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  1. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 13

    Excellent chapter. I really enjoyed this chapter. Singing again seemed so appropriate in honour of Huon
  2. mikedup

    FAR Chapter 2

    Wow rather intense. Bush fires are horrendous and take an awful toll on everything and everyone. Excellent story.
  3. mikedup

    Meet & Greet

    Nasty that was really nasty to leave us with such a cliffhanger. But really brilliant I can't wait for the next chapter.
  4. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 11

    Sebastian certainly is an amazing character. Another awesome chapter. There always seems to be done drama but such is life. Lots of bumps Along the way.
  5. mikedup

    FAR Chapter 1

    Thank you. This seems to be another awesome story. I am looking forward to read plenty chapters. Thank you again
  6. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 10

    Great chapter . Sebastian certainly knows how to organize things and make changes at the Drop of a hat. WOW to have the funds and facilities to do that would be awesome. . More please.
  7. mikedup

    Sleepless in Singapore

    Hi this has been a brilliant story so far it can only get better and better. Thank you
  8. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 8

    Thanks again for another awesome chapter. Things are definitely moving forward.
  9. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 7

    Awesome chapter. They almost always go off in a new direction. Which makes very interesting reading. Thanks
  10. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 6

    Another great chapter. Quite an emotional one , I suppose that there will be a few of them ahead. .
  11. mikedup

    ANC Chapter 5

    Excellent punishment. And another awesome chapter. Fun and games ahead for the six delinquents. A brilliant story yet again .
  12. mikedup

    Up In the Air

    Strictly business. Ha famous last words. Time will tell. No doubt soon after landing. Excellent story so far.
  13. mikedup

    Hobson's Choice

    Brilliant. Shopping looks like it's going to be very interesting.
  14. mikedup

    Screening Queens

    Very interesting start. Makes one wonder what is going to happen next. More please.
  15. mikedup

    Chapter 9 - Brady

    Intense but wow you certainly have left us on a cliffhanger. Absolutely a brilliant chapter. More please much ,much more

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