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  1. tesao


    Carlos, really enjoyed the chapter. Thank you for including the detour to Pulse. That massacre still haunts. Though it’s painful to remember, we can’t afford to forget. I loved spending time with Harley again. Though he’s still his hyper-loquacious self, it seems that life experience and age are beginning to mellow him just a bit. Then again, Kim might be a factor. Breaded, deep-fried pickles stuffed with a hot dog? I can’t...even... Oddly enough, the disparate flavors aren’t entirely incompatible. I suppose it could work, maybe with an icy Bitburger.
  2. tesao

    ATGB V

    Afghanistan. That made my blood run cold. I hope that’s not foreshadowing. Enjoyed the chapter, Carlos. I loved Father Chance’s commentary on what it actually means to be a Christian!
  3. tesao

    Chapter 5 Promises of Forever

    He was, though his young Rebel co-star, Sal Mineo, is more my type. I loved Giant, as well. I’d just like to point out that I saw it on it’s re-release MANY years after its premiere. <cough, cough> 😜
  4. tesao

    Chapter 5 Promises of Forever

    I just realized that “Cal” was probably perceived as Drake’s sister’s nickname. I meant the Cal in East of Eden. (Too many strained James Dean references.). ;-)
  5. tesao

    Chapter 5 Promises of Forever

    I’m so pulling for Drake and sausage boy! Cal’s perceptive, loving support has won me over. Drake’s mental fast forward to a breakup was like a gut punch. I hope he wakes up in time. (See, I’m resisting the temptation to read ahead.) It’s hard to avoid the temptation to just binge read this, but I want to make it last. It’s that good.
  6. tesao

    Chapter 3 Round Two

    Just another reason why you couldn’t drag us kicking out of California...especially out of the Bay Area. Even with the region’s challenges, we’re admittedly spoiled, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😎
  7. tesao

    Chapter 4 Repercussions

    Wow, the merde has truly hit the ventilator. I think that understanding the triggers of bigotry is important, as it’s essential to any hope of rehabilitation. Of course there is no justification, but examining motivations may help in Preston’s case This chapter struck a deep nerve. I admit that I identify with Drake’ s fears, especially given his Richard trauma - even though it may not be fair to Jett. (Too obscure?) Having experienced something similar - and with a negative outcome - there is a deep, helpless fear of “not being enough” and of hoping that the other shoe won’t drop. In my experience, it dropped. I’m not saying that sausage boy’s Kinsey scale status should doom him and Drake. Intellectually, I understand the spectrum and hold no negative feelings or even reservations about anyone’s sexuality (except in the case of imposed celibacy - like Catholic priests and Mormon missionaries). 😈 I digress. Fears aren’t always rational but, when they’ve been reinforced by negative life experience, they’re tough to overcome. Jimmy is key to helping Drake surmount his obstacles. He’s loving, patient, and seems like he can be trusted. This will be a tough journey for both. Very impactful chapter, Gary.
  8. tesao

    Chapter 3 Round Two

    You’re so welcome! That’s right...it IS Canada. I don’t generally picture Canadians being that idiotic. I’m probably still idealizing our northern neighbor (since Nov. 2016). My husband and I have seriously considered Vancouver, BC, even though we live in a very blue San Francisco Bay Area. Proves there are morons everywhere.
  9. tesao

    Chapter 3 Round Two

    Honestly, the first thing that popped into my head: stone kitchen floors are brutal on the lower back and knees. No wonder these people act like they have sticks up their butts. Seriously though, Preston has more than met his match in sausage boy. Yay! What a douchebag. The idiot’s most self-damning line: “I believe what I believe, and you’re not going to change that.“ How much do you want to bet he voted for and still supports... Drake’s and sausage boy’s dynamic grows ever more intriguing. You’re driving us all nuts wondering what could constitute this “insurmountable thing”. I hope it’s not literally… his “thing”! 🤪 Very clever writing and plot tension.
  10. tesao

    Chapter 2 A United Front

    You go, sausage boy! (There... I didn’t refer to him as Jimmy Dean.) Preston, who embodies every snarky, bigoted asshole I’ve ever known, doesn’t seem to know what hit him. 😂 It struck me how much easier it is for a third-party to put one’s homophobic family in its place because they’re absolutely immune from the carefully crafted emotional blackmail and manipulation. They’ve no psychological buttons that can be pushed. No matter how strong we are, problem biological family always seem to be able to get under our skin - which I hate. Drake is lucky to have this guy in his corner; I have a feeling he’ll soon come to that realization himself. Terrific chapter, Gary! Damn this was fun. 😁
  11. tesao

    Chapter 1 It'll Be Fun

    Late to the story party again, but I like to wait until they’re finished. I’m inpatient with patience. This is a great premise and an excellent start. I’m hooked. Love it.
  12. tesao

    Enter Hayden Miller

    I love this chapter, and thought the title was graphically appropriate! 😀
  13. tesao

    Tech Tuesday - Story Archive System Updates

    This is so cool and so welcomed! Thank you for all your hard work.
  14. tesao

    Ian Greenley Comes Home

    That almost felt like time travel in warp drive, but I love this story and you’re right: we needed to get to Hayden. I’m so jealous that Vic got to see Bette in Hello Dolly! I’ve always adored Bernadette and she’s brilliant in live performance, but Midler’s shoes were apparently impossible to fill in that role. Yes, that’s my takeaway from this chapter (that, and yummy Tony). What can I say? I’m a Broadway geek, and really love that element in your stories. I did see Carol Channing in the original, however. Amazing! (I was a VERY young kid, BTW.) ;-)
  15. tesao

    Ian Greenley Comes Home

    I agree, of course, but sometimes quick, hot sex meets a need and gets you through. You remember that great song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”.

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