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  1. Lust and Chastity

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    Thirdly: I rarely have time to draw anything these days, but he turned out nice!
  3. Thirdly: I'm more than a bit disappointed in the severe lack of feedback on the final chapter of Lust and Chastity. Not a single word from anyone after all the hard work to bring it to completion. The like button does not count as a picture, which is what is worth 1000 words. Robin and I would have been happy with even that, an actual picture. But, silence is neither encouragement nor criticism. I want answers.

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      Timothy M.

      I'll get around to leaving a comment eventually, but I haven't had time yet. Sorry :( 

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      Thirdly: We understand that many have been busy, and you're more than exempt Timothy, you've brought us more joy than you know. But, Robin and I have a day job and are college students at night, and she's a mother of 4+ kids...amidst exams, illnesses, and work/college drama, we pulled all our efforts into that final chapter. Clear across the board in every place the story was posted, not a peep (and I'm not talking about busy adults with double shifts and kids, I'm talking about college students on break). I'm beginning to develop a deep resentment of the existence of the 'like' button. 

  4. Chapter 19

    When Elder Galamin returned to his mansion, he didn't realize that anything was off until he stepped inside and saw his hired men rousing and with various injuries. He felt a cold lump in his stomach as he rushed through the hallways to his personal study. The drawers and cabinets were opened, and he realized that Armand Montcroix hadn’t contacted him to surrender. He had contacted him to stall. :::: The Montcroix called a large-scale meeting of all the heads of public service. They ushered in the authorities, healers, librarians, and all of the Elders themselves. In sight of them all, they showed their evidence against Elder Galamin and many other corrupted Elders. The authorities had been warned before-hand to keep an eye on any of the Elders that tried to flee, and many of them indeed tried. At least five Elders were tackled to the ground by enforcers and civilians alike before Alistair began to speak. “As you can all see, we are still flawed,” Alistair explained. “My family stepped aside for two generations under the impression that the Elders were doing a much better job at securing the peace and flow of Zirao Zion. We couldn’t have been more wrong.” “Therefore,” Quinton spoke up as he stood up by Alistair’s side. “We held a meeting with all the heads of public service and came up with a solution. Two royals, two Unicorns, two unaffiliated Nightmares, and two humans can be elected to take over as representatives every five years…” he elaborated. “Everyone in every position must cast a vote. In the event that more than two regions are displeased with any representative, they can nominate new ones. Finances will be checked on a monthly basis…” The gathering was meant to help Zirao Zion adopt a new system that would keep power in balance and would help serve their residents better than previous attempts. The Montcroix vowed that all of the corrupted Elders would be put to work to right their wrongs with community service. However, the Montcroix clan had something else in mind for Elder Galamin. “Galamin,” Armand Montcroix began in a cold tone of voice. In calling him by name without his title, it stripped him of his Elder status. The aged Unicorn’s pale blue eyes flashed as they glared at his Nightmare rival, the source of his obsession. Galamin’s arms were tied behind his back, and he was restrained by two human men. As furious as he was that his plans were falling apart at the seams, his gaze never left Armand's. “I regret nothing,” Galamin hissed. “If I didn’t allow the other Elders their perks, they would have plotted against me. If I didn’t strip that human of his Maiden status, your beloved grandson would have reclaimed his royal status,” he continued to vent. He was stalling, doing whatever he could to steal a few more moments from the aged royal before him. “What I do regret is not having had you beneath me.” Armand’s cobalt blue eyes narrowed. He was barely able to keep himself in check from beating the Unicorn with his own hands for the way he showed no remorse over what he did to an innocent young man. The Unicorn, however, smirked at having pulled any kind of reaction from him at all. Though Galamin was the one restrained, Armand felt as if he had lost. “Pathetic, that’s what you are,” Laylah Montcroix, Armand’s middle daughter, spoke up. She was tall with a short, modern hairstyle that was shaved at the back and longer at the front in various violet hues. Her eyes were pyrite, a hue between silver and gold, and she was Raj’s proud mother. “To use such roundabout methods to try to get into my daddy’s pants. Look around you,” she insisted. “We are all the result of just how many times he got his mate pregnant, and she didn't so much as beg him to come anywhere near her, he stood by her side willingly.” A scowl began to form on Galamin’s face at the mention of Tessa, the Nightmare woman that had the audacity to cross Armand’s path, luring him enough to become his mate. “If he’s so willing to be by her side, then where is she now?” Galamin questioned. “You wish to see me?” came the response as several of the Montcroix parted like the red sea to allow her to be seen. The woman was of average height but held herself with such perfect posture that she appeared taller. Her hair was midnight blue at the roots and faded into violet hues and lilac tips at her waist in long, delicate waves, like the final traces of dusk. Her eyes were a dark gold hue. Though her mate, Armand's, appearance was of a man in his late forties, hers was of a woman in her mid-thirties. They were both, however over one-hundred years of age. Upon seeing Tessa, Galamin shifted in his restraints and leaned forward to downright growl at her. Alistair’s grandmother, however, merely pressed a perfectly manicured finger to her chin and tilted her head slightly as if in thought. She didn’t seem intimidated in the slightest. “Oh, Gal-Gal,” she mused aloud. “If you were going to wait to stop aging, you should have waited until your hair was completely white. It would have looked much more dashing that way. You just weren’t patient enough.” Galamin hacked as if he were about to spit at her, but Tessa made a closing motion with her hand that caused the Unicorn to form a funny, puckered expression that prevented him from doing so. “Tut, tut,” Tessa chastised in a sweet tone of voice despite the hardness in her eyes. “You’ve honored our agreement to keep away from Armand until Armand himself asked to see you. Don’t sully your reputation any further than it already is.” She then turned to look up at her husband. “Dear, we can’t have young Finny regress with his presence.” “I agree, father,” Penelope added with a frown. “My sweet son-in-law has been through so much…” Many of the other Montcroix joined her in voicing their agreement, some louder than the others. Armand looked over to his beloved grandson, who was standing beside Altyn and Penelope. At Alistair’s firm nod, Armand took the last few steps forward towards Galamin. “Galamin Martinus, for your crimes against a human Maiden and many of Zirao Zion’s citizens we, the Montcroix, henceforth banish you from our dimension and our sister Earth’s dimension,” he placed the palm of his hand against Galamin’s rune crest. As he did so, the other family members pressed their palms on each other’s right shoulder until they reached the right shoulders of Armand and Tessa, who were holding hands. A surge of power rolled through all of them like a tidal wave until it spearheaded into Galamin’s crest. The aged Unicorn cried out in agony as his powers were stripped and his crest all but seared itself off. When Armand lifted his hand, Galamin no longer had a crest. He was then escorted through a dimensional boundary by the two humans, never to be seen again. :::: As the months passed, the Montcroix provided all of the necessary funding to help balance out the country’s economy. Finian, with the help of Quinton and Synan, formed a program for all the Nightmares and Unicorns that suffered abuse at the hands of the Elders, whether they were employees or whether they had been picked up from the streets. Helping others in the same position along with weekly group therapy sessions aided Synan, Finian, Robert, and even Vilas in healing. Synan took over the program as if he had finally found his purpose in life and Quinton supported him every step of the way. Robert and Habacuc became rather close friends, though it was quite obvious to many that Habby was downright smitten with the human. Finian’s father found work as a librarian and regularly explored the other countries through the monorail system. Robert felt better than he had in many years…so much so that he invited Alistair, Finian, and Habacuc to cross over with him to pay a visit to his deceased wife’s grave. They filled her in on their crazy adventures, hoping that her spirit would be at peace. Robert had been too pained in the past to visit Arlene’s tomb. So, it was quite the surprise to feel the profound relief at finally having accomplished that feat. Robert vowed to visit her once a year along with Finian. Vilas was accepted into the group of Raj, Jack, and Lee’en as a mate with open arms. Though the mixed Unicorn gladly accepted their markings and marked each of them in return, he held off on fully consummating their union. He finally confessed to them that he was a Maiden, which was a pleasant surprise to them all. Neither Jack, Raj, nor Lee’en had been virgins when they met one another. So, they decided to give Vilas as much time as he needed to be comfortable enough to truly bed them. Vilas was also beloved by the Montcroix chef, Annish. She was so impressed with his culinary skills that she was eager to train him and retire. Finian was tutored daily and spoke with Healer Nigel regularly. The Unicorn had become a figure of grand respect in the human’s eyes. Alistair joined him every other week. Though there was little to no surprise that Alistair was nominated as one of the royal representatives to Zirao Zion, it was a downright shock when Finian was nominated, as well. Habby explained that it was in response to all of the good work Fin had done with the programs he helped create. Unicorns and Nightmares alike had always respected Alistair as a businessman and a political figure, but Finian had won over many of their hearts and their trust. ::: After much practice, Finian Montcroix was finally able to create his own dreamscape. That night, he set up a dreamscape of a soft mattress on top of a meadow full of thorn-less blue roses that were out in the open air with the night sky above, featuring millions of stars in the distance. He gently tugged on Alistair's subconscious until the Nightmare's form was seated on top of the mattress. "What's all this?" Alistair asked softly, but Finian pressed a finger to the older man's lips. Finian straddled the Nightmare, the two of them wearing nothing but boxers, and held Alistair's face in his hands. "I've spoken with Grandpa Armand and Father Altyn," he began. "I asked for a month, but we negotiated down to three weeks of vacation time for the both of us starting tomorrow." "But, first," the human explained as a box materialized in his hand. He opened it to reveal a platinum wedding band nestled inside, studded with sapphires and black onyx. "Will you marry me, Alistair?" The dark Nightmare blinked at Finian for a moment before his lips broke into a wide smile, his palms covering his human's. "I will. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to be yours." Alistair's cobalt irises searched Fin's features. "Are you ready? I'll wait forever for you, love. I want you to be sure, to be happy." A wide smile formed on Finian's face. "Yes, but not just yet. In the morning, we sign the papers at the center to make it official. Then, we ride the monorail to one of the tropical islands for our honeymoon. There, in privacy and not in a dreamscape, we can finally consummate our mating," he suggested. "Is that ok?" "That is much more than okay," Alistair answered fervently, leaning up to press a soft kiss to Finian's lips. "It sounds like perfection." Fin gave him a return kiss and traced his promise mark on the Nightmare's chest. He learned quickly that the slightest touch of a marking by the mate's partner sparked up quite the reaction. "The ring is real. I bought matching ones for us both. We can finally wear them after we sign the papers in the morning," he mused out loud. "Habby helped me find them." Alistair kept tight control of himself, not wanting to push Finian, especially after everything the teen had been through. He tried to pull his hips back from where the human was sitting on him so tantalizingly. It wouldn't do for Fin to feel Alistair's excitement and become frightened or withdrawn. The Nightmare was ashamed of his response. Finian needed his comfort and love, not his unbridled lust. "Ah, that was very kind of him," Alistair said as he attempted to will his erection away. "They are lovely. I'll wear it with pride." The Nightmare's dark eyes sparkled like jewels as he gazed adoringly at the teen, lifting a hand to graze his fingertips across Fin's warm cheek. "Everyone will know I'm yours." Finian could tell he had grown at least two inches taller in the last several months, probably his last growth spurt. But, he was ever grateful that he no longer had to tug Alistair down to kiss him in that position. Not anymore. The human tilted his head slightly and moved his entire body forward, pressing against every inch of the Nightmare as he could, and pressed his lips firmly against Alistair's. After a few open-mouthed kisses, Finian slid his thumb over more of the compass marking on his lover's chest. "I want to taste you," he whispered into the other man's ear. "I want to feel you thrusting into my mouth." Alistair sucked in a ragged breath as his cock surged with interest, precum painting a wet spot on the cloth covering its hard length. Alistair could almost feel it, the slick warmth of Finian's mouth, the lips wrapped tightly around his girth, and the clenching at the back of Fin's throat as Alistair pushed deep. "L-love, you don't, sweet mercy, you don't have to do that. I can wait as long as you need to be ready for such things." The Nightmare groaned, his hips thrusting upward as Finian teased the intricate design over Alistair's heart. The older man felt like he was going to cum in his boxers like a teenager if Fin didn't stop, or throw the human down and rut against him until they both found release. Finian found himself licking his lips, a spark of mischief forming in his navy blue eyes as he moved back and lowered himself down until he was lying down on his belly right between Allistair's legs. He tugged the Nightmare's boxers down enough to free the aching flesh. For the human, it was like seeing an old friend once again. He took the base with both hands and licked the skin in long, broad strokes. The tip of the younger man's tongue pressed eagerly against the urethra. With a touch of disappointment, he realized that the taste was muted a bit due to their being in the dreamscape. But, that didn't stop him from wrapping his lips around the head and sucking on it. Alistair watched with hungry eyes as his lovely mate's mouth worshipped the Nightmare's throbbing length. Alistair didn't try to direct the teen, letting Fin do anything he wanted. In truth, the Nightmare was already riding the edge of orgasm as Finian bobbed his hot mouth and then paused to suck hard at Alistair's leaking tip. The older man carded his fingers through Finian's soft platinum locks, unable to keep from touching him. The Nightmare's thumbs stroked the richly colored finial that marked the teen as Alistair's mate. Navy blue eyes shifted upwards to glance into cobalt as he moaned around the flesh in his mouth. A fire seemed to light his eyes from the inside, and Finian realized that the marking on his forehead radiated warmth and light, as well, when he noted the blue reflecting onto Alistair's darker skin. Fin flattened his tongue further and took more and more of the hardened shaft into his mouth. Two months earlier, he had hesitantly enlisted the aid of Felix in order to figure out how to keep his throat relaxed enough to take all of the Nightmare's shaft inside. He had been given a tool to practice on which was, surprisingly, quite helpful. The real deal was actually easier to adjust to. Before he knew it, the tip of Finian's nose nearly brushed against Alistair's skin. Finian took one of Alistair's hands and slid it to the back of his head as if urging the Nightmare to do as he wished. Meanwhile, one of his hands gave the Montcroix's balls a gentle squeeze. A growl purred from the Nightmare's chest as his fingertips kneaded Finian's scalp, pushing down gently. The sound sent a shiver across the teen's skin, sending a tingling heat to pool in his belly and spread to his cock. "Gods, yes," Alistair rumbled, his voice deepening. "You take me so well, love. Do you want me thrusting deep into your hot mouth? Take my pleasure?" The human merely sucked harder, refusing to part from the heat in his mouth. Finian felt no fear or hesitation. In dreamscape, one could only feel pain if they desired it. All that the younger man desired was to feel Alistair's release, to know that he gave the Nightmare pleasure. Alistair found a rhythm, pushing Finian's head down to take him deeper as the Nightmare thrust upward, delighting in the teen's throat closing around him. The dark-haired man would then lift his hand and allow Fin a moment to breathe. Jeweled cobalt eyes watched every moment intensely, the eager willingness in Finian's gaze pushing his arousal higher. The rhythm sped faster and faster until Alistair was nearly fucking his young lover's face as Finian took every inch with obvious enthusiasm. He could have stopped Alistair at any moment by just turning his head, but he didn't. Finian moaned along with Alistair as the dark-haired man's saliva-slick shaft worked in and out. Alistair's long, thick cock swelled impossibly hard against Finian's flicking tongue. The Nightmare pushed down on the back of Fin's head once more, shouting Finian's name as rapturous pleasure shot down Alistair's spine. It shot light electricity to tighten his balls and up his shaft. The Nightmare roared as he held his mate and emptied into Finian's tight throat. Seeing and hearing Alistair's completion was more than enough to send Finian over the edge a mere moment after. He had to focus hard on swallowing as he spurted right in his boxers. His jaw felt tired, and the taste of Alistair's cum was muted, but it was more than worth it. The human clambered over the Nightmare and pressed a kiss over his heart just as the two of them woke up from the dreamscape. Fin had timed it perfectly, as the rays of the sun shone through the window. "Let's go get married, Alistair Montcroix," Finian urged as he pressed a kiss to the Nightmare's real lips and then rushed over to the bathroom, eager to get the day started. After bathing and getting dressed, the two of them shared a light breakfast and rushed over to the center to sign the paperwork that would legally declare them married. Habacuc and Robert served as their witnesses. The door had been left open since the hallway was full of many well-wishers that wanted to see them tie the knot. They exchanged rings and kissed, cheered on by nearly all of the Montcroix and all of their friends. Then, Alistair and Finian were sent off by a very large group of people that congratulated them and hugged them at the entrance of the monorail. The first one who wished them off was Jack. “Congratulations,” the slightly taller human said as they hugged. “Love you, Fin.” "Thanks, Jack," Finian responded as he fought to keep emotional tears at bay. “Love you, too.” Some months prior, the hazel-eyed man had been through some rough patches with his parents. Jack had bravely explained that he eloped with his own gender, leaving out the exact number on purpose, as his parents wouldn't understand a culture with multiple mates. His sister was downright happy for him, and his mother had come around quite quickly. In spite of Jack's dad not liking it, the man still wanted to see him, so he asked his son to visit alone. They weren't on the best of terms, but Jack was relieved that his parents cared enough about him to want to see him regardless of his marital choices, and he was glad that he didn't have to sacrifice his blood family for his new family. Lee’en, Raj, and Vilas immediately followed. “Don’t forget my gift,” Lee whispered into Finian’s ear as they hugged, prompting the human to blush. “I won’t,” Fin responded as he was then lifted off the ground by Raj in a hug. “Whoa!” “You’re officially family now, cousin-in-law,” Raj pointed out as he carefully set the young man back down. “We’re going to have a lot of fun together, I can feel it.” “That, I don’t doubt,” Finian agreed with a light laugh. Vilas seemed to fidget in place for a moment before giving in to a gentle hug. The elegant chef, like Lee’en, had gradually lost all the members of his family through time. Unlike Lee’en, however, he was still learning how to give and accept physical affection…that his mates and close friends actually wanted his affection. He held Finian in high regard, however, and was willing to allow the blond into his personal space, especially in special moments like that one. “You deserve happiness and more, Fin,” Vilas admitted aloud. “As do you, Vil,” Finian replied, giving the chef a little squeeze before letting go. Finian went from person to person, a part of him still surprised at just how many family members and friends showed up to wish them well. His father, Habby, Quinton, Synan, Lucien, Felix, father Altyn, mother Penelope, grandfather Armand, and almost all of the Montcroix were there. Eventually, the two of them had been greeted by each and every one of them. Alistair boarded the monorail with their bags first. Just after Finian stepped into the monorail, he turned around to wave goodbye to everyone. But, Felix stood before him and gave him a loud smooch right on the lips. The human gaped at him in shock as his face began to burn a bright pink. The mischievous Nightmare waved at him even as he was hauled over Lucien's shoulder. "What? It was an innocent kiss goodbye! Besides, now he's a properly blushing bride for Uncle Allie!" Finian shook his head and walked over to their passenger car. The human quickly found himself swept into the larger man's lap. Finian blinked up at Alistair, following the Nightmare's narrowed gaze to Felix, who was waving exuberantly on the platform. Alistair turned back to Fin, pressing their mouths together. The Nightmare's tongue traced the crease of Finian's lips, and the teen opened willingly. Alistair's tongue swept inside, dominating the younger man's mouth thoroughly. The Nightmare pulled back with a satisfied nod, pressing a quick kiss to the mating mark on Finian's forehead. "There, that's better," Alistair murmured so quietly it was hard for Fin to be sure he'd even heard it. If he had been flustered before with Felix’s parting gift, he was infinitely more flustered with Allie’s response. Finian’s face glowed a pink hue for a good few minutes. A blushing bride, indeed! :::: When the monorail was well past their line of vision, the Montcroix and their friends began to file out of the station. Vilas stayed where he was, lost in his thoughts. He had been thoroughly swept away from the moment he had entered Jack, Raj, and Lee’s lives. After they evacuated Galamin’s mansion, he had been ushered into a room at the Montcroix estate. A few rather comical arguments later, and Lee’en ended up healing Vilas himself. The chef had never been romantically drawn to any one person, let alone three very different men, before. Vilas had done his best to repay Lee’s kindness through food, which managed to gradually win the pink-haired Unicorn over. Jack and Raj needed no coaxing, as the way to their hearts were quite easily through their stomachs. In merely a week’s time, they had asked him to be their mate. When he explained about his real lineage of being a mixed Unicorn and that he was a Maiden, their reactions were priceless. They made a compromise where Vilas would be marked and he’d then mark them in return, but they would only consummate the mating whenever the green-haired man was truly ready. A glint shimmered in Vil’s golden pietersite eyes as he recalled how his three mates marked him. They each placed a hand on the chef’s lower back so that Raj’s Ares crest was in the center and Jack’s hazel heart and Lee’s pink heart were on either side of it. Vilas himself had placed his tribal moon crescent crest on each of their shoulders. The mixed Unicorn was pulled from his thoughts by the slightest tug on his elbow. “Let’s go home, Slim,” Lee urged. The words made Vilas smile. “Yes, let’s go home.” :::: Jack considered himself a lucky man. Hell, he was luckier than most, surely. If someone were to have asked him three years ago what he thought about settling down, he’d have simply laughed in the fool’s face. Then, Lee’en burst his way into his life…invisible, but prominent and fierce. He was more than Jack could have ever asked for in a partner. Yet, fate had then led them to Raj…strong and intelligent. The mixed Nightmare was bigger than life in many ways, but was also patient and protective. Jack had felt a sense of balance and security with his two beloved mates. They learned to get along and to trust one another. The hazel-eyed man was happy, at peace. Then, he came across Vilas…fearless and steadfast. The mixed Unicorn not only helped him save Finian, but he also helped them invade Galamin’s mansion to gather evidence against the banished Elder. The Maiden chef fit right into their group, solidifying Jack’s Promise crest into full, saturated color, at last. When the four of them were together, they felt complete. Jack Kierny, twenty years old, and a human…was married to three gorgeous men. His past teenage self would have never believed it. “Jack,” Vilas called as he took hold of the brunet’s hand. “Come have a seat,” he urged as he had all three of his mates sit down with Jack in the middle. “Right,” Vilas began as he tried to fend off nervousness as all three men gazed at him. “First of all, I wanted to thank you for being so considerate of my feelings and waiting until I felt ready to fully consummate our matings…” “We would never put such pressure on you,” Raj assured as his voice fell to a sultry rumble. “You’ve shown your affections in many other ways, after all.” The chef felt his face light up with a blush. "I…yes, of course…but, I mean…" He stopped talking to take a deep breath. "I feel I am finally ready-" “Really, Slim?” Lee’en gasped as he stood up. “I’m the smallest and least intimidating, so if you want to start with me first, I’m more than willing.” Vilas gaped at the Unicorn with his mouth slightly opened. “N-No, not yet…” “So, you’re not ready?” Jack questioned. Vilas swung his arms loosely as his hands curled into fists and then he straightened his back even further and held his hands out in a halting motion. “Please, just let me finish!” He insisted. “I was thinking that maybe in a couple of months’ time, the four of us could go on a honeymoon of our own…and then we could finally consummate our matings?” Raj, Lee’en, and Jack looked at one another for a moment before a grin split each of their faces. All three of them rushed over to Vilas to pull him into a hug. They all began to talk at the same time, which made it difficult for the mixed Unicorn to grasp what was being said. But, after the excited babbling died down, it was Jack that spoke up for the three of them. “Sweetheart, we’re ready whenever you’re ready. A honeymoon sounds damn great to us,” Jack responded, feeling quite content. :::: The ride to the tropical islands was long, but they were served food and took naps along the way. As soon as they arrived, Finian felt a rush of butterflies in his stomach as well as a rapidly rising excitement that bubbled just beneath his skin. He helped Alistair with their bags, and they were ushered over to their private luxury beach house. After putting their clothes away in hangers and the cabinet, the two of them stood on the balcony to watch the sunset on the horizon. As the waters displayed a myriad of colors, Finian felt calmer than he could ever remember. Then, he felt a soft kiss at the nape of his neck as the last traces of the sunlight waned. The calm he felt instantly shifted to arousal and anticipation. "Happy, husband?" Alistair's deep voice greeted him. "Very," Finian responded with a gentle smile. The past three years were quite the rollercoaster of events. But, they led him to that moment of peace. "You?" "Better than I ever have in my life," Alistair confessed, wrapping his strong arms around his human husband and nuzzling Fin's neck. A half-smirk tugged at Finian's lips as he threaded his fingers through Alistair's thick hair. "Hmm, I wouldn't say that just yet..." he teased. “How about I ask you again after our first night as husbands?" “Mmm, there's a chance I'll be so elated I won't be able to speak," Alistair purred, drawing in the perfect scent of his mate. "I may not be able to say anything, just cover you with kisses. Which sounds very nice, now that I think of it." The Nightmare peppered tiny kisses across Fin's shoulder and neck. "I think I'll start now." A pleasant shiver rolled down Fin's spine. "That reminds me..." he whispered. "I'll be right back!" He said as he rushed off to the closet to find a bag. The younger man then shook out the bag's contents all over the top of their bed. Petals of all the shades of blue roses covered up the entire bed. An after-thought came to him, and he let out a little groan of worry. "I should have asked you if they would stain the sheets first!" He figured that Father Altyn had gone through a lot of trouble to make sure that there were no white sheets on any of the beds or furniture, and it would pay him back poorly if he ruined them. "I hope they do. I'll buy new ones for Father Altyn and keep these." Alistair gathered Finian close, needing to feel his husband against him. "I like the idea of putting them on our bed for anniversaries." Finian blushed once again. "Alistair...um, I was given..." He held up a container and handed it to the Nightmare. "...it’s strawberry flavored," he finished in an embarrassed whisper. He had managed to get his hands on the rose petals thanks to Mother Penelope’s help. But, it was Lee’en that surprised him with the lube. A fire lit in Alistair's cobalt eyes as he plucked the bottle from Fin's grasp. "And where shall I taste this on your body? Or perhaps I'll paint every inch of you and explore it all." The Nightmare's tongue teased a path up Finian's throat. "You know how I like strawberries." Finian gripped the bottom of Alistair's shirt so hard that it formed wrinkles. "However you like, but I...I want to feel your hair tickling my skin. I want to see your face and feel your warmth on top of me," he confessed heatedly. Alistair drew a hot breath, crushing the teen's body to his. The Nightmare's shaft had been half-hard, simply from the closeness of his husband. Finian's words made Alistair's cock surge to rigidity so quickly it was nearly painful. "Then I think we'll need to remove some clothing," Alistair said hotly, leaning back, so only his hips pressed against the teen. "You can take them off, or I can tear them from you." The human's heart raced, but he quickly disrobed with the natural grace and balance that he had always possessed. He then tugged the bottom of Alistair's shirt and rolled it up to urge him to tug it off. Alistair's shirt was flung to the side, and his pants hit the floor moments after. Finian drank in the sight of his husband. The Nightmare's broad shoulders and tight muscles cut an imposing figure, but it was something in his cobalt eyes that conveyed power and strength even more than his toned body. Alistair Montcroix was no one to cross, either in a physical fight or a mental one. And he was Fin's. All of that power and willpower would defend Finian with everything the Nightmare had to Alistair's last breath. Somehow, it didn't make Fin feel weak. The human felt an answering strength inside himself. Finian knew that even a Montcroix wasn't invulnerable and the human would always be there, ready to fiercely defend and support his husband in any way he could. Finian was needed by Alistair, and it was a balm to the wounds of helplessness inflicted by Galamin. "You'll make me shy if you keep looking at me like that," Alistair teased with an easy smile. "I don't think that's possible," Finian responded as a smirk tugged on his lips. He remembered but a few years prior when he felt that his body was too feminine and short to be appealing. He had only grown two inches, but the hard work he had put into his programs and lifting boxes alone had increased a bit of the muscle tone on his frame. His hair had grown enough to pull back the top half into a small ponytail. When the strands were pulled back, his face looked downright regal, especially with the fleur de lis on his forehead. Even if he had still remained the same as he was those years ago, his appearance would no longer bother him. He had learned that it was a state of mind to feel fierce, handsome, and worthwhile. He realized that it was a mood, an attitude, that determined confidence...it had little to do with experience, though experience certainly helped. In the past, Finian had envied Jack's confidence and bravery. At that very moment, however, he felt more confident than he ever had before. He felt himself Alistair's equal. Finian knelt on the edge of the bed and carefully moved so that he sat on his heels at the very center, his back perfectly straight. His long shaft was already quite hard as he beckoned the Nightmare to join him with the crook of a finger. "Gods," Alistair murmured, joining his husband on the bed, the soft scent of roses teasing his senses. "I think you must be part Siren." The Nightmare sidled close, kneeling in front of Finian and pressing their throbbing lengths together. "You've captured me completely." The younger man slid his hands up the Nightmare's arms and beneath the thick hair to slide down the back. He brought one hand up to cradle the back of Alistair's neck while the other hand threaded up into the scalp to gently rub and squeeze it. The blond grinded his lower body against him as he gave Allie's bottom lip a gentle nip. "Kiss me?" he pleaded softly. The Nightmare didn't have to be asked twice. A strong arm wrapped around Finian's lower back. Alistair leaned close, arching Fin back before capturing his sweet lips and sweeping his tongue inside. Alistair's kiss began to chase away his thoughts until the Nightmare's scent and warmth were all that he could focus on. The younger man kissed him back deeply as if he were savoring the taste of his mate. His hands tangled into thick indigo locks and he gently tugged them at the roots. Heat burned him down to the core, and his body became anxious for more. "I want you," Alistair breathed into his mate's ear, one hand trailing down to knead one perfectly rounded cheek of the teen's ass. "I want the same thing," Finian hissed in reply as he tried in vain to stop rubbing against the other man. "Please, Alistair. Take me." Finian suddenly found himself on his back, surrounded by blue rose petals with Alistair over him on his hands and knees. The Nightmare's deep cobalt hair flowed around them like a deep blue curtain, tickling against Fin's skin delightfully. Alistair swooped down, capturing his human's mouth as Allie slipped his fingers down to wrap them around the teen's hard length. The human reached down to gently tug Alistair's hand off. He shook his head. "If you keep touching me there, I'll surely explode. But, I want to feel you inside me first." Their positions and the pleasure between them couldn't be any more different than when he had been forcibly taken by Elder Galamin from behind. But, if his beloved Alistair entered him after his member was spent, Finian couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't lose himself in those bad memories. "Please," he pleaded as if he were asking the Nightmare to chase away his bad memories. "Love..." Alistair pressed his forehead to Fin's. "Anything you want, always." The hand that had been touching the human lifted to stroke the teen's cheek, nothing but love in the Nightmare's dark blue eyes. "Do you want me to prepare you or would you like to do it?" Fin bit his lower lip at the thought of Alistair's fingers inside him. "I want you to do it. I want to know how it feels when it's done the right way," he confessed. "And I want to feel no one but you inside for the rest of my life." Alistair laid himself next to his husband, pulling the human close and tucking Fin under his chin. "Do you know how precious you are to me?" the Nightmare asked, one hand trailing down the teen's back as the other snuck beneath the pillow and snagging a stoppered vial. "I meant my vows to you... To hold you above all others, to love and respect you...I meant all of it and more." Alistair nuzzled Finian's soft platinum locks, thumbing open the vial of oil. The blue Nightmare had begged his friend Simon to hunt it down for him. Alistair hoped Fin liked it, as it amplified pleasure and lengthened orgasms. It was supposed to be a gentle batch, Simon had guaranteed it. It should act without being overwhelming or uncomfortable. Alistair would be affected as well. Being swept in bliss with Finian sounded absolutely perfect. The oil was warm on Allie's fingertips. The Nightmare stroked them gently between Fin's cheeks, teasing his entrance. Just as gently as he felt Alistair's fingers stroking him, Finian began to trail his fingers down his mate's chest. His navy blue eyes peered up at Allie's face as he pressed the tip of one of the larger man's nipples in. Before the Nightmare could protest, he sucked the other nipple into his mouth and swirled the tip of his tongue around the areola. Alistair's moan rumbled in his chest, vibrating against Finian's tongue. The Nightmare's warm finger rubbed circles against the teen's hole, sparks of pleasure centering in the sensitive flesh at the wicked massage. The human hissed and squirmed against the other man's body. He loved hearing Alistair's moans. He would never tire of them. So, when he felt his own pleasure rising, he didn't hold back on his own. "Allie...please..." he keened. “I don't know how much longer I'll last." "I'm sorry, it's so hard not to draw it out." Alistair pressed a kiss to the top of Fin's head, pressing his finger past the tight ring of muscle. "I'll try to hurry." By that point, the younger man began to move against the finger, wanting nothing more than to feel more of the Nightmare's warm digits inside. When he shifted a certain way, a surprised gasp fell from his lips. "That feeling...it's a strange sort of nice. I can feel it almost everywhere." He mused aloud as his face shifted into a frown confusion. He had certainly not felt anything like that during Galamin's intrusion. Alistair twisted a second finger into his mate's heat, finding an area that made Finian twitch and gasp. "That's your prostate, love," the Nightmare breathed into Fin's ear. "Your pleasure spot." Allie spread his fingers, gently stretching, pushing in and out. "When I take you, I'm going to rub against it with every thrust." Finian knew exactly what it was, but he hadn't known how it would feel. Seeing Synan's diagrams and descriptions hadn't helped one bit. The feeling was unlike anything he had ever experienced. Every time the large digits brushed against the area, he felt a jolt of sensation, and a sound slipped from his lips. "A-Al," he whimpered. "More." "Anything for you," Alistair purred, a third finger pushing inside carefully. "Tell me if it's too much." He nuzzled Fin again. "Gods, you smell so good." In a nearly desperate move, Finian gently tugged fistfuls of Alistair's hair. "It's not too much...more like it's not enough!" He complained, panting. "Alistair, enter me. Now." From one blink to the next, Alistair was above him. Finian heard the click of a lid opening, the scent of strawberries making the teen blush as the Nightmare used the flavored lube generously to slick his length. Allie grasped Fin behind the knees and spread him wide. The teen found himself caught in Alistair's dark gaze as something large, hot, and hard found his entrance and pushed inside. Finian remembered that it hurt the first time, though a sorrow overshadowed the pain. This time, he didn't care about the pain. In fact, he welcomed any pain that resulted from what they were doing. But, as the older man made his way inside, it wasn't pain that Finian felt. Stretching to accommodate his mate's girth and length did sting a bit, but to Fin, it was an oddly pleasant sensation. "I can almost feel you throbbing inside me," Finian whispered heatedly. "So warm...so hard..." Galamin had barely been able to keep his erection up. It was the complete opposite of Alistair's, which only seemed to harden even further. The human used the Nightmare’s hair to tug Allie down into a kiss. He wanted to convey his gratitude, his surprise, and his desire all in that one kiss. The Nightmare's cock twitched, swelling further, making Finian moan into Alistair's mouth. The blue-haired man propped himself on one hand, the other hand roaming his husband's body, showing a particular delight in stroking and tweaking small pink nipples. Alistair tried to pause, to give Fin time to adjust, but the teen would have none of it, wrapping his legs around the Nightmare's waist and drawing him in with a gasping moan. It stretched Fin wide, almost burning, but it wasn't something he could really call unpleasant, especially considering the rigid and aching state of his cock. The human squirmed and moved against Alistair, his hands sliding up the Nightmare's back. "Alistair," he moaned so huskily that Finian barely even recognized his own voice. "Gods, you are a Siren," Alistair growled in his mate's ear, withdrawing slowly and pushing back into Finian's tight velvet depths as the human gasped and whimpered. "The noises you make..." He thrust again deeper, harder. "Better than the sweetest music." Finian moved along with each of the Nightmare's thrusts, his fingers digging into Alistair's back. He felt everything, every slide of his flesh and the caress of the long, indigo strands. He found his balance and began to shove back against him. "Hah!" Fin cried when he felt that strange new pleasure once again, from inside. The heat built through him and between them. Fin saw a small flash of cobalt blue and realized that both of the markings on their foreheads were glowing, casting scattered blue light along their flushed skin. "You feel exquisite around me," Alistair rumbled into Finian's ear, nipping at the lobe. "So tight, warm, like velvet." The Nightmare growled, hips snapping faster as he pumped in and out of Fin, angling to catch his human's prostate. Finian had to focus hard on breathing because he kept holding his breath without realizing it. Though he had read and though he had been told about it, the sensations that he felt were far beyond what he could have imagined. The young man felt the pleasure rising as if each of Alistair's movements fanned the flames of a fire that consumed his entire body. Fin's back arched, and he sucked in a sharp gasp followed immediately by a loud moan. And then, he was there...cumming harder than he ever had in his life. "A-Al!" He keened as stream after stream of his seed shot between them. Alistair continued pounding into his mate through Finian's orgasm, his thrusts becoming erratic as Fin clenched down on the Nightmare's thick length. "Finian," Alistair roared, slamming deep and holding there. Fin gasped as he felt Alistair filling him, the throbbing length seeming to grow even larger and harder as Alistair came inside him. The human was still riding the high when he raked back his pale hair with both hands and began to laugh. He felt relieved and genuinely happy, so he couldn't help it. Finian belatedly realized that he might have shot Alistair's own high with his unprecedented laughter, so he began to apologize. But, the Nightmare cut the apology off with a rather thorough kiss. Finian was all but panting once again when the Nightmare pulled away. A slight frown then formed on his face. "Wait, do we have enough lube for all three weeks?" He questioned. The human's tone of voice sounded so seriously concerned that it was then Alistair's turn to laugh. ::: For Alistair and Finian, the weeks that followed were full of searing heat and joy. Then, the honeymooners were welcomed back spectacularly at the Montcroix estate. The final weekend of their vacation was spent with family and friends. The Montcroix freely told funny anecdotes about one another as they ate and talked among their friends. Nightmares, Unicorns, humans, and everyone in between were there. Not a single one of them felt out of place. Finian caught Jack's gaze from across the table and lifted his glass towards him. The hazel-eyed man grinned and clinked his own glass to Finian's in cheers. In those three years alone, the two young men felt like they had matured more than they had in their whole lifetimes. Lee'en and Vilas then walked over to the table with a massive cake, setting it right in front of Finian. The blond gaped at the flames above the candles that were in the shape of the numbers ‘one’ and ‘nine’ as everyone in attendance began to sing their well-wishes. Fin had to stand up in order to reach the top of the cake. "Make a wish!" Felix called out from further down the table. Finian blew the candles out without hesitation. He then turned towards Alistair. "What was the name of the little boy I first saw in your memories and dreams?" He asked him. "The one that had my hair and your eyes." “Alain," Alistair responded. The human gave a sage nod. "Then, let's go find ourselves an ‘Alain’ to adopt." THE END a/n: The sequel to this one is Lust and Propriety. We want to take the time to thank everyone who enjoyed reading this story as much as we enjoyed working on it. There is still much to come!
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  9. Chapter 18

    Sneaking Finian into the Montcroix estate in a way that the others wouldn't see him was not as complicated as the group had previously thought. Without thinking about it twice, Fin showed them the way through the window of Alistair's childhood room. Raj then led them to a guest room where they wouldn't be disturbed. Jack approached his friend cautiously. "You want a shower?" the teen asked. "Maybe some clean clothes? And I'll let Al know we're here. He'll be really glad to see you." Finian felt as if someone held his heart in a tight grip at the mention of Alistair. He gave a slow nod. "I'll go find him some of my clothes to change into," Lee suggested as he rushed over to the room he shared with his mates. Before the young man realized it, he found himself being sprayed by hot water. Despite the temperature and despite how hard he scrubbed himself everywhere, Finian still felt as if Elder Galamin's essence still clung to his body somehow. He would have stayed under the shower long enough for the hot water to be used up, but Lee'en knocked on the bathroom door and called for him. Finian dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist before opening the bathroom door to let the pink-haired Unicorn inside. He was relieved to see that the clothes consisted of a pair of boxers, cargos, and a shirt with a hooded vest attached to it. They felt as comfortable as they looked. Thank you, he signed to the Unicorn. You're welcome. Lee'en signed back. Though his knowledge of sign language wasn't as advanced as Jack and Fin's, he had learned quite a bit of it during the two years he spent with them. When they first met, he had no other way of communicating with Jack otherwise, after all. "How is he doing?" Alistair's voice drifted through the door. "Do you think he'll be out soon? I don't want to burst in there. I know he likely needs a little time to wrap his head around everything. Not seeing him is killing me. Are you sure it was right for me not to go to him right away, Jack?" "Yeah," Fin heard his best friend answer. "Just give him a chance to realize he's safe and get his head wrapped around that. He's not gonna like it if everybody hovers over him." Once again, Finian felt as if his heart was being squeezed too tightly. He swayed on the spot, unused to the sensation of losing his balance. But, Lee'en was right there to steady him. "Hey, just say the word, and you don't have to see him," Lee offered. "Do you want him here?" Finian gave a sharp nod and stepped out of the bathroom. "Fin!" Alistair stood up from the bed and took two quick steps toward the teen before stopping, clearly wanting to sweep the human into his arms but afraid it wouldn't be welcome. "I can't tell you how good it is to see you." The Nightmare looked like he hadn't slept in days. His cobalt hair was a mess, and there were dark circles under his eyes. Finian reached over, before even realizing it, and gently tugged on a section of Alistair’s hair. He then held that lock to the side of his face as tears began to fall from his eyes. The Nightmare looked torn for a moment, his hands hovering over Finian for long moments before gathering the teen close and tucking him under his chin. "You're alright now," Alistair soothed. "You're safe. It's going to be alright. I swear it." Finian's fingers curled into Al's shirt as he clutched the fabric. He merely continued to weep. The sound of Alistair's voice felt like an oasis after being hopelessly lost in a desert. "I'm so sorry, Fin." Alistair's voice broke. "It's my fault...I should have been there. I should have protected you. I didn't watch over you. I knew the Elders were corrupt. I should have known they would have tried something." The Nightmare's tears made silvery tracks down his cheeks. "They hurt you because of me. This all happened because of me." The human's eyes widened, and he tugged the shirt down hard. "N-No!" He gasped, speaking out loud for the first time in over 48 hours. "Don't say that..." "This was HIS fault and his fault only!" Finian suddenly growled. Then, as quickly as the anger rose up, sorrow engulfed him. "A-Al...I lost the promise mark," he confessed in a low whisper. Lee'en spoke up immediately. "That's impossible. Once a promise mark appears, it doesn't go away. It might fade or hide, but it's still there." He walked over to Jack and shamelessly lifted the green-eyed man's shirt. "See here? It only solidifies into its richest hue after a complete mating or maitings..." He trailed off and frowned when he realized that Jack's mark wasn't the vivid green he had expected after having mated with Raj. The pink-haired unicorn stroked the skin over where the marking was laid, and his lips formed a tight line. "Jack Kierny, you have some explaining to do." At the sound of slight distress he heard in his peony's voice, Raj walked over and peered at the promise mark over Jack's heart, as well. "Only two of the arrows are a solid, olive hue...the heart should be as deep a hazel as Jack's eyes," he explained. "Are we missing a mate?" "Raj and I aren't enough!?" Lee huffed, his cheeks poofing up like a child as he folded his arms over his chest and turned away. "Of course you're enough," Jack answered quickly. "You know I love you guys." The teen looked down at the promise mark and frowned. "I guess I never noticed before." He shook his head. "I'm sure it's nothing big. I'm totally committed to both of you." Jack looked from one of his mates to the other. "You believe me, right?" Raj reached out to gently grab the back of Jack's neck as he pressed a kiss to the human's forehead. "According to your promise mark, it seems you were destined to have three mates," he began as he reached out to gently tug Lee'en towards them. "But, what our lovely peony hasn't come to terms with yet is the fact that it means that both of us were also destined for three mates. Jack and I couldn't possibly be drawn to someone that you wouldn't be drawn to, as well, Lee." Lee'en took a sharp breath through his nose as his lower lip lifted his pout further up his face in a rather funny and childish expression. "It just better not be another full-fledged Nightmare..." he grumbled. "I won't be able to stand so much reasoning and logic." "Pretty sure I balance out most of the reasoning and logic, babe." Jack couldn't help but grin, leaning down to press a kiss to Lee's soft, pouting lips. Lee'en melted into the kiss. If they were meant to have another mate, then he had to cherish the attention he got from Jack before it divided three ways. He then let out a sigh and turned back towards Finian. "As I was trying to explain, the promise mark can't really go away. But, it can hide whenever the carrier's not ready..." he gazed up at Jack as he continued. "And it can remain faded if the mating's incomplete." Finian snuggled further against Alistair's chest as he finally relaxed. "I'm so relieved..." he whispered. "See, love?" Alistair nuzzled Fin's damp hair. "Everything will be fine. I'll wait for when you're ready. Forever, if that's what you need." Finian nodded. "Can we donate all the white sheets in the estate to charity?" He asked softly. "I don't ever want to see another set of white sheets ever again." Alistair blinked but didn't question it. "Of course, I'll have it done immediately." The cobalt Nightmare gave Fin a gentle squeeze. "And whenever you're ready to talk about it, I will always be here." He paused, thinking. "You've been through a lot. It would ease my mind greatly if you would speak to a healer who specializes in the mind and trauma. Would you consider it?" "Yes...I'd like that very much," Finian agreed as more tears gathered in his eyes. "Thank you." "I would do anything for you, love." Alistair stroked the teen's cheeks, catching the wetness and wiping it away. "I'd dye my hair pink as Lee'en's and dance around if I thought it might make you smile." Finian's navy blue eyes widened. "Don't you dare!" He gasped as he reached out to gently tug the ends of Alistair's hair. "It's beautiful as it is." "Allie, I think both you and Finian should get some rest," Raj suggested. "In fact, we all should. There is much at hand, and we should face it with sobriety and restored strength." "That sounds like a very good idea," Alistair agreed. He looked down at Finian. "If you're alright with it, I'd like to rest beside you. If you'd be more comfortable, I'm more than happy to sleep on the couch." "Stay with me, please..." Finian pleaded. He more than trusted Alistair to keep his word. The warmth of his body was also soothing. "Come on, sweety-pies." Jack threw one arm around Lee's shoulder and the other around Raj's waist. "Five's a crowd." "And four's not?" Lee'en scoffed as they headed toward their shared room. "You've yet to tell us who this potential new mate is. You had to have come across him recently." "I don't know!" Jack hunched his shoulders. He hated feeling like he was making one of his mates, or maybe even both of them, unhappy. "I met some new people at the farm. Oh, and that cute little chef..." The human stopped in his tracks. "Crap. Umm, how do you tell if someone's your mate again?" "Chef?" Lee'en muttered to himself. Raj, however, placed a supportive hand on Jack's shoulder. "Usually by an irresistible scent," he explained. "Lovely scents, especially strong ones broadcasted by Maidens are quite the lure." "I...He smelled like food. He was really cute, though." Jack appeared somewhat bewildered as he looked up at Raj. "He was the only reason I got Fin out. Shit, he's still there! What if he's supposed to be with us and I left him behind?" Raj tugged Jack into a tight embrace. "Then, we'll retrieve him. The three of us...together," he suggested. "If he helped you and Fin out, I guess we should try to get him out, too," Lee'en grudgingly admitted, as well. "I love you, both of you." Jack yanked Lee into a group hug, with the human holding Lee'en and Raj holding both of them. "You know that, right?" A devious smirk formed on Lee's face. "We'd know that even more if you showed us you did," he teased as he tugged Raj and Jack's wrists and dragged them into their room. "Right, Colossus?" "Absolutely," Raj responded, not missing a beat. "Perhaps by having you between us?" "Mmm," Jack hummed happily. "I could get behind that, and in front of that. Yum." Lee'en gracefully leaped onto the bed, pulling his shirt off in the same fluid motion. He drew the gazes of both his mates as he trailed his fingers up his chest and over soft pink nipples. "On my back or all fours?" He asked Jack. "Ahn," Jack gasped, pushing on the bulge that had suddenly appeared at the front of his pants. "Fuck, baby. You're going to make me cum in my pants and embarrass myself or faint from the blood suddenly rushing to my cock. That would probably be embarrassing, too. Feel free to enjoy my unconscious body, though." Raj let out a low chuckle. "You could never embarrass yourself in front of us, love," he insisted as he walked over and helped Lee'en tug off his pants. When he returned his heated gaze to the hazel-eyed man, his voice fell another octave. "You should know by now that we'd be up for anything you'd like to do." "Damn, I'm so taking you up on that sometime. Fuck, you're hot. I think right now I want to do our sweet pinky and have you do me." Jack's cheek flushed, his breaths coming faster as he tore off his shirt, flinging it away from himself before whipping off his pants. "First, I want to lick every inch of both of you." Lee'en quickly stood up on the bed and all but forcefully tugged Raj's shirt off. "You heard him, get nekkid!" The mixed Nightmare couldn't help but chuckle once again as he rid himself of the rest of his clothing. As Jack clambered onto the bed and headed towards Lee'en, Raj came up behind him and began to gently rub the human's shoulders and neck. Jack practically purred at the touch as the human pinned his pink-haired lover beneath him to nibble Lee's throat. It was amazing to him how he felt between them. Lee'en made Jack feel protective, dominant, and somehow tender. Raj brought out the opposite in him. When the human was with both of them, the feelings didn't clash. The combination of submission and dominance, protector and protected, top and bottom left his body and mind thrumming with pleasure and excitement before they had even shucked their clothes. "God, you're so fucking perfect," Jack moaned as he nibbled south to catch a pert pink nipple in his mouth. "I want to eat you up and make you scream." Lee's legs were already wrapped around Jack's waist, grinding against him while he still could. "I don't think you'll be able to get me to shut up after you start!" He confessed. Raj's large hands continued to make their way down his path was blocked by Lee's crossed legs, but one mindful tap urged the Unicorn to spread his legs on either side of them. The mixed Nightmare made his way right down to the human's gorgeous ass, kneading and squeezing the flesh to his heart's content. Jack groaned, arching his back and rolling his hips, pushing into his larger mate's skilled touch before the human rubbed his dripping length against Lee's, nibbling and nipping the pink Unicorn's nipples hungrily. The look on Lee's face was of sensual abandon. He breathed through his mouth, and his eyes were low-lidded, the magenta irises nearly darkening to a red hue. His fingers and nails raked through Jack's hair and scalp as he moaned appreciatively after every suck and bite. "Jack!" Raj bit his lower lip as he watched the interaction with hungry eyes. The two lovely men beneath him belonged to him, just as he belonged to them. He slid his thumb across the Ares crest on Jack's right shoulder blade, sending a shock of sensual pleasure through the human's body. The human shivered, his cock throbbing. Jack shoved Lee'en upwards on the bed. The human wiggled his ass at Raj as he sucked Lee's perfect pink tip, moaning at the taste. The mixed Nightmare let out a low growl as he gave one of Jack's cheeks a sharp slap. He shifted into his faun form and drew a finger along his long shaft to gather some of the natural lubrication. Raj then reached down to wrap his hand around Jack's member and began to stroke it ever so slowly. Lee'en whimpered as he squirmed. He didn't care if he released too early. All he cared about was the sight of his mates before him and the sensation of Jack's lips on his flesh. "More!" He begged. "Ah, fuck, I'll give you all you can take if Raj will slap my ass some more," Jack gasped out, bucking into Raj's fist while flicking his tongue teasingly up and down Lee's hot shaft. "Think you can convince him, baby?" The pink-haired Unicorn didn't need to be told twice. "Celestials...Raj, you better slap him till his butt's as red as a strawberry!" He demanded. Raj snickered. "As you command, my peony," he purred. After every few strokes, his hand came down on one butt cheek and then the other in tandem. Jack yelped, his eyelids fluttering. The human took a deep breath and threw his mouth onto Lee'en's cock. Every moan and cry vibrated the pink-haired Unicorn in delicious torment. Jack widened his legs wantonly. Every smack seemed to go straight through the human's balls and zinging straight up the teen's shaft. Jack delighted in the lurid sound of Raj's pumping fist getting wetter and wetter from the precum dribbling from the human's tip. Lee'en could barely take the sound of Raj's hand coming into contact with Jack's plush backside in conjunction with the heat of the human's mouth around his fully hardened cock. "Yes!" He cried out as both his hands clutched the back of Jack's head. "I just...I...ugh!" He gave a thrust into Jack's mouth. Raj continued his pattern of alternating butt cheeks, but his hand shifted its hold so that his fingers swooped over the tip of Jack's shaft with every upward stroke. "Such lovely sounds, Lee." Jack sucked hard, moaning as Raj squeezed his shaft tight while delivering a quick series of thudding thwacks to the human's lovely ass. The teen shuddered, clutching Lee'en's thighs as he nearly saw stars as he shot all over Raj's talented fingers. Lee'en himself all but blasted his seed down the back of Jack's throat. "Ahn!" The Unicorn keened as his fingers tightened against the human's scalp. "Yes, loves," Raj rumbled, feeling content. "Such a lovely sight." Though he had yet to cum himself, he had more patience than the two of his mates combined. Jack slumped forward, going immediately into cuddle mode and wrapping his arms around Lee'en's waist as he nuzzled the petite Unicorn's chest. Lee'en kissed the top of his mate's head. "Mmm...you never answered my earlier question, Jack," he urged. "Do you want me on my back or all fours? Raj's still waiting." "And I'll wait for as long as it takes, my peony," the mixed Nightmare, who was still in faun form, replied. "Gah, fuck. Too sexy, gonna die," Jack moaned, his cock twitching with interest despite the orgasm that was still sending delicious aftershocks through his body. "Back, baby. Gotta see your perfect face and kiss that pretty pout some more." "Then stay where you both are," Raj suggested as he leaned down to press his horn against the heart crest on Lee's forehead. Both their magic mixed for a moment before a wave of intense pleasure rolled over the Unicorn and human. Though they had both released but a moment before, their bodies responded almost immediately to it. Jack gasped, back arching as he slid up Lee's body to catch the Unicorn's lips. Something hard and hot nudged at Lee'en's thigh. "You want to shift, sugar?" Jack purred, nipping at the pink-haired man's full lower lip. "Because I'm going to fuck you so hard while Raj is pounding into me..." Lee'en felt his heart race at the very thought. For once, he said nothing and merely nodded as he shifted into his faun form and once again spread his legs wide for him. Jack grinned ferally, leaning down to devour Lee's mouth. The human swiped his fingers through the cum smeared across his Unicorn's chest and stomach, then grasped Lee'en's hard shaft. Jack stroked and pumped, gathering his faun lover's precum in his other hand. The human kept stroking as he began slicking Lee's entrance. By that point, Lee'en was panting. He bucked into Jack's hand eager to have the human inside him. "Please, Jack...I don't need much prepping in this form. Just get in me!" He urged. The human's cock jumped as a surge of lust shot through him. Jack wasted no time, lining himself up. He caught Lee's eyes, pinning the Unicorn with the intensity of his gaze as he breached the willing body beneath him, not stopping until he was completely buried in Lee'en's hot depths. It took everything Lee had not to wrap his legs around Jack. He reached over to take hold of the back of Jack's neck, tugging him into a hard kiss. While his two loves kissed, Raj took some more of the natural lubricant off his cock and gently slid a finger inside Jack. A second and third finger followed as he diligently worked the flesh open. Though the slickness of his shaft eliminated any concerns about friction, it would still be quite the stretch due to its size. Jack moaned into Lee's mouth, torn between pushing back onto Raj's fingers and holding himself deep inside his pink-haired mate. The human ended up circling his hips, gasping when Raj's fingers skimmed his sweet spot. A smirk tugged the corner of the mixed Nightmare’s lips as he continued to rake his fingers along the same sensitive area. “How does that feel, my pumpkin?” He asked while Lee’en squirmed beneath them. "Hnn, not deep enough, hard enough," Jack groaned. "Not enough like your cock." "What he said!" Lee'en agreed readily. "Get to the shoving so I can have it deep and hard, too!" He practically ordered. Raj chuckled and continued to stretch the human to his liking. "I think that will be enough to get through," he mused out loud as he gave a few gentle thrusts in order to slip the head of his large faun flesh into Jack's entrance. He waited but a second before sliding further and further into the depths with a low, husky moan. Jack sucked in a breath, not realizing he was holding it until his head spun. The human groaned as Raj sheathed his impressive length deep inside him. Jack wriggled, trying to tempt his big mate to be a bit less slow and careful with the teen. Jack's chest heaved as he pulled in air and peeked over his shoulder. "That's a shame," Jack smirked, eyes twinkling and voice rough. "But I understand if you are too tired to fuck me so hard I'll feel it for days. Just take it at your own pace, sweetheart. Do you want me to be on top? Lee could sit in my lap, and we'll do all the work." Jack had to turn away to hide his ridiculous grin, tipping his head down to whisper in Lee'en's ear. "Better brace yourself, baby." Raj let out a low, rumbling growl as he held the headboard with both hands. "You'll feel it for three days, my loves," he warned just before he pulled half out and back in again. The flesh that surrounded him felt so tight that it was a wonder how it gave way for his large rod to pierce its way through. Jack's brain short-circuited for several heartbeats. His irises rolled toward the ceiling, lost behind half-dropped lids as a ragged moan fell from his lips. He felt strangely languid and electrified at the same time. There was something about Raj's power over him made him feel safe and loved. And turned on. If Jack hadn't cum once, already, he'd have been embarrassing himself by going off like a rocket with that first impaling thrust. "Yes, yes!" Lee keened as he felt Jack move through Raj's momentum. "Harder, Colossus, I wanna feel more of him!" He urged. The older man complied, his hips snapping with each of his fierce thrusts. His movements were so deep that his balls brushed against Jack's skin. Lewd gasps and grunts fell from Jack's lips with every slam of Raj's hips. The human's head was floating in a euphoric buzz. He clutched the sheets above Lee'en's head, locking his arms to brace himself, so the pounding didn't throw him forward across the bed. Jack let every thrust transfer to Lee, who was clutching him tightly. Jack wasn't going to simply cum, he thought wildly, he was going to fly apart like a dandelion fluff caught in a tornado. Lee'en lifted and bent himself enough to be able to catch one of Jack's nipples in his mouth. He gave it a gentle bite and a tug, dragging his tongue over the tip afterward. But, then Raj's thrusts increased in intensity and he was barely able to lift his head through the force of it. "Celestials!" the Unicorn cried out as he suddenly spurted right between his lower body and Jack's. Raj lifted his broad hand, bringing it down with a loud thwack against Jack's already reddened backside as Lee tightened rhythmically around him. A strangled cry fell from the teen's lips as his cock swelled, twitching and spurting as he followed Lee'en over the edge. The mixed Nightmare gave a few final rough thrusts that drew forth sounds from both his mates and then released hard into the human beneath him. Raj held his body above theirs for a moment, and then slowly shifted off of Jack. The larger man then placed a kiss on Lee and Jack's foreheads and laid beside his two lovers, draping a long arm around them both. Jack slipped from Lee'en's warm body with a soft moan, squirming into a comfortable position with his sated lovers. He snuggled in happily, eyes closed. "Mmmm, love you guys," Jack murmured. "Lots and lots." "As do I," Raj responded in his deep voice. Lee'en gave a loud yawn and snuggled closer. "Ditto," he agreed. :::::: After a shared warm bath in a tub that was plenty large enough for the both of them, Alistair and Finian helped dried each other off. Finian had tensed up for a brief moment, but he relaxed into the Nightmare's touch. The human then dried and brushed out Alistair's long hair. Every time his fingers ran along the lovely indigo strands, he felt at peace. The Nightmare noted as much, so he allowed Fin to take as long as he wished. When the human finally placed the brush down, the fleur-de-lis marking on Alistair's forehead glowed a bright cobalt as the older man used magic to finish drying his hair. When they were through with the bathroom, they walked over to the bedroom, and the Montcroix laid out a soft set of pajamas for Finian to wear before pulling on a pair of pajama pants himself. Finian dressed himself quietly, feeling strange moments of guilt and frustration, along with a tiny tendril of fear. But, when the two of them laid down on the bed, Alistair was careful not to brush against Fin. The platinum-haired man turned to look at the Nightmare. With a trembling hand, he took Alistair's hand and lifted it to his lips, pressing a kiss to it. The scent of the older man hit his senses...freshly baked bread, spices, and wine. It soothed him deep inside and caused a burn in his chest. "Ah!" Finian hissed, which caused Alistair to sit up immediately and look him over. "Finian! What's wrong? Where does it hurt?" The Nightmare gasped, his hands hovering above Finian's form, as if afraid to touch him and make the pain worse. The human unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his pajama top, where his navy blue compass promise mark glowed. Tears began to brim in Fin's eyes. "Lee was right," he whispered in awe. "I was just so ashamed of what happened...I wasn't able to keep my promise, so I thought..." "Finian Fair," Alistair growled as he carefully took hold of one of the human's hands. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Yes, I was able to find you because you were a Maiden. But, that status itself means nothing to me. I love you. I love who you are. Your grace, your kindness, and even your scent will always draw me in." Finian's tears rolled down his cheek as he sat up, but before he was able to say a word, Alistair pressed Finian's hand against his bare chest, right over his heart. "Would you please mark me, Finian?" Alistair urged. "Even if we are never able to fully consummate our mating, I want everyone to know that you are the only one for me." The younger man took a shuddering breath as a warmth seeped through his hand. When he lifted it, his intricate navy blue compass was displayed on Alistair's tanned skin, more solid and saturated than he had ever seen it. He wiped away his tears with the back of his hand and leaned over to press a tender kiss on the marking. Alistair nearly bit his tongue at the rush of pleasure that permeated from that innocent kiss. He had never realized just how potent a mating mark could be. Matings were such a private manner that no one had ever told him just how powerful the markings could be. So, he held himself as still as possible and hoped to the cosmos that his shaft wouldn't awaken any further. "Do you mark me now?" Finian asked in a nervous voice as a blush streaked across his nose and cheeks. But, the older man nodded in affirmation. "Our kind can't overlay a mating mark over one that is already there...so, we usually avoid marking the face," he explained. "But, if a human wears another's mating mark on their forehead as their own crest..." he continued as he gently placed his hand over Finian's forehead. "It is an ancient honor that has long been forgotten. It can only be bestowed by royals to bestow the family name onto a human intended." Finian felt a tingling warmth on his forehead that lasted even after Alistair removed his hand. Though he couldn't see it, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that a cobalt fleur-de-lis now rested there. He reached up a few fingers to touch it and felt a strange rush of energy. "Finian Montcroix," Alistair announced. "We are officially mates." The younger man wrapped his arms around the Nightmare's shoulders in a tight hug. "I love you," he whispered into Alistair's ear. After a moment, he pulled back in a sudden movement and gasped. "Won't Mother Penelope be upset that we did all this without telling her again?" A shiver rolled down Alistair's spine, but he assured Finian that she would understand...eventually. Still energized from the exchange of markings, the two of them talked of things that Finian had missed. The Nightmare told him of Synan making fast friends with Felix, and how both Synan and Quinton were ready to join them in any of their endeavors. He even told him how Habacuc had crossed over his father, Robert, from Fin's old dimension to theirs. They talked for hours before the human finally gave in to a restful sleep. Alistair gently rubbed Finian's back, feeling a mixture of amusement and relief when the human subconsciously snuggled up to him. The poor thing was exhausted. Though Al hoped that Finian would rest peacefully the entire night, he was glad to be in a position that allowed him to calm Finian down should he awaken with any fitful dreams. Matings were a mystery in many aspects...it could help ground all the intendeds involved, or it could strain under the pressure of a mating built on hatred. The Nightmare would never regret his decision of asking Finian to mark him that night. A lot would be at stake that following morning, after all. :::::: Elder Galamin was seated at his cherry wood desk. He held a letter beneath his green lamp. As he continued to read it, the corners of his lips tugged upwards into a vicious smile. Elder Galamin, It has come to my attention that you've been untoward with my grandson Alistair's current mate. You know as well as I that Maidens are to be treated with respect, especially humans that have chosen to cross over into our world. It is the one ancient rule that has persisted to this day, and you have dishonored him in the foulest of manners without offering him anything worthwhile in return. Let us speak about this matter in person. signed Armand Montcroix The aged Unicorn stood up and fixed his suit as he walked out of his study. He couldn't remember the last time he felt so pleased. Galamin was quite eager to see Armand Montcroix face to face after so many years. :::: As he waited for Galamin to meet with him at the restaurant, Armand's concern over his beloved grandson and his mate could be read all over his mature and handsome face. The Nightmare was the tallest of the Montcroix. His shoulders were wide, but his frame was a bit slimmer than in his youth when he sported quite the musculature. His eyes were the same cobalt hue as Alistair's. But, his hair was a non-reflective black with silver tips that fell just below the nape of the neck in straight strands. The crest on his forehead was a cobalt new moon with lines dashing around it as if it were eclipsed. Armand's thoughts drifted to the moments before he set up the meeting in the restaurant's most private room. - The retired head of the Montcroix had found Alistair at the door of the Healer who had attended Finian. The Healer was one of the best in all of Zirao Zion and was also a certified therapist... "Are you sure you don't need me to be in there with you? I would cancel all of my other plans with just a word," Alistair insisted. "I'll be fine," Fin responded as he stood on the tips of his toes to give the Nightmare a soft kiss. The smile the human gave him was forced as he tried to put on a brave face. Their attention was then drawn to the Healer. "Master Finian will be in safe hands," Healer Nigel pointed out. Finian gave Alistair a quick hug before finally walking into the room with the Healer. Alistair watched him go with a torn expression on his face. As Armand looked on, he felt his heart break for his grandson's woes. "Come with me, Allie," Armand urged as he led them to the library, where many were already gathered Quinton was there, along with two Elders that were the most loyal to the Montcroix. Armand's three daughters were there, along with their mates. Lucien and Habacuc were also there. They were all pouring over old and new legal documents that would hopefully help them reinstate their royal power. - A disturbing expression of cruel joy was firmly planted on Elder Galamin's face as he entered the private room. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" He asked in a nearly gleeful manner. Armand Montcroix merely frowned. :::: Lee'en paced around in his empty room. He had awoken to find that both of his mates were gone. They left him a note saying that they'd return soon. But, in the pink Unicorn's gut, he could feel that the two lugheads were doing something dangerous...perhaps somethin like storming Elder Galamin's mansion without him! Feeling frustrated, he barged out of the room they shared and froze in his tracks when he heard some familiar voices down the hall. "They're not gonna know what to look for!" "Then we'll have to find our own way of sneaking into that freakshow's mansion!" The Unicorn puffed up his chest and burst his way into the room, to the surprise of Felix and Synan, who were both gaping openly at him. "Whatever it is you two are doing, I'm so in!" he all but demanded. :::: Jack didn't expect to be so lucky that the kitchen door would be open again, yet it swung open, and he stepped inside Galamin's home, unseen. He crept carefully, fighting the urge to call for the lovely chef that had helped him before. His absence made worry burn in Jack's gut, though he knew it could simply be Vilas's day off or he could be off doing something else. He frowned, unable to shake the bad feeling, deciding to follow the path Vilas had taken to get to Finian. The human hoped he might come across the chef along the way. He needed Vilas to help him deactivate the alarms so the others could get in without as much trouble. "Be grateful that the Elder got what he wanted even after you let the human escape!" "Yeah, we're lettin' ya off easy!" Jack's eyes widened as he carefully made his way over to the sound of the voices. He peeked his head around the corner just as two of Galamin's thugs marched out of a room and headed towards the yard. The hazel-eyed human let out a sigh of relief that they didn't head his way and quickly rushed over to that same door. The chef was dangling from the ceiling with ropes, but his ankles were cuffed together. The lovely face was marred with bruises and swelling. Blood trickled down a corner of his swollen lips. Though the rest of his body was covered with his uniform, Jack was certain that there were many more injuries hidden beneath them. "Shit," the human hissed, sudden rage bubbling in his chest as he rushed over to the young chef. "Vilas, I'll get you out of here. Dammit, I never should have left you behind." The mixed Unicorn let out a soft grunt as he opened his only un-swollen eye. "The human's thief friend?" He wondered out loud, feeling a bit out of it. "Yeah, Jack, remember?" The human pulled out a slender dagger Raj had given him and carefully wrapped an arm around Vilas's slender waist. "I've got you, sweetheart," Jack said gently, reaching up to slash the ropes attaching Vilas to the ceiling. The chef slumped against Jack. He caught the strangest scent of pumpkin pie and the thought of food made him remember a few things. "The soufflé! It's surely charred by now..." He grumbled. "Damn, honey, fuck the souffle," Jack said in a gentler tone than his words implied. "We'll get you out of here and take you home. I'll get you any ingredients you want to make whatever you want. I promise." The teen held Vilas to his chest, wanting nothing more than to get the poor chef to a healer then tucked in his bed next to Lee'en. Lee would make Vilas feel better. Seeing the chef so broken made Jack want to shut the petite pair in a room with Raj guarding the door and Jack barring the window. As the mixed Unicorn's mind slowly regained its senses, Vilas realized something. "I can't walk properly in these," he pointed out with a cough due to his dry throat. "And you can't carry me out of here...the alarm system..." "Shit, yeah." Jack set Vilas down on a nearby chair as though he were made of glass. "Is there a key to these?" he asked hopefully. "And can you help me disarm the alarm?" Vilas held onto his knees as if he were using his arms to keep his upper body propped up. He let out a low hiss at the pain that continued to shoot through his arms, since his muscles were stiff from being in the same position for so long with limited blood flow. "Yes, alarm...more important..." He thought about the few times other Elders had to pass through the doors with Nightmares in tow. "The screen is on the wall in the hallway after you make a left. There are symbols on it, crests that look like letters of the alphabet...I know the code." "Looks like I get to carry you at least a little," Jack announced, carefully lifting Vilas into his arms. "I'm not fucking leaving you behind again. I'll punch in the damn code with my toes if I have to. Help me keep an eye out for assholes until we can get the cavalry in here." The skinny chef couldn't remember the last time he was carried. When he was a toddler, perhaps? If the situation weren't so dangerous, he'd openly argue. "There's the screen over there," he whispered when they approached. "I can stand, just set me down near the wall." Vilas leaned back against the wall, trying his best to fight the odd dizzy moments of lost equilibrium he felt. "Alright, the letters should be displayed on the screen already, A through Z. Just press the letters in the order A-r-m-a-n-d and that should do it." "That's it? The alarms are off?" Jack asked. When Vilas nodded, the human scooped him up again and hurried furtively toward the kitchen, eyes and ears peeled for anyone who might try to stop them. "Then I'm getting you the fuck out of here. Our people are watching the building, just waiting for my signal." "Your people?" Vilas questioned as he was once again picked up. Their luck ran out when a group of Elder Galamin's men headed back into the mansion after their lunch break. They rushed over to them immediately. Jack quickly sat Vilas down on the ground behind him and turned back around to defend him. Both of Hazeth's sisters immediately began to attack two of the Unicorn guards, and Raj punched out the Unicorn that was the closest to Jack and Vilas. "My pumpkin, are you alright?" Raj questioned as he took Jack's face in his hands and assessed him for damage. Jack's eyes widened when he saw yet another Unicorn guard rushing towards Raj. "Watch-!" But, before he was able to finish his warning, he was treated to the glorious sight of an airborne Lee'en smashing the bottom of his combat boot against the side of the attacker's face in an incredibly high kick. Jack never knew that the pink-haired unicorn could even jump that high. Though the chef could barely see through his only un-swollen eye, goosebumps rolled over his skin at what he was hearing and sensing around him. Vilas heard more than he saw two wild women defending their brother. The only reason he knew they were related was because they kept declaring things like 'leave my vagabond brother alone!' On the other side, Vil could have sworn that he heard the sound of men fighting for their lives. "Are you crazy?" Lee'en chastised his tallest mate. "I'm glad you protected Jack, but you have to watch your own back as well, you big lug!" "My deepest apologies, my peony," Raj responded. "Wait, what are you even doing here?" Jack asked aloud. Lee'en snorted. "Oh please. Like I would really allow the two of you to leave me behind just like that." He pointed out a bush several yards away from the group's original hiding spot. "Sy, Felix, and I were right over there the whole time." "Felix, you say?" Lucien asked in an icy tone of voice as he approached them. The area behind the Scholar was littered with unconscious men. "And just where is my young, careless mate?" Lee'en rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous gesture. "Right, about that..." :::: "If my memory's not all fucked up, I think Galamin's study is down this hall," Synan whispered to Felix. The two of them had snuck into the mansion from a side entrance while the rest of the gang distracted the Elder's thugs. Felix looked around before scooting over to a desk and yanking open the first drawer he touched. "What are we looking for?" he asked, holding up a packet of papers and flipping through it. "Anything that sounds real shifty," Synan responded as he dug through his own pile. "Found one! Look at this...a contract that actually allows Elders to pick off Nightmares off the streets for their own enjoyment!" He growled as he clutched the sheets tightly enough to wrinkle them. The two of them managed to find other nefarious contracts and receipts and gathered them all up. Just as they were heading out the door, they walked right into a very tall and handsome Nightmare. Lucien Montrcroix hefted Felix over his shoulder. "It's time to evacuate," The Scholar insisted. "We found a valuable witness that will make taking the Elders down an easy process." "And we found these documents!" Synan added as he held up several file folders. "Lucy!" Felix hissed, struggling. "You're embarrassing me in front of all the hot fighty-type guys!" Lucien didn't hesitate to give the younger Nightmare a slap on the backside. "You have much to answer for, Felix Elliocutious Montrcroix," he rumbled. "And even more to apologize for, like the damn near heart attack I had when I heard your name fall from Lee's lips out on the field. Do you have any idea of the fear I felt just then?" "Yeah, I fucking do!" Felix shouted. "That's about how I felt when you just announced that you'd be coming in here as part of the first bastards in!" The teen's voice dropped as he stopped struggling. "You didn't even talk to me about it. You just pretty much said, 'Hey, I'm going to go do this really dangerous thing. See you later. Here, have a kiss, that makes it all okay. Bye.'" Felix rubbed angrily at his stinging eyes. "And Fin is my friend. Nobody will tell me what happened to him, but it was something bad. I'm not stupid, even if everybody older than me seems to think so. You think I could look him in the face if I didn't do something against the fuckers who hurt him?" Lucien immediately set Felix onto his feet. He wiped away the rest of his tears with his larger thumbs and bent down on one knee to give the younger man an apologetic kiss and to look him in the eye. "I'm sorry. You have every right to be angry. I meant to protect you, not exclude you. Will you forgive me?" Synan blushed at the sight and focused his attention around them, looking out for any other possible employees under Galamin. He hoped the couple figured things out. He was really getting to like them as friends. "You'll have to prove you're sorry," Felix pouted, crossing his arms. "And promise you won't do it again." The teen sighed, looking around and seeing Jack and Raj rushing their people out of the building. Most were dragging the unconscious bodies of Galamin's men. "But you can think about the best way to apologize and do it later," Felix announced. "We gotta bounce." Lucien smiled before lifting Felix back into his arms, this time in bridal style. "Agreed," he affirmed as Synan led the way back out. Jack waited until the bodies of all of Elder Galamin's Unicorn thugs were hidden inside the mansion. When asked where the rest of Galamin's employees were, Vilas explained that most of them were shopping for supplies and food. When the Montcroix crew was out of range once again, the human snuck back inside to the alarm panel. He entered the code that Vilas had given him to turn all the alarms back on, which was simply Galamin's name spelled out. When it was time to reunite with the crew, Jack didn't spare a backward glance and ran out of the mansion for good. :::: "For a man in my position, a Maiden is of no use to me," Elder Galamin insisted as he regarded Armand's cobalt blue eyes. He was fascinated with the way the Nightmare's pupils shrank with each of his words. "I knew that your young Alistair, your heir, would gain quite the status with a Maiden at his side. A human Maiden? That would have the public changing their opinions of the royals...enough, perhaps, to give Alistair and his human a higher position." "So, you admit that you defiled that innocent young man to stop that from happening?" Armand asked calmly, despite the rage that flashed through his eyes. "Yes," Galamin responded. "However, nothing else will befall your precious grandchildren if you agree to do something for me." "Something for you?" The Nightmare questioned. "Spend one night with me in my mansion," the Elder urged. "One is all that I would ever need. Just you alone." Armand Montcroix's eyes narrowed. "We shall see," he answered. The Unicorn stood up with a smug expression on his face. "Then, I expect your call," he said in parting as he left the restaurant. The aged Nightmare let out a long sigh and waited a good few moments before waving his hand over the glass of water on his table. The water changed to a blue hue before forming into an orb. As Armand tipped the glass so that the orb fell into his large hand, images appeared on the surface of the blue sphere. He had recorded their entire interaction, and it would serve as further evidence against Elder Galamin and any other corrupted Elders in Zirao Zion.
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