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  1. Saw it in a thumbnail, and just had to see the real thing.


    Your avatar is adorable, Jordn87 :D 

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  2. Chapter 10

    So theirs going to be s cross over ? ... lol sorry I couldn’t help my smart assery self
  3. Due to for unforeseen circumstances, my writing has to be placed on hold. I wish I could say when things will pick up, but it just isn't known at this time. 

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      Take your time! It'll be fine

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      so sorry to hear this Mr. J, but like Wesley says, we'll be here when you can continue

  4. Well then you all will be happy to know Chap 4 will be finished off tomorrow night
  5. Sitting in the hospital room holding a small teenage girl, somewhere between fourteen and fifteen, in his lap as they waited for all the lab tests to come back. Luna Tamere was eight years old when she was sold to that piece of filth Van Jordan. Her parents were willing to sell her for few thousand dollars and a few pounds of heroin. Odin let a small smile slip as he made a mental note to stop to visit the lovely couple, there were several forms they needed to sign. Next on his list was to find that piece of scum Van Jordan and take great pleasure in coming up with a million a different ways of torture but not kill the man. Oh, the man was going to face death, but first, he would admit, publicly to everything he had done to these innocent kids. The thing Odin wanted the most is revenge for Luna, this young girl had melted his heart. Odin loved children but always assumed he would be everyone’s favorite uncle. That was until he met Micah, the man made him want to retire and find a house and a white picket fence. A sudden burst of vibration had Odin reaching into his pocket pulling out his phone, noticing he had received a text from an unknown number. Unlocking his phone he opens the message, the image inside making his blood boil. Another burst of vibrations brought another message, this one making his heart drop. The image was Micah in his hotel room naked, looking like he had just stepped out of the shower. A towel draped over his head, his five feet nine-inch muscled body looking incredibly sexy. Who in the hell had taken this picture? Odin himself had made sure the hotel that Jared and Micah were staying in had been swept for bugs and other devices The text below the picture though, that was the real chilling part, and one that left no mistake in who took the picture. Hey tall and stupid! I see you found my little present for you. Isn't she the sweetest? Have you tried her skills yet? Oh, wait you’re a pathetic fag like my son. Though you have good taste, and even though I prefer boys to men I will have to make an exception in this case. You will hurt before I end you, soon he will be mine and I am sure I can think of a few things to do with him Looking at the dry erase board hanging on the wall in the hospital room, Odin noticed the date, March 1st 2019, an idea of a plan to keep his friends and especially Micah safe formed in his mind. In a couple of months his best friends would be walking down the aisle, unfortunately now he would not be able to do that. This plan was going to be odd but he couldn’t risk Micah’s safety. A stirring and a whimper from the youth in his lap was all he needed to confirm he was making the right choice. Searching through his phone he found Micah’s number, hoping the smaller man would be up for his plan. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Colby couldn’t help but take a couple extra turns and making sure to long the way back to Isaac’s house. The older man had held on tight, and Colby really enjoyed the feeling. Coming down the street Colby instantly noticed the cars his partners were hidden in. A couple were stationed in a cable van, a couple more dressed up as a power company worker’s working on a line, couple more were acting like construction workers a couple blocks over. The house was completely surrounded by Defenders, but Colby could not shake the feeling that danger was near. Pulling into the driveway he parked his bike off to the side, glancing up he instantly fell in love with Isaac’s home. A two-story home that was bright and inviting from the curb. It looked very much like a home and not a mansion. A two car garage and a big front yard that was just made for kids to play in completed the homey look. Getting off the bike he helped Isaac with the helmet before attaching it to his bike. Following behind Isaac they headed for the door, and had just barely made it in when Isaac was tackled by two blurs knocking him backwards against the door. Dropping to a knee Isaac wrapped an arm around the boys, but left himself vulnerable for the final member of their family. Bounding from around the corner came an English Mastiff, Colby chuckled as the dog tried to stop but skated on the hardwood floor right into the pile of Isaac and the boys. The great big pink tongue gave Isaac a large lick. It took the pile a few seconds before everyone turned toward Colby, the dog and children’s heads cocking to the side. Colby heart melted at the site of the small family, making a silent vow to himself that he would give his life before harm met any of them. “Hi boys! I’m -”
  6. I can't wait for people to read the next chapter of In Search Of :) Though  I might need to hide from @Wesley8890 again hahaha 

    1. Wesley8890


      Oh god cliffhanger! Its OK I've been building a resistance to them:P

  7. Struggling pretty hard lately, just doesn't seem like I can find a smile. Hardest thing is to move and get out of bed every day, especially since all I want to do is pull the covers over my head and sleep. If my anxiety is this bad now, I hate to see what it will be like when I am snowed in eventually this winter. Please forgive me if you don't see a new chapter or statuses for a while. I just need to find me again, and its been hard to do last few weeks. 

    1. ObicanDecko


      So sorry to hear that, I hope things turn around for you soon. Whenever I feel like that, I like to keep myself busy with whatever, and avoid sad music/movies :hug:I'm here if you wanna talk.

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      Here's a :hug:  and a  :) ... try not looking too far ahead... concentrate on the next five minutes if you can.

  8. Chapter 2

    Van Jordan never considered himself a brave man, but he knew very few could outsmart him. Reaching into the small box he pulled out several bundles of money, a new passport and other important documents he would need to start his new life in South America. Shoving everything into a small bag, something light and easy, perfect for carrying on the plane. Van was going to miss this safe-house, it was one of his favorites. The main reason he enjoyed this house was the entertainment he kept here. Looking to the corner he watched the fourteen year old girl chained to the wall and cowering in the corner clutching her stomach. One of his men had been stupid and gotten her pregnant, and now the same idiot was now six feet under. Van had gone back and forth about what to do with the young brat. She had been a wonderful bed mate, a fast learner in pleasing him and his men. Could he sell her and her kid, make quick profit? Blond Americans tended to draw a huge sum at slave auction Van could always haul her with him; it would save the trouble of finding a new bitch. Van’s last option was to put a bullet into the heads of both mother and child, something his boss pounded into his head throughout the years. A dead body never testified against you. Van reached into the same box and pulled out a small hand gun and lifted it up. Taking aim at the bitch’s head he mocked pulling the trigger and let a soft “pop”. Very few things gave him a thrill like firing a gun, and someday he was going to get his revenge on that agent and his stupid son. Leaving the box on the bed Van stood and tucked the gun into the back of his pants. Turning away he headed to the door before stopping, reaching into his pocket he pulled out his cell phone. It took only a couple rings before the other person answered. “Well if it isn’t my friend the big tall and stupid. Now listen Stormbringer I am leaving you a present in this address, but you better hurry because I am letting a couple boys know about it I hope you get here first or it might be gone! Consider this a promise I will be back to collect what’s mine.” Not giving the agent a chance to talk he turned and chucked the phone near the girl. What ever happened to her was not his responsibility, but he had to admit he was looking forward to claiming her when he returned. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ After being dismissed from the general’s office the men made their way back to Isaac’s car. Neither one willing to take the first step towards working together, and both deciding they were right and the other wrong. They were just about at the exit when Isaac’s cell phone went off. Colby watched as the business man reached into his pocket and pulled out the latest edition of iPhone. Deciding to give the older guy some privacy, Colby moved towards the door Colby, but stay within striking distance. Even though he was disappointed this would be his first assignment, he would to make the best of it. Best part was going to be proving Mr. High and Almighty wrong. Colby scanning the layout, making sure that nothing out of ordinary was going on. Colby would wager that Isaac’s car would be something fast and spendy. It would be a Porsche or a Mustang, something along those lines. Colby was sure that the older man enjoyed rubbing his wealth into other people's faces, he sure seemed to enjoy rubbing into Colby’s. However, if Colby was honest himself, he had enjoyed those exchanges with Isaac. “We will be leaving the complex here in just a couple minutes, thanks for letting me know!” The slight sound of panic in Isaac voice had Colby turning around to face him. Noticing a slightly scared look on the man's face Colby closed in. Isaac eyes locked onto his and the older man gave the younger one a nod. “You’re going to have to start earning your money quickly. Someone just attempted to be me and check my children out of the school. The secretary turned to call security and when she turned back he was gone. Video showed him leaving out the same door that he came in. The odd thing is he seemed to know right where the camera’s would be and just how to stand so his face would not be seen.” Colby’s hackles went up, someone was getting serious about getting their hands on the boys. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out a small earpiece and stuck it in. “Red and Green you're to stay with the birdies as all time I want eyes on them twenty four-seven! I am bringing home big birdie, and he will not travel anywhere without escort from that point on. I will take the responsibility for the twins until they are passed off to Grey for school transportation. Then I want Blue and Orange to check the perimeter and start to evaluate how we can lock the house down. White and Gold, I want you to investigate everyone in the birdies lives, and I mean everyone!” Turning to Isaac Colby stuck out his hand and gave the older man a demanding look. All he got back was a stare, it was a battle of egos which no man was going to lose.After a few tense seconds Isaac reached over and handed the keys over. Colby, showing a complete smirk, ripped them from his hands and turned towards the parking lot. Hitting the unlock button on key fob, his jaw dropped at what honked. “You have to be kidding me? You honestly drive around town in this thing? How do you expect me to get into it? Where do the boys sit? Lastly and simply, WHY?” Isaac’s laughter could be heard all the way back in the General’s office. This was the reaction when people saw his completely custom and favorite car, a sea-foam, 1997 Geo Metro. Pointing at the car, Isaac said “This thing was the very definition of comfort. Incredible sound system, heated seats, full moon roof, and full satellite radio. One of the main reasons picked this car as for the reactions it got! No one seemed to expect a person like me, to drive a car like this”. “You’re letting your snobbishness show young man, these cars are classics! Who doesn’t like a gas efficient beast like this. If we need to we can open the moonroof and you can stick your head out that.” Colby could feel his stomach flutter from the smile on Isaac, it was going to be obvious the older man was and is going to enjoy teasing the younger one. Hitting the lock button Colby turned and handed the keys back to Isaac before pulling out a set of his own. “Well old man you just come with me and I’ll show you a classy ride. We’ll take it back to your house and I will have an agent come pick this tiny bucket up little later.” With that Colby turned and herded Isaac around the corner off to where the agents kept their personal vehicles. This was his baby, a gift from Odin after completing basic training with Defender. He rarely ever gave rides to people, but he wanted to show off for Isaac. He could not compete money wise, but this expensive bike was one way he could let Isaac see he wasn’t some poor stupid person. Stopping in front of his lime green Kawasaki ZZR 1400, “Now this is classy”! Isaac jaw dropped at the site of the beautiful bike, wondering if it could compete with his at home. The boys were going to be all over it wanting a ride. He could not wait to get his hands on the bike, and actually felt himself starting to drool at the thought the machine between his legs. Colby noticing the stare just grinned. Maybe the old man wasn’t going to be such a pain to be around. Grabbing the helmet, Colby passed it to Isaac who slid it on. Colby almost moaned as Isaac straddled the bike and scooted in close to him. He could feel the older man’s member rubbing against his ass. This was going to be a long enjoyable ride, something Colby believed could be the said about a night with Isaac.
  9. Roar • Part VI

    I don't know if I want to red what comes next lol It was so much fun watching a club break the curse only to feel the opposite end of the spectrum the first week of November great story and I absolutely love the characters and have been a big fan since book 1
  10. Chapter 1 Client Issues

    I don’t think you are lol especially since everyone’s favorite church pastor might be making an appearance very shortly
  11. Prologue

    I figured I give everyone a glimpse into what Odin does and who he works for
  12. New Story published today :)@mogwhy you are simply are simply amazing! 

  13. Chapter 1 Client Issues

    Colby Jason had never experienced hell, but he was pretty sure what he had been through the last six months. The change his body had experienced was simply amazing, his body had filled out with muscle. He had gone from a hundred fifty pound weakling to close to two hundred and thirty five, where before you were attracted to his ribs being viable to now seeing six pack abs and eighteen inch biceps, his curly hair had been shaved off down to a close to scalp look. If you looked at him at this point in time you would assume he was military or police. Gone was the boy and stood in his place a young man. Over the last few months he had been trained in all kinds of martial arts, his trainers using his high intelligence and Eidetic memory to hammer in as much as they could. Their goal was to make him the ultimate defender; he would be their perfect agent for special cases. Colby still struggled to believe his good fortune, and now he was looking forward to being out in the field. Often wondering where his new career would take him, would he be sent to guard some prince overseas? Maybe he would be a security member for some millionaire that raced around the world. When you worked for Defender, life was never boring. Colby was laying his dorm room, relaxing after the long day of training. He had about a month to go before his first assignment. Regretfully he had not ran into Odin since arriving here, and asking about the big man had only got him a response of “secret mission.” While at Defender he had grown closer to the man, almost treating him like an older brother. Over the last few months Odin and Colby hd spent hours training together, whether it was working out in the gym or Colby being tossed around on the mat. Colby was just about to strip down and take a nap when a pounding on the door had him hopping out of bed. Suddenly a piece of paper was slid under the door, and slid across the floor all the way until Colby’s feet. He bent down and picked up the letter, looking over it. He felt his stomach get queasy. His first task had been assigned earlier than expected, but he still had some training that was needed. It was what was listed as the training that made him uneasy. Shoot something no problem, scale a giant wall eas,. defend yourself from a group of attackers, a breeze. Any of those would of been the best choice, instead the word listed was one he was going to dread. Starting at 0600 tomorrow morning, he was to report to homemaker class, specialty in sewing and cooking. Shaking his head he plopped back down onto the bed and let his head falls into his hands. What kind of job would require homemaking skills? What have I got myself into? Slowly he stripped down into his briefs, and laid back onto his bed. He wasn’t sure about what was going to happen, but he would give it his all. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ Over the next thirty days Colby was put through the wringer, this time it was everything he would need to fit in with the rich society. Which spoon was used for what, which fork to eat salad with, proper dance steps for a social, proper manners for business dinners, and anything else he would need to fit in with the old money of Houston. By the end of the first week Colby wasn’t sure his brain could take much more, it was proven wrong quickly as he was also thrown into home keeping 101. This course taught him everything he would need to run a home, how to be the host for a party, dinner ideas and what type of dinner to serve in situations, how to sew and mend clothes, parenting techniques straight from experts, and how to balance schedules of multiple people. If that wasn’t enough he was trained basic psychology and grief counseling. Colby was truly drained by the end of the month. Everyday he woke up at 6am and was in class until 10pm. .If those classes were not enough three times a week he was in the gym for two hours of the day keeping up on his fitness. Whatever this assignment was going to be he was ready for it, and he had to admit his curiosity was peaked. It was the first day of his eighth month at Defender when the envelope was delivered to his room. With a grin he gave the messenger a fist bump and took the envelope before closing the door. Moving to and sitting down on his bed, he ripped open the envelope. Scanning the papers inside he could feel his heart flutter. The job he had been assigned would be of the utmost importance, not just for the protection but the chance to help put a family back together. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ In all of Isaac Wilson’s thirty four years he had never felt such fear. A father of eight year old twins and a recent widower, he was feeling adrift in a sea of grief. If that wasn’t all, his children had started to misbehave in school. His wife was always the disciplinarian of the household, and now that she was gone he was lost on how to handle his boys. If life hadn’t crapped on him enough as of late, his home and car had been broken into and ransacked. Nothing was taken, but clearly somebody had been looking for something. His friends tried to convince him to hire extra security, but he refused to have the extra people in and around his home. Though his opinion changed quickly when one day when an envelope with nothing on the front was delivered to his business. Opening it up, Isaac could feel his pulse sky rocket and his stomach drop. Someone was threatening to kidnap his kids unless he forked over ten million dollars. The typical do not call the police or something bad will happen line was ending of the note. Reaching over Isaac hit the buzzer for his assistant, “Maggie will you please contact Steven Rio for me, and let him know I need to contact Defender!” Three hours later Isaac found himself sitting in front of a man who radiated confidence and power. Isaac thought of himself as successful and confident person, but he could feel himself shrink some in front of this man. Isaac assumed it would take a strong man to deal with all the red tape personal security had to go through, also there were rumors of Defender being contracted to the government for jobs that “didn’t exist.” Over the next couple of hours they discussed everything, from the threatening letter to the ransacking of his office. Isaac could feel the weight of worry ease off his shoulders, that was until he was informed he would be having a special qualified agent placed into his home. This agent would be young, qualified in several areas to help the family, and be the overall best nanny/butler he could ever want. The agent would be someone who could easily bond with his children, and would know how to blend in when needed. It was also agreed on that anywhere Isaac went he was to inform this agent, he would coordinate with the others who would be in vehicles and outside of the home and close by. Suddenly there was a knock on the door causing Isaac to jump, the man across from him only grinned before letting out a rough “enter.” In walked agent Colby Jason’s, and Isaac eyes went a little wide. This company expected this young man who could be barely be legal, if he was, to protect his family? What made this kid so special? “General Colson I think there has been a mistake, I know you said the agent would be young but you expect me to put my sons and my safety in the hands of this kid? I thought you were professionals not jokesters. It’s obvious I wasted my time and made a mistake in believing what I was told by friends. “ Colby’s face slowly grew to a shade of red as they older man in front of him started to talk like he wasn’t in the room. One thing he always hated was being treated like he was a kid and not an adult. If this rich jackass wanted to play ball, Colby would play ball. “Sir, you expect me to protect a rich snob like this? Hell he didn’t even stand to introduce himself to me? First thing he did was judge me based off my age. Forget this I won’t be stuck with some old fart who obviously has his head shoved up his ass!” With that Isaac stood and turned towards the door, letting his eyes meet with Colby’s for a few seconds in a glare. He could feel his heart flutter, but grief and anger blocked that feeling from registering as more than what it was. It was also a chance for Isaac to look over the young man, he was about the same height as him, where he guessed the young man was in the two twenty to two thirty range weight wise Isaac was in the one eighties. Where the agent had muscle and brawn, Isaac was slim and lean. Where the agent had a shaved haircut, Isaac’s hair always looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Isaac had just taken a step when the general's hand came down hard on his desk causing everyone to focus on him. Looking into the eyes of the general Isaac could feel himself shrink, the man was pissed. “First of all no one disparages my agents like that, do you understand me Mr. Wilson? Second this young man is a remarkable talent and will be an absolute asset to you and your home. Third you signed a contract, for the next months he is your nanny/bodyguard so I hope you can figure it out. If you have any other concerns I suggest treating him like a human and talking to him. Agent Jason, you will be respectful to Mr. Wilson at all times, remember you are hired to help and protect him, not to be a sassy and bitchy teenager. Those days were behind you as soon as you signed on the dotted line to join Defender. Now everyone GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!”
  14. In Search Of

    Colby has never had an easy life, but fate has a funny way of stepping in when we least expect it to. Recruited into Defender, the leading private security business in the country, Colby finally has found his purpose. Learning how to be the perfect agent was the easy part, not falling in love with his client is going to be the hard part. (Special guest appearances from characters from Songs of the Heart. This is a stand alone story and can be read separately!)
  15. Prologue

    Colby had never been one to look at life with a positive light, especially since things always seemed to go wrong. It all started eighteen years ago when he was discovered at the door of the Sisters of Loving Children's Home. Colby couldn’t help but scoff at that, the place had no love in it at all. It was nothing but a hell-hole, where unwanted kids were shoved into by the state. The place looked forward to the day their charges turned of age; then the kids got shown the door and boot to their ass. This was the position Colby found himself for the last three weeks. He was reaching the point where sleeping on benches, showering in public bathrooms, eating out of garbage cans and, avoiding being arrested for public loitering was getting old. Today was going to be the day things in his life turned around. Nice thing about being in Houston is the ability to find all kinds of aluminum to sell to scrapper’s. After collecting, stealing, and foraging he found enough to get him one hundred and seventy five dollars. First thing he did was get a nice warm meal, then it was off to the second hand stores to find several outfits to use for interviews. Next came a cup of coffee and a newspaper, so he could highlight and circle any interesting prospects for money. Finally came a bus pass to get around town. Looking through the ads nothing really seemed to be catching his attention, he really didn’t want something that handled money or included asking “is that all?” Colby had been blessed with the ability of eidetic memory and thanks to his love of reading he would be considered a very book smart person, but with that came his knowing he was weak in his people skills game. He loved taking care of the younger kids, being a source of warmth and love to the younger ones. Something the nuns that ran the home seem to lack, they enjoy preaching their morals in public while collecting and abusing the state funds they received for each child. The Nun’s seemed to get especially giddy when a man named Van Jordan popped in. Colby had never liked the man, he always seemed to be greasy or slimy, and it was odd that someone would keep “adopting” two to three children per month. Focusing his attention on the ads in front of him, Colby seemed to get lost in them. Each one he found interesting taking a couple moments to imagine himself in the role, but for some reason every single one seemed to be off, it just wasn’t catching his attention. Letting out a huge sigh, he stood to his full six feet three inch frame. Looking at Colby you could see he was in need of a big meal, his big frame was quite scrawny and frail. His black curly hair had a tinged of a greasy look to it, desperate for a need of a washing. His big round glasses had shown several scratches and the middle part clearly held together by tape. By looking at one Colby Jason, you would not expect fate to have a huge plan for him. Grabbing his cup he turned to towards the coffee area and started his way across the store. Suddenly a huge mountain of a man with light brown hair, huge muscles, and obviously very important took that moment to step into the restaurant. Colby felt his member throb at the sight of the huge muscle man, not noticing the drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. He was almost totally under the big man’s spell, until he noticed a person with a mask and knife coming up behind the hunk. Colby could feel the scene slow in his mind, as his brain ran numbers on how to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Letting his long legs carry him he acted like he was going to get some coffee, instead he seemed to trip. The last of his hot coffee going to the right of the big man and hitting the masked man in the face. His scream echoed out covering the sound of the knife falling to the ground. Colby continue to stumble into the arms of the stud using him to brace himself he got in close to the big man. Leaning in close to the bigger man he seemed to hang on and manage to turn them 90 degrees and pull the stud forward just as the masked man threw a blind swing. His hand going to the back of the stud’s mouth he brought the taller man's face down for a kiss. Leaning back Colby managed for both men to miss yet another blind swing. He straightens back up breaking the kiss before giving the bigger man a small smile before stepping forward and nailing a side kick into the attacker's chest sending him stumbling backwards and going ass over tea kettle onto the sidewalk. Colby watched the thug stand and scurry stumbling off down the block. Happy with himself that no one got seriously hurt, and hoping that whoever that was taught a hard lesson, wouldn't come back. That's when Colby notices the bigger man shake his head, before extending a hand. “That was an impressive display of work young man, though I didn't really need you to throw coffee in my agent's face. I was perfectly safe in this training scenario. Though my day has gotten ten times better. By chance how would you like a job?” Grabbing the bigger man’s hand Colby could feel the grin spreading on his face. He had found a job, and hopefully it would be one where he could spend some time with the bigger man. He was about to accept when the bigger man spoke again. “By the way the kiss is just our secret, I have a boyfriend who would not appreciate it! I should tell you it won’t be easy, but it's fulfilling. It will be hard as you will go into training for the next six months.” Colby began to nod and mumble his agreement, anything at this point was better than what he was doing. How exciting was his life going to be, especially if he got to do things to help “Now my young friend my name's Odin Stormbringer it’s very nice to meet you!”

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