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  1. Worth the Struggle

    You could send Kaleb and Davis to “inaugurate’ Uncle Robbie’s washing machine! ;-)
  2. Worth the Struggle

    He’s been drooling all this time? ;-)
  3. Worth the Struggle

    I think they’re enjoying it a little too much! That’s not just tears and mascara on the floor! And it’s not sweat either! ;-)
  4. Worth the Struggle

    Plus you nailed Wesley’s shoe to the pedestal! ;-)
  5. The First Step

    I think Liz (and Blake) needs to replace the couch! Ryder didn’t do it! Liz did! ;-)
  6. Worth the Struggle

    I heard a rumor that you were (un)dressed up as Chauser in A Knight’s Tale! ;-)
  7. Worth the Struggle

    No makeup, but you wear funny clothes! ;-)
  8. Worth the Struggle

    All it takes is one oops! and there’s only one person on top of the pedestal again! ;-) It gets very slippery when the mascara starts running… ;-)
  9. Worth the Struggle

    What a weirdly specific cult! ;-)
  10. If I weren’t enjoying it, I’d stop reading it! And I’m still here. Still making silly comments! ;-) Related genres* are ‘straight’ college students and ‘straight’ marines (and other military personnel). For straight guys, they usually seem much more enthusiastic about having sex with each other than their claimed identity would suggest. And if they really were as straight as they claim, could porn producers pay them enough to make them return to do so many scenes? (I think if they were honest about their orientation, they’d identify as straight-ish bisexuals. This being based on my careful and thorough study of the video evidence.) ;-) * I had no idea that gender came from the Old French gendre, based on Latin genus.
  11. The First Step

    And for the first time, I actually know the lyrics to one of the songs you mentioned! There have been one or two that I’d heard of, but none that I knew well enough to sing along with! There’s finally an intersection between Ryder's music and mine! ;-) 🎶 Once there was a way To get back homeward Once there was a way To get back home Sleep, pretty darling Do not cry! And I will sing a lullaby Golden slumbers fill your eyes Smiles awake you when you rise Sleep, pretty darling Do not cry! And I will sing a lullaby Once there was a wayTo get back homewardOnce there was a wayTo get back homeSleep, pretty darlingDo not cry!And I will sing a lullaby… 🎶 A new earworm for one of my favorite people! ;-)
  12. The First Step

    Well, that’s an interesting way to get Liz and Ryder to bond! ;-) And if this doesn’t turn Oli off girls, nothing will! If they want to traumatize kids into not having sex, maybe they should force them all to watch babies being born! Show them everything including the afterbirth! They do it with all those bloody car accident movies! ;-)
  13. The First Step

    I wouldn’t say that! Teddy does care about the drugs and alcohol. It’s just that there are more important things to worry about! He just doesn’t obsess about them. ;-)
  14. Worth the Struggle

    Movement? What is this some kind of cult? Do you worship at the paws of Khan? ;-)
  15. Chaotic Week

    The husband of a former coworker won a radio station call-in contest. During the conversation, he told the radio host that he had four sons (hoping that would give him more prizes). My coworker suggested that he included himself in the count (since they only had three sons)! ;-) On the other hand, a different coworker from the same job was driving one of her husband’s best friends and me to get pizza. She’s one of those people who seems to have a tease me neon sign on her forehead! Best friend and I were, of course, teasing her. In frustration, she cried out, “No fair guys! It’s three against one!” She couldn’t figure out why we immediately started laughing at her! (There were only three of us in the car.) ;-)

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