vampire. "The diary is yours to keep," the older vampire insisted. "I had several copies made and what you've just shared with me will fuel my fantasies better than owning the little book ever could." A small flash of regret passed through January as he dressed and joined his mates. Viktor hadn't been as bad as some of his other lovers, but the redhead realized that the time he had spent trying to make it work between them was all in vain. Purple eyes sought gold and brown. He barely knew his mates, but the time they spent together was already worth all the time he had wasted on Viktor, and then some. "May we have that diary, then?" the redhead asked. "Certainly," Viktor said with a gentle smile, stepping gracefully to the bookcase. He withdrew a red leather-bound book from an overflowing shelf, plucking it free without hesitancy, as though he knew precisely where it would be. He pressed it into January's hands with a fond smile. "I never meant you ill, Jany," Viktor said softly. "Never think I'm not sorry I couldn't be who you needed me to be. And I truly have missed you, not just the hedonistic delights. I apologize for insinuating at much, it was petty of me." Viktor let out a heavy sigh. "You are more than a pretty face and a delicious body. Conversations with you were always stimulating, and you never behaved like some of those slimy sycophants that bother me so." The old vampire cleared his throat and stepped away from January. "You seem to have found several someones who can provide for your needs. I'm happy for you, and I wish you well. And...if you ever wished to visit, you'd be welcome. I will keep my wandering hands to myself, I give you my word. My eyes are another matter. I can guarantee I will look my fill, especially if you bring any of your lovers along. That little one of yours, I would enjoy sparring with him again." The smile that January gave the other vampire was genuine. "I also wish you well," He admitted. "And thank you, for everything." Though, he didn't mention aloud how he hoped the day never came that he'd have to pay him another visit.
  9. Quinlan

    "Some vampires witnessed as much in the Black Orchid last night, but didn't pay it much mind after the 'show' was over." "Shit!" Elias yelped. "There were wolves there! I didn't even think about it. We don't have a lot of time to figure this out before they figure us out." "Then it's time I call in a few favors..." Jany mused aloud. "Though nothing can be done until the sun fully sets." :: The rest of the vampire's mates agreed to let January get some rest before anything. While Jany slept, the trio of werewolves went over more of the details of what Mateo's grandmother had told them. They even had two meals by the time that the sun began to set. Pax, Mateo, and Elias then clambered onto the bed so that they would be there when January woke up. The vampire's beautiful smile was more than worth the effort. After explaining that he needed a few things from his condo, the four of them piled into the car and Jany hid himself until they were out of that part of town. "While we're here, we should fill up your duffel bag with a few more necessities," Pax pointed out several minutes later. The mini pack was once again grateful not to have to take the elevator so many flights up. Jany's portals were quite useful. Unfortunately, the vampire couldn't transport an entire vehicle from one place to another just yet. He had heard of older vampires that could transport entire buildings. "Yeah, that sounds great. Just fill it up with the things in my bathroom cupboard and the cabinet underneath the sink," he called out. "On it," Mateo called, grabbing a bag and heading to the bathroom. After a few moments, there was an audible gasp and the sound of items falling into the bathroom sink. "For the love of..." Mat stuck his head out of the bathroom, face flaming. "Jany, this is not what most people have in their bathroom cupboard. I thought I was going to be grabbing your toothbrush." Curious, Elias snuck over, peeking behind the burly wolf, his face burning brighter than Mateo's when he looked inside. Though, an avid glint flickered in the Omega's emerald eyes. "Please, pack them, Matty?" Eli whispered, eyes drawn to the cornucopia of delights scattered across the counter. "Especially that one with the attachments... Definitely, bring that." The dark-haired wolf immediately turned on his heel, marching back into the bathroom. "Who needs that many flavors of lube?" Mat muttered as he began packing. "And if we plug all of these in at once it's going to blow every breaker in the house." Mateo had to pause several times to adjust his suddenly restrictive pants. A wide smirk formed on Jany's face. "We wouldn't be using them all at once," he admitted. "In tandem, perhaps..." Elias nearly stumbled at the words, his brain function trying to work out the possibilities of that and not devoting nearly enough power to his motor skills. Mateo stepped out of the bathroom with the duffel bag bulging. "Well, I'm pretty sure I got it all," the big wolf said awkwardly. "It was hard to close the zipper and - Eli, it's glowing!" The Omega looked down to see his Khonsu stone softly pulsing with steadily growing light. The shining radiance built, flashing faster and faster as Eli stared at it, dumb-founded. "Why is it going faster?" Elias said in anxious confusion, feeling a bit like he was wearing a shiny firecracker that was about to pop. "I'm not turning or moving or anything!" Not a moment later, there was a knock on the door, causing everyone but January to jump. The vampire hadn't the slightest idea who it could be. A neighbor? A solicitor? His breath actually hitched when he opened the door to reveal the last person he had expected to see. "Quin..." Jany whispered. The human had soft gold skin from sun exposure. His pale blond hair reached his shoulders, half of it pulled back in a ponytail. But, it was the vivid, royal blue eyes that had drawn Jany in from the moment they first crossed paths. His lips froze on the words 'what are you doing here?' as his mind quickly surmised that Quinlan was the only person standing in his doorway. That meant that Eli's bonding stone... The dimpled smile that had formed on the human's face upon seeing the vampire quickly faded. "What's wrong?" Quin asked. Jany took a few steps back to allow Quinlan to walk in. With every step the blond took, Eli's bonding stone flashed faster and faster. The redheaded vampire had a hard time believing it, and it was happening right before his eyes. It wasn't a dream. The lover he had set free had actually returned to him; and he was another of Eli's mates, to boot. The emotions he felt running through him were at odds with one another. Joy, confusion, and relief swirled inside him. “I thought you were leaving,” January said. “I thought you were already gone…” Though the human was a bit distracted seeing the number of men in the room, not to mention the guy with the flickering necklace, he turned his gaze back to the vampire. "You had asked me to stay so suddenly, and I already had the train ticket in hand…at first, I figured I could tell my aunt in person that I'd be coming back here," he explained. "But, then I realized I never got your number. So, I called her to tell her I had to visit her another time and canceled my travel plans.” Before Jany realized it, tears began to fall. “You really came back,” he whispered as he pulled Quin into a tight hug. “You came back, my vibrant Kyanite.” Quin gently ran his hand up and down January’s back, which wasn’t very difficult as they were both nearly the same size. “Alright, Jan?” he asked. “You honestly didn’t think I’d leave without at least saying goodbye, didja?” January let go only to motion for Elias to come closer. “Eli, my love, come and show me that this isn’t a dream. Could Quinlan truly be our mate?” Elias stepped forward hesitantly, thinking how much easier this had been when he was three sheets to the wind. The human was looking at him, and Eli could feel that bright blue gaze travel over him. It wasn't possessive or even lustful. The human seemed confused but intrigued. He either didn't know about bonding stones, or he hadn't connected the dots. Eli approached slowly, not wanting to spook the man. Humans could be so fragile. If the blond startled and bolted, he could hurt himself. The Omega would never forgive himself. The stone strobed brighter with every step. "I'm Elias. I'm a wolf Omega," he said gently, carefully, as he looked up into the taller man's deep blue eyes. "I won't hurt you. I just need to check something." Eli held the stone in one hand, the other raised in as nonthreatening a way as he could as he closed the short distance between them so he could touch the tip of the gem to the human's chest. Quin's eyes widened when he felt a strange pulse against his chest where the gem gave one final flash. When Elias took the gem back and held it to his eyes, a royal blue hue was splashed about amongst the other colors. But, clear areas still remained. Upon seeing the blue, January let out a happy sound and pulled both Quin and Eli into a hug. He motioned for the other two to join them as well. "Quin, I'm still finding this hard to believe..." Jany explained. "But, you're our mate. You belong with us." "Ok..." the human drawled, though he didn't shrug away from their touches. “Not quite sure what that means." Pax frowned as he glanced at his watch. "We're going to have to explain it to him later. We need to make as much use of the night as we can to reach your contact and get back before sunrise," he reminded January. "My topaz is right. Introductions and explanations will have to wait until we're in the car," Jany concluded. He quickly made a portal for them to pass through, which caused Quin to let out a sound of surprise. "I promise to eventually explain this part, as well." He added as he held out a pale hand for the human to take. Quinlan once again glanced at all of them before placing his tanned hand in Jany's, and the entire group walked through the portal. :: Pax was once again in the driver's seat, and Mateo was given the front passenger side. January sat behind Pax to give him directions, Elias was in the middle, and Quin sat behind Mat. "Just take the Vx expressway over the bridge to the second exit," January instructed. "It should take us around twenty minutes to get to his mansion." Elias couldn't help leaning into Quin. The Omega could feel their bond, incomplete but present, tying them together. It felt different than Eli's bond with Mat or Pax, which felt different than his bond with January. Elias wondered if bonds with different species normally had different flavors. The energy between Eli and the wolves and vamp were equally strong, just seemed to vibrate at a different frequency. Quinlan's bond had a flavor of its own. Eli liked it. Before he knew it, the Omega had his head on Quin's shoulder. Elias felt anxious about taking his new human mate to find out things that had been carefully kept secret. The Omega worried it might not be safe. Humans could be so easily broken. It made Eli fidget worriedly in his seat. The Omega had been told that mating with a human strengthened them, shielding them from many diseases and lengthening their lifespans to be as long as wolf's. It made them more resilient, able to withstand the sometimes vigorous loving a werewolf could give. Elias whined in his throat and scooted so he could tuck his nose to Quin's throat, drawing in his mate's scent and trying to settle himself down. Quin was fine; everything was fine. Quinlan felt himself gulp hard when he felt the young man beside him…sniffing him? He waited until they finally entered the highway before speaking up. "Ok, so what's going on?" he asked aloud. January gave the blond a smile. "Where to begin? I believe introductions should be first. The gorgeous werewolf driving is named Pax. The equally as handsome man beside him is also a werewolf, he's Mateo, though we call him Mat or Matty. The precious young man beside you is the Omega that ties us all together, also a werewolf. His name is Elias, though we call him Eli. Following me thus far?" Quin gave a nod. "Pax, Mat, Eli...werewolves. Got it," he replied. "As you've surely heard before, Omegas are special werewolves that are able to channel the power of their Goddess Khonsu through a bonding stone. With the use of the stone, they find their mates... soulmates, that is. You do know about soulmates, don't you?" Jany questioned. "Soulmates as in two halves of the same soul kinda thing?" Quinlan wondered. "Exactly. The gods gently handle the souls and divide them as they see fit into developing babies to be born," January elaborated. "Sometimes they only divide a soul in half. Sometimes, it's split a good few times. Regardless, all of our souls here in this car are from one original one. Together, we're complete." The human nodded. "Right...so I always thought that werewolves, humans, and vampires had different kinds of souls, no offense," he pointed out. Jany shook his head. "No, beloved. Our physical bodies may be different, but souls are all made of the same energy," he explained. "Okay, so assuming I actually believe that this whole soulmate thing is real and all...wouldn't I still die before any of you guys?" Quinlan continued. "I mean what's the point of having a soulmate with such a smaller lifespan?" January's face became dead serious as he threaded his hand through one of Quin's. "Love...the true love that comes from having part of the same soul, that kind of love is priceless. I've been alive for almost five-hundred years," he insisted. "Believe me when I say that having but a moment with a soulmate is worth living through hundreds of years of loneliness for." "How long we live should sync up to whoever's most powerful," Mateo said, turning in his seat. "At least that's what I always learned." Mat grinned at January. "I have a feeling that means you, Jany. We'll be around as long as you are." The calling of the bond was pulling stronger, instincts inside Elias kicking in, wanting to protect his new mate by making him as strong as possible. The Omega whined, unclicking his seatbelt and throwing a leg over Quinlan's thigh and an arm across his chest, wriggling close. "And there goes, Eli," Mateo said with a chuckle. "I wondered how long he'd last." The Hispanic wolf turned to Pax. "Don't crash, Eli had to take off his belt so he could better molest our new mate." Pax's lips formed a tight line as he focused on the road. "I should be fine," he assured them. "What the fuck?" Quin whispered so low that it was barely heard. "Is it supposed to feel like this?" "Feel like what?" January teased, a smirk playing on his lips. "Like you're gonna jizz in your pants at any second?" the human described as he gently wrapped an arm around Eli's waist. "Please," Eli moaned, pushing up the hem of Quinlan's shirt to rub his face against his human's warm, flat stomach. "P-Please what?" Quin whispered. January let out a snicker. "Just let him, Quin," he said as he reached over to undo the button and fly of the human's pants. "Let him have you." "Holy hot damn," Mateo breathed, eyes riveted. A hot tongue traced down the middle of the human's abdominals, dipping for a moment in Quin's belly button before continuing down. Eli didn't pause, didn't tease, sucking Quinlan's length into his mouth and taking it down to the base as the Omega moaned in satisfaction. "Oh, fuck me," Quin exclaimed breathlessly as his hand raked through auburn locks. "Don't tempt him to go that far, cariño," Jany chided. "We don't want Pax crashing the car, and Eli will take you on your word, otherwise." Elias licked and sucked until he had to come up for air, pulling off with a ragged gasp. The Omega whimpered as he reached for his own belt, determined to get the human inside him. One of the vampire's long arms reached out to place a halting hand on one of Eli's. "No, beloved. Quinlan's not going anywhere. You will have your full chance with him after our meeting. For now, just make him cry out with your beautiful mouth." "Please, please, he's wet enough..." Elias begged. "It's dark..." Mateo made a strangled noise from the front seat, nearly cumming in his pants at the desperate tone in the Omega's voice. Quinlan glanced at January with equally begging eyes, unable to handle the pleading. But, the vampire was firm in his resolve. "Eli, just hold back a little now, and all five of us will have so much fun later that you'll cum until you pass out," Jany vowed. "I promise you that." Elias sighed in defeat, laying across the seat so his head was in Quin's lap and most of his lower body was in January's. Eli took a long, euphoric lick of Quinlan's cock, moaning as he rubbed his crotch against the vampire's thigh. January didn't hesitate to slip his hand inside the Omega's pants to help him as he worked the human's shaft. "Oh, fuck," Quin whimpered, barely able to keep his eyes locked on to every little thing Elias did. Never had he ever allowed anyone he just met to go this far with him, not even January. The circumstances were certainly different. However, the blond was still surprised at just how aroused he was. "Pax," Mateo said from the front seat, licking his lips as his hand pressed against the tight bulge behind his zipper. The pupils in his dark eyes had blown wide. "I can tell how hard you are. Doesn't it hurt? Can I help you?" The silver-haired werewolf shook his head. Though it was true that he was just as affected as his other mates, he had to focus on the road. Mat's eyes flicked to the back, biting back a moan at the tableau. Quinlan's head was thrown back, exposing his long throat. The human's fingers tangled in Eli's auburn locks as the Omega's head bobbed rapidly, obscene moans and slurps making Mateo shiver with lust. January was silent, violet eyes sharp as he watched Elias and Quin. The vampire tugged Eli's pants down lower, making it easier for Jany's skilled hand to fly up and down the Omega's straining length, slick with precum. Pax covered the lower half of his face with a hand as he fought hard to concentrate. All four of his mates weren't helping that endeavor one bit. "Mat, you can help yourself if you want to, baby," Pax conceded. "I'll make sure we don't crash." Quin's blue eyes darkened as he gazed into deep emerald green. "Eli... shit ..." he gasped as he tried to warn the Omega. "Eli, I'm cumming! I... hanh!" The human cried out as he all but exploded into the werewolf's mouth. January waited patiently as Elias licked the human clean with sounds remarkably similar to purring falling from his mouth. "Come here," he then urged as he laid Eli down so that his head rested on Jany's lap and his body was draped over Quin's. The vampire then turned to press a kiss to the blond's cheek. "Want to finish the job?" Quinlan's dimples showed as he smiled. For some reason, he felt better being able to reciprocate, even if in a different way. He gently took Eli's exposed member in his hand and stroked it, smearing the precum at the very tip. "Ahhn." Elias writhed under Quinlan's touch, arching and moaning as his emerald eyes went glassy and distant. "Please, harder," the Omega begged. "Make me feel you touch me. Make me take it... Take all the pleasure." Quin's mouth felt dry at the sight. As he moved his hand faster, digging his thumb into the underside, January took hold of one of the Omega's hands and sucked the middle finger into his mouth. Blue eyes widened as the human realized what the vampire was going to do. Soon, Eli's cries grew louder as he felt the sensation of January's swirling tongue along his shaft, as well as the heat of Quin's hand at the same time. "Fuck," Mateo gasped, hurrying to free himself before he made a mess in his trousers. Mat took himself in hand, groaning in pleasure. He gave himself a rough squeeze, sucking in hot breaths as he reminded himself that there definitely wasn't room in the backseat for him to crawl back there. Besides, with how Eli was squirming around, Mat would probably end up taking an elbow to the eye. There was plenty of precum to make Mateo's calloused hand glide easily on his throbbing hardness. Mat's eyes flicked to Pax, noticing the wolf's fingers clenched tight on the steering wheel, jaw tight, eyes focused purposefully on the road. Mateo wished he could help, but knew there was nothing to be done. They couldn't stop and take care of him. They needed to get to January's contacts, and they were losing nighttime. Mat resolved to make it up to Pax, guilt twinging in his chest as Mateo stroked himself faster. Quinlan's smile widened when he heard Mateo. As his hand slid down to gently squeeze Eli's balls, January's tongue swiped the base of the Omega's finger, cause the sensation of his tongue sliding up the center of Eli's sac. When the vampire took the finger into his mouth a second time, it was as if he were sucking one of the Omega's balls right into his mouth. The dual sensation was intense. He could feel the skin of Quinlan's fingers and palm jerking him rapidly while January's phantom mouth was able to cover more ground than any tongue or lips could in reality. The unreal feeling of having his cock sucked and jerked at the same time was enough to make Eli's toes curl. When January's real tongue twitched against the Omega's finger, Elias felt as though another tongue was at his entrance, circling once before plunging inside. Elias let out a ragged shout; body strung tight. Ropes of white striped Eli's rumpled shirt and covered Quinlan's still pumping fist. There was a grunt and a long moan from the front seat as Mateo wasn't able to hold back at the sight of Elias utterly wrecked, sprawled across Jany and Quin, panting like he'd been sprinting. Pax didn't so much as swerve through the sheer power of his will alone. When they finally reached the exit, he asked January for more directions. "You're going to make a left on 19th and then take that path all the way down until you reach the entrance gate," Jany instructed as he gently massaged Eli's scalp and Quinlan tried to help the Omega up a bit. When they arrived at the gate, Jany stepped out of the car to speak into the intercom. Not a moment later, the gates opened and they were allowed onto the long driveway. "You can park right there at the curb," January suggested. "It'll make it easier for us to leave later." The mansion was flanked by pine trees and had an outer design that looked similar to a castle. The interior, however, was all modern. The five men entered the mansion holding hands. A young man stood in the entryway wearing a butler's suit that looked like it had nearly been starched to death. The stiff collar was tight around his throat. It made Eli shift uncomfortably just looking at it. The clothes were tailored perfectly, yet they somehow looked utterly wrong on the man. His dark hair was slicked back in a viciously tight ponytail. A pale, shiny scar peeked from above the man's collar. It ran from one side of his throat to the other. Elias wondered how he could have survived it. Then the man smiled stiffly, flashing fang. Vampire. If he was eighteen when he'd been turned, it must have practically been on his birthday. The man was broad enough in the shoulders but looked barely old enough to shave. "Master January," the vampire said stiffly, his formal words a poor match for his rough Boston accent, the vowels seeming to curl around the consonants. "Master Viktor's quite pleased you're here. With guests, even." The vampire turned, looking back at them over his shoulder. "I'm Gin. I'll take you to Master Viktor. He's in the entertainment room." January took the lead with Elias directly behind him. Mateo and Pax flanked Quinlan, keeping him within a triangle of werewolves. The house was all clean lines and cool colors. It looked more like a museum than a home. They finally stopped at a set of wide double doors. Gin knocked smartly before opening both doors wide. The room was huge. Eli hadn't had any idea what a vampire's "entertainment room" might be. Blood fountains and scantily clad virgins tied to the walls? In reality, half the room seemed to be dedicated to a massive home theater with every gaming console there ever was on dust-free glass shelves beneath the screen. The other half of the room seemed to have a bit of everything. There were small and large tables with ebony seats around them, couches, loveseats, and lounges. Shelves of books held up one wall. Eli's eyebrows lifted comically when he noticed another wall of shelves filled with board games. Apparently, even ancient vampires sometimes wanted to play Uno. Lounging artfully among the black and gray cushions of a soft leather couch was a lithe, long-limbed man. His hair was a dark slate and straight as a ruler, hanging below his shoulders with the sides held back in simple braids. He wore black silk lounge pants and matching shirt unbuttoned to his navel. Elias didn't have to ponder if this man was a vampire, the Omega could feel his inhuman energy. It made his neck tight. If he'd been in wolf form, his fur would have been sticking straight up. The doors clicking shut behind them nearly made Elias shift reflexively. "January," the vampire said softly, though somehow his voice carried clearly across the room. "Such a delight to have you. As always, you are welcome in my home." He had an accent as well, though much different from Gin's. This was something foreign, maybe Eastern European, but Eli didn't have enough experience to know anything for certain. He mostly knew accents from movies and television. "Viktor," January greeted with a nod of his head. "The men I'm with are my current lovers. I'll introduce them if you so wish, but I've come to collect on the favor you owe me from 200 years ago. I need any information you might have of two men....an alpha werewolf and an elder vampire. The ones who formed a truce for the Carnelia region a few generations ago." Viktor cocked his head, less like a dog and more like a reptile. "I might be able to help you. I know the ones you speak of." Viktor stood in a rustle of silk. "But I wouldn't dream of showing such rudeness. Please, introduce me to your lovers. I'm sure to be enchanted. Such a lovely harem you've collected. I didn't know you had it in you." A dry smile formed on Jany's face along with a sharp coldness in his purple eyes. "I've had less luck keeping a partner of my own kind by my side for very long. You know that well,” the redheaded vampire explained. His mind worked fast to come up with a scenario that would throw the other vampire off. He decided on telling him half the truth. "I've been trying to make up on lost time. Quinlan has been my lover for a few months, and he was claimed as a mate of the Omega here before my very eyes. His name is Elias. The werewolves with him, Pax and Mateo, were the only ones that would allow me a taste. They have another mate they left behind, one that doesn't care for vampires. So, if you would please keep this brief? They can't be separated for very long." "So delightful to meet all of you," Viktor purred, steps smooth as he approached to stand in front of Elias. "You especially, little one." The vampire swept a short bow. "I've heard lovely things about Omegas." A pink tongue swept across rose-kissed lips and ivory fangs. "Such a credit to your race. Biddable beings that inspire languid peace in the wolves around them. I hear they are quite sought after." Elias bristled, lips peeling back from his teeth. He had half a mind to show the vamp just how biddable he was by biting off one of his fingers. "I would appreciate it if you didn't insult my current lovers," January insisted as he stepped in front of Eli to block him from view. "Especially since they're the ones that drove me here tonight. Now, what do you know about the two leaders I've mentioned?" "I meant no insult," Viktor said smoothly, lifting a brow. "Quite the opposite. I apologize if I've said the wrong thing, little wolf." The vampire smiled as Eli growled at him. Viktor turned back to January, the old vampire's body seeming to flow effortlessly to January. "And you, my sweet." Long graceful fingers trailed up Jany's sleeve. "You must be quite out of sorts to approach me so rudely, coming into my home, uncouthly demanding repayment of old debts without even the simplest of courtesies, demanding answers that you full well know are worth even more than the price of our debt." Viktor's dark grey eyes flashed, hard as stone and twice as cold. "Especially considering just how much information of a personal and detailed nature I have in my collection." Pain flickered in Jany's eyes before he was able to recompose himself. That the older vampire didn't consider their debt to be worth that much of a price caused old wounds to bleed inside him. "The information is personal and detailed?" he questioned. "How so?" "I have a rather interesting diary in my possession," Viktor revealed with obvious delight. "Would that interest you? It's possible it was written by the elder vampire in question and describes in delicious detail his interactions with an upstart alpha wolf bent on peace." The werewolves and January couldn't help their reactions to the news. Quinlan was still lost and confused. But, he kept quiet and observed what was going on. Jany frowned. "A diary could belong to anyone," Jany responded. "It could very well be a coincidence. And you still believe our debt not to be enough to warrant a look at that diary?" "Oh, it is the one you seek. I've read it often enough. I can be certain of that. And our debt is great, I must admit," Viktor said thoughtfully. "Perhaps, had you approached me with grace I would relinquish it easily, a loan of the book to a lover, to a comrade." The vampire's back straightened and each of the wolves' skin prickled. "But you did not. You did not approach me as a friend or even with the respect I might expect as one who was your lover for decades. If I am not your friend and I hold none of your respect, I will extract a higher price, if only for my pride."
  10. Purposefully

    Amshel mewled and squirmed from his place on the floor. He couldn't leave now, not when things were really sparking up between them! "Sir! Please!" Felix whimpered, his dark tail flicking the air as his cock throbbed and trembled. "Won't you... treat me like I've been bad?" "Wow. I never knew little Felix was so kinky..." The rough whisper from right behind him, out in the hallway, made Amshel nearly jump out of his skin. - Amshel paused in his peeping long enough to turn towards the source of the voice. He gulped loudly when he realized it was his Uncle Alistair's best friend. "Please don't tell," He whispered back. "They’ve completely forgotten about me." Simon's dark eyes sparkled with amusement and something more as he winked at the younger man. "Amshel, right?" Simon asked, his head tilting questioningly. The man's long braid slid over his shoulder, inky-purple with streaks of green shining in the tight plait. A jagged star crest in dark colors stood out on the Nightmare's forehead, matching the colors in his black opal irises. A sharp arousal hit Amshel in the gut as he regarded the gorgeous man. He had certainly seen him around a few times, but never this up close. "Y-Yeah. And you're Sir Simon." He responded quietly. :: You have been bad," Lucien pointed out as he took hold of each of Felix's hooves, spreading the Nightmare's legs wide and then securing the hooves down to the table with magic. He then clambered back onto the table and held Felix's wrists down on either side of his head, securing them with magic to the table, as well. "Bad enough, perhaps..." He said as he raked a nail up and down one of Felix's inner thighs. "...to bind more of your body?" Lucien had Felix tied to the table with a soft rope that rubbed against Felix's skin. He admired his work and flicked one of the Nightmare's nipples with his finger. "You'd incite a whole town into a mounting frenzy displayed like this," He growled as he pressed himself against the faun's entrance. His own tail flicked in excitement as he shoved his way inside with only the lubrication of his faun shaft and the accommodation of Felix's flexible hole. "Ah-ah, fuck, you're so big like this, sir," the teen cried, unable to do more than wriggle in his bonds. Felix's peridot eyes shimmered as he gazed worshipfully up at his mate. "I...I can imagine them all looking at me. Wishing they could have me, fuck me...b-but you wouldn't let them." Lucien gave a sharp thrust, scraping along Felix's prostate. "The lucky bastards would have to count their blessings that they were allowed to watch." :: Amshel's attention once again shifted to the two mates inside the room. He shivered with arousal. "Not everyone's so lucky to have a mate." He whispered. "No mate, little lion?" Simon asked with a gentle smile as he stroked a finger down the lion head crest above the teen's brow, the sweet scent of the boy teasing the dark-eyed Nightmare's senses. He took a deep breath, catching hints of lavender, vanilla, and chai tea. "N-No...If the rumors about Hazeth mating Prince Winter is true, then that would make me the only living Montcroix without a mate," Amshel grumbled. "Hmm, holding out for a Maiden of your own?" Simon asked softly, his hand drifting down to rest high on the younger man's thigh. Amshel bit his lower lip. "I am a Maiden." He responded as if that explained everything. Simon's eyes widened, then darkened with lust. "Apologies," the older man purred. "I didn't think for a moment that someone so lovely and vibrant hadn't been drowned in lovers." He let out a soft sigh and lifted his hand from Amshel's warm thigh. "But perhaps I should leave you to watch those two play." He nodded to the doorway that was spilling Felix's wanton moans. "I've been told I'm a corrupting influence." "Don't you want to watch with me?" Amshel suggested. "They're quite good." Simon peeked into the room with a wicked smile as Lucien roughly bit Felix's nipples, making the boy squeak and then beg for more. "Oh, I would, little lion," the indigo-haired Nightmare admitted with a lecherous smirk. "I'm afraid if I do, I won't be able to keep my hands to myself." A bright blush formed on Amshel's face. "I-I couldn't, either..." He confessed, motioning to his soiled pants. "I could help, if you'd like." He offered boldly. "And is that what you want? Just a game of wandering hands?" Simon asked softly, taking the younger man's hand and bringing it to his lips. A streak of white lay across one knuckle, proof of Amshel's enjoyment of his cousin's activities in the next room. Simon's dark eyes held Amshel's purplish-pink irises as his warm tongue dragged across the teen's knuckle. Amshel let out an embarrassing mewling sound. "I-It's all I really know to do...t-touch areas and lick places?" "Did you want to learn how to do more?" Simon purred. "More than touching," the Nightmare turned the teen's hand to nuzzle his palm. "And licking?" His tongue slipped from between his lips to snake a tickling path up Amshel's thumb. Amshel felt his shaft give a twitch and he let out a squeak. "Y-Yes, please," he whispered. "Be sure, little lion," Simon warned, leaning into the younger man's space. "If you let me catch you, I might not let you go. I'm not sure anyone else could compare once I’ve had a Maiden as delectable as you." The mixed Nightmare was transfixed by the man's gorgeous onyx eyes. The more he looked at them, the more flecks of colors he could see. His mouth went dry, and he nearly came then and there. Simon thought he was delectable? He wasn't going to wait around to prove him wrong. Amshel swallowed. "Yes, I'm sure," he responded as he nodded and continued to nod vigorously. "Definitely sure. Couldn't be surer of anything in my life." Simon looked hard at the younger man for a long moment, making sure Amshel was serious and sure. Whatever he saw must have reassured him. The older man leaned forward, pressing their lips together as he twined one arm around Amshel. The moan that Amshel mewled into Simon's mouth was echoed by Felix inside the room. :: Lucien tugged at different segments of the rope as he used them as leverage for harder thrusts. "Felix," he hissed headily. "Ahn! Please, sir!" the brunet wailed, his chest rising and falling with his rapid, gasping breaths. "I-I can't...won't you let me cum, sir? Please!" A string of precum dripped from the tip of the brown and green Nightmare's cock. A shimmering light circled the base, constricting the taut flesh and holding back the orgasm that was trying to break free. "Not until I'm at the same level," Lucien responded as his hips snapped into a harder thrust. "Don't cum just yet." An unintelligible scream tore from Felix's lips. His peridot horn began to glow, throwing light and shadows on the walls and ceiling. A vibrating thrum sang through the room, rippling through Lucien's body, stroking him inside and out like the most skilled lover. The energy trickled through the opening in the door, washing over the men peeping in. :: Amshel found himself clinging and rubbing against Simon most desperately. "Please, sir," he begged into his mouth. "More." "Goddess, yes," the older Nightmare moaned, unable to stop himself from sliding his fingers into Amshel's open pants and grasping the teen's rigid length. The moment Simon found out the sweet young man was a Maiden, the Nightmare knew he could play and tease a bit, but would hold back from taking him completely. Unfortunately, another wave of magic rolled over them when Lucien growled something wicked in one of Felix's pointed ear. Simon found himself pushing Amshel to the floor with a needy growl. In a moment of pure need, Amshel reached out with his hands to grab hold of Simon's long braid. He then tugged gently on the hair to draw Simon closer. "Sir Simon, please." He keened. "If you don't want me to fuck you right here, little lion," Simon growled, yanking the teen's shirt up to nibble a tightly pebbled nipple. "You need to tell me to stop and then you need to run. I don't seem to entirely be in control of myself, right now..." Amshel felt a kind of thrill that he never had before, not even when he and Felix played around in their young and mid-teens. A part of him felt frustrated at the very idea of asking Simon to stop. He didn't want the older man to stop anything. On the contrary, he wanted so much more. "I want you to. I want you to fuck me so bad," he gasped as he squirmed beneath him. Simon looked positively pained, his dark eyes burning with desire. From one moment to the next, he'd shifted to his faun form. His dark hooves dug into the rug beneath them as Simon wrapped his arms around the younger man and pressed him to the floor. Simon dipped downward, brushing the tip of his horn against the tip of Amshel's arousal that was straining from the open V of his pants. As Lucien had done earlier with Felix, Simon pulled Amshel’s faun form forward. "I don't want to hurt you," Simon purred, kissing the teen's furred hip. "I want you to feel nothing but bliss. You should be able to take me easily in this form." Amshel's blush exploded over his face, neck, and chest. He squirmed as he felt the shift from one form to another. But, he eagerly parted his faun legs further and stretched out his arms and lithe torso. His faun shaft wobbled as he swayed his hips in invitation. "Simon," he keened. :: Inside the room, Lucien was nearing his orgasm. His thrusts became sporadic and fast as his flesh tried to burn its imprint into Felix's depths. Just as Lucien neared his peak, he slowed back down. He wanted to draw it out for even longer. He pressed his forefinger to Felix's urethra opening and sent a cold sensation through it like a long string that subdued the Nightmare's arousal just a bit longer. "Fuck!" Felix shouted. "Sir, please! I need..." He struggled, lifting his wrists up from the table, muscles straining, before Lucian's magic slammed them back to the table with a bang. The teen cried out, nearly sobbing, unable to form coherent words as his body sang with pleasure. The Scholar drank in the sight of his mate downright writhing in pleasure. He released the binding of only one of Felix's legs, lifting it over his shoulder as he leaned over the faun and began to rock deeper inside him. :: "Can you hear them, baby?" Simon purred in Amshel's pointed ear. "He's fucking your little cousin so hard and deep." The older Nightmare drew his fingers across Amshel's tip, gathering the slippery precum. Simon reached down, pressing his slick digits to the handsome teen's entrance. Two fingers entered the teen, pressing deep. "Do you want me to take you like that?" Simon nipped the tip of the boy's ear. "Deep and hard while you scream for me?" He rotated his wrist, spreading his fingers wide. "You feel amazing." "Anh!" Amshel mewled. "I'm down with h-however you wanna take me, I just want to feel you inside me." He confessed. Simon added a third finger, praising every deity he could think of for the ability of their faun forms to stretch so readily. "I want to see your face," the older Nightmare hummed, kissing across Amshel's cheek. His fingers pulled back, then thrust in again. "Your eyes are the loveliest pink spodumene jewels I've ever seen." Amshel didn't know that it was possible to feel butterflies as well as heat in his stomach at the same time. He did his best to keep his gaze on Simon's eyes while his body squirmed and melted beneath him. "Y-Your eyes are pretty amazing, as well," he responded with a shuddering gasp as he arched his back. “Like black opals…” The teen's head tilted back with a moan, the long column of his throat drawing Simon's gaze. It was smooth and perfect. The dark-eyed Nightmare pressed his lips to the warm flesh, then parted his lips to suck, needing to mark that lovely skin so everyone would see. Simon then slipped his fingers out from the younger man's delicious warmth and pressed his tip against Amshel's entrance, gripping the boy's legs, one in each hand. "How flexible are you, love?" Simon whispered against the mixed Nightmare's throat. The teenager gave a little keen. The older man was driving him crazy with every word that came out of his mouth. "V-Very..." he responded as he gulped. “Very flexible. Please don't stop." From one breath to the next, Amshel found the tips of his hooves pressing into the rug on either side of his head as the older Nightmare's hard length began pushing inside him. The muscles across Simon's chest and arms flexed as he held himself back from slamming in to the hilt. He grit his teeth, watching Amshel carefully for any sign of pain or distress. Amshel and Felix had experimented with certain objects in their different forms. But, they didn't feel as hot or large as Simon's flesh. The initial stretch did sting a bit as the Nightmare breached him, but it didn't really bother him. When the head finally slipped through, more of the shaft was able to slide in. The warmth was quite nice. "Simon," He said breathlessly as he squirmed. "That feels good." The older Nightmare groaned, his hips snapping forward on reflex. Amshel only moaned deliciously. Relieved he hadn't hurt him, Simon reveled for a moment in the tight heat surrounding him, the perfect friction, as he slowly drew back and then pushed back in. The dark-eyed Nightmare shifted his position slightly, angling his thrusts as he searched for the teen's sweet spot. He wanted the younger man to feel pleasure like he never had before. Simon wanted to ruin Amshel for any other, to make the boy shiver and moan whenever he even thought of the dark-haired Nightmare. He let go of Amshel's legs to lean down and press their lips together, teeth clicking in Simon's rush. The Nightmare felt Amshel's rigid cock brush against his stomach and reached down to grasp it, needing to feel the smooth hard length in his hand. His grip tightened and relaxed as he drew upward, his thumb circling the tip. :: Lucien reached down to sharply pinch one of Felix's nipples as his hips snapped into a faster pace. He shifted his weight around and used his other hand to roll one of the lines of rope over the younger man's other nipple. "Felix," he hissed as he neared the end. When he felt the impending orgasm about to rip through him, he finally released the restrictive rings on his mate's member and began to stroke it. "Now," he instructed. "Now you can cum." Felix's hoarse shout seemed to echo, melding with the sound of several decorative figurines and the glass of the hutch in the corner shattering. The teen's vision bled to white as his orgasm ripped through him, his body shaking, tightening on the thick cock spearing him. Felix forced his arms upward, fighting through the magic holding him down, to grasp his copper-haired mate and pull him close. The younger Nightmare gasped and moaned as his orgasm seemed to go on and on, the euphoria making him dizzy. Lucien let out a groan himself. He released the rest of the binding and lowered himself down to rub his horn against Felix's, sending a final spark through them both as he spilled himself inside. His faun shaft pulsed a few times as yet another burst of seed spewed forth. :: "Hnn!" Amshel whimpered as he came then and there. Between the sounds of the couple in the room, the rod inside him, and Simon's large hand wrapped around his flesh, he just couldn't take any more. His legs clung tightly to the older man as his release rolled through him. "S-Simon!" "Ah!" the older Nightmare cried, his horn shimmering with rainbows as he followed Amshel over the edge. When his cock finally stopped jerking inside the teen, Simon let out a shuddering sigh and hugged Amshel close, rolling them over, so the smaller man was sprawled on his chest. He hugged and caressed Amshel as they caught their breath. The mixed Nightmare took deep breaths as he tried to will his body to calm down enough to think. He nuzzled against the older man's chest and felt content. At the very least, he was no longer the last Montcroix Maiden. "That was wonderful," he whispered. "Can we do that again?" Amshel lifted his head to look at the older man's gorgeous face. He pressed a kiss to Simon's cheek and lips as his hands wiggled beneath the Nightmare's shirt to stroke his nipples. The young man began to grind eagerly against Simon's exposed shaft. The older man grinned, flipping them over, so Amshel was on his back again. Simon slid his hands up the mixed Nightmare's arms to pin his wrists to the rug. "Mmmm, I love your eagerness," Simon purred, leaning down to steal a quick kiss. "Maybe I should find us a bed. I could take you again and again." His dark eyes seemed to shimmer with soft rainbows. "Would you like that, little lion?" His gaze raked down the younger man. "I could tie your hands just like this and fuck you until you scr-" Simon's words were cut off as he was suddenly flung from the teen to smash into the wall, causing several framed paintings to crash to the floor. "Allie?" Simon said, bewildered as he looked up at the tall Nightmare standing over him. "Simonival, you whorish son of a bitch!" Alistair shouted, his fist connecting solidly with Simon's face. :: Felix's eyes snapped open as the commotion in the hallway yanked him from wallowing in the afterglow. "What was that?" the brunet blinked owlishly up at his mate. Concerned, Lucien quickly pulled on his pants and handed Felix his own as the two of them rushed out into the hall. When they arrived, it was to the sight of a pant-less Amshel clinging tightly to Alistair's arm. "Uncle Al, wait! It wasn't his fault! He was going to leave," Amshel insisted as he kept trying to tug the man away from Simon. "I was the one that begged him to stay and then begged even more for him to take me!" Alistair's face softened as he looked at his nephew. "Shelly, hush. It's alright. Let me handle this." The cobalt Nightmare patted the teen's hand, then gently removed it from his arm. He gave the young man a smile and turned back to the man he had considered his best friend. He punched Simon again. "Fuck, Allie!" the purple-haired Nightmare shouted, hunching down as he shifted back from his faun form. He wanted pants for this encounter. "Would you stop? Everything was consensual!" "I can't believe you! Amshel is practically a child! He's what? Fifteen?' The Montcroix shouted. "And besides that, he was a Maiden! And you were rutting against him on the floor like he was one of your sluts. In my family home! With my other baby nephew in the next room!" Felix looked up from where he was currently hugging Amshel. "Now, wait, Uncle Al, I..." "You stay out of this, Felix," Alistair snapped. "You can tell me whatever you want after I tear Simon's arms off." "Hey! I like my arms!" the dark-eyed Nightmare pointed out. Lucien covered the lower half of his face with his hand. Being mated with a Montcroix meant that he had some say in this, but he really, really did not want to interfere with the best friends. "Well, then maybe I should tear off your dick, instead!" Alistair growled, pulling his fist back again. At that, Amshel gasped loudly and threw himself in front of Simon. "No, uncle, I need that dick!" He pleaded. "And I'm nineteen! Just like Felix! I'm old enough to choose who to sleep with. So, please stop hurting him!" "Nineteen?!" Alistair looked baffled for a moment, then shook his head. "It doesn't matter. You don't know Simon. He manipulated you and then stole your virginity on the damned floor! I should gut him for that, alone." He rested his hands on his nephew's shoulders. "You deserve so much better, Shel." Only his own family could make Amshel feel a surge of warmth and frustration at the same time. He placed his hands on top of his uncle's. "I understand you want the best for me. But, it was my decision. The setting doesn't matter and does not take away from the moment itself. Don't you want me to be happy?" He insisted with a pout and his set of large, pink-purplish eyes. "Ooo, he broke out the puppy-dog eyes..." Felix murmured from behind Alistair, scowling at Lucien when the scholar shushed him. "You know I do," Al conceded with a sigh. "But I know Simon. He's going to break your heart and run off after the next shiny horn and nice behind he sees." "Hey!" Simon protested. Alistair ignored him and continued. "I don't want you to get hurt. Simon's been my friend for as long as I can remember. I love him like a brother." He sighed again. "But, he's not the mating type." Al lifted his deep blue eyes to glare at his friend. "And you," he said, pointing his finger accusingly. "Didn't you tell me years ago that you were swearing off Maidens? That they were too clingy and desperate for a mating mark? What in the hell did you think you were doing?" "This was different," Simon protested. "I couldn't resist him. Goddess, he was so damn cute and sexy peeping in on Felix and Master Lucien." "So you plow him in the hall and leave him covered in cum?" Alistair demanded while Felix turned bright red behind him. "Wait, we didn't shut the door?" Felix whispered harshly, then frowned at the look on his mate's face. "You left it open on purpose?!" Lucien tried to deflect his mate's attention. "I didn't realize Amshel was still a Maiden..." he whispered low enough for only Felix to hear. Amshel blushed in embarrassment. Hadn't he been a Maiden desperate for a mating mark just moments ago? "Whether you consider him the mating type or not, what's done is done." He stated with a strained smile. "We're not mates, in any case. And I'm neither the first nor will be the last Montcroix to have gotten caught up in the moment." A part of him was hurt. He had known that Simon was obviously more experienced, since he was older and so pretty. But, he didn't know that the man had sworn off Maidens. Amshel was starting to feel bad to have forced the older man into it. "Little lion..." Simon said softly, about to step forward and wrap the mixed Nightmare in his arms. A glare from Alistair stopped him. It looked like he would deck Simon whether Amshel was between them or not. He couldn't risk the teen getting hurt because Simon set off Alistair's temper. "Right, I'm getting suffocated by the tension here," Felix suddenly chirped, ducking away from his mate before Lucien could grab him. He zipped over to Amshel and pushed him away from the two Nightmares glowering at each other. "You and me are going up to my room and locking the door," Felix continued, manhandling his larger cousin toward the door. "We're only opening it for sweets, and we're gonna chill out and hang while the big idiots either work it out or break enough furniture that Grandma Penny takes them over her knee and knocks some sense into them." He sent a cold glance over his shoulder at Lucien. "And until my jerky, exhibitionist mate figures out a proper way to beg for my forgiveness." Felix herded Amshel out the door and pointed at the scholar. "And it better be good!" he shouted before slamming the door. Amshel turned around and clung tightly to Felix as he let out a sob. "Felix, I feel like such an idiot!" He whimpered. "Hey, don't talk about my favorite cousin that way," Felix said gently, patting the taller boy's back. "Everything's gonna be fine. Uncle Al just needs to get over his little fit." He shifted to stand by Amshel's side, hugging him with one arm around the waist. "Come on. Let's go to my room. We can eat all the yummy things that we can convince the Vilas to send us, and we'll figure this all out, 'kay?" Amshel sniffled as he wiped his tears with the back of his hand. "K-kay," he whispered in reply. - The rest of the day was awkward, to say the least. Amshel would hardly touch his dinner and refused to even look at his Uncle Alistair from across the table. He had no idea what became of Sir Simon. The thought of never being able to see the lovely Nightmare again caused all kinds of worried knots in his stomach. The following morning, his parents called him over to their particular guest room. "You called for me?" Amshel asked as he stepped into the room. "Yes, come in sweetie," his mother Priscilla urged. "Now, if we remember correctly, you've said that you prefer the company of men, correct?" "Um, y-yeah?" Amshel responded, unsure of where this conversation was going. "Not that there's anything wrong with girls, I just prefer guys. Why?" Cilla glanced over at her husband Lorenzo as if to ask him to continue. Lorenzo cleared his throat. "Since you're of age, it's come to our attention that it's time for you to start dating...that is to say-" "We've found just the boy! Prince Winter's younger cousin, a Perazan royal!" Priscilla interrupted in glee. "Oh, he's just adorable." Amshel frowned, more confused than ever. "Wh-what?" "Don't be shy, Shelly dear," Priscilla insisted. "He's your blind date! You're meeting him tonight at the Pyramid Pizzeria." "I am?" The mixed nightmare squeaked. "He's your age, so it's appropriate," Lorenzo added. ::: "And so now I have to go meet this Perazan royal at a pizzeria on a blind date!" Amshel concluded. He had immediately rushed to his cousin Felix's room and began to vent to him. “Do you want to go?" Felix asked carefully. "No, of course not..." Amshel complained before letting out a long sigh. "But, I might as well tell the guy in person, right? I mean, it's not his fault we've been set up." "Maybe he'll be nice?" Felix said uncertainly, wishing he knew what to say to cheer up his favorite cousin. Amshel sat down, his shoulders slumped. "I don't know...I just wish I could see Sir Simon again. At the very least, to apologize," he admitted dejectedly. "What the hell do you have to apologize for?" Felix asked, looking bewildered. The mixed Nightmare blushed and glanced down at his feet as he gently swung them. "He had really just been passing by the hallway when he caught me peepin' on you two, and I really wheedled him into staying and..." He rambled. "The point is, it was all me!" "It didn't look like he was fighting you off or anything, Shel," Felix commented, rubbing the back of his neck. "He looked pretty into you. He didn't even try to make stupid excuses to Uncle Al, even though he was about to get punched out." "Yeah, after all that, though..." Amshel replied with a sigh. "I doubt he'd want anything more to do with me." "Hey, don't say that." Felix threw an arm around the taller teen. "Anybody'd be lucky to have you. If he doesn't, he's an idiot." "So...will you help me pick out clothes that at least make me look decent for tonight?" Amshel asked. "Hell yeah!" Felix grinned. "You're gonna look so hot his eyeballs will melt!"
  11. Monkey Love

    The phone ringing startled their peaceful thoughts. Pax reached over to answer it. "Hello?" He greeted. "Good morning, this is Tatiana speaking, head devotee of our Khonsu temple," Tatiana responded on the other side. "I apologize for interrupting your bonding time with your new mate, but our goddess Khonsu has felt a disturbance in regards to her Omegas. We would like to remind all Omegas to report anything suspicious." "Understood," Pax replied. After he hung up the phone, he turned towards his mates with a frown on his face. "That was Lady Tatiana. She said the goddess felt that something's off and wanted to remind all Omegas in the area to report anything odd. I think it's time we give your grandmother a phone call, Mat." Mateo stole another lick to Eli's, now human, nose, making the Omega sneeze again before the wolf shifted back. Mat grabbed his phone, quickly sending a text to his grandmother, receiving a response almost immediately. "She said she's free now," Mateo announced. :: "Um, can I stay here with Jany?" Eli asked, much preferring time spent with his new mate over meeting in-laws when he was still feeling a little off balance. The bond seemed to have really urged the three werewolves to claim January, even in their inebriated state. Though he no longer felt that insistent urge beneath his skin to frolic with the other redhead, he was still quite drawn to him and wanted to learn about him. Pax reached out to gently ruffle the auburn locks on Eli's head. There was something about the vampire that made the werewolf feel at ease with leaving Elias alone with him. He didn't know if it was the redhead's age and maturity or another quality he was sensing. But, he trusted him "Of course you can," the golden-eyed werewolf conceded. "We'll be back as soon as we get some answers," he affirmed. "We'll try not to use up all the lube while you're gone," Jany responded cheekily. Eli squeaked and blushed, but couldn't help but lean closer to the vampire. "And no ceiling sex until we can watch, yeah?" Mateo said teasingly as he stood. The Omega hid his face in January's shoulder and flipped Mat the bird, causing the Hispanic wolf to burst out laughing. Though the two of them had different opinions on many things, when it came to rolling around in the sheets, Mateo had a knack for figuring out what the shorter werewolf was thinking. However, it was still embarrassing to be called out on it. As January watched the two tall werewolves walk out the door, he marveled at the trust he had been given. He was a vampire they literally met around twelve hours prior...and yet, they trusted him enough to be alone with their beloved Omega. "Are they always this trusting?" He asked aloud in curiosity. "Whaddaya mean?" Eli asked, flopping to lay his head in the vampire's lap. "I'm just surprised they left us alone when they don't know much about me," Jany explained as he raked his nails through Eli's auburn locks. "Other than the fact that I'm also a mate." "That's enough," the Omega said with a smile, leaning into the touch. "Mates will do nearly anything to avoid harming each other. You'd never want to hurt me." Elias continued to smile beguilingly up at his new mate. "They know that you are one of the safest people I could ever hang around with. So, they don't worry. They probably didn't even think of it." The red-violet haired vampire traced the side of Eli's face with his other hand. "I've never had that...complete and utter trust from a werewolf. Hell, I've never had complete and utter trust from even my own kind. But, now there are three of you. It's caused complete and utter havoc to my heart," he confessed. "I don't want any of it to go away." "It won't, I promise," Eli said gently, then grinned. "You're stuck with us forever. And Mat snores." He warned as his way of getting him back from earlier. January's laughter was as rich and smooth as dark chocolate. "From what I've been told, I don't snore. But, I don't mind it in the slightest." he mused. He then lifted one of the Omega's hands to press a kiss to it. "Thank you, my emerald." "Yeah, no problem," Eli said with a giggle, trying not to swoon like some lovesick fangirl as he thought about how appealing January was with his smoothly romantic words spoken in such a sexy purr. Just the way the vampire's deep violet eyes made Elias feel every inch the somewhat awkward, horny teenager he was. Jany leaned down, red-violet strands falling loosely over his shoulder. "Now where does Pax keep his lube?" He asked with a devious grin, causing Elias to briefly wonder if the man had somehow read his mind. Elias nearly melted under the vampire's gaze. His cock jumped, and his breath stuttered in his chest. The Omega could only point to a drawer in the little table next to the bed, the closest lubricant stash that, between Pax and Mateo, had been placed in convenient locations throughout the house. The vampire shamelessly dug around until he found a lube he liked. "This will do," he decided. "Now, Mateo doesn't want us to do any stunts without him here to watch...but I can still pin you to that wall over there without having to use any magic at all. What do you say?" "Hnn, fuck yes," Eli answered breathlessly, feeling a little dizzy from the blood rushing south to fill his suddenly painfully hard length. The vampire tossed him a lascivious smirk as he got off the bed and held out his hand for Elias to take. "Join me?" "Yeah," Eli said, taking January's cool hand. He couldn't help a small smirk, feeling calmer and more confident as their skin touched. "We have a date with a wall since we've been banned from the ceiling. Mat could have at least let us have a dress rehearsal before we put on a dirty Cirque du Soleil for them." In a swift move, Jany scooped the Omega into his arms and carried him the rest of the way. "If you want to cheat, mi alma, I wouldn't say a word." He responded with a devious wink. (mi alma= my sou) "I want..." Elias had to pause as the vampire's wicked lips trailed a tingling path up the Omega's throat. "Want you to pin me against the wall like you said." Eli gasped as January kissed a sensitive spot behind the petite wolf's ear. "Want to feel how strong you are...while you talk to me with that voice that you have. Fuck, I think you could read me an algebra book and make me hard." When they reached the wall, Jany shifted his hold on Elias so that the Omega's legs were wrapped around his waist and his arms were wrapped around his shoulders. He gave him a languid, heady kiss as he carefully pressed Eli's back against the wall. His agile fingers traced the ring of flesh at the werewolf's entrance. "You're the one making me hard, mi joya," January rumbled sultrily while his slicked fingers slipped inside and began to stretch. He had coated the digits so fast that Elias didn't even see when he did it. "I want to see your lovely eyes nearly overtaken by the pupils in lust. I want to hear my name on your lips as you cry out your pleasure." (mi joya= my jewel) The Omega struggled to open his eyes, his mind feeling fuzzy with arousal as his heart thumped a demanding beat. Elias arched in the vampire's arms, wanting more touch, more attention, more of January and the delicious excitement he stirred in the werewolf. He kept his eyes open, drinking in the sight of a man so beautiful it made something ache inside Eli's chest. Jany's free hand took hold of the back of Eli's head, gently tilting it to the side as he sucked hard on the Omega's neck. His fangs only emerged half way, and he used them to carefully rake along the skin without breaking it. "Do you want me, Elias?" He whispered heatedly. "Would you rather have my shaft inside you instead of these fingers?" The Omega had gone nearly boneless except for his fingers, which clutched January's shoulders desperately. "H-holy fuck, Jany," Elias said with difficulty, fighting to concentrate on how to form words. It didn't help when the vampire smiled wickedly, twisting his fingers skillfully inside Eli's trembling body. Precum dripped down the Omega's length as he moaned raggedly. "Tell me, tesoro," January purred, pausing to nibble beneath Eli's ear. "Would you like that?" (tesoro= treasure) "Please," Elias begged. "P-please, Jany." January gently raked his fingers along one of the Omega's most sensitive spots deep inside one last time before gently removing them. He then pressed the head of his hard member to Eli's entrance, his purple eyes locked onto emerald. Much like his fingers, the vampire had slicked his flesh faster than the young werewolf could see. So, it was a surprise when he gave one sharp, deep thrust inside. "Never have I felt such a perfect warmth enveloping me in its embrace," he groaned. "Quiero quedarme dentro de ti por toda la eternidad." (I want to remain inside you for all eternity) "Ah!" Elias gasped, writhing against the wall that the vampire had pressed him tightly against. January drew out in torturously slow manner, drawing soft whimpers from Eli's lips, before sheathing himself fully within the Omega again. Elias felt his body welcoming his mate within him, stretching him deliciously, and reaching so deep it stole the wolf's breath with every thrust. Both werewolves and vampires boasted of strength. In general, the bigger the werewolf, the stronger he or she was. When it came to vampires, the oldest was the strongest; both in physical strength and power. January could quite literally keep Elias pinned to the wall for hours. But, a feral side of him wanted Elias to find his pleasure many times before then. The violet-eyed man dipped his head as he claimed Eli's lips in a kiss. At first, the gentle stroke of tongue against tongue was completely normal. Jany then fed power through his tongue so that, with every stroke, Elias would feel an identical sensation along his shaft. When the vampire sucked on Eli's tongue, the Omega's shaft would feel the suction. When January teased the tip of Eli's tongue, the Omega would feel it on the tip of his shaft. The vampire couldn't have been more pleased when he felt Elias's legs and arms tighten around him. "J-Jany, wait. I'm gonna..." Elias gasped. The vampire smiled wickedly and stole Eli's warm lips again, letting the tips of his fangs drag along the Omega's tongue as January sucked it fervently. Eli could feel it everywhere. The ghost-sensation of a sharply pointed canine pricked his nipple, hot warmth squeezing his cock and even the balls drawn tight below. Elias came, crying out his release into January's mouth. The vampire seemed to devour every delicious wailing moan. January purred like a cat as he nuzzled the crook of the Omega's neck. "I'll give you a little moment to recover, but we've only just begun, my emerald," he whispered headily into Eli's ear. The pleasured whimper that followed caused a wider smile to form on the vampire's face. :: After they enjoyed themselves on several more surfaces like the top of the cabinet, the bed, and even the shower, January and Elias found themselves naked and cuddling beneath a clean sheet on the bed. The vampire's long fingers dug gently into the Omega's scalp as the two of them relaxed. He would also press a gentle kiss to Eli's temple or the top of his head every several minutes. Elias hummed softly, leaning into every touch, returning the gentle affection that the vampire seemed to bask in like a cat who'd found a warm spot over a furnace vent. "I should have known you'd be a snuggler," Elias said with a soft giggle. "I really like it, though." The Omega let out a long, content sigh as he curled into his new mate. "It makes me feel all noodley and relaxed." Eli looked at the soft pleasure painted on January's face while the wolf drew lazy patterns on the vampire's cool skin. "You love being touched, huh? Not just in a rawr-sexy way, warm fuzzy stuff, too." "Oh yes," January freely admitted. "I enjoy it all, any contact with someone I care about. I enjoy it even more now that I have been chosen as one of your mates by the gods. I never would have dreamed of it...I was quite close to giving up." He frowned as he briefly thought about it, the general pain of his past failures. He had gone into every relationship with hope. Every time a lover left him, he would feel pain. The pain ranged from person to person and how long the relationship lasted, but there wasn't a single lover he hadn't mourned throughout the centuries. The redhead had witnessed other vampires becoming colder and less attached to their emotions. Many of them began to ignore such feelings as empathy, camaraderie, trust, and a general good will towards others. They simply became more selfish. The werewolves and humans, on the other hand, would generally better themselves as the years past. Some were just like the vampires that became colder, but the majority of them made an effort to be kind. The empathy that werewolves and humans felt towards others that shared the same kind of pain that they did always astounded him. That's why January always tended to gravitate to them more than his own kind. Jany had begun to think that he'd never come across a lover that cared enough about him to stay. "No, you can never give up," Elias demanded as he squeezed the other man tightly. His words and actions seamlessly pulled the vampire away from his thoughts. "And now you don't have to even think about it." "Don't worry, my lovely jewel," January responded as another genuine smile formed on his face. "Such thoughts will soon be a distant memory." "Good." The Omega was quiet for a moment before peeking up at January, an adorable pink blush rising to the wolf's cheeks. "Hey, Jany? Umm, that was a lot of...activity earlier. Aren't you, you know, hungry?" January shook his head. "I'm old enough to only need a small amount of blood every several months, even with a lot of 'activity,'" he explained. "Very young vampires and recently-turned vampires are the ones that need a daily taste for the first year or so." The vampires could consume many different kinds of blood, even blood from their own kind. Human blood was the best for weaning them, as it generally did not cause them any side effects. The exception was if any of the consumed garlic or spicy food, as it would bring a sense of spiciness to the blood as well, which most vampires did not like. January, however, had grown to enjoy it. "Oh," Eli said softly, sounding disappointed as he rubbed his cheek idly against January's chest. A small smirk tugged at the purple-eyed man's lips. "Could it be that you are offering, my beloved?" Jany questioned. "Werewolf blood is a stimulant to us, very much like coffee...and from just the taste of Mateo's blood last night, the blood of any one of my mates is sure to be delicious. You're not afraid that I'd draw more than I need?" "Of course not," Elias said, looking at the vampire as though he'd said something silly. "You're my mate. You can hurt me a little, as long as I want it and everything is, umm, consensual." Eli blushed harder but continued. "You wouldn't be able to actually harm me, though. It would make you too sad. Like your heart was breaking." The flushed Omega drew little circles on January's chest with his fingertips, avoiding the vampire's compelling violet eyes. "And you could bite me if you wanted to. You don't have to. It's cool if you'd rather not. I just thought maybe you might need some. But if you're already full... I know you probably have tons of people you've had a chance to drink from before you met us. There were probably people throwing their necks at your mouth all the time." January couldn't help but laugh. The laughter held a touch of surprise, joy, and desire. How was it that the young Omega made him so happy in such a short amount of time? Elias seemed to sense what Jany needed before the vampire even realized that he needed it. "How could I ever resist such an offer?" He responded as he pressed a soft, lingering kiss along the side of the Omega's neck. "Elias, my love," he pleaded in a low, sultry voice. "Would you allow me a taste of your bold blood?" "Mmm, yeah," Eli answered, voice rough as he wondered how it was possible to feel so turned on when his mate had made him cum so many times already. He tipped his chin up, something that meant submission to his wolf but so much more with January. Jany gave the area a gentle lick, ensuring that his power passed through. He wanted to numb the area enough so that, after the initial sting, Elias wouldn't feel much pain. He then allowed his fangs to extend enough to form an even set of punctures as he carefully bit down. Drinking blood in such a primal manner was always a bit messy, despite how careful a vampire could be. Some of Eli's blood trickled past the corner of his lips as he took in his mate's amazing taste. Eli squeaked softly, fingers digging into January's strong arms as he squirmed beneath him. The bite was a distant sharpness that made the Omega's heart thump with excitement. He drew in the scent of his own blood, imagining what January looked like with his powerful body over him, caging Elias in as the vampire took carefully from the wolf's bared throat. That mouth on him...the sensation seemed to go straight to his cock. In moments he was blind with rapture, shouting as he came, nails digging into whatever bit of the vampire's skin he could reach. In a sudden burst, the door to the bedroom flew open as a confused Maribelle froze in place and outright gaped at the scene before her. Her hazel eyes widened in horror as they narrowed in on the blood trailing down Eli's neck and the stranger's chin. Instinctively, she shifted into her wolf form and leaped at the vampire, knocking Jany off the bed and pinning him to the floor with her paws. Maribelle was larger than Eli's wolf form but smaller than Pax's. Her hazel eyes stood out in sharp contrast to the dark brown and black pelt. The menacing growl that she let loose spoke volumes about how she'd rip the man's limbs apart for daring to hurt her precious cousin-in-law. Eli yelped, slapping his hand over the neat punctures in his throat, lucky that January had removed his fangs when the door had been flung wide. The blood had slowed to a trickle but had already left a crimson trail down his chest. "M-Maribelle?" Elias stammered. "Wha-?" January held his hands up beside his head in a display of peaceful surrender. "It was with complete and sober consent," Jany explained. "I would never hurt my beloved Omega." Maribelle's eyes narrowed, but she continued to growl menacingly. Eli was looking like a hot mess, in desperate need of a shower to clean off the blood and cum. He was also bare-assed naked. The Omega didn't think of any of those things as he hurled himself off the bed to wrap his arms around Maribelle's furry neck. Eli nuzzled at the brown wolf's chin. "It's okay, Mari. Please, don't hurt him!" Elias begged. "He's my mate. We found him last night!" The wolf let out a confused sound before finally stepping back and off the pale man. When she shifted back, she was as naked as the two of them. "Ok...we all need clothes right now," Maribelle responded shakily. "And I'm going to need a drink and a few more El hugs." "Uh, yeah," the Omega agreed, turning scarlet and covering his crotch. "Follow your nose to our usual room, and you can raid the closets. I think Mat brought some things in here that we can wear. Do you maybe mind if we grab a quick shower?" "Alright. You two shower, I'll go find something of my cousin's to wear, and we'll meet back here?" Maribelle suggested. The shower was longer than anticipated, owing mostly to Eli's inability to keep his hands and mouth off his new mate. The punctures in his neck had healed rapidly, even faster than what was normal, considering that January hadn't been able to probably seal them. Elias wasn't sure if it was because the wounds came from a vampire, because that vampire was his mate, or if he was simply getting better at healing, for some odd reason. When Eli walked out of the bathroom, hand in hand with January, it was with damp hair and a burning blush as he realized the other Omega had no doubt heard and smelled everything that had happened while the pair were supposed to simply make themselves a bit more presentable. She had plenty of time to mix herself a little Sierra Mist with some Hypnotiq to drink by the time the two men were done. Mari all but downed it and left the glass in the sink. Though Maribelle had an eyebrow raised when they gathered back together in the room, her hazel eyes remained warily on the vampire. "Let's see it, then," she urged as she motioned towards Eli's bonding stone. "What color is he?" When the green-eyed Omega lifted his necklace for her to see, the vivid purple that now joined Pax's yellow and Mateo's red was unmistakable. "Kindred Khonsu!" she hissed. She raised her head back up to gape at the pale man's purple eyes. "Rutting Ra!" "You can't tell anyone," Elias begged, reaching out to take Maribelle's hand. "You heard from the devotees? I'm scared they'll hurt him or try to separate us. It's not some screw-up with the stone. He's meant to be our mate. It's different, but it's not wrong. Please..." Maribelle gave the other Omega's hand a squeeze and tugged him into another hug. "El, hun, I'd never do that. You're family...and that means that he's family too," she insisted. She tilted her head as she regarded the other redhead in the room. "I'm sorry, what's your name? I'm Maribelle, Pax's cousin." "January," the vampire responded with a relieved smile. "But, friends and family call me Jany." The young woman let go of the Omega to extend her hand out. "Elias calls me Mari. You can call me Maribelle," she replied, still quite miffed from seeing her brother-in-law dripping with blood. "Enchanté de faire votre connaissance, Maribelle," Jany practically purred as he pressed a kiss to the female werewolf's knuckles. (Pleasure to meet you/enchanted to make your acquaintance) Mari hated how her body reacted to the man's voice and touch. Were all vampires innately sultry? She quickly took her hand back and let out a soft huff. "Don't get all cocky. The only reason I'm not giving you a beating is cause El and Pax wouldn't like it." "Understood," January stated. "Wait a sec," Elias mused aloud. "Why were you rushing about the house in the first place, Mari?" "Oh, right!" Maribelle responded as a blush formed on her cheeks. She tucked her long dark hair behind her ear to show off her own bonding stone earring. The dangling gem was a solid, deep aquamarine hue all the way through. "I finally found him...or, rather, he all but crashed into me...the point is, I wanted to come over and show you guys!" "Congratulations!" Eli said with a grin and a hug for the other Omega. "Tell me all the things." Maribelle felt a blush rising to her cheeks. "Well, you see...his name is Klaude. He's a human," she began. "After those two weeks of searching, I decided to take a break and ended up on the human side of town for some shopping. And, of course, that was when I pretty much crashed into him. I was holding too many bags, and as he began to help, the Khonsu stone flashed so bright I was nearly blinded." She rubbed her nose in a nervous gesture. "I tried my best to explain to him what it meant. He knew about Omegas searching for mates, but he didn't know anything else." Elias made a delighted little squee. He'd certainly come a long way from how he'd seen things before he'd mated Pax and the others. Elias could see Maribelle's mate as a positive thing. "Where is he?" Eli asked. "How is he not glued to your side right now?" The redhead knew very well how strong the pull was to be touching his mate. It was especially strong when an Omega was newly mated. Eli blushed, realizing his side was pressed up against January. He didn't move, however. He liked feeling his mate close. Mari's face burned with a full-on blush. "Th-that's why I came here. I already told my parents I'm moving in with him in a few hours. I just wanted to let Pax, you, and Mat know that I'm gonna be on that side of town, too," she concluded. "Mat and Pax are talking to Mat's grandma at her house," Eli explained. "Mat thought she might know something that could help keep Jany safe. Khonsu may be my Goddess, but I'm not going to let her or the devotees do anything to him or try to split us up." January took hold of one of Eli's hands and kissed the palm. "Even if I have to confer with Anubis himself, I refuse to be separated from any of you," he added. "Oh, shit," Eli cursed, wide-eyed. "Is your God gonna be all pissed, too? Should we have let Mat and Pax go off without us?" The Omega leaned even closer to January. "What if your Anubis devotees got a message from him about things and they're looking for us too?" January shook his head. "Anubis's followers aren't like your devotees. They rarely know what's going on with the gods," he insisted. "Ok, so...do you know how long until Mat and Pax get back?" Maribelle asked as she shifted from one foot to the other. "Cause I don't know how much longer I can go without clinging to my mate like a monkey." "Umm, I dunno," Eli had to admit, making a mental note to ask January more about Anubis later. "Do you want me to have Pax call you when he gets back? Or we could just call his phone?" Elias asked. "Then you can go get your cling action on and we can make plans for when we can meet hunky Mr. Maribelle." The two Omegas' heads tilted in unison as the front door clicked open. "Or I guess they're here right now," Elias said with a smile as he felt something comforting and safe seem to click into place in his chest. His mates were close and that's what he wanted. He wasn't above clinging like a monkey. He could sympathize with Mari's feelings. "We're back," Mateo called. "I hope you saved some of that hot lovin' for us. I need a brain scrub from some of the mental images Grandma forced on me." The Hispanic wolf's voice dropped as he spoke to Pax next to him. "Seriously, remind me to never mention to our future grandkids how flexible or not flexible we were when we first mated." Mateo's voice grew louder as they came closer. Eli grinned, keeping quiet, not wanting to ruin Mari's surprise for Pax. They must have been distracted not to notice Maribelle's scent. Although, now that Elias thought about it, the female Omega's scent had already been in the house, making it easy to overlook. Mari had been there the previous week to see Mateo for herself. Eli bounced a bit, feeling happiness and excitement for Maribelle having finally found her mate. This would be a fun surprise. Elias loved surprises. His smile widened as he heard his wolf mates about to walk into the room, Mateo still talking. "I don't even know how that even came up in a conversation about vampires and holy shit, Eli, please tell me that's not a devotee of Khonsu next to you!" Mateo blurted, frozen in the doorway and staring at Maribelle in horror. Upon hearing the words "devotee" and "Khonsu" in the same sentence, Pax rushed into the room as well, only to have Maribelle turn around in place to greet them. "Oh, no devotee of Khonsu can boast having these hips, Maty," the female werewolf teased before rushing over to give both Pax and Mateo a hug. "You're not gonna believe this, but...it's happened!" "What's happened?" Mateo asked in confusion. Mari once again tugged her hair back to show off the deep aquamarine gem dangling on her ear. "I finally found him...ah, that is, we crashed into each other...the point is I finally found my mate!" Pax let out a whoop of joy as he lifted her right up in the air and set her back down. "Where is he? We have to see him for ourselves!" He suggested. Maribelle shook her head. "He's a human and lives in that side of town. But, more importantly cousin-mine..." she trailed off as she pointed at January. "How come you haven't told me about him, huh?" "Busted," Mat whispered teasingly as he sidled up next to Elias and January, giving the vampire a quick kiss and Eli a greeting cheek rub. "I didn't even realize it was Maribelle for a sec. I was sure we'd been found out." "I mean, I get it," she continued to fume. "Any devotee finding out would be terrible. But, not even a text?" A troubled expression formed on Pax's face. "We only just found him last night, Mari..." he explained. "And we snuck him in a couple of hours ago! We needed more information about this sort of thing, so it's been too chaotic." Maribelle let out a loud huff as she folded her arms in front of her. "I'll let it slide this time...but, you guys better confide in me more from now on. That goes for all of you." She added as she spun and gave each man a glare of warning. Everyone but January flinched. "Girls are scary," Eli whispered to Mat, who nodded agreement as the redhead hid behind their vampire mate, peeking out from behind the tall man. January couldn't help his soft chuckle and fond smile. Being part of this group of wolves, this family, was rather delightful in a spectrum of ways. Jany pulled Elias out from his hiding spot, tucking the petite Omega into his side as he draped an arm around Mateo's waist. Maribelle already had Pax's phone number, but she quickly collected the others' with solemn oaths that she would be called and informed of what they'd found out from Mateo's grandmother. The ebony-haired Omega softened, giving everyone a quick hug, even January, before hurrying off muttering about mates and monkeys. "What did you guys find out?" Eli asked, flopping on the bed. January, Mateo, and Pax joined Elias on the bed as the taller werewolves began to relay what they heard. "Well, we were given a basic history lesson of the usual...you know, the weres versus vamps and how our devotees were urged by Khonsu to be firmly anti-vamp," Mateo began. "To summarize, there was an alpha and an elder vamp who were tired of all the animosity and fighting and decided to form a truce," Pax explained. "According to Mat's grandma, the two of them were star-crossed lovers, and that infuriated Khonsu." "And no one even knows what happened to them! Granny said something about the alpha leaving a note saying he had to leave," Mat added. "But both of them ended up disappearing." "So, what are we gonna do?" Eli asked worriedly. "I'll leave if I have to, as long as you're all with me, but I don't want to have to go. Our families are here. I grew up here." "I believe it's too soon to think about moving out," January responded as he gently rubbed the Omega's shoulders to try to calm him down. "We can ask Mateo's grandmother if she knows where that parting note was, try to search for anything the alpha and elder left behind..." Pax shook his head. "According to Mateo's grandmother, all that the alpha wrote in the note was something along the lines of letting them know he was okay but that he had to leave. No further information was given," he stated. "Then, perhaps it is time I visit some old friends. Perhaps one of them might know what happened on the elder vampire's side of things," Jany pointed out. "Is that safe?" Mateo asked. "What if the vampires find out you're mated to us?" "We tend to keep to ourselves. I doubt any of my kind would even care or react more than a simple raise of a brow," January responded. "Some vampires witnessed as much in the Black Orchid last night, but didn't pay it much mind after the 'show' was over." "Shit!" Elias yelped. "There were wolves there! I didn't even think about it. We don't have a lot of time to figure this out before they figure us out." "Then it's time I call in a few favors..." Jany mused aloud. "Though nothing can be done until the sun fully sets."
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