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  1. droughtquake

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    I was amused that there was a police connection even at the very beginning! ;–) If you win again, you could give it away! ;–) If you want to be rude about it and it’s presented in a big meeting, you could turn around and ask if anybody wanted it! Or you could thank them, but leave it behind. I think the rudest way would be to say, ‘No thank you!’ But those aren’t very Canadian things to do, so you could also give it to a homeless person… ;–)
  2. droughtquake

    Chapter 6

    People who live in the Arctic Circle region use refrigerators to prevent food from freezing… ;–) A variation of an air conditioner (which works in both directions) called a heat pump could be used to heat a room, but wouldn’t be as effective during the very coldest extremes. Specially designed heat pumps are used to prevent heated petroleum in pipelines from melting permafrost – cold petroleum wouldn’t flow through the pipelines very well. ;–)
  3. droughtquake

    Chapter 4

    I can see it now! A Ford Ranger painted all over in nice, tasteful, rainbow-colored paisley patterns – very ‘60s! And inside, custom lace doilies with a full protective vinyl cover over the whole bench seat! Doesn’t your seat get sticky in the muggy Southern summers? ;–) Oh, that’s right! Your summer uniform is extremely short Daisy Dukes and a rainbow Tie-Die tank top! But how do you keep your thighs from burning on your truck seat? (I hope you’re not going commando – it’d be incredibly painful if something ’slips out’!) ;–)
  4. droughtquake

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    Wikipedia mentions Tim Horton opening a restaurant. A former Hamilton police constable took over the shop and a few years later they became full partners. When Tim Horton died in an auto crash in 1974, the former constable bought out the Horton family. The article doesn’t mention Cara Foods at all (and the Wikipedia article for Cara Foods doesn’t mention Tims). There is reference to a switch from donuts made in store to parbaked and frozen donuts, but there’s not date listed for the change although there was a news report in 2003 and a lawsuit in 2008 over the change. ;–)
  5. droughtquake

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    Did the change correlate with Burger King’s takeover of the company? ;–) Or does it go back to when Wendy’s owned them? ;–)
  6. droughtquake

    Ch16 Rest, Recovery ... and Texan's.

    Pineapple usually only appears on ‘Hawaiian’ Burgers along with Hawaiian-style very thick, sweet teriyaki sauce. ‘California’ Burgers usually feature avocados or guacamole. It’s kind of like putting won-ton strips on a basic salad makes it ‘Chinese’ and tortilla strips turns that same salad ‘Mexican.’ Obviously those are all very authentic! ;–)
  7. droughtquake

    Chapter 105 The Tooth Fairy

    Have you borrowed a few ‘extra’ chapters from The Church and the Tradesman? ;–)
  8. droughtquake

    Chapter 29

    Yeah, we’re rude like that because we’ve moved on to stories @Ronyx has posted more recently – as well as a certain Canadian teen who has somehow managed to pass the century mark! How can you simultaneously reach 105 while also remaining a teen? Even in dog years, it doesn’t work out. Is that why he has so many temper tantrums? ;–)
  9. droughtquake

    The lone star state - Touchdown!

    It was pointed out a few weeks ago that I misspelled ‘pedant’ as ‘pendant’! ;–)
  10. droughtquake

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    Somehow your namesake hasn’t made it to the older, more populous, other CA! ;–)
  11. droughtquake

    The lone star state - Touchdown!

    You should be able to enlarge the text and images in your browser… ;–)
  12. droughtquake

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I said all that. It’s amazing anyone could understand what I said at all. You understand mumble very well! ;–)
  13. droughtquake

    The lone star state - Touchdown!

    The Bay Area has sent at least three Swift Water Rescue teams to the East Coast to help with Hurricane Florence recovery.
  14. droughtquake

    The lone star state - Touchdown!

    Pedant: Potato (singular) has no ‘e’! ;–)
  15. droughtquake

    The Cockney Canuck By Dodger

    Is that why old schoolmarms were typically portrayed as spinsters? ;–)

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