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  1. tesao

    Chapter 105 The Tooth Fairy

    I think you may be right, especially after I remembered Nathan‘s stubborn refusal to ever allow Robbie to accompany him. It seemed like a red flag at the time.
  2. tesao

    Chapter 105 The Tooth Fairy

    I’ll give this to Don: he is nothing if not consistent in his homophobic douchebaggery, and Sue is a spineless, thoughtless enabler. Nicola continues to impress amd surprise me with her emotional loyalty and sound advice to Robbie. He does desperately need help, and not the kind to which Don would refer him. Robbie’s reaction to losing Nathan is exactly what I feared; it’s now occurring to him that Nathan represented for more than a boyfriend. Having said that, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should have stayed together. I agree with Nicola that Nathan has likely been cheating. The signs are certainly there. Hanging out with Rory and Jamie is exactly what Robbie should be doing. I just keep wishing he would run into that social worker he met during his great escape, as he desperately needs wise, empathetic support.
  3. tesao

    We Need a Hero

    I’m so glad you’re back and doing better! Protracted medical issues are a bitch and a half. Maybe two. I’ve really missed these characters. How cool is it that Noah now has a chance to find his own happiness with a nice guy. I’m confused about something, though: in his portion of this chapter, Noah explains that “by the end of the school year, [he and Hannah] were fucking on a pretty regular basis.” Previously, however, I recall that Noah told Nick they never got to second base. Considering what a degenerate bitch she was, I would like to believe the latter. Please clarify. I love the trust and intimacy that are developing between sweet, hot Nick and the lovable Billy, but I am haunted by a cryptic comment you made at the end of a prior chapter about a big shoe dropping - apparently on their relationship. Now that we are in love with both of them, I don’t know if we could take another stage 4 pancreatic cancer, fatal auto accident, homicidal attack by a homophobic family member, military death, or heartbreaking move to Russia to study music! Seriously though...off all of the villains you like (there are still remaining candidates in Hannah’s family), but leave the sweet boys to their happiness. 😉😉
  4. tesao

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    Well, what a fine mess! Such a shame. This relationship seems to be coming apart as most do: in stages. However, with Robbie‘s poor judgment/volatile temper and Nathan’s narcissism and vindictive self-absorption, I fear things are going to get ugly and painful for both of them. Moreover, I also sense that Nathan is hiding something that is going to accutely sting Robbie. Then there is Nathan’s hungry fascination with the next new shiny boy he hasn’t even met, which speaks volumes about where his head is. Personally, narcissists scare me to death - especially when they have power. 😱 My biggest worry for Robbie: Nathan has been kind of a safe harbor for him in the storm that is his adoptive family, and losing Nathan as a boyfriend will only be part of his unhappiness - maybe not even the worst part. I can see him quickly feeling isolated and lost, which might easily lead to desperate bad choices (like Alex). When all of this blows up, I could see Robbie longing to escape back to the UK. I agree with the others; we need the next chapter STAT! 😉
  5. tesao

    Chapter 103 The Painful Truth

    What a shame that Robbie can’t control his mouth or his temper, though if he did there would be no story. 😉 It does seem strange that he’s never had counseling to deal with the protracted loss of his mum at such a tender age. Independent of Robbie’s anger management issues, though, Nathan seems to be slowly shutting him out of his life. I agree with my fellow Bay Area reader, SeismicSeco: lying to Nathan was a terrible idea. Nixon’s example should always remind us that the cover-up often exceeds the original crime! In the end, though, It may not matter. Nathan appears to be an increasingly unsuitable and unlikely match, and Alex is just plain toxic (whether or not it’s entirely his fault, he still doesn’t inspire trust). Tom embodies so many gay boys‘ ultimate dilemma: the loyal, loving, completely compatible best friend who would make the perfect match - except that he’s straight. In Tom’s case, he may be more straight-ish. Wouldn’t it be a lovely conclusion and bring the story full circle if Robbie and Tom ended up together? I have the sense, though, that Dodger still has a few twists and surprises ready to spring.
  6. tesao

    RIP Aretha Franklin 1942-2018

    I will truly miss this kind, fierce legend.
  7. Where do you go body surfing in Brazil -- I am an American expatriate living in the Mata Atlantica about 90 clicks from Salvador. Of course, there is no salt water close to my home, but maybe we can chat. Will H.

    1. tesao


      I used to body surf in Guarujá, near Santos.  Short, steep beach with nice waves.  I’m back in California now.

  8. tesao

    The List

    New stories based on another author’s characters and storylines don’t often work out well. This is an exception. Marvelous continuation of 'Weightless' and 'Fearless' in which the ancillary characters take center stage and become richly nuanced. With the romance well established between Clint and Zane, this new author backs up in time and focuses on the incredibly sweet, close friendship between Shane and Parker, and Shane’s nascent romantic interest in Travis. Be prepared for domestic terror and an emotional sucker punch, but the ending promises hope and a bright future.
  9. tesao


    I highly recommend this sequel/conclusion to the wonderful Fearless. While not tagged as such, this is really a sweet, compelling love story that explores the tragedy of mental illness and underscores the healing power of love from one’s “logical” rather than biological family. Though the story includes plenty of drama and heartbreak, it also offers a deeply moving, happy ending that left this reader very satisfied.
  10. tesao


    Excellent story! It will surprise and delight you, make you laugh and perhaps shed a tear, and then leave you smiling.
  11. tesao

    Chapter 102 A student for a Day

    Of course he was, but from our current dystopian nightmare, we need to be able to see Canada through rose-colored glasses. Please don’t destroy our illusion! 😉
  12. tesao

    Chapter 102 A student for a Day

    This web just keeps getting more tangled! Tom is a sweet loyal friend to warn Robbie and thereby try to provide a softer landing when he and Nathan crash. So next chapter, Robbie confronts Nathan over Alex, huh? If that is what it sounds like, not only would Robbie not be able to trust Nathan (yeah, he’s 15 - but still...) but he would be faced with betrayal from Alex, as well. Sounds like it’s a good thing Robbie kept the number from the nice gay boy at school who actually asked him out. I admit that I would love to see Robbie and Tom end up together, but I don’t see Robbie returning to the UK - even if Tom were bi. Not only does it hold painful memories, but Robbie now has a lovely adopted country. As Robin Williams once pithily observed about Canada, “you are a big country. You are the kindest country in the world [Don and Miss Pringle notwithstanding]. You are like a really nice apartment over a meth lab.”
  13. tesao

    A Wednesday to Remember

    I read on Nifty, too...but the writing quality there is (how can I put this nicely?) ...variable.
  14. tesao

    A Day of Firsts

    Oh gawd. Manilow?! 😱😉 whoops...I think I just dated myself.

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