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    The Haner Boys

    My older brother is only 3½ years older (my younger brother and I are 23 months apart), but he always seemed like he was part of a different family. My younger brother and I were almost always lumped together as ‘the little boys,’ a description I hated. We were often treated more like twins than brothers separated by nearly two years. I still don’t really know my older brother as well as I know my younger brother – and we’ve all drifted far apart emotionally over the years.
  2. droughtquake

    Ups and Downs

    I think I could easily have been Eric. Just a few changes from how my life actually progressed and I could have been as isolated. If I were a decade or two older, or if I had grown up in a more rural area with fewer residents… ;—) So many people fought for the rights I take for granted. So many people whose lives were ruined by bigoted politicians and other authorities. So many crooked police officers. So this Comment's connection to a movie I just saw is to the Australian movie Riot! The narrative movie was about the early fight for LGBTQ rights and the origins of Sydney Mardi Gras! There were of course parallels to the fight in the US and they were definitely influenced and inspired by the Stonewall Riots. But a big difference was the alliance with the Socialist Labor Union. Communism and Socialism were thoroughly discredited and stigmatized by McCarthy in the US, so Socialism and Communism have only existed as extreme fringe movements. Many people in the US who were associated with the movements were blacklisted for decades. It was shocking to me to find out that "Grandpa Walton” (Will Geer) had been a Communist in the '40s! It was almost less shocking to find out that Will Geer had been one of Harry Hay's lovers than that Henry Ford had been a Nazi sympathizer in the '30s!
  3. droughtquake

    Chapter 8

    I think, if they can make it long term, they'll have kids! They both seem to relate to the twins so well. Not all teenagers want to spend time with younger kids — especially not kids they've grown up with or are related to. That's my answer to ‘what comes next?’
  4. droughtquake

    Chapter 13

    Ignoring Buddy’s initial infatuation with Kyle, the boys seem to have made two really nice couples! They’ve all managed to actually talk and get to know each other. And they seem to have made some strong connections in a short amount of time! ;–)
  5. droughtquake


    Seriously, there were echoes of the religious bigotry in the documentary I was Sunday evening, Believer. The doc focused on Imagine Dragons’ lead singer, Dan Reynolds and his frustration with the attitude of his own church, the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) towards LGBTQs. Dan, who is straight, married, with three daughters and a Mormon, had two close friends. a Lesbian couple, who declined to attend his wedding because it was conducted by Mormons. Initially, he remained quiet about the issue. But he realized he needed to speak out about how the Mormon leadership’s anti-LGBTQ policies is connected to Utah’s large rise in teen suicides, a rise that shows a clear correlation to various events that made LGBTQ Mormon teens feel isolated and hopeless. Dan and Tyler Glenn, also Mormon and the Openly Gay lead singer of Neon Trees, collaborated to organize LOVELOUD, now an annual concert in support of LGBTQs. It’s an attempt to initiate a conversation between Mormons and LGBTQs. A conversation focused on educating both sides instead of a confrontation or argument between the two groups. The LDS church does not murder their LGBTQ children directly as Darcy’s ‘church’ did. But by excommunicating their LGBTQ-friendly members (you just need to be outspoken about your opposition to their LGBTQ policies, you don’t even need to be LGBTQ yourself) thus removing church, community, and sometimes even familial support. Vulnerable LGBTQ teens feel they have no choice but to commit suicide. There is a group for LGBTQ Mormons. The Trevor Project offers a toll-free hotline specifically for LGBTQ teens. There is support out there if you feel the need to harm yourself. and it does get better. But as the protagonist in 1985 (a narrative movie I also saw Sunday evening) says in a letter to his younger brother (and I’m paraphrasing because my memory isn’t that great), it might get darker before it gets better. Your classmates might make fun of you for being different. You might need to leave where you are. But eventually, you’ll find friends and people like you who will love you for who you are.
  6. droughtquake


    You killed Fred and that put an end to any possibilities that Jeff and Fred would explore their obvious flirty love/hate relationship! ;–)
  7. droughtquake

    Picking Up the Pieces

    Well, I was between Programs at Frameline42 and had time to read just one chapter (of the nine stories I had saved). I chose this one because I needed to find out what happened to David! I was pretty sure having David dies also was just a little too much for you to write, I needed to be sure. This was a satisfying chapter to read. I’ll read the epilogue later. ;–)
  8. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    Exposure therapy? You’re willing to even consider an all-over tan? That’s more than I’ve ever done! ;–)
  9. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    That's just the British in you. We could hug it out of you if you'd like! Kind of like when the get people who have a fear of flying to ride in an airplane just so they can see how silly their phobia was! ;–) We know that Brits secretly want be just like those of us in California! All tanned and casual. Not stuffy at all! Even Harry Wales loves California! ;–)
  10. droughtquake

    Chapter 12

    Kind of like with Cyrano de Bergerac, the targeted person seems to be falling for the targeter, not the intended! ;–) If this were a play, it would be easy to turn it into a farce. Just exaggerate a few things here and there. And maybe tone down the accident a bit. ;–) Do they have farcical musicals? ;–) 🎶 Express yourself (You've got to make him) Express himself Hey, hey, hey, hey So if you want it right now, make him show you how Express what he's got, oh baby ready or not Express yourself (You've got to make him) So you can respect yourself Hey, hey So if you want it right now, then make him show you how Express what he's got, oh baby ready or not 🎶
  11. droughtquake


    Isn’t he a little young (and fictional) for you? ;–)
  12. droughtquake


    Yeah, Artie is straight. That’s why Charlotte is only his BFF. If he’s this indecisive, he really shouldn’t be playing Dizzy against Ky the way he is. He says he’s not, but actions speak louder than words. ;–)
  13. droughtquake

    Chapter 5

    My how serious you’ve gotten, there’s no expression on your face! Funny, I always thought of you as more of a white hat kind of guy! Um. You got a little tan there, ’Sir.’ Make sure you keep that hand over your goodies. Wouldn’t want GA to censor you…
  14. droughtquake

    Chapter 5

    This is how it starts. Eventually people start calling you ‘Sir.’ It’s really serious when they start saluting you or kissing your feet! ;–) Sigh. I knew him back before… ;–)
  15. droughtquake

    Chapter 6

    Which makes even more sense in a disco-era Esprit! ;–)
  16. droughtquake

    Chapter 6

    Which category do you fit in? ;–)
  17. droughtquake

    Chapter 6

    In a way, I’d have liked to have had Connor driving a Lotus Esprit like James Bond’s 1977 submarine car! I’m a fan of the Roger Moore era 007 movies. And I’m a huge fan of the designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro who also designed the original VW Scirocco, Golf/Rabbit, Delorean, and a bunch of others. ;–) The one used in the underwater scenes in the movie is now owned by Elon Musk!
  18. droughtquake

    Chapter 6

    Yeah, that certainly isn’t a typical family car! But it’s not a surprise that Leon loves riding in it. Definitely a single guy’s car! ;–) My younger brother bought a second generation 1986 Mazda RX-7 when it was new (the ones that look like a Porsche 924 or 944). He said he wanted to own a sports car, but didn’t want to be an old man driving a sports car, trying to recapture his youth. He sold it after he got married, but before they had my younger nephew. I remember seeing an old (hetero) couple in a first generation Audi TT coupe. The uncomfortable-looking frumpy wife in the passenger seat looked like she aged a couple decades just sitting in the car! They looked like they were driving a nine-tenths-sized miniature car! Grandma doesn’t belong in a sports car – unless she’s riding in her grandchild’s car! (Or if she’s a fun Grandma and it’s her car!) So, in conclusion, sports cars are for single people.
  19. droughtquake

    I'm not really sure about this...

    ‘This chapter.’ Is that a nickname like Dwane ‘The Rock’? or Mike ‘The Situation’? I’m embarrassed that I’ve even aware of the second one because I never watched whatever show he was on and don’t know how I ever heard it enough to stick! ;–)
  20. droughtquake


    I guess I’m still at the starter end of the scale then! ;–)
  21. droughtquake


    Okay, Adam says he can cook donuts. Does that mean he can open a box, or does he actually know how to fry the dough? What exactly does he do at the restaurant, amuse customers? ;–)
  22. droughtquake

    A Day In San Antonio, A Night In Heaven

    This is Texas and daddy has money. Hannah probably has a concealed carry permit. And it’d probably her own gun. :–(
  23. droughtquake

    Where It All Begins

    I’d have to say I’m about halfway between Artie and Adam. ;–) I was well trained by my mother to shop for bargains and she taught me how to cook the basics so I’d never starve. I’m also on a limited income and can’t just buy everything I want. I’m not quite as good a bargain shopper as my younger brother – he has a much better memory for prices and is able to shop at multiple stores to get the best deals. ;–) But I do buy lots of ice cream and other unhealthy food. I also buy jarred spaghetti sauce rather than making it from scratch the way my mother did when I was growing up. I also buy frozen macaroni & cheese because I’m lazy (but I refuse to buy the blue box junk with the orange powder). I did stop buying soda all the time and only buy it a couple times a year. ;–) I’m sure my diet is too high in sodium and sugar, but I’m trying to eat more vegetables. It’d be easier if I went grocery shopping more than once a month. But I have a difficult time getting out of the apartment (clinical depression & anxiety). ;–) But in Adam’s defense, he works in a restaurant! He’s around food all day. He probably gets to eat well prepared food at work. But he should make an effort for Artie – even if that means he’s bringing stuff home from work! ;–)
  24. droughtquake

    Chapter 11

    As a service to readers frustrated by abrupt endings, here is the deleted paragraph from the end of this chapter: ;–)
  25. droughtquake


    If what everyone thinks is true, @Aceinthehole, you’re even more twisted than I ever thought you were! (Twisted is not necessarily a bad thing. You did warn us about unusual customs!) ;–)

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