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  1. droughtquake


    They’re still on Fox. It’s the longest scripted TV show (other than soaps). Mr Burns is usually doing his finger thing when he says that! ;–)
  2. droughtquake


    The Simpsons, of course! ;–)
  3. droughtquake


    I thought you were way too young to be Mr Burns! ;–)
  4. droughtquake


    I thought your name was Tim, not Montgomery! ;–)
  5. droughtquake

    Got A Secret…

    Some homophobes never have an epiphany. I suppose being shunned is a way to kickstart that process. But I’m surprised Mason didn’t talk to his football buddies, they tend to be less evolved… ;–)
  6. droughtquake

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    I see myself in most of those symptoms, but when I was tested specifically for Autism, they told me I didn’t meet enough criteria. They also told me I had a very high IQ, so I asked if it was possible that the IQ masked or compensated for the Autism symptoms. They told me it was possible. My Anxiety and Depression are symptoms that are related to Autism too. If Asperger’s was still recognized as a separate disorder, I still wouldn’t qualify, I’d be just short of the criteria. When i was younger, I was always getting in trouble for my temper. it was beaten out of me because I kept getting in written up at work. I basically got tired of getting in trouble. My therapists didn’t see my repeatedly playing the same game on my computer for weeks or months on end as compulsive since it didn’t interfere with the rest of my life. My needing to eat a certain number of pieces of candy was also not seen as compulsive since I was able to eat the ‘odd’ leftover pieces without being disturbed. My having read and reread The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (starting all over again as soon as I finished) more than a dozen times in high school was seen as really enjoying the series rather than compulsive. My Risk Averseness probably countered some of the symptom too (like the impulsiveness). I am on Disability for Anxiety (and Depression). My father would have told you my sleep habits were really bad! But I don't share Billy’s ‘secret shame.’ ;–)
  7. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    My mother had an Instamatic when we were growing up. My dad usually took slides (less expensive). Film was very expensive (for my parents) in the ‘60s and ‘70s. They took lots of pictures during special events like holidays and birthdays. ;–) But when my first nephew was born, we all when overboard! He was the first great-grandchild on my maternal grandparent’s side of the family. When we’d visit, we’d sometimes take 3 or 4 rolls of film in one afternoon-into-evening visit! There are tons of pictures of him just sitting there! Of course, it eventually slowed down and by the time his sister and his cousins came around, things got back to normal with pictures only being taken occasionally. ;–) My first nephew was such a gentle and loving child (with both a Gay Uncle, me, and a Gay Great-Uncle – his mother’s Uncle) that I thought he might be Gay too, but he’s got a wife and two daughters. I never hear about who any of the others might be dating, so I suppose it’s possible that one of the other three is LGBTQ. Unfortunately, my younger brother is even more religious than my older brother, so that might cause conflict if my younger nephew is Gay. But by the percentages, they’re probably all straight. ;–)
  8. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    But you write so poetically and descriptively that we can all picture exactly what you’re describing! ;–)
  9. droughtquake

    Meet & Greet

    You know… a new chapter about a certain couple of twins, a bunch of high school students, or the little horned & haloed pair would help sooth the masses! ;–)
  10. droughtquake

    Meet & Greet

    Any magic number to trigger another surprise? ;–)
  11. droughtquake


    Yes, but we’re talking about Texas here. Any time Texas can steal something from California, they do (jobs, Pac Bell, etc). Texas courts do unconstitutional things all the time! ;–)
  12. droughtquake

    Meet & Greet

    I’ll join the chorus: I didn’t get notification either. I only found it when someone Liked a comment on the last chapter. I’m glad I found it though! ;–) I was pretty sure Kieran would be able to charm Kennedy’s friends just as well as he did Kennedy’s family! Queer ‘un, huh? Kieran seems to like that one better than Key! ;–)
  13. droughtquake


    Is he trying to convince himself by saying all that? ;–) Fundamentalists think they know better than anybody else and think they should be able to dictate that to everybody else too! People with money think they can pay to get their way no matter what the law says. When the fundamentalists have money, they often twist and bend laws to get their way!
  14. droughtquake

    We’re goin’ to Disneyworld

    You forgot the magic word! ;–)
  15. droughtquake

    We’re goin’ to Disneyworld

    Maybe @empresslovesreading could wear inline skates, then it’d be kind of like Iditarod! ;–)

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