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  1. mikedup

    Objects at Rest

    Thank you for such an intense and awesome story. WOW it kept me on the edge the entire time . Absolutely brilliant. So thank you again. I can't wait for the follow up.
  2. mikedup

    Chapter 6

    Very good. The power of the human mind . Interesting times ahead
  3. mikedup

    Chapter 7

    Sad and interesting, I wonder what is going to happen next.
  4. mikedup

    Objects in Motion

    Very very intense. Excellent chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next
  5. Hello mikedup


    It is a small world indeed, I went from knowing no South africans, to wishing two of you a HB in one week, here at GA. You are everything Ga could hope for in a member; active, reading, commenting, posting and participating. An asset to the site. I want to wish you a very Happy 56th Birthday and celebration of it. Best wishes to you.


    Take care


    (I'll will ask you the same question I asked Davidbester, yesterday. Have you ever had a Bunny Chow or Gatsby? Just curious, they sound interesting.)

    1. mikedup


      Thank you so much. Referering to bunny this only once many years sgo.  Here in South Africa you tend to find in a province called Kwa Zulu Natal. And it is further based. It wAs so hot my hole thought it was on fire. I really enjoy this site. 

  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. mikedup


      Thank you so very much

  7. mikedup

    You Must Remember This

    WOW brilliant chapter. This story is getting more and more intense. Absolutely brilliant.
  8. mikedup

    The Paragon of Animals

    So the message is clear don't like cats. ! This was a very entertaining chapter . Thank you
  9. mikedup

    Theories About Nuclear Winter

    Very, very intense. But also brilliant. Your word pictures are absolutely brilliant
  10. mikedup

    Chapter 3

    Good background info. Can't wait for more
  11. mikedup

    Chapter 20

    Hi I have finished rereading your stories. I enjoyed it even more this time around. Any idea when book 3 will be online?
  12. mikedup

    Chapter 2

    This is turning out to be a really intense and an excellent story. I await the next chapter.
  13. mikedup


    Brilliant chapter. It seems that the gang will be pretty powerful. The underworld better beware
  14. mikedup

    Ceremonies of Death and Miracles

    Awesome chapter.
  15. mikedup

    Chapter 19

    Excellent chapter. Please tell me is there going to be a follow up story?

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