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  1. Chapter 16

    Gay men were the lowest of the low in the death camps. Or rather, Gay Jewish men were the lowest of the low – they had a pink triangle superimposed over a yellow triangle to indicate their membership in both groups! I’ve heard that a few Gay men traded up from the pink triangle to a yellow Star of David in an attempt to receive slightly better treatment. Aside from Gay men and Jews, there were several other groups that were persecuted and imprisoned. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Slavic people, and political prisoners were among the others. Lesbians tended not to be imprisoned because they could still be impregnated to increase the numbers of the ‘Master Race’, but were sometimes among the political prisoners.
  2. Point Not So Pleasant

    What an extraordinary gift Teddy got from Ryder! Four tracks recorded just for him! A former neighbor is a singer and he once sang a song for just me in his apartment. It was really, really intense and I’d never had an experience like it before or anytime since. I cannot imagine how much more intense the feeling will be for Teddy when he listens to it! ;-)
  3. Chapter 3: Wayfarers

    Okay. The Flying Dutchman sounds like a giant, better organized Ghostship Warehouse. Not quite as congested and haphazard. ;-)
  4. Beach Day!

    Churros are a kind of donut stick. They take the dough and extrude it out a pastry bag through a star-shaped nozzle into the hot oil. When it’s still hot, it’s coated with cinnamon sugar. (This is the Southern California version, there are other varieties in Portugal, Spain, and Latin American countries.)
  5. Chapter 15

    You posted after I went to sleep, so don’t complain that I’m late! ;-) Talking about trauma helps your brain to look at what you experienced and put it into context. When it’s just inside your head, things get distorted and exaggerated. It helps when you find out that others have experienced similar things. ;-)
  6. Nichelle Nichols credits ‘best, biggest fan’ MLK with convincing her to stay on Star Trek!
  7. The Bash

    I think it was for the Ring Bearer, Khan. ;-)
  8. Beach Day!

    It was great as a child! We moved away when I was 8, so I wasn’t aware of the extreme cost of living (nearly everything has to be shipped in). I also never realized that the reason it took all day to drive around Oahu was because we kept stopping to take pictures! ;-)
  9. The Bash

    Hey @Wesley8890, I didn’t suggest you as Flower Boy, other people came up with that one! Can you sing something? Maybe you read a poem or inspirational quote… ;-) Maybe the boys can have a Filipino- or Mexican-style Money Dance* to raise money for a honeymoon. * Apparently similar traditions occur among Poles, Ukrainians, Slavs, Hungarians, Portuguese, and Nigerians, but I’ve only attended Mexican & Filipino weddings, not the others that do this.
  10. Beach Day!

    I basically started going to the beach as an infant since we moved to Hawaii a couple months after I was born. My parents liked Queens Beach in Waikiki and that was where we usually went. Throughout the ‘60s there was lots of tourism, but nothing like the situation today. People still traveled to Hawaii on ships, but Honolulu International Airport (now named Daniel K Inouye International after the longtime US Senator) was already hosting jet airplanes. ;-) After we moved to San Diego with its chilly water (the California Current originates in the Gulf of Alaska), I pretty much stopped swimming in the ocean. ;-) In Hawaii, the fried food that is sold at fairs was Malasadas, a donut prepared in Portugal on Terça-feira Gorda (aka Mardi Gras en Français). Shave Ice is also very popular – the ice is actually shaved off the block of ice, the texture is very different from a snow-cone. Saimin (even McDonald’s sell it in Hawaii) and Teriburgers are also popular snack foods. ;-) Popular snack foods in San Diego are very different. I remember rolled Tacos. And Churros. San Diego-based Jack in the Box restaurants naturally serve their versions of Tacos and Churros. ;-) I’ve never had Funnel Cake. ;-)
  11. The Bash

    You’re gonna fight with Khan over that? ;-) Flower girl? ;-)
  12. The Bash

    They should have had Charlie Danner make their tuxedos! ;-) After Biff groped Jared, they should have made him comp Khan’s accessories! ;-)
  13. Chapter 18

    I’m glad that Liam finally told Toby what he was actually feeling. When you bottle up your emotions, they never have a chance to dissipate and they build up until you either explode with rage or have breakdown. You need to talk out what’s going on inside. ;-) My therapists would probably suggest that Liam write a letter to his brother, expressing his anger and frustration. Just getting it out of his system will work wonders. It works even if you don’t or can’t mail it to the person you’re angry with. ;-)

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