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  1. Make us laugh!

  2. Song of the moment

    Ever since Mickey emailed me the first video, this little guy has been growing on me. He may not have the best voice, but he's certainly talented enough to put out decent song covers. He's cute, too.
  3. Song of the moment

    Whoever made this particular video was a bit of a goofball, so apologies for the "Easter eggs". This was the only version of the song with quality sound. I really need to talk with Mickey about spamming my email account.
  4. Imagine Magazine Question For 12/8

    Awww! That's really sweet of him, but kind of sad that he doesn't make a "bigger" gesture. I hope you two can come to an arrangement of some sort.
  5. Make us laugh!

  6. Make us laugh!

  7. Chapter 33

    Good chapter, Comsie. Billy needed to get that out in the open, before it exploded. I understand that Jimmy is hurting, too, but that doesn't excuse trying to sabotage Billy's relationship with Brandon. I hope that Billy and Brandon can be more honest with each other in the future, and make up soon. Oh! A lake, huh? You've been writing Billy Chase for all this time, and we're just now hearing about a lake somewhere in town?
  8. Imagine Magazine Question For 12/8

    In the 7th Grade, this girl in my English class asked me if I would marry her. School had been in session for all of three days. She asked her question during what was supposed to be "quiet time", so people could do their assignments, read books, or catch up on work for other classes. I had my nose stuck in a book at the time (of course), so I was completely unprepared for it, and it really made me turn red. Her two friends, who were also sitting at our particular "quad" kind of giggled at me then, and that made my blood pressure rise for a different reason. Instead of blurting something really nasty at her, I curtly replied, "Sorry, but I don't swing that way." Soooo....yeah, not a great first experience. If it had been a guy, though, I probably would've been really flattered if he admitted it in a more subtle way, like maybe writing a note. Once, I pulled a favorite library book off the shelf, and a little slip of paper fell out. I thought it was a due date receipt, but it turned out to be a little cartoon my friend Nicky had drawn of us on a Ferris wheel. Later, he said that he wanted to go to the Cherry Festival with me the following summer. I was already dating someone else at the time, so I told him I was flattered, but I just didn't feel the same way. It was a sweet gesture, though.
  9. Morgan and I watched a movie called Heartstone, the other day. (Hjartastein, in the original Icelandic.) Set in Iceland, the story is that of a boy named Christian, who is in love with his best friend, Thor. However, Thor only has eyes for Beth, a girl who lives in their small fishing village. It was heartbreaking, but powerful. We might watch it again soon, with Mickey. :)

    1. Ashi


      Thanks for sharing.  I'll keep an eye out.  I love foreign gay movies.

  10. Just a sweet moment in a commercial...

    OMG, I love this one! I already had it bookmarked!
  11. Make us laugh!

  12. What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    The Fourth Ruby, by James R. Hannibal.

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