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  1. I’d always thought I’d like to experience Burning Man. But you reminded me of the ever-present ‘Oregano.’ I was already dis-incentivized by all the dust and alcohol. That only leaves me with the draw of naked men (with too large a percentage not being to my taste anyway). I’ll stick to perving via Tumblr and Flickr… ;–)
  2. droughtquake

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    I don’t think I could be AFK except during Frameline42 LGBTQ film festival next month. I spent lots of time on my computer long before I got internet access. But I don’t play any of those online games. The only Social Media I use are Tumblr, Flickr, and YouTube – I don’t spend much time on any of those sites. I refuse to use any of the smirking weasel’s Social Media sites (no matter how many times he apologizes). ;–) I do spend too much time here though… ;–)
  3. droughtquake

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    I don’t know how you manage to read so much so quickly! ;–) I’ve been reading The Swedish Effect by Elekrisk on Codey’s World/Awesome Dude. When I started reading it I didn’t realize it would end up dealing with an issue that’s very much in the news. It didn’t start out that way, but it was a natural progression.
  4. droughtquake

    Freshman Year

    That title sounds familiar for some reason… ;–)
  5. droughtquake

    Freshman Year

    That wasn’t really what I meant when I said “…but don’t try to rush things.” ;–)
  6. droughtquake

    Freshman Year

    So… sometime within the next year or so? ;–)
  7. droughtquake

    1st meeting

    Besides, we all know you have plenty of love to share! ;–) Only you can decide if he should get the benefit of a fresh start with you. You were there and I wasn’t. I think you need to spend some time sorting through your emotions about this before you see him again.
  8. droughtquake

    Chapter 24

    Ah, a night owl! One of @sandrewn’s Status Updates suggested that we night owls won’t live as long as the early birds. But I think it’s because those nasty early birds keep forcing us to follow their preferred schedules! (Studies have proven that teenagers don’t function well when they are forced to begin classes at 7 or 8 in the morning.) ;–)
  9. droughtquake

    1st meeting

    You reacted the way you reacted. At this point, he’s pretty much a stranger. Don’t feel bad for not getting emotional, that’s just our very butch Jack! ;–)
  10. droughtquake

    1st meeting

    I think you should cautiously remain in contact. The sins of a parent are not necessarily inherited by a child, but some of the lessons they teach might be. You took what your mother taught you as a negative and have moved away from her examples. It might be good for you to get to know your brother a little better to find out how he responded to those same lessons. If he reacted in a similar manner to you, you could have an ally you never expected! But you won’t know unless you spend more time with him. ;–)
  11. droughtquake

    Chapter 24

    I hope this means he has a night job! Otherwise that could be seen as abusive. And I’d like to believe that only happens in your stories (at the beginning of the story at least). ;–)
  12. I have a new nickname – clearly inspired by my love of desserts! ;–)
  13. Apparently you live in my state, but I’m not clear on what part (Costco suggests it’s not too remote an area though). I’m also not sure about how old you are. Most metro areas here have some sort of LGBTQ community center. They are usually good places to meet other Gay or bisexual men. There are all sorts of LGBTQ social organizations including hikers, bicyclists, campers, and all sorts of sports. Next month, Frameline42 takes place. San Francisco’s LGBTQ film festival is the world’s oldest and largest. Los Angeles has a smaller LGBTQ film festival about a month later. If you live near the location of one of California’s numerous Pride Parades, it can be a way to find volunteer opportunities (during the post-parade festival). I think maybe you should try to find other LGBTQs rather than fantasizing about straight, married men. PM me if you want to talk privately. I’m not a redhead, but I do appreciate their appeal. I used to wear skinny jeans back in the ‘70s when they were known as shrink-to-fit Levi 501s! ;–)
  14. droughtquake

    Chapter 5

    The fact that Melissa is a girl made setting up Brad and her brother easier, but Kyle’s sibling would have been evil no matter the gender! It’s sibling rivalry, just a little more extreme than normal. Neither Melissa, nor Kyle get enough attention from usually absent their parents and Melissa acts out subconsciously crying out to be noticed. ;–)
  15. droughtquake

    The Proxigean Spring Tide

    Maybe you should take that as a compliment! Although my one year older cousin is Bryan, I think of a friend first when I hear the name. It was Brian's Trick Name, but that was the name used when his partner introduced him and that’s what we all knew him as. (Although I’ve seen his sister and parents, I haven’t seen my cousin himself since the late ‘70s. I’m not very close to my father’s side of the family and rarely see them outside hospitals and memorial services. I see some of my mother’s side of the family twice a year for US Thanksgiving and Christmas – my brothers are usually there too. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve seen my younger brother’s wife and son, and I’ve only seen his daughter once in that period.) ;–)

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