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  1. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    Oh, hi there, Indie! (Bradley Soileau) And, I swear I am totally writing...just very very very slowly
  2. Dayne-chan! We misses you!

  3. Welp, I just spent a couple hours playing Dream Daddy (to celebrate that I spent a couple hours writing).  Totally cute AF.  And the dad jokes!

  4. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    Sorry, y'all. I know I keep saying I'm working on this, and I am, but since I quit teaching, the toxic levels of stress and anxiety have gone away, so I haven't needed writing as an outlet. Chapter 8 is now up to 3k words, without even factoring the stuff I have in my notebooks (I'm now carrying two in my purse ), and the pwop (tentatively titled "In for a Pound"--I think Ima keep a money thing going) is over 2k words.
  5. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    Doing pretty dang good, all things considered. I think I'm suffering from the opposite of writers block. Too many ideas going around in there for EPIC, as well as stuff dealing with that Toshi short I posted a while ago and another story that's very pwop (and thus would be relegated to LitErotica Land). Problem is, very little concrete stuff is shaking out, so it's slow going on all fronts. Maybe I just need to write these little things down on paper now, then reshuffle them later.
  6. Hey, Dayne. How's it going? :hug:

  7. San Antonio Spurs prayer candles at grocery store-- I kid you not.

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      :lol: Not the weirdest thing I've witnessed. I've seen condoms modeled after Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and the Hulk.

  8. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    Sorry, guys. I'm still working on stuff, but haven't been as diligent as I was when writing was the only thing keeping me sane. Also, I think I might have become chemically dependent on one (or more) of the meds I was using to treat my insomnia.
  9. Chapter 1

    So glad you're finally sharing this here! Like in Between, you build complex characters who find themselves in complex situations. It's still romance, and the erotic elements are still hot, but there's a little something extra that makes your stories so compelling. Stepping Out is one of my favorites, and I know it will find an appreciative audience on GA.
  10. I am back and ready to write bitch. ready  to submit to them best lmao    anyway in Florida now all moved

    just doing renovations


  11. I miss my Godess


  12. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    You're in luck. Nier hit that point where I have to play through again in order to catch all the side quests and trophies, so more writing for y'all!
  13. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    Well yeah, just not the same game. I went ahead and got myself Nier: Automata while I was picking up Final Fantasy XV.
  14. Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    Good thing all my controllers are cordless!
  15. Just found out that my favorite teacher died.  Feelin' a little heartbroken.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Headstall


      Sorry, Dayne :hug: 

    3. DynoReads


      It's tough to realize that our heros are mortal too. *hugs*

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      :hug: Dayne. I'm sorry for your loss, Hon.


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