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  1. tesao

    A Wednesday to Remember

    I read on Nifty, too...but the writing quality there is (how can I put this nicely?) ...variable.
  2. tesao

    A Day of Firsts

    Oh gawd. Manilow?! 😱😉 whoops...I think I just dated myself.
  3. tesao

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    I’m proud of Robbie for resisting the strong impulse to get too close and personal with Alex. His growing understanding of consequences, and his realization that Alex’s life is much tougher than his, are further evidence of his increasing maturity (in spite of being an excitable DQ). Having said that, however, Don and Sue are incredibly unfit parents for a gay boy (which makes them unfit parents, period). Sue’s is merely a somewhat diluted version of Don’s poison. They’re both toxic and, given sufficient exposure, both destructive. Some might give Sue a pass for her “you don’t have to flaunt it” remark by attributing her motives to a concern for Robbie’s safety. Her comment, however, betrays a deep antipathy to his sexuality and a desire to scare him into acting straight. Otherwise, her focus would have heen on the school’s responsibility of protecting him and, perhaps, devising a plan so that he was never left alone at school. Instead, she placed the entire onus on his “gay behavior”. <Grrrrrrrrr> Great chapter. I could feel Robbie’s frustration and sexual tension.
  4. Got it. I understand this is frustrating, but I wrote my comment before your reply to northie appeared. Otherwise, I would have left it alone.
  5. This is important for me, as it deprives the reader of an instant updated stories list. The prior system listed stories by their updated date, which was far more helpful. I’m using Safari iOS 11.4 on an iPad Pro.
  6. tesao


    Beautiful chapter, and a perfect ending to this book. How cool that they came here for their honeymoon! Either you know the region well, or you really did your homework. Parabens! I had to smile when Ozzie determined that he was going to arrange shipments of our local sourdough once they returned home. I actually did that a few times when I lived a very long ways from California. Did another reader allege that you claim not to do romances? Um...this was a palpably romantic chapter, Carlos...almost poetically evocative in parts. Sure, the locations feed that, but they still need a fine writer with a romantic heart <cough, cough> to make them come alive for your readers. I’ll miss my Friday dose of these guys.
  7. tesao


    I’ve waited so long for this dream to come true for C.J. And Ozzie. It’s very late/super early here in CA, but I couldn’t wait to read this. Loved it! Of course they’d have a cooler than cool ceremony that more closely resembled a Tommy Bahama-clad rugby match than a staid, ordinary wedding. LOL ...And they served tostones and ceviche, two of my favorite food groups. ¡Que chévere! I hope Christina wakes up before she finds herself legally bound to a tool.
  8. tesao

    ATGB X

    Beautiful and happily tearful. I could feel the painful but joyous emotion behind the tribute to Liz. So fitting and touching. The music was perfect (Casablanca is one of my favorite films), and the physical setting flawless and stunning. I loved the breezy, casual sophistication of the wedding party’s attire, and I don’t blame them for mellowing out in advance! Excellent idea. This was a wonderful chapter, Carlos, for its heart and because of all the important, meaningful details you always get just right.
  9. tesao

    Chapter 99 Niagara Falls

    So Nathan’s flaws are becoming more apparent - and irritating. Then there was the whole threesome suggestion that left Robbie cold, and a bit worried. It’s hard to tell if you’re setting the scene for the end of that relationship (and a closer bond with Alex), or simply doing your best to keep us guessing. 😉 At any rate, this was an excellent chapter in a great story. I’m touched by Robbie’s developing maturity and empathy, as illustrated in his feelings and actions toward Rory and that sweet Jamie. In some ways, it seems like Robbie is finally growing up, whereas Nathan is developmentally stuck. Either that, or they’re just growing apart. I really wanted them to end up together, but I’m beginning to share Robbie’s concerns. Nathan’s insensitivity toward Rory is particularly hard to reconcile. Even after 99 chapters - and endless speculation on our part - you’ve kept this story vibrant and engrossing. Bravo! PS. Don is still a tosser.
  10. tesao

    Chapter 99 Niagara Falls

  11. tesao

    Chapter 25

    This is my 3rd or 4th reading of this marvelous story, both on Nifty and GA. What can I say? I, too, fell for these guys and love where this went. This version is the best yet. Thanks!!!
  12. tesao

    Chapter 51

    I read and thoroughly enjoyed Confounded I and II a long time ago, as far as the second book went. So happy to notice that you’re back on this story again. True to my bad habit, I had to binge read both books again to refresh my memory. I think we’re all so looking forward to more. I loved the Butler and only later realized you wrote Confounded, as well! It gives me such pleasure to witness the deepening of Kit’s and Tom’s relationship. Can hardly wait for a happy ending for those two. i’d also like to see that little shit, Jay, dealt with. I could see Military School or jail, but the former might just encourage his homophobia, and the latter could harden his criminal path. Still, those FB messages were scary and threatening. You keep your readers so invested in your characters. Great job.
  13. tesao


    Thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, Carlos. I love seeing everyone come together for such a great event, but Brad’s haunted, hard countenance makes me sad. Can’t imagine what he must have experienced. The Model X is an appropriate choice for an Escalade hater (mea culpa), even though that’s been a problematic vehicle for Tesla. They make those just up the freeway. So looking forward to the wedding!
  14. tesao


    Very entertaining story with real heart, and a unique twist that is so foreign to me. This just proves the hopeful old adage that there is someone out there for everyone, and I mean that without judgment. The plot twists were clever, and the sex was HOT. I also wonder how the D/s dynamic will impact and shape the kids. Fascinating. I didn’t discover this story until it was already complete and, once I began reading...I couldn’t put it down! It’s now 3:30 AM Saturday; I’m just glad it’s the weekend. Nicely done.

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