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  1. Blood Moon

    Thank you Parker. Skiing under that moon sound like it would have been as beautiful as the moon.
  2. Blood Moon

    Thank you Mike!
  3. Blood Moon

    Thank you jp. My boy at my side, a Blue, Super, Blood Moon to howl at; definitely my peaceful space
  4. Blood Moon

    I will make sure I post something more often than that, though seems like the full moons have been my muse the last few times.
  5. Blood Moon

    Thank you tim
  6. A celestial gift This night is here The Blue Moons rise Is drawing near With joyful howls Our pack gives voice To the Super Moon All wolves rejoice We hunt and run Under moonbeams light Awaiting the darkness That eclipses this night This Alpha’s mate My wonderful sub In the Blood Moons light We express our love
  7. Chapter 50

    Thank you Dan.
  8. As always, JayT gives us a wonderfully written story about both love, relationships and that the choices we make have consequences.
  9. Chapter 1

    Wow!! Very well done! I'm not sure how I missed this, but I'm glad that I ran across this tonight. It is easy to see all this transpiring visually as I'm reading it. It's full of emotion and has a happy ending. Always puts a smile on my face when I see something you've written.
  10. Chapter 38

    Thank you Rocco. When I started writing this chapter, I looked at picture after picture of the falls during winter. Most you could see the water flowing with lots of ice around as I'd expect from all that spray in freezing temps. I did see a few, most likely of the American Falls that seemed to be completely frozen. Given Ethan's propensity towards water and ice, with him visiting the falls in very cold weather I let them a layer of ice completely cover all off the falls with water running below. The freeze could have been from unusually cold weather or more likely from Ethan's excitement of being there right after getting married to Aiden It's fun hearing a comment on this from someone that lived in the area. After writing this, I'd really like to see the falls in person (when it's warm though).
  11. Wolf Moon

    Thank you dughlas. Hunting the best kind of prey The Wolf Moon each January is always my favorite moon of the year. Perfect time to let the beast within out for some fun.
  12. Wolf Moon

    Thank you tim I bite or two, a nibble here or there, all normal things for any full moon to me.
  13. Wolf Moon

    Thank you Deville. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Blue Moon and it's eclipse
  14. The moon glows bright Its pull is strong I hear its call Now the hunt is on It guides me through the long cold night To hunt the prey that’s eluded my bite My bloodlust finally quenched brings much delight I cuddle my prey under the Wolf Moons light.
  15. Why Research Is Important To Me

    I couldn't agree with you more, tim. I write because I enjoy it (most of the time), but I also want it to be written well so the people I share it with will enjoy it. I do a lot of research sometimes on the smallest item to try and make what I'm writing more authentic. Sometimes the research is just as much fun as the writing. Doesn't matter if it is learning about a location I'm using or some other detail. I learned more about cave formations than I thought I would when that entered into RWTP. The research that you do for your stories may not be known by most of us, but the end result shows in your incredible writing.

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