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  1. Turbulent Times

    Safari on my iPad
  2. Turbulent Times

    It's a formatting issue that's making it hard to read. For example: "Hmm... maybe I can clean up a bit and see if Cameron" In the above copied snippet "maybe I can clean" is one long string with no spacing between words on my screen. This same problem occurs repeatedly in almost every line of the chapter. My guess is this is the same issue others are having. I know I wanted to read the story but it's a challenge to determine what you intended to write. I gave up after a few lines.
  3. Chapter 5

    happy to help. I was a little confused until I figured out that you had inadvertently switched the name. I'm interested to see where this story goes.
  4. Chapter 5

    It looks like you switched Jeff and Josh this chapter. In previous chapters Josh and Devon are siblings and Jeff is the boyfriend.
  5. Chapter 31

    Dude from A&F that helped him buy jeans in chapter 29.
  6. February 2016

    On the other hand, CJ could be the perfect spy because nobody would ever suspect him. He's already so out there that it would never occur to anyone that he's gathering intelligence.
  7. PART 2-- Chapter 7

    There's a mention of a small cut on his leg that he pushed on after the coaches came back that gave him a "a small jolt, a rush he needed ...". Along with a mysterious "it" that helps him cope that nobody is supposed to find out about strongly suggests self harm.
  8. Spiders

    My spouse leaves me the spiders because he's too scared to deal with them. One time I got into the shower right after him and there was a massive spider in the corner of the shower. He claims he didn't see it, but I swear it was the size of a small cat.
  9. I'm now even more firmly in the I really don't like Alex camp. She basically cornered David into this relationship taking advantage of his confused, vulnerable state.
  10. The Legend of Schrodinger’s Queer

    Nerd humor for the win. Schrodinger's Queer made that chapter for me. Corey holds his own, shows his mettle, and proves to Efrain's family exactly why the boys are a perfect for each other. I love it.

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