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  1. mikedup

    Chapter 9 - Brady

    Intense but wow you certainly have left us on a cliffhanger. Absolutely a brilliant chapter. More please much ,much more
  2. mikedup

    One Strange Day

    Interesting. I hope that there will be a great number of chapters ahead. Looks like this could turn out to a interesting story. Thank you
  3. mikedup

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    Very good chapter. I wonder how long before the fireworks start. Very interesting times ahead this is turning out to be an awesome story
  4. mikedup

    OBC Chapter 19

    Wow more drama. I hope that everything goes well
  5. mikedup

    Chapter 47

    Awesome chapter, at least Dennis saw the light. Makes you wonder what Jones is going to dream up as a reason. Interesting times ahead I think. Excellent story. thanks again
  6. mikedup

    OBC Chapter 17

    Interesting, there is always something on go. The fun never stops. Great story.
  7. mikedup

    WSD Chapter 19

    Drama and drama and more drama. Wow his life is certainly one big yo-yo. I hope that nothing more goes wrong.
  8. mikedup

    Over The Rainbow • Part VIII

    This chapter was so very sad. I had to constantly wipe the tears away. Thank you for such an awesome story. I see that you left us on a bit of a cliffhanger, I hope that the next story appears quite soon. Thank you again.
  9. mikedup

    OBC Chapter 11

    There always seems to be a spanner in the works! I wonder who is involved. Great story.
  10. mikedup

    Chapter 44

    A very inspiring chapter. Thank you. I hope everyone out there has a similar experience. Doubtful but we all can hope. Thank again
  11. mikedup

    NB ND Chapter 21

    I am glad that Huon and company are departing from the island. Heaven only knows what is going to happen in the next couple of hours. Another cliffhanger . WOW you certainly know how to keep us in suspense.
  12. mikedup

    NB ND Chapter 20

    Another intense chapter. Brilliant. thanks again. One way or another the island is definitely going to be on the map for the world to know about.
  13. mikedup

    NB ND Chapter 19

    WOW it seems that the world has taken notice. I wonder what is going to happen next. Another cliffhanger. I hope that the next chapter is going to be posted soon. Edge of my chair I tell you. This just keeps getting better. thanks
  14. mikedup

    NB NS Chapter 18

    Very good chapter brilliant story so thank you very much.
  15. mikedup

    NB ND Chapter 16

    Wow very short war. It makes you wonder if the submarine is gone or if it seems just hiding away. Drama ahead. Brilliant chapter..

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