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  1. Chapter 93 The Worst Kept Secret

    Yikes! What an amazing set up for the upcoming firestorm. Don’s machiavellian douchebaggery seems to know no bounds. Poor Robbie is going to need a Xanax and a quick drink. Nathan should join him.
  2. Lovely, touching chapter. I admit I’m one of those who needed several tissues. Beautifully done. This final chapter made my day. Sometimes one just needs a sweet escape.
  3. Boy Valentine

    I remember. I lived there 10 years during the 80s during which time they built Horton Plaza, and began transforming the Gaslamp. The sanitization wasn’t complete, however; a few “dens” still existed and one could find sailors and other cute boys roaming around looking for “entertainment“. Good old sniveling Pete Wilson, who probably did more than any other single person to turn California blue with his mean-spirited Prop 187 fiasco. (In a perverse way, I suppose we owe him thanks.) I digress... ; D
  4. Boy Valentine

    Sounds like we’re close in age, and you’re right. I was investigated by the dean of students in HS on the mere suspicion that I was gay - all because my best friend seemed gay and I was up for the Fine arts award. And that was in the Bay Area! Yep - scary times for gay kids. By the time I lived in San Diego, things was better and opportunities were everywhere. I know the local Chamber likes to call it “America’s Finest City”; but they might have added sluttiest city, as well! <he, he> (To my delight.)
  5. Chapter 1

    Sweet and terrific, with just enough plot twist to ensure it wasn’t easy and predictable. I loved it!
  6. Boy Valentine

    Utterly charming and endearing. Such an uplift for every gay boy of a certain age who wishes that his school experience could have offered that chance! Logan has courage , for sure. He just might be a keeper.
  7. I completely agree with Droughtquake Quijote. The adoption is Robbie’s last strategic strength, and I fear that his capitulation will leave him even more vulnerable to Don’s control-freak bigotry. Running a quick cost/benefit analysis, I just don’t see any overriding advantage to the adoption for Robbie. His need to “belong” to a family is understandable, but at what cost to his mental health? Besides, once adopted, Robbie’s ability to resist Don’s edicts will be substantially diminished.
  8. Chapter 17

    Poor kid is still grieving; not only that, but emotional withdrawal and frequent crying are also classic symptoms of clinical depression. He needs help. Problem is, the parents are grieving themselves, which may not allow them to fully recognize the newer warning signs in Liam. Losing a brother or sister, let alone several, at young ages is a uniquely excruciating experience for a kid. Without proper psychological counseling, he could will find himself in serious long-term trouble. I’ve always hated the expression “time heals everything“. It doesn’t. With the passage of time, one simply (hopefully, with help) learns to live with the pain, perhaps compartmentalize it to an appropriate extent, and move on.
  9. The Gap Year (Part One)

    This reminds me of the philosophy behind the great Crosby, Stills, and Nash hit: “If you can’t be with the one you love..., love the one you’re with”. Sometimes, torrid recreational sex helps one heal wounds from deep pain and heartache. At least it’s an effective distraction. Losing David hurt Charlie deeply, and sexy Eric may have been just the right medicine. Not only that, it made for a very entertaining chapter. Then again, I may be biased: I married a hot Asian boy. ;-) But Frankie?! Damn, that town is WAY too small.
  10. The Musician (Part 1)

    Please - no need to be sorry! They’re both great, though I admit I prefer the Nocturne in Db major personally. Thanks for the clarification, though, as your description of certain passages of the Nocturne didn’t quite match with the D flat! ;-) Now it makes more sense. I hope you don’t mind if I exercise reader’s license (is that a thing?) and continue imagining sweet, sexy, sensitive David playing my favorite Nocturne instead. ;-) Still, an amazing chapter.
  11. The Musician (Part 3)

    Stunning. Outrageously romantic. Even though we already know Charlie doesn’t end up with David <tears>, this is still beautiful. I can imagine that the sensitive musician probably goes off to Juilliard or some other fabulous music school for away, and the separation of college ends their romance. Still, every steppingstone relationship makes one better (or wiser after learning lessons from the mistakes - like Charlie’s closet romp with jockboy).
  12. The Musician (Part 1)

    Geoff, I have to agree with you about the chapter; it felt very special - almost as though I were experiencing the scene myself. Beautifully done. That you artfully incorporated one of my favorite Chopin Nocturnes made it even more magical for me. Perhaps because I’m a pianist (and endured some of those piano competitions growing up) and know that piece so well, I could hear it in my head as David played. You inspired me to pause reading while I stopped to listen to my favorite Rubinstein recording of that deeply emotional masterpiece. Sublime. Great musical choice. Excellent chapter.
  13. Mary Fletcher Greenley

    Fabulous chapter! Even though it was hard to write, or maybe because it was hard, you handled it so well. Such sweet irony that the bastard’s murder attempt united his family and paid for his gay son‘s wedding. Mary’s refusal to accept the body was the ultimate insult, and so deserved. I’m loving the new relationship between Hayden and Vic (that scene was hot)! Here’s to hoping that develops into something as deep and enduring as Ian and Cam’s relationship.
  14. Wild Card

    I’m with Sam. I love this story and would love to see it continue.
  15. Chapter 17 - What lurks in the woods

    How about...the predators are Ira’s birth family coming to claim his pups?

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