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  1. As of yesterday, 4/30/2018, all 50 chapters of Running with the Pack have been edited and gone through a re-write and the revised chapters are all posted.  Mostly correcting things I didn't like and adding details that were sorely missing in other areas.  And no, I didn't do this as a way of avoiding putting time in to write chapters for book 3. :)   It is progressing slowly.

    1. JayT


      Was there any major content change? Would you recommend going back and rereading it again? (Even though I've read it three times I think) 

      Oh yeah I still want Ethan to confront his sperm donor and shift in front of him and make him piss his pants. 

  2. WolfM

    Running With The Pack

    Know I haven't updated anything on progress lately for a book 3, so figured it was time I did. I have 4 chapters that qualify as being complete and point me in the direction I want to go with that part of the story. I just finished a full edit of book 1 as well as doing a semi minor, kind of bordering on almost major, re-write and have all 50 updated chapters posted. I had always planned on doing this, but it gave me a chance to refresh my memory on some things for inspiration with the new book. I was also able to fix some things that really bugged me that I'd left out or needed to correct. I also have 5 chapters of book 4 and 3 chapters of book 6 written. Hopefully I will have something new to post soon.
  3. WolfM

    Chapter 26

    I tried to get to do it myself and couldn't get how I see it and asked someone else if they would with no luck. The size and shape of his hybrid is similar to the profile picture I use for myself and was the basis for his wolf.
  4. WolfM


    Thank you Parker. I don't think I'll ever tire of waking like that.
  5. WolfM


    Thank you tim. I never thought I could find this level of happiness, but a certain boy was stubborn, thankfully
  6. WolfM


    Thank you Mike. They do look good in their collars Doing well and keeping too busy.
  7. WolfM


    And thank you Ms molly.
  8. WolfM


    Thank you Jeff for your continued support and encouragement.
  9. WolfM


    Thank you jp. There is just as much pride in seeing it on his neck.
  10. WolfM

    Blood Moon

    Thank you Jeff
  11. Sunshine Eyes opening Your grinning face Feeling my heart flutter Fingers gently touching my face Grasping your collars ring Pulling you closer Soft kisses Bliss
  12. WolfM

    Blood Moon

    Thank you Parker. Skiing under that moon sound like it would have been as beautiful as the moon.
  13. WolfM

    Blood Moon

    Thank you Mike!
  14. WolfM

    Blood Moon

    Thank you jp. My boy at my side, a Blue, Super, Blood Moon to howl at; definitely my peaceful space
  15. WolfM

    Blood Moon

    I will make sure I post something more often than that, though seems like the full moons have been my muse the last few times.

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